POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Box

POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness, home, etc.

FYI – the June box is currently sold out, but you can sign up for the July box.

This box was sent to us early for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Items

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Info

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Sunglasses

Quay Australia Mandate sunglasses – Value $45

I didn’t pick up on it from the spoiler pictures, but the frames of these glasses are matte black (which I love). I think these will be a flattering shape for a lot of subscribers, but I’m not sure if they are a little too narrow for my wide face!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Book

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Bluum (Retail Value $28 – On Amazon for $16.77)

I’ve seen this book on a lot of Beach Read Summer 2015 lists, and I love that POPSUGAR included it in the box. (And it was just released on the 2nd). I can’t wait to read it!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Sponge

Spongelle Boxed Flowers Body Wash Infused Buffer in Papaya Yuzu (Value $16)

I don’t usually come across a completely new-to-me product in subscription boxes, but this one fits the bill! It’s a sponge/buffer that is infused with body wash and lasts for multiple uses. You place it under water and squeeze the sponge to absorb the water. (Then squeeze out excess water after use). I like the tropical scent, and I liked the application too – now will just see how many uses I get out of it!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Headband

Yogitoes Peacock Headband (Value $4)

The slight texture on the fabric of this headband keeps it from slipping off, and I’ll probably use it for when I’m applying facial masks or cleansers like a few readers suggested!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Supercandy

Snap Infusion Super Candy (Value $4)

I’ve had SuperCandy before thanks to subscription boxes, and they are really good. They are infused with b vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes, so I can almost talk myself into thinking this candy is good for me! (These were gone very soon after this picture was taken – I can’t resist gummies!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Gift Card

Sweet & Spark $30 Promo Card

I didn’t realize that Sweet & Spark is a curated vintage jewelry shop – meaning every single piece is listed as “only1 available.” I’m wondering how they will handle the POPSUGAR subscriber rush with that kind of inventory…

From what I can tell, prices start at $38 with free shipping, so you could get a piece for as little as $8. They have some gorgeous pieces (and a lot of gold jewelry) so I’ll probably end up using this discount code.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Pacifica

Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette (Value $14)

I love the packaging of this palette. I’m sort of bummed the palette packaging itself isn’t as gorgeous as the outer box!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Palette

Here are the colors with descriptions (from left to right):

Skinnydip – Matte nude base cover or lash liner. A universal highlighter.

Coral Sand – Satin coral for lid base or for highlighting.

Golden – Perfect Gold with just the right amount of shimmer. Use on lids and or for highlighting.

Urchin – Iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones. Perfect for lining and crease.

And here are the swatches:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2015 Review + Coupon Swatches

I’m happy with the shades of this palette. They aren’t as strongly pigmented as some eyeshadows, but with a primer the colors hold well. (And I love that Pacifica’s formulas are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without FD&C color, phthalates, talc, parabens, or petroleum.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of $111 if you count the list price of the Judy Bluum book, or about $100 if you count the Amazon price. (Neither of those totals includes the Sweet & Spark discount code). This isn’t one of my all-time favorite POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, but I still like it and will use everything. I’m also just so excited to get a book in this box! I think this is one of those boxes that I will like more once I use the products more too.

What do you think of the June POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just received my box. I can’t find anything on that website to buy with the coupon that I like but the rest of the box is great.

  2. I loved this box! Every item was a hit for me- except for the Sweet & Spark card. I couldn’t find one thing that I liked, even if I was willing to shell out that kind of money for jewelry- which I’m not. If anyone wants my code let me know- you can have it!

