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Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Box

The Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription is a quarterly fitness subscription box.

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 First Look

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Items

The Subscription Box: Bianca Jade MizzFit for Quarterly

The Cost: $50 a box (ships every quarter)

The Products: Bianca Jade’s handpicked fitness products.

Ships to: US, (Canada extra $20 fee, International extra $30 fee).

Check out all of my Quarterly reviews!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items included and why they selected them. The theme for this month is about 90/10: “I want you at your strongest, most dedicated and disciplined form for 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is my gift to you to take it easy and treat yourself.”

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Ankle

CAP Fitness Ankle Weights – Value $7

I’m impressed that this item was in the box for the shipping weight/costs alone! Bianca recommends using these for leg and thigh work exercises.

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Clutch


Rumbatime Clutch – Value $20

My subscription box blue clutch collection expands! This is actually a great addition to a gym bag since it is completely rubber. I’ll probably use it as a makeup bag for things that sometimes spill!


Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 PBFit

Fatty Sundays Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Value $5?

I couldn’t find the ingredients for these pretzels online (or on the package) so I couldn’t try them but my husband got to enjoy them!

PBfit Peanut Butter Powder – Value $8

This PB fit powder is really good! You can add water to the powder to make a peanut butter with less fat that regular peanut butter, but I think I’ll be using it exclusively for making smoothies!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Tattoos

Tribe Tats – Value $6

I get the inclusion of these in a workout box – they’re a way to wear jewelry at the gym. Personally, the metallic tattoo trend isn’t for me, so I’ll be passing these along.

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Clean

Clean Energy Patch (2) – Value $6

These patches are designed to give athletes the positive benefits of caffeine for a sustained, even flow of energy. I love getting my caffeine fix through tea, so I’m a little wary of trying these. If you’ve given them a try and recommend them let me know!

Healthy Hoo Hoo Wipes (10) – Value $4.79

I think these are another great gym bag addition, and they are free of parabens, glycerin, and fragrance!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Button

Crunchlive 45 Day Voucher and Workout Plan – Value $15

Butt N’ Booty Gym Selfie Button – Value $2

(I recommend checking out the Butt N’ Booty site for some interesting buttons – I spotted a Mr. Feeny one!)

FYI – you do have to enter billing information to redeem this coupon. I like that Bianca included a customized workout plan:

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Workout

I just wish that Crunchlive was available as an app for my Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ07 Lumene

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream SPF 15 – 15 ml Value $6

Lumene is one of my mom’s favorite brands (their products work great for her sensitive skin) so this sample is going straight to her!

New Beauty Magazine – Value $10

I already get this magazine thanks to my New Beauty Test Tube subscription – but I really enjoy reading it, and I’ll pass this issue along to a friend. (In case you were wondering why it is in this box – Bianca is featured on page 187!)

Verdict: The value of this box is about $90 (or $75 if you don’t count the CrunchLive coupon since it requires billing info). While I won’t use everything in this box, I think I will use at least $50 worth of the items. This isn’t my favorite MizzFit box for those reasons, but I’m still a fan of the subscription. What do you think of #MIZ07?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (102)

  1. Just got my box!! Very happy with it. Great job Bianca!

    • So jealous! I’m really excited for this box! Unfortunately, according to Quarterly they ran out of product so, if I’m lucky, my box will ship next week and since I’m on the west coast shipping will take a bit over a week. Now to see if I’m strong enough to avoid spoilers for a few weeks.

      • hi Anna! We didn’t run out of product, one of the brands didn’t send us the correct number of product and then when they finally sent to us, it was delayed in shipping so we decided to just start sending the completed boxes out and wait until we could complete the others so as not to hold up the entire shipping process. Sorry that happened to yours 🙁 I hate when they are road bumps and always try to make the best decisions when it comes to making everyone happy. You should see me when sh*t hits the fan. I definitely fought hard for this box on a few items that almost didn’t happen. Just so happy it all came together! Now I just need these boxes to get to ALL OF YOU 🙂

      • Way to go, Bianca Jade! Unfortunately, Quarterly decided I did not have a subscription. So disappointing. Anna, I hope your box ships next week.

      • what do you mean? If you switched credit cards or discontinued a credit card, we are unable to process it (this is a common problem). Think this might have happened? Otherwise I can help get the box out to you. Email me and I will help. We still have boxes left which is shocking to me considering I really expected this one to sell out.

  2. Got shipping notice for MIZ08 today!!! I agree with the Shakeology/Beach Body suggestions, I would like to try these products without having to shell out so much money upfront.

  3. Hi everyone! I just saw Jessi’s and everyone else’s comments about Shakeology and Beach Body. I’m going to look into these for the next box. They are excellent suggestions and I am very much intrigued by the cook book idea. Thanks for suggesting these fab ideas and let me know what you think of your #MIZ08 boxes when you receive them. Lotsa love!

    Bianca Jade

    • Bianca Jade, what about something from Kayla Itsines? Access to her 12 week program, etc.? I have not tried this myself but she is all over social media, Forbes did an article on her, lots more. Seems like it could be a good fit for the box.

