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FabFitFun Box $20 Coupon Code!

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UPDATE: It appears this code is no longer working. Try MSA10 to save $10 off the box though!

Now through August 3rd (or sooner if all coupons are redeemed), use coupon code SUMMER20 to save $20 off the Summer FabFitFun Box! That brings the cost down to $29.99! (Thanks for the heads up on this deal Anna!)

This is the best FabFitFun coupon code I’ve seen in a while, so I recommend grabbing a box if you’ve been thinking about it. (Check out my review of the Summer 2015 FabFitFun box to see exactly what you will receive).

Offer is available for new customers only.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just used Summer20 for $20 off. I also saw the code PINTEREST for $20 and a free fruit infuser water bottle.

    • It was sent in error. Check ypur account in the next few days -they probably will adjust it to charge you full price. They are not honoring this code.

      • Which code are they not honoring? SUMMER20 or PINTEREST? I just tried SUMMER20, and it seems to work…

        • I used the summer20, my box has already shipped and they haven’t tried to charge me any additional money; so keep your eye on it, but I think you’ll be fine!

  2. For anyone who actually had the coupon work check your account and credit card bill. A couple people who got it to work are now having their account adjusted with the 20.00 added back. In other words the discount is gone and the cards are being charged the correct full amount. Just double check. Disgraceful that FFF sent this in error, blamed it on someone else and refuses to just suck it up and honor the few that got the discount.

    • Crazy. They are the only ones who can make the codes valid. Another vendor of theirs can’t make a code work. Makes no sense. Oh well. $10 is better than $0.

    • Can they actually do that? Change the amount agreed upon (authorized) when the transaction took place?

  3. FYI i emailed them asking about the code, and they said it was sent out as an error by one of their vendors? which is B.S to me so its not longer active I’m glad i didn’t sign up with a company that irresponsible

    • I just tried it and it works – weird.

    • Oh – when I put it my credit info and it said the coupon code was invalid.

    • Thank you for the info! I tried yesterday and had no luck, I tried once again today before coming here to read comments. I really wanted a box at $30!!!

    • Liz I don’t think this was a legit code. Might wanna update. I was also told it was sent out by mistake.

      • Updated the post – thanks

  4. I saw this on earlier today with the code. Now, it isn’t working. I think the code must have expired already.

    • It was supposed to expire 8/3.. Didn’t work for me either

  5. if i sign up , I’m a new customer, would i be able to pick the color of my speaker , and necklace?

    • I don’t think you’ll be able to pick the variants.

      • thanks for responding ! ill have to think about it then ! 🙂

  6. Anyone else having a problem with the coupon working? I did create a new account, new email, however, it doesn’t work. When I apply the coupon, the checkout page says “Coupon Successfully Applied” and “$20 off”, however, the total doesn’t adjust to show the discount, and when I try submitting it tells me there was a problem processing my credit card (I tried 2 different cards, both valid and working) and that the promo code isn’t valid!

    • Yep – I am. It showed me the exact same thing!

    • cannot get the stupid pop up off on my iPhone and now that I got home and tried to get through using my laptop, the code does. It even apply when I try to submit it.. I press on the “refresh” sign by the promo code space and it doesn’t do a thing.. This site is poorly made and managed anyway.. You would think they would have a better suited site if they are in the business of selling something..

  7. im trying to access their site but there is a pop up that ask to join their newsletter, but keep popping up even when I enter my email, or press the link to skip it.. So I can’t access the darn site..

    • Huh. Me too :-/ Clicked “no thanks….” and just refreshes.

    • I had no issues when I clicked “no thanks”. The VIP box popped up, and I just went to the get the box screen and the checkout popped up.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this box to go on sale, they’d been sending so many e-mails about it that it did look like they had an overstock. But as the only item in the box that I actually would use is the lotion, it’s not worth it to me at even $8. I am curious about the speaker, however, is it good? And it comes with a workable FM radio?

    I get the frustration of people who paid $50 for this and now see it on sale for $30, but holding off for a sale is a gamble. The FFF winter box went on sale, but the spring one never did. I got Popsugar’s January box for 50% off, but from February to June, the boxes were sold out before the spoilers.

    • As things turned out, I found the Vaseline lotion at my local bargain supermarket today for $5. I adore the smell, but the lotion itself is sort of blah, not as refreshing as I’d hoped.

      BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised if Popsugar had a fire sale to get rid of those last July boxes they still have. I’d probably jump at that just for the supergoop

    • I hope those of you who are interested in this box buy it. All too often, people who don’t even receive the box are the first to disparage it solely from the spoilers/pictures. It is completely different when the actual box is in your hands. It’s a great deal at $29.99. The worth of this box far exceeds the old (and new) value. For those who haven’t bought the box or never intend to, please don’t repeat the debacle of judging contents from the pictures. Does the LLB and the MSA Beach House box ring any.bells?

  9. One thing I’ve learned when boxes like this have great deals, is that the the items on swaps will increase from the boxes, making it more difficult to get certain items swapped, and especially swapped using the Retail Value Method of swapping. I’ve been noticing there is more and more perfume oil being listed from that box. I’m not sure if I could ever get used to the scent of it. Perfumes are not easily giftable.

