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Get Your First Month of Birchbox for $1!

Birchbox $1 Offer!

Thank you Neha for sharing this amazing deal with us! Use coupon codeΒ TATIOFFER to get your first month of Birchbox for only $1! (This offer is for the women’s monthly subscription).

(I’m not sure how long this deal is good for – so I recommend taking advantage of it soon!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The code doesn’t appear to work anymore– I just tried it and received a message that the code is invalid when I tried to checkout. πŸ™

  2. Signed up for this thinking I’d get June as my first. Found out I am getting May and will be charged again next week. Beyond disappointed.

    • When did you sign up? And how did you figure out you were getting a May box? I signed up with a code last week when the May box was still featured on their site so I figured I’d get May. But now the June box is on their homepage, so if someone were to sign up now with the code (I think i read below it is good till May 28) I wonder if they would start with June?

      • I signed up on May 24th. The June box was on the website, but I emailed customer service and they said I bought May’s and would be billed again on June 1st if I didn’t cancel before then.

      • Thanks Rachael, that’s good info to know.
        Hopefully we’ll like our boxes.

    • Sorry if this is a repeat post, my other ones don’t seem to show up:

      When did you sign up? And how did you figure out you were getting a May box? I signed up with a code last week when the May box was still featured on their site so I figured I’d get May. But now the June box is on their homepage, so if someone were to sign up now with the code (I think i read below it is good till May 28) I wonder if they would start with June?

      • Also, the code is no longer working, they must have had too many people sign up.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this code! I was torn between trying Ipsy or Birchbox so I ended up signing up for both! Eventually I’ll cancel one down the road, but this gives the perfect chance to review both.

  4. Ok I placed order on the 23rd of this month and it said it’s shipping on the 2nd of June. ……does that mean I’m only going to be charged a $1 and then I can unsubscribed since I already have two accounts with them?

  5. help it won’t let me sign up showing monthly box as $0.00

    • It will show 0.00 until you select annual or monthly. Then you need to enter the code in the code/coupon spot which should change the price to $1.00.

  6. Someone help! I just subscribed may19, it bb said it will be shipped may19 but until then I won’t get my tracking code. Is it ok to unsubscribe now or should I wait for the track number? BTW I just wanted the beauty solutions box… thanks Liz

    • —shipping on may29—

    • I had a box that was supposed to ship on the 25th, but it ended up shipping on the 20th. So you might get a shipping notification earlier than the 29th. I’d wait until the tracking number to be safe.

    • I was looking into this myself and their cancelation policy says that if you have been charged, you will still receive the box you paid for regardless of subsequent cancelation.

    • I’m planning to wait til the morning of the 31st to unsubscribe.

      • do you know if you can still review the products from your box for points if you’ve since unsubscribed? That is, if one cancels her sub on May 31 and receives the box a few days later, will she still be able to review and get the points? Or does one have to remain an active subscriber for this? ~thank you~

  7. I just signed up for the first time. Will I get May box and if I hate it when do I cancel before getting charged for the next month? Confused since it is nearly end of the month. Thanks

    • You will get the May box. I’d think that you can cancel right after you paid because the order was still processed even if you cancel your account. That’s my understanding, but I’d always stay on the safe side and wait to cancel until it has shipped. However, my two cents is that since you signed up, you might as well stay at least through June. This is because once you get your May box, you’ll have the chance to review the 5 products for points, earning you $5 in the Birchbox shop. Problem is, you can only redeem points in multiples of $10 ($10, $20, $30, etc) so if you stay for June, you’ll pay $10 for the subscription that month and earn another $5 in points for reviews = a total of $10 in the shop to spend before you cancel! So you’ll end up paying $11 (plus tax) for two months of Birchbox and earn $10 back to spend on whatever you want! Hope that helps.

    • You need to cancel by 5/31.

  8. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to setup your profiles to make sure that you don’t get the exact same samples on multiple accounts? I bought another subscription for my sister and another for myself to get the beauty blender and got the exact same samples for both. I contacted Birchbox and to my dismay I was told basically it should be expected because I have multiple accounts – and it is not something they recommend having. But I don’t remember ladies on hear saying they had such issues. Any help or suggestions would be great. Thank you!

    • When I created a second account for the beautyblender, I included the same preferences and described my skin/hair the same way as in my primary account, mainly because I’d rather get things I can use than things that won’t work for me at all, even if they end up being repeats. In fact, I was expecting repeats when I did this! However, I wound up with a completely different box on this second account (one of the best boxes I’ve ever gotten with Birchbox, funny enough!), with all things I can still use because they definitely still took my profile into account. I’m really not sure why I’d get a totally different box, while you got the same exact one, but I wanted to share my experience with that. I’d think you may have gotten unlucky with yours, and I got unexpectedly lucky with mine.

