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The Honest Company Diapers and Wipes Bundle Review + Coupon

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Note from Liz: I’m so excited to introduce our newest reviewer – Celicia! Look out for many more reviews from her soon! 🙂

Honest Company Bundles

The Honest Company now offers four different “Bundle” subscriptions: Diapers & Wipes, Essentials (household items), Health & Wellness (vitamins), and Organic Formula (baby formula and dha). This review will consist of a variety of items you can select in a Diapers & Wipes bundle.

Honest Company Diaper Box Closed

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Honest Company Diaper Box Contents

(photo of box opened contents still inside)

The Subscription Box: The Honest Company Diapers & Wipes Bundle

Honest Box Screenshot

The Cost: $79.95 +tax per bundle; for your choice of 6 packages of diapers and/or training pants plus 4 packages of wipes. You can also add up to three additional items to your bundle with the “Add-Ons” feature. Each add-on is generally 25% off the cost listed online for individual purchase in the Honest Co. online store. Shipping on purchases and bundles over $50 is free for US deliveries only.

COUPON: Use coupon code INVITED10 to save $10 off your first bundle.

The Products: Diapers, Wipes, Training Pants and more with Add-Ons feature.

Ships to: US, Canada, and APO/FPO addresses. See their FAQ for further details and restrictions.

Honest Company Calendar photo

Good to know: You can adjust your shipping calendar dates for your Honest Bundle at any time in your account. The projected calendar will also show the projected delivery date.

Like this subscription? Add The Honest Company to your “I Want It!” list.

Honest Company Box Layout

Diapers – Value $13.95 per pack

“Our ultra absorbent, eco-friendly* diapers — made with naturally derived, plant-based & sustainable materials* — are extra soft, hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing and additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex).”

Honest Company Diaper Close Up 1

Are these the cutest or what?! I love Honest Diapers and they update the available diapers as the seasons change. Available diaper sizes run from Newborn(0-10 lbs) to size 6 (35+ lbs) in an array of neutral and gender-specific designs.

Honest Company Diaper Close Up 3

Honest Company Diaper Close Up 2

All of the diapers shown are in size 4. Our two-year-old is barely 23 lbs. soaking wet. She could wear a size 3, but why go backwards, you never know when that growth spurt will kick in. Plus all the diapers have good elasticity around the legs.

Honest Company Diaper Patterns

I originally ordered two girl and two boy designs for this review, but the Bumble Bee pattern must have already been sold out. New designs sell out quickly, so act fast or “bee” bummed about it later.

Honest Company Training Pants

Training Pants – Value $12.95

“Premium eco-friendly, cloth-like training pants with a contoured fit that prevents leaks & provides wigglability. Ultra thin. Ultra absorbent. Ultra adorable!”

Honest Pull Ups Layout

Honest Pull Ups Close Up

These are great for overnight protection during and after potty training. The selection of patterns have come a long way. Now, they are also available in an assortment of neutral and gender-specific designs.

Honest Pull Up Patterns

If I’m not mistaken, not even two years ago the only pattern available was Starry Night. All of the training pants shown are in size 4T/5T. These are for our fully potty-trained three-year old. Did I mention our children are polar opposites? This kid has measured top 90-95% in height and weight since he was two-months old.

Honest Wipes

Honest Wipes – Value $4.95 a pack/$18.95 for a 4-pack

“Our all natural wipes are unbeatable! Thick and absorbent, botanically infused, “Cheek to Cheek” versatility – this wipe can do it all.”

Honest Wipes Closeup 1

I can rave all day about Honest Wipes. We’ve literally tried every brand out there and these are second to none! If you’re subscribed to a different bundle, I highly recommend that you pick up a pack as an add-on to your Honest Bundle.

Honest Wipes Closeup 2

They pair well with the Honest cleaning products and can clean all sorts of messes…just take my word for it.

Honest +3 Empty Slot Photo

The Add-On Feature:

Who loves  a fully customizable box?! I know I do. This is where the fun begins for us diaper-purchasing subscription addicts. You can add-on Training Pants, DHA, Feeding and Diapering Essentials, a few Bath and Body items and tons of Gear.