      • Or maybe Jen Ferrugia? Or something like this.

      • Kayla’s plan is OK. It’s honestly not that much better than other people’s I’ve tried. I read the hype and signed up for it and was only mildly impressed. It’s pretty basic. She just happens to have a lot of PR dollars behind her right now which is why we’re seeing her everywhere. And the fact that she has a ton of followers but I’m not super blown away by the workout. Besides you can download her sample workout for free off her site. I’d honestly much rather score you something more valuable from BeachBody. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up teaming up with them either. We’ll see! Bianca

      • Thank you so much! Your time and opinion is most appreciated. 🙂

    • I just signed up for your box. I’ve been getting rid of subs left and right but you actually seem to be so connected with this site (and on instagram) that I’m impressed. Am I too late for your latest box? When I signed up I was accused that the next box ships in October.

      • Claudia, we have #MIZ08 boxes left but we closed signs up for that last week. It reopens in 2 weeks. I can get you on board for it if you email me at [email protected] and I will personally contact you when it becomes available again. You’re not the only one who has asked so I have a list started. Would love to add you to it. Thanks for inquiring and signing up. I think you’ll be pleased with #MIZ08 and #MIZ09. Kindly, Bianca Jade

  4. I would love love love to see shakeology in one of the boxes. Or a different beach body product. I love the mizfit quarterly box and beachbody so actually incorporating the two would the best thing ever (for me).

    • Jessi, I totally agree! I was just thinking that it would be so awesome to add one of the newer videos, like CIZE… or even just a shakeology sampler. I’ve been doing 21 Day Fix and love it, so I’d be super psyched to see anything else from Beachbody in this box.

      • I have been doing 21 day fix too! It’s really amazing and the food plan is awesome. The food plan and containers would also be an awesome addition! Don’t you think?

      • I totally agree! And for those of us who already have it, I would be totally fine with having more, so that I can plan out my whole day in one set of containers, or take food to work already in the colored containers. I want to do 21 Day Fix Extreme next, just need to do another round of the original first!

      • But the best would be the new book with 21 day fix recipes! I would really use it. And the box would sell out in no time if this book was a spoiler 😀

      • oh that would be so awesome!

      • Yes that would be awesome! I want the cookbook really bad. But everyone would need the containers then lol.

  5. Per Bianca Jade’s MizzFIT email saying today is the last day to order the summer box, there are “12 trends” inside the box…

    • Yes indeed! This box is packed with stuff and not counting the $75 voucher towards the fancy Velvet Eyewear Sunglasses, the value of this box is $154. And just to make everyone happy who can’t afford the Velvet Eyewear sunglasses even with the voucher, I secured a sunglass brand for box #MIZ09. If you want to know who it is, check out my instagram feed from today <3

      Hope a few of you on the fence sign up today. There are officially ONLY 20 BOXES left! Woohoo! Super stoked about this! xoxo, Bianca jade

      • Cannot wait to get my box, love you put so much thoughts in the subscription!

      • I am so excited about this box – I don’t think I’ve ever been this anxious to see a charge show up on my credit card!

      • Hi everyone! So, I’m really sorry about the delay with shipping. The truth is that one of the items inside (I don’t want to reveal the company since everything is totally kosher now) was late to send us their product. Quarterly wanted me to nix them and just send the box out without it, but it was important for me to send you all a super packed box with everything I had promised. Especially since the New Year Box had that same issue and many of you were displeased about it. So anyway, the problem has been fixed. The box should ship out either today or tomorrow as all product arrived at the warehouse this morning. This box is really full of stuff. I hope you enjoy everything and if you have any questions about anything inside, just shoot me an email at [email protected]. Can’t wait to start working on the next box in 2 weeks!

        xoxo, Bianca Jade

  6. Hi everyone! So #MIZ08 is wrapped in terms of design and I’ve been dropping hints since last week. Please let me know if you have any questions whatsoever about it or if you’re on the fence. I’d love to help you make a decision about it. I think this might be the best box yet but I honestly feel that way every time because I feel like they keep getting better. This box will have a lot more trending items than usual too, since that’s what you guys asked for in response to the last box. Ok, here if you need me! Thanks to all of those who are already subscribed! xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • I’m super excited for the box. Can you tell us if the watch has special features?

      • It’s a gym-friendly fashion watch with a comfortable water resistant silicone band (that slaps onto your wrist). I picked the colors out to reflect summer style and the watch was made especially for my box, so I’m pretty excited about that. Since I’ve done a tracker before, I didn’t want this watch to be a tracker device. I wanted it to be something fun and sporty that you could wear for a sweaty workout and get wet. However, I am thinking of doing the Mira Tracker for one of the next boxes as I’m in love with it. It’s a higher end tracker. Praying I can get the company to work with me!

      • The watch sounds great. I hope you are able to get the mira tracker in an upcoming box as it is a really pretty tracker….so basically it would be perfect for your box. Great job Bianca Jade…your boxes are defintely one of my faves!

      • Jessi,

        You are so sweet! Yes, the Mira would be fab, wouldn’t it? Fingers crossed. Until then, so glad you’re excited about the current box. I can’t wait to get all your reactions on it.

