Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015

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Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Box

Sample Society is a monthly beauty subscription from and Allure Magazine. Typically the brands they include are high end, and the sample sizes are generous.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Sample Society

The Cost: $15 a month

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples. (Each month you also get a $10 off $50 to use on any order from

Ships to: the US

Delivered via: UPS

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Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Info

The box comes with a mini-mag detailing each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Lipstick

Jane Iredale Rio Lip Plumper Mini – Value $4?

I really like the shade of this lipstick mini! It’s a very natural looking shade for me, and it the finish isn’t too shiny either – it is almost matte. (I can detect a slight tingling thanks to the plumping formula, but I never actually notice any plumping with these type of lip products).

Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional – 3 ml Value $4.25

This is a great product, and I’m always happy to have more of it – I think it’s the best pore-disguiser product I’ve ever tried. (Miracle Skin products are pretty great too).

Sample Society Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Candle

Illume Tonka Noir Sample Tin – 1 oz Value $3

I always like getting Illume travel tins in subscription boxes, and this scent is very sultry!


Mt. Sapola Lavender-Chamomile Lotion – .6 oz Value $2

This lotion is made with natural essential oils (which I love), and it is a pretty heavily scented lavender. Even though this is a really tiny body lotion sample, it will probably last me a few uses since I’ll need to use it sparingly!


Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil VOC – 2 ml Value $.80

This is a great lightweight hair oil and I love the scent! I just can’t believe how tiny this sample is! I didn’t know they made hair oil samples this small. (At least I should be able to get about 3 uses out of it).

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Fragrance Sample – 1.2 ml Value $2

I’m never too excited about fragrance samples, and this scent wasn’t for me.

Verdict: I like just about everything in this box – but I’m disappointed with the sample sizes and value this month. This box has a value of about $16 – based on previous boxes I expect a higher value from Sample Society. (Also $1 more than what you paid for a beauty sample box isn’t very good). They’ve sent out some very high value boxes with good sample sizes, so I’m just going to hope this is an off month.

What do you think of the April Sample Society box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just logged on to the main Sample Society page and it says this program is no longer available. Anyone know anything about this?!

    • I just called customer care to ask about that. The rep I spoke to said that they weren’t currently accepting new subscribers, but current subscribers would still receive their boxes every month.

      • Thanks for checking, I was a little worried.

      • Between the tiny April box samples and the fact that they aren’t accepting new subscribers I almost wonder if they are phasing this box out. I hope not since it’s my favorite one. Or they had so many complaints about April’s tiny samples they’ve realized they can’t afford to have tons of subscribers.

  2. Woohoo Liz! Love those ladies at Makeup talk! They found and posted the link to the first May spoilers for Sample Society. I followed the link and just pulled this off
    “And if the idea of editors’ beauty favorites delivered to your doorstep monthly warms your heart (as it does ours), sign up here and treat yourself (or your mom—Mother’s Day is in two weeks!) for just $15 a month. Next month’s box includes Alterna Caviar Repair Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray and a gorgeous pink lip gloss from Julep, along with four other Allure-approved favorites. The May boxes begin shipping next week, so sign up now!”

  3. I guess I’m in the minority here because I really liked this box. Yrs I wish the samples had been bigger but it’s no biggie. They are all the perfect size to toss in my purse to freshen up during the day. I’ve been wanting to try that particular hair oil for ages so I was thrilled to get it. I have very long thick hair and this worked great at getting it super shiny and soft. I love the entire Daisy perfume family so I’m perfectly happy to have Daisy Dream in a portable size. The candle is burning right now and smells amazing and I adore candles so I’m always happy to get a candle. I can always use another primer and haven’t tried the Porefessional product before so I’m anxious to try it. Not a big lipstick fan but I got Rio wich is a sheer brown and it looks really good on. All in all I’m happy with this box.

    • I like it too!

