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FabFitFun Summer 2015 Box – Complete Spoilers!

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FabFitFun Summer 2015 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

Thanks to Nancy M. for letting us know about this spoiler picture she spotted from Cosmopolitan magazine for the Summer 2015 FabFitFun Box:

FabFitFun Summer 2015

24 karat gold necklace by Wren (ARV: $100)

Everday speaker (ARV: $35)

lip gloss by Tarte (ARV: $19); one (1)

I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray by Gorge (ARV: $24)

Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer with Aloe by Vaseline (ARV: $6.49)

FabFitFun and CosmoBody jump rope (ARV: $14)

Inkling Roll On Perfume (ARV: $25)

Scratch Nail Wraps (ARV: $12)

gift card to Headspace (ARV: $36)

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off the summer box (on sale now – regularly $49.99).

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m excited!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Im a subscriber and no Summer box yet…I read email that they went out not too long ago so hopin its on way??

    • I emailed them this morning asking where my box was since I hadn’t received an email. Got a response within hours saying they were backlogged due to July 4th and people being able to customize products. Then received shipping confirmation an hour later saying my box will be delivered tomorrow. So I suggest tryinng to email them.

      • I did the same last week- got a response that they were back logged because of the customizations and the upcoming holiday, but that my box would go out early this week. Still nothing. If they are having problems meeting the demand, perhaps they shouldn’t launch another variation on the box (with water bottle and sunblock) until they have fulfilled all their orders! A simple email saying they are slowed down would help as well. I suspect they are waiting for a shipment of one of the items if it is this slow- original promise based upon when I signed up, was that the box would ship the last week of June!

  2. I received the spring box and I absolutely loved it! Now that I read the preview for the summer box, I’m even excited for all the goodies!!!! 100% satisfied customer.

  3. This will be my first box and I have to say I am definitely not impressed. I guess I’m looking forward to the speaker and the lip gloss though $19 for a lip gloss is clearly overpriced. We shall see. I really dislike all the necklace options. I don’t wear perfume and moisturizers because I tend to be allergic. And I have very fine hair and as a general rule don’t add a lot of extra product. I loved the Spring Box which is what sold me on the subscription. Wish I could get that one instead. :/

  4. Has anyone received their shipping for this box yet?

    • I got my shipping notice yesterday.

    • I haven’t received mine yet and I have the annual membership.

  5. HELP ladies! Has this happened to anyone else? I purchased a year long subscription after Liz posted the Tarte spoiler, assuming as I thing anyone would, that since they were already promoting and issueing coupons for the summer box, that my first box would in fact be the Summer Box. I came home today to the Spring box, which I do not want AT ALL! I emailed customer service so we will see what they say but just wondering if this happened to anyone else. I’m sure many people signed up after the spoilers came out and I cant imagine anyone who did was planning on getting the Spring box.

    • Forgot to check that I want to receive notifications 🙂

    • also happened to me! they sent me a return label and refunded me. However I am still have issues with them, part of the reason for the spring box was that I resubscribed for the summer one at a reduced cost of 39.99. Checked my card last night and I was charged 49.99 for the box, just contacted customer service.

  6. I am very excited for this box! I do hope there is a workout included with the jump rope. 🙂

  7. This box looks like a win! I was very disappointed with my first box (Spring). Looking forward to receiving 🙂

  8. I’m pretty excited for this box. I can’t wait!

  9. LOVE IT! Nice curation here, it seems like a really fun summer box to me, I wish they would hurry up and ship!

  10. I think there have been cancellation problems that they are aware of. They do that thing subscription companies do to try to trick you into not cancelling when you’re going through the process. The only way you can be sure you’ve cancelled is if you get an email.

    However – I emailed them today and told they needed to refund the charge or I would follow up in not nice ways. The immediately responded cancelling my account, refunding the money and offering a $10 off coupon if I want to come back. So I think they are getting more responsive!

  11. Does FFF bill a season in advance? My summer box is paid for and on it’s way but I was billed another 49.99 today saying it was for the date range of June 10 – Sept 10.

