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Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon

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Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Box

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. I have been intrigued with their concept for a while because I think plus-sized clothing is sorely underrepresented in the subscription box market. I was really happy to get an opportunity to try them out!

Gwynnie Bee kindly invited me to try their service for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription: Gwynnie Bee

The Cost: The cost depends on how many items you would like to have out at a time.
1 = $49/month
2 = $69/month
3 = $95/month
5 = $139/month
7 = $179/month
10 = $199/month

The Products: Women’s clothing rental, sizes 10-32

COUPON: Get your first month of Gwynnie Bee free with this link!

Ships to: US

Ships via: USPS Priority Mail

This review is of the 3 items at a time subscription from 2/20 through 3/10.

Before I even started my subscription, I started loading up my “closet” on Gwynnie Bee with items I wanted to rent. They have a ton of cute styles! When my subscription started on 2/20, they selected three items from my closet to send me. I didn’t realize they picked out what they are going to send, and I think it’s important to know that you don’t choose what they are going to send you, they choose from your virtual closet. I got a shipment notification that my items were on their way on 2/22, and I received my first three items on 2/26. I was super excited!

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon BB Dakota


My first item was this beautiful coat! It looked like a sweater in the pictures online, but it is a really nice, warm, lined coat.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon BB Dakota Back

I love the ombre stripes on this! The colors are beautiful. I wore this one a couple of times during the last bitter days of severe cold down here in the South (fingers crossed), then sent it back on 3/3. With Gwynnie Bee, you can keep items as long as you like, and shipping both ways is always free!

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Jwla


This was the second item I pulled out of the box, and I was pretty disappointed at how this dress looks in real life as compared to the picture on Gwynnie Bee’s site. When you get an item and wear it, you may clean it according to the directions if you like, but you can also send it back uncleaned and they will clean it before sending it back out (no laundry is a big plus for me!). It looks as though someone cleaned it on the wrong settings because the embroidery thread seems to have shrunk more than the dress itself. This is causing a puckering effect all over the dress.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Jwla Back

As you can see from the back, this dress is also kind of a shapeless tent. I knew it would be drapey and boho, but this is really too much for my tastes. I have always wanted to try Johnny Was because I love their embroidery, but this is the second item I’ve tried from them and the fit is just not for me. I sent it straight back on 2/28 without wearing.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Igigi Blouse


This blouse was my favorite item I’ve received so far! I seriously can not tell you the last time (before I wore this) that my husband called me “sexy”!!!

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Igigi Blouse Back

It’s cute, it’s stylish, the colors work well on me, and it’s very flattering. I loved it so much I bought it! One of the great things about Gwynnie Bee is that if you love an item, you can buy it for a deep discount, at least 50% off. This item was already discounted, and then they had a 30% off sale on any item you had at home, so it only cost me $17.50! I bought this item on 3/1.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Lucylu Blue


This dress is a cute and comfortable piece I received on 3/2. It’s not nearly as vibrant in reality as it appears on their website, but it was more flattering than I thought it would be.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Lucylu Blue back

I wore this piece once and sent it back on 3/7.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Lucylu Green


Oh, but look what came in the mail for me on 3/5! The same dress in a different color! So, word to the wise: do not closet the same dress in two different colors. You could end up wearing them a week apart, as I am wearing this dress right now.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Lucylu Green Back

I was actually a little shocked that this happened, so I emailed customer service. They said no, there’s no style oversight, you pick out what to put in your closet, and they send what’s available. That’s kind of a bummer, but the good news is that as a very nice little peace offering they gave me an additional item for a week! So I have been able to have four items out at a time for the past week! Score!

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Sweater Dress


I love a sweater dress! This one came in also on 3/5, but a funny thing happened that day… We have been having a miserable winter down here with horrible freezing temperatures constantly, but on that day it went into the 60’s. It hasn’t really dipped below much since then. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I would get a chance to wear this dress this season, so I had to send it back on 3/9.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Sweater Dress Back

I did try it on, though, and it was a nice curve-hugging type dress. It’s not as vibrant blue as it is on their website, but it was still very pretty.

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Rain Dress

I received this dress on 3/6, and the print is absolutely gorgeous! And so unique!

Gwynnie Bee Clothing Subscription Review + Free Month Coupon Rain Dress Back

When I first looked at this dress, it struck me that it’s cut like a judicial robe. It’s also a little longer than I expected. I wore this yesterday with some leggings and boots, though, and it turned out to be super flattering! The little keyhole in the front was more modest than I thought it would be (although of course my son had to come over and close it when I was talking to him…). It was also super comfortable!