Honest Picture of Gear and More

Honest Picture of Diapering

Now before you go crazy, you should know that you can’t add anything and everything available in the store as an Add-On. There are limitations. For instance, in a Diaper & Wipes Bundle, you can not add-on Essential Cleaning Items, Formula, more Diapers, Vitamins or much heavier items like the Honest Stroller.

And just like the diaper and training pants designs, the items in the “Gear & More” section change with the seasons. Right now you can find everything you need for the pool, beach and fun in the sun.

KnockAround Glasses Bagged

My favorite thing to get each summer are the KnockAround sunglasses!

KnockAround Close Up 1

KnockAround Close Up 2

KnockAround Close Up 3

Super Adorable and they come out with new colors each year. My only complaint is they only come in kid sizes and we want matching shades to purchase here too! We grab at least two pairs every year. We just love them.

Honest Wipes Add-On Pack

I added the 4-pack wipes as my last add-on, why not. We use them for everything and you can never have too many back ups in our house.

Gymboree Coupon

We normally do not receive coupons in this box. Maybe it was added for the missing diaper pattern? I’m not sure. But it’s nice to have anyway. Don’t be surprised to see bonus items in this subscription. We’ve received lip balm, extra wipes, bubble wands, cake mix, books, and even live trees to plant!!

Verdict: The Honest Company is our family’s favorite subscription service and has been for over two years. We use everything included in the Diaper and Wipes bundle and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, great customer support, and seeing the company expand and enjoyed by so many others. For us, it’s not a matter of the value over cost, it’s about the peace of mind knowing that we never have to make a diaper run at 3 am in the middle of winter. That’s priceless.

Do you subscribe any of The Honest Company’s Bundles? Which products do you enjoy the most?

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. So, I need to update my comment about my experience with the Honest Company.

    Only one box have I ever received the diapers I wanted. Nothing too major with that but a little annoying.

    With my latest e-mail about 30 minutes to an hour before the day my package is scheduled for shipment they send me an e-mail noting that the bib I ordered is out if stock so they chose a different one for me. I, busy with a toddler and baby, see this after their customer service have just ended. I reply to the e-mail asking them not to send that other bib (ironically the day before I checked my bundle to see if any diapers were out if stock so I can switch and there was no notation of an out if stock bib). So, what’s the big deal. 1) principle – so if you don’t have an article of clothing in the color/pattern I like you will just substitute a different color/pattern without checking? Diapers are disposable – this isn’t. 2) I hate t pattern they chose. 3) The bib was for a shadowbox. It us my favorite pattern and was going to go with a picture of my guy in that diaper pattern.

    I never get a response to my e-mail.

    I get my package today. Open it up. First thing I see is that hideous bib. Next thing. Just the wipes and diapers. Not my two other shelf items the Honest Company charged me for, along with that bib…

    I call customer service. She tells me that they will send out the missing items and that they won’t charge me a shipping fee…oh, how magnanimous of them…

    She us confused about what I am talking about. Apparently the word bib and diaper sounds the same. She then realizes she couldn’t find the bib because it is out if stock. Uhm…I told you that customer service lady… She then tells me that they will refund me and they won’t even charge me a restocking fee. Why, thank you. Now I have to print this stupid label with my low printer ink because you don’t include return labels in your packages and get this off to a Fed Ex. Not major but they just gave me a chore on too of all of the other tasks I need to do. And this could have been avoided if they didn’t decide to include an item with a different pattern since the item I wanted was out of stock.

  2. I absolutely loved using the training pants and diapers for my girls, but unfortunately my youngest is allergic to the wipes. They are supposedly hypoallergenic, but anywhere a wipe would touch her a red slightly raised rash would appear.