    I sent an email asking – but in other people’s experience, was I just billed for another summer box, or is this a really early billing for the fall box?

    • were charged.for what exactly iam not sure because i just signed up for the summer box too.this is what the site says..

      “You will be charged immediately upon enrollment to guarantee your spot on the list for the current season. Thereafter, every three months (so, four times a year) when we release our seasonal box, your credit card will be charged $49.99 7-10 days before the box goes out (California sales tax may apply). Specific billing and shipping dates will be pre-announced each season.”

      “For the Summer 2015 Box, we will begin to charge quarterly members on June 8th.”
      So,I dont know if the initial payment was for the summer box or just a fee for a spot in line to get one and we are now paying for the summer box..i wish i couldve got an email with a heads up that they were going to charge this way.

    • The Spring box is what’s on the way. This just happened to me. The Spring box came to me yesterday. I just signed up also and my invoice stated Summer box and they went ahead and sent me the Spring. Which I already had received as a gift and did not even really like. So I certainly didn’t want another one. I contacted them and explained this and they allowed me to return the Spring box and I will be getting Summer box last week of June when they ship to everyone. I was not pleased at all that they took it upon themselves to send me the Spring box after I specifically signed up for Summer and that’s what my invoice said. However, they did resolve the issue quickly and were very nice about it.

    • Just got the reply – it was the spring box they sent me (on an email that said it was for the summer box…). They offered to let me keep the Spring box for a 25$ refund (my box was delivered today). Spring box wasn’t for me, so I’ll be sending it back.

  12. I live this box! Just wanted to let the annual people know that the select member area of the account is up with choices for the speaker, necklace and lip gloss.

    • Can you share the options for the items? Are there more than 1 necklace available?

    • I’d love to see the necklace/speaker options too!

      • The necklace has 6 options. Heart, moon or horse shoe in either gold or rose gold for all three. The speaker comes in pink or teal. Folks with annual subs can also pick the color of the lip product there are three options to choose from for the tarte lip product.

        • Is the options for the necklace available for any length of subscription or just the annual subscription members? Also, in case you guys don’t know yet the necklace is gold dipped not gold filled. I’m still wondering if it’s worth the $100 ARV since it’s only gold dipped.

          • I was wondering about the necklace. Does anyone know the maker, and how long it is? I think it’s misleading of Cosmo to list it as “24 carat gold” if it is dipped or gold-filled! That means solid gold!

        • THANK YOU!

          …I hope I get anything but the heart. Bah.

    • I have a yearly sub and can’t log into my account to choose. Anyone else having any luck?

  13. Well I know I may be in the minority here just based from what I am reading, but Iove FFF and am totally looking forward to this box. I love all things tarte and I am digging the speaker! I don’t know if I am miscounting but I see 10 things… What is that in the black rectangular packaging?! I can’t wait for them to ship these out!!!

  14. I don’t know about this problem with canceling. I called to cancel my mom’s account after winter and it was a breeze, I even called after I accidentally upgraded my account and they were able to refund it before it was ever even charged to my card. CALL people! The website seems to be useless currently but people are still useful! As for this box I’m not overwhelmed. Not amazing but not bad either. I wish I canceled and got the juice peel with my box instead of paying $53 for the same box others are getting for so much cheaper! I want more perks for being subbed 🙁

    • If you can get them to answer, I tried calling three times yesterday and a recording was the only thing that picked up. It said all lines were busy the first time and I could leave a message. The 3rd time it called it just rang and rang and then a recording picked up saying I could leave a message. Very unimpressed with their customer service. At least they are refunding everyone’s account.

  15. I find it suspicious that this is happening to so many people. I’ve cancelled my account online twice. Luckily, the card I have on file is expired or I would have been charged for this box. I am not sure that I am willing to sign up with Fab Fit Fun again knowing that canceling is such a hassle.

  16. Liz, since a lot of people have been saying they have issues with FFF refusing to cancel subscriptions, would it be possible for you to contact FFF for an explanation? I feel like you have more clout than any individual subscriber because of MSA, and if they refuse to acknowledge an issue, that’s something that potential subscribers should be warned of.

