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Allure Beauty Box New Site Now Taking Subscriptions

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Allure Beauty Box

The Allure Beauty Box (formally Sample Society) has launched on its new site, and is now taking orders for the July box. (Shipping July 1st).

(FYI – if you already had a subscription through, it should transfer over – no need to subscribe again).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. OK, I’m getting excited because I just got an email notification that my July box has shipped! Unfortunately no tracking details have been provided, says “Unavailable” which is weird. Anyone else getting their notifications?? I’m super excited to try this subscription.

    • I got the same email this morning!

    • Yep, exact same thing! I have an app (Parcel Track) where you can email them your emails about shipping, and it automatically extracts the shipping number and tracks the package for you, but I can’t do that because there is no tracking number in the email. #FirstWorldProblems

  2. I called about a week ago and was told that my account hadn’t switched over. The rep suggested that I should keep a lookout and resub if necessary. I resubbed and now I see that I’ve been charged by Beauty Bar and Conde Naste. Oh well, I guess I’ll definitely be getting a box!

    I think I’ll wait a little while before trying to recope my $$.

  3. I found a page that I believe tells what is coming in the July box…
    *Possible Spoilers Ahead*

    “The program received a serious makeover this month, and the shiny red boxes will come stocked with five Allure editors’ favorite summer products, including a seriously silkifying Fekkai hair mask, a buttery champagne Laura Mercier highlighter, and a badass metallic nude Butter London polish (in one of three shades) that will take you right into fall. And we can’t leave out one of the new L’Oréal Paris lip colors, which we are in a bit of a frenzy over, and the refreshingly crisp citrus Maison Francis Kurkdjian scent.”

    • Allure mentioned in the June reveal that the next months box would have 6 products and said if you like bumble and bumble, Estee Lauder, and Supergoop You will smile about the July box. So maybe this is a past box???

    • Those were the items in the July 2014 box 🙂

      • I was going to say, I’m pretty sure I got that box already!

  4. For those who resubscribe to ensure a July box I was charged twice. Once by Allure and once by Beauty Bar. I was easily able to call Allure and cancel the duplicate account and get a refund for the extra charge. She said most subscribers info has not transferred over yet due to system glitches that’s why Beauty Bar is handling the July box. It would have been nice to be emailed about it but no biggie. It’s super easy to cancel a duplicate account.

  5. I was a subscriber prior to the switch and I followed the email instruction to not do anything and my subscription would transition. Signed into beauty bar today and it shows the July box as shipping soon.

  6. My credit card just expired and I called to try and update it and they told me the records aren’t transferring over until July 1– which makes no sense since beautybar said we couldn’t make any changes except to cancel as of June 1 and the boxes start shipping July 1. This is so disorganized and ridiculous. I emailed them twice in June and no one has bothered replying. I will be pretty pissed if they don’t send me a box, because I’ve been trying to update my info for weeks.

    • Hi Stormcloud. Have you tried calling the Beauty Bar customer service number? Beauty Bar’s call line has excellent customer service amenities. Have a nice day.



    • Just resubscribe on Allure with your new credit card info. If you get 2 just cancel the duplicate account. A lot of us have done this to ensure we get a July box. It is frustrating and disorganized but not worth getting so angry over.

    • You can still access your account on Beautybar. You will probably be ok as long as you make the change by the last day of the month. If you are leary about it, you can always call Allure’s Beauty Box Customer Service reps. I am sure they would take your new payment information and make sure that gets updated on their end.

    • That’s crazy because they tried to charge my card on the 28th of June, of course I had to change my card because PayPal took a bunch of money from the card I use for my subs, so the money wasn’t on there, but I told them they should have sent an email to everyone if they were going to charge us early, last time I looked, mine was being I don’t understand why they wouldn’t work with you until July 1st…maybe it’s due to the change, I know I’ve worked with a lot of acquisitions, however we always made sure, everything was setup before we took over…just thought I would share!!

