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Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review – April 2015

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Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 First Look

Mindfulness Box is a new subscription box that “provides simple reminders and inspiring new, conscientious goods sure to encourage living more deeply in the moment.”

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Mindfulness Box

The Cost: $29

The Products: Each month, you will receive a box with 4-5 items ranging from holistic and homeopathic mineral-/essential-oil based beauty products, handcrafted jewelry, delicious biodynamic treats, natural minerals/crystals evoking positive energy and MUCH more! Each item is accompanied with guided dialog to encourage experiencing this very moment, now.

Ships to: US (free shipping) Canada and Mexico ($27 shipping)

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Candle

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder – Value $15?

I’m not sure of the exact value of this candle holder since it is difficult to compare to others online without knowing their sizes exactly. It has a great weight to it, and it’s beautiful. Here is another look:

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Salt


According to the card included, the benefits of Himalayan Salt include: prevention of allergy symptoms and improved air quality, increased serotonin levels to aid in healthy sleep patterns, improved energy and mood, decreased blood pressure, and supports immune, respiratory and cardiovascular functionality.

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Sage

California White Sage with Lavender Smudge Stick – Value ?

I really like that this stick was wrapped in a detailed explanation of the benefits of smudging and instructions on exactly how to do it – I felt like that part was missing from the smudge stick included with the April 2015 Yogi Surprise box.

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Stones

Stone Set – Value ?

From the card: Recenter with this mindful mix of supreme gifts from Mother Earth. These beautys promote: Foundational Strength, Inner Peace, Cleansing & Healing, Self-Worth & Love.

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Tea

Yogi Breathe Deep Tea (4) – Value $1

I love Yogi tea (and getting tea in general in boxes). I think my favorite part of this inclusion though is the meditation guide that focuses on drinking and enjoying tea! That seems like the perfect mindfulness practice for me!

Mindfulness Box Subscription Box Review - April 2015 Chocolate

Zenbunni Chocolate Samples – Value $1

While I would have preferred a full-size chocolate bar, I would have also inhaled a full-size chocolate bar, so maybe these samples are for the best!

Verdict: I really like the concept of this box! If you are looking for a monthly reminder to practice meditation and mindfulness, it seems like a perfect solution. I’m not sure on how to assess retail value for this box, so I think this is one of those boxes you have to evaluate to see if it is valuable for you.

What do you think of the Mindfulness Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Thank you for the review, Liz! We are incredibly appreciative of your time and truly hope you enjoy your items.

    I wanted to clarify that the Zenbunni bars are their full size bars. I know they are smaller than most chocolate bars, but we chose Zenbunni because we feel passionately about their biodynamic farming, quality of ingredients and conscious commerce. This company pours loving energy into every handcrafted bar.

    All of our products are sourced to ensure Fair Trade, Conscious Commerce and the best quality.

    We are thrilled to share our May box with you and hope you’ll join our journey of inner peace and mindfulness.

    Kimberly Ehrhart
    Mindfulness Box

  2. Wow, I really like this box! I don’t think that the value is quite good enough to switch from my Yogi Surprise box, but it’s tempting! I love my himalayan salt lamp and the candle holder is beautiful!

  3. Meh, I’d rather go down to my local Earthbound and just buy what I specifically want.

  4. I like the concept of the box and it is well curated. I love the candle holder. However, for me this box is a bit too expensive considering what was included.

  5. I have a large rock salt lamp that was a wedding gift and I absolutely love it. The glow is lovely. It sits on my desk and it really does help to relieve allergy symptoms, improve air quality (I share my office with the kitty’s litter box), and help me stay alert and focused. I panic when the light bulb burns out and I have order replacement bulbs. I’ve always wanted to try the sage. Many others sear by it. I would love this box.

    • I feel the same way about my Himalayan Salt lamps and candle holders. Their benefits are truly amazing. Loved reading your review. Thank you for your time and positivity.