    • Hi Angela,

      We would never refuse to cancel a membership. We have heard some customers have had trouble when logging into our site to cancel and are using a mobile device or Safari or Internet Explorer as a browser. We always send a confirmation email after a cancellation has been made so if anyone has canceled and not received that email the best thing to do is send us an email and we can take care of it manually. We also do not require cancellations be made by logging in. We are more than happy to take care of a cancellation request by phone at 855-313-6267 or by email to our cs team at [email protected] . Our Tech Team is also looking into the cancellation system to make sure any bugs on the mobile site are worked out. We absolutely adore our customers and hate to see so many people having a hard time, we only want to create good experiences and encourage anyone who is not having a great experience to reach out to us and let us know how we can accommodate them best.

      • Funny, I tried canceling via Chrome (on a computer) and was unsuccessful – what browser should I be using? Someone already mentioned that they can’t access the site using Firefox, so what does that leave? Opera?

  17. How fishy it is all of a sudden the FFF is responding to some complaints on here and saying it’s so easy to cancel just go through the dashboard on their site. Yet we’ve all tried that, haven’t been able to cancel it and were charged again. I just called to dispute the charge with my CC company and I can’t yet since the charge is still pending.

    • Just curious – when you cancelled did you receive an email? I cancelled a while ago and received the email confirming the cancellation (which I kept). It really sounds like it could have been a technical glitch.

      I ended up signing up again with the annual subscription so it’s working ok for me (i.e. can’t test the cancellation).

      • When I tried canceling the 6 previous times I walked through all the steps but never got the email confirmation. I was able to cancel it through the dashboard right before they responded to my email. And did receive an email confirmation, but how come that didn’t happen the first 6 times is my question.

      • I cancelled, got my confirmation email and even submitted a survey I got as to why I was canceling. Box came today…NOT happy right now and while calling all I got was a voice mail.

    • Sara dids they get back to you? Same thing happened to me but I just got an email and refund they were very apologetic and offered me a discount so I ended up staying. What about you?

      • They did get back to me today, and said:

        ” Hi Sara,
        Thanks for writing in, sorry to hear you had trouble cancelling. Since you were an annual member your account auto-renews each year which is why you were charged today. We’ve gone ahead and canceled and refunded this for you, you should also have just received an email confirmation of this.

        We are currently upgrading our systems to make the site more user friendly and we do hope to see you re-join in the future. We’ve added a $20 credit to your account toward any future purchases and hope you decide to come back. If there’s anything else we can assist you with please don’t hesitate to reach back out.
        Have a FabFitFun Day!”

        They offered the $20 discount but I’m so mad over why my 6 previous cancellation attempts didn’t work. I’m really put off by the company, I don’t think it’s a “technical glitch” that’s happening to everyone. When I emailed I said I tried canceling right after I got the spring box twice, and never got a confirmation, I checked it a couple times after that and each time found my account was active so walked through the steps again. Like someone else said what browser can you use to cancel? I used Firefox and Chrome, I don’t have a smartphone, so mine wasn’t a mobile device glitch. I won’t sign up for their box again, I’ll stick with PopSugar for a while.

  18. I’m furious, I’ve canceled my account 3 times, but it still says active. I just got an email today saying payment confirmation, charged me $180 for another whole year! I tried calling and the number is just busy you can “leave a message”. So angry, once I get this crap canceled, never again will I subscribe to FFF.

    • Can you contest the charge with your credit/debit card company?

    • I’ve tried again three times today to cancel my account on their page and I just did it. I walked through the steps again for the 6th time and it finally says account expired and got the confirmation email immediately. I already emailed complaining about being charged $180, they better give me a refund.

  19. They tried to bill me, but luckily the cc on file had been canceled. After they triple billed me for the Spring box, I canceled the cc. They did reply with an apology and refund for 2 of 3 charges, but completely unacceptable for them to have this issue repeatedly and not resolve it.

