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POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Boxes Available 6/15

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Thanks Wendy, Crystal, Lily and Jennifer for letting us know that the Limited Edition CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have boxes will be available for sale again starting tomorrow.

Check out my review of this box to see exactly what you get!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got the email. Clicked on it out of curiosity. It’s still $195 and they’re still saying it’s worth over $500. I did not buy.

  2. And they are still claiming that the value of the box is over $500

  3. I got the email about Popsugar being able to secure more boxes, but came here first. Thank goodness I did. They are still $195, but this time it says that all sales are final, so I assume no returns.

  4. I clicked it out of curiosity. It worked for me and showed the price is $195.00. I really thought that they were going to use the items as GWP when purchasing a sub. I don’t see how they can lower the price without others complaining. I’m not purchasing it either way. Just curious.

  5. I think I’ll have to pass since its $195 again especially if it’s all the returned stock. I loved the earrings and tote though

  6. Yeah I just posted a comment but it disappeared. The website went down for a little bit then the box popped up for sale still at $195.

  7. they are up for sale now…still $195 so Im going to pass on it, if it was $150-100 maybe

    • How could they be up for says the website is down for maintenance

    • i just checked and it there…

      • it was down for me then it came up when i refreshed the page

  8. On sale now! Still $195.

  9. Just an FYI…

    I just received an email from Popsugar concerning the CFDA box:

    “Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not currently have a scheduled release time. You will receive an email once they become available on our site.”

    • inb4 they claim that because they didn’t release it on time, it’s half off! LOL

  10. I think this whole thing is strange… the way the email was worded is wrong, they didn’t “secure” a limited amount of additional boxes, they’re returns from unhappy customers. And the email was obviously only sent out to people who didn’t order one in the first place… were they thinking they could “trick” us into thinking we’d be so lucky to be able to get a box? And since it was only sent out to those who didn’t order a box, is the pricing going to be different? Really makes me wonder bc people are saying they can’t find any info about the box anywhere else, so its like they don’t want to upset those that did pay $200 or whatever the price was for the box.
    I have no interest in purchasing the box. I just recently subscribed to the monthly boxes and have high hopes. but I think this is all very deceptive in how they’re handling this situation.

    • Agree. I havent gotten any communications. they better not reduce the price. I paid original pricing. waiting on what they will do…..

  11. Has anyone received their refund yet on their CFDA box return?

    • I received my refund a few weeks ago. I can’t believe they are still selling this ridiculous boxx.

    • I received my refund about a week after the box was delivered back to Popsugar.

      • I must have missed what happened with this box. Why did everyone return it? Was it just over priced?

  12. Does anyone know how to order this box? I received the email, but cannot find it on popsugar.

    • This is very strange … on their site there’s no indication that this will even happen! I am SO curious to see what the pricing will be. I kind of liked the Marc bracelet (I got rose-gold/silver) but it was just too expensive for what it was!

    • I can’t figure out how to buy this box either. I keep checking my email to see if PopSugar sent out a notification, but so far nothing.

    • I emailed popsugar to see when it would be available to purchase today this is the response I got…

      Thanks for reaching out! You will receive an email with additional information as soon as it goes on sale, so keep your eyes peeled!

  13. I’d buy back my returned box at $100

    • lol Ditto!

  14. Yeah, another shot at a great box!

  15. I can’t decide if that wording is making me laugh or making me angry.

    • Gotta laugh because it’s such perfection marketing BS spin. It’s technically true, but knowing the backstory makes it ridiculous.

      • I think the word “additional” is a stretch. These aren’t actually additional boxes, they had these to begin with….

  16. I paid full price (ended up keeping mine). I would not be happy if they reduced the price. Can’t imagine they would be so silly to do so. I did, however, at the time think it would be a better $100 box. But wouldn’t be happy if they offered it cheaper to others.

    • I agree! I also kept my box and will really be ticked off if they now offer it to others at a discount.

    • In January, I got both the Popsugar Must Have box and the FFF one for half their regular price. Presumably there were people who paid full price, but they had too much overstock and had to reduce the prices.