    • Forgot about the body lotion. For everyone saying it’s too small to cover your whole body I just want to say you don’t need that much. A little goes a long way. Seriously just a dab will have you smelling like lavender for days. I’ve been using it as a hand cream and just a tiny dab on my elbows. Love the formula. It soaks in quickly and is really moisturizing. Love the smell but it bears repeating-just a dab. I have thick hair that is past my butt and I only need a few drops of this hair oil. So I think these samples will last longer than you think.

  4. I also was very disappointed in this box. I immediately noticed the large volume of packing paper it contained because of how tiny the samples were. Lol I asked for a refund due to the perfume leaking and it was granted. I liked the March box which was my first. If the May box is as bad as this one I will be canceling. Thanks Liz for the heads up about the Target box. It may be drug store items but it’s only $5 with free shipping when you order online with your red card, but you get more bang for your buck. Target says the items are worth $38 but I can’t tell what size the products are. Still it seems to be worth more than the April sample society box which cost three times as much!

  5. My first box was the March box and I was really impressed. But the April box was a huge disappointment. The samples are tiny, and I feel completely ripped off. I figure I’ll see what’s in store next month, but another box like this and I’ll cancel.

  6. I signed up for April’s box specifically for the hair oil thinking it would be the $10 bottle they sell at Sephora.. Wrong! I was so disgusted by this and every other sample that I emailed customer service, and I asked if I could return the box. Due to a typo in the rep’s response (she said the boxes are not returnable and are refundable..) I finagled my way to a refund! But they weren’t going to do anything to assist me any further had it not been for the typo. Sample Society is a joke. I don’t think I’d get another box from them.

  7. I was really disappointed with this month’s box. It was my first box and I am seriously considering canceling my subscription. I got this box for free so I am willing to give it another shot but I really hope I won’t be spending $15 on a worthless box like this next month.

  8. My April box arrived reeking of the perfume sample, which leaked onto the other products. I am not a perfume fan, so this was strike one. The lavender lotion might as well be perfume since it is so strongly scented. Strike two. The remaining samples were teeny tiny and not worth the price I paid. I wrote to customer service regarding the spilled perfume and overall dissatisfaction with this box, and I’m very pleased to say that I was offered a refund due to the spilled contents/damage. I appreciate this good customer service and will try again next month.

  9. Excited about the products. Disappointed in the sizes. The only thing I’m fully happy with is the lipstick. I got Just Kissed and the color is beautiful.

  10. This is my second box and very disappointed! Samples are super tiny. I’m going to head to Ulta as it’s becoming my fav for in store beauty. My last box was Dec – and I guess they had some overages because I could buy past boxes. Liked that better after seeing this box.

  11. The box was waiting for me when I got home and good lord. The samples aren’t just small. They’re aggressively tiny. Like, insultingly so. Really glad I decided to cancel. Jerks.

    • I really love the format of your comment. It made me laugh just because of the “aggressively tiny” and “Like insultingly so” and perfectly topped off with a “Jerks”.

      • Oops I used a non-regulation smiley and it cut off my comment. •••>>I really love the format of your comment. It made me laugh just because of the “aggressively tiny” and “Like insultingly so” and perfectly topped off with a “Jerks”. 😀 I definitely agree, they’re not just tiny. They’re like the “1of3 freebies I get for shopping on tiny” tiny. If I hadn’t been with SS since the very first box… (I feel like that’s akin to saying “I had Sample Society before ‘Let There Be Light’ was uttered. Lol. )This would’ve had me cancelling in a hurry. Alas, it’s pretty bad though >_<

      • lol Thanks! 🙂 It just made me so mad! I knew what to expect from the review photos, but actually having it in my hands was shocking. I don’t expect them to send me the world for 15 bucks, but I sure as heck expect more than this.

  12. I agree! This was my second box and I was so disappointed, not with the products but the sizes! They are not anywhere near deluxe size, much less full size. I went to Ulta today and they gave me a handful of different samples, including the Daisy Dream perfume (she gave me 4 of them!), for FREE! I really liked my first box, so I guess I will wait and see.

