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Burke Decor Whole Home Subscription Box Review – June 2015

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Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Box

Burke Decor recently launched a subscription box service. They offer two different options: A Spa Box, or a Whole Home Box. (If you go with the Spa Box, you can pick from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit).

I love the idea of home decor subscription boxes, and I wish there were more of them, so I immediately signed up for the Whole Home Box.

This is their second mailing – it seems like they fixed some of the kinks from the first box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Burke Box

The Cost: $45 for Spa Box, $55 for a Home Box (shipping is $6)

The Products: A selection of 3 to 4 of our editors’ favorite products. Boxes are curated to your spa profile. Choose from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit.  If you don’t want a spa-specific box, try our Whole Home Burke Box, featuring an assortment of of the moment home accouterments.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to you Wishlist or Subscribe List!

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Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Info

Unlike last month, this box came with a sheet detailing all the items included. I hope that means everyone gets the same items this month!

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Bowl

Torre & Tagus Large Porcelain Serving Bowl – Value $22

This bowl measures 8d” x 3.75h” and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern – this is a bowl I would have bought if I saw it in a store. Here’s the side view:

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Side

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Towel

Turkish T Beach Candy Towel – Value $45

I love Turkish T towels thanks to POPSUGAR, and this one is extra long too – plus I love the grey stripe!

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Nest

NEST Grapefruit Liquid Handsoap – Value $22

I like the citrus scent of this soap – and the packaging is so classy!

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 House of Harlow

House of Harlow 1960 Candle in Winter Kate – Value $55

More super-luxe packaging! I love the presentation of this candle:

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Candle Box

Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – June 2015 Candle

It’s a great unisex scent, and I love the design of the tumbler. It is going on display in our living room.

Verdict: I’m so impressed with the June Burke Decor Home Box. The value is $144, and the items all feel luxe and special. Plus I will use every single item! (Even though everything looks great for gifting).

What do you think of the June 2015 Burke Decor Whole Home Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I finally received my June box today. I also received the salt & pepper grinders, tea towel and wine bottle. This was a big disappointment as I was really looking forward to the bowl, blanket and soap. I’m still debating on whether or not I’m keeping these. Here’s hoping July is better.

    • I am disappointed also. Was so excited to get my tracking info and come home today and open it. I opened the exterior box and saw the ridiculous wine bottle (I don’t drink wine, and who in the world needs to store that much oil and vinegar…?); I still even though well maybe this is some kinda bonus item. The paper showing what all is in the box was on the outside of the interior box. I proceeded to read it, threw it back in the box and didn’t even bother opening it. The ONLY reason I ordered this was to receive the items listed in the June box. I ordered in June and the expectation was to receive June items. Then they pull this garbage. I unsubbed after the first fiasco; I saw this and was like well maybe I’ll give them another chance. Never again. I’m so disgusted I’d just as soon send it back to them regardless of not getting a refund. That’s pretty much how much I hate the entire thing.

      • I’m sorry you were bummed by the box. I definitely think last month was much better. I’d actually love the electric salt and pepper mill. My mother has been asking for some for her birthday. She has arthritis and using the manual grinders hurts her hands. Please don’t send it back or trash them, maybe we can work out a trade? Would you mind emailing me? Thanks! Lisa wldflowur13 (at) gmail (dot) com

    • I just received the same box and items. HUGE disappointment. I had high hopes for this box since I think there is a shortage of home specific subscriptions. I thought I was ordering the June box, and I really liked all of the items in that box and various reviews. This looks more like Skandicrush box, which is very style specific. In my opinion, too much variation and overinflated values on this box. Off to cancel.

  2. Received my box today and am remarkably disappointed. Contents were a wine bottle (decor, I guess???), an electric salt and pepper grinder (for this too lazy to twist), and a tea towel (that isn’t very pretty). I feel completely ripped off. Yes, the “value” is $122.15, but I wouldn’t have paid $20 for this box, had I known the contents. I failed to read the fine print that boxes cannot be returned or exchanged. If I can’t swap or sell them, they will go to Goodwill. Lesson learned.

