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Reminder: Golden Tote Goes On Sale Today at Noon EST!

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Golden Tote Updates

The March Golden Tote sale is rescheduled to launch today, March 16th at noon EST. (They just launched their new site and had some issues, so that’s why there is a delay).

The boutique portion of the site is live, so you can browse items before the Tote sale. (And you can create your style profile now).

AndΒ all orders placed between now and Friday get free ground shipping!

Have you decided which item(s) you want this month?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have been a loyal GT customer for over a year now. By loyal, I mean that I ordered anywhere from at least one, to up to four, large totes a month every month. I am no longer going to be buying from GT because their Customer Service has gone straight to pot. They used to be so good – the clothing used to be great, it was easy to sell or trade and the customer service was slow, but they did fix things. Now, there are so many issues with damaged and defective clothing, wrong orders and sizes being delivered and customer service doing nothing about it. Plus, if you post anything that is in the least bit negative on the trading or main page FB pages, they instantly delete it. That is so very very suspicious to me. You, as the consumer, will never see anything but glowing reviews and posts because everything else (and there have been A LOT lately) vanishes.
    They sent me a tote this past month with a shirt that had the print clearly upside down on the body and right side up on my the sleeves. It looked ridiculous and GT said they wouldn’t replace it because they thought it was”cute”. It was completely unwearable. This has been happening more and more.
    I think they have gotten too many customers and are overwhelmed. The result is that now you get surprises that are defective or just plain cheap. Plus a lot of juniors sizing items now too. The days of Puella or even Priddy by Puella surprises seem to be gone.
    I didn’t order this month and I don’t intend to order ever again unless they make drastic improvements. I will stick to Stitch Fix and Hautelook. Sad…

  2. If you all are on Facebook, I recommend joining the Golden Tote Trading Group on there. A customer service rep and one of the owners answer some questions on the page (there’s now an album especially for customer service questions), plus a whole bunch of us chatting about the totes. It totally blew up yesterday with everyone freaking out about the delays. Plus you can sell or trade items you don’t want (and buy/trade for ones you didn’t get). And most people are really nice and fun!

  3. I had problems getting in to the site for 20 minutes. Maybe I will try a different browser next time. I bought the 49 dollar tote. I didn’t get my size in jeans, but got the next size. If it doesn’t all work out..I guess I can return the whole thing.

  4. I ended up getting a mystery tote. They only had size small and extra small available – does anyone know, if they ever have a size medium mystery tote?

    • They only do the Mystery Totes in January–it had a new item, one “chosen” item from the past year, and two surprise items. The S and XS are just the ones that are left.
      They do have a $99 Surprise Tote usually that has four surprise items, but apparently they haven’t had it yet this month because of some sort of issue (some talk on the Golden Tote Trading Group on Facebook).

  5. With a bit of patience I was able to get the tote I wanted with the item I wanted. It’s a gamble, and for me that’s part of the fun. It’s sad to see so much frustration for the new site. It’s a new site, there is going to be issues and glitches. sure it’s frustrating, but proclaiming incompetence 10 minutes after it was supposed to launch is jumping the gun in my book.

  6. Is the tote order always so chaotic? This is the first time I signed up, I wanted to order a tote with the olive vest, but by the time I finally got on, all my sizes were sold out. This just seems not worth the trouble.

  7. Just ordered for first time ever and had no site issues. I ordered the 149 tote and chose a dress and top in medium. Hopefully they fit. I am usually a medium in stores for tops and i wear a 10 to 12 dress size and 10 in jeans And i heard their sizes run loose.

  8. My order went thru…but I didn’t get exactly what I wanted until I went to the “add-on” section. Coincidence the pineapple sweater is out of stock on the tote section, but not on the “add-on” section for 35 bucks?? I think not.

    I am very happy with the new style profile…but very nervous because I went to add something at the last minute & the last page was completely wiped clean. I’ve checked it several times, each time it is blank. Has anyone else had problems or checked the last section yet? Honestly feel this is one of the most important pages of the profile…I’ll probably end up with a neon orange, zebra print mini skirt and a button up polka dot shirt w/ an Aztec print to accentuate my large chest for a casual weekend because my info didn’t get saved. Great, just great.

    • I’m still very much happy with GT and excited to see what is in my March {er, I mean April} tote.