  13. This is my first Sample Society box, too. I agree about the sizes My other complaint is that the lotion keeps oozing out of the little jar. This could be because I live in Denver, and sometimes the altitude affects things, but it is annoying.

  14. I’ve come to accept that Sample Society goes back and forth in their box quality. Last month was way awesome (imo), but this month is absolutely ridiculous. $16 value? REALLY??

    I don’t mind small samples here and there, but not an entire box of them. Not cool, guys. Not cool.

  15. This is how I felt towards Goodebox this month. I didn’t get what Liz got. It was aweful. Did not add up to what I spent on the box. I feel all your pain. And it’s embarrassing to top it off.

  16. This is the worst box I have ever received from Sample Society. I don’t understand this box, nothing is full sized. I do like the candle being in the box but really disappointed!

  17. This had the potential to be an amazing box. I almost ordered it based off the spoiler. Maybe next month will be better.

  18. I can’t get over how tiny all of these samples are! Wow this is the first month I have been completely let down from Sample Society. I have been with them for about 6 months now. Hopefully this was just an “off” month for them.

  19. ok i just called up and spoke to the customer service rep at beautybar and she said that they have been receiving so many complaints about this month’s box.
    I felt sorry for the young lass on the phone, i know its not her fault and she said she subscribes to sample society and was not happy this month either.
    having said that, no offer of satisfaction or making things right was implied. She just said, do you want to cancel or do you want to stay?
    I said that i agreed with other unhappy customers and i’ll give it 1 more month and if it doesnt blow me away then im out!

    I cant even swap or give away these samples because people are going to be saying “wow, you paid good money for this?”
    im so embarrassed, Oh and just keep in mind that the lipstick is so small, its half the size of a stick of gum!
    yea, its that bad….

    • FYI, that’s a pretty standard sample size for Jane Iredale products. I have several others. For anyone who choose the JI lip/cheek stain from Birchbox this month, that is almost certainly how large it’s going to be.

      Not defending them or anything, just letting everyone know.

      • no problem Ragan and thank you for clarifying.
        and no, there is no excuse for this months box AT ALL.

        well. with all the money they saved on this month, hopefully next month will be amazing. :/

      • Yup, I got the Jane Iredele lip product in my Birchbox and it’s really small. I love it and will likely order a full size, but I would have liked a slightly bigger sample!

  20. This is the first box I have received and am glad I am not the only one who is disappointing. Not in the products but in the size. I will give it one more month and decided whether I stay with it or if it gets cut.

  21. I received one of those tins when I ordered from Illume online. It burned for about 5 minutes and then the wick was spent and only a pea size amount of wax was used. Such a waste. 🙁

    • Mine’s been going for a couple of hours and it’s still working. You must’ve gotten one with a bad wick or something. (I do prefer the narrower, taller travel tins, though as it seems they last longer.)

    • Maybe you could at least cut out the wax to use in a burner? I usually do this with the remnants of my large 3-wick candles because I hate wasting that last 1/2 inch or so of the candle.

  22. This is only my second box and I am very disappointed with the samples this month. Many of these are items you can get for the asking at any Sephora or dept store counter. The BB oil is something they include in almost every order when you order from BB. I will give them one more month. If May is anything like this, I will cancel for sure.

  23. What I love about Sample Society is that I know that eventually they will have a great deal like $25 for 3 previous boxes or whatever. At its normal price I feel like I would just be let down every month.

    I like Porefessional, the Illume candle and that mini lipstick would make a great gift, but this doesn’t feel worth $15.