    • hello, dolly!
      we are so saddened to hear that you were not as excited as we are about this month’s burke box.
      the electronic s&p mills are one of our hottest selling items, and we often see them purchased as gifts.
      we thought these were one of those things that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself, so we wanted to buy them for you!
      the wine bottle is very usable and if you are not a wine connoisseur, we would suggest that it is a perfect container for olive oil, vinegar, or any other dressing while you entertain.
      we really try to bring things into your home every month that are out of the ordinary and conversation starters.
      again, we apologize that this was so disappointing and hope to redeem ourselves next month for you!

    • I’d actually love the electric salt and pepper mill. My mother has actually be asking for some for her birthday. She has arthritis and using the manual grinders hurts her hands. Please don’t goodwill them, maybe we can work out a trade? Would you mind emailing me? Thanks! Lisa wldflowur13 (at) gmail (dot) com

      • It also lights up! This is what I was referring to as the set that I always wanted to buy, but never did. Not specific this set, but grinders in general.

    • I got mine today and am also super disappointed and rather ticked off. Ordered this in JUNE, under the expectation that I would get the JUNE box. I opened the exterior box looking forward to the towel (NOT the other crappy towel) and saw a wine bottle (don’t even drink wine; and who the heck needs a container that large for oil or vinegar…) and thought hmm is this a bonus item? The item listing paper was outside the box and I was reading the crap that was in it, and didn’t even bother to open the rest of it. So disgusted. I had the subscription and cancelled. Saw this review and thought maybe I’ll give them another go. Never again. What a waste of money.

      • Would you be interested in trading the grinders?

        • I would trade them. I did email their customer service letting them know how displeased I was that I didn’t receive the actual “June” box (IDK if this is the July box or…). I wonder what the chance is on them saying send it back and we will send you the stuff you actually wanted. lol I will definitely let you know. I have been a member of the swap board for a while but have never had time to list things!

          • It’s the July box. I received the same items for July.

          • Great thanks. I actually think they’d be perfect for my mom who has arthritis in her hands. She’s been asking for a set for her bday so I’d love to try and work out a trade with you

  3. My home box arrived today. I’ll be posting pictures on MUT later. I’m sure Liz will have her review up soon since we are in thesame geographical region. I’m excited about the one set of items which I always wanted to buy and didn’t. Another item reminded me of Skandicrush. I read the description and saw the design is influenced by Scandinavian tradition. It’s a textile. Not a blanket or bath towel. Everything is giftable. I might gift the one item or repurpose it. Sounds mysterious, doesn’t it?

    • I’m excited to see what is in this month’s box!

  4. Just an FYI, this is the response I received when I emailed CS asking if the boxes every month will differ much, ex: snack vs serving bowl.
    “we can understand why you are concerned about the difference size bowl you received compared to other subscribers, and hope that we can clarify the situation better for you!
    everyone should have received the snack size bowl in their june home box.
    unfortunately, we make mistakes, and there were 4 serving size bowls that did go out to 4 subscribers on accident.
    thank you again for your business and comments, we hope that we have properly addressed your concerns!

    • Thanks for that info. Although I would have loved a serving bowl, I still love my snack bowl.
      And I think this box is so much better than the 1st one (or two) that they sent out for the first month. I hope the boxes stay like this one, if they do, I’ll definitely have to consider ordering another 1 or 2 or 3….

    • I may be wrong here–I hope I am–but I don’t think this was a mistake. Per the company “everyone should have received the snack size bowl … there were 4 serving size bowls that did go out to 4 subscribers on accident….” If this was really a mistake, how do they know that there were 4 serving size bowls that went out to 4 customers? It seems like they wouldn’t. Also, is it really a coincidence that both Liz and PA Anna (who was one of the first ones I believe to receive this company’s first box and that resulted in an ongoing public discussion for a while that everyone could see) would receive 2 of the 4 larger serving bowls? I wonder who got the other 2?

