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June 2015 BeautyFix Subscriptions are Open!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

Thanks Christine for letting us know that the June 2015 BeautyFix box is now available for purchase! You can buy a one-time box for $35, or subscribe and only pay $25 per box.

Here is a complete spoiler picture:

BeautyFix Beauty Fix June 2015


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. i got an email getting my first sub box for $12.24 i think.. its my first time but im a bit skeptical at the responses lol will continue to be $24.95 after that but that is the monthly sub right? i would love the option to choose my box ahead of time but it comes at a cost of $ 34? can anyone help me out lol

  2. I LOVE this subscription!!! If I could only have one, it would be this one. It’s jam packed and always has great value. I always hope the tone specific items work for my skin but if they don’t the reality is that each item only cost $2-3. I can’t count the number of lip products I’ve received from Ipsy and Boxycharm that don’t work with my skin, but they make great gifts! Maybe I’m confused but I’m pretty sure there is no harm in using face wash for Acne prone skin even if you are not acne prone, so that’s really the easiest way to target the biggest group. There is NO way a subscription box can please everyone every time. Expecting every product to be just perfect for YOU is simply not a realistic expectation.

    • Plus according to the description of the product it’s “A gentle, clarifying face wash for men and women of all ages and skin types.”

    • I totally agree! I’ve subbed to this box for more than a year, and even when I get things that don’t work for me color-wise (makeup) or product-wise (dry shampoo), I know that I can always gift them or put them up to swap. There are always enough things in the box that make up for a dud or two.

      That being said, if you don’t have acne prone skin and decide to give the cleanser a try, maybe look at the concentration of active ingredients first. My skin is not acne prone, and there are some cleansers marketed for acne that are fine for me, and others that will dry out my skin to the point of peeling after only two uses. If you’re the same, maybe use it every other day at first, or consider passing it along if your skin is very sensitive to the ingredients listed.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I was supposed to get an email alerting me that this was available but I never got it. I’m glad you posted the full spoiler there is almost nothing in this box I’m interested in. I’m going to hold off for now on this sub.

  4. Seriously what do you guys do with all this stuff? This box ipsy glossy box birch box and more
    Plus all the boxes that include some of this ie llb fff ps yuzen etc etc
    I have boxes of stuff even after giving half of it away

    • Join the swap site.

      • How do you do that? I tried to join but got a message that said by invite only?

    • I’ve wondered the same thing myself! Since I started this subscription mania in January I’ve gotten 23 boxes, including both subscription boxes and one-time ones. Sure, most of them were for samples, but that’s still a lot of beauty products! I’m now limiting myself to one Birchbox and Beautyfix, but that should keep my stash replenished. As to what I do:

      – Between my daughters and I, some items (toiletries, sunscreen, lotion, face wash, dry shampoo) tend to be used pretty quickly so we don’t have much of a stockpile.

      – Facial skin products tend to go much slower. I’m stockpiling those that I get fewer of, are expensive and I know I’ll be using (serums, stuff with retinol, acne stuff for my daughters). But I have more than enough eye creams and face creams. I’m giving those to other women in my family.

      – So far I’ve kept the hair care products that I’ve gotten, but with the exception of dry shampoo and UV sprays, I think we are covered for a long time, so I’ll be swapping those.

      – Makeup I’m mostly keeping, unless there are repeats. My teen wears makeup so she uses some, my tween /plays/ with makeup so she can use the rest.

  5. I placed my order the second subscriptions opened and it showed my order total was $27.72 I believe. I then get my receipt through my email and was charged an extra $19.99 for some kind of Anti aging product by Medicell Labs? I have never even heard of this and I have no idea how it happened. Another thing that makes no sense is that it cost $36 on sale! How is it even possible. My order was almost $50 after that! I sent them a message to get it worked out but my order has already shipped! Did this happen to anyone else by chance?

    • Their customer service is great. They’ll refund you.

    • Before submitting your order, they had a box at the bottom that said YES or NO to confirm… but when I read the fine print; pushing the YES button, meant confirming you wanted to add to your order the $19.99 Medicell Labs option. (I almost did the same thing…) I pushed NO and then it went through for just the box amount.
      You can try to fight it?!

    • Their products and boxes are great but their website is terrible unfortunately. The last time I tried to order something online I had to call.

  6. Wow! I just ordered a couple of hours ago and I already got my shipping notice. Some other boxes could take a lesson from dermstore…yes glossy box I’m talking to you!!

  7. I’m not sure I want this box but I do want an ongoing subscription (have liked past boxes), will they do another opening for subscriptions next month too?

  8. Does this box ship to Canada? I’d love to try it!

    • Think it’s US only. That’s the only country given as an option.