Verdict: So far I have LOVED my experience with Gwynnie Bee! If you’ve not been keeping track, in the past 18 days I have received and returned seven items. I like that all the shipping is free, I like that you can keep items for as long as you like, and I LOVE that they take care of the laundering. If you are like me and you love to wear something different every day but simply cannot afford to, then this is an ideal service for you. Also, as far as plus-sized clothing subscriptions go, Gwynnie Bee is about the only game in town. Their customer service has been really good so far, and I also love that you can buy the clothing at a deep discount if you fall in love with a piece. In terms of value, it’s the same as renting anything – at the end of the day, you don’t own anything you’ve worn. Personally, I feel great when I look good, and that’s hard to put a value on. To me, it’s completely worth it!

What do you think of Gwynnie Bee?

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. For those that are commenting on not getting what you want and them being kind of stuck in the closet, does the prioritizing option help with that at all? I don’t know if it’s a new feature or what but I just started my subscription over the weekend and saw that you can put priority on the things you really want. It kind of reminds me of Netflix where they send you your next available movie but you can move things to the top of your queue. Anyone have experience with that?

  2. I’m getting very frustrated with GB, I’ve been a subscriber for 5 months now and I’ve had weird shipping issues. I checked my account today and still have items ‘stuck in my closet’ that I returned more than a month ago. I had two items I returned last week and they’ve been removed from my at home section. But things I returned weeks-2 months ago are still in there. I don’t get it, I’m just getting frustrated, also frustrated that I pay a small fortune to try their service and they give out free subscriptions to nearly every blogger out there. I love reading the reviews don’t get me wrong, just seems a little unfair that we pay upwards of $40 to try their service on a month to month basis. I feel the bloggers get more attention, they never seem to have problems and get items super quickly. For a couple weeks I did receive my items very quickly. But lately I had one item in shipping limbo for weeks, there was a shipping label created but they never sent it.
    Another time I was supposed to get a coat and two dresses in a shipment, I received the two dresses but no coat, and the coat said it had been delivered. I never received it, so I contacted them and they said they’d look into it. The coat showed up like 3 days later, in a dirty box that had already been opened. It was just odd, now I have these items in my closet that I returned long ago that are still in my At Home section. It’s possible it’s just me having these issues, who knows. I do wish there was a Golden Tote plus size option, I’d jump on that in a heartbeat.

  3. I loved Gwynnie Bee, but stopped subscribing for two reasons: 1) I don’t wear dresses and dresses make up the VAST majority of their inventory and 2) there were some items that I really wanted to try but could never seem to get–even after leaving them in my closet for months! Seems like the latter issue is being addressed (yay!) but still way tooo many dresses for it to be worth my while.

  4. I absolutely love this review, as i too have been wanting to try GB for a while now. I am now waiting for my first box to arrive and have taken all the helpful hints and tips from your article to help me in building my closet. thank you for being our guinea pig. 🙂 this was so helpful!


    • Very interesting article. Thanks for posting cb.

  5. Do you feel like they run true to size? I can usually take a size 16 in dresses but run an 18 in pants.

    • Every item is different and they’re all washed. Some I get in my size are really big, some are too small, some fit perfectly. Just read the reviews on the items, other people will say if they run small or big.

    • Also they have you put in your measurements (bust, hips, waist) and then they have each of the sizes of the items measured so you can see what will best fit.

    • Hi Subie! I think it depends on the brand of clothing to some extent, but so far everything has fit well. I will say that they have great size guides and size converters, though. Also it us helpful to look at the comments and see what others have said about each garment. I hope that helps!

  6. I should really learn how to read. missed the whole ships to US. as in US only. Got too excited, signed up then realized they don’t ship to Canada. This is such an amazing business. Do you know if there are clothing subscriptions that also ships to Canada? That is aside from Golden Tote which I already love.

  7. Since they’re really the only sub game in town for plus sizes I wish this appealed to me, but it just doesn’t. Something about renting clothing just doesn’t sit right with me. Please someone do a plus size sub like Golden Tote or Stitch Fix. You will make out like a bandit!

    • I’ve been saying that for ages. I wish I had the funding to start that business myself! It would be a goldmine!

    • I completely agree, Amy. I won’t do it either. I hope something like Golden Tote for plus size women comes out eventually.

      • A plus size Golden Tote would be awesome! That sub appeals to me more than Stitch Fix which seems uber expensive.

    • I have heard about something called “Dia & Co.” and signed up but am apprehensive to try it out, as I didn’t have luck with Stitch Fix (I’m a 14). They seem to be modeled the same way, although this new service at least allows you to talk to someone beforehand (not just have someone look at your Pinterest board). It seems to have just started late last year and the only reviews are from a couple of bloggers that were asked to review it.. and they were video unboxings which I find so annoying for some reason. Maybe because they didn’t actually try any of the clothes on!

  8. Thanks for reviewing this! I use LeTote but their sizes don’t work for my sister and a couple of my girlfriends. They have been wanting to try something similar but I didn’t know where to send them. I will be telling them about this!

