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New Home Decor Subscription Box – Decoterie

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UPDATE: This company has stopped responding to customers and stopped sending boxes. If you are a subscriber, we recommend filing a chargeback. Do not enter your credit card info on their site.

New Home Decor Box

Thanks Laura for the heads up on this new home decor subscription box!

The Subscription Box:ย Decoterie

The Cost: $150 a quarter, plus $12 shipping to the east coast, $15 to west coast (more for outside US)

COUPON: UPDATE – Decoterie had given us a 40% off coupon code (first box) and a 25% off coupon code (any length subscription) for an additional 24 hours after their 4th of July sale. Theyย deactivated the 40% off coupon code earlier than the 24 hour agreed upon time, and I mistakenly listed the time period for the 25% code expiration. My apologies for the mistake on that coupon code.

Extended coupon for MSA readers (Through 7/7): Use code MSA25VIP to save 25% off plus free shipping on an annual subscription.

The Products: “Each season we send you a luxury hand packed box that’s focused on a theme. Each box contains a selection of 2-5 items ranging from home decor, textile goods, art, decorative accessories, and exclusive collaborations with top designers known as our HERO item. The Decoterie box is very similar in that half of the box will be pieces specifically made-to-order just for our box subscriber not available anywhere else.”

Ships to: US and International

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your wishlist or subscription list!

Good to know: 10% of profits to the care and love of animals through our partnership through Mercy For Animals!

What do you think of this new subscription? Since this box is created by Letitia Elizabeth, I’m guessing her shop will be a good indicator of the design esthetic of the box, and the boxes will likely also include some items from her line.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just received my Decoterie box and I am THRILLED. I am in awe by the quality of this box. It far exceeds Oui Please or Burke Box in terms of the bang for the buck.

  2. I don’t know what to think about this box. I was excited for it and tried to get it. I had more problems then the average person. Contacted them and spoke with Letitia who offered me the original discount I had tried to get. Then she stopped responding to me when I contacted her that the code was not working for me. I have not heard from her since. I am not sure why she offered to honor the code for me and then not help me get the price she said she would honor. But it has left me upset and disappointed.

    • sorry to hear this. not super surprised. they want the promotion from what the discounts offer, but they really don’t want anyone to actually use the codes for a discount. that’s what I have personally experienced.

  3. I am contemplating between Linecrate and Decoterie ! Decoterie is priced double the other ! has any one tried Linencrate ? Decoterie seems interesting but looks heavy on the price.

    • Your right Linen Crate looks like a nice box. You can get 10 percent off your first box and it’s much more reasonably priced. I like that they focus on a specific room each month and you have options on how often so it makes it manageable cost wise around other subs. I may try that one out and see. I’m not one too spend hundreds on individual accent pillows and pieces since I like to change things around per season. I usually shop at pier one, home goods and tj maxx and the like.

      • I think Linen Crate looks good too. I’d be interested in seeing a review on it or seeing what other people get. From what I read the other day, seems like you get to personalize it to your taste which is nice.
        I ordered this Decoterie box to try it out bc I was able to get 25% off and free shipping, but I don’t think I could do it at full price.

        • I also like their each room focus touch and I just saw that they have %50 off on the 1st monthly box, i think this applies when you buy a monthly sub. I will sign up today I feel good about them.

          • i just signed up with them yesterday, i figured it would be fun to try out and it looks like they ship 1st box for bathroom/powder room. I also had a few questions that their customer service got right back to me on. Can’t wait for the first box to arrive!

          • I decided to give it a try at every other month. The coupon worked. It was applied automatically.

          • Linen Crate emailed me that I forgot to put my name on the account! How embarrassing! It sounds like our boxes will ship this month!!!

  4. Update: I got a phone call today from Letitia herself! She said my email had been forwarded to her and she wanted to contact me personally and apologize for the confusion. She had to leave me a voice mail, but explained that the MSA code was indeed only supposed to be good through Monday (7/6) at 11:59PM EST.

