Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Box

Beauty Fix is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from This subscription was previously known as the Blush Mystery Beauty Box. I’m not sure yet exactly what the differences will mean, so I’ll give a better summary once we are a few boxes in!

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Beauty Fix

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one-time purchase)

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products.

Ships to: US

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included with pictures.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Card

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 DHC

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – FULL SIZE! Value $28

I love that this item alone is worth more than the cost of the box! This is one of those cult classic items I’ve always wanted to try, and from what I read it is great at removing makeup.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer – FULL SIZE! Value $45

I’m considering buying a second box this month just because of these first two items! I love Juice Beauty – all their products are organic and work well for my skin. Plus I love the apple scent!

FYI: Juice Beauty’s Green Apple is not designed for very sensitive or rosacea skin due to the alpha/beta hydroxy fruit acids.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 One Love

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder -17 g Value $9

I love the One Love Organics brand, and I really like the scent of this dry shampoo powder. One word of caution though – a lot comes out when you shake it. (It has one of those salt shaker type openings).

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Lip Quench

Dermstore Lip Quench Sheer Tints in Coral – FULL SIZE! Value $12

I had no idea Dermstore made their own makeup! Since this is described as a sheer tint, I wasn’t expecting much pigment, but it has a lot of color. The formula isn’t sticky at all, and the finish isn’t exactly matte or glossy – somewhere in between. Also (and this will sound really weird) but the scent of this lip tint smells exactly like the candle section of Ikea to me.

Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation – .16 oz Value $6

Based on the info card, all subscribers will receive the Golden Medium shade. This shade is way too dark/orange for me, but I like the formula. (It’s always a bummer when subscription boxes send out skin tone specific foundation/bb cream/concealer etc.)

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Ren

Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum and Treatment – 2 ml Value $7

It took about 40 pumps to finally get the serum out of the sample tester, and the smell of this serum bothers me. I guess even the tiniest sample is good for figuring out if you can handle the scent of the skin care product!

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask – .5 oz Value $16

This mask gets great reviews on Sephora – I can’t wait to try it. (It’s free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, etc).

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – April 2015 Skyn

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (1 set) – Value $3.75

These are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dye, etc. I received two sets of these in my March ipsy bag, so it’s time to start using them!

Verdict: The value of this box is about $127. That is an incredible value for $25, and I’m even more impressed due to the brands included. I also am thrilled with the two full-size skincare items this month. Hopefully, all future boxes are this good for Beauty Fix!

What do you think of the April 2015 Beauty Fix box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone been able to sign up for the May box? I really want to subscribe to this box!

    • I just received confirmation that my order was sent out, and I’m a longtime subscriber.

    • I was finally able to today! I kept checking back and the May box was finally listed!

  2. Seems strange that beautyfix is MIA. We have had a theme or spoilers well in advance during the last two months. Hopefully later today.

    • Omg I was thinking the same thing! It’s kinda late??

    • now has a video up showing 2 out of the ten products we are getting for May. One is a dr. Brandt wrinkle serum and the other is a sunscreen stick.

      • Thanks for posting that! Those look like good products. I always like seeing sunscreen in boxes, and that wrinkle product looks intriguing – I feel like maybe it was in another box Liz reviewed lately?

        I loved the April box. I was bummed the Sunday Riley sample wasn’t really big enough to tell whether I liked it and the lip gloss wasn’t a good color/texture for me, but everything else was fantastic. I was planning on just doing one box, but Dermstore does really seem to pick good quality products. Based on the spoilers I think I’ll definitely stick with this box through May.

  3. Hello fellow subscribers!!! 🙂 please help me out! This is one box I am super excited to try and I have no idea what I am doing wrong!!!! I try and and it just keeps saying they don’t have a sample box and i follow the link from subscription. Addiction site?? Suggestions? Advice??? Would be so grateful fellow subscribers!__ thank you all very much!!!! 🙂

    • Last I saw, they were out of April boxes. And I think the chances are nearly zero of them getting in more this close to May. Try again when the May box comes out.

      • Thank you so much! I put myself on the May waiting list! I love this blog and how friendly&helpful everyone is!!

    • On May 1 they will put the May box up. Then you can subscribe.

      • do you have link. I am on their site and see no May Box.

        • Last time they put it up mid-day, early-ish but not necessarily this early.

  4. oh how great! I love dermstore – didn’t know they had a box…this is definitely worth considering….I use dermstore alot – they are authorized lorac & tarte resellers among many other brands and have some mega sales as well as free shipping. I’ll be looking into this

  5. Upon my first use of the cleansing oil, I noticed that it said to keep away from eyes. This disappointed me as all my other cleansing oils are also used to remove eye make up.

