Burke Decor Whole Home Box Review – May 2015

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Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Box 1

Burke Decor recently launched a subscription box service. They offer two different options: A Spa Box, or a Whole Home Box. (If you go with the Spa Box, you can pick from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit).

I love the idea of home decor subscription boxes, and I wish there were more of them, so I immediately signed up for the Whole Home Box.

Since they are just starting this subscription, it looks like they are still working out a few of the details. The day I received my Burke Box I also received this email:

Thank you so much for subscribing to our brand new subscription box service. We are so excited to share our products on a regular basis!

You first box is on its way to you! We wanted to follow-up and let you know that in our rush to send out the first shipment of boxes, we had a handful that were packed a little too lightly. We will be sending some supplemental goodies your way to complete the full box. So sorry for the inconvenience, we are working out a few kinks on our end to bring you a delightful assortment on a regular basis. Your supplement box will ship out within 2-3 business days.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

So I decided to wait until the second box arrived to do the review – this review covers both shipments meant for one month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Items first box

The Subscription Box: Burke Box

The Cost: $45 for Spa Box, $55 for a Home Box (shipping is $6)

The Products: A selection of 3 to 4 of our editors’ favorite products. Boxes are curated to your spa profile. Choose from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit.  If you don’t want a spa-specific box, try our Whole Home Burke Box, featuring an assortment of of the moment home accoutrements.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to you Wishlist or Subscribe List!

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Fabric Napkins

Trina Turk Embroidered Napkins – Retail Value $54 (On Sale for $32)

I’m not sure if these should have come with some sort of packaging – but they arrived just as pictured here. I’m all about getting a Trina Turk home item at a discount though – especially since I would never spend $50+ on cocktail napkins.

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Glasses

Roost Golden Berry Champagne Flutes – Value $32

These are beautiful. (Again – no Roost packaging – but they did come wrapped in bubble paper). I wish they weren’t hand wash only, but I guess that’s the price you pay for hand painted glasses!

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Coasters

Vagabond Vintage Appetizer Plates (2) – Value $14.50

These are sold in sets of four, so that kind of added to the somewhat weird feeling of nothing coming in its original packaging. That feeling aside, these work well with our decor so they will be used.

Mini Verdict: My first impression of this box: good quality brands, a little strange that nothing comes in its original packaging, and not thrilled with the value.

Fortunately that’s not my final verdict! Onto the second box:

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Items


This box came with an apology note:

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Info

I’m really impressed with how proactively Burke Decor dealt with the issue of not sending out boxes that were complete.

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Mug

Canvas Tinware Mug in Slate – Value $12

I love this mug! It is designed to look like vintage, distressed metalware enamel mugs, but it is actually stoneware and diswasher safe!

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Mug Top

I think this is my new morning tea mug!

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Napkins

Ferm Living Paper Napkins – Value $8

Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook – Value $18

I love Ferm Living designs, and can always use paper napkins. This notebook is beautiful too. (And these items are in their original packaging!)

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Blanket

9 Space Turkish Cotton Blanket – Value $76

My favorite item in the box! This is the perfect summer throw/blanket, and it is made with 100% Turkish cotton. Plus it is reversible:

Burke Decor Burke Home Box Review - May 2015 Flipped

Verdict: I paid $61 for this box ($55 plus shipping) and I received nearly $200 worth of products counting both boxes. I’m so impressed with the value and the quality of the brands included. If they keep sending boxes with this kind of value – I don’t care if things don’t come in their original packaging.

I’m curious to see what next month brings though – part of me wonders if the second shipment was extra good to make up for the first, and if we’ll get a better sense of this subscription in the coming months.

So… so far so good! I’m impressed with how they handled the issues with the first box – and I almost forgot to mention – the actual boxes themselves are fabulous! I will be reusing them for storage or gifting.

What do you think of the Burke Decor Whole Home Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m undecided on what to do. I need to update my credit card and the subscription page keeps erroring out no matter what browser I use. They did offer that I could call and update my credit card number. I prefer being able to see my subscriptions.

    My billing date is coming up so I need to decide soon what to do.