  3. I got my box yesterday and am pretty happy with it. I wasn’t sure after reading some comments, but overall I think it was a good box. I LOVED the candy things (and especially since they didn’t have gelatin!). I used the headband when I washed my face last night, wasn’t sure about the sunglasses, but like the black matte and can always use an extra pair of sunglasses. I thought it was nice to get a hardcover book, I haven’t read a book in awhile so it’ll be nice to start again. haven’t used the eyeshadows yet but like the fact that they’re cruelty free/vegan. I was looking at the jewelry website and didn’t see anything in my price range that I loved at the moment, but thought it was nice that the card didn’t have an expiration on it (especially since they’re all 1 of items). Looking forward to using the sponge, papaya isn’t my favorite scent, but its a good summer scent. I also got the little blue purse and loved that its vegan leather also.
    so overall, good box and like Liz said, I think I’ll enjoy it as I use the products more. I also sent one to my friend in California for her birthday, her’s is scheduled to arrive today so I’m hoping she enjoys hers.
    I understand that not every item will be liked by everyone, but that’s the chance you take. But it also introduces you to things you would have never bought before and might actually really love.

  4. I received my box today and have to say I am completely thrilled!! I especially love the sunglasses. If I had to pick a weak link it would be the gift card, I searched and searched and could not find one thing on the site to use it on.

  5. Finally got mine today. Yeah! Happy with the contents and value. Think I will put it all to use. So glad the candy was not chocolate! would have been a melted mess in this heat. Lol

  6. Anyone else’s book seem cheaply made? My pages are really uneven and almost feels like it was literally glued back together..

    • Some books are intentionally cut that way. I believe it allows for easy turning. I love the look of it though, reminds me of old books.

    • The pages are indeed cut that way on purpose.

  7. I think after getting the box, they did a good job finding these items and curating this. I say that because although these items weren’t ideal for me personally, they did do a great job finding unique things that people likely don’t already have…as compared to lip gloss, self-tanner, sunscreen, etc. I’m surprised how much fun I’m having trying new things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself. That Spongelle item is amazing…and part of me is just happy to have a newly released book in hard cover (not electronic) that I can read whenever I want. So overall I’m happy with the box, though I look like a bit of a doof in the sunglasses. haha

  8. Guess I am easy to please but I really liked the box. I will use everything and the eyeshadow is so pretty. I started with PopSugar last September and the only box I hated was the Fashion one. And I have gotten every special edition that has come out and liked/loved them all. My favorite monthly box was February. Can’t wait til it gets here every month!

  9. Oh – and also the headband? I have not opened it yet.

    • Hi I would really like the head band if its not too late, please e mail me at [email protected] to talk about details, thanks !

  10. Anyone want my Sweet&Spark Coupon?

    • I’d love to have your coupon code, ackshully, please and thank you? My 13-year-old niece wants rhinestone earrings, and I can’t justify the wacky prices on the Sweet&Spark website, otherwise! [email protected] THANK YOU!!

  11. I’m a little bit nonplussed about the June box. I already purchased Judy Blume’s book before I saw a spoiler (no fault, obvs, of Popsugar), so now I have two. (Anybody want to trade??)

    But for the sweet and spark code, I don’t really like that being part of the box. I checked out their website and was really disappointed. The idea is cool, but for one, I’m not into costume jewelry, and two, holy $100 for a necklace… no thanks. I didn’t see anything for a reasonable price, and the things I liked were “sold out”. If somebody wants to trade for the book, I’ll put the code in as a book marker.

    I do love the sunglasses. I got matte black (maybe everybody did).

    I know they can’t please everybody each month, so this is my “meh” month I guess…

  12. This is another subscription that I really wanted to love, but cannot justify the continual subscription. Unless you have endless storage capacity or tons of friends who want these random gifts that come in this box, you’ll find yourself accumulating a lot of junk. I’d rather go and buy 1 thing that I actually really really want.

  13. For the Sweet & Spark promo code – is it supposed to be printed in the white space on the little black card? Mine is blank.

    • Yes, my sweet & spark code was in the white space under “$30”

      • Thank you! 🙂

  14. 1. Does anyone else’s book have a rough edge? Like the pages weren’t cut right?
    2. I feel like I have a wide face, glasses fit fine for me. Maybe a little tight behind the ear, but I’m ok with it. One downer for me is they aren’t polarized lenses. Love the case they came in.
    3. Headband is a miss for me. I love my yogi toes yoga towel. This doesnt seem to be the same quality.