    Strangely enough, though, my order did go through (at least according to my bank account) and I received 25% off the annual subscription price – I still had to pay the $60 shipping charge ($15 per box). I don’t know if I should just lay low and hope they let me keep my discount or what!

    I have to admit, I was pretty impressed that Leticia herself called me. The truth is – anyone can make a mistake. We all have and as much as it sucks for all of us who missed out on the 40% off and the subsequent MSA coupon that expired earlier than we thought it would – this still looks like a great box.

    I wish they would have honored my coupon – especially since it was still July 6th in Oklahoma! The fact that Leticia herself called to apologize, however, says a lot about how much this box means to her – so I’m tempted to stick with it for now (as long as I can at least keep my 25% discount – fingers crossed)!

    • sure. sounds good for you. happy she called you. i read on MSA “through 7/7” and tried to order. I got an email back from them last night (something that didnt make sense given what I wrote to them – and then they didnt follow-up on my reply). i’m not bothering (nor paying $150/each plus shipping for a brand new subscription. would have risked it up-front for the full year if the discount was applied. but not risking full price on something new.

  5. oh, i read that as THRU 7/7 (like including today). Yeah, I’m not going to bother in the future if it isn’t 25% off since I thought I was going to get it at that price.

  6. i tried and it’s not working at all

  7. The code only gave me 10%, too. Considering Yogamom’s experiences, I wonder if this is supposed to be some sort of consolation discount?

    • If it’s only going to be 10% off now I’m out. Too bad, I was definitely going to sign up for the annual! Disappointed… ๐Ÿ™

  8. Just sent CS an email. I’ll let you know what I hear back. Hope they will honor our coupons. I’m sure their are still MSA’ers out there who would like to take advantage of this discount!

    Hope I don’t sound too witchy (with a B)!

    Dear CS,

    Hi! I ordered an annual subscription last night and am very excited about. I used the MSA Code, which was supposed to give me 25% off and free shipping. I did received 25% off, but did not receive free shipping. Below is a screen shot of my order:


    The coupon on the MSA website stated that is was good through July 7th. I began my order at 11:17pm CST July 6th, but opened up a chat when the shipping discount wasn’t applied. The representative told me that the MSA Coupon was only good through midnight EST July 6th and since it was 11pm CST, it wasn’t valid anymore.

    This didn’t make any sense – as the coupon had been applied to my order – just incorrectly. I sent the representative a copy of the wording of the coupon from the MSA website, but she insisted that the coupon was only meant to be good through DAWN July 6th (i.e., it expired at midnight EST July 6th).

    The coupon is still posted on the MSA website as valid through July 7th. And as my order clearly states that I am to receive free shipping with an annual subscription, I would appreciate receiving the discount.

    I am excited about this subscription and look forward to receiving my first box.

    Thank you for your assistance.


  9. Liz – I just tried to order an annual subscription with the MSA25VIP code but it is only giving me 10% off, not 25%. Did the coupon change?

  10. I don’t see my comment from last night – it was here yesterday when I posted it – I apologize if I said something wrong – but I don’t think I said anything witchy. I was just having the same problems as everyone else. I did get the MSA 25% off code to work – except it wouldn’t give me the free shipping shipping – it added on $60 to my total at the end. I then opened a chat and had a long “Who’s on first?” conversation with a representative who tried to convince me that Liz’s code was meant to only be good through DAWN of July 7th – which would mean that it expired at midnight July 6th and since it was 11:17pm Oklahoma time, it was officially July 7th on the East Coast, and therefore – since the coupon was only meant to be good UNTIL the 7th, not THROUGH the 7th, I didn’t get the free shipping.

    I decided to take the 25% off and follow up with CS at a later date, because (1) I have complete faith in Liz, (2) she rarely, if ever, makes mistakes, and (3) 25% off was better than 10% off and I really wanted this first box.