    • I originally signed up for every other month and despite all the problems I was actually considering upping that to monthly – mostly out of curiosity for what they would consider an actual fully curated box. Their website has made that impossible though! I also can’t access the my subscriptions tab on any browser or device I’ve tried.

  2. I have a question… I just received my first box. Included were:
    4 melamine “bird” plates
    Set of 4 Fern Cloth Napkins (actually love them)
    Diamond pattern buttering board
    Cube of note sheets (600 count).
    Is this normal? I only ask because i didn’t get any sort of paperwork with the box. Other boxes offer breakdowns of item and prices.
    So why are they sending out additional boxes for missing items? Should i let them know to include me or is my box typical and thats what i should be expecting going forward?
    Just wondering.
    Thanks in advance ladies!

    • Hmmm, that could be a whole box but I’m not sure without seeing the values of what you got. The initial boxes that were deemed incomplete only had total values of around $50-$60. Hopefully they will start including some sort of product sheet soon! When did you sign up?

    • I received my box today. I was actually supposed to have received it Friday, however the lovely USPS decided to remove its “out for delivery” status and reroute it to Oklahoma. Go figure, since I’m in NC. Anyway, I am wondering that too TerrieNYC, if this is the entire box and what we should expect or what. If what I got today is what I’ll be paying for each month, I’m cancelling. The value (to me) just isn’t there for a $55 a month box.

      I got:

      Wine for Two Retail: $40
      I don’t drink wine, and to be honest don’t really drink anything from glasses mostly. I have my Kate Spade water bottle from the now infamous LLB, which is normally what I always use!

      Lucia No 2 Laurel Leaf and Olive Soy Candle Retail: $22
      Candle smells nice, and candles are always used in my house, so no complaints on this one!

      Sir Madam Cheese List Tea Towel Retail: $28
      Never would I pay $28 for what will be used as a kitchen towel.

      Two’s Company Cheese and Menu Board with Erasable Pencil Retail: Sold out on their website, (in the size I received: 6.5″W x 9.5″ L), but price sticker on the tag has $30 on it.
      Not real sure how to feel about this. I guess I could write up something in a fancy way on it and use it as a wall hanging…?

      All in all, I guess the retail value is there, and I’m so glad I didn’t get random set items like some people. But, the value to me isn’t there at all. None of these things are particularly useful to me except the candle. I may give them one more month; maybe they will gain some knowledge through feedback and learn who their subscribers are. I’m also not a big fan of the “unique” boxes since, as another poster already mentioned, it’s so easy to see others’ and be disappointed.

    • I got the same thing, just with butterfly plastic plates and grey splatter napkins. I was not at all impressed with that buttering board. Everything felt cheap and clearance type stuff. I sent them an email that the box didn’t feel right- I haven’t heard back, but that was only 24 hours ago. I just don’t think this could be right?

      • @Lindsay, did they ever email you back? If so, what did they say? I’ve gone ahead and suspended all of mine, since there seems to be no way to cancel on the website. We have been moving and I haven’t had time to deal with calling people and all that. I suppose with suspending, if they get their act together at some point I will be able to just reactivate them, haha

        • It took them 2 days to get back. I’m not pleased with the response or the box- I cancelled. It wasn’t curated or anything, and they did not address my confustion. The retail prices they gave were cough worthy- This was blatantly all left over merch. Direct copy paste from email:
          Hello Lindsay,

          Thank you for your order. All Whole Home Boxes are of at least a $120 value, and boxes vary in products.

          Please see a breakdown of your Whole Home Box and prices:

          1. Ferm Living grey splash napkins = $56
          2. Ferm Living buttering Board = $20.75
          3. Set of 4 Metamorphosis plates = $36
          4. Paisley paper caddy = $10

          Please let me know if you have any other questions.

          Thank you,

  3. i just cancelled the home box… $55 for some random clearance items that don’t even go together or match. i was so excited to come across a home sub box – but this one just seems too odd

    • Were you able to cancel online?

