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Reminder: CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have Box On Sale Today!

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Reminder: The POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box goes on sale sometime today. (I’m guessing sometime after noon EST).

The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $195

The Products: $600+ worth of products, featuring an assortment of established and emerging designers, including some of fashion’s most coveted brands.

Are you going to grab a box when it launches?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I bought it–I’m glad now, because the quantities were so limited that even if an item or two is not to my taste, it should be relatively easy to swap for something else. SO excited to see which CFDA designers will be in there. <3

  2. Hey Liz! I’ve been waiting for the CFDA box to go on sale for 2 weeks and it finally did.. But an hour after they sent the email, I saw it, and went to buy and it was sold out. I’m so bummed out. It was sold out after 1 hour! And I was sleeping

  3. I thought about it…but honestly the resort box left me a little *eh* so I skipped it. Why is it that now that it’s sold out I want one??? Lol…why yes, yes I AM competitive lol

  4. Well, I was planning on getting this. I rarely buy sub boxes, much less any of the fancy pricey ones, but I thought I’d treat myself this time, so I signed up to get the launch notification from Popsugar. I never got an email, and apparently it’s already sold out? I’m kind of bummed and a little mad. Oh well, I saved $200, so it’s not all bad.

  5. So… I saw it was on sale and was in the middle of something and came back to order and it was sold out. Part of me is bummed and part of me is grateful I just got saved from spending 200.00…….I would have done it too! Lol. Im afraid l do love my subscription boxes. ☺

  6. Of course after checking during the early hours and up until 10am I was called into a meeting and got out a few minutes ago and missed it 🙁
    I can now get the Birchbox Mother’s Day box tomorrow and use up my points and not be out $200. I will just keep repeating to myself that this is a good thing, lol. I did get off of the Zoe waitlist, so I’m very happy about that

  7. Now I sit and wait for the last few monthly subs to arrive ( cancelled those), then gear up for tomorrow to get the Birchbox mother’s day box. After that just one more limited edition box on my list and I’m set. Happy belated Birthday to me, happy Mother’s day, Monday, Tuesday, any day, just because…….
    Until the next seasonal boxes. Glad I don’t drink coffee can you imagine…. phheewwwwwwwwww

  8. Website says it’s sold out!

  9. I just ordered mine too.. I keep seeing e-mails and blog posts so I caved in! Hopefully the box worth the $200 we’re paying for.. 🙂

  10. I would love to order this but I just can’t commit without spoilers with this much money. My fear is that it would be full of over priced extreme lux items that might be very nice but in reality I don’t need, such as $100 candles or $50 daily planners. I am dying to see the revealing though !

  11. FYI: Just checked the site, woozy from my costly PopSugar fix, and it just sold out.

  12. I wonder how much work has gotten done this morning? So caught up in the drama of this box! 🙂

    • Fortunately, I am a housewife, but if this was going on last year, I would certainly have taken an unusually high number of bathroom breaks with only my phone in my hand.

      Where’s Shannon? Anyone seen her? Oh, she headed to the ladies. Again. I think she might have sudden diabetes or something, she’s been in there so much this morning. Hey guys! Here I am. Whadi miss? Oh, board meeting? Just ended? Hour long? Well, um, I’ve been, er, assessing the lack of recycling in the loo, you see…..

      Meh, I made breakfast. And ate it in front of my laptop. And I secretly judge people that watch daytime tv. Perhaps I need to rethink that 🙂

      • So funny!

        I work from home, so that made it easier for me.

        Now, I hope this box is worth all of this fuss. 🙂

  13. I just ordered…and forgot to change billing to my own CC so my husband doesn’t see (oops. he thinks box thing out of control). Debated this, but CFDA is just such a cool organization (and popsugar has really upped its curation game in the last 2-3 months) that I think it kind of has to be a good one. As others have stated–I’m really hoping for no scarves or other things that usually flood these boxes. Here’s hoping (cha ching!).

  14. I’ve been hinting madly to my husband for the last several minutes about this box, explaining my morning subby drama. PopSugar box at $200 with no spoilers and no sizing options and omg it just went on sale! Such brilliant marketing, if it’s a great box, I bet they’ll get loads of new subbies, and so on and so on. Oh, wow! MSA comments now say they do have various sizing/preference options now that the box is on sale. You know, normal couple with no kids Wednesday morning coffee talk, right? lol

    Now, we both, yes, both, already sub to 15 boxes and I’ve tried out way too many over the last year or so, so when I mention Liz or MSA, he jumps right into the convo wholeheartedly. Anyway, he’s all caught up on the DRAMA of the morning, yet I have yet to hear those sweet, sweet words: “Honey, do you really want the box? Go ahead, if it makes you happy, have at it.”