  6. Want the box, but glad I decided to wait until next month. I just bought one of the salt candle holders at Walmart 2 weeks ago. They do give off a very pretty glow! (Walmart price was $5)

    • WOW! Great price! Just looked they have them on the walmart site 2 for $9.99 + Free shipping on orders of $50+ . I might just end up getting them. They would look great with the 2 salt lamps I have.

    • Actually, upon looking, I already buy a lot of these products.. Rock Salt holder is $5 (what I paid at local Walmart). I get smudge sticks very similar to this from the Herb shop for $7, the raw stone would have actually been more expensive than the tumbled ones so maybe $5, teas are dead on at $1, not sure what size the chocolate bar samples are but the full size bar is also at my herb shop for $5.

    • LOL @ Walmart for essentially bringing down the value of this box to $10. Walmart, FTW.

      • Ha ha, this made me laugh. So true.

    • The price is getting confusing. I assume these $15 are better quality or larger size?

      • They should be the same size, mine holds the same size candle with the same amount around it. Generally, in things of this nature, there isn’t a difference in quality… the only time there is a difference in pink salt quality is in the kind bought for cooking.

        • Thanks Missy for the details, I’ll be looking for it at my local walmart 🙂

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Mindfulness Box. Our Himalayan Salt candle holders are 3 to 3.5 pounds of pure Himalayan pink salt. These are sourced to ensure the highest quality and fair trade practices. Again, thanks for your positive words. Sending blessings your way!

  7. I understand that this box was sent for review purposes but I really hope that you do not subscribe to this box. I think it is irresponsible to promote pseudoscience. These companies are just looking to make a buck and what they tout is not science but fluff on the verge of a scam. These companies look to take advantage of people only wanting to do the best for their families.

    • Wait, I’m confused. …I feel like this box was to promote meditation?

      • And if it was just meditation I would agree this is a lovely box. I agree meditation has benefits and there are studies to back that up. But the description for the salt lamp says it will reduce your allergies and purify air as well as improve your immune system, respiratory system and heart function.

        • I’m sure they meant that in a spiritual well-being sense, like when people pray about their illnesses. No rational person would use a salt candle holder in lieu of medical science.

          • I hope so too Agona.

          • That didn’t sound right. 🙂 I meant that I agree with you Agona and hope that is what they meant.

    • Sadly I know a lot of people that believe this actually works on a scientific level (of course none of them know nothing about science…lol). I was peeved to see this item in this box as well.

  8. Such a catchy name for a box 🙂 Now I want a box too, I hope the April box is still available.

  9. I love the concept of this box. Seems similar to the Sapphire Soul one. But I think the value of this box is more in the curation because the money value doesn’t seem high for $29. A handful of tumbled crystals usually run you about $1; a sage stick a couple of dollars–so that would put the box at around $20. Even so, love the curation of the box and would like to see more reviews of this and Sapphire Soul.

    • I was thinking the same thing, yet those candles are heavy, since they are solid rock salt.

      • The candle holder is very pretty! I’m partial to candles though, but I bet the holder gives the room a warm glow.

    • I disagree on the tumbled stones. Most of the places I buy stones – especially nice ones and natural (not dyed) are anywhere from $2 to $15 each depending on the stone.

  10. OY it is getting harder and harder. I need to now decide between Yogi Surprise, Buddhi Box and this one. All have their pluses but my budget says one only.

    I guess I will judge the may boxes against one another (though we know how well that goes because boxes vary so much month to month).

    Maybe I should meditate on this 🙂

  11. GREAT BOX! – This is exactly the type of box I’ve been looking for at the exact price point. I have a rock salt lamp and love it. The candle would be perfect with it. Any idea if this box is still available? If so I’ll sign up =)

  12. I have a couple of those salt tealight holders. I should remember to use them more often. (Would definitely recommend tealights and not votives for ease of removal when they’re out.)

    I was curious about the contents of this box, so thanks for the review!

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