    Has anyone used it for eye make up?

    • I did! It worked well for me and I had no burning or anything but (of course) I kept my eyes shut while washing and wiped with a damp washcloth before opening them 🙂 it worked so well I’m actually regretting not getting two of these boxes!

      • Thank you. I will try it.

  6. The boxes look amazing. However the customer service is full of incompetent people’s. I had problems every month since February. I talked to a many service reps and a person in leadership….nothing. they don’t care and can’t help you. It just us what it is. I would not recommend them to anyone, because of the horrible service. This is sad and distressing to write.

  7. If you want skincare this is the box for you. I’ve tried so many and I am in love. the moisturizer cleanser foundation lip gloss are all great products.

  8. I just got my box and it’s AMAZING. I’m a skin care junky, and this box might be the most fabulous thing to ever happen. The value is amazing, and I will definitely use everything included to the last drop. Consider me subbed.

  9. I really can’t wait to get this box, though it’s coming overland so it’s not scheduled to arrive here until tomorrow. I loved last month’s box, the serum has been amazing for my skin, it’s so much softer than it used to be! Everything else was extra.

  10. Im pissed. I just went to order and theyre already sold out. Seriously?

    • They’ve been sold out since Monday morning.

  11. I just received the box. I received the April box. I got all the same colors as everybody else is getting. The dry shampoo is smaller than it looks (and cute). The shaker top is like the shaker top for parmesan cheese at a pizza place. The Quench lip balm feels very good. There is not a whole lot of color. I can see why Liz thinks it smells like candles. I like it (but would like it even more if it were more pigmented). Dermstore didn’t include any (extra) free samples, even though my invoice mentions two free samples. This is my first beauty box in years. Off to a good start.

    • I didn’t get any extra samples either. I thought I would.

    • The extra free samples I got were only small single use samples: Medicell Labs Brightening body cream (foil packet), Skinceuticals Daily Moisture (very small tube), and foil packets of DHC deep cleansing oil and DHC velvet skin coat makeup primer. So you didn’t really miss out on anything really great.

      • I’ve already had those samples from them. I wonder if that’s why they didn’t include them? That would be very organized of them to be aware of that.

      • I just got the DHC samples, and one of the two was for the full sized cleanser in the box!

      • I contacted them and they sent out the missing samples. It didn’t turn out that I loved the samples they sent, but at least they sent them!

  12. Got my box today. They have fabulous shipping! All my items are the same including the cosmetics colors. Neither of these colors work for me. FYI the Good Genes item is very small and you can control the flow of the dry shampoo.

    I have never heard of this dry shampoo. Does anyone have experience with it? I have discovered dry shampoos through this website (and the website causing me to order many, many boxes). Dry shampoo is a newly favored best friend!

  13. I ordered this box before this review came out and I just got an email last night saying the box is back-ordered and will take 1-2 weeks 🙁 if I don’t get this I will be quite upset as I ordered before people who apparently didn’t get back ordered boxes :'(

  14. I unsubscribed to Beaty fix after last months box….

    And then I resubscribed after seeing this review. I guess if one month is bad I shouldn’t run from the box, this one is magnificent!

  15. This box is great, I’ve been using Ren glycolic treatment for the last 2 years and it’s amazingly.

    • Cari, how often do you use the Ren glycolic treatment? That is one of the things I’m most excited about but not sure how to fit it into my beauty routine.

      • Emily,
        I use it once a week for up to an hour, my skin is not sensitive and I have used chemical peels and other treatments for a long time. If your skin is sensitive and/or you have never used this type of products leave it for up to 10 minutes, at first, you might feel like a tingle sensation, this is normal but if it gets stronger and stronger rinse it immediately with cool water. My bf has sensitive skin so he use it for 10 minutes every week. It’s also important that you use sun protection every single day as this product makes your skin more sensitive. In general is very mild and after rinsing it you should see your face glowing. This product is great as promotes cell regeneration. I’m an esthetician btw, hope this helps.

        • Cari, this is so helpful, thank you! I had no idea I was asking an actual expert! 🙂

          • You’re welcome lol

    • I had just ordered this Ren glycolic treatment from Barney’s so am happy to have a travel size. Sure hope I like it!

  16. This is the first time I saw a box review and said “I have to have it!” I went an ordered from their site last night. A great value, and really desirable products.

    Although, reading on here that you have to call to cancel…:/ I hope it remains this amazing!

    • I didn’t call to cancel. I just emailed them and took care of it no problem after last month’s box. This month didn’t interest me.