  20. I like this box, although the jump rope I could do without. It would have been nice to have some sort of healthy snack, but overall this box is a win for me.

  21. I’m really excited for this box! I’m glad I forgot to cancel this box because the items and value are so hard to pass up

  22. Just wanted to say to those that are having problems with cancelled accounts being billed/showing as active, it is worth it to contact them. I had this exact problem in February (which makes me believe there is a bug in the system somewhere), but, was able to get everything resolved to my satisfaction. I will probably buy the summer box when they offer it at a discount later in the season, with confidence that IF I do have a problem with billing/account cancellation, that their customer service will resolve it to my satisfaction. Just my experience, but, this is a good subscription box, and I want others to feel confident in trying out this sub.

  23. Sounds exactly like what happened to me after the winter box , I kept canceling my account over and over but it would still say active. Finally I got nervous that I would be charged for the spring box and had to e mail them to really get my account canceled

  24. Ugh, I canceled and was still charged. The box doesn’t look too bad, but still I’d rather have my $50.

    • Me too! I know I cancelled before the last box and they still sent it and charged me. I cancelled again knowing it was well before the dead line for the summer box and sure enough today I got the charge for the summer box, I also tried to take my credit card info off the site and it won’t let me. This box is impossible to cancel. Ugg!

      • Sorry to hear you are having trouble canceling your account. Please email [email protected] and we are more than happy to take care of this for you. Simply supply us with your accounts email address and let us know you’d like to cancel your account and be issued a refund for the recent charge. Sorry again for any trouble!

    • Hi Amy,

      Thanks for writing in. Sorry for any misunderstanding, we do not see a previous cancellation request on your account. Did you want to cancel after getting your Summer Box or did you want to cancel and receive a refund fro this purchase? We’d hate to see you go! We will do just about anything to keep you on, is there anything we can do to keep you as a customer?

      Thanks for being the best part of FabFitFun!

    • Same here. I actually tried canceling after the winter box (wasn’t excited for spring) but after getting the bill I thought it must have been a mistake on my end and I didn’t complain even though I didn’t want the box, but I’ve tried to cancel several times between then and now (and was always told I would receive a confirmation email in 5 days) and I was still billed today.

      Seriously, how is this not completely illegal? I just emailed them; once I get this fixed I will tell everyone I know to stay far away – it’s just not worth the hassle.

  25. That’s funny, I have the exact opposite problem as everyone else; my account says “not active”! I never canceled, and I never got an email offering me $10 off to rejoin. The Tarte and speaker are enough to make me happy if they send me a box, or order in the late summer when they go on ‘sale’.

    • So much for going on my account to cancel, finding my account not active, and assuming I was not a member….I just got the bill. lol

    • How strange! We would love to look into this for you. If you email [email protected] and mention this post, we’d be happy to take care of this for you.

  26. I’m actually really happy with this box, although it does feel a bit disjointed. The only things I won’t use are the jumprope (still haven’t used the one we got in POPSugar last year), and the nail wraps. I’m so over any kind of nail art/stickers/wraps. I work with very conservative bank partners and like to keep my look more sophisticated.

    FFF always has such a great value, that even when I don’t care for an item I feel like I still got a great deal!

    • The jump rope in this box and the Popsugar one suck anyway. The plastic gets twisted and it is impossible to use. If you ever do decide to get a jump rope you should look into a leather rope.

  27. Can anyone tell me where I go on my account to cancel? I have my dashboard up and can’t see exactly where I click to cancel my account.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,

      You can cancel your account by logging into your VIP Dashboard and selecting “Cancel” on the left hand bottom side of the screen. If you have any trouble navigating the site or were hoping to cancel and be issued a refund for a current charge please email [email protected] and we can take care of this for you.

      • Hello,

        I was able to have customer cancel my account via email and I received a cancellation email conformation.

        I joined to receive the “Summer” box and received confirmation my “Summer” box would be shipping the week of 6/22. I just received my box today – moments ago. I opened my box to find out I receive a “Spring” box and not the “Summer” box I purchased. I am hoping FabFitFun will correct this.