    • I don’t honestly get why people would be so angry if it went on sale. If you visit Macy’s and buy a fabulous maxi dress for $100 in May-not on sale, style brand new just released. . I visit the same Macy’s in June and buy the exact same Maxi dress for $50 because it was on sale. It doesn’t always pay to buy it first unless you are scared it will sell out and honestly both sides have the same scare. Waiting for it to go on sale is also a risk in case it sells out. No need to be angry. Everything goes on sale at some point. Something everyone just has to deal with and the lucky ones save. I bought my son a pair of vans 3 weeks ago and spent $59. Last week same store bought another pair for $ just happens in EVERY item that is ever for sale. I decided to return my box as everyone had the same opportunity to do. If the box goes on sale for $100 or less, I’ll buy it again. On sale. Not trying to anger anyone, it is just simple fact of selling any item really.

  17. You know, I paid full price for this box. I lurved the bangle. In fact, so much so that my fiance got me the other two colors on eBay. Yeah! The items themselves weren’t bad, but this box was very poorly curated.

    Fabulous curation is sometimes what makes a box for me, not necessarily the price or promised value. It was almost $200, the value they had promised didn’t come close, so much so that I was adding things up, which I never do

    And it looks like they are selling returned boxes. They sold out in 80 minutes and allowed returns of unopened boxes. How else could they pull off this “limited amount”. Very, very uncouth and an all over fail for this box. I love their monthly box, and, again, my fiance stepped up and got the summer box for me on eBay, since we were on vacation when it went on sale. Their LE boxes are a total hit or miss, though I so look forward to my monthly box.

    • They returned “unused” boxes not “unopened”. I box and returned it for a refund.

      • Thank you for the clarification 🙂

  18. Nice marketing twist, clever.

    I am sure some people will buy these and think they got a lucky break that some of these exclusive boxes became available. Not everyone reads MSA, etc., yet. 🙂

    (Now if they still can’t sell as many as they have on hand after a while, they will have to drop the price somehow. Would be really interesting to know what percentage of people actually returned these, but of course we never will.)

  19. Talk about some shifty wording. “Able to secure a limited amount??” Uh yes, I’d say you were after all the returns. I’m trying to think of a way this resale of rejected boxes can be successful and I’m not seeing it. Either they try to sell these for the original cost, which will likely be a bust because many, including myself, thought it was overpriced, or they reduce the price and basically screw over those that bought the first time around and decided to keep.

  20. oh my. I returned my CFDA box without even opening it … I wouldn’t have complained if it was $100. Are they for sure keeping the price at $195?

  21. Just curious, are there any health code violations in selling returned beauty products and/or wearables such as earrings?

    When I worked at a retail store, we would have to mark returns as damaged for credit from manufacturers because were weren’t allowed to put it back on the shelf.

    (Granted that was over 15yrs ago, I have no idea what rules are now, or if that only governed my state).

    • I was kind of expecting them to unload them on a discount site such as Rue La La or Gilt at a fraction of the cost.

    • I have been thinking the same thing about Wantable taking returns on single intimates items. Gross.

      • I don’t know if they do it on all underwear or not but the one I got last month had one of those plastic things that attaches a tag punched through the body of it so there was no way to put the underwear on your body. I’m assuming that if it was broken, they wouldn’t take the return.

        • I am not sure how they do it anymore. I subscribed to wantable for over a year (makeup and intimates). A couple of my favorite discoveries were from Wantable Makeup. I almost always had panties and socks disliked because I realized quickly that they use them as cheap filler items.

  22. AHAHAHAHAHA! How lucky that they were able to secure more! I wonder where they could have possible gotten them from?! (I bet they slap the new mailing labels right over the return ones!)

    • I just knew when I scrolled down to comments I would read at least one like yours. And I would’ve posted one myself if someone hadn’t beaten me to it…

  23. Hmm, I wonder when they will drop the price. $200 is overpriced. $100 and I am on board, but $175, $150? At what point will y’all give in?

    • I agree with you. $100, I will do. Any more than that, no. I will look at the items and order them individually. The most I have spent on a box is Rachel Zoe and it is only $100.

    • I could see paying $100. Any more and I’m out!

  24. I’d be surprised if anyone buys this box after knowing what’s in it. Especially at the same price they’re offering it.

  25. Nice try, Popsugar, nice try.

  26. The first thing I thought when I got this email was that they are reselling the returned boxes!!

    I’ll still pass.

  27. I would buy this box for $100, but not $200.

    • Same here. For $100 it’s worth it.

  28. Lol…my returned box must be among the extras they secured. What a joke!

  29. I got the same email are they actually selling it for $195 again??? I laughed reading this email too, can’t believe they have the nerve to say “secured a limited amount of additional boxes”. Not that 100 unhappy people returned their boxes for refunds. lol.

  30. LOL, this made me laugh, for obvious reasons.

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