    • I believe the rough pages are by design – I find staggered edges make for easier page turning. No finger licking needed!

    • Along the spine/long length? Mine is cut “rough” as well, it’s a style thing they do with some hardcovers.

    • I purchased this book before I received the Popsugar box (or looked at spoilers) and my book came with pages with rough edges. I believe this is intentional 🙂

    • The pages are cut like that intentionally on many hardcover books.

      Also, the headband had a $4 value. They’re probably made pretty quickly. I like it either way and it doesn’t make much value dent in box.

      The annoying item is the card for the jewelry site.

  15. Just curious if anyone was one of the 10 lucky subscribers to receive an item(s) from Stowaway cosmetics. Popsugar posted about this on their blog back on May 11. Have never heard of Stowaway but seems like an interesting concept!

  16. I think this is the best monthly box since February! So happy to have a hardcover summer book to read…I loved Judy Blume as a kid so I’m really looking forward to reading it (I wish they included more books in their boxes). The sponge smells great and surprisingly the sunglasses fit my small face. I actually wasn’t looking forward to receiving the sunglasses because I have the hardest time finding a pair that fit me, but they look pretty good and I love how the lenses are really dark. I really like how the headband can also be used to cover your eyes during yoga, and a girl can never have too much eyeshadow (although I’m not sure about the bright gold shadow). I think the gift card for a piece of antique jewelry sounds fun and am looking forward to surfing the site this weekend. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was the gummies because I don’t eat gelatin, but I’m pleased to see they are gelatin free! Overall, LOVE THIS BOX!

    • No gelatin in the gummies!

      • Wow, fail, I don’t know why I read the entire comment except for apparently the last few words haha. Yay for no gelatin!

  17. I LOVE LOVE THIS BOX! Also, I got two gift cards to Sweet & Spark- Just me?

  18. I can’t believe how many people don’t like this box! I just got my box today and LOVE it!! I liked last month’s too solely for the beach towel. I love the sunglasses in this one, I was worried my head would be too big based on other people comments. They’re not, the frames are a little large, but love them. I love the headband, perfect for wearing around the house, love the book, I love the Sweet and Spark gift card, sucks I’ll have to pay but I love the look of the jewelry. I like vintage looking jewelry. I love Pacifica eyeshadows too, I’ve had a Pacifica eyeshadow quad for 4 years, it’s still going strong and the colors are gorgeous. The supercandy is the only thing I’m not interested in, but someone will eat it lol.

    • PS-It’s one of the only boxes ever I’ve kept all items! That doesn’t happen much, usually swap at least one item in a box; but not this one. LOVE IT!

  19. Just got my box today, and wow, the yoga headband is seriously disappointing. It’s very cheaply made. Most yoga headbands go in the $12-15 range, so I was curious about the $4 value of this one. It feels disposable.

  20. My box came in today and I love all of it!

  21. I just got my box today and I’m very happy with it. I have a small face and the sunglasses work! Most overwhelm me. I liked the snap candy when I got it in Bianca’s box so I’m happy to have more. The spongelle smells great, the shadows are lovely and perfect for summer (I do wish they came with a brush though), the headband is cute (I might try it as an eye shade since I doubt it will stay in my hair), and I know I’ll enjoy the book.

    The gift card has no expiration date!!!! So I can stalk the site to see if something I like at a reasonable price shows up.

  22. I still haven’t gotten shipping notification which is such a bummer! I am not too impressed with the box, but I still can’t wait to get it! lol

  23. My box won’t be here until next week, but it looks pretty good. I think I’m most excited for the eyeshadow palette, just because I’ve been wanting to try a gold eyeshadow.

    The sponge also looks really cool. I thought I would love the sunglasses when I first saw the spoiler, but I’m not sure now. I’ll have to see how they look on me. I am petite so it sounds like they might fit well, but I’m not sure they’ll look good with my face shape.

