Beauty Fix July 2015 Spoilers + 50% Off First Month!

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Thanks Jes for letting us know about the July 2015 BeautyFix spoilers – and BeautyFix is currently offering 50% off your first month if you sign up for a subscription – you can get the July box for only $12.48! (No coupon needed – just add the July Monthly Subscription to your cart.

Here are all the items included:

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What do you think of the July 2015 BeautyFix spoilers? Are you going to take advantage of the 50% off deal?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m also pretty underwhelmed by this box! The past few months have been pretty good. I’ve discovered several new brands through these boxes that I love and use daily. When I opened the package this time it looked to me as though they forgot to put in main items! These are all “free” samples and they have no business selling them! If August is a repeat I’m cancelling. It’s to their benefit to introduce us to products that we will repurchase as opposed to cleaning out old inventory! I always purchase through DermaStore rather than Sephora if I can but not if the BeautyFix boxes turn into garbage.

  2. Wile at $13.00 this was an ok box…. For full price paying subscribers, this was a joke!!! I am seriously upset by the ridiculously small sizes. If they were going to do a promotion and shrink sizes to offset expenses then they should have done so with ONLY the people using the promotion code, not the people already subscribed to their service. I essentially paid almost $30 dollars for a tube of their lipgloss and mascara… Considering the hair clips say FREE GIFT on them and everything else is joke size small. I really can’t wait to see Liz review this. August better be amazing or I am dropping them for good.

  3. I get that this box was half price (for new subscribers; I’d be furious if paid full price) but the microscopic samples don’t exactly encourage me to stay subbed at full price. I’m not sure why subs think that sending a lower value box for a discounted price will draw in new subscribers and keep them beyond the first box. I took one look at the contents and pronounced them smaller than BB and that’s saying a lot (and without the accompanying reward points, yet priced $3 higher). To me it’s a super cheap move to “discount” the box but then send samples that are nothing like the sizes they’ve included in previous boxes. That’s hardly a great deal. Had they sent the same high value box for half price as in prior months I’d sub for the long haul in a hot minute. As it stands pretty much everyone I spoke to who subbed at the discounted price were unimpressed and already cancelled. It’s especially bad that they sent multiple “not for resale” samples. I’m pretty sure no one who snapped up this deal was thinking “I hope they send a box of samples I can get for free at Sephora instead of the full size products they usually send.” People (for the most part) subbed at the discounted rate assuming they’d get the same sizes that BF has included in every other box. Basically it’s a bait and switch scenario, right up there with subs that offer deals on RueLaLa or Gilt but then send lower value boxes to sale price subscriber. On one hand they sent the same box to everyone but on the other, that’s hardly fair to existing subscribers who paid $25. In short, this just felt underhanded and shady.

  4. I just received my box today, and have been a regular monthly subscriber (ie paid full price). I feel like this box contents’ shrunk in the mail…some of the tube “samples” don’t have sizes but feel essentially empty, and that is the tiniest bar of soap that I have seen. On a positive side, the soap does smell nice, but at $27 a month for a beauty sub, I am off to cancel this one and take my chances if they up their game for August.

  5. My box should be arriving today. I read the comments about the small sizes and wondering if they do this occasionally to balance out cost. If so, it may work for them but it’s a bummer for the customer who expects a great box and a bang for their buck each month. I really like beauty fix so I’ll hang in there and see what next month’s box looks like -and I think they count on customers to do that lol. I’m hooked for now but will cancel if I start getting too many foil packets and minis.

  6. Got my box and was angry enough with the size of the samples to complain (what’s with the soap? I get larger soaps at hotels!). They didn’t let me return the box, but they gave me a refund of 50%, so around $13. For $13 this is an OK sample box. But I’m nervous about next month. I haven’t cancelled yet, but I’m thinking about it. I could always resubscribe after the spoilers.

