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RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Box

RawSpiceBar is a monthly subscription that sends freshly ground, small batch custom spice blends (and recipes that utilize them).

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Inside

At first glance, it looks like RawSpiceBar has upgraded their paper materials. (Previously, the recipes and information card were black & white.)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Contents

The Subscription: RawSpiceBar

The Cost: $6 per month with free shipping

The Products: 3-4 freshly ground spice blends from one geography or region, enough to create 3 dishes serving 8-12 people.

Ships to: US and Canada.

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RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Card

Each month, RawSpiceBar sends spices from one region or geographical area. This shipment features spice blends from Memphis.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Menu

This month’s menu is: Memphis Dry Ribs, Bacon Potato Salad with Smoked Salt, and Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Recipes

I’m pleased to see that the recipes are now printed alongside full-color photos of the completed dishes. I think it’s so much easier to follow a recipe when you know what the dish is supposed to look like!

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - RibRub

Memphis Dry Rib Rub- .4 oz

This Memphis-style dry rub is a beautiful brick red color. It’s a mix of oregano, garlic, paprika, chili powder, and thyme and draws inspiration from Greek and Cajun flavors.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - SmokedSalt

Applewood Smoked Salt- .3 oz

As soon as I tore the edge of this packet, I could smell the sweet, smoky aroma of this salt. It’s smoked over aged applewood, and RawSpiceBar describes the flavor as smoky and fruity. It can be used on or off the grill, but RawSpiceBar recommends using it to make Bacon Potato Salad.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - TripleSpice

Triple Ice Cream Spice- .3 oz

Cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom come together in this blend that RawSpiceBar recommends using to make Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream.

Recipe #1- Memphis Dry Ribs

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - RibRecipe

I’ve only made ribs a few times before, so this recipe for Memphis Dry Ribs was a welcome challenge! The recipe itself is pretty simple. You make a “mop” by mixing water, vinegar, and the dry rib rub and brush it over the ribs before, during, and after cooking. (The ingredient list for this recipe also listed salt and sugar; however, the recipe itself never mentioned them. I assumed this was an oversight, so I added them into the mop, too.)

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - RibPrep

I brushed the ribs with the mop and then roasted them in the oven at 325 degrees for approximately 2 hours. (Every 15-20 minutes, I re-applied the mop.)

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - RibsPlated

The ribs were excellent, and I loved the spicy crust that formed on the top! I have a feeling my husband is going to insist that we make these again very soon.

Recipe #2- Bacon Potato Salad with Smoked Salt

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - PotatoRecipe

I don’t make potato salad very often, but I was excited to see that it’s one of this month’s featured recipes. I think potato salad is a great accompaniment for ribs, and I love the idea of elevating the simple dish by adding smoked salt.

To begin, I boiled one pound of potatoes in lightly salted water. While the potatoes boiled, I mixed together the sauce (a combination of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, vinegar, green onions, parsley, and Applewood Smoked Salt) and fried the bacon.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - PotatoSaladPrep

The recipe appeared to call for the entire packet of salt. Since this seemed like a lot for the size of the recipe, I added about a teaspoon to start (with the thought that I could add more at the end, if necessary).

When the potatoes were soft and cooled, I added them to the dressing along with the crumbled bacon.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - PotatoSalad

This potato salad was excellent (the smoky salt added a lovely depth of flavor and perfectly complemented the ribs), but I’m really happy I didn’t add the entire packet of salt. I thought with 1 teaspoon, roughly ½ of the packet, it was very well seasoned. I think any more would have been too much, and I worry that adding the entire packet would have resulted in an inedible dish.

Recipe #3- Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - IceCreamRecipe

(Note: the RawSpiceBar website and printed into sheet repeatedly call this month’s dessert “Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream,” but the recipe itself doesn’t mention strawberries and is titled “Triple Spice Ice Cream”- even though I can see bits of strawberry in the picture of the ice cream.)

This month’s dessert recipe is courtesy of Lindsay Clendaniel, author of ice cream recipe blog Scoop Adventures. I think ice cream is a perfect summer dessert, but, sadly, I don’t own an ice cream maker! (Living in the city means I have to cope with a tiny kitchen and limited storage space!) Still, I wasn’t going to let that deprive me of Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream.

