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Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review – July 2015

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 3

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT2

Relish Clothing is an online boutique that offers whimsical and vintage clothing inspired mystery boxes. They offer three types of mystery boxes in wide array of sizes.

“We carry fun styles for festivals, the beach or just an easy weekend at home.  At Relish, we scour the planet for the perfect lace dresses, cute crochet detailed tops, elegant maxi dresses and colorful prints.  These are the things that we love at Relish Clothing and want you to love them to.”

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 1

Relish Clothing kindly sent us this package to review. Don’t forget to check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

UPDATE: This is the medium Relish Clothing Box.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT1

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 2

The Box: The Relish Box

The Cost: $99 for 4-5 items, $149 for 6-8 items or $199 for 9-10

The Products: In season clothing and accessories items picked for you by Relish   Clothing; some from their boutique and some surprise items.

Ships to: US via USPS

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Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 6

Good To Know: “Relish periodically adds luxe items to the Relish Boxes; in this case, you will receive less items in your box.  For example, a medium box would contain 5-6 pieces with a luxe item and a large box would contain 7-8 pieces.  Luxe items are not available for the small Relish Box.  Examples of luxe items: sterling accessories, outerwear, high end clothing pieces, artisan jewelry, leather belts, precious stone + gold filled jewelry.”

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 7

I have 8 pieces in my Relish box to include 2 are accessories.  That would make this a review for the Medium Box for $149.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 4

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 5

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT3

I received a very cool note card from Relish Clothing letting me know that they curated this box solely by my size, and to let you all know that customers have the opportunity to tell them about their style preference during the purchase process.

I asked for size Large. I’m not very large actually, I wear 6-8 which is technically a Medium. But I’m very tall at 5’9” and I have a long torso. Anyone else with a long torso knows exactly how problematic this small detail can be when it comes to clothes fitting properly. I normally gravitate to the large and ex-large sales racks at any given department store. Larger sizes mean more fabric.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 28 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 30 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 29

Antler Necklace (One Size) – Value $11.00?

I’m guesstimating here. I found a few versions on Etsy ranging from $9-$39. The ones in the $11 range looked the most similar. I would have never picked this out for myself, but I kinda like it. At this time in my life, I don’t wear much dangling jewelry because my kiddos have and will pull and break anything I wear besides my wedding band and studded earrings. This will most likely go up for swaps.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 9 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 11 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 10

Chevron Embroidered Belt (One Size) – Value $14.99

This is a beautiful piece. I don’t’ have anything like it. I love the double snap closure on the back and the weave work of the elastic band. I couldn’t find this exactly belt online either, but it’s currently sold out on the Relish Clothing boutique and that’s where I found the price.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 17

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 35

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 15

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 16

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 18

De Philo – Dress (Large) – Value $70?

I’m having the worst luck pulling these items online for comparison. The best that I could come up with was another online boutique that carried a $86 leather trimmed dress from this brand. My husband loves this dress on me and I like it a lot too. It’s sheer, even with the lining so I’ll be sure to layer in a full dress slip. BTW, the non-verbal approval I received from my kiddos when I tried this on was priceless. I shoot photos in our “work in progress” bonus room. Dry wall and painting are complete, but the floors and molding are not in yet. Let me know if some of these shots are too distracting with the floor or distorted up on the coffee table. I’d really appreciate the feedback.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 21

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 32

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 33

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 20

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 19

Newbury Kustom – Dress – Value $44.99?

There’s a dress like this from Golden Tote if I’m not mistaken for $62. I couldn’t find this dress under Newbury Kustom anywhere. I really wish I had some sort of insert card to tell us more about each item. Either way, it’s beautiful and fits me perfectly!! I’m wearing it to church this weekend. Side Note: both dresses are shy of my ankles, I plan on wearing flats with both.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 13

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 12

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 14

Moon – Morning Swoon, and Night Skirt (Large) – Value $49

I found one, finally. LOL. I love the cut of this skirt.  It’s fully lined and I like that the zipper is on the side instead of on the back.  The only thing missing is pockets.  I’m not a big fan of the print, but I think it would be fun to wear around Easter Sunday or a fancy brunch if I’m ever invited to one of those things around here during the Kentucky Derby.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 25

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 26

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 27

Skies Are Blue – Shirt (Medium) – Value $12?

This top is very interesting.  I like the pattern, but I don’t care for the way that it was cut to make this top.  It gives a very uneven appearance on the mannequin.  On me, it feels great, and looks just fine paired with jeans. The detail on the back is pretty cool too. It’s not my favorite item in the box, but I’m sure to get more uses out of it than anything else.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 22

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 23

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 24

Lissani – Shirt (Large) – Value $14.99?

I searched high and low for this one as well.  I could only come up with the crop-top version by the same brand with the same fabric on eBay.  John really likes this top on me.  At first glance, the deep arm holes had me wondering what to do with all my boobage. (Now you see why John really likes this.)  Not to fear, I paired it with a bold sports bra and yoga pants and it makes a comfy and stylish ‘stroll around the block’/ ‘to the gym and back’ outfit.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 8


Staccato Cardigan (Large) – Value $40?