    • The soap is so small I’m concerned it could easily slip down the drain – before even using it! Glad they gave you the same deal as the sale price but even at $13 to me it wasn’t worth it just on principle alone. I had planned to sub at full price once they opened up July subscriptions. I would have preferred if they hadn’t offered the deal and just kept up as in past months because now I question their business integrity. And that does nothing to inspire loyalty.

  7. I received my box today, and I’m actually pretty happy with it. The samples are definitely smaller than in past months, but I’ll actually use or try all of it, while there’s always been one or two things that have ended up in my swap pile in past months. I’m hoping for a return to more full size products next month, but BeautyFix remains a favorite of mine!

    • Yes, me too. I can’t be mad at it, because of the greatness of the boxes they’ve sent before. I am going to use most of it, I really really need the Vichy, and now I have the world’s smallest bar of soap.

    • I agree with you as well. I’ll use everything in this box! I love trying new things and I hate buying full sized products that cost a lot of money and I rarely finish them… so this is perfect for me. And the value is definitely worth more than $26 (full price for a Beautyfix box) even if this month isn’t $100+. A beauty box should ideally be worth 2x or 3x the cost and this has fit the bill (if not 4x!) all 4 monthts I’ve been subbed.

      I understand it’s not for everyone but I’m super happy with it!

  8. I am a bit disappointed in this box. It seems to me, that they just threw a bunch of samples they had laying around into a box and called it good. I cannot express enough, how much I dislike foil packets. It isn’t because they are small (because depending on the sample type, I can get quite a few uses out of the packet) but because there is no great way to store them once they have been opened. Whatever product is at the top dries out, and either the rest of the product goes to waste, or you have to cull the dried product from the top. They also leak or spill because it’s difficult to keep them upright.

    Anyway, to say I am disappointed in this box would be an understatement. If the next box is like this too, I will be cancelling my subscription, which makes me sad because I remember what BeautyFix USED to be like. :\

  9. I received mine today. Glad I got this one for half price because it’s kind of disappointing. A few notes: The soap is indeed the Erno Lazlo Firmamine so I’m happy to try that. The Devacurl is indeed the foil packets set. I will not be using that. Is someone interested in trading for it? The Bliss and Vichy products are excellent sizes for travel. I am happy just to have the refillable Vichy bottle! The Undercover Agent product is minute and the others (not already mentioned) are quite small. The clips are very sturdy and will be useful. They also included an additional free foil packet. Hoping next month will be better but I’m not unhappy since I only paid half price.

    • Got mine today too, and I have to say that even after seeing the spoilers I was disappointed in the size of the products. They are tiny! The mascara and lip balm are good size, and I know it’s just to try new products, but…I’m just glad I didn’t pay full price and I’ll be calling to cancel asap.

  10. wow this was disappointing in lieu of the last subs. :/ not many full sized. Just 2 after having 4 or 5? their samples are usually super small too. I should get mine in the next few days. I’ll keep them for a bit longer but for $26 a mth (includes tax), I won’t keep something that disappoints. We shall see.

  11. Got my box today and I’m regretting even paying the ~$13 for it. I’m really wondering what happened this month, considering their previous boxes.

  12. I received my box today. Everything is small, except the mascara. It doesn’t seem like a box worth 100.00. I hope the products wow me. I have been a subscriber for almost a year. This box seems like it’s full of samples. I’m hoping for a great box next month.

  13. 50% off is pretty good…does anybody know if any other codes apply? 🙂

    • Rewards codes do apply. I had a $10 code for a referral I’d given before and I was able to use that.

  14. Mine has shipped! This is my first BeautyFix, and while previous months were much more tempting with the products, I couldn’t pass this up at half price. I wouldn’t buy it at full price, though, which is weird since I’ve always considered previous BeautyFix boxes to be well worth the $25 value but something or another always kept me from buying. I feel like I bought this one only for the price… which is terrible haha.

    • Same! Completely the same thing for me!

  15. I’m just happy I could finally sign up before it sold out.

  16. Yeah, as a current subscriber I am not impressed. With shipping or tax or whatever is added this box is $27+ for me. Those teeny tiny samples just don’t cut it. I’m interested to see the actual value for myself when I have the items in hand. Beauty Fix has consistently been a favorite for me but more months like this and I will have to bow out.