  10. But I thought the coupon was for new customers only ?? Thanks for the advice but I don’t see anything in the box I’m that excited about … Maybe if they offered the water bottle & and purlisse sunscreen , I would jump onboard . I already know what I’m getting in the PS box and it includes the SuperGoop spf 30 setting spray which I need in my life ! ☀️

    • You just have to use a different email. That’s the beauty of so many different sub boxes, everyone has different tastes and needs and wants and there is something out their for everyone!

  11. I’ve been tempted by this box several times so I was excited to see this coupon code for $20.00 off , until I read these bad reviews , so think I’ll pass anyway , I’m expecting my first Popsugar box to arrive any day now

    • I for one have been pretty disappointed with every PopSugar ive gotten and always love my FabFitFun boxes. I would not get discouraged solely by the negative comments here. This box is %100 worth the $30. I was happy with the $50 price and am probably going to get another one with the coupon code. The George spray and lip gloss alone made the box worth it for me and didn’t realize just how much I would love the necklace but I wear it everyday!

    • For what it’s worth, FabFitFun is shaping up to be my favorite subscription (and I just cancelled PopSugar because it wasn’t a good fit for me). This box is definitely worth $30. I can’t speak to their customer service, because I’ve never had to contact them about anything, but I haven’t had any issues so far.

  12. I LOVE FabFitFUn I joined for the whole year love everything I get ,what every I can’t use I gift to someone . This is a great deal the box was amazing! The necklace is so cute! I love being a VIP I got to pick my stuff.

  13. I’m tempted to get another box now based on the coupon code. I liked most the items in my summer box. So for me the value was there.

  14. Thanks so much for posting this Liz! I’ve been wanting to try this box for a while now and am excited to get my first one! I totally get that it’s frustrating to pay full price and then see it discounted, but if you went to the mall and bought a dress for $100 and then 1 month later it was on clearance for $30, you wouldn’t swear to never shop at that store again. They have extra boxes and sometimes to get rid of supply you have to create extra demand by lowering prices.

  15. I’ve noticed most boxes offer great first time sign up offers or one time deals because of overstock. I’ve steadily started canceling my monthly ones and now wait for spoilers or one time boxes. I mean you can only get so much make up, Polish, dry shampoo, or setting spray.

  16. My lotion and necklace were missing as well! And the box was taped oddly. I emailed customer service hoping to get new items soon.

    • Mine was taped and put together oddly as well! I thought maybe it was me! At least I’m not crazy knowing that and missing the same two items

  17. I’ve had the worst experience with this company. 🙁 It makes me sad because the box wasn’t bad! Just wanted to give all the other new customers a heads up. First, I signed up for a single box, got the email and that was that… 10 minutes later another email saying I had UPGRADED to the year subscription (How can i do that when I’m not even on the site?!?!) and they’re charging me an absurd amount of money. I didn’t click anything but single box and even had the email to prove it. Customer service said I’d be refunded and I was. HOWEVER,
    When I got my box (weeks after others got theirs) it was missing the necklace AND the lotion. I couldn’t get in touch with any customer service and it took them 3 days to respond (never by phone which I initially called and left a message) only to send me the hair conditioner spray and another roll on perfume. NOT THE ITEMS I was missing. Now of course they’re not responding to me YET AGAIN. I feel like they just wanted to take advantage of me, steal my money, have no quality customer service and pay no attention to my complaints. NEVER AGAIN FFF. NEVER AGAIN.

  18. Do you have to use a new email to sign up using the code or can I use it on an inactive account? Thanks!

  19. I am happy for everyone that gets this box – this is a good deal, even if you only use a few things. My favorite items, oddly enough, are the Vaseline spray and the Konjac sponge! But, FabFitFun, it is super annoying when you have paid full price for a box to always have them go on sale for half price. I am cancelling my subscription and never subscribing again – I will just wait until the fire sale begins. Maybe by then I will have second thoughts, anyway!

    • Seriously, for being a loyal member since winter I get charged more than anyone else? That is INCREDIBLY not fair.

    • I don’t know. I pay for the year and love it. I get that there is $5.00 off and even some times a really good coupon like this. But I love the fact that I can pick my items as a VIP member. It makes it worth it to me. I was able to pick what necklace I wanted, the color speaker and what color lip gloss I wanted as well. That to me is worth the extra.

      • I totally agree with you! There was only one color of the lip gloss that I liked, the horseshoe necklace is the only one I would wear, and the speaker I could have gone either way but I am glad I got the teal! That totally makes the extra money worth it for me. Plus if you sign up for the year you get a discount per box any way so you don’t end up paying much more if any than the people that get the $5 off deals (this $20 off is not the norm) and I don’t get stuck with a necklace I wont wear and lip gloss I wont use!

      • This is only good if they actually give you what you choose. I got to choose but got different things for all 3 of the items!

        • I have never had that issue before so I am sure it was a fluke (mistakes happen!) but I would suggest contacting their customer service. They obviously still have products on hand and I have always had good experiences with their customer service.

      • I agree. Even if I miss out on the sales, I like that being an annual member means that I get the choice options to pick things that I will actually use/wear. I thought the summer box was really good. Love the Gorge hair stuff, konjac sponge, and lip gloss especially.

        The thing I wish they would do is to offer these specials to annual members if we wanted to buy a second box or send a gift box. That would be an added perk for those customers who have ponied up for an entire year. I would love to gift this to my sister for $30 (or send her the box with the extra sunscreen and water bottle deal) and I don’t want to have to keep setting up new email accounts in order to do that. Just a thought, if you’re reading this FabFitFun.

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