    Anyways, Lis, if you happen to see this comment and have any advice or can clarify, that would be great. If I end up having to eat the shipping, no big deal, either. I’m a big girl and I clicked submit – so I knew there was a chance that they might not honor their coupon. I did take a screen shot of my page, however, which clearly shows the MSA coupon reading 25% off AND FREE SHIPPING and then shows the $60 added to my total below. I’m hoping I can submit this to Customer Service and theybwillmgonahead and honor it. I think if you add up the 25% off plus the discount on the shipping, that’s almost as good a deal as the 40% off would have been – and I was sorely disappointed to have missed out on that one! Shame on me for hanging out at the pool reading Janet Evanovich!!!

    • Oops! Really need spell check ! Sorry about that!

  11. I subscribed to this using the coupon code (MSA25VIP) which was supposed to net a 25% discount and free shipping if used 7/7. I was charged for shipping, so I called. She said that the code was good through midnight 7/7 which had already passed. I told her TODAY is 7/7, midnight hasn’t arrived yet (it’s 10 AM). She maintained up and down that it had. I advised her that at 12:01 this morning it turned into 7/7. She stated that MSA was only supposed to use the code for 24 hrs. I told her that I saw it had been extended and she said “yeah. It ended at midnight on 7/7.” Oh good lord! I told her the 25% off worked, why not the free shipping? She just kept saying midnight 7/7 had passed and no amount of logic would sway her. I cancelled. Worried about intellect and business ethics. Her deadlines are not “real” deadlines…apparently they are interpretative. For the amount of money, even with a discount, I want some measure of security.

  12. Okay, just signed up for the annual sub using the MSA code. It was 11pm CST July 6th. For whatever reason, I was able to get the 25% off and it showed that I should receive free shipping, but then it added the free shipping back in to the total price of the sub ($60). I opened up a chat and the person I spoke with told me the code was invalid. That it was only meant to last for 24 hours and was meant to expire at midnight July 6th – and therefore, that’s why I wasn’t getting the free shipping. This didn’t really make sense, since the coupon was applied to my order – I received the 25% off. Anyways – the girl I spoke with seemed to think Liz was confused and that the coupon wasn’t meant to last through July 7th – so just a head’s up – you may get 25% off, but they are still going to tack on $60 shipping – kind of a bummer. I’m hoping I can contact their CS tomorrow and have the shipping charges removed, but the operator I chatted with was adamant that the code expired at midnight EST July 6th,MSA I may have been lucky to get 25% off!

    • Sorry about the typos. It’s too late to be typing, obviously. Time for bed!

  13. This box was recommended to me also and I am very intrigued since it’s a home decor box. However I can’t seem to bring myself to sign up with that price tag plus the extra shipping cost for a brand new box. I got burned by the first Burke Home box (but loved the second one) so I think I will wait to see Decoterie’s first box before I commit. The items on the website look to be luxury/quality items but this is a little more expensive that I’m willing to risk on items that may clash with my decor. I already know the leopard print pillow wouldn’t work.

  14. I subscribed even though this is a little out of my comfort zone price wise. I fell in love with the look and feel of Letitia Elizabeth’s instagram and blog and just couldn’t pass it up with the discount. I saw that someone below posted rude customer service…when I was ordering, a rep named Kasey popped up in a chat box, which I thought was a nice touch. She answered all of my questions and was really polite, responsive, and helpful. I also got a quick email back from Letitia herself when I sent an email to the address posted on the website. I got the impression that she is a subscription box customer herself so she kind of knows what we want. My only concern with this box is the price – I have high end makeup taste but I’m not quite there yet with dรฉcor. I will have to keep everything far far far away from my rugrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I just caved and subscribed… Kasey popped up for chat for me too and was also very helpful! that made a huge difference for me, she double checked that MSA25VIP would work for one box and asked what I was looking for in a box since feedback was very important to them. I asked about # of items and she said they had 3 confirmed items and they’re waiting on 5 more so she thought they would be getting those confirmed soon also since there was plenty of time.