  17. Wow! So excited for this box. I bought it for the cleansing oil, but other than the mismatched foundation, I legitimately want to use everything in this box. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

  18. Now that it’s BeautyFix, do they still post full spoilers like they used to for Blush Mystery?

  19. It’s sold out. I was checking out this am and it was automatically removed from my cart. Oh well.

  20. I have a deluxe sample of DHC and I tried it the last three evenings. It removes makeup perfectly and skin feels very nice, not dry or tight like after other cleansing gels etc. BUT I had blurred vision and my eyes sting the whole night all 3 times ??!!! I am quite unhappy about that, I already bought this box and thought it will be my HG cleanser … 🙁

    • Did you use it to remove eye make up? You are to avoid the eye area

      • Yes, I did. I read reviews and everyone comments how great it removes waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It is actually makeup remover…

        • I did use it to remove eye makeup before and my eyes burned afterward.. Read the instruction and it stated to avoid eye area.. Love the oil and just use it to remove my face makeup..

  21. I love this box, and have gotten it a few times. Unfortunately I’m in the group of people with very sensitive skin and can not use juice beauty products at all. So since that was the spoiler and a big item in this box I had to pass. Too bad.

  22. any coupons or codes for first time subscribers? i have never heard of this box before so just wondering best way to order. if there is a code.

    • I just bought the one time deal for 34.95 and with that you get a free 20.00 magazine subscription but you can get an actual 20.00 refund back from the magazine if you prefer – takes a few weeks. I did that on a different dermstore box a while back.

      • Darn! I ordered last night. too late. Wish I saw this. I went for the monthly. Thank you for letting me know!

      • I thought there was a limit on how many times you could get the magazine refund.

        • Yes – it is one per household but this is a different purchase and a different magazine subscription so I think that works – if not….oh well.

          • I hope it works, if so, I’m going to take advantage on my future orders!

          • If you already got one refund, you will never get another one nor will you receive the magazines (even if they show up in your cart). I had problems with this a few years ago when that wasn’t spelled out in the fine print and now they have updated the fine print (at least on the refund form) so you know.

          • Oh – funny to see a Laura reply to me (Laura) – I think there are 3 different Lauras that post on here.

      • How do you go about getting the magazine refund?

  23. I bought this after seeing the spoilers – I really wanted to try a face oil and I like juice beauty so I figured it would be a win no matter what else was in the box. I’m pleased with the rest of the items though. Won’t be able to use the foundation as I’m really fair skinned but the rest of the book looks awesome.

    I had a poor experience with Dermstore in the past, but if they keep up these great value boxes all will be forgiven.

    • I also had a bad experience with Dermstore and yet couldn’t resist this box. The Juice Beauty product alone makes it worthwhile to me. But I did it as a one-time purchase (even though it was pricy) because I don’t ever EVER want to deal with their CS again and it looks like you can only cancel by phone. :/

      • I was able to cancel when it was Blush (just a few months ago) by e-mail. It took a day or two, so don’t wait until the very end of the month, but it did work.

    • I cancelled a few months ago myself due to box after box of disappointing and repetitive items. I will say I had nothing but positive customer service experiences with them all along. Wish I had waited for this “makeover” as they have really improved the quality and variety of items big time! I was dying to get this box after seeing the contents but it’s sold out.

  24. Oh I LOVE they have DHC in their box. I’ve been using their products for years and years since my grandma bought me some of their products. I do like their cleansing oil a lot.

  25. Hey,

    If I order this will I still get Aprils box or May’s? This box looks great.

    • The website is still showing April 2015 on the sign up page so it’s probably still available.

    • You should get April’s – They just put April’s up for sale mid day on April first. Then they shipped the same day.

  26. After seeing this I ordered this box immediately! The 2 full-size products alone make it more than worth it, but then getting a dry shampoo and the eye gels makes it even better since those are my 2 weaknesses! I feel like this box was made for me because I’ve been wanting the 2 spoilers for the longest time and everything else looks like a perfect fit. So far I’m liking what I’m seeing from DermStore.

  27. I just ordered this based on the dhc alone, but I adore the juice and skyn Iceland items! Awesome!

  28. Maybe a small piece of tape over some of the holes on the dry shampoo powder will slow it down?

    I did not order this box so I can’t try it myself but that usually works for me for things like this.

  29. Will everyone get the same box or is it like GlossyBox(like last month)?

    • They send the same out to everyone, as far as I’ve been able to tell. I’ve been subbed to this since August of 2014.

