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BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015

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BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Box

BoxyCharm is a full-size and deluxe-size makeup and beauty subscription box.

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 First Look

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 drugstore beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US

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BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the products included.

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Coupon

This box also came with a coupon code for

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Eslor

Eslor Chlorophyll Lifting Mask – FULL SIZE! Value $38

This mask has a green gel consistency and is designed to make skin feel more softer, luminous, and firm. I haven’t tried it yet, but I like that you only have to leave it on until it dries – I’ll give it a try soon!

The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew – FULL SIZE! Value $10

The Beauty Crop brand is new to me – and they are launching their own subscription box soon! At first I thought this product was too small to be full size, but then I realized it is a highlighter, and you only need a tiny amount. The formula is free of parabens, phthalates, etc. and it looks very shimmery/pigmented in the tube, but it goes on with a subtle sheen. I really love it!

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 NCLA

NCLA Nudes Nail Lacquer in Volume IV – FULL SIZE! Value $16

This shade is a pink greige creme – I love it!

Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush – Value $30

I love getting makeup brushes in subscription boxes, so this is another win for me.

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Lipstick

Doucce Click Click Lipstick in 803 – FULL SIZE! Value $24

This is a very wearable shade for me, and the clicky lipstick case is fun. Swatched:

BoxyCharm Beauty Subscription Box Review – June 2015 Swatch


Verdict: I think this was a good Boxycharm box! The value is about $118, and I think I’ll use everything. And my favorite discovery in this box is the highlighter from The Beauty Crop – I’m going to have to check out more of their products!

What do you think of the June 2015 Boxycharm box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. How long does it usually take to get a response from them? I sent an email about my two damaged items six days ago and haven’t gotten anything back, not even a generic ‘we got ur email blah blah blah’ email, like a normal company sends.

    • I’ve been messaging their FB and emailing about canceling my account, I posted to their FB page too. They do the generic response but I started emailing last week. I saw someone else last week on their FB saying they’ve been trying to get Boxycharm to respond for over 2 weeks.

    • it took them 6 business day to contact me about my damaged doucce lipstick

  2. Can you cancel your account from Boxycharm’s new website? It says you can on the FAQ’s but there’s no cancel button on my subscription or addresses. Even under your subscriptions it says no subscriptions.

  3. I also received the cargo eyeshadow instead of the lipstick…disappointed!

  4. Love, love, love this box! I received a beautiful pinky nude lipstick and it is gorgeous – perfect shade for me. I am looking forward to testing out this mask since I am pretty vigilant about masking during the week – a little quiet “me time” is always what the dr orders in my house 🙂 I love the nail polish Liz received, mine is more nude nude vs. pinky nude. Not sure if it will work, but I am willing to give it a shot! Thanks BoxyCharm <3

  5. Did anyone else receive the Oscar Blandi hair serum instead of the lipstick? I really liked this box.

    • I got the OB hair serum instead of lipstick.

    • i received it too. They also replaced my lipbar lipstick which was missing from my last month box (I lucked out and received the coral. I loved the Red from Glossybox Holiday and so happy to not have the purple) and replaced the eyebrow pallet which was ruined and had covered everything in the last box. I sent pictures. no response at all but so happy they made it right with this box. due to the non response and my lateness cancelling (I cancelled as I hadn’t had a reply from my emails) I received this box. I am actually really happy with it and happy they made it right from last month!

      • oh and I forgot to mention. I had read this tip on MSA and can not remember who stated it (but thank you!) that when cancel hard to cancel boxes or ones that are known to charge regardless of the cancellation the next month, go ahead after you cancel, update your credit card and put in an unloaded / zero balance prepaid card (i have a $50.00 one that is down to zero or almost zero but it works doing this) so that you do not have to worry about being charged in the future after cancelled.

  6. I have been wanting to try BoxyCharm, they seem to almost always have hit boxes and a great selection. I am concerned with products being cruelty free and even vegan (I get Petit Vour) so I decided to look up the items in this box. I was very impressed! They were all cruelty free, three vegan, including the brush. The fact that so many companies are becoming responsible is wonderful.

  7. Crystal, thanks so much! You answered all my questions. I am going to sign up!

  8. I am kinda confused. I went on the Beauty crop website to order the box and it charges shipping and handling. I have read several places the shipping and handling are free.
    Another question, if you get that box, does that sign you up for future boxes? And how much is the box? Is the box quarterly or monthly? The website says”see you every month” Their products look really nice and I would like to try them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • The box is quarterly, I contacted them and asked the same question. Also the shipping is free only with $50 and up, I think there may have been a previous deal or coupon with free shipping but there’s isn’t one I can find that’s still available. The only coupon I could find was for 20% off. Hope that helps!