    • July will be my 4th month of BeautyFix and I LOVE it! I almost never finish full-sized products and I love trying different skin care items – especially luxury brands that I wouldn’t normally buy… so it’s perfect for me! And those little samples have more uses in them than you think – or more than I think anyway. 🙂

    • if you’re looking for Arab, DermStore posted a value breakdown on their Instagram last night!

    • if you’re looking for RV, DermStore posted a value breakdown on their Instagram last night!

      • They did after I challenged them, but they are including the two SkinCeutical “not for resale” samples. Those should not be included in the value of the box because they are, by definition, *free* samples. The value they ascribe to them is completely arbitrary, in particular when there is no way to know how much product there is in each sample.

        They also inflated the value in two other items.

    • me too. Giving this one more month, if it’s bad again, I’m out too. With boxycharm, glossybox and others, you gotta be of value for 26 bucks for me.

  17. They no longer make more shipments to Puerto Rico, i had to cancel my subscription today (my last beautyfix was in march). Soooooo sad!!!! I really love this beauty box!!! =(

  18. I’m torn on the box. I want to try the DevaCurl!

    • For $12.50 it’s a great deal, considering the intro kit alone is $10.

      • I did read your comment back when you posted it. I gave it some thought, but I don’t want the hassle of canceling the following month if I can’t use enough products to make it worth it. I may order it from BB using my points.

    • PA Anna, if you’re still reading here, email me and I’ll send you my DevaCurl. I have straight as a pin hair, and would be delighted to send it to someone that can use it.

      • my email is bekkileigh at google’s mail service

  19. I posted about the cost 3 times last night, but I can’t see my postings. Anyway, as far as I can tell, from the video and using the prices I could quickly find online, this is the value breakdown of the products in the box. They add up to $66 plus the cost of the cleansing bar. I can’t tell either the brand or the size of the bar from the video.

    The SkinCeutical items do not count as they specifically say “Not for Resale” and don’t comply with US packaging laws.

    Deva Curl Intro kit – $9.5 (at Amazon)
    Bliss Mask, .34 oz $5.4 (3.4oz full size $54 at Ulta)
    Lip Quencher $12
    Glo-minerals mascara $19.5 at Dermstore
    SkinMedica moisturizer .25 oz $7 (2 oz full size $56 at Dermstore)
    Vichy Cleanser 1 oz $2.5 (6.76 oz full size $17 at Ultima)
    Harry Josh clips 2 $10 (3 for $15 at Dermstore)

    • I think the DevaCurl is the set with the bottles, not the packs. And the Erno Laszlo bar is probably pretty expensive, even for the small size.

      • No, the intro kit is the one with the foils – the one with the bottles comes in a different box and it’s not called intro kit.

        The bar is super tiny. If this is the Erno Laszlo Blue Firmarine Treatment Bar, the 5 oz bar sells for $5 at Birchbox. If this one is 1 oz, then it’d be worth $5, so the box would be worth $71.

        • sorry, I meant to say the 5 oz bar sells for $25

          • I dont see Erno Laszlo brand on birchbox website. It’s 5.3oz for $45 on all other websites including Nordstrom.

          • I linked my name to the bar on the birchbox website I meant (so click on nana to see it). Maybe it’s not the right one? I really can’t tell from the video.

          • That was a discount price that is no longer available. Birchbox doesn’t stick it anymore. Everywhere else has it full price at $45.

          • Since my post, BeautyFix pm’d me the value they ascribe to each product, and they give the soap a $5 value.

  20. Darn that half off coupon! I totally bought one…. I’ve no self control. I keep saying “No MORE”!!!!!

  21. I’m loving this spoiler! Devacurl is the best product for my blonde curly hair! I hope everyone who doesn’t like it, puts it up for swap!

    • I have blonde straight hair, so mine will be up for swap!