      • OK. I decided to order the box ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to make sure my pillow is not snagged by a 6 year old and used for his adorable kitten.

        I did cancel my Quarterly boxes that were to bill this month to make room because I may still want to order a second Goodebox LE. I know. First World Problems. If it was any other month it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

        The items speak to me on her website. I do hope I receive a blue pillow if the information is correct when they ship. I’m looking forward to the box ๐Ÿ™‚

        • You caved!! I know what you mean about the rug rats!

          • I think we all know I was going to cave. I am trying to be good ๐Ÿ™‚ I cancelled the Quarterly boxes.

  15. OK, so I just had a lengthy chat with them– for me it was a wonderful customer service experience. I had originally subbed over the weekend with the INDEPENDENT 40% off code that expired last night (I never even saw Liz’s 40% code and it was off this post by the time I got on here, so yes, things do change quickly on this blog!) After having second thought s I went to cancel, and after that I saw the $249 leopard pillow which just isn’t my style and I used that in part as my cancellation reason. I was told that there would be at least 5 items in this July box, and that UNOFFICIALLY they would be: Full-sized pillow in abstract animal print or dark blue (variations for this item), art print, candle, stationery, custom ceramic, scarf and art. Hopefully this will cause some to subscribe– it’s not just a pillow and one item (possibly) anymore. I feel bad that a new endeavor has had so much misinformation put out there. The CS rep said to sign up for the newsletter for info, and that Liz’s code should work until midnight tonight. Sorry for the length, but I hope that that it helps to clear up some issues. Any questions, I’m sure that you can live-chat just like I did.

    • Now I wish I finished my transaction last night. I signed up on the waiting list on July 1st and received a wonderful email from the owner. I’m glad others are experiencing positive CS.

  16. Hi Angelica,

    How are you! We actually don’t have live phone support but you mentioned you called us? You also mention a waiting list but we don’t have a waiting list either, just a spoiler alert newsletter. Upon confirmation we didn’t assist anyone via phone, email, or live chat outside of Kathleen, Liz, and another friend of the company. Perhaps you meant another box company? Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] because we take our customer service very seriously and rudeness is not accepted. We’d love to understand where and when you communicated with someone from Decoterie and help you in any way possible. We seek to make all of our current and potential members completely satisfied with the most helpful and gracious service, but we can only do so with truthful information. We do understand it might have been frustrating to miss out on the code, so please allow us to rectify this for you if you’re so inclined. We’d love to help!!

    Thank you so much!

    • Letitia,

      I have ALL corresponding emails we exchanged. I STAND by what I have said. I have the evidence. On July 6th you offered me personally the 40% off discount for either subscription after the numerous failed attempts I had with your online website chat, the wait list button, and whoever I spoke with over the number I called. On July 6th through the 10th you were in direct correspondence with me and asked me on July 6th at 343pm to contact Liz and remove all posts I wrote!!!! I will be more than happy to share the emails with anyone. I even wrote Liz and offered her the emails. You didn’t have to offer me the code and I didn’t demand or felt I was “entitled.” I just expressed that I tried every attempt to sign up for your box. You chose to ignore my emails after July 10th. You got what you wanted from me and that was to remove my comments. Then you made the choice to not help me with any of the codes you sent me. None of the codes you sent worked and I continued to email you long after the 10th for help. If anyone has any questions with what I have expressed here please contact me. I will be more than happy to share the emails I exchanged with Letitia Elizabeth. I felt it was important to share my experience with the subscription community. I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I did and felt it should be known.

      • Sorry Kelsy. You should probably talk with Letitia. She is who I spoke with over emails. I am sure she remembers and if not she should check her email box. As for spam, I have checked. Her last email to me was on July 10th.