      • Also it does sign you up for a quarterly subscritption and the price of the box before discounts is $15.95 and the shipping for me was $8.95 with coupon I think the total was about $21 since I didn’t spend over $50 to get the free shipping

  9. I received a blue cargo eye shadow instead of the lipstick. I would have preferred the pink/purple or green that I saw on the swap sites. I am glad I didn’t get the yelllow because I received that one in blush beauty box about a year ago… I cancelled boxycharm awhile back but was intrigued with the face mask and needed a new kabuki brush (this one is a mini kabuki) still pleased. I am happy to try the highlighting cream now too. I know I will swap the eye shadow and nail polish. I have tons of nude nail polish this exact shade or close to and blue eye shadow does not really suit these green eyes. I am still fairly pleased but the reason I cancelled is because I was only using one or two of boxycharm products at best. I would still recommend them esp if you do not have a lot of makeup.

  10. Liz, I LOVE that nail polish shade!!!!

  11. I just wanted to mention that Boxy posted on their Facebook page that the mask was $21 for this size… Eslor does not offer this size on their website (unless I just didn’t see it on there) so I have no idea if that’s correct. With all the issues they’ve been having, I’m surprised that they didn’t include a correction in the box since that post was made before boxes shipped. I don’t expect them to reprint the cards, but still… something.

    • the eslor is on the website with that size but its in a trial kit

  12. It’s funny you mention the exceptionally late thing. I am expecting a replacement for the damaged bronzer in this box and still haven’t received the box. No shipping info either (although I can’t recall whether or not they ever send that). But it’s pretty darn frustrating to wait so long for it.

    • This is the second month in a row that they have had to send replacements. Last month I had 2 damaged items and the month before I had one damaged item. I will give them one more chance. If I have damaged items this month I will likely cancel my subscription. It is absurd that they take so long to send out replacement items. My primary worry is that if I cancel I will never receive the replacement items.

      • This is my second Boxycharm box and I too had a damaged item. The lipstick was all smushed up into the lip of the lipstick and it was stuck so it was very hard to open. I probably would have traded or sold the lipstick since I hate the way it smells (it smells like that old-fashioned lipstick my grandmother used to wear), but now I have to just toss it.

  13. Boxycharm has not impressed me. I’m a new subscriber and 2 out of 3 boxes have had damaged items. I think that they punishe those with damaged items by shipping the next box with replacement items exceptionately late. I was charged on the 4th with no shipping notice at this time. I’m not sure what to think about this. I have multiple subscriptions, but haven’t problems like this with the others. I have had issues with lost boxes and damaged products with other subs in the past, but the customer service for boxycharm is substandard in my opinion.

  14. I got the same items, with different colors for the lipstick and polish. The mask I’ve tried before in a foil packet from bb5, and I loved it, so to have a larger one is cool. It seems like more of a winter thing to me though? Idk, I just don’t think of masks when it’s 110 degrees outside lol. The brush is great, because I’ve been using the same brush for my blush and my powder for months now. The highlighter is pretty, and smells very nice, but it leaked a crap ton, probably because of the heat. The nail polish I got in volume 4, which is too pale for me to use, unfortunately. I never have good luck with nude polishes tho, since nude really just means ‘various shades of white people’ lol! The lipstick I got color 816, which is a really fun coral color, but it was mushed up into the cap when I opened it. I took pictures and sent an email, but haven’t heard back yet. I can always depot the broken items, but that’s a hassle.

    On a side note, as a person who only gets two boxes, both on opposite ends of the scale, why is it such a bad thing that you got an item in another box? Like, it’s different if you got something in a previous box, but if two different boxes send you the same item months apart, why is that bad? Are they supposed to just assume everyone is subscribed to ten different boxes? Idk, it just seems like there’s some unrealistic expectations for sub boxes to never send repeat items or items that another box has sent.

    • The issue isn’t so much that subscribers expect subs to anticipate their customers sub to other beauty services and receive overlapping products. It’s that when subscribers have received multiples of the same products from different services in prior months/years it’s an indicator that the items aren’t new or unique. Many sub to discover new brands or products from favorites. If they received the same item from several other services, often 6 months or more earlier, that means the sub now sending the same item isn’t on top of market trends or paying attention to the competition to ensure they’re offering so etching unique. It’s one thing for subscribers to complain “I hate eyeliner, bronzer, self tanner, blush, and hair products” which is a personal preference issue that no sub can adequately anticipate (nor should they). But it’s another (legitimate) issue entirely when a sub is rehashing brands/products their competitors sent months before, such was the case with what many of us now call the “summer of Purlisse” and the cries of “please, no more ‘Pores No More.'” It’s very reasonable to expect competing subs to stay abrest of trends and their competition.