  22. I’m excited for the skincentuals and lip quench…diva curl? nah. Got fine, thin hair but I might find a friend who will want it. I hope it’s not a full sized item, I’d rather that be the skin stuff. I still love this sub!

  23. Hmm. Yeah it doesn’t seem like there’s really a marquee item this month. All things I can use though, so I’m happy with this box.

    I kind of wish they wouldn’t repeat things from past mystery boxes though – I already had the carbon tail comb from a couple of months ago and I have the hair clips – both from recent mystery grab bags. I do like the hair clips so I’m fine with having extras. If I keep up my beautyfix sub I definitely won’t be buying any future mystery grab bags though, with that issue in mind.

  24. If this is the same kit I have received before the deva curl set is all foil packets

  25. I was just about to buy new hair clips, these look like good quality too, and need more micellar water. So, at half price, this is a no-brainer. The Deva Curl will be gifted to my big hair friend – she’ll be thrilled!

    • Am I missing something? I don’t see hair clips.

      • The hair clips are shown in the reveal video on the dermstore website. Liz just missed posting the screenshot of the hair clips.

    • The hair clips are great. I wanted some more, so I just bought a pack last week. Now I have two more. 🙂

  26. I’m not as excited as usual, because I’ve tried DevaCare and it didn’t work well with my hair (it worked in the short run but my hair got dry, just the opposite of what was supposed to happen), I like LipQuench but I’m still using the other one they gave us, and I use mascaras at a snail’s pace so the Lancome sample size I’m currently using will last me way longer than the recommended three months. I am excited about the Vichy and the hair clips. I can’t find a hydrating blue Erno Laszlo face bar anywhere so I’m not sure what that is, but I’ll give it a try. If it’s actually the oil control (which is blue), I’ll think about it – that’s not my skin type. And the rest I’ll probably swap. No, not true – I’ll probably use the Skinceuticals samples, but they don’t go very far.

    • I am hoping the Erno Lazlo will be the Firmarine Face Bar (though it is a different shape) because that one is hydrating and interests me. It also is a color closer to the above picture than the oil control bar

      • That makes sense. You’re probably right. I hope so too.

  27. I’m really excited for the DevaCurl system. I bought this same system for my youngest daughter, who has VERY curly hair, and it works beautifully on her hair! Her normally very tangly, easily matted hair, turns into beautiful springy easily combed and brushed curls. It’s very moisturizing, and smells wonderful!

    The rest of the box, I’m kind of “meh” on. I’m interested in trying the lip quench, but more than likely the majority of those things will go to my eldest daughter. She will get some use out of the cleansing bar, and I already have plenty of cleansing water/toner so I will give her that as well for a makeup remover.

  28. This is rapidly becoming my favorite box! Of course I re signed back up (had cancelled once before and regretted it!) and got the $12.48 offer. I love DermStore. This, Birchbox, and Glossybox I think will be my three continuous subscriptions. 🙂

    Cant wait to receive this!

  29. I bought June’s box, but can’t remember the details of signing up. When I went back to my account, I could see anything that looked like I had a recurring subscription. I think I may have been charged for July, because there is an unaccounted for $25 charge on my credit card. How do you verify you have the subscription and then cancel it?

    • You have to call Dermstore to cancel your subscription.

    • Go to your dermstore “orders” on their website…They had a glitch in the system and I saw 2 charges from them as well (I’m a sub to this) and it had me down for 2 boxes…since they are both processing, I get the boxes but dermstore was awesome! They did credit me for one of them and told me to keep both boxes. How awesome is that? But check your dermstore orders via their website..if you see 2 boxes, call them. They said they corrected whatever it was and next month, my auto refill should just do 1 box

      • Tami that happened to me a couple of months ago. 2 charges and 2 boxes. The first guy I talked to wanted me to send the second box back (which I thought was dumb for them to send me postage to send a box back) – but them the email I got from them in response to my first inquiry told me to keep it and they would refund me. And it was a GREAT BOX, so I was a happy camper.