      • I, sadly, don’t think you’re wrong. There’s 4 people and n this comments section that received the larger bowl (including Liz). It just seems like a lot of coincidence. Also, they’re obviously monitoring this thread, so if the serving bowl was a mistake, you’d think someone would mention Otto manage expectations.

        My box totaled $119 (under their promised $120 but allowing the towel their inflated-by-$5 towel price in the equation – otherwise it’d be $114) and 2 of my items were damaged.

        I mean, it’s a new box, and they have some great things on their site. Maybe they just need to work some kinks out and then it’ll be great. And I sure hope that happens because I’m in desperate need of a good home decor box. I don’t want to be all negative, but I’m also not thrilled with my experience so far.

      • Sigh. I don’t know how to respond to this. Maybe an inventory program allows them to see what is shipped because it is predominately an online boutique.

        I doubt that any company wants a public record of a soft launch that went awry. I was in the unusual position of receiving the box earlier than most because of my vicinity to the company. This resulted in me receiving correspondence from the company prior to others receiving the initial box. People asked questions which I responded. I also tend to post encouraging messages although not as much anymore due to lack of time. This can lead to me being a prolific poster.

        I don’t want my name to be tied to an implication that I am being rewarded for keeping a company in the public eye. I tend to post nice comments on most boxes. One can search back on my name if possible and see that this is the norm for me. I do have my moments such as PopSugar Oct 2014, but generally I tend to be optimistic in my view in life.

        • Hi PA Anna,

          I really hope you are right. I don’t want to tie your name up in anything either and I am not trying to say that you were attempting to get special treatment. I am sure you weren’t. I just happen to remember this incident because I was surprised about what happened with the first box which seemed really odd to me. Then I saw the comment above and it bothered me so I wanted to mention it. I am not a subscriber to the Burke box–some day I may be–but I really liked the June box. Whether it contained the serving or snack size bowl it would be a nice box. To me it feels like Burke is good at following up after the boxes are shipped out but doesn’t pay as close of attention before the fact. Again maybe I am wrong. I hope so. Also, this could be because they are new to the subscription box world.

          I appreciate that you are an optimistic person and try to keep your comments that way. I would like to think that I am as well almost always, but I just couldn’t get past the feeling here that something seems odd about this situation.

          Here’s hoping for a great July box! 🙂

          • Much obliged 🙂

      • PA Anna isn’t in on any conspiracy I can promise you. She is active on many sites and never pushes any subs. She doesn’t even have her own blog to review anything so… I’m thinking that most people found out about the box here and naturally if those bowls were sent out by mistake it would be to the largest population subscribing… This one.

        • Yes, I completely agree with you. I never thought she was in on any conspiracy. Actually I don’t even think there is a conspiracy. My only thought was that it’s really hard for me to believe that Burke accidentally sent 4 serving size bowls instead of snack size bowls, knows about this after the fact, and it just so happened that 1 of the 4 went to a reviewer (Liz) and 1 to a person on this site who had pretty public discussion re the first month’s box here (PA Anna). I don’t think that either Liz or PA Anna was attempting to get better boxes or anything else. What I meant to say was that I found it suspicious/convenient that Burke somehow managed to send better boxes to 4 people total – 2 of which I was aware of here and that Burke didn’t notice this until after the fact. That is why I mentioned that I wonder who the other two recipients of the larger bowls were before–if they were just random subscribers then I would feel better than if they were bloggers or something. I also mentioned that I hoped I was wrong but this was bothering me. I actually really liked the June Burke box. I want to believe that it was an accident but the whole situation didn’t sit well with me especially considering the first go around on this box.

          • Chris – I’m only responded because you wrote I received a “better” box which is subjective. Please continue reading.

            What no one knows is that I ordered the June box under a different email address using a different account as a one time purchase after reading Liz’s review.

            I also want to point out my candle retails at $16.00, not $55.00. My box’s retail value per Burke Decor’s website is $115.00 which is $29.00 less than Liz’s box and below the promised value of $120.00. Based on the standards that I am assuming is being employed, this does not make it a “better” box.