    The book also looks like something I would like to read, although I probably never would have gotten it on my own. I loved Judy Blume when I was younger though, so I think it’ll be interesting.

    I also might be able to use the gift card/coupon, because some of the items on the site look cute to me. The only thing I probably won’t like are the gummies, but that’s ok.

    • The gummies were delicious actually. I have the sour ones to my dude and kept the berry for myself. The only item I had issue with in box (other than the jewelry gift card since it’s all expensive), is that the sponge has a very very very potent scent. Hoping it fades some after a use.

  24. I LOVE this box!

  25. And where’s the coconut? I’m confused about the coconut teaser.

    • The eyeshadow is made with coconut water 🙂

      From the site:
      “An incredibly innovative formula that pushes natural makeup and mineral color to new bounds. Rich, lasting, creaseless eye shadows are infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish. “

    • I think the people at PSMH sit around and brain storm the most random connections they can come up with. Or maybe, they just don’t know for sure what will be in the next month’s box until the last minute. At least they don’t release spoiler photos that never show up in the boxes.

      My box just arrived and I like it much more than I thought I would! The glasses nice, maybe a tiny bit too big for my narrow face but they’re light, comfortable (super comfortable actually) and the lenses are perfect in the sense that I don’t feel like I have a dark film before my eyes. I swatched the palette and although I never would have chosen these colors myself I like them. They’re bright without looking garish. I like the scent of the sponge! It’s supposed to be yuzu but I’m not sure that my nose agrees … I find myself looking forward to trying it out. I haven’t had a chance to check out the head band or candy yet.

      I’m not crazy about the idea of a hard cover book though. I love reading, I love books but a hard cover seems such a waste of resources. Maybe if the book was a classic that I planned to read over again every year but we’ll see. I’ll just give it away when I’m done.

  26. May and June have been quite disappointing for Popsugar. Theyve always done so well 🙁 May was a total flop and June was just a Few steps above. The sponge does smell AMAZING, that’s what saved this box for me, will be listing most all my box. Again 🙁

  27. Not the most impressive box that POPSUGAR has put together, but it is a good one and I’ll use everything. I love the book – I was on my Amazon wish list and an extra pair of sunglasses are always great to have on hand.

  28. Liz, could you or someone post a picture with the sunglasses on? I’m considering buying or swapping for a pair before I go to the beach. My beloved Rayban Wayfarers broke and I really don’t want to shell out over $100 for a new pair right before vacation. These look sort of like Wayfarers but for a fraction of the price. I knew I shouldn’t have cancelled my Popsugar 🙁

    • Hi Beth!

      I couldn’t figure out how to get a photo in the comments, so I IG’ed one: https://instagram.com/anchovie19/
      Hope that helps! They are really great glasses! I have a smaller face and they fit really well. I love the matte black frames and the lenses are nice and dark!

  29. Selling my full box if anyone is interested. Email at gloryofmystory at gmail.com

  30. I buy this type of sponge all the time from Ulta. I also get the ones with a rougher side for foot buffing. They cost about $6 regular price but are a bit smaller than this one.

    I will be posting my sunglasses and eye shadow palette on the swaps board. I like the other items. But the eye shadows aren’t my colors and I have a lot of sunglasses now.

  31. They didn’t include my super candy in my box ):

    • Email customer service to let them know. They’re always good about replacing missing items.

  32. I am so glad I got this box! I am excited to use everything in it! I wanted to read this book, but was on the fence about buying it right away. I am so happy it was included in this box!

  33. Last month was a bit of a disappointment for me (barring the arrow to the lack of my boobs necklace) but I’m thrilled with this box. This is the reason I subscribed. Such fun.

  34. I am selling the complete box if anyone wants it. email me [email protected]

  35. Wow, I never thought I’d be intrigued by a sponge but that one looks so neat!

  36. I got my box yesterday and I LOVE it! I was afraid that the sunglasses would be too narrow for my face too but happily, they fit and I wore them today! I wish there was a Quay coupon or discount… is there one and I missed it?

