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Decoterie Summer Box Full Spoilers!

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UPDATE: This company has stopped responding to customers and stopped sending boxes. If you are a subscriber, we recommend filing a chargeback. Do not enter your credit card info on their site.

Decoterie Summer Box Spoilers

Thanks to Angie, Brenda and Chhavi for sharing the Summer 2015 Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.17.15 AM

What do you think of the spoiler list? I can’t wait to see what the items actually look like!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Click on my name to see pictures. I have mixed feelings about the box. I don’t know if it is because I lack an appreciation for upscale items or the items don’t appeal to me.

    My pillow is white with black embroidery and trim. I’m sure many subscribers would be happy with the pillow. I dislike the colors. Same with the marble candle. It has a great scent, but it’s black. Others may love it because it is marble, but all I see is black. I’m not big on neutrals. I love color. (I did go neutral with the Linen Crate bathroom because I wasn’t sure what the first box will be like.)

    I love the vibrancy of the scarf and thank you notes. Bright bold blue 🙂

    That’s why I have mix feelings. Is it me or the box? I spent money on it and want to like it, but I don’t. I feel bad because I am not usually negative. This is the most conflicted I have felt about a box and it is compounded by the price point.

    • Wow, I didn’t realize some got variations of the items inside. I loved ALL of mine. I got the gray and pink leopard pillow, a copper toned candle in French Pear scent, the neutral leather pouch, the forest green and white scarf, thank you cards, custom painted Hawaiian coasters and and the little bowl with the gold rim with my name stamped in it. I was so overjoyed and in love with the box I sent them this email: “Omg!!!!!!! I just opened my Decoterie box and I am in love with this new subscription. Your taste and selection are beyond amazing. In fact, it’s almost mind blowing how you nailed this box for me. My whole house is gray and I was going for pink pops of color and what shows up but a gray and pink pillow. I appreciate the quality of the insert as well. The fact that you personalized these little dishes with our names is an unbelievable touch. I love the leather pouch, the organic candle, the coasters. I’m not a huge fan of scarves with my short neck but this one may grow on me. It is lightweight and a beautiful pattern. I dig the thank you cards as well. I just wanted to send you some love and well deserved kudos on your premiere box. I cannot wait for the next one!!!” I say give the box another chance, perhaps you will get the right selections by chance next time or you can swap around for the versions you liked. I’m keeping all of mine.

      • I like your variations especially the forest green scarf. I’m glad that you like your box. It’s good that you emailed them to let them know.

        I think the pricepoint is too high for me to risk not liking my variations.

        • Ashley – Your comment is on their page!

          • Ha! It sure is. Seriously my favorite box ever. I think it sounds like I got all the items I would have selected myself.

    • PA Anna,

      Thank you for your review and posting pictures. I did not purchase this box, yet. I wasn’t thrilled with the pillow, or coasters, but loved everything else. I love the candle but like the one with the copper top better than the black one. The candle alone is worth a bit more than a third of the cost of the box. For the price of the box, I think there was good value. However, I agree you need to like the items. I’m going to wait for a few more reviews and then decide if I’m going to purchase the next box.

      Liz, are you going to review the box?

      • Yes- should have a review up today!

        • I’m sure Liz would love my black and white pillow 🙂 I notice we like a lot of the same things, but differ on decor. I love color. Liz loves neutrals.

    • Oof. And now I’m not so bummed I didn’t get this box.
      The scarf seems nice, although infinity scarves seem less versatile to me.
      Dear god, I hate those coasters.
      I love black and white, but that pillow if a bit boring, imo.
      The wallet looked much nicer in the spoiler pic.
      I do think that putting everyone’s name on their bowls is a lovely touch.
      And the thank you cards are pretty.

      I’ll be interested to see the variants out there. Since they’re pillow covers, trading should be pretty easy. 🙂

      • That is a good point about the pillow cover. I won’t be trading mine because it is a magnet for dog and cat hair. It’s in my bedroom which has the least amount of pet hair. I still had to brush the hair off of it a couple of times.

    • The 2 cheapest items in the box…the ceramic dish & the leather case were the only 2 items that I really liked….my first box is the fall box…I’m hoping that I will like the items in that box more..

    • These aren’t upscale items they are cheap items you can buy on etsy. They are also not lux like she said they would be, She was very deceptive on the card she included in the box. The price of the candle on etsy is $28 dollars. The price of the tray with your name on it is $10 on etsy. The strange coasters are $24 dollars on etsy( cannot imagine anyone buying those ugly coasters I got even for 2 dollars. I was hoping things would be better with this box . She advertised such an expensive pillow leading at least me to believe that high end items would come with this box. I will not get anymore boxes . If I want handmade items from etsy will find it myself

      • OMG…you are right!! The only 2 things I really liked was the leather case & the ceramic tray and I just bought both of them on Etsy. This is not the high end box we were led to believe. In all the pictures there were beautiful pillows…the ones she sent out are not very beautiful or high end. She also had beautiful coasters in her promo pictures…the ones she sent out are definitely ugly. I haven’t even received my first box (fall) but I’m thinking of canceling….so dissapointed

  2. Has anyone received their box today? I received mine and wow the pillow is not what I was expecting and it is nothing like in any of the photos. I truly would have preferred the leopard print or even any of the blue pillows. The pillow to me is disappointing. Everything else in the box is nice. If this pillow was the spoiler I would not have purchased the box.

    • I’ve seen pictures of the pillow in the swap section…and I agree…a total miss. The leopard one was beautiful…the blue ones would have tied into the summer theme perfectly….the pillow she sent is such a disappointment. I signed up a week after the cutoff so my first box starts in the fall so hoping for some better items

      • I will have to look at the swap photos. Did you also get a red pillow ?