            I LOVE my candle and will be reusing the tin. It didn’t occur to me that I should be upset about the candles’ price discrepancy , nor am I now. I would never call out a commenter by name for receiving a candle valued higher than mine or a box valued more than mine. I’m fine with the box missing the $120.00 value. The box was backordered, still fulfilled despite demand, and sent to me in a timely manner. Sure beats being cancelled, and I still received the blanket 🙂

            As a side note – I’m very happy with my box as I described before in a previous post. I still stand behind that regardless of the value.

          • Hi PA Anna, I am replying to myself since I cannot reply to you below since there are no more levels available in this discussion! 🙂

            I apologize for saying a better box, I was only referring to the larger size bowl. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me here and list everything in your box; that is very kind of you. I am glad that you are happy with the box. The only way any subscription box company can make a box completely fair is to give everyone the same items. I think because that is not what happened in this instance in combination with the comments I read about the June box and the one before that I wrongly assumed that this might have been done purposely. For that I do apologize!

            I am excited to see what is in the upcoming Burke boxes; June has been my favorite so far. I do hope you are able to enjoy using the items for a long time to come.

          • Apology accepted.

            If nothing else, sub boxes companies reading this thread will know that consistency is important 🙂

  5. I received my box yesterday and I really like everything!

    1 – Turkish towel
    2 – A blue and white snack size bowl
    3 – A candle in a large tin (it smells wonderful)
    4 – The Nest hand soap
    5 – A living curio mushroom porcelain stamp. Not sure what I will do with this, but I’ll take it to work and put it on my desk as décor. It’s an interesting item.

    This was an expensive splurge for me, and I really like the items so I’ll be signing up for more boxes!

  6. Received my box today and am pretty satisfied!
    -Beach candy Turkish towel blue/white ( was hoping for this color)
    -Snack bowl, beautiful black/white design. Disappointed that I didn’t receive the serving bowl!
    – Voluspa Tumbler Candle, smells so good! And it’s fairly large in size, I wouldn’t call it a tumbler. I actually like the simple clear glass design more than the one Liz received.
    -Nest hand soap- Beachhouse, love this scent!
    -Campfire incense, will probably swap. Maybe they added this because they sent me the “snack” bowl???
    I ordered on 6/08 and received 6/25, not too bad.**I signed up for the every month box**

  7. Ugh, this is not my week for sub boxes. First, my MSA Kloverbox box was damaged so I’m waiting on replacement product before it ships. Today the BurkeBox arrived with the bowl in pieces. I’m waiting to hear back from Burke Decor about a replacement. I received the snack size bowl too, it’s pretty but not nearly as impressive as the large size.

    Oh well, things happen. Honestly, these little sub box dramas are a nice diversion from the real big serious issues in life!! I’m leaving for summer vacation Sunday, so I should have a pile of sub box loot waiting for me when I return!

  8. Got my box yesterday and I love it. Like others have stated, I received a Torre & Tagus porcelain bowl with the same pattern as Liz…however mine was considered a “snack” bowl instead of a serving bowl. I was really hoping for the serving bowl but I do love the pattern.

    My Turkish T Beach Candy Towel is red and white striped. I would prefer a different color. If anyone would like to trade colors, please email me: [email protected]

    • I wonder if we received the smaller “snack” bowl since we only bought a one time box? PA Anna said she got the larger serving bowl and it sounds like she’s signed up for a every other month subscription for the Home box.
      I would have loved the larger bowl, but I’m still happy with the snack one I received. Its a nice looking bowl and its dishwasher safe so that’s always great!

      • For what it’s worth, I am on for every other month and I was sent the snack-sized bowl– not sure if it is just random on their part…

        • oh – nevermind then. I thought when you said you received the same things as PA Anna that you also got the large bowl.
          well who knows what their reasoning is I guess.

      • I was actually thinking the same thing regarding the one-time box. I actually bought a recurring monthly sub (and haven’t received that box yet as they say they ran out of the June box). The shipment I did receive was for an additional one-time box. They said regarding my subscription box that they ran out of “bowls” so we’ll see what I get with that one.