  37. This is my first PopSugar and I’m not thrilled… but I will use some of the stuff (fingers crossed the sunnies work for my face or I will feel like the box is a waste) and will keep my sub for another month or 2 before deciding… all of their previous boxes have been so awesome, which is why I subscribed, so hopefully this is just a fluke. At least I can read the book while wearing my $4 headband…

    • yeah, I think this is a fluke – their monthly boxes are usually pretty good – I’ve been with them for like 2 years. it’s the LE boxes you have to watch out for

    • I was on the fence about subscribing. So glad I didn’t. There’s not a single thing I would use. I own way too many sunglasses as is,have already read that book,have eyeshadow palettes coming out my ears and that jewelry website is waaaaay overpriced and most of it is garage sale looking junk. Hopefully this blah box is a fluke. I’ll be waiting for Julys box to decide.

    • Im right there with you!! After seeing the last couple months I just knew I needed to subscribe so I did and Im disappointed!! There is really nothing in there I will use or want!! Im a little bummed

  38. I love Spongelles! They sell them at a spa local to me. They smell amazing and the body wash lasts a lot longer than you’d think, but it helps to not have it constantly under running water. Even after the infused body wash is gone, you can still use it with your own body wash. They are also fun to use for cleaning when it’s usefulness as a bath sponge has run out.

    I don’t think they cost quite that much at the spa, but it could be because they are wrapped but not boxed.

  39. I skipped this box because of the sunglasses (I wear prescription glasses), but everything else I love. I now wish I had gotten it, I could have given the sunglasses away and keep everything else.

  40. Love that this box has a book.

  41. Just want to put it out there that these gummies do not have gelatin. Usually gelatin products are called “gummy” while non-gelatin items use terms like fruit “gels” or “jellies,” but I’m pretty pleased that these use pectin instead of gelatin.

  42. Hi my box is up for sale if anyone is interested in buying it. Thanks

  43. When I first saw the spoilers, I was sooo glad I didn’t buy this but after seeing this review I’m kicking myself for not buying it. UGH I don’t know, now that I see everything out, I want it. Bad.
    Now I’m just patiently (not really) waiting for July spoiler theme to come out. I’m 100% sure I will buy July, ugh can’t wait!!

    • are you on the swap site? Come over and swap for the stuff you missed out on! 😉

      • How do I find the swap site?

  44. I’m hoping the headband is finally the holy grail product that will keep my hair back, won’t slip off, and won’t get pulled off when my head brushes against ropes when I’m rock climbing. I know its asking for a lot…but maybe this is it!

  45. Love it! The Rachel Zoe glasses were to wide for me so here is hoping that these glasses fit!!

  46. Wow! I went over to that site. I had no idea it was all old costume jewelry from Avon and other names I haven’t heard in years such as Monet and Napier. I guess anything can qualify as vintage if enough time passes.

    • This Sweet & Spark company appears to be trying to create a hyped-up market for really bad, poorly made, no-one-wants-it junk-costume jewelry by inflicting, like, 1000-percent markups. It kind of chaps my butt. (You can buy super-ugly lowest-end costume jewelry like the Sweet & Spark stuff for a quarter in junk boxes at flea markets and yard sales.) I am so irked by Sweet & Spark that I have schadenfreude and hope they go under.

  47. At first I wasn’t excited about this box but after reading this review 😉 I can’t wait to get my box . Thanks for the great review

    • Yay! Glad to hear it! 🙂

  48. So the Sweet and Spark is a coupon, not a gift card? Does it say anything about being combined with other cards/codes??

    If the Quays are too narrow for YOUR face, I’m probably in trouble. O.o We’ll see when my box gets here in a couple days!!

    • Yes it is a promo/discount coupon code. I didn’t have two to test, but I would assume it is one per order – no combining.

      Hopefully the sunglasses work for you! 🙂

      • Drat!

        Thanks! 😀

        • I hate the voucher/coupons that cost you money to use.

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