  30. I am subscribed but they are waiting for me to update my payment info. I am not sure if I want to or not. I have fine, straight hair. It looks to me that the curl kit will be the 2 oz. bottles and I have no use for that at all. And that seems to be the ‘star’ item this month. I don’t even know anyone who could use this product.

    • I decided NOT to update my billing information and cancel that one. Then I ordered a new one at the discounted price. The order is already fulfilled and has a tracking number. (No actual tracking yet.)

  31. I decided to go ahead and get this one. I don’t think I’d ever buy it at full price but $13 isn’t too bad for a one time purchase.

    Does anyone know when it needs to be canceled by to avoid being charged $25 for the next box?

    • They usually charge you at the last or first couple of days of the month. I would cancel as soon as you get your box while its on your mind. Whenever I put off cancelling a sub, I usually end up forgetting and getting charged for the following month! 🙂

  32. I still really like Beautyfix, but I’m a little disappointed with these spoilers. For one, I don’t have curly hair and I’ve heard bad things about that shampoo. Some of the other products just seem kind of boring to me…I already have a ton of moisturizers, I don’t need another lip balm, etc. I’m not sure what the size is of the Bliss mask, but I just received the same thing in my Birchbox last month.

    I am excited for the mascara and I could use the two Harry Josh clips that someone else mentioned would also be included. I could also use the makeup remover, providing it works well. That alone makes the box worth it, and maybe I’ll like the other products more when I see them in person.

  33. It looks like a good box for me for the price. Excited about the curl products and extra excited that there’s no bronzer like so many of the July boxes.

  34. I did some quick math and it looks to be over $100 if the bar is an Erno Laszlo bar about 1/4-1/3 the size of a full size bar. I included the clips too since I saw them in the video. And I’m guessing the skinceutical samples are about 4ml in size, but they are pricey products. I went for it. I ended up not getting last month cause I wanted to see what the cargo color was. Turned out it would have been a good match for me and I would have been curious about the Paula choice product, but they sold out before I could purchase. This month doesn’t excite me a ton, but I’ve been wanting to try the Deva Curl product. I agree I think it is going to be the large foil packets. I’m not too crazy about much else. I already have the HJ clips and Vichy and I’ve received the skinceuticals and skinmedica products about a million times from them as samples with purchase or in their grab bags. But for the half price and cuase I just can’t help myself sometimes I went for it.

    • The Cargo wasn’t a good match for my fair skin and I would swap/sell if you’re still interested!

  35. Where do I find the video?

    • if you click on the “BeautyFix” spoilers link, then about mid-screen there’s a gray bar that says Featured Products, New, Videos… click on Videos and its the only one there

  36. The video also shows two Harry Josh styling hair clips that will be included in this box. I think Liz accidentally skipped adding that screen shot. It’s another item that I need and could use!

  37. Not gonna lie, I was highly irritated with June’s box (all the items that I couldn’t use). I really like this box, so I signed up again. I’m thrilled that there isn’t skin tone specific products in this box.

    • Yeah, I can honestly say I preferred the boxes before the relaunch. I always LOVED those boxes, and now I just sort of feel “meh” most months. They just keep sending out too much stuff I can’t use. It seems like a waste.

  38. Actually, I would like to get a second one. Does anybody know if I can use the code to order a second one, then cancel?

  39. This box looks great to me again. Not every item will be for every person. But remember they include a ton of items. Give the hair items to a friend! 🙂

  40. Actually, these are products that fit my needs. I’ll be happy with this if the value is there. Does anybody know the value yet? I have so many makeup and lifestyle subs, so it’s nice to have a box that focuses a little more on skin and hair.

    • I tried to post this before, but my posts are disappearing.

      The value is about $58 + whatever the soap costs, but it looks small so I don’t think it’ll be much. So this box’s value is about half of what former boxes have been. I get that they’re charging half the price to new subscribers, but older ones are paying full price. Not cool.