        Bianca Jade

  7. Hey everyone! Thanks for weighing in on my last question. So, there weren’t enough lip protectors for us to order for the boxes, sadly. But the good news is that I was able to score 2 sun protection items in it’s place so instead of getting 1 thing, you’re not getting 2 awesome things for sporty sun protection. Just wanted to update you!

    xoxo, Bianca

  8. Hi everyone! So I wrapped on designing the #MIZ08 box on Friday but an opportunity has reared its head to add 1 more item to the box and clearly I’m ecstatic. I don’t usually do this but I had such a great response the last time asking your opinion on the fitness-resistant nail polish that I will be including in #MIZ08, so here goes!!!!

    Would you rather have an amazing facial SPF cream or lip SPF protector in #MIZ08? Keep in mind there was a 15 SPF facial cream in the last box…of course this new one would be stronger for summer, but I am hesistant to give you another. The lip protector is quite nice and something you don’t normally think to buy. Let me know your thoughts! By the way, I’m so excited about this box because WE HAD NO ISSUES PUTTING IT TOGETHER! It’s fun, carefree and really sums up all the things I’m excited about for summer fitness.

    I adore all of you and thanks for your help deciding on this last product. Your box is gonna be packed with awesomeness. Love you all!

    Bianca Jade

    • I would prefer a lip protector. But either would be welcomed and amazing!

    • Ooh fun, I love extra goodies, and either of those products sounds great to me! To pick one… I’d probably go with the lip protector, as I have a ton of moisturizer/sunscreens right now and, living in a dry climate and at altitude, my lips are constantly chapped, so I’m always on the search for that holy grail lip product! 🙂

      Thanks for asking us; I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve put together!

    • I’m late, but I pick lip protector. I’m glad that this one came together easily for you 🙂

    • Both would be useful, but lip protector would be my choice 🙂

  9. I was happy to get e-mail saying that the deadline for the Crunch Fitness voucher was extended and clarifying that the 45 days started with redemption. I hadn’t bothered redeeming it because I was out of town for two weeks in May so I figured I wouldn’t get much use out of it. Now I just have to hope I didn’t toss it because I was past the deadline…

  10. Question for everyone: If I were to include a nail polish in the next box that’s strong enough to outlast even a crossfit workout, what color would all of you be interested in? Would a stylish green shade (think of a light teal) be of interest? Or do all of you prefer safer more classic colors like reds and pinks? Please let me know! I love the funkier colors but want your feedback. THANK YOU!

    • Although I personally don’t get too excited about nail polish, one of the reasons that I subscribe is to receive products that I may not try on my own. So I would like to see something on trend, like the light teal that you mentioned, instead of the classic colors we all already have at home. Also, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in asking for this feedback and I love your boxes!

    • No pink!

      Just by way of explanation, a lot of us who frequent this site subscribe to multiple boxes, including (often) beauty boxes. And there has been a lot of pink going around this year and last year. So many of us have like 5-7 (or more) pale pink polishes already (as well as some brighter pinks). It’s kind of like the blue clutch problem for those who subscribe to PopSugar.

      I also like funkier colors, but then I don’t have any limits on what I can wear as no one at my office seems to care.

    • I would prefer a more classic color myself. Just because I know a lot of people go from work to the gym and cannot wear more funky colors. Plus in a lot of beauty boxes I have been getting a lot of blues and I wont wear them and they don’t trade well either.

    • I’d be happy with a funky color! Would love a purple, blue or green – I do not own a light teal so that would definitely be cool. It’s so awesome of you to come here and ask for ideas and feedback. Can’t wait for the next box!

    • A funkier color! I wonder if this nail polish can hold up to Tae Kwon Doe?

      • I’m tired. Taekwondo. I should know how to spell it by now LOL. One of my childrens’ instructor mentioned before how nail polish doesn’t last long for her.

    • I would love a funky shade and think teal would be awesome. I would be really excited to see if it could make it through a day at the barn! It’s really cool that you check this board and ask us questions.

    • I like the fun colors – something different. I’ll most likely end up just using it on my toes though. I keep my nails pretty short so I usually don’t do much color.

  11. I finally got back to this thread to add my thoughts! This was my first Mizzfit box – I wish I had subbed in Jan because I loved the look of that box and was bummed there weren’t extras on best of quarterly! I follow Bianca on Instagram and I just love how passionate she is about what she does. And I really appreciate how much she cares about this box (and getting it out on time!)

    I think that clutch is super cute (I got blue – so cheery!) I don’t have a gym membership, but I have a pre-schooler, so wet stuff is always spilling in my bags, like when we head out on the weekends, so I can use it for my phone when we’re on stroller walks or hikes! The BP fit (I got chocolate flavor) was great in a smoothie with almond milk and a banana after a long morning of gardening, and the face cream was great on my sensitive skin. I do wish the online classes were for a longer time period; it’s been so crazy here recently that I went online to sign up but then I haven’t had time to use them, but that’s totally my issue!

