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Spring Bonus Goodebox – 15 Items for $25

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Limited Edition GoodeBox

Thanks Meg and PA Anna for letting us know about this mystery box from GoodeBox!

The Box: Spring Bonus Goodebox

The Cost: $25

The Products: 15 items from brands Goodebox has worked within the past 12 months.

Are you going to grab one? I’m guessing I’ll get some repeats as a subscriber, but I’m tempted!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my box today, and with a couple of exceptions, I am quite pleased with the variety and new brands/products to try –

    2 – Juice Beauty CC Creams (not enough coverage for me, will be gifting)
    1 – box of 10 Blum naturals makeup remover towelettes
    1 – Primal Pit Paste
    1 – The All Natural Vegan Cream Blush in Really Red (a bit too bold for me)
    1 – SkinnySkinny Black Pepper and Rose Dry Shampoo
    1 – Aiyana Tallulah Jane Perfume (I dislike perfumes, but really like this one)
    1 – Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara (full size!)
    1 – Simply Coconut Head-to-Toe Cleansing Bar
    1 – Vapour Mesmerize Eye Color (tried this before, and it creases)
    1 – Karin Gran Lip Whip (a lovely pink)
    1 – Jacobsen Salt Co travel salt tin
    1 – Seventh Generation Hydrating Skin Serum
    1 – La Bella Figura Modern Radiance Concentrate
    1 – Raspberry and Honey Facial Mask
    1 – Organic Hand Towel

  2. I got my box today, and bit disappointed in it. If you count everything though I got 17 things, few are teeny, tiny samples though. I got two Juice Beauty CC creams, which I already have 2 of, I’m super tired of Juice Beauty right now. I only got a box or two before from Goodebox and yet received some of the same samples from those 2 boxes.

    2 Juice Beauty CC creams
    Josh Rosebrook Shampoo and Conditioner
    2 Jillian Wright Cleansers
    Raspberry N Honey Facial Mask
    Province Apothecary Exfoliator
    Everyone Bubble Bath
    DN-Unik Day Cream and Night Cream
    Jacobsen Salt Co Salt
    Vapour eye shadow sample
    The All Natural Face cream blush sample
    Blissoma natural deodorant sample
    Simply Coconut Heat to Toe Cleansing bar
    Square Hue nail polish

    • Those are the exact same items that came in my box and I was disappointed too.

  3. I received 2 boxes today. My husband did purchase me a box. I love both boxes especially the one that came in my husband’s name.

    • PA Anna- Were the boxes different from each other?

      • 6 items were the same. My husband did comment on the order that he was ordering the box as a birthday gift for me and that I already placed an order.

        • Thanks PA Anna. I figured they were all the same.

  4. My box came today and I so wanted to like it but overall it did not impress me. There are a couple of things I do want to try but most of my box will be going to my sister in law and niece. The makeup color samples and bottle of nail polish are colors better suited for them. I am glad they will enjoy it!

  5. I bought a box the other day and added a note that I would like to get two items from the December box if possible. Today they responded that they saw the note, but didn’t add those items to the boxes at all, here’s their response:

    “Hi Sara – Thank you for purchasing a Bonus Box, we hope you love it! I saw your request for scrub me and for the whipped shea butter, we wanted to let you know we didn’t add those products to any of the bonus boxes. However, keep your eye out for a new feature we will be rolling out soon where you can make your own box based off of previous items! Hope you have a great day!

    The Goodebox Team”

    Creating your own box sounds awesome! I have to saw the few times I’ve had interaction with their customer service, it’s always been great, they’re very friendly.

    • I love the create your box idea! I’m sad that there will be no Dec items. I bought that as a one time purchase box and loved it.

  6. I bought two of these last year when they did the same deal. They promised at least one full sized item per box. Both boxes had overlapping items…two tiny bottles of serums, Balanced Guru hair oil, a few nail polish remover wipes, packets of protein powder. One box had a lip gloss and one had a highlighter stick. I think the retail price on each was about $8….not super impressive.

  7. Already SOLD OUT

  8. I’m on the fence. Fifteen items sound great, but the $25 value and the fact that some of the items are foils concerns me.

  9. I forward the email I received to my husband hinting at a second box. We got into a conversation on how to pronounce the box’s name. I always said Good Box. He thinks it is Goody Box. Which is correct?

    I loved the LE Breast Cancer box too. I should had bought 2!

    • I’ve wondered the same thing! I’ve always pronounced it like goodie because the logo seems to emphasize the “e” so I thought maybe that was a clue on how to pronounce it.

    • PA Anna, I actually emailed Goodebox asking for the correct pronunciation of their name. I was pronouncing it like you were (silent “e”), but they actually said the “e” is pronounced as a “y” (Goody-Box). They said they get this question a lot and would add this to their FAQs, but I still don’t see anything there yet on this topic.

      • Thank you! It’s going to be strange reading it as Goody Box. I thought it was Good Box because it has good ingredients 🙂

        • I thought the same thing! I’m trying to switch my thinking to the fact I get so many goodies from Goodebox. LOL

          Petit Vour also has an oft mispronounced name, although their FAQs clarifies this. Their name is pronounced petty-vour, not pe-teet vour. I, of course, was using the incorrect pronounciation there, too!