Since I couldn’t make my own, I decided instead to serve store-bought vanilla ice cream with a triple-spiced strawberry compote.

I made the compote by combining fresh strawberries with a couple tablespoons of sugar, a splash of lemon juice, and about ½ of RawSpiceBar’s Ice Cream Spices.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - PreppedCompote

I cooked this mixture over medium heat until the strawberries broke down, about 10-15 minutes.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - Compote

I let the compote cool, and then spooned it over the vanilla ice cream. I finished each bowl with a sprinkle of the spices and a mint sprig.

RawSpiceBar Subscription Box Review – July 2015 - PlatedIceCream

Star anise and cardamom are two of my favorite spices, and they accompanied the strawberry compote beautifully. This was a perfect, light dessert to eat after a big meal of ribs, and I’m really pleased that I was able to use the Ice Cream Spices to create a dessert similar to the one recommended by RawSpiceBar.

Verdict: RawSpiceBar always provides high-quality spices and blends that I find creative and exciting. As usual, I love the spices that were selected for this month’s shipment, and I enjoyed the meal I created with them.

That said, I have to point out that every recipe this month contained a significant error. The Memphis Dry Rub recipe listed salt and brown sugar in the ingredient list, but the recipe itself never mentioned them or instructed when or how they should be added to the dish. The Bacon Potato Salad recipe seemed to call for the entire packet of Applewood Smoked Salt, which is FAR too much salt, in my opinion (and I’m heavy-handed with seasoning). And, lastly, RawSpiceBar makes multiple references to this month’s dessert as “Triple Spice Strawberry Ice Cream.” Despite this, the provided recipe is for “Triple Spice Ice Cream,” and there’s no mention of strawberries in the ingredient list or in the recipe (even though flecks of strawberry are visible in the accompanying picture of the ice cream). I can forgive the occasional mistake or typo, but I think it’s unacceptable that all three of this month’s recipes are flawed.

I look forward to this subscription every month, and I hate to be harsh, but I don’t feel that the required level of care was put into preparing this month’s recipes. The success of each dish depends on the recipe, and it’s essential that each one is accurate, tested, and proofread. Even though I’m happy with how my dishes turned out, I worry that not all subscribers will have the same luck. Minor recipe errors (like the omission of strawberries in the ice cream) might result in a dish that’s still tasty but that doesn’t showcase the spices quite as well. Major ones (like calling for too much or too little salt) have the potential to ruin a dish, and, perhaps even worse in this case, waste its spices. I really enjoy this subscription, and I think RawSpiceBar’s spices are fantastic. I only hope to see the quality of the recipes improve to meet the high bar set by the spice blends.

Do any RawSpiceBar subscribers out there own an ice cream maker? If so, I’d love to hear how your ice cream turned out.

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker, cold brew coffee addict, and rosé aficionado who loves writing about food and wine. When she’s not sharing her love of subscription boxes with the world, you’ll find her in the podcasting studio, perfecting her cake decorating techniques, or cursing her way through the New York Times daily crossword puzzle.

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Comments (43)

  1. Made the recipes tonight.

    I’m actually glad for the smaller amounts. I live with my fiance now and we don’t host dinner parties (actually there are still a lot of unpacked boxes around the house — we’ve only been here two weeks). I would get a bit tired of leftovers after a few days.

    For the ice cream, we found a strawberry ice cream recipe elsewhere and just made that but with the spice packet added. My ice cream maker malfunctioned (didn’t auto shut off so we had to listen to that motor for an HOUR before we decided to stop it ourselves) but the ice cream actually turned out well (I have the old-style bucket maker that you use rock salt with, but it has a motor instead of a hand crank). But that basically worked.

    We made the quinoa burgers sans mushrooms (we just ate them on buns with burger fixings).

    And the potato salad was fine; we just made it without bacon (so the salt level was not too high, since there was no salt from the bacon to contend with).