    Anyway, I love some of the suggestions below for future boxes. I agree I think it would be so hard to curate a fitness box, as everyone has different levels of fitness and likes and dislikes. I am trying to get fit again after having my daughter (ahem, 2.5 years ago ha ha). I love the idea of a watch. I also like the suggestions or sport sunglasses (my daughter just broke mine), a cute running cap, and a waist belt (my spi belt is great). That’s because I’m hoping to run a half marathon later this year. I have never found a head band that stayed put in my fine hair, but that would be awesome. Bianca has mentioned nail polish that won’t chip during a workout on Instagram and I would love that too!

    Keep up the good work Bianca!

    (Oh, and my pretzels broke open in my box and were spilled everywhere, so I didn’t get to try them, but I contacted quarterly and they said they would send new ones, so I’m excited to try them when they get here!)

    • Hi Miccarty,

      Thanks so much for this review. I’m so glad you’re happy with the box and can’t wait for you to get the next one. I just confirmed a really exciting product a few minutes ago that I know fitness fashionistas are going to love. I’m toying with the theme of All Natural for the next box and highlighting more luxury items that many people haven’t heard of before. There will be a lot of fitness accessories inside. I will not be doing another online workout membership though. Currently brainstorming on what kind of workout will be included inside. Stay tuned!

      Thank you again for your excellent review!
      Bianca Jade

    • Hi Miccarty! I’m hoping to use what you wrote about my box as a testimonial on my website and wondering if you’d be willing to share your full name? Or perhaps you could email me directly at bianca at so I can give you more details and get your permission. Thank you!

  12. I specifically started getting Bianca’s boxes (this is my second) because of this review website, and even more so because she responds to everyone’s reviews! This is the only box I look back and check all the comments because it shows JUST how much she puts into it. That makes the box well worth the money.

    I love the box this month. The ankle weights were something I always wanted but never knew where/how to purchase, having a small silicone bag is great for the gym (or the beach, that’s where I’ll be taking it!), the cream is FANTASTIC on my very sensitive skin, and some of the smaller items (the wipes, tattoos, caffeine patches, button) are things i never would have picked out for myself but things I’d love to try. That’s why I subscribe; to try things for a much cheaper value than if I were to buy them myself. I’m a stickler for money that way. For me, the biggest value in the box is the live streaming work outs and the PB Powder. I absolutely LOVE the powder, and I enjoy the workouts.
    While I don’t love everything, I thought the box was really well curated and I’m finding products I never would have tried before. Can’t wait for the summertime box, seems like Bianca’s already putting a TON of work into it!!

  13. The watch sounds amazing Bianxa Jade!! I would also love the gloves and headbands. I would love to see gardener’s dream cream in a box (especially yours and in any future boxes Liz makes) as it is absolutely amazing on sore muscles but it also works amazingly well as a night time face cream! The signature Scent is a bit strong smelling but I swear by it. It keeps my skin glowing and acne free. Plus it’s all natural!! My masseuse uses it on all her clients and recommended it to me and now everyone I know loves it!

  14. This box has totally grown on me! I wasn’t sure at first but now that I’ve had a chance to use most of the stuff I like it. The day cream is great – very hydrating and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. The PBfit is better than the powdered PB I was using. The clutch is the perfect size for the gym, it fits the HooHoo wipes (awesome), my phone, ID, and a few other things. I tried out the CrunchLive and love the variety (that Cardio Kickboxing class kicked my butt in the best way).
    I also really appreciate that the box ships on time, the value is excellent, and the curator/curation are fab. It really shows that Bianca Jade puts a TON of effort into these boxes.
    I would love to see those gloves in the future and maybe some good grippy headbands. I have really thick hair so most headbands just slip off the back.

    • It should say that now that I’ve tried most of the stuff I love it, not just like it. The only thing waiting for me is the magazine and I’ve got a spot on the beach with my name on it this weekend that will be perfect for reading it.

    • Noted on the grippy headbands. For a while I was thinking about getting the ones from Sparkly Soul but I don’t think they have grip. Honestly, in all my years, I’ve never found a headband that works for me and my super thick hair so I just kind of gave up. But this will inspire me to look for something great.


  15. I was happy to get 2 lb ankle weights and the PB. I also like the addition of the magazine and think the gym pin is cute. I’m happy to get another 6 weeks of online workouts, but I literally just cashed in the Booya Fitness workouts (which has been awesome so far). I’m bummed that the Crunch membership has to be used by the end of May – I probably won’t get to try it out by that time. The tattoos aren’t my thing and I wasn’t crazy about the clutch so that was a bust for me. The moisturizer is pretty nice, but I didn’t expect to receive something like that in this box.

    I’ve been thinking about how hard it must be to put together a fitness box. There are some subscribers who have already made fitness part of their daily lives and are looking for new fitness products to try. But there are also subscribers who aren’t as active and are looking for motivating products to help them get fit. I’m not sure if I’m the right person for this box (I’m thin, but have the hardest time getting motivated to work out lol).

