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Brick Loot Subscription Box Review – March 2015

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Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Box

Brick Loot is a box from a new but growing trend of LEGO subscription services! My kids are HUGE LEGO fanatics, so I was really interested in trying this out ASAP!

Brick Loot kindly sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Inside

The Subscription Box: Brick Loot

The Cost: $33 / month ($27 + $6 shipping) with options to save money on longer subscription lengths

COUPON: Use code LEGO3 to save 10% off 1 or 3 month subscriptions (Expires May 1, 2015)

The Products: Interlocking bricks, brick sets, and accessories from various manufacturers

Ships to: US only

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Info

The information card that comes with this subscription is pretty large and details all the included products. It also lists the websites where these items can be purchased. It looks like from this month’s info card that we will be building some vehicles!

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Convertible

BL500 Sports Convertible – $25?

Check this out! It’s a kit to build this awesome little convertible! I had to guess on the retail value because this was a custom exclusive build that BrickBuildersPro did for Brick Loot.

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Light Kit

Light Kit – $8?

And this is where it gets truly rad – it’s a light kit for the convertible! It makes the headlights on the convertible actually light up! This was another custom made item for Brick Loot by Liteup Blocks. This is also a value estimate based on the cost of other products on their website.

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 nanoblock

Hot Rod by Nanoblock – $27

Nanoblock is another interlocking brick system, but with tiny bricks. My nine-year-old went nuts when he saw this! He loves it! I looked on their website and they have loads of cool designs. I’d like to try putting together an architectural one like the Sydney Opera House myself!

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 Play Tapes

PlayTape from InRoad Toys – $12.99

PlayTape is an awesome accessory for all these vehicles we are building! It’s adhesive but moveable / repositionable, it tears, and it leaves no residue behind. The kids can go wild building all kinds of ramps and roadways with this stuff!

Brick Loot Subscription Box Review - March 2015 3 Play

Brick Loot BONUS: Military Force 3-Play – $12?

This is a limited run Brick Loot set that was included as a bonus to the box, so I am truly guessing on the value based on the number of pieces included. It’s called a “3-Play” because your child can build any of the three models pictured, then tear it down and make the others. This looks really fun!

Verdict: I am super impressed with our first box from Brick Loot! The theme is completely cohesive, there are several exclusive items, and the value adds up to about $85 if I’m guessing correctly. That’s amazing! I would highly recommend this subscription for any LEGO fanatic aged 6 or older. My kids are already completely hooked!

What do you think of Brick Loot?

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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  1. Hi, just my two cents also…as a mom of 6 with 5 of them being major Lego junkies I agree with Heidi and Becki. The cost may not be worth what you receive because I don’t see the actual pieces being so unique even though they are exclusives to this box. I also agree with the per piece price being too high. My oldest son is 18 and we still have his HUGE Lego collection. They seem to be way more durable than the other branded building blocks that we have. Some of his Legos were purchased at yard sales, swap meets and thrift stores and they are over 20 years old. I know this may sound crazy to some too but a decent chunk of his collection is from my childhood collection and I’m 43 YEARS OLD!

  2. I just signed up for this box yesterday! I’m excited. The nerdiness in my house is starting to overflow.

  3. I’m a Lego nerd, and I would put the race car value at $5. Lego sets with this few pieces are priced at that, and I may not even value a knock off as high as that. Same goes for the plane. A $5 Lego set usually has 50+ pieces. Just my 2 cents. lol

    • Totally agree!

  4. I tried to subscribe to this box a few months ago and it wouldn’t accept my credit card number.

  5. This looks awesome! My 9 year old is a Lego nut!

    I subscribed to Pley a few months back, which is like Netflix for Legos, and I was so disappointed. Every set we ordered arrived with pieces missing. My son likes to put them together as directed, then he’ll take them apart and build different things, so he was super bummed when he couldn’t get past the 3rd or 4th page of the instructions. Their customer service wasn’t great, either. I let them know each time a set came in with missing pieces and their response was basically “sorry not sorry”. Such a bummer because it’s a fantastic idea.

    Something like this box would make his day! Thanks for reviewing it!

    • Thanks for this info! I looked at Pley for my kids too since they really enjoy Legos. However, I would never sign up for a Lego rental because I would always be worried they would lose pieces or something since it is so easy to do. Also, for the price of the rental, you might as well just buy the Legos and not have to worry about anything.

    • Thanks y’all! Stay tuned for an upcoming review of Pley… 🙂

    • Pley was a nightmare. First they charged for my free intro set. Then we returned a set and didn’t hear anything for over a week. The set showed returned and I finally emailed them after two weeks. The response I got was that they had grown very quickly and were not able to send out sets because they didn’t have enough! It very much felt like they hoped I wouldn’t notice we hadn’t gotten a set in almost 2 weeks. When I complained they gave me a credit for the next two months. We finally got another set after nearly 4 weeks and another email from me complaining. Then the 2nd month of that 2 month credit came around and guess what charge appeared on my credit card! I’m still waiting for a refund. Needless to say we cancelled. What a disappointment.

  6. Being a long-time Lego fan, I think you really, really over-inflated the value of the exclusive sports car kit (not including the lights). It doesn’t look like there are any exclusive Lego bricks included and I only count about 50 pieces from the instructions. With your value of $25.00 for the kit, that puts each non-exclusive brick at almost 42 cents apiece average, a price no one should ever pay for Lego bricks. Even in Lego’s higher end sets, the bricks don’t average that high of a cost. While this is an “exclusive” kit made for the box, it’s not an exclusive kit issued by Lego, which is where any increase in value would come from. A similar kit (car) currently issued by Lego with 67 pieces only costs $4.99, or a sportier model with 106 pieces is $9.99.

    The nanoblock Hot Rod is selling for $19.99 on Amazon right now.

    I also think you way overvalued the Brickloot 3-in-1 that only has 22 pieces. I can’t tell what building system it uses, but your value has each brick priced at about 54 cents.

    I’ve been watching these subscription building boxes lately and don’t see any value compared to the cost.

    • I just typed up similar info. Very true about the prices being inflated. And, I agree with another poster that the non-Lego brand bricks don’t stick together as well and often don’t line up. I found a 100 pieced race car on the lego site for $9.99.

    • Eek! Sorry, any inflation was totally unintentional. I did say I was just guessing, but I based the guess on pricing a LEGO convertible for the car. I also couldn’t find a 3-in-1 for their 3-play, so I just based it on the cheapest sets I’ve seen at Target, which are $10-12. Thank you so much for sharing better price examples! Next time I will try to use a method for guessing based on the number of bricks.

  7. In my experience the non-Lego brands have never held together as well and the kids end up disappointed. I’m not familiar with these brands, though. Did you feel they built sturdy toys? Was the quality comparable?

    • Hi Carrie! The quality was fine, they seemed to build okay but I can’t say how durable yet. Hope that helps!

  8. This looks AMAZING! What a great idea! I promised my husband I wouldn’t subscribe to any more boxes, so I’m actually considering dropping one in order to justify adding this. I have three kids (one 11 and two 8), and I can imagine them fighting to claim this).

    • I wouldn’t suggest it. This box is not worth the cost they are charging. For $30, you can get several 50-100 piece Lego brand sets that will stay together, or a large set with about 250-350 pieces. 🙂

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