  4. I just received my second Home box today and seems like I got the same box as a lot of people. I got the ugly table runner, the ugly cardboard coasters, the whiskey glasses, and a candle. I’m not trying to sound negative and I understand it was their first box but this box was not curated well. The box Liz received is a false representation of what they actually send you. I guess that’s why I’m so disappointed, I thought everyone was going to receive something at least similar. I honestly wish I just took my $60 and went to Pier 1 to pick out something I actually like. Cancelling.

  5. Received my 2nd box today and luckily I had been reading the comments of what others received so was expecting to be underwhelmed. My first box was 2 coasters, 2 small roost glasses or votive holders and a small bowl. My 2nd box which was to have been a full box valued at $120.00 was a small print cutting board (received these in the Skandicrush Christmas box), a set of wooden Scoop Stab and Spread appetizer tools, 2 very small Lucia soaps and a WaryMeyers candle. The candle is good and the soaps will work to put into a drawer so it can smell nice as really not useable as soap based on the size. I am debating on whether or not to continue as the value really wasn’t there for me. Other than a couple of people that received really nice 2nd boxes I think the majority are like the one I received.

  6. My Spa “Floral and Fruit” supplement arrived today: a large NEST candle, a small votive-y Nest candle (both boxed and sealed), and a Lucia Room Spray. Happy with the “Part 1 and Part 2,” even if it is a bit candle heavy! Curious to see how they proceed from this point– I think that I may stick with them a little longer. Some of the Home Box items seem really nice– I just wish that everyone would be sent the same items– I never like all of the variation– almost always leads to “Box Envy” with me… That being said, I really liked Liz’s throw– did anyone else receive one?

  7. I received my replacement Home and Warm & Earthy boxes While I’m much happier with the value of the boxes, I just don’t think these are the subscriptions for me. I did appreciate the fast response from customer service about the original shipments, and have to note that the boxes themselves are sturdy and the items are wrapped attractively (although some are not in their original packaging).

    My replacement Home box contained:
    * “powder room” fabric shower curtain – http://www.burkedecor.com/collections/bath/products/powder-room-shower-curtain-izola $48 on their site
    * Kobo Vanilla Citrus Zest Candle – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/vanilla-citrus-zest-candle-kobo-candles $37 on their site (not in original packaging)
    * Kobo Matches
    * Great Plains Soap Dish – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/great-plains-soap-dish-design-by-izola $20 on their site
    * Guest Toothbrush Set – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/guest-toothbrush-set-design-by-izola $12 on their site

    Overall, this box doesn’t really seem to go together that well other than being all bath products (although the items go together *much* better than my original box). The shower curtain is not my style at all and it seems like an odd choice to include in a subscription box. The candle smells really nice; however it was not in a box and I can’t really imagine ever spending $37 on a candle. There is more “value” in this box, about $120 retail according to their website, but I don’t know that the items are all that useful for me. AND, I don’t really like the amount of variations in the boxes they’re sending out or the lack of any information card about the products.

    The Warm & Earthy box had:
    * Simpatico Shea Butter Cream in Ambergris – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/shea-butter-cream-in-ambergris-design-by-simpatico – $22 (not in original packaging)
    * Kobo Catalan Calendula candle – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/catalan-calendula-soy-candle-design-by-kobo-candles $28
    * Fine Bar Soap in Fern by Simpatico – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/fine-bar-soap-in-fern-design-by-simpatico $11
    * Lucia No. 4 Mandarin & Tomato Room Spray – http://www.burkedecor.com/products/lucia-mandarin-tomato-flower-room-spray $22

    I actually like the Spa Box a lot better than the Home box, and I’m also a lot happier with the value of this box than the one I originally received. But there was still no information card or anything inside the box. And I can’t help but feel like the retail prices of the items they sent are inflated, but that’s mostly because I can’t imagine myself actually paying retail price for these items.

  8. Well after loving the items everyone got in their supplemental boxes…I didn’t get the same thing as anyone! I would kill for any of the notebooks or the coffee mug. It’s not bad stuff, it’s just nothing I wanted. I will be swapping it all if anyone is interested! I will try to get them on swap site in next few days with pics.
    –modern wood salt and pepper shakers
    –fancy wooden stirring spoon set (came in a cloth bag, may be designer?)
    –two small patterned cutting boards
    –patterned Fern napkins
    So mine was entirely kitchen/wood themed. Go figure!