    I am a big believer in women supporting other women and I love what Bianca stands for. I think she really cares about her subscribers being happy and that alone is a huge reason why I will continue to support her endeavors. I will jump on the next box if she includes her workout gloves!! My wish list also includes a gift card for fitness attire or shoes (similar to the Nike gift card in the September Popsugar box), cute workout head band, discount for a good fitness app, food scale, portion control plates, a hat (like a baseball cap that could be worn working out in the heat), or a book/guide on the best stretches for different types of workouts…I know Bianca reviews these comments so I will stop here so I don’t annoy the crap out of her lol.

    • You are NOT annoying at all. Your comment was kind and thoughtful. Thank you for that. It can be hard reading the disparaging comments sometimes. Imagine if there was a forum critiquing your hard work and efforts…it’s not always easy to digest. That’s why I really appreciate the constructive comments. Again, thank you and I already took notes on what you would like to see. xoxo, Bianca Jade

  16. Hi everyone,
    So I always come here to read your comments. I’m actually quite surprised that some of you are not feeling this box. I spent a long time working on this one and listened to all your requests and suggestions as inspiration. From dance classes on CrunchLive to many of you asking for weights and products to throw in your gym bags. Every item in this box, while they were inspired by your suggestions, are things I use and love…which I did not buy at Walmart, for the record. I even had the button custom made by 2 women from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri who make these crazy funny buttons! A lot of thought goes into these boxes and I spent 3 months on this last one. I can assure you that they are not thrown together quickly. I had no idea that blue wallets and temp tattoos are often put in boxes! In fact, the clutch in my box is not meant at a wallet but as a bag to hold smaller lockerroom items like the hoo hoo wipes and such. But i realize that many women commenting here subscribe to many boxes, and that there might be some repeat items they see, which is probably pure coincidence or just the fault of the box sub “limitations”. I already started working on #MIZ08 if that gives you any idea of how fast I start working because it takes a lot of time to put these together. I had lunch with my mom’s best friend who is 65 years old the other day. She told me: “I had to stop subscribing to your box because many of the items inside were too trendy for me and challenging physically at my age.” I told her, DO NOT WORRY!!! Because the truth is that it’s hard to make EVERYONE happy. I can only do my best to curate a box that showcases the trends I’m loving and using, and feel valuable enough to share with all of you. With that said, I’m proud of #MIZ07 and worked hard to get a lot in there. Please keep in mind that some of the values mentioned above are not accurate. For instance, the buttons cost $7 each for a custom button and a few other items have a higher retail price or are not even available for sale. For instance, I had the pretzels pack customized just for you guys from Fatty Sundays. You can’t buy that online. I do a lot of things that are made especially for the box. I just approved a design for a watch for box #MIZ08 that was made for you guys. And my brand new Mizzfit training gloves will be in the next box too. Every box is different and will present an assortment of items that are fun and unique. That’s my mission and I intend to keep that promise. But it’s hard to make everyone happy even when I try hard to accommodate everyone. One of the women on here received a black RumbaTime clutch and I offered her to trade it to me for another color since she was unhappy with the black. I am not supposed to do this (Quarterly doesn’t like this) but I will just to make you happy. Just like I exchanged everyone’s Mizzfit socks for the last box that had feet bigger than a size 7.5. I always try and go out of my way for you guys 🙂 Thanks for reading and thanks for subscribing if you decide to stay on 🙂 xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • I just want to say that this comment wasn’t posted at the time I posted my comment. I bring that up because 1) this proves my point that you’re dedicated to your subscribers, and 2) I didn’t know the gloves would be in the next box, but knew you were working on them! I will be signing up tomorrow for #08! Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself.

      • That’s so funny! Well, I’m so glad we read each other’s mind.

    • Ms. Jade,

      I was the one who made the comment about the blue purse (which, I learned from you, is actually a clutch) and the temporary tattoos. I meant no disrespect to you or your choices. (I actually would love to have the blue clutch.) It was definitely never meant in a spiteful way. I personally think we’re a funny bunch here and you are 100% correct in that the majority of us subscribe to many, many, many boxes. So, yes, there will always be overlap at some point in time even when it’s a fitness box vs. a box dedicated to all things French vs. whatever kind of box POPSUGAR is. And for whatever reason, since last fall until recently, it seemed like there was an over abundance of cobalt blue purses/wallets/etc. It was crazy! Also, we have learned that the silver and gold temporary tattoos have two divided camps – either you really love them or you really hate them. And, we all made fun of ourselves via the thread “You know you are a subscription box addict when ____________.” That was actually borderline scary! All in all, I think most of us here have good hearts and really want the boxes/curators that are truly invested in their customers to succeed. That definitely describes you! Keep on doing what you’ve been doing because you definitely have a loyal following of women that get a bit “box crazy” every now and then!

      Keri S.