  7. I called, emailed and tried chatting with them online and all they would tell me was my account should be transferring over. Nobody could tell me what my new account # would be so I am crossing my fingers it works out because I have been enjoying this subscription and want to continue. 🙂

    • Same here. I called when I was trying to make a change of address. I am moving the 1st week of July so that was something I could not wait until July to do it. That was around the 18th and they could not give me an account number to log into their system. They did offer to take my information to make the change on their end but I opted to make the change myself on Beautybar. I emailed yesterday to find out if I should be concerned that I have not been charged yet and gave them my name and email. I did not get a reply. That is fine though, since I see that my box is in process on beautybar. I’m excited.

  8. Allure still can’t find me as a beautybar subscriber but since I resubscribed they show me in their system now. If I get 2 July boxes and charged twice it’s no big deal. The Allure rep said just call before the August bill cycle and they can just cancel the duplicate account. She said the same thing others have been told-she thanked me for being nice and said they are getting literally hundreds of calls a day from pissed off women who are screaming at them,making ludicrous threats etc. So sad and silly. All this freaking out over a 15.00 makeup sub. Shakes my head.

    • Per someone else’s comment below, I logged into the BeautyBar site and saw that I had a pending charge/order for the July Allure box. So another thing to do is log into BeautyBar and look at your orders. (This is after I called the Allure # today and asked. I didn’t get angry at the phone rep. It sounds like they are just disorganized or slow and the people who answer the phone don’t have any control over that!)

      • Exactly Ragan! These are just customer service reps who probably aren’t told anything and are just the messangers. Again…it’s just a low dollar makeup sub box. Not worth being outraged over.

  9. I should have just called first. I tried logging in with the other link that lets you use your email addy and zip code, tried the one with account number… all of them. Not found, not found, not found… just had the charge go thru the bank for the box. Guess they did move me, I just have no idea where I am in the system or how to log into my account.

  10. Went on the site and logged in. There is shows that my July Allure box is pending payment. When I tried the Allure link, I was able to login but there is no other information. Do you suppose i’m gonna get it or not? So confused.

    • Hi…I had the same thing with mine. Called Allure and they assured me if the charge went through we will get the July box. She said they are still in the process of transitioning past subscribers to the new website and also gave me the number to Beauty Bar CS to verify the box was billed. BB even sent me a confirmation email as well. Think it’s just going to take a little time 🙂 …hope that helps!

      • OK, I was wondering about this. I called the Allure number from the e-mail they sent and they couldn’t find me. They gave me another number to call without telling me who was on the other end. I called it and got Beauty Bar. I hung up because I didn’t understand why they’d give me that number. But now it makes sense. I guess I will try again tomorrow.

    • MIne is In Process on Beautybar also. I am just going to trust that they will work it out, for those of us who didn’t cancel our Sample Society subscription, by the time the box ships.

  11. I kee going back and forth on this one. I’m hoping they’ll have a good first box, but I’m a bit overloaded on beauty products lately. I’ve been thinking of dropping ipsy though so there might be room in the lineup…Choices! I wish there was a spoiler.

    • Just kidding, I just signed up. So much for willpower.

    • There wasn’t a product spoiler but they did spoil 3 brands that would be among the 6 products. Bumble and Bumble, Estée Lauder, and Supergoop.

  12. YAY! I’ve been waiting for this one! No delay subscribing for me!

  13. I signed up. I hope I’m impressed! 🙂

    • Thanks for that link! I tried again on that one since I couldn’t remember the variation of my password I used… they didn’t move me, so I’m debating if I want to sign up or not.

      • The above link does not require a password, just your zip. I am sure they cannot move the password over since that password is used to access beauty at account.

    • I tried the link and my info is definitely there but I don’t know if it’s there because my account was moved over or because I re-registered this am. Did you notice allure has a profile that we can fill out. I don’t remember one in the BB site.

      • Yes, I filled it out.