    In case curious, my original box was similar to others and had:
    –two pink Trina Turk napkins
    –two shot glass sized Roost glasses
    –two ceramic little dipping bowls.

    I think all put together it is a value for the right person. Unfortunately that’s not me. And in this case, Liz’s box simply isn’t representative of what other folks are receiving.

  9. Hmmmm…I love the idea of a home decor box, but I’m going to have to see another few months before taking the plunge. And I’m not sure I’m cut out for boxes with so much variation; it’s too easy to be disappointed when you see what everyone else receives.

  10. I just received my second box today- and it’s very disappointing. The note said it was a ‘new replacement box featuring a curated selection of accessories for your home”. So THIS is the whole box that would be the normal $55 subscription box we would get that is supposedly worth $120.
    This is exactly what was in it (and for reference, my first box wasn’t good like some received, it was 2 placemats, 1 coaster from a set of 4, and a plastic black/white geometric buttering board that looked like a dollar store item- none of which went together color or style wise or anything redeeming) ….
    My whole replacement box included:
    1) A mud brown (one sticker says brown and the sticker it’s covering up says dark grey) ceramic mug, made in china (dollar store quality, not cute like Liz’s, not dishwasher or micro safe ) with a huge chip out of it – it was not wrapped in anything and was placed next to heavy item #2 which was wrapped only in tissue paper.
    2) kobo soy candle & pack of grey kobo boxed (roughed up box) matches – vetiver & shaved vanilla-very nice quality heavy, masculine scented candle
    3) set of 6 notecards cut out/shaped/decorated like pink circus elephants
    (not kidding)
    4) Ted baker brown brogues lined notebook- this is a very nice quality masculine notebook
    5) loose notecards w/envelope ( 1 with illustrations of reading glasses, 1of retro cameras and 1 is nice, a “thanks” card
    6) very tiny Lucia soaps (3) smaller than hotel soaps but in tiny pretty boxes

    I feel like between the two boxes, I barely got the value I paid, most of which is the candle and just other assorted things you would get off a clearance shelf somewhere… and there’s no way they can convince me there’s a value of $120 between the two boxes, let alone in this replacement box which is supposed to be the actual curated home box… – I’ve definitely wasted my $55 & alot of my time and am canceling immediately. I am glad some people are getting nice boxes though!!

  11. Links will be in a comment responding to this post. I do like both boxes.

    Here is my Cool and Fresh box Part 2.

    1. Lucia # 8 Thyme Flower & Coriander Room Spray 3.38 oz $22 – I like the scent. It’s a light scent that is not overpowering. I walked in the area I sprayed about a half hour later and still could smell it. Zen and spalike scent. Can also double as a bathroom spray.

    2. Simpatico No 17 candle 7 oz $24.00 – This is different than what I received in my Home Decor box which is the Kobo Sakura Blossom. It is a blend of mayapple, moss, white cedar, and black currant and has a light scent when unlit. I have not lit it yet. The link that I will include on the next post has a higher price, but the candle is listed at 8 oz.

    3. Infusion Organique Buddha’s Fig Lotion $20 – Very pretty design. Scent is light. This is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen.

    Box 1

    1.Cascade Glacier Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfume Cabin Spray $40 – I wasn’t sure what to think of it in the beginning. I read up on the company which made me exciting about the spray. It’s the kind of thing I love to support. Yesterday I noticed a strange smell in the basement. Our freezer door was open a crack and the meat went bad. This spray was a life saver last night. It covered up the odor and did not agitate my allergies 🙂 This has a stronger scent than the other room spray.

    2. Lucia # 1 Goat Milk & Linseed Guest/Travel Soap – $1.63 -Beautiful wrapping, triple milled, and enhanced with 100% organic shea butter!

    3. Lucia #2 Olive Oil & Laurel Leaf Guest/Travel Soap $1.63 – See above.

    4. Lucia # 7 sea watercress & Chai Tea Soy Candle travel candle $6.75 – This came in a box and has a light scent unlit. I haven’t lit it yet.