      • When I did the same thing, sign up for the beautyblender, I also got a completely different box. But back in February, when I also got two boxes in one month, one item was the same in both boxes. Personally, I think it’s pretty random what you get.

      • Nana when you got the second account, did you keep your profile the same as well? If so, I maybe that’s what I am doing wrong….. although it doesn’t make sense; differences should mean different boxes.

      • When I keep my preferences the same, I get a huge amount of overlap in samples. One month I actually got the same exact box on two accounts.

      • Thanks Em for sharing! I guess I will see what I get next month; hopefully I was just unlucky and don’t experience the same thing next month. I will say that the thing that disappointed me most was the response of customer service when I said I had multiple accounts. I informed them that even though it was another account one was for my sister, but I was just paying for it. This was 1st time I felt like customer service was poor as she offered no suggestions, but told me it’s my fault for having multiple accounts. I am ok with having some of the same samples, but the exact same box for two different people and preferences…..sigh.

  9. I think I win. I ordered three boxes, on top of the 2 boxes I got already for this month, though I recycled those subscriptions

  10. Unfortunately it is not available in Canada πŸ™

  11. Just a heads up… according to Tati’s birchbox video, this offer is good until May 28th at 11:59pm.

    I jumped on this and referred myself from my main account (+50 pts) and signed up for a third account… just can’t say no to a deal (I’m obviously crazy!) πŸ™‚

    • Do you have to use a different name and address for the refer account.

      • No, all three of my accounts are shipped to me (so, same name) at the same address. The only thing is that you have to have a different email address for each account.

    • Lol I did the same thing !! How can you not do it getting paid 8 dollars to sign up for birch box ! I referred my self twice !!

  12. Does anybody know if I will get billed for my next box on 6/1 with this offer?

    • I would expect to be.

    • I’m not sure if it’s a yes on June 1st as the FAQS said after you receive your 1st box then you are enrolled in regular billing on the 1st of the month and this box says it ships on the 2nd. Any other thoughts/ideas on this?

      • “You are able to purchase subscriptions on a monthly or yearly rebillable payment cycle, and you will be billed for your first box at the time of your initial purchase. Subscriptions will automatically renew by month or by year until you cancel your monthly subscription or opt out of yearly renewal.

        After your first box has shipped, you’ll start with our regular and billing and shipping cycle. For the Birchbox Monthly Rebillable Subscription, we bill regularly on the first and ship by the tenth of each month. For the Birchbox Man Monthly Rebillable Subscription, we bill regularly on the 15th and ship by the 25th of each month. You will always receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number so that you may follow your box’s progress!

        Yearly Rebillable Subscriptions offer 12 months of boxes for the price of 11 boxes. You’ll be billed for the full year of your subscription at the time of your initial order, and will not see another charge until you’ve received 12 boxes. You will be notified via email when your auto-renewal is around the corner and given the opportunity to opt-out of recurring payment.”

      • Well, I first subscribed on Dec. 30th, got billed for December then. Then I got billed for January on January 1st, I got my December box on 1/15 and my January box on 1/17.

        I’m guessing that we’ll be getting a May box the first or second week of June.

  13. After two years they finally have an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’ve been subscribed to ipsy off and on. Ipsy is finally sending me things I can use and have been happy the last few months.

  14. Referred myself and earned 50 points ($5) and used the code for the $1 box so it’s like I got paid $4 to get a second box!

  15. I’ve been meaning to add a sec sub- what a perfect time! Just signed up! BTW I have been following Tati for some time- she is really fun and knowledgeable. Like others said- I highly recommend checking her out/subbing to her channel as a thank you for this code!

  16. I got a 2nd sub for my sister with the BeautyBlender offer, and now I got the 3rd, just for me! I love BB!

  17. So I can set up an account using this promo code and as soon as I get my box I can cancel my sub since I already have a sub with birch under my husband’s name for our daughter?

  18. So happy for this code. I just ordered my first box! I hope its a good one.

  19. When you are about to click to unsubscribe it says you will miss out on any available points to shop in the birch box shop. so I’m assuming that means it will take away those points

    • Someone said I wouldn’t lose my points. Darn! That was like 20.00. It took 200 of my points.

      • that’s strange. it did not take any points out of my account. i did it with two accounts and i still have the previous points.

      • Took 200 . It showed my promo code and removed the charge for the box but when I submitted payment for the dollar – I saw afterwards it also took 200 points. Checked my points again and it was taken out.