  15. Did anyone get instructions for the mask? Since this is NOT the full-size bottle it seems no instructions (or ingredients) are listed on it (nor in my box).

    • The instructions are on the card .

  16. Liz do u know if we cancel but resubscribe later do we keep our charms ?? Or do we loose them. Thanks if anyone else knows anything about this please let me know . Thanks

  17. My first BoxyCharm contained a broken Ofra Stripes Blush. They said they had no replacement to send me, but gave me 3500 “points” to pick out something from the rewards shop… which has been non-functioning for over a month, and per their website is expected to be down several more weeks.

    Giving me points I could not redeem didn’t sit well with me so I cancelled. Then I was surprised to find this months box mailed to me. I checked my emails and they said they reactivated my subscription.

    I sent them an email via their online system, but so far have received no response. I actually like most of the reviews I’ve seen of their subs, but their customer service is lacking all the way around and can’t see myself as a customer until this is resolved. Very poor way to conduct a business.

  18. MIne came today. I am so happy I got a lipstick vs. a shadow (which I don’t wear). However, mine is color 818 and definitely not the above color…..more a red. I would have preferred Liz’s color.

    • My lip color is the most copletely neutral nude I have ever seen. Same with my nail polish and I have at least 4 other similar nudes already. : (
      I haven’t set up my swap account yet but Cindy, I’d be overjoyed to swap lipstick with you or anyone else that got one with some more color. I haven’t sampled it as I was pretty sure I would attempt a trade. I can be emailed at [email protected]. Thanks!

  19. I really like the box Liz received. That’s a nice wearable lipstick. I have a feeling I’m going to get the purple eyeshadow which I like but I have plenty purples already, or the yellow which I probably won’t wear. I’m Fine with the nude nail polish because I’ve already have plenty of reds, pinks and corals. Mine should be here today or tomorrow.

  20. The full size product for the mask is $38 but for that price the container is 50 mL. The boxycharm container is 15 mL. So that equates to a value of $11.40 for that product. And seriously, who would pay $30 for a buki brush? IMO this box is not worth $118. I was kind of disappointed this month as well.

    • You’re right- the full size of the mask is 1.7 oz and we got 0.5 in our boxes.

    • Definitely not as advertised… not cool.

  21. I’m really unhappy with Boxy right now… I got an email on 6/2 saying my account was reactivated (I guess the new website merge) and then my card was charged 6/5… but since then, no shipment email, no box, and no response for almost 2 weeks to my email inquiries. I’ve cancelled at this point, mainly because I don’t need more makeup/beauty right not but also because this is ridiculous – they can’t just take $21 from me and then send nothing and not respond to my inquiries! Thier new website merge has been a nightmare so this is really the time to have excellent customer service, not just ignore questions and complaints.

    • Me too!!! I’m sooo disappointed in Boxycharm this month. I was billed on 06/4/15 & have not received a tracking email yet, it has been the 10 business days they say to allow for this to happen & it has never been this late!!! smh I have emailed them twice & have yet to receive a message back, I know that they were having billing & website issues but this is ridiculous!!! I’ve decided that if I do not get an email by Friday that I will be canceling my subscription!! You can’t take someone money & not receive the product!!

      • I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this too! To make it worse, my bronzer from last month arrived broken so I’m supposed to be receiving a replacement in this month’s box. PFFFFFFFFT.

        • I’m sorry your going through this too!! My eyebrow kit was broken from last month also & I was supposed to get a replacement for it as well! Its just too much going on with boxycharm right now!! smh I’m sooo frustrated!

          • Well it looks like we’re in the same boat with no paddles! ARGH!

          • I just got a email response- said they were sorry, basically everything is messed up and they are sinking in emails but they are still shipping out boxes so I should receive an email confirmation in the next few days that mine has shipped, with my replacement bronzer. So, maybe I’ll get it before July. But there’s hope for you yet!

  22. This is my 2nd Boxy Charm and I’m very impressed! I received the same box as Liz. I have already received 3 nude nail polishes in over a month so really not into nude color again. The lipstick is also a nude but it works for me. And the lipstick stays on for awhile! I would have loved the cargo eyeshadow! I got the cargo blush in a Birchbox in coral and I love it!
    The value is definitely there with BC and I’m thrilled!

  23. I recieved mine today, my box was the same except I got the Cargo eyeshadow instead of the lipstick. I got a really pretty light pink, I was hoping for the Oscar Blandi serum but no luck. I like the Bellapierre kabuki brush but I also got a Doucce one in my Glossybox this month! Also I got a Doucce lipstick last month. It’s a really good brand. Also at first for some reason before I actually read the card I thought the highlighter was a lip gloss of some kind! lol!