    Now, I am in full-on pout mode. He just is not getting the hint! Want. Waaa!

    Hold up. Clap clap!!!! He just strolled in to the living room while I was typing this, with a huge grin and a suggestion that I check my email. O….M…..G…. Somebody is getting lucky tonight.

    • Hmmm… question. When he ordered it, he said there were no sizing or preference options. When I log in, it shows it ordered with just a “manage shipping” option. Does anyone know how to get in there and add that?

      • Under My Accounts scroll down to the bottom and click on My Preferences. This was originally filled out when you began your monthly sub. Sometimes you just have to look around.

        • AH! OK. So it’s just the regular PS profile; not specifically related to the CFDA box.

    • that’s too funny.that’s one way to justify a sub purchase to hubby 😉

    • Love!

    • Ah, the survey is for the regular monthly sub. I have that one filled out already. I wonder if it will be applicable to this box, as well, or if it’s a one-size-fits-all type box where everyone gets the same thing.

      Sigh. I debated about the Rachel Zoe box but held off because I wasn’t wild about the bracelet. I definitely feel slighted on behalf of my fellow subbies that got the box and had to experience the total let-down of a non usable hero item. Bum. Mer. Fingers, toes, eyes and knees crossed that this is not the way this box goes.

  15. I am so hoping for some amazing home items!!

  16. It’s up. Just ordered mine!

  17. Just ordered, kept getting an error on my phone so I ordered from a different device….looks like I have at least 2 now!

    • If you want to sell one of your boxes will you please let me know? Thank you! [email protected]

  18. Passing. Boxes from them in the past I only use about 1/2 the items. I’m content with my quarterly sub to The Zoe Report’s box. They release the big ticket item too. This is too much to risk,

  19. For those who were wondering about clothing/sizing issues, you fill out a 12 question configurator with your preferred color palette, shoe size, clothing size, preferred scent, preferred jewelry item, etc. It looks like they may be trying to customize this one pretty closely since there will be a limited number of products for each at such a high value.

    • Did you fill out your preferences before or after submitting your order? I want to see if they are even offering my sizes before i commit.

      • The survey loaded after order was complete. I am not a regular PS subscriber, but I believe that if you did not receive the survey it will use your sizing from your profile information.

    • Just ordered but didn’t see survey…can you advise ? Thanks!!

      • I went back to the website after my purchase and it showed the survey. But i dont think that survey has anything to do with this LE box. At the end it stated it for future boxes.

        • Thanks for the response! I will try that in case it relates to this box.

  20. My order just went through! And I have the confirmation email and everything!


    … Man, I really hope this box is worth it…

  21. I ordered it — couldn’t resist! Can’t wait to see what’s included.

  22. just got it….yikes

  23. Ive never purchased a Popsugar box before but for some reason i am kinda interested in this one. I went back to read all the reviews for the past limited edition box and there is not one box that I like more than half of the items. Ughh is this a sign to resist? I need a spoiler! I am guessing it will come with a summer bag but im picky at bags. I am very excited on the Cambridge shoulder bag from Rachel Zoe summer box though!

    • gosh i bought it almost instantly after my previous comment after reading comments of many people who bought it. bad influence.

      • Same here!! I had just commented on the lack of spoilers and all those other things I tell myself when I’m trying to rationalize spending for yet another box.

        That word, it really is: rational lies. Those rational lies we tell ourselves to rationalize our rather gluttonous subbie addiction. I, yes, am a subbieglut.

        Fortunately, I have my hubby to blame for this one. Of course, my hints had absolutely nothing to do with it. Nothing, I say!

  24. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this seems like a great opportunity to get myself and my mom some great stuff for 1/3rd of the retail price. Hope there’s a nice piece of jewelry or bag in the mix!

  25. Dangit, go on sale, already!! I have an appointment soon and will have to stop obsessively reloading the page!

    With all the publicity this box has received, I have a horrible feeling it’s going to sell out. And I decided a week or two ago that I really want this box, despite the lack of spoilers. Guess I’m feeling bold.

    • are the names silhouetted in the background of the order page an indication of which designers are in the box?

  26. …and the site is now down for maintenance!

    • The site is up and running now. Just ordered my box. Good luck!