    • “neon orange, zebra print mini skirt and a button up polka dot shirt w/ an Aztec print”

      Ha!! Love it — your comment made my day πŸ™‚

      I am also having the same issue with the fill in section of the last page not saving, I am waiting to see if sizes get restocked, and I will check my profile again then…

    • I *believe* things weren’t showing up as out of stock in the boutique or addon part until you attempted to add them to your cart. Or perhaps it got “released” from someone else’s cart due to the new timer.

  9. The website still isn’t working for me πŸ™ I really wanted to try Golden Tote for my birthday!

  10. I finally got 2 totes using safari on my phone. I missed out on the evening maxi, I hope they restock it!

  11. This was a terrible buying experience for me today.
    – Out of the 5 items I really wanted in the $149 tote, all were sold out.
    – The site crashed every time I tried to input my credit card information.
    – It took me 25 minutes to finally get on the site.

    You would think for $149 that the website and service would be more up to par. Not to mention that at least 5 items were COMPLETELY SOLD OUT IN EVERY SIZE less than a half an hour into selling?! Ridiculous. I think this might be my last tote.

    Also: if anyone ordered the Military Chic Vest in a small, I will pay you with gold, sweat tears and my first born.

    • Hi Sarah,
      I ordered the military vest in small because XS which I really wanted was sold out. If the small is too big for me, I’d be happy to trade or sell to you.

      • Oh my gosh, Bella you are amazing! Feel free to let me know at sarahkevans7(at)gmail(dot)com. πŸ™‚

    • UGH ME TOO!! SO UPSET!! I wanted that evening maxi and im suppose to believe that all sizes were sold out right away?????

      • It was so frustrating. You would think that they would have far more items in stock, especially after the nightmare that’s been the last 2 weeks with GT.

  12. I can’t even log in! No luck for me, maybe bc I’m using Safari…but that shouldn’t be an issue. No March tote for me. I’ve given up!

  13. I successfully ordered a $49 tote just now. I was able on my kindle, but couldn’t log in through Google chrome on my laptop.

  14. had a tote with add ons, now shows nothing in my cart πŸ™

  15. FWIW, I couldn’t use the site at all with Safari. It worked with Chrome. With Safari I had 1 $149 tote in my cart and the total was set to $448. Then it had a zeroed out price for all totes, which would have been nice.

    • I’m having the same cart total issue – so frustrating! πŸ™

      • Try another browser! Not sure if it was coincidence or not, but that’s what worked for me. I just “needed” that damn giraffe dress too badly to give up.

  16. I’ve just given up in recent months ordering anything as its too frustrating. I really like the idea of GT and enjoyed my previous totes, but I can’t deal with the stress of it all.

    Also, is the GTTG page now owned by GT? I’ve noticed a change in that as well. It seems concerns and comments about GT seem to be deleted now? Anyone know if it’s changed from a fan site to a business run site?

  17. I was finally able to login about 10 minutes ago. I couldn’t find the totes anywhere so I started editing my profile. Then I got a message “We’ll be back” that’s now showing on every page.

  18. hmmmmm. at 10am nothing. at 10:10am they are undergoing scheduled maintenance. i joined a few days ago…never received an email to tell me ANYTHING, including anything about a new website or that this month’s tote sale was going to happen any minute (and that it was in fact delayed AT that minute)…now i find out from a blogger that it has been pushed back yet AGAIN for a couple of hours. i am losing faith in Golden Tote SUPER FAST. why don’t they have one sentence of info on their home page telling about the new site &/or the sale & it being pushed back repeatedly? NOT ONE WORD ON THEIR HOME PAGE ABOUT ANYTHING. TOTALLY NOT USEFUL/HELPFUL/PROFESSIONAL.

    • nooo please not a couple of hours! i leave work in 2 hours and have an hour commute πŸ™

  19. Looks like the site is down again.

  20. OK, it’s 12:09 eastern, and they are still not ready. You would think they would have it ready to go at 12:00 sharp! I feel for the tech people.

    • But real talk, how do these people still have jobs? If I failed that much at work I wouldn’t be working anymore. New site = down. New sale = doesn’t work. “Update pushed at 9:15” = still down. And that’s over only 1 week!

  21. any luck yet??

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