  9. Yeah, really happy I was able to get this one.

  10. THANK YOU, Liz! I’ve been waiting for this one to open! Now if only I could wrangle myself a spot onto Powell’s Indiespensable…

  11. Thanks for letting us know… I really wanted this box. For the cleanser and tinted moisturizer. 🙂 I had cancelled cause I wasn’t in love with the previous one.

    • Did you see the cleanser is for acne prone skin and the shave cream is for men? Just want folks to be Informed before purchase to avoid being letdown.

    • Yeah, I’m 100% sure it will not be for my skin color. This box is REALLY bad about sending out complexion-specific products in only one color, like 100% of their subscribers look the same. I sent them a really nasty email about it yesterday, actually.

      This is the fifth time in less than a year.

      • I’m on a monthly subscription, didn’t realize they make a habit of sending skin specific products out…good to know. Have you heard back from them yet? I’ve been happy with my boxes so far, the value seems to be there & I’m getting products I normally wouldn’t try…I’ll give it one more month bf I cancel tho. I need to cut back anyway

        • They basically said, thanks. Well forward this complaint on to someone who cares.

    • I am getting incredibly frustrated/fed up with this company’s boxes. It sounds like a lot of you here are new/not yet subscribers, so I’ll give you a rundown of the past year to give you a better idea of what they send out (Blush Mystery/BeautyFix). Since last August (2014) through this month (June 2015) I have received:

      4 dry shampoos (2 since April)
      4 large bottles of facial cleanser, 3 were for acne prone skin
      3 large bottles of shampoo and several smaller bottles
      4 face complexion items that were sent with complete disregard to subscribers complexion and 1 month with eyebrow products that were only for blonde and brown haired women

      Just last month we received a full size sunscreen and now we get 3 more sample sizes this month. When they revamped they told us that we would be getting fewer duplicates and more brands, but this is the fifth time I’ve gotten a Cargo item from them.

      You may be asking why I still sub, and while I have justified it through the last few months with “I use more than I don’t use and the value is always good” I’m starting to have a hard time justifying it.

      • I’ve only been with them for three months now but I love the variety of the items. I mean, obviously in a beauty/skincare box you will get duplicate TYPE of items, I mean, lord, I got eyeliner in Ipsy like 4 months IN A ROW and that only had 5 items in it a month. This box, since the update to beautyfix anyway has tons of items and a variety of skincare items mixed in with some beauty. I know the shade of the full size moisturizer will be too dark for me this month but overall I’m still amazed at the value and surprise each month of finding new items I didn’t know I needed! Which is easy when they send out like 10 random items each month lol. I’m excited for the box and I hope you are too when you finally get your hands on it. I hate when I see spoilers and dont like the box but if you find a few things in it worth keeping it truly does make up for an off month. As for the cleansers and sunscreen, and such, with so many makeup only boxes out there its nice to see a company who thinks clear or gorgeous skin should be important to beauty too! Hope you do end up liking some items and sorry for the long post, just wanted you to know some subscribers are excited even if it isnt our first month 😉

        • It’s entirely possible I’m jaded by their old format, but they have a history of sending EXACT duplicates, even in months back to back.

          I love their variety also, which is why I have stuck around so long, but there is no excuse for sending us foundation/BB/CC/tinted moisturizers that are only matched for a small segment of their subscribing population. Not everyone is medium white. That is the part that gets to me the most. When they do that, it’s like they are actually saying, “we don’t care about women of color”.

          • Though I totally know what you mean I think its more they dont care about anyone but one shade. Because I’m half mexican but the sample foundation sent out two months ago was MUCH too dark for me and this month looks the same. I agree completely though and if they continue to send out skintone specific items they should really let us fill out a profile to get an appropriate shade.

      • What products would you like to see them sending?

        • * Not men’s shave cream
          * Not skin-specific shades that they don’t match to anyone’s skin.

          For a women’s beauty box, women’s products, that have some chance of being useful, would be great. I don’t think that’s asking too much. I haven’t had that issue in any other box.

      • I have been subbed a little longer than you. I use the acne prone skin cleanser on my back. Use the shampoo on my dogs. I can use all the complexion specific items. The eye brow gel a couple months ago, they said on the card one for you and one for a friend. I thought they was nice. Whatever else I do not use, it goes to a dog bowl gift basket that I am donating to a canine cancer annual fund raising event here. So very happy with the sub.

        • I’m surprised you’ve been able to use all the skin tone products they have sent you. The Dr. Brant was in light/medium, the Cover FX was in medium, and the Laura Geller was in gold medium. They were pretty different shades.

          As far as the eyebrow product, yes, they did say one for you and one for a friend. It doesn’t matter though, when you have dark ebony hair. Blonde and brown aren’t cutting it. It’s another example of them not caring about the complexion/color of their customers.

