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Birchbox Vs Ipsy – February 2015

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Birchbox vs Ipsy

The Birchbox vs Ipsy post series compares my Birchbox and Ipsy subscription every month to give you a good idea what you can expect from the two most popular beauty subscription boxes. (And since both boxes are $10 a month, it seems fair to stack them up against each other).

FYI – I pay for both of these subscriptions, and as a regular customer I get one of many variations available each month. So while one month alone might not be enough info to make a decision, looking at the results over several months should give you a good picture of what to expect with each box.

Birchbox Review – February 2015 Items

Birchbox February 2015 (Check out the full Birchbox review)

Number of items: 5

Full size items: 0

Deluxe size items: 0

Brands featured: Paula’s Choice, TheBalm, Juicy Couture, Gilchrest & Soames, Parlor

Categories featured: Haircare (1), Skincare (1) Body (1) Makeup (1), Perfume (1)

Total Value: $19

Ipsy Review – February 2015 Items

Ipsy January 2015 (Check out the full Ipsy review)

Number of items: 5

Full size items: 2

Deluxe size items: 2

Brands featured: Mitchell and Peach, Modelco, eva NYC, City Color, Emite

Categories featured: Makeup (2) Tools (1) Skincare (1) Haircare (1)

Total Value: $63.50

Verdict: For me the winner this month is Ipsy. The value is about 3 times more than Birchbox, and I’m more excited about the products. (I seem to have better luck with Birchbox when I select the curated box for the month instead of just picking a sample).

Which box was your favorite for February?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Hi! I was wondering, did you purposefully select to receive more skin/haircare products for Birchbox? Or is that just the way it is? It seems to be a trend monthly that Ipsy has more makeup.

  2. Hi! I am new to Birchbox and I was wondering if you could explain what a “curated box” is. I just received my first box and can’t find anything on the website that shows where I can pick a curated box.

  3. I am new to both Ipsy and Birch Box. I really liked the products in my ipsy glam bag, however I was disappointed with my Birch Box. Hopefully this month’s Birch Box will be better. Looking forward to my next glam bag.

  4. I’ve been subscribing to Birchbox for almost two years now and have been very happy, but 2015 has gotten off to a rocky start.

    5 out of 10 of my products have been shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, and the scents were awfully masculine/herbal for my taste.

    2 out of 10 samples were perfume (and my profile is set up to receive as few perfume vials as possible).

    I did receive that amazing Tocca lotion and a nice liquid liner, and the points and surprise factor help make up for a couple of lackluster boxes, but I can’t help but hope that things turn around soon (though I do sometimes wonder if they’re just running out of good stuff to send my way since I’ve been around so long!).

  5. I wish she would do an ipsy vs. Beauty box 5 comparison.

  6. I ended up canceling Ipsy this month because I was fed up with it. I loooove, makeup products, but it doesn’t cater to darker skin at all (Ive never gotten a product that matches my skin tone ever). The lip gloss was gross smelling and cheap looking, blush was also too light, eyeliner was okay. I did get some eye goop that was interesting though. Anyways, bb always gives me stuff I can actually use (and I find it follows my survey somewhat) so sticking with that from here on out. I also loved the perfume sample this month that I received – English laundry.

  7. There’s more to it than just how much the overpricing companies think an item is worth. I should think that it would depend on your enjoyment of the items, and whether they were fun/useful/nicely fragranced.

  8. It was Ipsy for me in February, I got a blush, a blush brush and lip gloss. I’m always dying to get lip glosses or blushes in sub boxes. Birchbox which is usually my favorite was a total bust for me. I hated the lotion they sent, the sea salt spray is not for my hair, the CC cream was too dark, etc. But for March BB was the hands down winner for the curated box with the Laura Geller blush, I LOVE her products.

  9. I still preferred my Birchbox over Ipsy this month and most months. Ipsy’s lip gloss that Liz got I got too and smelled so chemically, and the Emite eyelash curler was bent so I could see a major problem. Then I read comments on Ipsy’s site and people that used the bent curler some cut off their lashes and others complained of the chemical smell in the gloss too. So even though the “value” is higher on Ipsy I most always feel Birchbox is better quality. Birchbox normally matches my profile with products too.

  10. I received the exact same Ipsy bag as Liz. I think I also liked mine better this month. BB keeps sending things I don’t use & hardly any makeup.

  11. I agree and loved my ipsy more this month! The blush totally did it for me! Super pretty!

  12. I love it! I just signed on with Ipsy today, lol! As if I need another sub, but I mean…10 bucks! I’ll buy 2 less Starbucks this month. (There goes the box addict rationale again)! : D Thx Liz for giving me the affirmation that I chose correctly, too!

  13. Liz, I to have better luck with the curated box (Birchbox). I get more things that I like and are right for me. Otherwise if I leave it up to BB they get it all wrong. They don’t pay attention to the beauty survey at all and if they do, something is really wrong with who puts things in the box. Same with my husband. Why would you send hair stuff and beard stuff to a man who is bald and is clean shaven? They just really don’t care if they get it right or not!! LOL so I like that they have the curated box. At least I have some control over the choice. And every time Ive gotten the curated box since they’ve been doing it, I’d say at least 4/5 of the items are just right for me or I can use or would like to try! So, I hope they keep doing that box every month. Thanks Liz for all you do and for your attention to detail in the reviews!!!☺️

    • I agree with you on how BB does not pay attention to the survey. Why even ask us to fill it out?! Lol

      • Neither does ipsy, and it’s soooooo frustrating!!! The one thing I have asked to not receive is blush, and they keep sending me blush!!!

        • I agree about Ipsy and probably all of their subscribers do too! I get sooo frustrated when I see products I didn’t receive that would have been perfect for me and while the same time the items I received I can’t use at all. I cancelled at one point and then went back.

          I believe they have too many subscribers to personalize items in the detail they are promoting.

        • I sadly just cancelled Ipsy. I get pink make up ️everytime. I am a blue eyed redhead. ️Everytime I comment on how pink is not a good color. So sad because the products are so good

        • Blush is the one item sadly missing from my extensive makeup collection! So, honestly, whichever box sends me blush will probably be my favorite this month!

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