  28. I cancelled by box after the spring box and I got an email today with my invoice for this box! My account has been turned back on as if it had never been cancelled. Has anyone had luck actually cancelling this service? I don’t have interest in this seasons box, esp not for $50. I’ve asked for a refund, but I have a feeling that will go ignore since my cancellation was ignored.

    • Exactly the same thing happened to me! I’d cancelled straight after receiving the Spring box and got an email today that I’ve been charged $49.99.
      On logging in, I see that my account has been magically switched to ‘Active’. This stinks!

      • The exact same thing happened to me. I just received an email that they charged my credit card. Frustrating! I do like the box yet it is maddening that the choice to purchase was taken away from me.

        • Hi! Sorry to hear this. Did you receive an email confirmation after cancelling? We also sent an email last Wednesday notifying all current members they would be charged this week, just to add a buffer for anyone who still needed to cancel. If you haven’t yet emailed please send a request over to [email protected] com and we can take care of this for you.

    • Me too!! Not sure how to cancel. I hope they respond to me!

    • Happened to me as well. I cancelled again and will dispute any further charges from this company. They are already a pain as I can’t access their site from Firefox.

    • Same exact thing happen to me today. I cancelled after spring box. Made sure it was all cancelled. And today I get a billing notification. I e-mailed the company but if they won’t respond in time, I will take it up with my AmEx service.

      • Hi! Sorry to hear this. Did you receive an email confirmation after cancelling? We also sent an email last Wednesday notifying all current members they would be charged this week, just to add a buffer for anyone who still needed to cancel. If you haven’t yet emailed please send a request over to [email protected] com and we can take care of this for you.

    • Same here! I cancelled some time ago, and I happened to go onto the website a little while ago and saw that it was showing me as active, so I cancelled it again. I thought that maybe the first time was a fluke and I didn’t think too much of it when I cancelled it the second time, but this is ridiculous. I just called to try to talk to someone, and I got a voicemail asking me to leave my contact info. 🙁 Definitely not seeing anything in this box that makes me want to second-guess my cancelling.

    • Same here! I’m so mad! I will only use 1 or 2 things from this box. They better contact me back and refund me.

      • I just emailed FFF ([email protected]) including a screenshot of their confirmation of cancellation. Plus a screenshot of their ‘Please come back and get $10 off for rejoining’ email.
        You don’t ask someone to rejoin if their account is active!!

        • Same thing happened with me as well, canceled after the last box, then got an email saying I was going to be billed for the next box soon so I went back and canceled again. Sure enough I got an email today with an invoice for this box. Luckily after hearing complaints that FFF makes mistakes like this I went in and changed my credit card on file to a visa gift card that only had a few dollars left on it so they weren’t able to charge me. So annoying. I won’t subscribe to any boxes that make it difficult to cancel, even though I’d love to take advantage of deals that come up.

      • Same here. I canceled the box weeks ago and I remember it was listed as an open ticket under the customer concierge. I got billed this morning and I checked again and that open ticket has magically disappeared. I’m so mad right now. I will definitely be disputing the charges if they don’t refund the box. I have never had a company not only ignore a cancelation request but then also delete the evidence of that request!

    • Same thing happened to me as well after the Winter box. I actually didn’t even notice the charges until the Spring box was delivered to me, so I called them and they said they had no record of my cancellation but told me to write ‘Refused’ on the box and put it in the mail. I got the refund from them a few weeks later.

      They should really fix this bug because it’s a pretty poor customer experience.

    • I had sent them an email (replied to the “paid” invoice email) as well as emailed on their site expressing my concern about having cancelled my account and them being unauthorized to bill me for future items. I received an email back just now that my account has been cancelled and my bill has been refunded. I will watching my CC statement to confirm that the refund does in fact go through.

      I suggest anyone who had previously cancelled their account do the same. I will hold on to the emails if they ever attempt to do this to me again (and as proof if the refund does not get processed) and as a previous commenter stated, I will use Visa or Amex gift cards in the future as it seem to be a common problem these days that sub companies ignore cancellation requests.