      • Hi Keri! Thank you for this message and believe it or not, all your feedback helps because I made extra sure for this next box coming out that nothing like a temp tatoo or blue purse would be included, lol! There is 1 item inside the box that at one point was in a birch box but this item is not something that anyone would complain about receiving again because it’s an item that I imagine everyone would want more of. But not to worry, I check this forum because it really helps me do better and understand my subscribers better. The only thing that hurts my feelings sometimes is when people think I don’t care or try hard, as these boxes are SO IMPORTANT to me. That’s all. But I know you are all sweet people with great sense of humor. I have gotten to know many of you. It’s all good and thanks for your response. If you’re still subscribed to my box, I’m very curious to hear your feedback from the next one! Bianca Jade

    • I love the care that goes into these boxes and it’s fun hearing how they were put together. Maybe this one, combined with better weather, will finally get me away from the computer and back into shape.

    • Hmm, I am sorry to say that, but we just got training gloves few boxes ago… so now again?
      I would also like to get shampoo which removes chlorine from hair. Will spend all summer in swimming pool with my boys, and it is super useful thing, but I never got it in subscription box yet…

    • Love the idea of training gloves and a watch (even though I don’t wear watches, I’ve been looking into getting one the last couple of months. I just can’t find one that I actually like). I missed out on the box with the gym girl gloves in them, but I don’t think you can have enough gloves, especially if you don’t want to wear the same pair for weeks at a time before washing. I’m also throwing my hat in, so to say, about headbands! Like, Bianca, I can never find any that stay in place though.. so if she can find some for the box, I’ll know which brand/where to get more if needed/wanted.

      With that said, Bianca, thanks for offering to exchange my black clutch for another color. I’ll keep the one I have and purchase another separate one in a brighter color. It’s not that i don’t like the black one, I do, as I love all things black. I’ll just change the bag it goes in so it doesn’t blend in 😉 Thanks again for the offer though!

    • You are definitely getting a skewed sample here–with all the zillions of boxes out there there are always going to be repeats and trends. It’s still great how much thought you put into these boxes and how involved you are with the community who gets them. You’re doing a great job!

  17. Major kudos to Bianca Jade. She’s disciplined about sticking to a true quarterly schedule and she does a nice job staying on theme and keeping the quality high.

    • That is definitely true. If I ever take the plunge and subscribe to a Quarterly box, it would be this one. One day there will be spoiler items that I don’t already have!

  18. Liz, I have a great idea. We need to have the 1st Annual MSA Awards at the end of the year. One of the categories: “The Last Thing You Ever Want To See In A
    Box Again”. And, we have our first two nominees: 1. Silver and Gold Jewelry Temporary Tattoos and 2. Any thing that is blue and can be used as a wallet/purse!!!

    • I love this idea! We will do it! And you also totally made me laugh! 🙂

    • Brilliant!!

    • How about ear buds, cord tacos,novelty ice trays and water bottles lol

  19. Are there any coupons or promo codes you all know of for this box? I’ve been wanting it but the $60 price tag (including shipping) is a little off putting. Thanks!!

    • If you are into working out I think that this box is worth the price tag especially if you use the fitness classes. I’m hoping that the classes vouchers/coupons continue. It makes me more open to trying new things/fitness trends. If you’re not really into working out then I agree that the price is a little high. I have been watching the reviews and after this box (must admit this one is not my favorite) I see the consistency in the curation and value and will be signing up!

      • I see your point about trying new trends and I agree that would work for some people.

        However, I don’t like to do streaming workouts. At the end of the day, you don’t own them (or even have a license for them like you do with Kindle books) and can’t access them again if you stop paying fees. Whereas with a DVD, unless it gets a scratch, you can use it whenever and wherever you want. Plus, you can re-sell it if you get tired of it, which is something you can’t do with a streaming workout. (And, sometimes streaming companies lose the license to show certain workouts, so you could lose access to something you like at any time. Every time Amazon Prime drops a show, for example, people get upset.)

        If you don’t have the equipment to stream workouts to your TV, it can be obnoxious to try to work out (especially to something new and unfamiliar) on a laptop screen. (And desktop computers may be situated in locations where you *can’t* work out in front of them.)

        Or, if your internet goes down (or slows down during peak traffic), you can’t use streaming workouts. Sometimes people have older computers that aren’t capable of streaming workouts (my computer can’t support the latest Mac OS so I’m out of luck for a lot of online workouts).

        Also, I just generally don’t like to see vouchers and coupons counted as part of a subscription box’s value. A lot of times (not always, though) you either have to enter billing information and then remember to cancel, or the offer isn’t any better than what you could get as a free trial from the company in the first place (I’m not saying that’s true here, but I have seen that in some cases).

      • I did not realize this month was a streaming subscription! Thanks for the information. I don’t think I would like that either and totally agree with the points you’ve made. I will be more diligent in finding out how they work before I subscribe. I learned something new today. Thanks for the info Ragan!

      • I don’t actually know if this particular one is streaming, but most online workouts are (at least the ones that I’ve seen). That would fill up a hard drive pretty fast, otherwise.

  20. I liked the last box more – the FitBook, sock, and scrub were amazing. However, this one is growing on me. I just got the OK from my ortho doc to start working out again so will be trying the CrunchLive (I already have DailyBurn but am interested in seeing the difference) and the clutch is useful. The pretzels were a dud for me since I don’t like chocolate but my BF said they were delicious. I think that the problem I am having with this box is that my expectations were higher; if I hadn’t thought there would be more to it I would be happy with it.