  9. I received my box today, too. I got:

    The same Turkish towel

    A similar bowl but soon much smaller (kind of sad about that because I pictured the large bowl on a table inside my front door) valued at half of Liz’s bowl

    A candle valued at $20 that I can’t even get open

    The nest hand soap

    A “living curio” that is a porcelain stamp shaped like a mushroom. It’s strange.

    I got more items than Liz, but still at a lower value. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed. Oh well. Such is the game of subscription boxes instead of just buying what you want.

  10. I received my home box today. I also was billed for the upcoming box and should be back on track! I’m happy with my box 🙂 I did not check to see if my retail value matches Liz’s box. I love the candle that I received. Basing it solely on looks, I prefer my candle over the HoH because I prefer colors over neutrals. The most amazing thing is my blanket matches something I received in a sub box yesterday. I posted pictures on the MUT thread.

    1. Beach Candy Turkish Towel & Blanket. The color looks “Aqua” to me. It’s soft and perfect for those times when you need a little warmth.

    2. Large Porcelain Serving Bowl by Torre & Tagus – My design is different and is green with a blue rim. I LOVE color. My boys are good at accidentally breaking plates so this matches my mismatched plates.

    3. Nest Lemongrass & Ginger Liquid Soap. The scent is amazing.

    4. Voluspa Elegant Tin Candle in Linden & Dark Moss. The container is gorgeous with a design of mostly green flowers and a few black flowers. I will be reusing this once I am done burning it. It has a light scent.

    5. Campfire Incense by Juniper Ridge in Cedar. This sounds fun. It adds a scent to the campfire. We will be trying this later in the summer.

    • Looks like I received the same items– the only difference is in the actual scent– my Nest Liquid Soap is Cedarleaf and Lavender, and my candle is Macaron. I am very happy with my items– I have an every-other-month sub going with the Home Decor Box, and the off months I have the Fruit & Floral Spa Box

    • I received my one-time purchase box yesterday and I liked what I got. I got the yellow striped Turkish towel. I’m excited to finally have one of these towels! I love the scent of my linden and moss candle. My hand soap is cedar and lavender scented; the smell is kind of masculine but I’ll definitely still use it. My only disappointment is that I got the small snack bowl instead of the large serving bowl; but I do like the black and cream design I got. The only thing I don’t plan to use is the incense sticks. I thought those were kind of an odd addition especially considering there was no burner holder included. I don’t like the scent anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered. Overall, this box has improved by leaps and bounds over the inaugural boxes. I recently unsubbed from a few boxes so I may consider adding this one to my regular sub list!

  11. I just received my Home Box that I ordered back on the 9th. They did send an email about a week ago that due to such demand shipping would be delayed a few days. But it shipped out on Friday and I have it today already. I received a Turkish towel like Liz and a bowl, but I think mine is smaller… it says its a “snack bowl” on the printout. I also got Nest soap and a candle, but mine is a Nest candle (which retails for $14), not the House of Harlow.
    I’m a little disappointed that I got the smaller bowl and didn’t get the Harlow candle bc I was looking forward to it. But I did just buy a one-time box, not the monthly subscription. And I did buy it mainly for the Turkish towel so everything else is just a bonus. Overall I’m very happy with the box.

    • hello!
      i am happy you are very pleased with our june box.
      the classic NEST candle you received actually retails for $38!
      this candle is 8.1 ounces.
      you may have looked at our NEST votive candles, which do retail for $14. 🙂
      have a great day and thank you again for your purchase of our June Burke Decor Home Box!

      • Thanks for letting me know. I am very happy with the box – love the turkish towel and bowl is beautiful. Soap and candle are both pink which I love and the soap does smell amazing. Haven’t used the candle yet, but it is a great looking candle. I think you guys did a great job with this box and its definitely worth the $55. 4 quality items that are awesome. Thinking about adding this to my monthly sub list.