          • This one I knew– I think it might have been meant to rhyme with “petit four” (the confection).

        • PA Anna, I had to follow up on the correct pronunciation of their name. Goodebox just added this question to the bottom of their FAQs (, and they now say the “e” is silent, so “good box” is the correct pronunciation. I have their email saying they preferred “goody,” but honestly, I always preferred the silent “e.” And I guess they changed their mind. So, there you go!

  10. I just got one. This site is costing me more and more money every single day! Tomorrow, I was going to hold off on the PS CFDA box, but who am I kidding?? I will shell out the $195 just to have it. It’s fun being a Sub Box Addict 🙂

  11. Just ordered one. I haven’t tried Goodebox yet. My credit card is getting a workout this week.

  12. Same here, I only started subscribing last month and I want to try some of their previous products/companies. I LOVE natural/vegan/green products!

  13. I ordered one. I subscribed for one month and canceled because they charged me again before I got my second box. I hate that! Their customer service is really good though. They canceled me and refunded my money on the second box. The first box I got from them was decent. I’m trying to cut back on my subs though.

  14. I wonder if this means they won’t have a pricier limited edition box this spring? I was hoping for one. I’ve bought the last two and absolutely loved them.

    If there is to going to be another one with full sized products I’d rather wait and put the $ toward that. Hmm.

      • Oh, you rock, thank you!! I’m going to snap that up right away. I got the others on sale but if there only 200 I won’t risk waiting.

        • You’re welcome. I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy the deluxe box but I went ahead and signed up for email notification if for no other reason than to get registered for the drawing to win a free 3-month Goodebox subscription!

          • I just signed up too. With only 200 boxes I don’t know if I’ll be fast enough on the draw, but fingers crossed. I’m going to look through the products in more detail now so I’ll know for sure that I’m interested but they looked great at first glance.

          • Oh nevermind that last comment, I’m being a total ditz tonight. What I thought was a list of products in the box was just other featured products on their site. Duh.

          • I was wondering if there was a box coming up. Is the picture on the blog post the actual box items? Thanks for posting!

          • I’m not sure if the items in the picture are the exact items that will be included in the box or not. The blog post didn’t specify that they were. I’m assuming they will release the list of products when the box goes on sale.

          • I managed to get one of these special edition night for green beauty boxes last year. There were four different box variations, each offered for sale a week apart, with the contents being disclosed prior to the sale date. There were only 50 boxes of each variation, so 200 total, and each box sold out within minutes of going on sale. Proceeds went to charity. Don’t know if the set up will be the same this year, but I really enjoyed the box I got last year!

      • I adored the special edition breast cancer awareness box last year, I bought two. Best box I’ve ever bought, hands down, loved everything in it. I’m dying to know what’s in the new limited edition box.

        • That was a fantastic box. I bought two as well!

  15. $18 for Canadian shipping. Like so many other boxes: So. Not. Worth. It.

    Why do people discriminate against Canada this way?

    • A couple of years ago USPS drastically increased their prices for shipping to Canada (and any other country outside the US). It’s not discrimination, it really does cost that much to ship to Canada.

    • It’s not discrimination. Shipping is expensive to Canada and other countries. It is also more time consuming for the workers because need to fill out customs forms, some items are restricted, etc. I used to sell all over but shipping to other counties was very pricey.

  16. I ordered one. I’ve never tried this company so interested to see what they send. Hoping for great stuff!

  17. I’ve been subscribing for a few months, as well, and I’ve been impressed for the price. I caved and ordered one!! These Spring Box temptations are killing me!! LOL!

  18. I was thinking about getting it, but I’m subscribed to too many already, and “Total box value will at least equal and usually exceed $25.00 doesn’t get me that excited.

  19. They are only promising a value of at least $25. I was really tempted until reading that.

  20. I may order one. I usually like your reviews of the box and don’t want a sub to it.

  21. It came through while I was reading my emails. I’m hoping for PACT socks and no Eslor products :). I’m going to forward the link to my husband as a hint. I don’t mind two boxes because I can use most, if not all, the products.

  22. I ordered one. I’ve only been subscribed to Goodebox for 2 months now and I’m really loving it. Hoping to find more great products in here to make up for all the months I’ve missed! And $25 for 15 products is an amazing deal– considering the normal box is about $20 for 5 products.

    • That’s a good point; that’s ultimately why I went ahead and bought one. I already pay $19 for the 5-sample monthly box so I decided to look at this as a deluxe version of a monthly box so it’s still a good deal.

    • Agreed 5 items for $18-20 or 15 items for $25? I decided to buy one also. I have never ordered or subscribed to them so seems like good low cost option of checking them out without getting sucked into a monthly commitment.

  23. I’m tempted but since these are truly random boxes (no consideration for your profile preferences) I’m probably going to pass on this one… maybe. (Must. Resist. Temptation!!)

    • ok, I totally caved and bought one! I hope I get one of the Della travel bags and some new beauty oils to try.

  24. I just ordered one, I have been wanting to try Goodebox and this is a great way to try it out!

  25. I just got one. I love being able to try their products without having a monthly sub.

  26. I just ordered it, I’m praying I luck out and get the scrub or lotion from the December box.

  27. I just ordered it! It’ll give me a chance to try some of the things I’ve not gotten to try yet (being that I only subscribed last month!)

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