  27. OK, their site is down – what does that mean?! Are they flooded? Is it live? This is driving me nuts! LOL

  28. Liz- get them to give a spoiler! You’ve got the pull 🙂 If I loved the spoiler, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  29. i just went on their website and it says to get on a list and they will let me know when it goes on sale. it does not seem to be available yet.

  30. I am going to pass on this box. I cannot afford it right now.

  31. After the Christmas debacle, I have just given PS a bit of my faith by re-subscribing to the monthly box. No way am I ready to dive into this head first after seeing and experiencing how hit or miss the LEs can be. I mistakenly have two Rosario boxes arriving so maybe if there is something I can’t live without I can just swap for it.

  32. Read about this in the LA times and Woman’s Wear Daily along with other publications. It might be a big push to order when it does go on sale, think Golden Tote x the whole world. I didn’t realize Popsugar was such a widespread company. I’m excited about it. Hoping it has some quality, innovative stuff.

  33. Nope. I’m out of work right now, so unless I get a high paying job soon, or win the lottery, or Publishers Clearing House comes knocking on my door, I will just have to live vicariously through those of you who do purchase. Enjoy!

  34. Hmm….PSMH is one of my favorite subs, so this is very tempting. But for the price and no spoilers?

    Fashion oriented tells me perhaps either clothing or accessories. No sizing options, and I don’t need another scarf. Jewelry or other accessories? Maybe. Though I have plenty of necklaces from various boxes, and again, no sizing option for rings or bracelets or pierced/non pierced. I don’t want a clutch purse or tote or any of the other various stuff holding devices. I mean, I could go on and on.

    Again, the price and no spoilers? Seriously, the description is so agonizingly vague that the risk I normally enjoy with all my subs is just too much for this one. Shame.

    • After you purchase, it asked a bunch of questions including warm/cool tones, clothing sizes, ears pierced (yes/no) shoe sizes, perfume pref, etc.

      • Ah, yes. So I was told. Thank you!! Alas, I am already a monthly subbie, so the profile to which is being referred is actually that one. After some research, this particular one-time box does not actually have specific preferences. Boo.

    • After all that, my hubbie got the hints (I was being soooo subtle) and got me the box. Oh, the delicous agony of addiction lol

  35. I’m going for it. I bet they include a great bag and jewelry.

    • You had to say the word bag didn’t you? 🙂

      • please dont be a blue bag ;p

        • Ha!!

  36. Would love a spoiler first, lately I am feeling more picky and I don’t want to spend that much on a box of stuff unless there is something I know I want in it. (no more clutches, scarves, or fancy mascara please!!!!)

  37. It just costs too much. 🙁 I kinda regret buying the Resort LE box, because I didn’t love it. Maybe if I hadn’t, I could justify getting this one.

    • I’m with you… I regret getting the resort box. The only item I liked was the necklace and I don’t even absolutely love that. I jumped at the resort because the Target box was so amazing … had the resort been amazing, I’d be all over this one too.

  38. I’m so curious about this box! Without a spoiler I just can’t do it, but I am so very tempted.

  39. Do we know what has been in their prior LE boxes at this price point?

    • There has never been one at this particular price point. The NM one has been $250 the last couple of years and all the others have been $100. The NM edition was worth is in 2013, but the one from this past year was not. Most people, including myself, were pretty disappointed with its contents based on its price. This is the specific reason I will not jump on the CFDA box until I see at least one spoiler that would make it worth it to me

      • Correction, all the others were $100, except for the Target one they did a few months ago, which was a little bit less, but I cant remember exact price

      • Thanks. Yes, it is too much of a gamble I think. It could be a bag worth $300 and other items. I don’t need a bag and am way picky when it comes to purses. I think I’m out unless I see an awesome spoiler.

  40. It is pricey…I’m going to sit this one out. I may regret it but without a spoiler, who would know?

  41. I’m dying to know what’s in this box, but $200 is over my limit. Plus just signed up for the Rachel Zoe summer box.

  42. i will probably regret this but I think it may just be too pricey!

    • I don’t know if this will change your mind but I have been seeing all of LE boxes selling on Ebay for more than they are bought for. If you don’t like it, you can always sell it. I usually sell mine at what I paid plus shipping if I dislike- and I’ve never had a problem finding a buyer.

      • Barbie- do you sell them on ebay? I have never sold anything there.

        • Yes I do. Very smooth process. It’s just a last resort if I really dislike things. Also with the last box, I sold everything but the necklace and train case for about 60.00. So I spent 40.00 on the two items I loved, and didn’t feel guilty after!

          • Thanks Barbie! That makes me feel much better about the risk level of this box.

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