    • I was also hoping for the serum, but from the looks of it on Instagram no one did.

      • I got the OB hair serum instead of lipstick.

  24. I got the same box as Liz and didn’t care for it. I don’t like nudes, don’t use highlighters. I feel like Boxycharm is on a steady decline for me, I’ve been trying to cancel the last two days but no one responds to my emails and I can’t do it on their new site. I just got the same highlighter in my May So Susan Lip Love bag, the mustard Cargo eyeshadow that some got I received in Blush mystery bag last year. The lipstick tube is kinda cool how it clicks, but not a fan of the shade. I’m on product overload and Boxycharm seems like one I should cancel for a while.

  25. Awesome box!

  26. I haven’t even received my tracking information for my June box!!! I was charged on the 4th & this is my 10th business day with no email!! This is getting ridiculous!! Smh I’ve emailed them twice still nothing! I know they were having some billing & website issues but this is getting crazy! If I don’t get an email by tomorrow I’ve decided that I’m going to cancel my subscription! I would hate to do it because I really do love boxycharm… Ugh

  27. Has anyone actually received the Oscar Blandi Hair Serum? Ive seen about 100 pics of peoples boxes and not one Blandi!! Im hoping for it in my box!! So anxiously awaiting mine that I have been trying to guess based on my box weight which is a little over 11oz. Since the Blandi bottle is 2oz im keeping my fingers crossed!! lol

    • Hey guys! Not sure if it’s still available, but on HSN or QVC (can’t remember for the life of me), they have full size Oscar blandi for $5 in their clearance section, and it also include the smaller sample size bottle! Got that with a trio of Lippmann nail polish that was $10 for 3 full size bottles!

  28. I haven’t even received the tracking information for my box & I was charged on the 4th so today would make the 10th business day!!! I am sooo disappointed with boxycharm this month!! I know they had billing & website issues but this is ridiculous! If I don’t get my tracking by tomorrow I’ve decided im going to cancel my subscription I love boxycharm but this ridiculous!!

  29. Thanks so much for this review I noticed you didn’t complete your thought about the kabuki brush picture.

    “Bellapierre Cosmetics Kabuki Brush – Value $30
    I love getting makeup brushes in subscription boxes, so this is another win for me. Plus I”

    Just wanted to draw this to your attention and thanks for the swatch beatiful color it has.

    • Oops! Maybe it is time for me to go to bed and not reviews when I’m tired! 🙂 Thanks for letting me know!

  30. Danggggg… I got a cargo eyeshadow. Why do I never get the lipsticks?! Some kind of cosmic makeup bad luck. It is my FAVORITE therefore.. I’ll never get one.

    • Me too. Cargo in an odd, muted yellow color that I won’t use.

  31. I don’t sub Boxycharm but got intrigued by The Beauty Crop. Picked up their pre-launch bag and a beet lip stain. Limited number of products but the items offered were super cute!

    • That pre-launch bag from The Beauty Crop is so cute and very reasonably priced. I ordered one right away!

      • YES! Got one too, and there’s a 20% off coupon floating around out there in cyberspace. Got TWO, too, I should have said. I’ve decided to let go of most of my monthly boxes EXCEPT PSMH and natural ones like PV GB and KB to have more of the “lux” ones and the Special Editions. I have more than 20. Yikes!

        • Do you happen to know what the 20% coupon is or where I can find out?

          • Thanks for letting me know about this their stuff is so cute and I ordered it right away, i found a coupon for 20% off it submom20, but you have to go from a website and click the link to get it (I’m not sure if i should post the name of the website on here since its another sub box one), if its ok to post it let me know and ill put it up if anyone is interested, also they charge $8.95 for shipping but its free if you spend $50 and up

          • The code she gave is correct. She didn’t give the website, but the coupon name includes it, lol. Also, the new box has no dhipping charge. It’s $15.95 and ships quarterly, I LOVE the tote!

          • I kind of figured the code would give it away lol, Its sold out now, or the one I got is Im not sure if there is a newer one I didn’t see but I couldn’t get it to do free shipping, but I’m happy with it even with the shipping charge I love the packaging

  32. I received a purple cargo eyeshadow instead of the lipstick you received. I think the lipstick would have been better.

    • I got purple shadow too. I would’ve loved that lipstick instead. Overall I was happy with the box. I can’t wait to try the mask.

  33. Mine has been en route since the 11th and may be delivered tomorrow. It’s my first box from Boxycharm. I got interested with the mask spoiler and the brush took me over the precipice holding out my credit card…..

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