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Sample Society May 2015 Complete Spoilers

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Allure Sample Society August 2014 Spoilers

Thanks Sharda and Tanya for sharing these spoilers with us! We have the complete Sample Society spoilers for May 2015:

John Frieda Luxurious Volume In-Shower Treatment

Alterna Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

Julep Lip Gloss in Graceful

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Versace Eros Pour Femme Perfume

(Everything will be sample sized). What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just got my box today. I’m so happy that the perfume is a mini, that makes me love this box. I love it when it’s an actual mini instead of a sample spray, plus I collect the minis.

  2. I got my box yesterday and must say I like this box much better than last month’s. The sizes ar so much better. I really like the perfume, wore it last night, really nice scent. Tried on the lip gloss, not much color but at least it isn’t frosty/shimmery. I tried the sleeping mask last night over a serum. It Goes on smooth, face feels moisturized. I’m looking forward to trying the alterna and the avene. The John Frieda I will pass onto my daughter since I have thick hair. Overall satisfied with the box this month though eventually will need to cut 1 of the 3 boxes I sub to πŸ™

  3. I love this month’s box!!!!! There perfume mini is a home run! Love the Julep Mini, the hair caviar, and the mist!!! I am curious about the water sleep mask! The only dud for me is the volume treatment because I have extremely thick hair, so that will be gifted to my mom. Love this box!

  4. This box is great! I can’t wait to try everything!

  5. I tried to sign up and they aren’t taking any subscriptions at this time. I wonder if they are struggling.

    • Check their FAQ–they are merging with Allure Beauty Box.

      • That’s too bad. The brands are so much better for Sample Society. Thanks for the update!

  6. I just got my box, and I have to take back yesterdays comment that I just wasn’t excited about the box. The samples seem to be generous sizes, I know I will get a several uses out of the Alterna and Avene, and with summer coming the Avene seems to be a nice product to slip in the fridge and sneak a spritz just to refresh in the hot weather. I will also say that unlike others I like getting perfume samples, I don’t get to the mall much so I don’t get them for free, and I am always throwing out bottles with more than half left in them because I get bored with a scent quickly, and this bottle is a very nice mini replica of the full size, not just a small vial with a spritzer. That said I am in the end once again very pleased with the value of this box for $15.

    • I am much more excited about a perfume mini than a sample vial. Perfumes are the sort of thing that look pretty when arranged out where they can be seen, and that’s also more conducive to actually using what you’ve got. Minis go great in the front but I tend to keep sample vials in a container (a vessel that came in a Birchbox LE set).

      I get perfume samples from Ulta orders sometimes but I don’t go to cosmetics counters in the mall either. Subscription boxes are more my style because I’d rather not deal with salespeople. I have a tendency to cave and spend money I shouldn’t be spending. Best to avoid the temptation in the first place.

  7. I said I was going try and stick around for another month or so but I may cancel. Getting tired of pink, frosty, sheer lip glosses, tiny samples and so so products I also subscribe to beauty fix and boxy charm. After receiving two boxes from each sub I am overloaded with products that I need to try or swap so I may scale down to just boxy charm eventually

  8. It’s funny last month was the only month that I kept almost every item, though the value was really low. This month every single item is going up on swap, but that’s fine too. So far I’ve really liked sample society. For 15.00 I either get items I will totally use or the value is totally there and I can swap for items I really want. The couple items I was really excited to try like the strivectin and the malin and Goetz I feel very bleh about after I tried them. And I would’ve paid full price for them eventually. And I have found a couple items I just adore. Like the illume candles and the Jane iredale products. So for now I’ll still keep sample society.

  9. personally, I enjoy getting a variety of samples…plus, it used to be worse–I had SS a few years ago and there were a lot of foils and just stuff I would never dream of using. I don’t expect full-sizes for 15 dollars. I love the New Beauty Test Tube, and am sad that QVC has stopped carrying their version–that was a great set! It was also 40 dollars, plus shipping though. I am happy that after reading last month’s comments, I did subscribe to BirchBox, so I have that coming now too!! Thanks for enabling me, everyone! πŸ™‚

  10. For those that are canceling this subscription, I’d like to hear from you what subscription you are picking up in its place?