I’m really sad about not being able to find this online.  It is my favorite item from this box. It feels great, has long sleeves which I’m obsessed with, and it covers my butt!  Everything a semi-conservative girl could ask for.  It’s perfect.  I want 12 more in other colors, so I can just wear it everyday to work with my closet full of plain tops.  I love it! FYI- The belt does not go with this, I just needed to pin it back so you could see it had sleeves.  So relax fashion police, it looked like a poncho without the belt.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 31

Ring Pop – Candy – Strawberry – Value $Priceless

I was craving something sweet, so I opened this box at the right time. Yummy!

Verdict: The Medium Relish Box has an estimated value of $257. The items that they picked out for me are in my style range or right outside my comfort zone. I hope that Relish Clothing will have more details about which box was sent (s,m,l),  the items they picked out and why,  the prices of each item,  and let us know which ones they consider as ‘luxe’.  According to their website, I should have seen a retail value of over $500 for the Medium box. I like this mystery box, but I don’t see a $500 or $700 value. In my opinion, taking down the promise of a particular retail value changes everything.  So let’s pretend for a moment that we don’t know any of this.  Let’s just say that I purchased a mystery box for $149. The estimated retail is $257.  I’m getting more bang for the buck, which makes it a great box!! I’m hoping to see more from Relish Clothing in the near future with a product card.  Fall will be here before we know it and I’d love to see what they come up with.

What did you think of our first Relish Clothing Mystery box review? Are you going to grab one while they’re still available?

UPDATE from Liz: Relish Clothing let us know that this is a medium box and listed the retail values of the items:

1). Antler necklace $29
2). Aztec belt $29
3). De Philo baby blue maxi dress $120
4). Newbury Kustom maxi dress $89
5). Moon Collection bunny skirt $79
6). Skies are Blue aztec top $47
7). Lissani tank  $39
8). Staccato tie dye cardigan  $75

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

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Comments (145)

  1. Liz,
    will you be adding Relish for swaps?

  2. Can you tell us all where to get a SAB blouse for 12.00? Don’t worry we’ll wait. Way to low ball a review. If you’re not sure of values maybe ask before just guessing.

    • I’m shocked at how needlessly harsh people are being in this thread and over on the Relish FB page. I decided to try them out, but I’m almost second-guessing the decision because of all the vitriol towards MSA and even GT. I think Relish is going to benefit from this review despite what some may think, and there is nothing for you to gain by criticizing a new reviewer who underestimated prices, but still gave a solid positive review of the service.

      • Agreed. And it seems they are of the Relish trading group encampment who are employing the same cliquish tactics that they will readily complain about the GT trading group using. It’s exhausting. Let the clothes and curation speak for themselves…and this says “I’m a GOOD DEAL!”

      • This! The kool-aid is strong in that group.

    • Ebay has tops for 10 -12 brand new with tags.

      • Ebay isn’t the same as boutique lol

      • Laura was pointing out that you can get SAB tops on eBay NWT for $10-12.

    • Remember when Relish was a thing and the crazy owner would attack reviewers for honest critique. 😂

      • I do remember this! I tried it out once with a medium box, it was all ill-fitting or the incorrect size (not to mention I only received 5 items and no bonus lmfao) and I went through hell trying to return it. That owner was so crazy!

  3. Any try the MSA15 coupon code? It’s not working for me 🙁

    • Hm, the coupon was supposed to be good for a week after the review was posted. I’ll check.

      • The coupon code is working now! Thank you!

  4. I just ordered! This is the most money I’ve ever taken a chance with so I’m really hoping I get items I like/fit. I’ve been searching for a clothing box that fits my style/budget for a long time and hopefully this is a winner! I used the 20% coupon and bought the Large box. The only thing I didn’t like was I couldn’t find what sizes went with what size box. I’m a size 5 or 27 in jeans and in shape but have a larger bust size so I didn’t know if a medium or small would be better. I ordered a medium but put my sizing in the comment box. I also commented on my style and items I’d prefer to receive. This was a great review and the best “I would wear that” response I’ve had. I’ll follow up with a comment after I get my items.

    • It’s been my experience that boutique clothing runs small, so I think sizing up was a good idea.

    • I just received my box today. I was SOOO disappointed in the items I received. I did think the clothes were nice quality but I put in my notes I wanted date/girls night out outfits that were glamorous and I received a slip, a brown maxi dress thats top part was crochet, a nice simple blue tank with white polka dots (I liked this top), a multi colored crop top that wasn’t bad I just don’t wear crop tops, a short dress that made my husband and I laugh out loud at how ugly it was, a skirt similar to the bunny one above but mine was flowers and I didn’t like the design but I would have loved to get the bunny one, a green long sleeve open back top (i liked this), black shirt with cutouts on the arms, and blush top that is sheer. I emailed them asking to return the box and either have them send a new box or just get my money back. Hopefully it’s a smooth process. Overall the box was just not my style whatsoever.