      • same here ! i emailed and they told me that i have been canceled and they will refund my $. the really really weird thing is that…just 3 weeks ago my credit card got canceled because my data was breached so capital one called and shut down my card and sent me a new one. this just happened a few weeks ago…well…there is no way i went on the vip site and updated this info. i have barely gotten around to updating amazon and my electric bill with my new CC account number but when i look its there ! its got me thinking i was crazy but my last transaction with the company was in march and i really dont think that i have updated my card info on their site. i knew i didnt want the summer box. i emailed back AGAIN and asked how they got my new CC info. i just cant figure it out. its not linked to my old card or anything since the old card number was canceled and my electric bill did not go through. its just so weird. not sure if this has happened to anyone else ?

        • My Mom’s cc had to be cancelled and they sent her a new card. The cc company (Chase Freedom) told me that they would “allow certain reoccurring charges to go through for the next 3 months”. They specifically told me that Directv, Verizon and Verizon Wireless would process for 3 months, after that I had to call them and update with the new card number. They couldn’t verify that the other companies we had set up to auto-bill to her card would go through at all. The electric company didn’t process, but a few others did. Perhaps, FFF was one of the companies your cc company allowed to go through as a recurring charge. I wouldn’t be happy if they allowed FFF to process on my new card number—I too had problems cancelling with FFF.

          • I just got a message that my credit card didn’t go through. My card too was breached and I got a new card just after the previous charge went through. Convenient since I, you know, *cancelled* my account…theoretically….

        • Hi Tara,

          Since you had previous transactions with us your bank likely allowed the charge to go through since its recurring. We have no way of obtaining new card information but if your account was not closed and only the card number was changed, banks will typically allow the transaction to process based on the merchant, especially if you have previous transactions and they can verify it is not fraudulent. I hope this information helps!

          • WOW this is absolutely crazy to me !!!! my electric bill wont go though but something like this would ! I will be calling my credit card company for sure to inquire about this. If the entire point was that my card was canceled due to fraud, particularly internet fraud why on earth would they let a charge go through via internet ??? boy am i hot p*ssed !!

    • I got email too after I cancel last spring I emailed them and told them I cancel they said i didn’t which I did! But they canceled for me so I don’t have to worry about getting money token out of my account.

  29. I like it! Good balance of items. The necklace looks wearable (not a bullet!) and I can and will use basically everything else. Only bummer – no snack? Oh well, I am trying to be more fit so I guess that is probably for the best.

    My guess is that annual members get to pick the lip gloss color, although if there are variations on perfume and nail wraps it would be nice to get to pick there too.

  30. I’m counting 10 things in that box in the photo. I’m also seeing a purple box in the photo… what is that?

    • I think it’s the box for the Tarte lip gloss.

  31. I can’t say anything in this box excites me, I’ve canceled my account twice on their site but it still says active. This is mostly stuff I don’t use or already have; nothing exciting and new.

    • The same thing happened to me – I *know* I cancelled, but it still says active and I got a message about when it was going to be charged. Of course, I haven’t updated my credit card….

      To me, this seems worth it just for the Headspace gift card – I did a trial of the app and it was very cool.

    • The same thing happened to me! I cancelled 3 times on the site, but it kept saying active. I feared being charged, so chatted with the customer service online and she took care of it right away. It bothers me a bit that everyone seems to have this issue– seems tricky to me!

  32. Argh, they got me again!

  33. Does anyone know anything about the 24 carat gold necklace by Wren? I can’t find anything online- there’s a SugarWren jewelry maker on Etsy, but nothing near that value. It would either have to be a short necklace or be gold filled at that price, I’m thinking…

  34. Just ordered mine. 🙂 I’ve never purchased this box before but I think I will find value in almost all of the items, save the Headspace GC. $10 for the lipgloss, $10 for the speaker, $10 for the necklace and $10 for the (highly recommended) Gorge Spray…the rest will practically be free for me.