          The reason I’ve stayed so long is I genuinely love everything else. I didn’t complain when they sent the Avene two months in a row. I didn’t complain when they sent the Korane shampoo twice in 3 months. I didn’t complain about the dozen or so times I was given the tiniest sample of SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals, just to be able to use it once or twice and have no idea how well it works. I just want this issue with the foundations resolved. It’s getting ridiculous.

          • Did you try using the brown brow liner? I have brown eye brows, and it was way too dark for me. I can wear light or medium skin tone products, so I have been happy.

          • The Laura geller was too dark, true, but it was a sample. All the full size ones I can use. The slightly darker shades I use in the summer when I am more tanned. I have dark hair, and the brown one make it natural, did not look like I deliberately draw my brow. This month is really more of a bust to me besides the cargo and the sunscreen, but then I bought the sephora set. The shave cream will go to my husband.

  12. Thanks, Liz! I definitely didn’t get the email they were supposed to send out about the open subs! Oh well, I’m subbed again and that’s good enough for!

  13. lol wow I’m confused the Ashford Shave Cream is for men? Why include that in a women’s beauty box? Especially if it’s one of the highest valued items.

    • I assumed it was for legs until I saw your comment. Dermstore has it listed for men. Maybe it is because of Father’s day? I agree with you that it is weird to see in a woman’s sub box. I’ll gift it though so I’m ok with it.

      • That’s a thought! I thought it was for women too until I looked it up on Dermstore’s website. I thought the scent sounded like it’d be good and then realized it was for men lol. And yes Mary Beth; Dermstore/Blush has always been for women.

        • Given that I’m not sure what my legs smell like now since I don’t use a shave gel or cream I am very open to trying this even if it’s for men! Shoot, men get the best razors (Gillette fusion proglide is now the ONLY razor I will use after trying them all), they probably hog the best shaving formulas too! And that way if I like it I will just get it unscented next time.

          • I totally agree. I don’t bother with women’s shaving products either!!! Men definitely got the better deal in that respect!

          • This conversation is hilarious! I’m a (road) cyclist, and most of my friends in the sport are men. All the guys shave their legs, and I can’t tell you how many early morning ride conversations have centered around which shaving cream to buy, or who makes the best razor – and they’re all talking about women’s products! They’re always saying that they buy products designed for women because they work better. Recently, companies have realized that there are men who are shaving more than their faces and have begun marketing body razors and more moisturizing shave creams for men.

            My point in sharing that story is sometimes you can find amazing products when you borrow them from the opposite sex. As I said, most of my male friends apparently have razors in pastel colors in their bathrooms, with matching girly/silky shave gel. My boyfriend has been borrowing skincare items from me. And I used to use the men’s Cade shave gel from L’Occitane for years before I discovered their Almond Shower Oil did a better job. Personally, I’m looking forward to giving the shave cream a try when my box shows up, but think that the Father’s Day gift idea is fantastic for those who are upset about it.

    • Are we sure it’s a women’s beauty box?

      • Historically they have sent out a lot of women’s perfume/lotions makeup, and nail polish, so I’m assuming it is indeed targeted towards women.

        • Since it’s been rebranded, though, most things could be unisex. I agree that it’s still marketed primarily to women (such as the name, Beautyfix), and certainly, it’s something that mostly women tend to be into. But the men’s shaving cream “controversy” made me notice how most of the products (since the rebranding) have been unisex. No eye shadow, blush, one very light lip balm – mostly pretty utilitarian.

    • I can’t really speak for why beauty fix has included a facial shave cream since I have not talked to them directly. What I have noticed though is more articles popping up about woman’s facial shaving.. It’s been huge in Japan for some time now, and just a guess other Asian countries as well. Maybe they’re including for those who are trying these tends (Asian trends seems to be a big thing right now) and although geared towards men would also provide a protective barrier specifically for the face for woman who are just starting to shave as well. On the flip side though it could just be an extra product they had a lot of and was hoping most subscribers wouldn’t realize it’s for facial use. Just trying to think of a logical reason it’d be in a woman’s box before thinking they’re just lazy.

      • That’s an interesting point. But is there any difference between a facial shave cream and a leg shave cream?

        • I did a Google search and all the articles say there’s no difference in men’s and women’s shaving cream except for packaging and price. One site said men’s tends to be foamier and women’s tends to be creamier. Dr. Oz pointed out that men’s and women’s hair is different and asserted that shaving cream was therefore different, but didn’t say how, and suggested you talk to your dermatologist (!). Several said that men’s used bold primary colors in their packaging while women’s used pastels. I do like creamy shaving cream but I got the impression that the one we’re getting will be creamy.

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