      • I got my box a couple of days ago, and I LOVED it! I got a lot of requests, but I’m very boho and its probably easier to shop for me since its very trendy now. I asked or wrap style, sleeves, dresses, boho, tie dye, bright colors. I got one wrap tie dye maxi, one boho print wrap dress, a gorg, shirt with flowy sleeves and flowers, and a really interesting boho crochet tank with an asymmetrical bottom line. It was perfect for me and even better I’m a 2x so I can’t find any other service for me!

      • They emailed back asking me to return my box for a refund. Sad because I liked what Liz received in her box a lot. Oh well, I ordered Golden Tote and maybe that will work out better for me.

      • I hope you have better luck with GoldenTote but it seems to me that they are a bit boho as well (a lot of the designers that they both use are ones from Anthropologie).

  5. Does anyone know how the sizing runs? I’m a pretty solid 14, and depending on brand that can be either L or XL. I’ve found that for skirts and dresses a large fits 99% of the time, but with tops (I’m tall, with broad shoulders and a long torso) it’s 50-50 on sizing. If anyone who has purchased from Relish before has any advice, I’d much appreciate it.

    • Sarah, there is a space in the comments that you can write “What you Relish”. I’d put all your size info in there (weight, measurements, typical sizes you wear) and then Harper can really pick the best sizes for you!

      Also join the trading group, I know there a bunch of ladies who get larges in there!

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I ended up ordering a large bag (yay!), and did what you suggested. Now poor Harper probably knows more about my body than my boyfriend does. I think I stopped just shy or telling her which of my girls sits a tad bit higher than the other.

        Incidentally, our network at work blocks access to MSA because it classifies it as an advertisement. I guess that’s not so far off for me…

      • It runs about a size smaller than normal.

  6. I very much appreciate the updated retail values being added to the review. Even though those aren’t prices I would (usually) be willing to pay, knowing them helps solidify what an amazing deal this box really is! I’ve received one box so far, ordered my second last week, and am already planning/budgeting for box #3. I love what the owner is trying to do, and what she’s been able to achieve thus far as just a one woman show is nothing short of amazing. Wonderfully curated pieces, great quality, and truly hands on customer service. I quit ordering GT in October and I truly missed receiving surprise clothing in the mail. This has completely filled the void! If she keeps up the good work, she’ll keep getting my money. 😉

  7. I couldn’t turn down the 20% off coupon and ordered a large box. I would love the antler necklace, but totally failed to mention that, so hopefully I’ll get lucky!

  8. I really enjoyed this review and would love to try this box because of the review. But unfortunately the price is out of my budget right now. I look forward to more reviews and maybe when I’ve paid down my credit card I can try this box.

  9. I bit the bullet and got a large box (based solely on Celicia’s review, NOT on the comments made by the owner & ladies on the trading group ). This is a great deal for a medium box, no matter how you wanna break it down! And yes, I actually CAN get deals like $12 tops from SAB and its ilk due to my nearby boutique and their awesome markdowns (I love my thrifty town and community).

    • Hopefully you love! I think Harper is hitting on what GT used to be, really curated boxes for women that love clothes! She’s getting a lot of cool pieces and listening to requests, it’s exciting!

  10. Goodbye 2nd LE Goodebox; Hello Relish. I ordered a medium size box with the coupon.

    I read review and comments with interest. People are passionate about their clothing! I love the bunny skirt and the Skies are Blue top. I may be brave and may model the clothes in my review. We’ll see.

    I enjoyed the lively discussion which brought up good points about quality of clothing and communication. I enjoyed reading Celicia’s review. I did not find the background. I also enjoyed how she personalized the review with reactions from her family.

  11. I am very picky about my clothes. I wear lots of J Crew, Madewell, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/ Loft and some Talbots. Lots of Indie brands also. For shoes, Nordstroms. I am a great bargain/sale shopper! That being said, this is the first clothing sub I can actually see myself buying. The clothing has an edge to it. The bunny skirt looks like something you would get at Anthropologie. And the tie dye cardigan was amazing as was the antler necklace. I hope we see more reviews on this company. I think the prices are pretty good for what you get.

  12. I just wanted to throw my voice in here and say that I really like Celicia’s reviews and thought she did a great job describing each piece (love all the pics of details!). Because of this review I just picked up a medium box – just wish I had seen the 20% off code first!!

    • I agree! I shouldn’t complain because I did get to use the 15% code, but an extra 5% woulda been nice. Especially since we pay the shipping costs. Maybe Harper (such a cool name!) will adjust the pricing for us?

      It’s because of this review that I shelled out the dough for Relish, do I think she did a great job!