    I actually don’t mind that Memphis was chosen. I almost never make all the recipes as-is (too much of a meat focus). I think of it more as a way to break out of a rut in terms of what I cook. At least once a month I am trying some new recipes I haven’t tried before. Yeah, I do have most of these spices in my kitchen (in fact, I am on spice overload since my fiance and I combined our — both extensive — collections). But I like getting the package and trying something new. And it’s so inexpensive. I’ll probably stick with it and hope they get a little better with the directions (and are quicker to offer vegetarian alternatives).

  2. Thank you Lindsey!! I’m so glad I read your review before attempting the recipes. My ribs turned out perfect with a nice crust. The potato salad had just the right amount of salt and the strawberry Compote over ice cream was amazing (and alot less work).

  3. Did anyone else notices the recipes got about 1/2-1/3 of the size for this round? My fiance and I have been subscribing since February and have been using the packets to have dinner parties with our friends and when I was looking over this months recipes I realized that they were really only big enough for 2-4 people and not the normal 8-10. I hope they have some larger recipes for the August box.

  4. I have had this subscription 2 months and this month I was pretty happy with the recipes and spices… however, I’m REALLY disappointed that the Spice Packets no longer are re-sealable. I enjoyed that I was able to open and smell the seasonings and then re-seal them from the Jamaican box. Now I can’t do that with this one, which leaves me a bit sad because I have to use them the day that I open them! And what do I do with the left overs? Tape the packages and risk ruining them? Sigh.

    • Just place then in a ziplock bag.

      • Or fold them over and use a binder clip.

    • Can’t you freeze spices?

  5. Mona is spot on… I loved the packaging and would not describe this change as an upgrade. I got such joy out of the colorful envelopes, but I don’t really care if my recipes are in full color (especially if they have a lot of errors.)

    And, seriously, boring theme. I expect a lot more intrigue from Raw Spice Bar. Even with the Japanese theme (I already do a lot of Japanese cooking) there was one spice blend that was completely new to me, one old favorite that I was happy to see because it’s hard to get where I live, and one new take on matcha, which was fun to try out. I was still thrilled about it. Memphis BBQ though? Meh. Other foodie subscription boxes send that stuff out by the trunkload.

  6. I’m sad to see that they changed the packaging… I was absolutely in love with the beautiful envelopes they used to use. It totally brightened my day to open one.

    Also, Memphis BBQ is a pretty disappointing theme… my favorite part of this subscription is trying new spice combinations (many that I’ve never even heard of.) The arrival of the package always inspires me to learn more about a new cuisine. Up to this point they’ve done a really great job of choosing cuisines I’ve never cooked before… like New Mexican Native American and Iranian.

    If the themes continue along similar lines as the July box, I’ll probably unsubscribe. I have all of the ingredients of this month’s spices in my cabinet already, and I already know how to combine them. It’s not an expensive subscription, but without the value of learning/exploring, it’s just kind of clutter to me.

    • I was wondering what people would think of the new packaging and am glad to see I was not alone in my disappointment. I greatly enjoyed the charm of the previous packaging and recipe cards and their absence downgrades this subscription to me. To me, the previous packages seemed like something someone had put together with heart and care while the current design – pics or not, errors or not – just seemed like a bland commercial endeavor. Kind of like those free recipe cards you get in the mail when someone is trying to get you to buy a Reader’s Digest cooking book. I.e. it seemed like a new “design” whereas the previous packaging seemed like a friend was sending something off to you. I also agree with Mona that that this month was additionally a bit of a let down in terms of the actual spice contents; these were not unusual blends and the recipes were as middle of the road as the design. Memphis is a great place, but – to the average American – it’s not exotic and its cooking is not something “new”. Bottom line for me: I’m 4 months into a 6-month subscription; if you had asked me last month if I would resubscribe once my current subscription was up, I would have said absolutely and would have added that I’ve actively promoted the subscription to others as well. If you asked me now if I would resubscribe, however, my answer would only be maybe. (I do appreciate that RawSpiceBar has left a comment here, however.) Anyway, I hope next month once again offers a more unique experience – if not in packaging, at least in spices.

