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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015

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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Box

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. It’s one of our favorite subscription boxes – our dog loves it, and we’ve gifted it to dogs in our extended family as well!

BarkBox customizes your box to your dog’s size. For reference, this review is for the small size (our dog weighs 14 pounds)

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: BarkBox

The Cost: $29 a month, or $19 a month with a 12-month subscription.

COUPON: Get $5 off (AFFILIATE5) or 10% off (ADDICTION) any new BarkBox Subscription with coupon code AFFILIATE5 or ADDICTION

The Products: Toys, treats and grooming products perfect for your dog based on their size.

Ships to: US and Canada

Keep track of your subscriptions –  add BarkBox to your subscription list or wish list!

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BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Toy

Fabdog Boxing Gloves Toy – Value $14

This is a Barkbox exclusive toy – and so cute! (I think Barkbox makes some of the unique dog toys!) This will be great for tug of war!

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Chew

JW Bad Muscle Cuz – Value $4

FYI on this toy – based on the reviews on Amazon, some dogs ripped the legs off this toy and ate them. (If you have a serious chewer, I would recommend avoiding this toy). Our dog isn’t that into plastic chew toys, so we’ll pass this along to a dog cousin with the warning!

Etta Says! Crunchy Elk Chew – Value $3

Barkbox sends Etta Says! chews every few months and our dog Buckles LOVES them! This was the item he was trying to grab when I first opened the box!

BarkBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – April 2015 Treats

Green Bark Gummies Health and Vitality – Value $6

No Grainers Peanut Butter Pleasers – Value $7

Both of these treats are made in the USA, use natural ingredients, and are grain free. (Barkbox doesn’t advertize that they only send made-in-the-USA treats, but we’ve been subscribing for years and I’ve only received made-in-the-USA treats).

Our dog is pretty picky when it comes to treats – he rejects anything that is usually too healthy! Both of these are wins though – his favorite are they Peanut Butter Pleasers!

Verdict: As always, we really enjoyed our BarkBox this month. This is my favorite box to open just because of how excited our dog gets! And I always appreciate that the treats they send are high quality ones. What did your pup think of the April BarkBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I’m subscribed to their large breed dog box and every month they send us a plush squeaky toy that lasts for approximately 25 minutes before it gets chewed up and strewn throughout the house. Plush squeaky toys are ok for small dogs that aren’t rambunctious, but they can’t stand up to my lab and my lab/rottie for long and I just end up having to clean them up.

    Sounds like they are having trouble matching up toys to the size dog you have, since the small dog people sound unhappy with toy selection as well. I probably will not renew my subscription, unfortunately. There was a reviewer on here with a rottie and a sub box she was happy with, once this sub runs out, I’m going to sub to that box.

    • That’s too bad Melissa. I mostly get this for the treats because my dog doesn’t like toys much at all! He is a medium sized beagle/mixed breed and he got the popcorn toy this month (April) which he Really liked because it sounded like a crinkle wrapper inside. But last month he got a huge rope toy that your dog probably would have LOVED. Any other dog I have heard of would have ripped most toys apart almost immediately. The number of unused toys I have is ridiculous. I just end up giving them away to friends with dogs.

  2. I can’t seem to figure out the monthly themes since it seems like everyone gets a different variation each month. I had to switch from medium to small dog after 2 months of ginormous toys, best suited for 75lb+ dogs (our dog fits right in their definition of medium at 40 lbs; the company’s definition of medium size toys seems to be the problem–though he still adores the giggling moose that’s longer than him, lol). The toys we got this month were ones featured a few months ago-a small parrot nylon-rag bird and a nylon pineapple. Buddy only enjoys puzzle toys and plush/stuffed toys so I didn’t think he’d care for either but much like a little kid he was all about having something new and played with both all week. He would’ve loved the boxing gloves though. We have one more month (3 month sub promo that includes a free 4th month). Maybe we’ll get the boxing gloves in May. I wonder if they’re size-specific and I need to change his breed size back to medium?

    I can’t complain about bark box customer service since they’ve been wonderful to work with and very responsive both times I’ve made contact (always via email). We had received the Grandma Bowsers treats a month ago and the bag we got was unfortunately moldy. He had also received a rubber toy he wasn’t going to use. I got a response within hours and they gave me a credit to replace both with free shipping (loving the Scout’s Honor program!).

    Last weekend we were surprised to get a package from Grandma Bowsers directly, with not one but two bags of replacement treats in different flavors! Turns out our pup LOVES the cookies. I was so impressed with the company going the extra mile that I’m going to order more from them directly when these are gone.

  3. This is my dog’s third BarkBox and probably his favorite one so far! He loved every item. This is what he received (large dog/Big and Bold box):
    Theme: “Fitness – Time to get pumped up, BarkBox pups!”

    1. Yeti Corporation Large Yak Chew (made from yak and cow’s milk), $11. It’s harder than you’d think and my dog loved it. Of note, on the back of the bag, it says when your dog gets to the end of the chew, take it from your dog to avoid any choke hazard (many chews say this). However, it says to put it in the microwave and it will turn into a soft treat!

    2. Hueter Toledo Gripper, $9. It’s a ball with a nub at one end so dogs can easily pick it up. This is my dog’s new favorite toy! Also, to me he looks ridiculous when he carries it around – it’s so dang cute…

    3. Sojo’s Simply Lamb, $10. Most dogs would say yes to freeze-dried lamb.

    4. Kyjen Tuff Guys Mat, $10. A plush toy that looks like a flattened body-builder with built in squeakers. This was the first thing he grabbed out of the box. My dog immediately took it to his “hiding place”, tore out the squeakers and any bit of stuffing (thank goodness there wasn’t much). We now use it for training only as he is in love with it, but he can’t be left alone with any plush toy.

