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COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review – Spring 2015

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COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Box

“We’ve put together an epic Mega Beauty Box for Spring 2015.  You’ll find our subscriber favorites from every beauty category to address your beauty needs from head to toe and even a yoga DVD!  Enjoy some of the best highlights from COCOTIQUE with this amazing collection.  Treat yourself or someone you love to a deluxe gift of beauty!”


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Close Up

COCOTIQUE is a beauty subscription geared towards women of color (WOC) and diverse ethnicities.  They select 5-8 beauty and lifestyle products each month, in hopes to meet the unique needs and desires for WOC.

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Inside

Let’s quickly address the elephant in the blog post and hopefully everyone reading receives it well.  As stated above, this subscription service is catered for WOC.  This doesn’t mean that anyone cannot enjoy this service or others like it.  My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Card

If you so happen to receive things you can not use, follow the same routine you would with any other subscription: Bless a Friend, Donate, or Swap. Speaking of… Click here to see the latest in Subscription Box Swap News!


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Contents

The Box: Cocotique Mega Beauty Box: Limited Edition

The Cost: $35 + $5 shipping fee

The Products: Subscriber favorites from previous boxes

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Inofrmation Card

FYI – this box is still available


Each Limited Edition box comes with card detailing the items included.


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 1

Specific Beauty Night Treatment Complex Step #3 2.0oz – Value: $23.99

I’ve been using this every night since I got the box, I like it. I’m very heavy handed with skincare items and I enjoy the packaging here. I hate dipping my fingers into pots of cream. It always gets under my nails and it seems wasteful. The licorice scent doesn’t carry very long and the consistency is the same as any typical night cream. I haven’t had any breakouts, so I’ll continue to use it.


Bodyography Emery Board – Value: $5.00?

(I couldn’t find this online, I’m using the price from the emery board online at The softest side is 180 grit, so I would believe that the other is 80 grit? I can’t use this on my natural nails. It’s way too rough.

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 2

Nubian Heritage Hand Cream in Mango Butter 4.0oz – Value: $8.99

I’ve received samples from this brand in CurlKit. This does not disappoint. It smells like the tastiest Now&Later candy I never had. I’m enjoying this brand and hope to see more from them in COCOTIQUE monthly subscriptions. They have collections of bath and body products in so many scents! I feel like they should have a subscription service of their own.

Okay Black Jamaican Castor Oil 2.0oz – Value: $5.00

With three different curl types in one house, we go through oils fast. I’ve never tried this brand before, so I’m excited to give it a go.

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 3

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 3 Opened

Bodyography Pure Pigments Eyeshadow in Naartjie 0.14oz – Value: $17.00

This shade is so pretty I don’t have anything like it.

Bodyography Nail Lacquer in Milan 0.44oz – Value: $8.50

How pretty!! I’m not sure how to describe this shade of red, it has a subtle pink undertone. I can’t wait to try it soon.


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 4

Nicka K New York Jumbo Eyeliner Pen in Black 0.08oz – Value: $5.99

I’m not really a fan of this liner. It’s not nearly as heavily pigmented as I prefer for black liners. And the applicator is huge. I should have taken another photo. Bear with me folks.

Ofra Cosmetics Lipgloss in Mocha 0.282oz – Value: $12.95

Why does everything smell so good?!!! This one smells exactly like Swiss Miss. There isn’t much color payoff, but it has lasting power. I’ll pair this with a similar colored matte.


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 5

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 6

Pretty Toes Fade-N-Cover Concealer in Medium Mocha 0.2oz – Value: $17.99

This whole concept is brand new to me.  It never even occurred to me that something like this was even in existence.  So, I tried it! It’s not horrible. I wore it on one foot with ballerina flats and asked my Hubby if he could see anything different about my feet.  He said, and I quote, “That foot looks fat” (pointing to the foot without any concealer).  So there you have it, this concealer will make you feet appear thinner. LOL.  Click this link to view their showcased before and after photos.  Sorry to disappoint anyone that was looking forward to seeing my feet. Next time I’ll be better prepared!

Harvey Prince Mini Roller Eau de Parfum in Journey/Sincerely 0.297oz – Value: $21.00

I love getting perfume samples in subscription boxes!! Apparently, this perfume had a legal name change? Unfortunately, I didn’t care for this scent swatched under either title, so I’ll either add it to the swap pile or ask a friend if they’d like to have it.

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 7

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 8

COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Items 7 Close up

Milani Powder Blush in #01 Romantic Rose  0.60oz – Value: $7.99

My very first Milani anything, and I get this gorgeous product. The texture is so buttery and the color payoff is very nice as well. It’s so pretty. I had to take a close up.