    • I should add that I’m absolutely staying subscribed. I know Bianca Jade works hard to make the boxes excellent and am certain I’ll like future boxes more.

  21. I am pretty sure I like this box, although I feel like I was hoping for…something after the promise to make up last month. But man, I would sign a petition to never be sent another set of metallic tattoos.

  22. I cancelled when I saw the spoilers because they didn’t seem like me. Om glad I did, but will probably join back up again because I usually love the boxes. I really dig Bianca and her passion so am happy to support that!

  23. I am unsure about how i feel about this box. I like the theme 90/10 but I’m not sure I will actually find use for most items in the box. It honestly feels of low value to me based on the items in the box. The highest priced item was the rubber clutch at 20$. All other items are low valued items. Maybe It’s not Bianca Jade and more due to the changes that are being made at quarterly. I truly loved the last box. And knowing that not every box will be a perfect fit for everyone (this box just isn’t for me) I will continue to subscribe for now. I know Bianca Jade works very hard at curating her boxes.

  24. I am so on the fence about cancelling this sub. Ugh. The box was ok… I will likely use everything except the online workout classes – I intensely dislike “credit card required” for free classes. This box was supposed to make up for the bit of a snafu on the last box, but like several of the comments below I liked the last box better (I seriously love those socks!!). I feel like the intent is there and I keep hoping the next box will be better (this is my second box). The value is there, but the curation is still a bit meh. I just don’t know. I wish I hated it or loved it instead of feeling meh.

  25. I liked the box, but nothing thrilled me too much. I too preferred last month’s box to this one.

    I think I’ll use everything except the online classes — disappointed to get that two boxes in a row & since this one requires a credit card I doubt I will use it.
    (Wonder if Bianca can get stats on how many go unused? Perhaps most people love workout videos, just not me.)

    Still think it’s good value-for-money.

    I haven’t been able to find a fitness box that isn’t a lot of “nutrition products” (I try to eat clean, so don’t want so-called health foods)

    I like that Bianca’s box are a beautiful blend of fitness, fashion & fun.

  26. I too have been waiting on a review on this box to see the general feeling about it. I confess I had high expectations for this box as a make up for the unfullfilled promises of last box. This box may grow on me but I actually liked the last box better–it felt of higher quality and tighter curation. This box seemed, like someone else mentioned, that I went to walmart and bought a bunch of random stuff. I will definitely try it all out and my opinion may change but I cancelled my supscription within about 30 minutes of opening my box as well. I felt really bad doing it because I like Bianca Jade, but it feels like the box is winding down and there are just so many other boxes out there that I would like to try (and am trying) that are giving me a higher value for my money.

  27. If you have an Android phone running Jellybean or higher, it is SUPER easy to mirror your phone screen to your Fire TV!! I just figured it out so I could use my Fit Fusion voucher that I got on Living Social, and you really just have to change a couple of settings. I think it can be done if you have ios devices as well, but it’s a little more complicated.

  28. I will also stay subscribed for a long time, I am sure. I know Bianca tries to send us the best boxes she can. In a future boxes I would like to get a sport sunglasses (for running or biking ), cute running cap and waist belt/pouch to keep my mobile, keys while running.

    • I agree on all the items you mentioned! Or maybe even those belt pouches that have the tiny water bottles.

      And while the value may not be as high as past boxes, it still stays true to the Style Up 2 Shape Up theme which I appreciate.

      I got the clutch in purple and used it the same day I received my box to go to the beach. It was so handy!

      I’m curious as to which subscribers have won the golden ticket items.

      • Yes, the one with small bottles would be even better 🙂

        My clutch is purple too. Will use it to keep my things dry while in swimming pool with my kids. Long summer approaches 🙂

  29. Actually I also think last box (even without mysterious item) was better than this one. But I am still quite happy about wipes (!!!) haha, magazine and energy patches. I will use clutch, weights, PB, cream and maybe Crunch live (bummer it expires so soon). Pretzels were gone minutes after I opened my box.
    I am the most excited about energy patches. I just started running (first time in my life ) and I plan to use them for my first 5k 🙂
    So actually it looks like I will use everything except tattoos and Crunch live.

  30. I’ve been a subscriber to Bianca’s box for 2 seasons now and I DO NOT regret it. I love this box and the last. She picks unique themes and has a variety of products in the box.

    I received the clutch in black (yeeesss) and am glad I have something that will keep my things dry. The pin also makes a cute touch to my otherwise boring gym bag. I like trying new fitness classes. You don’t know what types of classes you like until you try it!

    The PB Fit was a HUGE hit with me and I am extremely interested in trying the energy patches. I read the ingredients and did research….I am very much okay with putting this on my skin. I don’t drink coffee anymore, so this will be a great alternative.

    The weights are way too light for me but I have found a use for them. I put them around my arms while I clean my house. I have a boyfriend and two dogs to clean up after which makes it a great workout for my arms. I was against the tattoos at first but after seeing Bianca post pictures of the tattoos on people, I like them. I can also use them if I do any fun runs. My mom is also going to a Scentsy convention in July, so she’ll probably use my tattoos too.