      • They emailed me back and said they would put the points back:)

    • Okay.I had 350 and it took 200..

    • They emailed me back and said they would put the points back -yea!

  20. I just did it and it took 200 of my points – I am so bummed!!

    • It’s just a glitch. Email Birchbox and they will help. They don’t just randomly take points for no reason.

      • You’re right:) They emailed me back and said they would put the points back -yea!

  21. Ha ha, I checked out Tati and subecribed to her channel! I also found out that we share the same last name, which is a rather odd last name, so if her family is from Tx, TN, or AL then we are likely related. Who knew that Birchbox could help one discover relatives! Talk about six degrees of separation. According to Birchbox CS, yes canceling and resubing restarts the sampling process over, i.e you could get things you have gotten in the past- at least that is what they told me a few months ago. Also, my new account says my ship date is June 1st, so I think I will be getting the June box.

    • Thanks for the info about restarting the sampling process! Definitely good to know for canceling and resubbing. Also, I I doubt they’d send the June box on June 1st. They have all boxes for each month shipped out by the 10th, but definitely not on the 1st. These boxes are most likely for May.

    • Well if you go back far enough, we’re all related. πŸ˜‰

    • Her family is from WA. She actually goes by her fiancees last name, which is far more common. Hth. πŸ˜‰

  22. Will I get the May box if I subscribe now, or will my sub start in June?

    • You’ll get the May box.

      • Thanks! πŸ™‚

  23. Does canceling and resubscribing affect your account in anyway ? Does it put you on a wait list or anything ?

    • no it does not affect your previous points or accounts. and there is no waitlist.

    • I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong: but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere a long time ago when I was first subscribing that canceling “resets” your account, making it possible for you to get products you’d received before you canceled. Birchbox insists that they’ll never send repeats, but if you cancel and resub, it’ll be a brand new account. Does anyone know if this is the case? That’s the reason I’m always wary of canceling my primary account.

      • Hmm, I’ve conversed with Birchbox through emails for a year and I’ve never heard of that or experienced repeats. When you cancel and resub, your Ace status, points, etc, aren’t affected. It just stops charges, and i don’t think you can review at any time you aren’t subbed.

  24. Also, I wonder if they have tons of leftover Cupcakes and Cashmere boxes and are trying to use them up with these promos? Beautyblender, half-off, Tati… haha πŸ™‚

  25. Do you lose your points?

  26. Jenny, I will check Tati out now on YouTube!

  27. Thank you Jenny! I just took the leap and got the third account and the code worked!!!! Happy dance! I also referred myself from one of my other accounts and earned 50 points, therefore this box in the world of Birchbox land is free to me! So ladies, don’t for get to refer yourself first from another account and then sign up using this code.

    • Goldangit, why do I never remember to do that?

  28. I love Tati!
    Wow, Birchbox has really been churning out the promo codes lately.

  29. I have a monthly sub with them and lots of points – if I unsub and resub with this deal – is it still the same account with my points or will it be different account?

    • it will be the same account and your points will remain the same when you cancel and resubscribe.

      • I took 200 of mt points – so bummed!

  30. This code is meant for Tati’s subscribers on Youtube. So if you use the code, at the very least go watch some of her videos on YouTube! She’s one of my faves πŸ™‚

    • I used this on all 4 of my accounts! I used the $5 code the other day on one of em, so I just unsubbed and resubbed using the code. Now I’ll have 2 months of Birchbox for $6.. yay! πŸ˜€

    • I just watched two of her videos and subscribed to her channel. πŸ™‚

  31. Those dirty so-and-so’s. It figures I just signed up yesterday with the $5 promo code that doesn’t expire until the 24th. I’ve read that some of you have multiple accounts with this sub (and others). How do you do it? Can you use the same payment method? Thanks!

    • Different email address for each account. But you can use the same debit card info on all of em.

      • Thank you Jenny!

  32. Ladies, I have a question. I already have two Birchbox accounts and want to use the code above for a one time third account with a different email address. I would be using the same credit card as the other two accounts. If I cancel the third account after I get the box, will it mess up the credit card info for the other two account since they are all tied to the one card. I would think not, but I want to be sure.

    • Not at all πŸ™‚

  33. Thanks so much for posting! I just did this on 1 of my accounts. Has anyone tried to use it for more than 1 account?

    • i have two birchbox accounts. it worked.

      • Awesome thanks! I just used it for my other account too πŸ™‚

  34. I cancelled mine and resubscribed for this and it worked perfectly. Thanks!

  35. Just jumped in.

  36. You are welcome Liz! πŸ™‚ i just canceled my subscription and resubscribed using this code and it worked.

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