  14. This was my first sub and like everyone else I wasn’t able to log in at the new site (if you go to your account at the beauty bar site there is an account number, you have to do some digging) with my old account number. When I called they had no record of me and suggested that I sign up again. The customer service rep thanked me for being so understanding. Apparently people have been calling and being nasty and verbally abusive to the reps. There’s no excuse for that! It’s a $15 a month sub and big deal if you have you register again, this does not constitute a crisis! The woman told me that the nasty calls have been the norm, not the exception.

    I work in a job where I occasionally have to deal with people who are freaking out about masters that are either beyond my control our simply not my responsibility so I completely empathize with these customer service people. Information gets lost in the shuffle, things get delayed in the post, this is life. Surely people have better things to occupy themselves with!

    • Agreed! My account didn’t transfer over so I simply resubscribed. Some women need to chill the eff out and stop freaking out over nothing.

    • Where did you find your account number? I’ve searched high and low.

      • If you go to the beauty bar site is in your account info. However, I don’t think it will work at the allure site. You’re better off trying you’re email and password or better yet, sign up again. I’m sure it’s no problem to close a duplicate account.

    • Nasty calls like that are just wrong. Even if the company you’re calling has done something awful, don’t take it out on the customer reps, for crying out loud! They didn’t do anything to you. They didn’t make the bag thing happen. Being nasty with them is just ruining an innocent person’s day.

  15. I didn’t know they were taking new subscribers until I read this, thank you! Ordered mine, I’m super excited to finally be getting this box!

  16. I just ordered mine. I dumped Beauty Box 5 recently so I have space on my roster 🙂 Hope this turns out to be a good investment.

  17. Did anyone else get two charges on their account? I signed up yesterday and it initially charged me $15.00, now there is a second charge for $16.13. I emailed customer service, just waiting on a response.

    • The 15.00 is just to hold funds and will eventually be credited back.

      • Thank you! I assumed that, but since not all boxes charge tax I was not sure if it was a ‘secondary’ charge where maybe I didn’t read all the fine print!

  18. I tried to login, but it would let me. I’m assuming they didn’t transfer mine over. I just went ahead and placed another subscription order. If I get two..better than getting none, I’ll just have to call them to stop one. I used my same info, so I’m assuming that I would have noticed the other sub.

  19. Of course, now we have the minor problem of the monthly sub box and the quarterly drug store brand box having the same name. O.o

    • Nope, they changed the name of the quarterly one to Allure Beauty Thrills last quarter.

  20. i have been receiving this box for about a year and a half. After reading the comments here I called to make sure my subscription had transferred over. IT DIDN’T!!! I am all set now but you might want to check that your account is still there. Wouldn’t want to miss it!

    • I’m hoping mine did. I cannot find my account number anywhere to log in because I always used me email addy. I sent an email a few days ago and still haven’t heard back from them.

    • Mine didn’t transfer over either. Allure flat out admitted that alot of subscribers didn’t transfer due to system glitches. I also advise people to call.

  21. I’ve been waiting for this to open! I just signed up:)
    I love the brands they offer and have been very happy with the one time Purchase boxes I received last month from beauty bar. I can’t wait for Julys box!

  22. Hope they decide to make a big splash for their new “taking over” box!!

  23. I can’t even open that link.

      • Ok that worked for me, thanks Liz! Do they ever offer coupons?

  24. They can’t find my info. I was told to resubscribe and if I get charged twice to just cancel one so that’s what I did. I advice people to call because they said alot of subscribers info hasn’t transferred yet.

    • Yup, that was the response I got as well. Another not so smooth transition, lol. We broke the system!

    • I called both companies today (Allure and Beauty Bar) and they said the transfer of information goes through on Wednesday (the 1st) when they prepare to start shipping out. Both told me not to resubscribe because my information should come through with the transfer. Hopefully they know what they are talking about because I can’t afford to resubscribe and possibly be charged an extra $16.24 if they accidentally send me two.

      • I can relate, budget is tight this week. I didn’t want to re-sub and have double charges go through and bounce my account I use for online.

  25. Woohoo! Just signed up

  26. I’m very interested to see what the first box holds, I’m overloaded on beauty products right now though 🙁

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