    The wipes are useful because I workout on my lunch break and have to go immediately back to work. Dry shampoo, deodorant, and the wipes are lifesavers.

    I love the day crème and I love seeing Bianca featured in magazines! I almost forgot to mention the pretzels… probably because I devoured them upon opening the box. They’re delicious! Bianca can’t please all of her subscribers but I am an extremely pleased subscriber! Thanks, Bianca!

  31. I need to sign up for this one. I am really feeling it. Also PB in smoothies is genius.

  32. I always think this would be a good box for me but the problem is that I usually have a lot of the items already (or equivalents — fitness tracker, Val Slide, spiral slicer, oodles of temporary tattoos, etc.).

    2 lb. ankle weights don’t really do anything for me, though. I have 5s and adjustable 10s (in increments of 2). I had to hunt to find the 10s. Thank goodness for free Prime shipping on Amazon.

    Ah well. If I didn’t already have a huge collection of fitness gear, this box would be perfect for me.

  33. Couldnt wait for your review on this box! I didnt sub due to her last box being a dud for me (although I absolutely love that strawberry scrub). From all the box reviews of Quarterly boxes I have seen lately it looks like to me that the value lies in the curation and they are probably not the boxes you want if you are after a high price value per box (maybe Nina being the currant exception). This box has a range of products hopefully it appeals to her fan base! P.s I would be very wary of a caffeine patch.

    • Also cant wait to hear the thoughts of the MSA community!

  34. Im not sure on the majority but i personally do not like this box at all. Thinking that I spent 70$ US on this box is super frustrating. How in the world would anyone think that this makes up for the last box? I actually liked the last box even without an additional item but the value for this box is horrible to me. I feel like i went shopping at walmart and overspent on fitness gear. And really another month subscription to online workouts?

  35. I loved this box! As soon as I opened it up, I had to order two more clutches for my girls, they had to have one and I was not sharing. its so fun. I did not need the weights, but it was a good idea since this is a fitness themed box. I feel it had great variety.
    I did use the patch yesterday, ahhhhhh, it needs to come off by noon. I did not sleep last night. haha oops. it works!
    I hope the next box has a little better value, but overall I’m very happy and excited to see what comes next. Shes so passionate about making these boxes awesome for us, and I appreciate that very much.

  36. I got this box and really loved it! I devoured the pretzels after a tough workout and felt weak. I used the ankle weights the very next day for my leg workout, although one of mine has a puncture hole in it. I e-mailed Quarterly and they responded immediately that they would be sending me a replacement. Score! I tried the energy patch yesterday as I was feeling a bit sleepy but knew I couldn’t skip a Monday workout. It worked great! It is not a sponsor only company. There is a link to their site from their Instagram account so you can purchase through the site. I will definitely be buying more!

  37. As soon as I opened the box, I cancelled the subscription. Last quarter’s box was underwhelming, and this was supposed to make up for things. If I am going to get $50 worth of products for $50, I will pick them out myself. No thank you. That’s 0-2.
    The whole point of these boxes is high value for your $$, trying new things with low risk, and the element of surprise. This is hardly my recommendation for best fitness sub. PrettyFit Box outranks this by leaps n bounds.

  38. I received my box almost a week ago, so I’ve been patiently waiting for your review on it. I ate most of the pretzels as soon as I saw them, as I had been craving chocolate covered pretzels. I loved the size of them, kind of wish you could order some like that on the actual site, kind of.
    I love the PB Fit, like you, I am using it for mostly smoothies. The taste is great. Love the clutch (I got it in black, I know Bianca said I could send it too her though lol), which may be hard at times because the bag I would use it in, is black as well. It worked great though, got stuck in a storm, while using as a regular clutch and everything stayed dry. Def thinking of picking up a bright color (possibly pink or yellow).

    I haven’t had the time to use CrunchLive yet but I hope to within the next couple of days. It expires at the end of May so if I wanna start in May I can =) I’m not a big fan of needing my card information before hand but the price is okay. I love the weights as I needed a new set (I somehow misplaced the ones I had).

    I would value the pin at $7 since it was a customized one and according to their site, they are $7. All the ones on the site are $2 though, and they have REALLY cute ones! I got a different set of the tattoos, I received the ‘armband’ ones. They stuck the staple/coupon card through one of the tattoos as well. They are cuter than I thought they would be.

    I haven’t used the patches but can you purchase online? I looked on FB and it seemed like they are a DS company so you’d need a sponsor/rep? Maybe I’m wrong about that though. Magazines are always great. The creme and hoohoo wipes are good as well.

  39. We went to a family party this weekend and my husband used one of the energy patches for the 1.5 hour drive home at night. He said it worked great! Far better than when he grabs a Mountain Dew or something. Unfortunately, he did have trouble sleeping until like 2am, but he did put it on late in the day. Besides that, there weren’t any side effects that he noticed. He really liked it and I think we’re going to purchase more for future long drives! 🙂

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