  9. Thanks for posting! I just got my first shipment in yesterday. I am keeping one thing and sent the other two back already! Can’t wait to get three more! 🙂

    Does anyone know if there is a way to prioritize items once you have closeted them?

    • They are JUST adding that feature, actually. I got an email today although it might have been rolled out to only longer-term subscribers at first. Basically it lets you mark items as PRIORITY and it will check if those items are available first.

      Prior to that, if I needed something specific for an event, I would call them and they could flag it.

      The thing to understand is that they tend to determine what you get based on availability, and then newness. So the 3 newest items they have in your size are the ones most likely to ship. If you want something that has been around for a while you may need to call.

      • Thanks Rebecca! 🙂

  10. I couldn’t figure out how to add clothes to my closet before subscribing. The first month is free so I’ll see if I can find anything I like. I’m not a dress wearer so may not work for me.

  11. I attempted to try this sub out using a code for the first month for free. They literally had nothing in my size (size 10). They said my first shipment would be delayed for a few weeks because of the low inventory. I just cancelled without ever having tried anything.

    • I had this exact same problem. Also cancelled. Advertise 10+ but don’t have anything in 10.

  12. This is off topic but I wasn’t sure how else to contact you: I got my O Circle of Friends try and review item and it’s the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes set which retails for $13. This, along with my special gift (which was Footnanny lavender foot cream) and the Oprah Glossy Box don’t really seem worth the price of the subscription. Definitely wouldn’t have signed up for it if I’d known it would be like this.

    • You might want to add your comment to the prior post about the Oprah sub. Anyone considering it would get that as the first search result making it more likely to be seen there. I appreciate the update since I considered this one but ultimately passed. I was afraid this was going to be the caliber of products they sent for “testing.” So far the sub is nothing more than a bunch of magazine subscriptions and some drugstore products. Such a shame to see her brand diluted with this kind of mediocrity.

      • That’s a great idea, thanks for commenting. I’ll add it there now. 🙂

  13. Thanks so much for the review, Anna!!! I’ve been wanting to try out Gwynnie Bee but it’s so hard to find unbiased reviews (unless I’m just not looking in the correct places). There is a question I had though, if I were to do the 1 item a week and decided to keep that one item for longer than 4 weeks would they assume I want to keep/purchase it and charge me? I hope that made sense.

    • Hi msvalerieanne84! Thanks! I’m pretty sure they keep assuming you are renting the piece. You have to actually go on the site and purchase the piece. They just won’t send you another item until you return it. Does that make sense?

    • No you can keep the items as long as you won’t and they don’t charge you for them. I’ve had the same coat for 4 months and they keep asking me if I want to buy it and I don’t buy it. So not charged for it, it’s just one of my “at home” pieces.

  14. I’ve been a member for over a year now and love the service. For me, I’ve been losing weight and having a closet full of gorgeous dresses in the size I am NOW has been terrific.

    You do have to keep your closet up, however. You should remove anything that you can’t wear anymore due to weather (for example all of the sweater dresses need to go), and if you change size you need to go in and change the size of the items in your closet (which means deleting and re-closeting).

    I also STRONGLY suggest paying a LOT of attention to the comments on garments. They will tell you if something runs big or has odd fit issues that might make a garment unwearable for you.

    Finally, to get the most out of this subscription you need to love dresses. They have some pants and skirts, but really just a fraction of the number of dresses they have. However this is also a really SAFE way to try on styles you might not otherwise ever try. Same goes for colors and patterns that you would shy away from buying. No risk, which is nice.

    (Shipping is somewhat slower if you are closer to the west coast. I live in AZ and it takes a good 3-4 days to turn garments around. Make sure you notify them when you return items; they appear to check all the tracking codes on bags they have sent you and, once the tracking code shows up in the USPS system, they ship the next items out.)

    • Those are great tips, Rebecca! Thank you!

    • These tips right here!
      I gave Gwynnie Bee a go and it wasn’t the right fit for me. I’ve got too many self-imposed style rules (no sleeveless tops, for instance) and it seems like a lot of the pieces step on those rules for me.
      The importance of looking at the comments CAN NOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH. Everyone will give you lots of clues about the fit of garments and the quality. Now and then, someone will tip you off about the price of the garment, too–I deleted a lot of items from my closet because I found out they were just way out of my budget. But you really can get some good deals on the clothing and it’s nice to be able to try sizes from a lot of different brands to see what will work for you. A couple of the pieces I expected to love turned out to be awful (shoulda read the comments!) and a few pieces I expected not to like at all turn out to be amazing.

  15. Thank you for this review, Anna! I’ve been really wanting to try this out…and I love that IGIGI top!!

    • Thanks vshant805!

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