Nicka K New York Quad Eyeshadow in NY081 Plumas 0.282oz – Value: $4.99

Gorgeous shimmer shades, excellent pigmentation. This is a win for me. These are my first beauty products from the Nicka K brand. So right now, it’s hit or miss with their beauty line.


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - Yoga

Power Yoga with Jeanette Jenkins 2010 Fitness DVD 84 MINUTES – Value: $19.00

I played this video too! I was taken back by the film date, but there’s nothing lacking in the quality or the content. I love Yoga and I really need to practice more often. I was so stiff. Next time I should probably go for a walk to warm up my muscles.


COCOTIQUE Limited Edition Mega Beauty Box Review - Spring 2015 - All Items In Box

Cocotique advertised an estimated value of $155. I found that this box is just as they claimed with a grand total of $158.39. Adding the emery board separately and adjusting the perfume size, I’m counting 11 full sized and 2 deluxe sized products. I would highly suggest picking up this limited edition box if you are not subscribed to Cocotique’s monthly subscription box. The value is well above the asking price and practically everything is full sized. This is the second Mega Beauty Box they’ve ever offered. The 3rd box is most likely to launch around the company’s anniversary in the Fall.

What do you think of the Cocotique Spring Mega Beauty Box? Are you going to sign up for their monthly subscription?

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am a blond with a redish skin tone and I loved this box. I am wearing the polish and the perfume. When I smelled the perfume I was delighted.
    It smells just like the perfume that my wonderful grandma wore…so many great memories!! Miss her.

  2. Milani blush? Dang that’s awesome!

  3. This was a great review! I had been thinking about getting this but was also worried about the colors & types of products. I’m still so curious to see what that tip looks like on the black eyeliner! Lol!

  4. Thank you so much for this review. I missed out on this one but will definitely get the fall box. Good to know they are periodic. I get the Cocotique monthly box! It is lovely. Can’t wait to see your monthly box reviews.

  5. I love this box. Awesome value! I really loved your review. I really hope you will be doing more of them.

  6. How refreshing to see this box reviewed! I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I’m passing on this box, but I’ve been thinking to try castor oil in my hair and seeing a bottle of it in this box feels like a green light to buy a bottle asap 🙂

  7. How to buy this box? I don’t see any link to add this box to cart. All I see is subscribing to their service

    • Hello Sayuri, it looks to be all sold out now. I checked the links this morning and it was still available. Next time!

  8. Is this Mega Beauty Box still available for purchase? I

    • It looks to be all sold out now, Twila. That was fast. Next time!

  9. After your husband’s comment about the toe concealer, Celicia, I wonder if anyone will try to use this elsewhere besides their toes? 🙂

    That blush is beautiful!

    • LOL! Love handles be gone!!

      Chris, this blush is so pretty I want to put it on display. I don’t want to use it. But I want to use it….the struggle. Haha

  10. I just found out about this subscription yesterday in a Bust blog post! I might have to try this subscription box. As mentioned by others, I have no use for dry shampoos or many of the makeup shades/pigments I receive, so it would be nice to have a subscription that actually caters to my skin tone.

  11. I am pale as pale could be (seriously, could probably pass as a vampire most days) and LOVED this box. The skincare products, handcream and yoga aren’t racially oriented in any way and the makeup colors work well for me, too. I would also appreciate reviews of the monthly boxes, as I truly appreciate the value in this box — the only thing keeping me from subscribing to the monthly box is the concern that if it does cater to darker skin (and face it, with my coloring even someone with a light tan is “darker”) then I won’t be able to use most of the products. So a review of the monthly box will definitely help me make up my mind on this.

    • I really appreciate your feedback Mimi!! I will be reviewing the monthly subscription as well. Sign up for the MSA newsletter and you’ll see it as soon as it’s posted. 😉

  12. Thanks, Cecilia! I’ve been praying for you to come along! And Liz, when I saw that you paid for this box, I almost cried. Thank you for thinking of us WOC. It means the world to me.

    • Sorry I spelled your name wrong, Celicia! I wish we could edit our comments here!

    • Hi Dashy!!! It’s been a long time coming. Don’t make me tear up over here too. Your comment does my heart good. And no worries on the name spelling, I’ve seen worse by my iPhone’s autocorrect. I’m used to it. LOL

  13. This box always looks good to me, but I don’t like spending more then twenty bucks on a box, so I’ve never gotten it before. Also I was worried it would just be the opposite of more mainstream boxes, and be too dark for me. Tis the curse of the biracial, lol. I might add this box to my Christmas list tho

    • That’s not a bad idea, Amber. Make sure to check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals as well when Liz posts them later this year. It’s close enough to Christmas plus you may be able to put your first box under the tree!! How about that!