    I’m happy with what I received. I originally set this box for bimontly and am thinking of switching it to monthly to see what arrives. Links will be posted as a comment against this post, not above this post.

  12. I’m not sure what to think about this sub. I like some of the items Liz and other’s received but overall I’d like to see something curated a little more carefully so that the items go together better, and I’d like to see a card/note explaining what is included. I know that they had some issues this month but I think it was handled well. I’m impressed with how they communicated with customers, admitted the mistake, and quickly sent new boxes. I’m curious to see what will be in the next box.

  13. I got the cool and fresh spa box last week. Very underwhelmed. 2 tiny .88 oz. bars of Lucia soap, a 2 oz. bottle of Juniper Ridge cabin spray, and a small 2 oz. moss and mint Nest candle. The soaps are nicely fragranced, goat milk & linseed and sea watercress & chai tea. Cabin spray barely has any fragrance. Best item was the Nest candle which will burn nightly for about a week. Barely covers the $46.50 ($40.50 + 6.00 shipping) subscription cost. I may give them one more month…or not.

    • Marcia – Did they contact you about a replacement box? My first box is similar to yours and is being replaced.

      • I just sent an email asking about my supplemental cool and fresh box shipment. We’ll see what happens.

      • Thanks for the tip Anna! Burke just sent me an email saying my supplemental box was on its way. I probably wouldn’t have got it if I hadn’t sent the email. Seems kinda shady to me!!

        • I hope you like it!

          • Just got 2nd box. A Lucia 50 hour burn time eucalyptus & gardenia soy candle valued at $22.00. That’s it. Hmmm?

  14. Looks like my cool and fresh Spa replacement box will be here tomorrow. I’m guessing Liz’s box will be too if she selected one. Liz, did you go with the warm and earthy box?

    • I didn’t sign up for the Spa box yet – please let us know what you get though! I’m curious 🙂

      • Will do!

  15. I received a package of paper napkins, a small plastic “buttering board,” and a small glazed gold rimmed ceramic dish. Very disappointing first box, but the small dish kind of matches my Lilly Pulitzer for Target dishes, so perhaps I can use it for a dipping sauce or condiment or something. Hope the second box is good.

    The paper napkins are a very faded grey marble effect that I wouldn’t buy at the dollar store, quite frankly, nor would I pay a dollar for the tiny cutting board-type thing.

  16. Has anyone been successful at cancelling their subscription on the website? Every time I click on “manage subscriptions” it takes me to an error page saying the address is not valid.

    • I left a message on their online chat help option and that worked, even though it wasn’t during their customer service hours.

    • If anyone else was curious: Customer service said that they recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers when accessing your account. I have tried both of those and Internet explorer while accessing the”manage subscriptions” option in my account and all three send me to an error page. So if you want to cancel or put your subscription on hold, you will have to email customer service to get them to do it for you. I requested to have my sub put on hold and they did until November. Hopefully the account page and the sub itself will be working better by then.

  17. I’m waiting for my supplement box to get here. I received 2 trina turk cocktail napkins (just like Liz but only 2 and in green), a Canvas home small platinum Dauville bowl (companion to the Popsugar December box one- love it!) and 2 Roost small glasses in the first box.

    Who in the heck packed these boxes because these all have been such a bizarre collection of items… I’m also wondering if the supplemental box was actually a reshipment of an entire box and in the future we will not get so many things. I’m subscribed for another one, though, because I’m dead curious about this whole thing 😀

    • I read the card as though the second box is a fully curated box that is a stand alone from what we received in our first box.

  18. I truly do wonder if Liz got and amazing full box because she runs the site…

  19. I ordered a pair of salt and pepper shakers from Saks off 5th and they weren’t in the original packaging. Just saying that other places do this too.

  20. I seriously don’t mean this in a negative way…..the photos I have seen of this box reminds me of what I bring home after perusing the clearance shelves at my local TJ Maxx. (At least my tastes seem to line up with theirs, haha!) So I am torn on whether I would want a box like this.