      • *so

  13. I’m giving this a go, just ordered the large box with coupon. I can’t wait to see what they send me. I liked your box and it’s nice they ask for your likes too.

  14. I’m expecting my third relish box soon. I ordered during the 20% coupon code. I have to say I check this site regularly, as does my 13 year old daughter and my 11 year old son. We all get different boxes each month and we give them as gifts now because they are so fun to receive. I found out about Relish through the Golden Tote Facebook page. I’ve been getting stitch fix off and on and have never kept the whole thing and almost always send everything back. When I received my first goldentote I did like everything but sold half of it on the boards because the fit or style didn’t suit me. I did think the items were good and potentially could have been great for me. But, when I got my first relish box, I was really amazed at how many items I received and how Harper really honored my style, and requests. I always get a response from her, and lately reading the GT boards, their boxes don’t ship for weeks after the 1st day of their chosens are released. That said, I didn’t think this review really captured what the Relish fans get and/or the value was way off. I’ve seen many of the items in the stitch fix reveals and they are prices 3X over what the initial reviewer said here. I hope that Liz will do her own review of Relish this next time. I will be ordering another box tonight from Relish for a friend’s birthday and for my daughter.

  15. I thought this was a good review, I’d never heard of this boutique before, and to me it looks like the quality of the items may be a little better than some other similar sites. I appreciate the close up photos so you can get a feel for the finishes on the pieces. I love a lot of the items, but I just don’t see myself wearing anything other than the cardigan, and I couldn’t wear it to work. (I have a stuffy office type job) I’d love to see more reviews however.

    • Join her FB groups, you’ll see tons of reviews there with all sorts of styles. There are definitely some more work friendly options I’ve seen!

      • Thank you for the kind comment. I did check out the facebook pages and I like the community that is being created. The 20% off code sealed the deal and I ordered a box. I asked for at least a couple work friendly pieces, but I do lack casual clothes beyond t-shirts so I’m open to some cute new options. I hope Harper continues her success, there is really a void for an affordable and personalized fashion box. I can’t wait to see what she sends me!

  16. I took the plunge with the discount on a Large box (9-10 items). That comes out to less than $20 per item! I’d love to get clothes, but because I’m an XL 14-16, it hasn’t really been an option. I personally love that she included a handwritten note on a sub box card! What’s wrong with that? I immediately felt like, “She knows what it’s like to be a sub addict too!” lol

    I think Celicia did a great job with the review, I just would’ve reached out to the company for price clarification. I only say this so that every review is consistent and comparable to the other clothing reviews on MSA. I enjoy the different voices on MSA. For example, I have a Rottweiler/ German Shepherd mix and Regan can better assess appropriate boxes for him better than Liz. Look at Eric go reviewing the gamer boxes! Right up his alley!

  17. Oh man, I’m so excited for this. I’m definitely ordering with the discount! Thanks for the review, Celicia!

  18. I purchased a small Relish box. I received 5 pieces, 2 dresses and 3 shirts.

    I think it’s tough to compare Relish to Stitch Fix or Golden Tote. It is a MUCH smaller operation.

    While I wasn’t in love with my box I thought the customer service was great. I received my box quickly and felt like Harper really tried to get my style. I’d give them another chance.

    • I read that you can return your whole box for a new one, a la Golden Tote. Am I mistaken?

      • You can return the whole box and get a new shipment yes. You can’t do that with GT though, just return the whole box and get a refund 😉

  19. I have a comment earlier but I just wanted to share that those of you who want to see other reviews, consider joining the Relish Clothing Trading Group. I got a large box today and got eight dresses (1 could also be a tunic!) and a belt and I love it all!!!! You’ll get a good idea of other boxes based on style. I’m not a casual kind of girl and I didn’t get casual stuff so I’m a happy person!

  20. I have only purchase to small boxes, but I have loved both That I received. The surprises are really great quality and comments are really listened too. What I really love is how personal the box is it has hand written notes and candy. It feels like they are really listening to you. I have also joined the great community of women and it is like having friends who love the same thing you do? I am going to order larger box next time. This is the best subscription out there and no I’m not being paid for this. Keep up great work

  21. I really like the De Philo blue dress; it has an ethereal look to it.

    Did anyone else notice the Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore card from the set that was in POPSUGAR last year?

  22. I haven’t received my first order yet, but I’m really excited to! I don’t think that this was a negative review, but I do think it was a poor review. I see that there have been some updates since I first read it, which I appreciate. Yes, there could have been style cards included, but this is still a new and small business. I plan on reviewing my order on my blog once I receive it. I paid for mine so I know what size I got, but if I wasn’t sure, I would have emailed to ask. Same with the MSRP. I would have checked on that if I wasn’t having any luck through my own searches. I’m certainly not being paid to write this comment, I’ve just been really impressed with the owner and her communication to customers. I’ve also been extremely impressed with the reveals I have seen, and the type and style of items included. I gave up GT a year ago because of a low value and cheap items. It’s nice to have a replacement for that. Even when you factor in the Canadian dollar and cost of shipping, it’s still a great deal. Can’t wait to see what she sends me!