      • $38 is significantly lower value than Liz’s $55 gorgeous candle.

    • I would not be happy with that box and the lower value. I just got my box today. I, too, got a smaller bowl (different print) and a different, lower-cost candle. Did you get anything else to make up the value? I’ve emailed them because I can see different prints/scents being sent but never different values of the box.

      • No, I didn’t get anything else to make up the difference. Just the response on here that said the Nest candle retails for $38 (the votives are $14). So I believe my box total would be about $119 (-$25 of Liz’s). But still more than double the $55 that I paid.
        I would have loved to get the Harlow candle or something else to make up some of the difference in box values, but I wasn’t sure if the difference was bc Liz ordered the monthly subscription and I only ordered the one month? What did you order Cindy?
        I mainly ordered it for the turkish towel so to get the other 3 items for $10 is good in my book.
        I’d happily accept something if they did want to make up the difference somehow, but if not, I’m still happy. I really like all 4 of the items and am happy with the box and think its many times better than the first set of boxes they sent out.
        I’m interested to know what their response is to you though.

  12. I received the Cool & Fresh Spa Box a couple of days ago. I received:

    1. Simplatico Bubble Bath No. 57 375 ml- This is in a glass bottle and has a light scent. It is a blend of muguet, arugula and tarragon with black pepper and sandalwood added to it.

    2. Lucia Sea Watercress & Chai Tea Candle 6oz? This also has a nice light scent.

    3. Nest Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Hand Lotion 10 oz – This is my favorite item in the box. This scent is my favorite candle scent. I am excited to have this as a hand lotion and hope to receive the matching candle in the next box. I’m very happy to receive this in my box. I placed it immediately by my desk.

    I’m happy with my items! I would like to see a mint or cucumber item in my next box 🙂

  13. Hi. I ordered the home box for $55 and orders over $50 are free shipping. I emailed and asked if that would always be the case and they said yes.

  14. I love this box! Does anyone want to trade their bowl and/or soap? If so I’d love to work out a deal. My email is wldflowur13 (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Received my box today and am very impressed and happy. What a lovely assortment of items and all useable. Burke Décor is a home box that I have been waiting for. Not to mention their website has some great finds and great sales that I have taken advantage of. I have also worked with Melinda and she is a gem. Burke Décor is lucky to have her as their customer service expert. Can hardly wait to see what the next box brings!

  16. This is the response I received from customer service when I asked if my first box would be the June box “yes, initial boxes ship within an estimated 6 days of purchase and subsequent boxes ship the end of each following month, based on the interval you select. You can chose from monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months.”
    *So yep I subscribed! I want that Turkish beach towel so bad!!

  17. I really hope it’s this one bc i caved this afternoon and ordered it. I just really want to try a Turkish T towels so after I read the previous comment, I went ahead and ordered it. Says it ships within 4-6 days after you order so it should be the June box

  18. Do you know if this box is still available/shipping if ordered now?

  19. I love everything in this box! To insure I wouldn’t get a box like before I spoke to someone on their website and they told me everyone will receive the same box from now on just in different variations (scents or colors). If you order now you will receive the June box. So excited!

    • thanks for sharing that info! I really wanted the bowl and Turkish towel. I just ordered. I was on a subscription for a every few months but decided to cancel. The fact that you can do one-time purchases (after seeing spoilers) is nice because I can skip ordering on the months that I don’t like the contents rather than having to deal with a sub. The prices are the same either way.

      • I know, I love that you can just do one box at a time and its the same price. I wonder if this will end up changing?
        but for now, its awesome. I can’t wait to get mine.

  20. Hi! Just noticed you didn’t specify where this box ships to. I love everything in this box and would love to subscribe, but didn’t know if it came to Canada or was just US. Thanks!

  21. Signed up last night for every other month. It says it ships within a few days so I’m hoping to get this month. Then I was looking at their site and saw an 80% flash sale happening and then they had a 20% off coupon for everything as well I tried it thinking it wouldn’t work on the already discounted items but it did! I spent $85 on 12 nice items! Excited to receive!