    • I’m personally happy that you shared the experience. Thank you for letting us know.

  17. I almost subscribed to this one twice… but haven’t completed it yet. While I’m not into animal prints, I do like the spoiler. But it doesn’t really go with my home decor. And with it be valued at $249 (and the box total is $300+) – I’m worried there might only be one more small item in the box since it says boxes will contain 2-5 items.
    But $150 per box is a lot (even with the discount it still comes to $105 with shipping). And then with a few people saying they’ve received bad customer service, makes me glad I haven’t subscribed yet. I love that part of the cost goes to a charity, but I also think that good customer service can make or break a box, even if its something I love, i don’t want to deal with bad customer service.
    I’ve subscribed to too many boxes here lately so probably going to have to sit this one out.

  18. I really love home decor. With that said, I’m also notoriously picky about my home decor items (think natural curios). Unfortunately, I don’t think this box would quite fit my style. And after hearing how some people were treated by their customer service, I don’t think I’d reconsider subscribing. I think I’ll stay with Oui Please for the same price.

  19. I love her style based on her website and the pink and grey spoiler pillow is going to be a perfect fit for my office.

  20. The site looks nice and totally up my alley design wise, but that leopard pillow definitely isn’t. So glad I saw the spoiler- I just cancelled my subscription. Seems expensive to me, and irritating that it doesn’t include shipping AND they add taxes even though I’m not in California. Will look forward to seeing a review…..

  21. I’m really glad there was a spoiler. I don’t mind paying for what I want, but leopard print is so not me, coupled with reports of rude CS – passing. Hopefully other home decor boxes will start popping up, really interested in that genre of boxes. Burke Decor is doing a great job, imho.

  22. Liz – Your 40% coupon isn’t working.

    I came close to ordering this last night around the time I posted about MUT having a spoiler. The original coupon worked for me then. I decided against it because my season of life is full of children, dogs, and cats which is not conducive to nice items.

    I found out about this box days ago on another blog. I’ve been poking around the designer’s website since then. I love the idea of ecoluxe and her business practices.

    I like the pillow. Subscribers are to receive the grey and pink print which is exclusive to the box. It sounds like a nice mix of neutral with a touch of femininity. I’m the only female in my house so this appeals to me.

    I don’t know if the pillow is inflated or not because I have no idea how much things cost with the business practices that she employs. I do believe it should cost more than a mass-produced pillow. How much more, I have no idea.

    • I believe that the coupon expired midnight (last night).

      • Liz procured a coupon code for blog readers that expires 7/7. That is the coupon code not working when I posted at 11:14 am today. It could be working now for all I know.

        • Liz’s code was for 25% off– you had mentioned that the 40% off code wasn’t working– that was the one that expired 7/5– was valid for 2 days only. If you can get Liz’s code to work that is still pretty good because you save on that expensive shipping. I also read that this will be starting as a quarterly, then shifting to a monthly sub, but I don’t know the timetable for that.

          • Liz did have a special code for 40% off… but its gone now. It did say that it was good until 7/7. I tried it last night when I almost subscribed for the second time after “INDEPENDENT” didn’t work (must have been after midnight). it was something like MSA40… I can’t remember the whole thing now. I think that’s the one PA Anna is talking about

          • I removed it since Decoterie disabled it. I believe the 25% off one should still work. Sorry!

        • Yes, that is the code. It was something like MSA40US for 40% off one month which expired on 7/7. It was listed at the time of my OP regarding the code. I didn’t realize the curator had since disabled it.

          I don’t know why everyone thinks I am wrong. Sometimes things move fast on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I knew what you were talking about ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ I probably sound witchy. It’s raining again! I wish I could send rain to the west coast.

  23. I was so ready to buy this box until I saw the price. $150 PLUS shipping costs? Nope! Plus, I see there are a few people who have mentioned rude customer service. I’ll keep my money! I will be looking forward to the reveal though!