        • No…My first box will be the fall box but in the swap section there is a picture of a gray pillow with pink or red spots on it….actually it’s a pretty ugly pillow that is showing. Is that the one that you got?

          • No, I received a red pillow with some type of gray design on the front of both the left and right hand side. I’ve never used the swap site but I will try to get a picture up. I am already off the waitlist so hopefully I’ll figure out how to do this. The rest of the box I guess is not too bad; however, I wish the leather case would have been a little wider so It would fit my iPhone 6 Plus . The coasters I’m not sure of those either. I guess the biggest blow of all is that $250 pillow – ha!

          • I guess I can’t swap yet so unfortunately I will not be able to post my picture. Good luck with your fall box

      • I’m a little nervous and excited about opening my box. I hate how late my mail comes in the summertime.

    • The pillow and most of the items just strike me as bad etsy merchandise.

      • I agree and it’s not about the money to me even though I paid full price. I think more of it as false advertisement and I was expecting more from her being a designer. I wonder if anyone will actually get one of the pillows that were posted all over her Instagram and Facebook. And those coasters – omg there is no comparison to what’s on her site. I think the only thing I really like is the little bowl with my name on it. Only because I don’t have many things with my name. I love the clutch but I wish it would have been bigger so I could put more things in it like my phone. I also even like the scarf. If I had received the marble candle I probably would’ve liked that too. I’m going to have to put the pillow in the box and put it away so I don’t have to be reminded all day of it. Lol

      • The items are on etsy someone on mut even has the links

        • What is mut?

          • makeup talk forum

  3. I’m so looking forward to pictures of the items received. Does anyone know if pictures are available?

  4. The spoilers had sounded so promising. I got my box today and I have to say that most items look cheap to me (the candle is lovely and nice quality). I am just very disappointed and I’m not typically a negative poster on this site. I am going to go cancel my subscription right now.

  5. Magically, my box arrived today even though the tracking didn’t work. Unfortunately, it was mishandled by the Post Office. It is a beautiful box and I think most will be happy when it is received. 🙂

  6. My box is arriving on Saturday!!!! I receive my mail late during the summers so it will be a long wait on Saturday. I can’t wait to see it!

    • I am excited to see the actual items. This looks like a promising box! I may eventually have to subscribe down the road!

  7. Am I the oy one who doesn’t understand under pillow why she says she can’t wait to see how we style this “Brecht cottage summer throw”? Also, why was a spoiler released saying we’re getting a dish by All The Wire and nothing like that was mentioned in this list?

    • Never mind! I read “beach house summer cottage throw” and thought blanket. I guess she means throw pillow. Never heard anyone refer to a pillow as a throw.

      • You never heard of the term Throw pillow before?

        • I think she meant as just a throw w/o the pillow sub classification 😉

          • Right, I just never referred to a pillow as a “throw” by itself. A throw to me is a lap blanket. Got confused.

    • It’s a throw pillow. And the ceramic tray is the dish that was released as a spoiler.

  8. I’m looking forward to the box! It looks like a great debut box. I also liked that she addressed different things in her email and explained about the pillow insert.

    • It’s a nice pillow insert. The tag shows it’s from Susie’s Rugs and Pillows out of Albany, Georgia

  9. I got charged $20 shipping…uh? It didn’t surpriseme with the extra shipping until after….I signed up and received the email of payment. $20 shipping??? This wasn’t noted before I agreed! I wish they would’ve state this!

  10. Wow this box is everything! I also love her Instagram page it is so beautiful. 🙂

  11. Sounds like a great first box!

  12. I freakin love that she is including the pillow insert. I love that attention to detail. I cannot wait to see the scarf………. I love her prints on her site….sigh

    • It’s a nice pillow insert. It’s from Susie’s Rugs and Pillows out of Albany, Georgia. The scarf is definitely one of my favorites. I got the dark green print which is absolutely beautiful and I am wearing it now around my neck. I need to keep trying how to figure out how to wear it as a head scarf. I think that would look adorable.

  13. I signed up for a year subscription on 7/16 and was told my foirst box would be fall. Still hoping they send me a summer box! They said the deadline for the summer box was 7/10 so i missed it by a week 🙁

    • Same here. When I signed up on the 16th for a yearly sub I chatted with someone (forgot the girls name) and she told me if there were extra boxes I would get one….well I’m a little disappointed because I emailed them today to ask if I was getting the first box and they said:

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the cutoff date does indeed mean you missed July box, however because of demand we will be offering it for sale next month and will add you to the waiting list for a notification if you like!

      Hmmm if they have extra boxes why didn’t I get one, not an offer to purchase one!!!

      • it doesnt make sense. either there are boxes or there aren’t. if there are boxes, then start the subscription with the boxes.

        • I totally agree, it’s a little disappointing!!

          • I wouldn’t tolerate that..

  14. What happened to the $250 pillow?? Honestly that spoiler was weirding me out a bit. THIS box description sounds MUCH more appealing. Wishing I had gone for it now!

    • Agreed! This box sounds lovely if in fact it is a “summer cottage” type of throw pillow.

  15. I definitely want this boxn now! Dang you wallet, you can’t be full again this week, haha

  16. How much is this box?

  17. Im so tempted… Do we know anything about this box yet?

    • I don’t think the summer box is available anymore as it says “don’t miss fall”. But maybe can check. The first box is indeed great. Hopefully they will continue to be so. The box is supposed to have 2-5 items. First boxes are always out of the park 🙂

      • I don’t c where it says that…

        • the email – accompanying this note announcing this box – says that. but feel free to reach out and definitely let us know if you get july. interested.

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