  21. So am I just reading this wrong, or is this month’s shipment(s) a completely deceptive idea of what this subscription will be like? The description above says “A selection of 3 to 4 of our editors’ favorite products.” The first “too-light” box had three items in it and the “supplemental” box had four! Aside from the throw, neither box was blow-me-away cool. I’ll keep an eye on this subscription–and who knows, maybe they’ll alter their box to include 4 to 6 items–but I’m not sure I love it as much as I wanted to.

  22. Love that throw! Someone should do a color themed home box where you choose the colors you like. For instance greens, blues, greys or reds, yellows, oranges. Then you would be more likely to recieve items that fit in with your decor/color schemes.

    • I think that’s a great idea! I would love to sign up for this box, but just my luck, I’ll get a lot of stuff that don’t go with my decor at all lol.

      • thats exactly what I was thinking!

  23. I’m praying for a throw that would be so amazing! I can’t wait until my supplemental box arrives tomorrow, I might not be able to sleep tonight lol. My first box was different looks very much like things from World Market or Pier One, so I’m very interested in seeing what’s in the second. Or if there appears to be a common theme with the items. I’d love to get the throw, or Nest candle that someone else got. I love cloth napkins, but not a fan of any of the designs I’ve seen so far and I don’t do table runners, my tables too short.

  24. The throw is wonderful and I want those butterfly coasters. My second box should be here the 12th so can hardly wait. Am hopeful it is also a nice box.

  25. Did anyone get as nice a box as Liz? The flutes, cup and throw are beautiful. No one else seems to have received anything as nice. Table runner? Yuck.

    • Amy, Absolutely not! I got two placemats, a 4 x 4 picture frame and a tiny seashell trinket dish. My supplemental box better be amazing. Or I’m out for good.

      • My supplemental box came today and had the ugly runner, really ugly paper coasters, whiskey stones, and a small candle (the only thing I like)…

        I don’t like to think that bloggers get better boxes than the rest of us.. but now I am wondering lol. I liked my first shipment, so I am not that upset. But if the supplemental box had been my first box I would be canceling in about 5 sec flat.

        I don’t like when companies make such huge differences in boxes they send out. I kind of feel jipped looking at some other peoples things. 🙁

        • So, decorating question and completely off-topic, but as a new homeowner trying to decorate my house, I HAVE to ask–do people not like table runners? Are they out of fashion? I honestly have no idea and I don’t have one for my table yet and was excited about the idea of getting one, but this is the second or third comment I have seen referring to table runners being ugly. Thoughts appreciated!!

          • Maybe just a personal preference. For me, I don’t think they are ugly, but I don’t want something extra hanging out gathering dust and crumbs and needing to be cleaned. I just like things to be clean and “uncluttered.” If you are excited by decorating and using a runner, please don’t let the tastes of others kill your happiness! =) There is something for everyone!

          • I sometimes use a table runner and always get compliments. A lot of design blogs use them. A lot don’t. I think it’s a matter of personal preference and if you find one that really fits in well with the rest of your décor (or season, theme of event, etc.) I only buy machine washable runners so I don’t worry about dust, I just throw them in the washer when I wash my tablecloth.

          • It’s not that table runners are ugly. It’s that this particular one is.

          • Ha! Oh OK. Well now that I think about it, we have gone for more of a Resto Hardware look, and I don’t see many table runners there. I guess now I am hoping I don’t get one?

            But we can’t all get that awesome throw!

          • I love table runners. It is an inexpensive way to give the table a different look. I wasn’t too sure about a black table runner. Last night I experimented with it using the Vagabond appetizer dishes (same as Liz’s) and black and white Paris themed serving bowls. The presentation looked great. Now black and white isn’t a theme I would normally use, but I don’t mind trying something new especially if it ends up looking nice.

          • I finally tried the table runner I received on a long side table in my kitchen and I really like the way it looks! I wasn’t sure it would work – the runner is black and the table is a dark brown wood – but I keep walking by it and am surprised by how much I like the style.

          • It sounds nice! I ended up receiving completely different items than anyone else, so I guess I will ponder the table runner another time..

  26. Have you heard of the little lace box mess?

    • Go to the MSA Comment Policy post from yesterday and read all about it!

      • Ok thank you, I’am a little behind on the story.