    • That is AWESOME!!! I am excited for you!! I love sales like that…I feel like I got away with something major and have prizes to boot!! Wish I had known about it!! Enjoy your loot 🙂

      • I know! I felt like a kid in a candy shop! I got a $90 16 oz diffuser for $18(not including that extra 20%) it was crazy!

        • OMG!!! That’s almost like legally stealing it!! Haha Amazing!! I’m so happy for you

      • The flash sale and extra 20% off ends Tuesday June 9th, so there is still time!!

        • Thank You!!!

  22. Just signed up! I hope they maintain this kind of quality! ::excited::

  23. This box looks amazing!! I love the bowl!! But I’d LOVE to trade for the Turkish towel!!

    My email is michellesomer at mac com

    Thanks in advance (crossing my fingers!!)

  24. I would love this box too if I got it for free. But as far as paying that much for name brand items I’ll pass. I wish you would explain how practical or impractical boxes like this are…meaning how much you would or would nor like this box if you actually payed for it. I’ve never seen you say anything bad about a box that “my subscription addiction” pays for, meaning it’s free.

    • Hi Diana,

      I paid for this box – it wasn’t free. I’ll always mention in the review if the box was sent to us for free or if we paid for it. Sorry for any confusion! I personally really loved this box and plan on using all the items in my home, but that’s just my opinion – I’m sure it isn’t a practical box for everyone. Hopefully seeing all the items in the box helps some would-be subscribers determine whether or not it is a valuable box for them.

  25. just as an FYI – it looks like subscriptions are open again. I went to sign up for the wait list, but I was able to subscribe.

    • Yes, I signed up for the wait list yesterday and got an email a little bit ago that subscriptions are open now. I really want to sign up, hoping boxes will stay like this and not return to the type received in the first month. So did everyone get the same thing this month? Just different colors / patterns?

  26. Love the box. If anyone wants to sell, message me at [email protected]. I’m also interested in buying it trading for the towel only

  27. I really like this box; much improved from the their first set of boxes. These items would work great in my home decor. If there is anyone who is interested in selling theirs because the items don’t work for them, I’d be interested in purchasing.

  28. I love this box and sad I missed it. Too bad their first box wasn’t like this one. The first box they sent out was a random mix of clearance items. I liked the first box I got ok, but the 2nd box I hated and swapped everything. It’ll be interesting to see what next month is.

  29. What an amazing box!! Such fabulous items for such an amazing value! Love it all!!

  30. I pretty much got exactly the same box. My bowl was black and white my candle was white and I got lotion instead of hand soap and a lighter color towel. Love love this box!

  31. Fun bit of pop culture trivia… Nicole Richie’s line is House of Harlow 1960 and her daughter’s name is Harlow Winter Kate.

  32. Wow! I love everything. Totally in my wheelhouse. I’m going to hold out a big longer on this one but I’m getting closer to committing.

  33. I saw others post the same the items. I finally was able to update my card! I sent an email to see if they can run it through for the May box. I hope they can!!!

  34. This is a much better box! I don’t mind a little variation but I do hope everyone does get at least something close to it. I originally signed up for every other month and was going to switch to every month but their site’s subscription management page hadn’t worked pretty much since it went up. I just checked again and it looks like it’s fixed now so they definitely are working out the kinks. Awesome that they listened and started including a product sheet. I look forward to hearing what everyone else gets this month and cant wait to see what my box in July brings!

  35. So much better than their first month, glad to see something like this is the home category.

  36. Wow, you’ve been lucky to have gotten all good boxes from them!

  37. I LOVE everything in this box!! Is it still available?

    • I just checked and their website says the Home Box is waitlisted (the Spa themed boxes are available.) You can send them an email to be placed on the wait list.

  38. I got the same items, but my towel has beige stripes and my bowl is different.
    My son is using towel now while in and out of the pool. They dry so fast! I love them. I have been fighting with myself to buy more from whatever collection the bowl is from. I’ll cave.
    All in all, I love this box!

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