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Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015

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Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Box

Love with Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box. They only send natural and organic food and snacks, and for every box shipped they donate a meal to charity.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Inside

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Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Contents

The Subscription Box: Love with Food

The Cost: $12/month for the tasting box ($10 per month with annual subscription), $19.95/month for the deluxe box ($17 per month with annual subscription), or $29/month for the gluten free box ($24.50 per month with annual subscription)

COUPON: Use our link to get your first box free!, no coupon required, just use this link

The Products: 8+ snacks that are organic, all natural, GMO-free, gluten-free, or free from artificial ingredients

Ships to: US

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Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Brochure

Each box comes with a brochure detailing the theme and the items selected for the month. This month’s theme is “Starry Nights,” and the box comes with a reminder to celebrate the quiet moments in life. 

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Fold Out

The brochure provides a quick description of the items included in the box and clearly outlines which items are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, etc. I like that they display this information so prominently.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Magnet

This month’s box also included a Love with Food “Snacking Star” magnet.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Chips

Garlic Olive Oil Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia (1 oz.)- value $.77

Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Back to Nature (1.25 oz.)- value $.67

I’ve tried Pasta Chips before (in another flavor), and I think they’re tasty. They’re baked, and the texture is crisp and crunchy. I like this flavor a lot, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart- these chips were very garlicky! 

Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies are free from corn syrup and made using rainforest alliance certified chocolate chips. They’re small and crunchy. They were good, but I tend to prefer soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Snack Pack

Hummus and Quinoa Chip Snack Pack by Wild Garden (2.26 oz.)- value $2.50

This gluten free snack pack came with a packet of quinoa chips and a squeezable container of hummus. The hummus was tangy, which I liked, and I thought it went well with the quinoa chips. I love the convenience of the squeezable hummus pack, and I appreciate how easy this would be to eat on the go.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Tea

Green Tea Tropical Tea by Mighty Leaf (1 bag)- value $.42

Sour Beans by Yum Earth Naturals (20 g.)- value $.65

Now that the weather has turned warm, I’m craving iced tea instead of hot. I’m looking forward to drinking this cold. I think the tropical flavors will make a very refreshing iced tea.

I love sour gummies, and I’m so happy to have discovered a natural version of my favorite candy! Sour Beans are made with real fruit extracts, no artificial dyes or flavors, and contain 100% RDA of vitamin C. They’re not quite as puckering as other candies (Sour Patch Kids, for example), but I still really enjoyed them.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Walkers

Pure Butter Shortbread by Walkers (1 oz.)- value $.71

Lemon Zest Luna Bar Mini (.81 oz)- value $.63

I’m a little surprised but see Walker’s Shortbread in this month’s box but certainly not disappointed! These cookies are delicious, and I’m always happy to have more on hand to serve alongside a cup of tea.

Luna Bars are created just for women, with a special balance of vitamins and minerals. For a healthy late-night treat, Love with Food suggests swapping milk and cookies for one of these mini bars.

Love with Food Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Coupons

As always, Love with Food included a handful of coupons and promo cards.

Verdict: I enjoyed this month’s Love with Food Tasting Box. I was really excited to discover the Sour Beans, and I thought the hummus snack pack was a fun addition. Sadly, the box seemed a little light to me this month. By my count, I only received 7 snacks instead of the usual 8+. I don’t mind too much (the snack pack could technically count as two snacks, I suppose), but I thought it was worth mentioning. This month, the value comes to just over $6. The Love with Food Tasting Box doesn’t provide sky-high value, but I think it’s a great way to discover products that are healthy, delicious, and junk-free. It’s also nice to know that for each box purchased the company will donate a meal to a hungry American child. For me, knowing that my snacking has a charitable impact helps make up for the lower-than-ideal value of the box.

What do you think about the April Love with Food box?

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I heard back from customer service, and the deluxe box was supposed to contain everything listed in the 2nd picture on this page.
    Mine was missing the 2nd Walker shortbread, and they added 500 points to my account to make up for it. They also told me the chips and hummus pack counted as 2 items. Including both the 2nd shortbread and the chips and hummus as 2 items, that gives the box a total of 16 items. From the reviews I’ve seen, a lot of people were missing the 2nd shortbread.