    I’m also still wondering what the purple bottle is. It almost looks like there are 10 items in the box, but the description from Cosmopolitan only lists 9. Regardless I like what’s been listed, but I’d be super pumped if there was another item in there they missed. 🙂 Excited to get it!

    • Use the headspace gift certificate. After getting a free month in the Arianna Huffington box, I signed up for the year. Best money spent in years. The meditation app has made such a difference in my life. It is so easy to use the app. I am hoping that I can just add on to my current subscription.

      • The headspace certificate is the best thing in the box as far as I’m concerned. If I can’t swap for it I’ll go ahead and buy the box!

  35. I can’t wait to get my box!!

  36. So, I was going to purchase this box, but when I went into my account, it says it is active, even though I cancelled right after the spring box. I think I remember others having this problem. Anyone else have this happen? (I still want to cancel, b/c I would rather re-subscribe and use a coupon)

    • I cancelled my account three times using their website, and it kept saying it was active. I finally e-mailed them to cancel.

      • The same exact thing happened to me!

    • In order to use a coupon, it has to be a new email address, new account. I just cancelled and they emailed me to let me know that I will not be eligible for a coupon if I re subscribe again, unless it is a different email.

      • I received the Winter box, then cancelled. I received a cancellation email. I passed on the Spring box, but wanted to purchase this Summer box. When I logged in, the site offered me to resub at $39.99.

  37. so nothing to select like the scarf in the last box?

    • We will be sending out an email in the next few days letting Select members know what the options can be. Look out for that soon! 🙂

  38. I can’t wait for this box, I’ll most likely use everything, except maybe the nail wraps and jump rope. FFF is always the box that’s on my maybe list, I cancel after each box thinking I won’t get the next seasons box, then I end up re-subscribing! I don’t Love it , but it’s always enough to keep me.

  39. I’m wondering if FFF will be doing future collaborations with other companies? I do think it’s a fun summer box. It’s not for me which is OK because I bought enough one time boxes lately 🙂

  40. I’m really excited about this box… I don’t wear much gold jewelry though and between this and the gold cuff from the Popsugar LE I really wish I could get onto the swap site. Liz, do you have any idea how long the wait list for swapping is? I’ve been on it a couple weeks now.

  41. I’m trying to sign back up, this looks like a great box. It makes up for the spring box…

    Liz, do you know if there is a code for the water bottle floating around out there somewhere??

      • The code MAYSALE doesn’t work anymore 🙁 Did it work for anybody?

    • I used code JUICE for the Juice Peel they were giving away a few months back and it worked for me last week.

  42. This box looks amazing! I’ve never been interested in FFF but I just might get it! Thanks for the spoilers!

  43. I actually really like everything in this box! I could use everything in it, except maybe the nail wraps. I love the concept of them, but it seems like I have wide nails and most nail wraps don’t fit all my nails :(. I did some research on the inkling perfume, and I love their site and concept. After reading the descriptions of their scents, I’d be happy to try any one of them (or all of them). I was already considering buying because of the tarte lipgloss and the speaker, but now I’m definitely in!

  44. I might actually go for this box this season. I normally only like one or two items that I swap for but these spoilers actually have me interested in over 3/4 of the box. Way to go super sleuths!

  45. Each box contains: one (1) 24 karat gold necklace by Wren (ARV: $100); one (1) Everday speaker (ARV: $35); one (1) lip gloss by Tarte (ARV: $19); one (1) I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray by Gorge (ARV: $24); one (1) Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer with Aloe by Vaseline (ARV: $6.49); one FabFitFun and CosmoBody jump rope (ARV: $14); one (1) Inkling Roll On Perfume (ARV: $25); one (1) set of Scratch Nail Wraps (ARV: $12); and one (1) gift card to Heaspace (ARV: $36). ARV of each prize package: $271.49 (According to the rules on Cosmopolitan)

    • Thanks!!

    • Awesome!!! So excited for my first fabfitfun vip box!

    • Thank you for the spoilers. What is Heaspace?

        • Thanks! This looks interesting.

          • I think it is a meditation website. Is it the same one from the Arianna Huffington box?

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