    • I will probably cancel, only for the reason that I am getting too many samples and this seems to be my least favorite box. So far I have been very impressed with Birchbox and Boxycharm. With Boxycharm you really get the value for a $21 box. I also get Glossybox, but I find that shipping on glossybox is really slow.

  11. No morning after regrets for dumping this sub.

    • Perfectly put. Same here.

    • Exactly my feeling lol

  12. Does anyone know if subscription boxes usually do anything special for your birthday? Maybe an extra sample or anything?

    • I’ve never had a beauty box send anything but if you are a Sephora Beauty Insider, they will give you a nice birthday gift!

      • Thanks!

    • Glossybox gives you 500 points which is half way to a free box! However, I don’t know if you get the points if you’re not currently an active subscriber. This year Birchbox gave me $10 off a purchase of $50 or more.

      • What?? I didn’t get 500 points! Should I contact someone at Glossybox? Or maybe it’s an old policy?

        • I would definitely contact them! Did you take their beauty quiz? That’s where they ask you to enter your dob.

  13. With the exception of last months box this has been a great box for me. If you go to “my dashboard” on your account link they have a picture of the whole box. Looks like 3 are deluxe samples this month! I’m excited to try the mask!

    • I like this box! I think every box has delivered except for last month! I’m not complaining, it’s only 15.00 and I love how they introduce us to products months before other beauty boxes etc

  14. I wonder why they phased it out? Not making any money?

    • It is not phased out. I am a subscriber and love my boxes. After a minor heart attack, I email customer service. They will accept new members going forward, but are just not accepting new members now. They are not certain when they will be accepting new members. They said to check back periodically for updates.
      There are a lot of subs that offer only limited numbers of new subscriptions each month. Maybe they will be doing that.

      • Thank you for the update Haley.

  15. I’ve had this subscription for almost a year and there really was only one disappointing month: The shampoo/conditioner box. Other than that, I’ve really enjoyed this box and I think their product reviews are quite entertaining.
    I really hope they are not stopping the box but I might be in the minority. If it’s just new subscribers then I have to say I am thrilled to be a grandfathered subscriber.
    And lastly, I look at this box like Birchbox, It’s about the experience of finding new products. I don’t expect the world for $15.

  16. Hmmm…I’m interested in trying some of the products. I’m hoping the pink lipgloss is also suitable for darker skin tones. I hate when beauty boxes include skin tone specific items. I already have two bright pink lip glosses, BB cream and foundation all meant for fair skin πŸ™ I’m gonna stay subscribed to sample society another month and then maybe cancel to save money. This box seems better than April’s at least. Curious to see the sample sizes.

  17. They are not cancelling for current customers. They are just not accepting new subscriptions.

  18. I have been on the fence about canceling, but this just pushed me over the edge. Cancelled today. Samples are getting worse, and now they are no longer offering to new subscribers. Not worth the money.

    • I got a bit confused because I could not find the link for sample society link for my account and the statement. I would like the link for the option to cancel. Ashley, am I missing the link right in front of my eyes? Perhaps I am doing something incorrect. I used to just go to Sample society box and from there link in, now I no longer see the link. Thank you in advance.

      • I went to and logged in. On the left hand side, the last option is to cancel your membership. Hope this helps!

  19. Last month was my first time with them and they’re closing shop!?
    They’re that first date who was awkward and not very handsome or interesting, but you give him the benefit of the doubt (maybe he was nervous!?) and suggest a second date, but he brushes you off like YOU’RE some kind of stage-5 clinger.

    • lol. You are making me laugh. I compared it to a boyfriend breaking up with you via the I just won’t answer your calls and hope you get the hint method…..
      But don’t worry. SAMPLE SOCIETY is NOT canceled. They said they were not accepting new customers right now, but they will in the future. They are just not certain when at this point.
      There are a lot of subs that offer only limited new subscriptions each month. In an email I got from customer service they said to check back to their website periodically for updates but not to worry that current subscribers will get their boxes every month.