  41. I’ve been loving Beautygix since they relaunched, but this month is a bummer for me. I know they can’t please everyone, but they are sending some oddly specific items (like the shampoo for curly hair this month, dark tinted moisturizer last month, men’s shaving cream….).
    It seems like we receive those little Skinceutical samples every month, plus we got a lip quench a few months ago.
    I do look forward to the bliss mask and the mascara. Though I do wonder if this all adds up to $100?

  42. Are the DevaCurl items foil packets? So weird that they’d send something so specific for curly hair. Lucky for me that I have curly hair and have used DevaCurl before, but I wouldn’t offer it to a straight haired person!

    • The kit is on Amazon, its about 2oz each bottle.

      • There’s also a kit with 1 oz. foil packets, if you Google image search “Devacurl introductory kit.” I think that’s probably what they’re sending.

  43. Sounds like a great deal, but I already have some of those samples from past Blush boxes. I canceled a couple months ago and this is tempting, but too much face stuff. I absolutely don’t need any more moisturizers or cleansers.

  44. This stuff looks good, but I already have SO much face stuff from having too many subscriptions. And I just got a mask yesterday from Kloverbox! I even looked up reviews of some of the products to try to make myself feel better – according to Ulta people do really like the Bliss mask and the Vichy cleansing water. Apparently the Quench lip stuff by Dermstore is some people’s holy grail, although they changed the formula recently and pissed off a lot of customers who are not impressed with it. The other stuff doesn’t look exciting to me at all, and the smaller samples look like repeats from Beautyfix a few months ago.

    They already charged subscribers today, so I changed my shipping address to have this sent to my sister. The status of the box says “in fulfillment,” so I hope it’ll end up going to her instead of me and that she likes it.

  45. The mascara seems to be the only full size item. There is no way this box is $100 as promised.

    • Actually, I just looked up the prices. This box is worth $58 + whatever the cleansing bar costs (I can’t read the brand). This is not counting the two “not for resale” skinceutical samples, which DermStore always includes. That’s a horrible value compared to past boxes.

    • Now I’m having my comments disappear 🙁

      I calculated what this box is worth, and it comes to around $58 + whatever the cleansing bar is worth. That’s excluding the two SkinCeutical samples that specifically say “not for resale”, and which are so tiny they don’t even indicate how much product there is.

      They promise $100, they usually have at least $120, so I’m disappointed this month is half of that. They should charge regular subscribers half as much as well.

      • Sorry – not sure why your comments weren’t automatically approved. Everything should be showing up now! 🙂

  46. The samples do appear to be smaller than usual this month but they’re mostly items for your face. And the face doesn’t require that much product so these tubes are probably still a good value because they’ll last a while. There are only a couple of things out of the 11 items that I doubt I’ll use so this will probably be a worthwhile box for me this month. I like it better than last month’s box because these items are more in line with the types of skincare products I’m interested in.

  47. Just FYI, despite it being a “1st box” promo you DO get the discount even if you have been a past subscriber! So great!
    I foolishly cancelled a few months ago, right before their major makeover and have been unable to rejoin due to the rapid sell out each month.

    • Yeah but for those of us on the monthly box still they already charged today :'( so we are not rewarded…

      • yeah I’m bummed i tried calling to cancel my sub but they said they already charged for july . even though it says you only need to cancel the last day of the month prior . i cancelled and will probably re sub next month lol

  48. They do look small, but I couldn’t pass up this deal… Ugh! I’m up to 7 monthly subscriptions and 3 quarterly… I’m going to need to figure out how this swap thing works asap!!

    • Consider yourself lucky. I have got 17 monthly, 4 bi-monthly, 5 seasonal, and 3 that I get as one time purchases when they come out. I wonder who has the most on this site. Aside from Liz, haha!

      • Oops, that’s 19 monthly.

        • Just kidding, 21. Ok, I have a problem. That’s the first step they say. Now to pair them down.

          • I wonder how FULL your room must be. lol

  49. The sizes all look really small 🙁 I already get this box so I cant use the coupon but it would be a great deal

    • And they already charged me so I cant cancel :'(

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