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POPSUGAR CFDA Boxes Available Again

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The POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box is available again for purchase. (Check out my review of this box to see exactly what you will receive).

The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $195

The Products: “An assortment of established and emerging designers, including some of fashionโ€™s most coveted brands.”


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Still available…

  2. Quarterly use to resell boxes from returns before they stop taking returns. I think people were happy to have a chance at them. I know I tried to get the MSA box a few times, but they sold so fast.

  3. I’m glad to see they didn’t reduce the price and I think it is great that those who want the box and maybe missed out the first time around now have an opportunity to buy it. However, not being upfront about why they have the extra boxes bothers me. I expect transparency and honesty from companies. I am probably being unrealistic about but nevertheless it is where I stand. For some of the items, like the market bag, it makes no difference whether it was opened and repackaged, but I would not be happy if I learned a company sent me previously opened lipstick and fingernail polish. I’m not saying that definitely happened with these boxes, but it seems like a real possibility. I haven’t been a PopSugar subscriber in over a year and watching this creative marketing (and I think that is putting it nicely) ensures I won’t resubscribe.

    • QVC got in trouble for reselling returned cosmetics. I think it may be illegal. It’s definitely not safe, it is a health risk. Not even eBay will let you sell opened cosmetics. Are the cosmetics sealed? Also, to sell someone’s return at full price is bad taste.

      • I’m sure they are selling the unopened boxes. op unopened packages (meaning they can tell who unwrapped the black paper). I’m glad they didnt reduce the price. they should have offered a lower price point at the start, but happy they didnt make different pricing from those that kept it.

  4. I have no doubt they’ll sell out the box (albeit not as quickly as the first time) as there are enough people interested. If I hadn’t already swapped for the DVF book I’d be tempted to buy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am cracking up at the fact that they’re selling the returned boxes, and now they’re like “NO RETURNS THIS TIME, GUYS.” But, that being said, I don’t blame PS because I’m sure all those returns hit them hard financially. I definitely won’t buy this box though.

  6. If these are still around next week (when I find out if I got a major raise at work) I’ll get one. I love the bag and the earrings. The lipstick, nail polish, and book are nice. I couldn’t care less about the bangle but the others make up for it. I understand that a lot of people were upset about the box but I don’t think that making snide comments about Popsugar selling them again (there is a market for the box) or people buying it is at all productive.

    • AnnaD, I completely agree. Companies repackage things all the time and resell them without letting the consumer know. It’s just how things are. I’ve gotten items in my Birchbox that definitely had been opened, and having worked for a subscription box service I understand. It’s product that you’re trying to sell. Expired items and opened food products are different, but subscription box companies are businesses and they’re there to make a profit.

  7. The first time this L.E. was offered, I purchased it. I was delighted by it’s contents. I kept the market bag and earrings for me (happy dance) , swapped the bracelet for one I preferred more, swapped the polish to a fav Swapperette (I had neutral feelings about polish) and will list the book.

    Next, I tried to swap for another market bag but there is stiff competition and lack of availability. I have a wonderful French professor that I want this market bag as a gift but the unwillingness to part with MINE :-). I decided to purchase another one at full retail but by the time I added tax and S&H , it was nearly $90.

    Gladly, I purchased this L.E. again! I will now have the market bag for my prof, keep the polish (it has been receiving great reviews), list the book, earrings and bracelet for swapping.

    For me, twice, this box has been a win win. Thank you, PSMH

  8. I can’t blame PS for trying to make back the money they lost on all those returns and the e-mail they sent me did mention that the earring price was different from the price in the booklet. They didn’t list all the items in the e-mail (I didn’t check the website) but did have some photos so hopefully those purchasing will know what they are getting.

    I hope they manage to sell some and recoup some of the money – if they don’t do it through this box they’ll have to do it elsewhere, which will likely mean our regular boxes won’t be as nice. They are a business and have to make a profit (and pay employees, etc.).

    • Totally agree with you.

  9. Wow I can’t believe they have the gall to resell the boxes at full price!! Not even a discount, unbelievable.

    • They are probably selling them at regular price because they know that if they discounted it, everyone that bought and kept the box to begin with would be mad that they had to pay full price for the stuff. So it’s either keep it full price and have people complain about that or discount it, have people complain about that, and ask for money back because “its not fair that I had to pay full price and they get a discount.” (Which to me is ridiculous because I buy stuff at the store all the time and then it’ll be on sale a month later but I don’t complain about it. That’s just how it happens sometimes.)

      I didn’t buy one and I’m not planning on buying one. (My box limit is $100 or I’m sure my husband would spaz out haha) if these don’t sell again, I’m sure they could always do the free gift with purchase for the monthly boxes with the items inside.

  10. Fool me once…

  11. I returned my box. I feel sorry for anyone that unknowingly buys it full price. I agree the comments here are the most interesting part.

  12. These are the boxes that ppl returned…am I reading into this like everyone else? Like someone else said, more excited about the comments, than the box on sale again.

  13. From the POPSUGAR website: “We are thrilled to bring back a limited number of CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have boxes. …The CFDA Must Have box highlights our shared passion for philanthropy and fashion and is valued at over $500….”

    1. I am happy they are thrilled. Interesting choice of words. POPSUGAR has a crack marketing team.
    2. Advertised value is accurate now so that is nice.

    I actually really like several of the items in this box but not for that price…

  14. You can almost hear the sound of crickets at the PopSugar order center…

  15. I believe the word we are all looking for is…. chutzpah.

  16. Haha!!! no returns and all sales final just had me laughing. I guess they are trying to not lose out on the returns items from before.

  17. Liz, in cases like this, when it’s been clear that the box does not have the advertised value, I think it would be helpful if you indicated that after “The Products”.

    • Sure – I updated the product value from $600 to $500, but I’ll just remove that entirely to be safe!

  18. I’m more interested in these comments than the box. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • What does it say about us that the first thing we did this morning was go online and read these comments?! I’m an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), as well as a Teacher – and seriously- we would make a FASCINATING case study /dissertation/journal article. Honestly, someday soon, someone is going to write an article on “The Psychology of Sub Boxes!”

      • That would be interesting! I would love to read that.

  19. Unbelievable!!

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