    One last comment – if you or your dog isn’t satisfied with something (especially if she got sick – poor pup, I hope she is ok…), I would definitely contact BarkBox. I though that one of the items in my dog’s first box wasn’t size appropriate – they really went out of their way to make up for it.

    • This is my 2nd month of Bark Box. I have a 10 pound Yorkie. Last months’ box was great, but his month was terrible for her. The 2 toys they sent were the size of my whole dog! It was a huge popcorn toy that was the size of her body so she couldn’t even get it in her mouth to squeak and a huge rope tug of war toy that was bigger than her and also couldn’t get her tiny mouth around it. Last month the toys were size appropriate. The treats in this box were big too, but those I can at least break up. We also got the salmon skin thing last month and this month, both times I threw away. She didn’t like it the first time and didn’t like it this time. Do they always send salmon skin thingy? I sent them an email quite a few days ago and asked if this is the correct box for a 10-pound dog and have not received a response. I paid up front for 3 months and if next months box is not size appropriate and I receive salmon skin again, I will be cancelling. I do love the idea of the company though and there toys and treats do seem to be quality, I just expect toys for a 10 pound dog and not a 50 pound dog and at least a response from customer service 🙂 Someone asked about giving 2 bags of treats to your dog. No, I don’t. I plan on giving some to my mom for her dogs or if we get to many I will donate some to local shelter unopened. I will likely cancel and just order a box every now and then as she does not need 2 new toys and 2 new bags of treats per month.

      • The salmon skin is Frodo’s favorite thing in the box! When I opened my Prospurly box he tried to sneakily snag the Wish Paper thinking it was another one.

      • I wanted to give an update. They sent an email last night and offered us to pick out something for up to $15 in a certain section of their website with free shipping. We picked a size appropriate toy for her. I am impressed with their customer service now. I still will probably cancel for a few months due to toy and treat overload, but plan to get a box for her a few times a year 🙂

  4. I would love a video un boxing of your dog seeing his reaction.

  5. My box was exactly the same as yours. I have a little maltese. He ate a hole in the boxing gloves immediately so I had to throw them out. I haven’t opened the treat bags yet because I’m still working on the treat bag from last month. Does anyone go through two bags of treats a month?

    • I have an 8-month old Sheltie and yep, we go through at LEAST 2 bags of treats a month. We use them for training, and also give him a few at night because we give our cat treats when we give the cat his medication, and of course it wouldn’t be fair to give one treats and not the other. I also give both pets treats in treat dispensers when I’m working (I work at home) to keep them occupied. We do lower the amount of food we give him to make up for the amount of treats and people food he gets so he doesn’t gain too much weight, and only give him healthier treats.

    • We get the Bark Box for medium-sized dogs as our Oberon is about 30 lbs. This month’s theme was Movie Night. We got a Tug & Toss, which is a rope toy, that he loves to carry around with him; a Pet Qwerks Pawpcorn, which is a toy that’s shaped like a box of popcorn that doesn’t squeak but has like a crinkly sound that he chews on sometimes, but seems more interested in laying on, two treats (Your Dog’s Diner Pizza Pawty Crust and Heatly Dogma Bacon Hearts) that we haven’t opened yet but both seem on the healthier side. I’m sure he’ll love both of them — Shelties aren’t picky about what they eat. And an Ausse Naturals Salmon Half Cigar. He had one of those last month and loved it — it’s like a dried salmon skin that he can chew on. I’m really, really happy with the two Bark Boxes we’ve gotten so far, and more importantly, so is Oberon!

    • We got a 6 month sub to BarkBox for our large breed puppy since we use a lot of treats during training. Also puppies tend to get bored with their toys and distracted so quickly, so keeping an ever changing supply of toys and squeaky things around is a lifesaver! So far my dog and I are happy with the boxes, but not sure that I’ll re-subscribe once our intense training phase is over since it does seem like a lot of treats every month. I would rather get longer lasting chewy things to add to my dog’s usual bully sticks.

  6. I received my barkbox and boy was this month a hit!!! We had different items for a large dog and each of them was quality. After the movie box let down this month definitely made up for it

  7. I received my bark box Friday and I hope it gets better. I have an English bulldog and the box I received had two toys and two treats. One of the treats made her sick and she wasn’t too interested in the toys. I love the idea of this box and that it helps shelter animals, but it’s a good thing I have other pups as back ups if mine doesn’t like something or I’d have to give this up.

  8. We’ve received our 2nd month of BarkBox. We also have a small dog. Our boxes both months have been completely different. We got great boxes, I’m just surprised at the variation. This month our theme was movie night. Pizza & popcorn items. Can’t remember last months theme, but we got Heddgie the chef & a salmon cigar. Both items are loved! Again, not complaining at all, just perplexed.

    • I’m also on my 2nd month with Barkbox and our boxes have always been a month behind on the “theme”, yet contain different items than the original themed box. This month our theme was Island Paradise, but the toys were nothing like the toys from the box others received from that theme, and didn’t match the theme at all. The treats were from this months theme. My dog doesn’t care however, he loves his Barkbox! But I feel like we just get whatever stuff they have left over. I’m not sure why they would do that for new subscribers, but as long as my dog is happy, that’s all that counts.

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