  30. I haven’t gotten my box yet. Now that I see the items in it, I am THRILLED!. I ordered it when I saw the DHC cleansing oil spoiler. It’s my favorite cleansing oil of any I’ve tried so far. I’ve used other Juice Beauty products and think it’s a great brand. And the Ren mask is really great too. So excited for this whole box!!!!

  31. oh I am glad I waited on this review. I am allergic to almost everything in this box except Juice Beauty. That is worth it for the cost, but maybe I will just try to trade for it.

  32. This looks like a fantastic box, I canceled two months ago after 3 very disappointing blush bags, but this looks great! Might have to get this box, but I have so much of my stock pile to use up first lol.

  33. I was gonna skip this month because I’m moving and was scared I wouldn’t receive it but WOW after seeing this review I’m gonna have the post office hold my mail!!! I mean I have always LOVED & subscribed to the blush bags now beauty fix because they ALWAYS have terrific values, send lots of great products & have good customer service. It’s actually one of my fav subs!! Liz, I see why u would want to buy more of this months box, it’s TERRIFIC! If your on the fence about getting this box DONT BE I find it is ALWAYS is a good buy!

  34. I just signed up bc I REALLY wanted this box! Amazing value as I’ve been wanting to try a cleansing oil and the juice beauty moisturizer as well as a dry shampoo powder (rather than spray) and I was so jealous of those who got the eye gels from Ipsy last month since they weren’t in my bag! I also can’t wait to try that mask… And I’m also curious about serums – it’s not something I ever buy for myself. Lipstick & lipgloss are always fun for me to try so the only thing I won’t use is the foundation – will give to a friend with that skin coloring.
    I saw you could buy the box as one time purchase of $34.95 or sign up for the monthly sub for $24.95 + free shipping. I hope all months are almost this good otherwise I can always cancel.
    Thanks for the review!!

  35. So, your results may vary, but I would be careful to space out the use of the Ren, the Sunday Riley, and the Juice moisturizer since they all contain AHAs.

    • I was going to say the same thing. Also, I had a sample of the Sunday Riley and it burned the crap out of my skin, which is usually very tolerant of AHAs — just something to be aware of.

      • Paula’s review says the pH of the Sunday Riley is unusually low (in the 2’s) for an AHA product and that while that is in the range that will work for AHAs, it’s unnecessarily irritating. I looked at some reviews on a website, maybe the Sunday Riley one, and it was nothing but 5s and 1s (stars that is) and the 1s said it was too painful.

        • I remember – people were saying do a patch test first on your elbow overnight, one person had a real horror story though it was a little hard to tell because English didn’t seem to be her first language and then at least one other person said they turned bright red.

  36. I received those eye gels from birchbox before and they are absolutely amazing. I bought the large package of them from birchbox and sampling them.

  37. I really like this box and want to buy it, but does the two full size product works for combination skin?

    • I have combo skin and I like the DHC oil – it gets rid of all my makeup and clears out the clogged pores/sebaceous filaments on my nose. I do the Japanese “double cleanse” method where you use the oil for makeup removal/the first wash and then follow up with a gentle cleanser. Even if you end up not liking it for your whole face, you can use it as a makeup remover – it doesn’t sting your eyes or anything, and it works really well.

  38. I was so disappointed by last month’s box that I was ready to pull the plug on Beauty Fix – especially since Oui, Please opened up subscriptions again and I was able to score a year long sub for $520, which seemed like a much better investment!

    However, even though I won’t be able to use the Juice Beauty Moisturizer (super sensitive skin) and I’m in complete agreement about the Laura Geller Foundation (really, what were they thinking?!), this is still a 100% improvement over last month’s box, in my opinion. I’m going to stick with Beauty Fix for now, at least. Who knows, maybe they’ll be the next Glossy or BoxyCharm!

    • Why were you disappointed? I felt just the serum justified the price of the box alone.

  39. any coupons or codes for first time subscribers?

    • Nope! I have tried endlessly to use different coupon codes for this but it never works so I called Dermstore and they confirmed that no coupon codes will work for the purchase of their box. I’m always looking for the lowest possible price on subs because I get so many it gets expensive! I can tell u that I have personally never been let down by this sub. Even if there’s a product or 2 I don’t want I can sell those on eBay and BAM got the cost of the box back! plus you always get a high value on this sub!

    • I was able to use the 15% off coupon they give you when you sign up. Interestingly, the receipt they sent me had the discounted price – but they charged me the full amount on my credit card. I called them on the phone and it was a bit of a hassle to fix it, but they refunded me the $3.50 or whatever it was. I did it more for the principle of the thing than for the money.

  40. I got mine today and so far I absolutely love the DHC cleansing oil. I love everything else in the box as well

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