  23. I love all the clothing in this box, especially the tie dye shirt. I would buy this, but I have terrible luck with boxes, I would probably get items I hated. I am interested to see what other boxes look like.

  24. I’ve been waiting for a review of Relish to come up on here! I love reading up on new things on MSA and Relish has been one of my faves lately. I really like the items you received in your box. Aren’t the little personal touches so cute. I loved that I could make so many comments and requests and really felt listened to. I feel like with Relish being so small still it helps to add more comments and they are adhered to. Also the trading group is great, with a great community of women with all kinds of shapes and sizes. I am SUPER duper picky, but I feel like Relish just gets my taste. I, like some of the other commenters here am quite tall and have a harder time finding things that are appropriate, but I feel like Relish offers a wide array. I also like that I get unique things that I don’t see 30 other people with. And I mean come on.. who doesn’t like USPS priority… it comes on lunch, so hubs doesn’t have any idea that a package has arrived!
    Thank you for the coupon code! I will for sure be buying another large box tonight, afterall my birthday is next month 🙂

  25. I really love this box. I think that the review really underestimated the value of this box… The owner is so hands on and is great to work with. Plus, she gets my style and sent me a ton of stuff I like. I have gotten two large boxes so far and had no issue with value. It was right on the money.

  26. I am loving this new sub box. I feel like the communication between the owner and customers is excellent by what I have seen so far. I personally emailed her about something regarding my box, and she responded to me very quickly and was so sweet and easy to work with. It seems like she really puts her heart into these boxes to get them just right for her customers. Also, the most important part — the actual clothing — is great quality, and from designers like Skies are Blue, DePhilo, Ellison, THML, Le LIs, all great stuff. I don’t know how she is able to do these boxes for the price (and offer a discount code too), because I know whenever I try to buy any of these items by themselves the price tag is upwards of $35-45 for a shirt and $60-70 for a dress. I highly recommend this box to anyone.

  27. I’m mostly interested in watching these boxes to see what particular items they pick out because I’ve never found a whole curated box to be my style… that being said, I’m dying over the bunny skirt. Anyone know where I can get it? I looked around for “Moon Collection” stuff and it doesn’t seem to be one from that brand carried on ModCloth. I’m super bummed because I’m totally that bunny girl and this is something I’d wear at least twice a month 🙁 Dying to get it.

  28. I thought this was a great review. I don’t know how you can expect the reviewer to have an accurate retail value if no tags or information cards are included.. Also, am I the only one who didn’t get paid to endorse relish box? The amount of defensive comments and over the top love for the subscription, company founder, etc seems a bit curious…

    **cue threatening follow-up comments

    • I agree that you could not possibly expect her to know the retail values without being given the retail values! People are getting their panties in a bunch because she wasn’t familiar with ONE brand. CHILL ladies, chill. Had Relish given this information in the first place like they should have, there would have been no issue. I also think that the updated pricing that Relish provided to Liz…(an updated on the bottom of the review) is inflated just to get to the $500 (comes in at $507) as the colorful maxi that is exactly the same as the one from Golden Tote this month is listed by GT in the boutique as $62.00 and Relish is trying to say its $89…its the SAME dress!!! I was thinking about signing up but now with the lack of transparency and then the inflated pricing after the fact I’m questioning whether I should. It really feels like they purposefully left out the pricing so that we wouldn’t realize…wait a minute, this doesn’t add up to $500. Also, Harper who it seems is in charge over there, has been an active member of the GT community for a long time and should be very well aware that a card detailing clothing and retail value is standard in a clothing sub box.

      • Hello Davi!
        Just to clear the air…. I wasn’t given the opportunity to communicate to the reviewer. I did however attempt to contact Liz several times with no response. So why these important facts were omitted is a question for Liz.

        I base my boxes on FULL RETAIL VALUE … Golden Tote is NOT full retail as they sell well below retail. I am just barely 2 months old as a small business and don’t have fancy style cards in my budget right now, but what I do have is really pretty pieces at a brilliant deal. This I know I achieve 🙂

        Hope this helps!! <3

      • Hi Harper,

        We added the retail values you emailed us to the end of this review, and responded to all your emails throughout the day. If there are any outstanding facts left out let us know.


    • Louisa –
      I don’t know, from what I’ve seen of the Golden Tote reviews done on this site, Liz always just guesses at the value of the clothing (because Golden Tote doesn’t send a card or note or anything listing the price of the surprise items either) and Liz always seems to estimate pretty high on the GT surprise items – that used to be the same brands as most of the items in this review. So maybe the question should just be – would you, as the buyer, pay the money for this box? I know this is a medium box. I know the reviewer didn’t get the chance to put in her comments about what she would, or wouldn’t, wear. So I would say yes, I would spend the money on this box. I do see the value and I do feel like the box was worth way more than what it costs.
      I don’t think the “defensive” comments are curious at all. If anything, it shows that a lot of people have tried this subscription already and they are super pleased with it. I think people are just kind of confused about why this review is so much different than other clothing box reviews on this site. That’s what’s curious.