  3. I have tried many different kind if diapers and had settled on Luvs as a decent brand and less expensive than Huggies or Pampers but similar to quality like Huggies. I figured with the trial I would get some cute prints but doubted that I would increase our diaper expense. I have a good system for when we are getting low on training pants or diapers and have never had to make an emergency run.
    I was floored by how much I love Honest diapers. There is something a little old school about them (they remind me of my daughter’s diaper days and she’s now an adult). I like the way they fit my son (seem to have a higher back – less blow outs but not zero blow outs) and I love the cool patterns but I also love the basic white option. So, Honest company – you’re trial worked and I am officially a subscriber.
    Quick customer service note. I tried the essentials bundle too it wasn’t for us. I called customer service. I didn’t gave an inordinate wait time but there was a wait. Rep did not push me to stay (but since I was keeping the diaper bundle maybe that’s why…?). After the Essentials bundle was removed I noticed my $10 off coupon disappeared. I called them back. Rep said she would just key in a $10 off code which she did.
    Some other things I noticed. There us a live chat feature so for those who wish to cancel but don’t want to call – maybe try that…? Also I couldn’t switch my payment info after I initially set it up on my phone. Rep thought I could see what she sees but there are more options on the computer website versus the one you can access on your phone (I didn’t choose a mobile version so it us a little invisible). So, if you have trouble seeing how to change something – check out website on a PC or contact customer service.
    Back to review. Received our first big box bundle today. Only disappointment was that they ran out if size 3 comic so they gave me an extra boombox. I wish you could rate which diaper choices you prefer since it appears this happens often. I was also surprised that the bare bottom wash was just “floating” around in that package. Just one leak and I would have been a pretty angry mama bear.
    Speaking of add ones I also got some training pants for my toddler and one if their totes. The title is pretty nice. I may have to get another (currently eyeing the nursing scarf and some other goodies for my plus 3).
    My only other wish. I wish they wouldn’t restrict what +3 items you could add on. I would think the more stuff you try that you end up liking the more likely you are to get bundles and buy other stuff.
    All in all. I am impressed with the Honest Company. Can you get less expensive diapers elsewhere? Of course but I think as far as quality goes these are nice and anyone who changes diapers frequently can probably appreciate having less blow outs and hopefully less diaper rashes.

  4. I used Honest diapers with my 2nd daughter exclusively. With two kids I really wanted the convenience of never having to worry about buying more diapers. The delivery serivce was perfectly tailored to how quickly we were going through diapers. The prints were always very cute but yeah, the really cute prints are gone very quickly – which is a bummer. Also, their swim diapers are awesome!

    Nice review – and welcome!!

  5. Welcome, Celicia!

    I agree about the wipes too. Even though my kids are getting bigger I still buy wipes. I can’t imagine not having them now.

    • Thank you so much Chris!

  6. I totally agree about the baby wipes! I have a 10 and 6 year old and as a friend told me when she was a mom before me “you will use baby wipes even when your kids are out of diapers!” I get the essentials bundle and always keep these wipes in my car. I recommend them for on the go even if you don’t have kids but are a little messy or have a dog 🙂

    • It would take a mop to clean up after my dog when she’s been in my car. But she weighs 90 pounds and has a drooling problem. =)

    • I believe you! Have you ever forgotten to pack wipes before…it’s the worst!! LOL.They really do a better job than any restaurant napkin. Kids are messy.

  7. I was looking at the Knockaround website bc I liked those glasses too. All they have on there is adult from what I can tell and if you click on Bio-Based, its almost the same colors as the kids – they’re pastel anyways.

    I love Honest company, I get lots of cleaning products, sunscreen and bug spray and some other things from them and they’ve all been great.

    • I really hope that next year the adults can order KnockArounds via Honest Brand. The kids love theirs.

  8. Welcome and nice review. This box sub would be a great gift.

    • Thank you so much Kelly. And yes they surely do. All of their bundles would be a great gift for new parents.

  9. Welcome, Celicia!

    • Thanks Ragan, I appreciate it!

  10. This is such a cute subscription! I really like the airplanes print. I don’t even have a baby of any sort, but this subscription is giving me good vibes hahaha.

    • Haha I’m in the same boat as you!

    • The Airplanes are his favorite 🙂 I love the new monsters print!

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