      • Sweet! Thanks! I’m relieved they’re not canceled. I’m actually pretty comfortable with this box! They’re all things I’m down to try.

        Dear Sample Society,
        You may have dadbod. But maybe sometimes I can be a little dramatic. I’m not gonna say size doesn’t count, but if you can…erm, ‘hold up your end’ in that department, I think you’re a box I’d like to have breakfast with the next morning, still wearing last night’s makeup.

  20. The Alterna is something I’d like to try. I wouldn’t mind trying the Avene. The lip gloss is not my color, but maybe I’ll try it. The Sleeping Mask has irritating botanical ingredients like lavender, and since I’m trying to get used to a retinol, that might not go well right now. John Freida is for a different hair type. Perfume gives me migraines. This is similar to last month’s box. Maybe a little better, though. We’ll see. I’m intrigued with the idea that the program is unavailable. Are they phasing it out?

    • Yes, they phased out. Allure website says program no longer available. No information on how they are handling our autodebit information so I am guessing I have to replace that particular card…Arrghhhh… I am annoyed but I guess they wanted to get as much money in before they shipped. I sent an email to Allure and wonder if someone will respond. The beauty bar customer service reps are at a company event until noon EST.

      • I just talked to customer service and they said they are not accepting new members but the program is still available for current subscribers

        • I wonder if that is just for May or going forward?

  21. Gee, no notice, just cancelled the program. How about a little customer service but allowing us to delete our data!!!!!

  22. I just cancelled after seeing these spoilers; last month was a huge disappointment as I ended up being allergic to the candle scent (and fragrances are all a miss for me.) I had signed up for the new BeautyFix box when it was re-launched in March, and the values don’t compare ! I also only used the $10 code one time — yes, the shipping was FAST but nothing on BeautyBar is ever on sale ! and Dermstore ALWAYS has a sale.

    I had no trouble cancelling when I had logged into my account. Received an email a few mins later to confirm.

  23. Same here – I just went to the website and says in bold red letters “SORRY THIS PROGAM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE”. Have this discontinued this subscription??

  24. I don’t sub to this box, but I can say that Laniege’s watery bank sleeping mask is AMAZING. I got a sample of it while shopping at Super H Mart and loved it so much that I immediately went back and bought the full size! It smells great and feels so soothing and moisturizing on my sensitive skin.

  25. So glad I canceled after last month’s pathetic box! I’d rather spend my $ on limited edition boxes msa/klover, popsugar cfda, etc

  26. I am going to call and cancel right now. Too late for this month, but I am no longer interested in getting these pathetic samples.

  27. If these are all barbiedoll sized samples again im out. AND they will be getting another nasty phone call from me.
    Its not acceptable for a $15.00 price tag.

  28. That Water Sleeping Mask is the bomb!

  29. I just went to the Sample Society website, and there’s a message saying that the program is no longer available. Does anyone know what happened? I never received a message saying that it was cancelled. I really liked this subscription service.

  30. I tried to cancel my account and it says the program is no longer available?

  31. What’s with John Frieda everywhere?? I’m tired of him, Juice Beauty, Julep (outside of Julep boxes), Purlisse I think if I never had to see those products again I’d be ok with it.

  32. I’m actually fairly excited about this month. I love the avene water and am fine to get the john frieda stuff, so I think both of those are decent sample sizes. Depending on the sizes of the other stuff, I may be less impressed. That being said, I did receive the John frieda stuff for free directly from them for just filling out my address online.

  33. Wow, Julep is showing up everywhere. I may need to skip them this month since I seem to be getting their products in many of my other boxes! LOL

  34. I’m relieved I cancelled.

  35. This is normally my favorite box, but this month seems to be a real let down.

  36. Glad I cancelled.

    • Agreed.

    • Yes, me too. Glad I took a break and decided to try other subs

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