      • Golden Tote is actually very up front with retail values. Liz does not guess at the values, they are all clearly stated.

      • For the chosen items that is. There was not pricing listed here at all and now the pricing that they did list is quite inflated.

    • Louisa- I think if you tried out the box you would see why this review has gotten so many comments. The pricing on the original post was really just silly. $14 for a boutique top- please please please tell me where I can find that (unless Target is now considered a boutique). Also, the Relish Clothing Girl Gang is too busy snatching up boxes to write you theating follow-up comments. I really think you should try a box and join our trading group. You will see why we have all made such amazing comments here to support the brand.

    • Just to be clear. I love MSA and I totally trust Liz. BUT I do really like what I have gotten from RELISH… And I think this can kill the one-woman show that I am now depending on fulfilling my sub addiction madness. I am in no way paid to endorse anyone. I do it on my own. Highly doubt that anyone here was paid to comment on anything…

      • The endorsement comment was a joke. I was just making light of some of the comments on this review.

  29. I really like this review. While some items may be underpriced, I feel like the reviewer just assigned each item the price she would pay, which still makes it a great deal!

    • Right!? I appreciated the spendthrift approach to valuation. I personally track box values according to my own personal pricing based on how much I think I could find a similar item and what I’d pay for it. Even with that inherent markdown, this box still had good value. I just don’t understand the wharrgarbl reactions. It’s a very helpful and realistic review!

  30. Great stuff. Unfortunately they don’t carry xxs and like GT Relish xs is way too big for me.

  31. I think that you received an amazing box. I’m really sorry that you didn’t seem to like it. The only reason I haven’t ordered yet is our Canadian dollar is in the tank right now.

    I do have to say I’m really disappointed with so many new people doing reviews on MSA. I expect Liz to do the majority of them, especially if there is a new box that is sent to MSA to review.

    Liz I really think you need to add an About page for the people who are doing reviews for MSA. It’s just my opinion but when I saw that this was a new Relish Review I really expected it to be from you.

    I have never found a SAB top for $12 ever! That included the Bargain Bins on the GTTG pages.

    • I agree! I think the companies specifically expect the owner of the blog aka Liz to do the reviews. I understand that Liz can’t do all of them like boxes for women of color,children etc but the ones she is capable of doing she should be doing.

      • I don’t know… I really like the food reviews that Lindsey does (she makes the food!). And I really like that Ragan reviews boxes for larger dogs (Liz only has a smaller dog). And I really like the kids’ box reviews that Anna does. I can think of more reasons to add reviewers than I can think of to limit the number of reviewers. When MSA gets a free box to review, the review is posted in the same place (same website) as all the other reviews, so I think the company gets the same amount of exposure they’re hoping for regardless of who actually conducts the review.

      • I’m not saying I don’t like the other reviewers, I think that MSA has grown and I think there should be a specific page here so that people can see the contributors. Most follow Liz’s style and that’s why I still read all the reviews.

        I have not bought a relish box but I may with the current coupon code, helps take the Canadian dollar sting out.

    • I have to say I think your comment is a bit harsh. I LOVE that there are several different reviewers and we get some different perspectives. I also think that we need to keep in mind how much time goes into each of these reviews, how many boxes they are reviewing (A TON) and the fact that unless Liz completely neglected her friends and family and did nothing but manage this site (please keep in mind that a lot more goes into maintaining this site than just writing subscription box reviews) and write reviews, she could not possibly do all the reviews. I do think she does still do the majority of them, but even if she doesn’t, I am blown away that she has the time to do as many as she does, while still doing everything else she does to maintain this site for all of us to use FOR FREE!!! So thank you Liz for going above and beyond.

      ALSO thank you Celicia! I have enjoyed all of your reviews! I enjoy your writing style and am happy you came on board to help Liz out!

    • Huh, I didn’t see where she said she didn’t like the box. I thought the review was pretty positive! I might try this sub out! I do think they should include a card with values of each item though…that would be helpful!

      I’m enjoying reviews from other contributors too. The differences in voice and experience are a value added to this site for me, not a detraction.

    • I am so glad for the additional reviewers, especially since Liz is so very limited in the foods she is able to eat and the beauty products she is able to use (e.g., that are all natural, completely preservative free, etc.). The additional reviewers definitely add to the wonderful MSA experience.

  32. I love the Relish box. I think some of the values were underestimated in this review. A SAB top for $12?

  33. WOW. I LOVE EVERYTHING. I may be switching over. I quit Stitch Fix long ago for repeatedly ignoring my style profile and my price preferences. I haven’t had any issues with GT that some others have had, but the number of people who have make me wary of buying another. I think $99 for a small tote is a great bargain when there will be 5-6 pieces in it. I can’t wait for my budget to allow me to get one of these!