  7. Hi all! This is RawSpiceBar! First of all, thank you all so much for your amazing reviews and feedback- we so very much appreciate it. We went through a lot of transitions last month with the packaging, new chefs, new design, etc.. We certainly had a few errors and omissions in the recipe cards that unfortunately went out. We’ve since fixed these on our blog and have put processes in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the coming months. We value all of your feedback and read every single one of your comments and notes so please don’t ever hesitate to let us know how we can be better. Thank you all so much for your patience this month!


    • Hi…Please go back to the old packaging where the spices came in a resealable pkg and all the spices came in a pretty envelope. I also liked the recipe cards…everything fit in the envelope and made it easy to keep all together.

    • Hi RawSpiceBar people! LOL For some reason, you guys sent me two packages this month, both with July’s seasonings. I didn’t get charged twice, I don’t think, and I’m appreciative of the extras, but I wanted to let you know in case there’s a glitch happening somewhere. When I got the second package, I thought “This looks like RawSpiceBar, but I already got my order this month.” Then I opened it and found more LOL.

  8. You can get a decent ice cream maker for as little as $15 at Target (not a device where quality = $$$). Of course as someone else said, the Kitchaid stand mixer attachment system (bowl and paddle) is also a great option. But, if you don’t have either and don’t want to get either (which I can understand – both take up space), chances are you know someone who has one and would let you borrow it. You’d be surprised how many people own things (ice cream makers, bread machines, soda machines…) but don’t regularly use them.

  9. Lindsey, everything you make looks so delicious!

    If you have a KitchenAid, you can get the ice cream kit – I have one and it works really well. You just need to put the bowl in the freezer about a day before you want to make ice cream so it gets cold enough. Since it’s just the bowl (and paddle), it doesn’t take up as much room as other ice cream machines.

  10. This was my first month with this subscription and was definitely a bit disappointed to see so many errors in the recipe, but I was able to make the adjustments needed to still enjoyed the spices. I made my ribs in a pressure cooker, using half the spices as a dry rub and I finished them off under the broiler with the wet mop and they turned out great. The strawberry compote idea sounds great!

    • ^^ This.

    • Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Chris! You’re too kind. 🙂

    • I completely agree! I follow several bloggers who cover RSB and Lindsey’s reviews are BY FAR the best.

  11. I’ll deal with a few glitches – I still love this subscription – it is actually one of my favorites. But like someone said below – they do need a proofreader.

  12. I am a horrible cook so I have to have a recipe. I’m sure I’d notice the discrepencies but not too sure I’d know how to fix/alter for them. When I deviate from recipes, they are a disaster. I’ve really been eyeing this subscription and as long as Lindsey does the reviews maybe I’ll try it..but if Lindsey stops, I’ll be doomed. Hopefully they will get a better proof reader for their recipes.

  13. Did anyone notice that in the text of the recipe, it called for a smoked salt and pepper blend? I was wondering if we were supposed to receive this blend (but we only ended up receiving the smoked salt), and if that were the case, it would have made more sense to add the whole packet because it would have been half salt and half pepper. Anyway, since I’m an avid home cook, recipe errors don’t bother me. I can’t remember the last time I followed a recipe, anyway, and I don’t love spices in desserts, so I usually just do my own thing instead of the dessert recipe. With that being said, I could totally understand how these errors could be frustrating for others, especially those who view the recipe curation as part of the box value! I still love RSB, and I’m looking forward to using some of my stockpiled spices when it cools down enough for me to use my oven.

  14. I really appreciate that you make these recipes and show us how they turn out! This is my third month of subscribing and I’ve also noticed they are sloppy with their instructions and their written materials, which is something that particularly drives me crazy since I work in publications myself, and I just don’t think there’s any excuse for that. Especially with recipes, which can be messed up so easily if one direction is off!

    Anyway, I keep subbing because I love the variety of spices and I live in a small town where it’s hard to get these kinds of awesome flavors. Plus, spices are so expensive if you buy a whole jar only to try them out. So I think there is still a great value for people who like to cook and want to try new flavors and experiment. But for people whose goal is to follow each recipe to the letter each month, I can definitely see how this sub could be disappointing. Hopefully they get it together soon because I want them to succeed, for the sake of my belly! 🙂

  15. We made ice cream with the spices so I can comment on that recipe – calling for the whole packet of the spices for the ice cream is a no no. We used 1/3 of the packet for our full recipe and that was plenty “spicy.” Cardamom is very strong and overpowering, so a little goes a long way. I loved the blend but my boyfriend said the ratio was off and as a result too licoricey tasting.