  2. I’ve been a subscriber of Love With Food for several months, so long that I can’t even remember! I like trying all the different ‘healthy’ snacks, it counteracts the couple of Japanese snack boxes I subscribe to! 🙂 My 8 year old enjoys sampling the box with me. At first she scoffed at the Pasta Chips when she saw the flavor but said she was willing to try it. Turns out she LOVED them! Yes, her breath did stink after that! And this was the first time I actually used one of their coupons! I bought a bigger bag of the Pasta Chips in the garlic flavor and also the Sea Salt, which she said she wanted to try. She even ranked this first over the sour beans but didn’t care for the Walker’s shortbread (wha?!) I was doing monthly but then used the coupon last month or so posted on MSA and did a 6 month subscription for $20 off!

  3. This will be my last box of the 6-month subscription. I love their mission to provide meals, but for me, the items were not special enough to warrant the cost. I realized that something like Orange Glad, while the value still isn’t there, at least provides special items, and I like trying new things.

  4. I get the deluxe box because it’s so much better. This month’s box was my hands down favorite one! We got double of everything except for the cookies and hummus box. We also got a vegan and gluten free chocolate cookie and 2 bags of popcorn chip things. It was awesome, if you like this box then I highly suggest the deluxe one!

    • I heartily agree! Although it’s even better if you can get a discount code of some sort (I got 20% off a year’s sub back around Black Friday – thank you, Black Friday!! – and that works out to only $13.60/box. Plus the $20 credit you get to their store!)

      But i didn’t get a second Walker’s! ::jealous::

      I have found so many new yummy snacks through this box. Every month (except last month), I’ve found something new to love. For me, that’s what this box is about. Okay, so not everything is healthy per se, but most of it is way better than the over-processes stuff you find everywhere now.

  5. If you have subscribed to this box for awhile, you will start to notice that they are repeating snacks. The shortbread cookies are a repeat and they gave out a different flavor of the pasta chips before. I also thought the box was light this month as well. I will be canceling after my 6 months are up. It was good while it lasted.

  6. This was my first box – free but I paid for shipping. I loved those pasta chips! (I love garlic!) haven’t tried the chocolate chip cookies yet as I just made a batch of homemade ones.
    Sounds like I may be the only person who liked the lemon Luna bar. And I really liked the Snack Pack to go – quinoa chips were interesting texture – but did anyone find there weren’t enough chips for the hummus? (Or too much hummus compared to chips

  7. This was the box that made me cancel my subscription. I was not impressed at all.

  8. I also got the graham cracker sticks instead of the cookies, but I also got a pack of green olives (not sure if they were the same brand as the ones we got a few months ago).

  9. My Deluxe box had 14 items, and it was supposed to have 16-20. It really bothers me a sub promises a certain $ value or number of items and doesn’t live up to it. I emailed them and I’ll see what their response is Monday. Otherwise, I love the food they pick, even if it’s not very healthy.

    • Huh. I only received 14 items, too. I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. The box was pretty full, though. I guess it was all those big items.

    • Very true, I get the deluxe box and it has 14 items if you count the two tea bags. I didn’t notice it, I was happy with this month. The deluxe box had Popcorners chips that are awesome, but I think I just bought a big bag at the dollar store a couple weeks ago.

    • I agree. I did like everything in my box but I hope that they are not going to send fewer items than promised in future boxes

  10. i personally did not like this box much i found last month box off the chart so goodi am looking forward to next month box xoxo dorothy xoxoxo

  11. This month’s box was SO much better than last month! I too was a little surprised to see a mainstream brand like Walker’s in the box, but they’re SO good, I don’t mind at all. Unfortunately for me, Lemon Zest is probably the only Luna bar flavor I can’t stand. Oh well. I don’t expect to love everything.

    And Is happy to see the Salted coupon. The bf has been looking for new recipes to try and this could help with that. 🙂

  12. I got some sort of graham sticks (same brand) instead of cookies, but I’m OK with that. You’re right, the pasta chips are VERY garlicky…I ate them at work and then didn’t want to talk to my boss. Lesson learned.

    My box took a little detour to a neighboring town and then arrived with a hole in the outside, but everything was still basically intact.

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