  34. I’ve had a really bad experience with GT this month (5 totes, 17/18 surprises casual and thus 17/18 surprises that I can’t use). I had to buy all of those totes because my cart got dumped not even 5 min into the sale. Anyway, that’s another story.
    I really like Relish. My first box wasn’t really stuff that I liked, other than a dress I had been coveting (and begged for) BUT I was able to use the trading group (Relish Clothing Trading Group) and trade for things I loved! I LOVE that Harper will pull things from the boutique if she has them in stock. I do find her surprises are way higher quality than I’ve been getting from GT and she DID read my comments which I really appreciated–it just takes time I think to figure out what works with a new company. That being said, the reviewer got AMAZING stuff even w/o filling out the “what do you relish” box. I have my second box coming today (yay!!) and I can’t wait to see what Harper picked out for me. I love that I know who is styling my box and that she read my comments–which I don’t think I can say for my other clothing box this month.

  35. You got some really cute stuff in your box, for $149-15% = $126.65, that’s such a deal! It is great quality and the boxes are really curated thoughtfully.

  36. I don’t feel like the values were correct. A lot of the items are unique to Relish so that’s probably why you couldn’t find the values. I really like Relish boxes and Harper really takes the time to look at peoples pintrest boards. She looks at our reveals and curates future boxes based on what we liked an the fit.

  37. I wish I could find skies are blue for $12!!!! If so, I probably wouldn’t need to order so many mystery boxes! Agree with others that the pricing may be a bit off, and while I love receiving a pretty package from stitch fix or golden tote, I’d much rather forgo a nice box for a great deal in great brands!

  38. These clothing subscriptions always intrigue me but due to my bohemian tastes and height I generally stay away. I, like you, often size up to a medium or large for fabric since I’m 5′ 10. Or you’ll find me stretching out my garments straight out of the wash to add some length before they dry. LOL

    I will say I actually appreciated your valuation of these items. While some may think it’s a little under I actually think it seems more reflective of your own personal value, if anything. While I know some people are into these boxes for the monetary savings, a lot of subscription box items tend to be super inflated in terms of SRP…and as a deal hound I just can never seem to find that same value in them. For example my FFF box this month was supposedly worth $250+ but I only found enough personal value to justify the $40 price tag. That being said I purchased it because I could see myself buying the products in my box if I had $40 lying around…and that to me is telling. its easy to get addicted to some of these boxes just on the premise of getting a good deal-but it isn’t necessarily that good of a deal if you normally wouldn’t spend the money on these products in store.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say I appreciated that about your review and look forward to reading more 🙂

    • Also-as a side note. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t reveal your package. As a box with “luxe products” I think that attention to detail makes a difference. There’s something nice about receiving a well packaged box. Gives a better first impression.

      • What do you mean by “reveal” your package?

      • Sorry-that was a typo 🙂 I meant rewrap*

    • This is totally my approach to valuation. I love that Cecilia has the same approach. When you value down (I can find a similar top different brand at kohls clearance for X money), you (or at least I) just need it to break the price paid point. Which it did. She slashed through arbitrary retail values and told us it’s still a worthwhile box. I just want to wear the items, not resell them on ebay. Thanks Cecilia.

      • The important thing to note though is that the top in question may be much better quality than the top that’s on clearance at Kohls. While a top may look similar, it’s many times the quality that makes the biggest price difference. Prices should at the very least be given based on brands of the same quality. If the brand is known then it should be give off other items from the same brand. The stated value of the box is based on MSRP. Pricing them arbitrarily takes away from that.

  39. Wow such an awesome box! I agree with others though I think the values are way underestimated. I bought a skies are blue top from a boutique for about $45 I wish I could get their stuff for $12! Also the newbury custom maxi is the same as the GT one. I order it from GT and it says Newbury custom on the tag. I wish I would have ordered it from relish though my mystery box was amazing I was 9/9 with my items and with my GT order I was 5/12 and 2 of the five will be lazy day tops. All of my relish suprise were interesting and I had nothing similar to any of them. I think relish is an awesome deal and I plan to make relish my only clothing box!

  40. Wow what a great box! I agree though I think the values are way under estimated. The newbury custom maxi is the same as the GT one. It’s so well made. I have the same one from GT and the tag says Newbury custom. I wish I would have ordered it from relish though. The dress is great but my suprises were blah. My relish box was full of fun suprises that were anything but boring and felt as though my comments were fully heard as i loved 9/9 itend in my box. Relish puts so much thought into their boxes! Also skies are blue sells for way more I wish I could get their tops for $12 I have one from a boutique and

  41. What a fantastic box. Harper is really amazing and truly listens to what you want. I believe you actually received a Medium box, not a Large, and some of the estimated values are a bit low. I’ve never come across a SAB top for less than $35/$40 (and that’s on deal sites like Zulily). Also wanted to know why if found the maxi on GT for $62 yet the Relish value is only $45?