  16. Thanks so much for including the compote recipe. I have a small ice cream maker, but the compote actually sounds even better, so I”m going to try it out!

  17. Thank you for the review! I was waiting on your review before I made this meal because of the amount of errors. And I wanted to see what you could do with the ice cream spices since I don’t have an ice cream maker either. I’m a little annoyed by the inclusion of that recipe without an alternate for those of us who don’t own ice cream makers. Raw Spice Bar usually does a good job of offering alternate recipes for their spices, but I’m very disappointed there isn’t one for the ice cream, when it should have been added. Not being able to use a third of the box defintely decreases it’s value for me, and all the errors just show a real lack of professionalism on their part. That being said, I will find a way to use the ice cream spices, and will probably make the compote in this review. I will give them another shot, because u have loved most of the spices I have received, but I’m a little worried that every month there needs to be some correction to their recipes.

  18. Thank you for the detail you provide in your reviews! And, I love the idea of a strawberry compote as an alternative! Even though I own an ice cream maker, I think I am going to try the compote.

  19. This is the first month that I was disappointed in the spices. I am a vegetarian and usually am able to alter the meat recipes where I just substitute in tofu or another soy product and it always works out wonderfully. This month- I didn’t think that would work so well for a rub and then even the side had bacon in it.. and mayo really, really disgusts me.. And I do not have an ice cream maker. Anyway, I was just about to put the spices up on the swap site when the email came through with the quinoa burger and salad recipe. Both recipes happened to include veggies I had on hand from my CSA that I hadn’t decided how I would use yet. Made the burgers and they came out just fine, although I think there was something off with the portions (the recipe only called for 2 portobellos, but the burgers were REALLY big- I might have had 2 servings for each burger. The salad only called for a tiny amount of the salt mix, so I do have a bunch leftover. Besides not having an ice cream maker, I am way too lazy to make ice cream, so I think I’m going to try making whipped cream and mixing the spices in there- then use it on top of a cobbler. I have apricots this week from my CSA so perhaps I’ll use those (I have no idea if you can make a cobbler with apricots- going to google that now!)

    • I think apricot cobbler sounds fantastic! 🙂

  20. I signed up for RSB right after last month’s review with the awesome Jamaican spice. I liked those recipes so much I contacted them and asked them if they’d send me those as my first month’s subscription. They did which was really cool. So perhaps it’s because of my love for the first month’s spices, but I was really disappointed in this months. Like others have said, the recipes were completely flawed. I knew what I was doing so I knew the brown sugar and salt were typing oversights, but still.

    The recipes were okay, but wasn’t enamored by any of them. Though I’ve used smoked salt before, so yes if you’ve never tried it before, it’s awesome and everyone should have some on hand!

  21. My previous comment never posted (apologies if this is a double!).

    A couple of us posted on Facebook that they left out the strawberries and they corrected the recipe on-line (although leaving out how/when they would be incorporated into the ice cream). They didn’t acknowledge this on Facebook though so that meant someone else commented that there were strawberries (implying that those of us who said there weren’t were wrong). I’m annoyed that Raw Spice Bar didn’t acknowledge their mistake (as well as being unhappy there were so many mistakes!).

  22. A couple of us commented on the Raw Spice Bar about the lack of Strawberries so they added them to the on-line version of the recipe although they did not say at what part of the recipe they came in. They also said on the recipe card that they’d have ways to make the ice cream without an ice cream maker on line but last time I checked I couldn’t find them.

    I’m annoyed with the way they handled the strawberries. They added them to the recipe after we wrote our comments but didn’t acknowledge they had done that, which then resulted in someone else commenting that the recipe had a cup and a half of strawberries (making those of us who commented that it had none sound like idiots). This is my first month of Raw Spice bar and I was already annoyed that I got charged for two months before receiving my first set of spices (not a big deal when it is $6 but I dislike that on principle) so I really didn’t appreciate their lack of acknowledgement of their errors.