  27. I really like that throw. I have a thing for throws though. And of course, nowhere to put how many I have…LOL

    I too wish there were more home decor boxes out there…I’m overloaded on beauty items (not that it is really stopping me!).

  28. Yay! I would take Liz’s or PA Anna’s supplemental box! My first box was worse than either of theirs, but either of those would definitely convince me to continue as a subscriber!

  29. If I received nothing but that throw in my supplemental box I would be thrilled! Can’t wait for my box to get here tomorrow!

  30. This looks like a great box! Are you going to review the Spa box? I’m very interested to see what it contains. I need more spa products as much as I need a hole in the head but I love them so much!!

  31. My boxes were completely different too. I love the throw! I posted all my items in the other Burke thread but I’ll do it again here for anyone that’s interested.

    My first box contained:

    – Two small glasses that seem to be from this collection: http://www.burkedecor.com/collections/bar-glasses/products/fern-and-frond-glasses-design-by-roost
    $12 each so $24

    – Two cocktail napkins that look similar to this but have a different pattern I can’t find on their site:
    Sold in sets of 4 for $24 for $12

    – One tiny bowl (for dipping sauces I guess?) that I think is this:

    My second box contained:

    – A Chilewich Black table runner with a cubic pattern. I can’t find it on their site but here it is on Amazon:

    2. Whisky Stones Whisky for Two set

    3. Nest Fragrances Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Scented Candle – I love love love this scent and could never possibly receive too many candles so a very happy with this!

    4. Happy Hour Coasters – Very cute but sadly one is split in the middle on one side – maybe I can glue it? Has anyone tried that with paper-like coasters?

    My only complaints are that the exterior of my bowl is a bit grungy – like something tacky got stuck there – I will have to research how to best clean porcelain – and the split coaster which hopefully can be fixed with some sort of glue.

    • I love those glasses with the fern motif, very pretty 🙂

    • Both of my boxes are identical to your 2 boxes.

  32. I’m not sure what I expected but with both boxes I would gave been happy for sure!

  33. Interesting mix of items in this box -The coasters would be fun framed, nice art deco design. The mug would be great for a cactus or a bamboo plant. The throw would be fun to use as a picnic or beach blanket. – Not sure if I’m ready to sign up just yet, but if the value is consistent for the next few months I think I will.

    • Coasters framed is such a great idea!!

    • I agree with Heidi, what a good idea. I will add that to my decor ideas list 🙂

  34. Your box is lovely! I love that throw and notebook! I think this company was pretty awesome on how they handled the issues going on, the second box is a huge improvement.

  35. Very nice box but now I am more confused. This is completely different than PA Anna’s box so it appears that each box is going to be different. My first box was similar to yours but I only received 2 of the cocktail napkins and 2 small holly pattern glasses which I think are votive glasses and a very small decorative bowl.

  36. I want a throw! It’s interesting how ours varied. For once I am not writing that I received the same as you.

    • I should add that I am very happy with my items that are listed on the other thread 🙂 I love color. My box is perfect me.

  37. I wish more home decor boxes were available too. But with that said, I’m also notoriously picky about my home decor choices. I appreciate that the value for this box is amazing, but nothing in particular piqued my interest. However, I am a weirdo.

  38. I haven’t gotten my second box yet, but I was a little confused about how there wasn’t any packing list or item descriptions. I couldn’t figure out if those napkins were napkins or trivets, and I think I got the short glasses but maybe they are votive holders? I’m sure it’ll take them a little bit to iron everything out, but it was definitely a mystery box.

    • Haha, don’t feel bad! I had to look them up, too. I thought they were trivets or coasters…. I got the short glasses, too. They’re actually glasses but I had wondered if they were votive holders. They aren’t (I mean, they could be if you wanted them to be) because I found the actual votive holders by the same company.
      I really hope they include an info card in the future boxes.

      • I was confused too. I didn’t even know the Vagabond dishes were appetizer dishes until I emailed them. I was confused on the cocktail napkins too. I need an information card!!! Or an email link showing everything in the box.

        This is their first month. I’m sure they are reading our comments and analyzing the feedback.

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