    Regardless, you got some great items and I bet if you ordered another box AND were able to fill out the “What do you Relish box” the picks would even be better suited for you!

    • I completely agree! Skies are Blue is one of my absolute favorites, and I promise I’ve never found a shirt for $12 from them!

  42. loving this box. But I think it’s the medium size (not large) based on how many items you got? Also some pieces seem undervalued – you can’t find skies are blue for $12 anywhere!!! I shop stitch fix, gt, etc so I’m fairly familiar with the prices. I love what you got – the value seems incredible and I’ll be ordering!

    • i should add I’ll be ordering AGAIN cause I already received 2 amazing medium boxes. I recently ordered a large. It’s that good 🙂

  43. I love Relish! I’ve ordered two boxes so far and they were fantastic (the owner is great and the box ship fast). The pieces were all brands that I love (Skies are Blue, THML, Everly, Love Stitch…). I love the box you received although I think you did underestimate the values on your box (which looks like the medium not large box). I highly recommend Relish.

  44. You got some amazing pieces of clothing! I love that bunny skirt!! Your maxi dresses are beautiful! And I want that Aztec print shirt so bad!!! I definitely think you underestimated the retail prices on many of your items. I believe the value you received is much better than Golden Tote and they use the same retail value estimation as Relish. Looks like an amazing mystery box!

  45. Tall and a long torso! This is my problem too. I have basically given up on clothing subscriptions, but would love to see what you get, if you tell them more about your body type. I love the look of golden tote, but absolutely everything is inappropriately short on me.

  46. I have cancelled Stitch Fix in favor of a Relish box every month. Golden Tote lost my business long ago because of their terrible customer service, constantly sending damaged and defective items, sending junior sized or wrong sized items and duplicates and the incredibly long time it takes to ship every month. With Relish, I order a mystery box and it come within two weeks. So easy and the items are beautiful.
    There is also a Facebook page for trading or selling any items that aren’t your style or you won’t wear. It’s called Relish Clothing Trading page or something like that….
    Awesome box!

    • Thanks! Oooh, their own trading page… looking up now.

  47. Loved everything in this box! Wish they had plus sizes. I don’t really consider XS-XL a “wide array of sizes” that seems pretty standard to me. Someone needs to come out with a plus size clothing box! All these clothes are too cute!

    • I feel your pain sister. 🙂 Someone mentioned them in the GT thread, so I scurried over to their site last night. They have a coming soon for mystery boxes called “Curvy Plus.” How exciting is that? I bookmarked their site and will be checking back often. Finally!

      • Thanks for the info! I’ll go find and save it too!

    • To everyone looking for a “Curvy” clothing subscription, check out Dia & Co. It is the same business model as GT and Stich Fix, same pricing structure, but for plus sizes. I just got my first box the other day and I LOVE IT! I ended up keeping 3 of the 5 items which I thought was pretty good considering it was my first box. The profile is VERY detailed as well so you can be super specific. I highly recommend it 🙂

    • Hello!
      Relish Clothing offers sizes XS through 3X 🙂 One of the main reasons I started Relish was to offer boxes for 1X – 3X women.
      I hope you will try out a Relish Box!!
      xoxo, Harper

      • You can’t specify anything above an XL on the site when you try to sign up. Also, I couldn’t find a size chart anywhere. I’m reluctant to invest that kind of money in clothing without SOME idea that what I get will fit, so until those items are up I’m not ready to sign up. (BTW, I’m an XL/1X size 18ish)

      • I think Harper fixed that yesterday, as when I ordered in the afternoon size options went up to 3x.

        I also don’t think she can GIVE size charts as your box is made up of a bunch of different brands, each using different sizing. My advice would be to select which size you normally get, and include any and all measurements (weight, height, bust, waist, etc) so that she can get the right sizes. I can be anywhere from a M to an XL so I tried to give her everything and said please dear god size up so I don’t suffocate. 😛

      • Up to a 3x sounds awesome! And I see that I can now choose up to a 3x on the site. Can’t wait to try it!

  48. I LOVE that bunny skirt! Now that I literally have 3 years worth of make-up & skin-care, it’s time for me to move on to Clothing boxes. Yay! I’d do GT but so many things seem like polyester/chiffonish- gorgeous but just not comfy enough for me. I like these pieces- but am wondering about the fabrics. ps. Construction? I didn’t notice.

    • the fabrics/construction are great. Much higher than golden tote. I’ve received 2 medium boxes and have already ordered another large box. Harper’s curation and attention to detail is amazing! Try it – you won’t be disappointed!

  49. I think you underestimated the value of some of the items. The Le Lis shirt, for example, would probably be more like $50 rather than $12. (It’s a brand that often appears in Golden Tote, so I’m fairly familiar with it.)

    • Skies are Blue, not Le Lis top–ugh, you can tell it’s Monday!

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