  23. I love that you make all the recipes. So much fun to see the pictures and read your review.

  24. I was confused by the rib recipe as well. The directions didn’t say how much of the spice rub to use in the mop (I assume it was the whole envelope) but then I was supposed to save some mysterious amount to liberally coat the ribs with at the end, after the final mop? My ribs came out ok, I ended up just chucking their recipe and using one from the awesome ribs website. I loooooooved the potato salad though, like you, I didn’t use the whole packet of salt. Thank goodness. I do have an ice cream machine so I might try out the ice cream recipe, but I was thinking I might do the “no machine” ice cream base instead, because yeah, I’m that lazy.

  25. I let this sub expire and have been on the fence with renewal. I really want to see them clean up some of these unforgivable errors before I part with $6/month again.

    Also, the potato salad recipe review reminds me of my experience with just about every box I’ve gotten from them: lack of balance between the ingredients and the spices. Sometimes it is simply the amount (too much spice, too much of an ingredient drowns out the spice). I think this could be corrected by giving measurements for the spice and scaling the recipes down by half. The spices come in a zipper bag, so really, no need to use them all at once.

  26. I’m going to give the ice cream a try this weekend. I too was wondering where the strawberries fit in, so I had to do a bit of research to come up with the best way to incorporate them, but I think I’ve come up with a plan. I’ll report back how it goes.

  27. Perfect timing for this review as I’m planning on making the ribs this weekend! I noticed the errors and omissions on the recipe cards as well and went to the Raw Spice Bar website to compare. The Memphis ribs recipe online seems correct and says to dump everything including the brown sugar and salt into the mop. There is also a video of making the ribs. For the ice cream, online they do say to add 1 cup of strawberries. They need a copy editor at Raw Spice Bar to proof read the recipe cards!

  28. I loved the spice offerings this month, but had similar issues with the recipes. My husband grilled the ribs, and he is a very “but the recipe says” kind of guy, so the omission of the salt and brown sugar was irritating. I also felt like the ribs were too salty, but that may have been an error on my husband’s part.

    I doubled the potato salad recipe and used all the salt without adding any extra.

    I hadn’t figured out what to do with the ice cream spices, since I don’t have an ice cream maker either, but I will be borrowing your idea. Thank you for the excellent review!

  29. Pictures of ribs gross me out. (But that’s not your fault, you were just following the recipe they provided and sharing your results.) I am making a variation on one of their other recipes for that mix, there were some quinoa and portabella burgers on their blog — I am leaving out the mushroom because I can’t stand the texture of mushrooms and just putting them on buns instead.

    Not sure whether I will omit the bacon or use fake bacon in the potato salad. Thanks for the warning on the amount of salt. Usually I find with Raw Spice Bar that the spice levels are a bit low and that I should dial back the other ingredients instead.

    I DO have an ice cream maker so I am excited to try that one. In fact, I have just about every electric kitchen gadget known to man. I live in a large suburban house now and I am still running out of room in the kitchen…

  30. As always, great review.

    I love the color photos, but I dropped out because of getting too many spice packets I had no interest in. Now if I could go online and order a la carte, I would be all over the dry rub and salt.

  31. Great review, Lindsey, and thanks for the tips about these recipes as well!

    I haven’t made mine yet but am excited to try.

  32. Thank you for this review! I haven’t made the recipes yet, but noticed the lack of strawberries in the ice cream and was kind of annoyed at the mistake, as given that the spices are packaged as they are, we really do have to rely on their recipes/instructions to make meals with them, so when the recipes have errors it’s a bit aggravating.

    I’m really glad to have seen your note about the ribs and the salt portions (although I was thinking of making the salad recipe online rather than the potatoes).

    I agree, it’s really not professional to have errors in the recipes in a sub like this. I’m a fairly experienced cook, so I’ve been able to play it by ear so far, but I think it would be even more frustrating for newer cooks. Overall I like this sub a lot, but I do hope they can work on recipe quality control!

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