  24. My first thought was “Yay! A home decor box!” then I saw the price (less excited) then I saw the spoiler (no longer excited at all). Ha ha, oh well. I actually like the spoiler item but it doesn’t fit with my current decor and I don’t value it anywhere near $249. I am looking forward to the review.

  25. Personally been dying for this type of Home Decor box. Tried Burke Whole Home and was not for me. Super excited about this one

  26. Holy hell $150 plus shipping is a lot for a quarterly box. Looking at the pillow, it’s nice but wouldn’t go with anything in my house, nor would I ever pay $250 for a throw pillow. I’d love to see a review of this box though.

  27. Aaaand now I’m on a wait list. Huh.

    When I heard leopard print pillow, U thought dear lord, no thank you. But it’s actually rather lovely – at least in the colors in the picture. But in pink and gray? I’m back to yikes.

    I guess I’ll contemplate signing up while I wait on the wait list. I hope it’s in time to use the 40% off code. O.o

    • The pillow pictured DID look soft pink and gray to me.e

      • Huh. When I look at the spoiler pic posted on MUT, it looks ivory with a gold print. Are we looking at the same picture?

        • I saw ivory and gold too. Maybe it’s like that dress everyone saw differently?

  28. If all subscription boxes had such rude customer service, I’d save a lot of money. I couldn’t decide between a quarterly or yearly sub & after deciding on yearly it wouldn’t allow the promo code I’d successfully put in 5 minutes earlier. The IM CS rep told me the INDEPENDENT promo ended on the 4th & that the promo bar I was seeing on their page tonight had disappeared automatically yesterday. I had never heard of this site until the I saw this post on the 5th, so if that’s the case, I would have no way of knowing the promo bar even existed.

    I also asked why I was to be charged $60 for yearly shipping when I’m on the East coast, where Shipping is only $12 per shipment? They checked my zip code and said the $15 is correct for yearly subscriptions.

    I don’t know why it would cost more to ship to a yearly subscriber at the same zip code as a $12 quarterly shipment but I didn’t stick around for an answer, as I learned enough from that exchange to make my decision easier.

    • Hi Kathleen!

      We are so sorry to hear you had trouble with my customer support with you yesterday. I was certainly polite during our chat and wasn’t aware you were upset until seeing your comment here today. Though it took me by surprise your satisfaction is very important to Decoterie and I want to assist you if you feel otherwise. We apologize about the code expiring, we provided MSA another code just for you all and had to honor that one instead. Please allow us to rectify any inconvenience as soon as possible! Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will handle any request right away.


  29. I briefly considered it, then I saw the spoiler & the website (thank you for those who posted). It looks to me like the majority of items on their website are pillows. The spoiler makes up $250 or the guaranteed $300 value, and it’s a throw pillow. Sorry, I just can’t see myself spending even the $130ish (after discount) or anywhere close to it on a single throw pillow!

  30. Cute spoiler but who the heck pays $249 retail for a decorative pillow?? That’s ridiculous! All of my decorative pillows were like $10 – pillow inserts & pillow covers all half price from Hobby Lobby!

  31. A little pricey. Yea the spoiler isn’t quite for me either.

  32. I like the idea of this box, but the spoiler is doing nothing for me.

  33. The first spoiler is on MUT if anyone wants to check it out.

      • Mut is makeup talk. I googled “Decoterie spoiler makeuptalk” and found it.
        It’s a pink and gray leopard print pillow… I’m not huge into animal prints, but it is cute and I like that part of price goes towards charity

        • Thank you! I think I will pass until they have a couple of boxes out for review. It’s pretty pricey…..

    • phew, you just saved me a lot of money! that is one hideous spoiler! very, very taste specific, for sure.

    • I’m glad others posted! Usually I take time to post where to find it, but was busy with the little guy. Thank you everyone for posting. It helps with the decision-making process!

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