  24. Seriously considering cancelling. Why a candle in a beauty box? Sample sizes are super tiny. This box is so hit or miss for me, some months great, other months terrible. I wonder if they do it on purpose to get people to think…we next month has got to be better…and then it is, but then the following month really sucks again…

  25. This will be my first month with Sample Society and I have to say I am disappointed. The best thing is porefessional as its expensive and a little goes a long way and it’s a product I already use. The value is just not there. I will probably give it one more month and see what I get and then if the value isn’t there I will cancel. I loved one persons idea of getting a second birchbox which has a great points system and costs less.

    • I just jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for a second Birchbox. I figured now I can get the curated box and then a random box. It always takes me a while to decide. Now it won’t be so difficult 🙂

      • How do you get a second birchbox? I thought you could only have one per account.

        • I’m gonna guess you make another account. 🙂

  26. This box is horrible !!!! Such tiny samples I’ve been with them for 3 months and haven’t had a box I liked. Plus they double charged me 2 months In a row. They are just as bad as beauty box 5. Finally cancelled both

    • Thank you for reminding me about the double charges. That happened to me too, twice! Final straw. Just canceled.

  27. The oil, perfume, and Porefessional are things I’ve gotten for free at the checkout counter at Sephora. They’re not even the “deluxe” size samples you earn with points. I’m glad I passed on this sub.

  28. Yep, this was not a great box. My daughter said ” look Mommy, they sent me a lipstick for my barbie dolls”, lol.
    I did adore the scent of the candle!!!

    • Lol! My Barbie doll would be totally offended by the size of this lipstick. 😛

  29. I’ve now cancelled for the 2nd time. Like someone else said, not bad items, but SO small. Not worth the money at all, especially since I have to pay tax and box comes out to be $16.35 for me. I just added another Birchbox. Costs less and is way better IMO.

  30. GAH! Sample Society is SO hit or miss. This month is a miss, obvs. Not bad products, but all teeny tiny and not a single full size item. I love getting candle tins but the description of the scent sounds more fall/winter than spring. I’m tempted to cancel, but it seems like when they’ve had a bad box they come roaring back with a really great one. Hmmm….

    • So get next month’s box since it will probably be good, and then cancel right after since June’s box will probably be another crap box. 😉

  31. so glad I cancelled this last minute! It was about to ship and I cancelled and got my money back, whew!!!
    Oh and lol about the samples for ants! Loved it! Haha

  32. Sample Society is great in theory, but it’s so hit and miss. I subscribed for a couple months last yr and after two terrible boxes unsubbed. This box looks like another horrible one, I like the products, just terrible value and tiny samples.

  33. $16 value that’s it?!?!?!?!!
    far out!!!!
    that is really really unacceptable for a beauty box! im going to write them an e-mail. im not happy at all, and a candle?!!
    🙁 🙁

  34. I’m swapping everything except the candle. I wish sub box companies would stop assuming everyone likes lavender. Everything else I’ve either got a full-sized bottle of already or don’t like. $15 is a lot to pay for a tiny candle. 🙁 If next month’s box doesn’t have a significantly high value, I’m canceling.

  35. The hair oil will last me for weeks. (I have been using a foil packet hair oil sample for one week now and it’s still 2/3 full. Maybe I am not using enough at once? But it seems to be working.)

    I think my allergies must be acting up because I don’t think the body lotion smells that strong. But, it’s that time of year when cars are covered in pollen, so maybe I just cant smell anything.

  36. I really liked this month’s variety. I like the mini sizes because of how cute they are… and they fit in my purse make up bag easily. The value on the other hand was off IMO. Onward to next month!

  37. This box doesn’t seem worth it to me. If there’s even just one product you don’t like, the box doesn’t even pay for itself.

    I’m glad I don’t subscribe. I don’t like the Porefessional – it breaks me out. I also don’t really care for candles or lotion much, and the hair oil sample is nice, but I just found a hair serum I absolutely love, so I’m sticking with it for now.

    I do have to say – that lipstick looks really nice! Clearly though, this box isn’t for me.

  38. yeah, that was my thoughts on the box, too.
    “what is this!? a sample for ANTS!?”

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