  14. I enjoyed reading your review. I don’t like that Harvey Prince scent either. Will you be reviewing Curlkit?

    • Hello PA Anna, thank you thank you! Me and Journey/Sincerely we not made for each other. I feel the same way about Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel…and I’m trying to finish it off this month along with the lotion that came with it. LOL
      I’m not set up for Curlkit at the moment. Down the road for sure. They put out Limited Collections every few months. I’ll get back on their mailing list and stalk their Instagram for you, deal?

      • Deal! Looking forward to reading more reviews.

      • I’d love to see a review of Curlkit, I’ve been interested for a long time but my hair is so weird I’ve never tried it. Mine’s more wavy/curly, thick and coarse it doesn’t like most styling products.

        • I have a similar problem with my hair.

  15. Thank you for the review! This may be the perfect box for me, as most of the lip and face products in my other boxes don’t work well with my dark skin tone. I’m still on the fence of subscribing to the monthly box. Are you going to do a review on the monthly box?

    • You’re very welcome Stephanie! And I totally feel you, I don’t wear a bold pink everyday either I have full lips and anytime I wear a color bolder/brighter than purple, I catch people staring. LOL Special occasions only.
      Cocotique monthly subscriptions will be reviewed soon.

  16. Wow. Great box for the price. But as soon as I saw Harvey Prince, I began to trigger memories of birchbox. So I think I will pass.

    • LOL, Ok now I don’t feel so bad Sandra. Thank you. I did not care for this scent at all. And apparently, neither does anyone else. I don’t know what it is about it.

      • Lol Celicia! I think Harvey Prince is a sensitive subject for some of us due the fact that Birchbox just loves to pimp them out! 🙂

  17. Holy cow what an incredible value!!!!! Wow. Great review!

    • Truly impressive! Thanks Samantha 🙂

  18. Wow so happy someone finally did a review! I ordered this box and I absolutely loved it! There was nothing in there that I could not use and it was well worth the 35 dollars spent. I loved it so much Cancelled my subscriptions from birch box and Ipsy who seemed to never get it right with products for WOC (at least for me). The only thing that I was on the fence about was the toe concealer…had never heard of it, but a friend of mine who has dark brown spot from a corn snatched it up and said it covered it and matched her skin tone!

  19. Refreshing to see boxes curated towards different ethnicities! It doesn’t pertain to me but I think some companies don’t always keep diversity in mind when sending products.

    • Thank you for your comment Stacey. It really is. There are so many other unique boxes like this out there that have yet to be reviewed on MSA. Work in progress.

  20. Thanks so much for adding this review. I’ve subscribed to this box for more than 6 months and am completely satisfied with their product selection. For me, it’s nice to get products that Takes a WOC in consideration. I have several subs that can only use the eyeliners and nail polish, especially since I don’t get to choose color or product selection. Especially all the dry shampoos. Really?!?! Love Cocotique

    • LOLOL!! You’re very welcome Mia. Thank you for your feedback as well. I’m looking forward to my first monthly box from them. The packaging is beautiful, has it always been that way?

  21. Wonderfully curated box! I love Nubian products as well after getting their deodorant in a box. I’m going to have to try this lotion, sounds delicious! I know they have me wanting to lick my armpits, I hope they don’t offer personal hygiene products.

    • Just spit my coffee onto the screen!

    • LOLOLOL! Let’s hope not CreativelySwank. I couldn’t stop sniffing my hands… I don’t want to be caught sniffing something else. LOL

  22. I’m so glad to see Cocotique reviewed. I’ve been on the fence about it, and this box seems like an amazing value to get acquainted with some of the brand offerings.

    • Me too acidofoliate! I don’t think we could have started out with a better box than this.

  23. Thank you for the review! I didn’t purchase this box because I was afraid the items might not match my skin tone but I liked reading your review and I LOL at the toe makeup making your feet look skinnier.

    • You’re very welcome Cloud!! I’m glad you liked it. I was cracking up too. My Hubby proofread it this morning and he said he didn’t say “fat”, he says he said, “swollen”! LOL like that’s any better. LOLOLOL

  24. Loving your reviews, Celicia! Toe concealer is new-to-me concept, but even as a woman of no color (seriously-need to catch up on that vitamin d) who gets a ton of blisters and rubs on her feet, I could see how putting concealer on my feet might be useful if I had an event. This was a great box!

    • Thank you Jor for your feedback. I can see how this would come in handy for a special event! I didn’t think of that. And I’m so glad you are enjoying my reviews.

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