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POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Spoiler Hints

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POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Spoiler Hints!

We have semi-spoiler hints for the March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. The themes are: Renewal, Citrus, Fresh, and Traveling.

Any guesses on what they might include?

FYI – if you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon codeΒ MUSTHAVE5Β to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wanted to wait for a better coupon, but “citrus” and “traveling” has me convinced I’m going to like this box, so I bought it as a 1 month gift. I won’t subscribe until I’m getting at least $10 off. I’m cheap. πŸ™‚

  2. I love everything I’ve gotten in Pop Sugar so far… I’ve been subscribed just January and February. I don’t take bubble baths, but it was a perfect gift for a close friend. In January I didn’t love the flash tattoos but again made a co worker very very excited! I think it’s got excellent value and the excitement of opening that box every month is just so fun! I don’t love going out to shop so having things brought to my doorstep that I wouldn’t buy myself but that I end up falling in love with is awesome!

    So far I haven’t really had issues with customer service or shipping… I read all the reviews for the box before committing so I really had a good idea of what I was getting myself into. Every month there was at least one thing that made me go – omg I want that! – so I just had to subscribe! Haven’t been disappointed yet. And like everyone has said, if it isn’t your cup of tea then you’ve got a great, unique present to gift! Win win!

  3. I realize I’m a little late to this conversation- but I gotta say! I sub to Popsugar, Birchbox, LovewFood, Walmart, and just started Boxycharm (cancelled Allure BB for this one) and Treatsie. Occasionally I’ll add a box temporarily (Bijoux, FFF, Target). I’m trying to stay around $100/mo. However- and this is the big However- I gave SO many cute, classy, perfect for the person gifts with these for Christmas, Hostess Gifts, Birthday etc…. People LOVED them. I track my yearly budget (everything) on spreadsheets- in the end I’m not breaking the bank at all. And boy the fun of seeing a new box… Priceless.

  4. I have that hat, and hate to see it go to waste. So if somebody wants it….

    • What hat? The one from popsugar?

      • Yes. The one with the fluffy ball on top. I don’t wear hats. I thought it was so damn cute, but i look silly in hats.

        • I thought I looked silly too, but when temps dropped down to -2 this week, I wore it and it was so warm! I hope you get use out of it!

        • If you don’t want that hat, I would gladly take it off your hands! I subscribed too late to get the January box

  5. I cannot believe how many of you ladies are subscribed to 15-20 boxes at once. I felt guilty being subscribed to 6 so I cut it down to 3.

    • I love reading about all the boxes and things you ladies get! My hubby has a fit if I get more than one box a month, so appreciate living vicariously πŸ™‚

  6. This is such a great thread. Loving reading everyones thoughts on boxes. I recently had a baby so I have been at home more with more time to spend on the internet and so this site is addictive! I have been tempted to sign up for some many boxes! I started in 2011 with Ipsy and Birchbox but found that I just really dont wear that much makeup so I ditched ipsy. I tried Pop sugar but I think January will be my last box. I dont get mine until the end of the month and I am finding there is just nothing I cant live without. I swapped everything in the Jan box except the FAB lotion! Anyway thanks for all your posts about having to many boxes. It is a great perspective! I am just going to live vicariously through Liz! (and maybe try a golden tote!) πŸ™‚

  7. I tend to save about $100 for myself as a “Spoil Myself Budget” which I tend to use for my balances for my nails and a few sub boxes. I did get a 6 month Bare Bliss sub (the Gilt City promo) and added subs to Little Lace Box, PopSugar, Birchbox, Loot Crate, 1UP and Rosario Dawson’s Quarterly (also subscribed to Renarda Joy’s Quarterly before they cancelled it). I want to do a few months of comparison between Loot Crate and 1Up to see which I keep and the same for LLB and PS. LLB has really outdone PS in the past few months it looks like so I am really thinking LLB might be the winner depending on the next 2 months. PS had cute things for Feb in it but to be honest I will prob swap or gift almost everything in it. Esp cannot use the Rose Water Bubble Bath. But they did have a cute box. I am curious about the March box. Not usually a fan of citrus scented things though but we will see what else they put in it.

    • LLB is one box I wont cancel because I procrastinated to long a few months ago, missed the box, then the following month was a few minutes late of the box selling out, finally was able to subscribe last month in the 45 window it was available before it sold out. LLB seems to be getting better and better and the customer service is wonderful. Popsugar I’ve found to be aggrivating at times with how long after everyone else gets their box before I get my box. Sometimes I just get it because swapping for 2 items out of the box each month can be stressful, last summer they had a hat in the box. I put in 50 swap requests and finally got the hat. Going through something similar right now with the bubble bath and cutting board

      • Which bubble bath are you seeking?

  8. Arrrg I am so torn! I love citrus too but can’t use anything with it on my face without getting a rash. I would love a juicer, candle, body butter & chocolate with it though. Hope more info comes out soon.

  9. Just subscribed, since I love travel and citrus. I really hope I don’t regret it – this box seems to be very hit or miss! I do like they I could sign up as a gift box, so it will not automatically recur.

  10. I bet the spoilers for Renewal, Citrus, Fresh, and Traveling will just be some citrus scented travel sized face wipes.

    • Gosh I was thinking the same thing. I had a 3 month sub so I get this – but I reallllly hope it’s not face wipes. Ole Hendriksen came to mind as soon as i saw that. I love the stuff, but i”m hoping that’s not it!

  11. Love reading the comments. I actually need to figure out how many boxes I am getting each month. Lately I’ve been getting 3 boxes a day. The postlady just laughs. I know I need to cut back — you know you are crazy when you subscribe to Julep and never wear nail polish on my hands…and I get a pedicure done though I do usually bring my own polish. It was just for the giveaway but still LOL. I do give away or swap some but I’ve realized that often with the postage it just gets so it’s not worth it. Oh and I couldn’t even give that Pom Pom hat away…I live in southern California so nobody ever needs a winter hat!

    • I have been wanting the hat!!!

      • Hi Emily, I have the hat to give. I am not in swaps but hate to see it go to waste. Email me at natksou at if you’d like it. I will reply by tomorrow late evening.

  12. Comment

    • Sorry no idea why there is a post with the word ‘comment”

  13. I’m with most of you that I liked only about 50% of the Feb box, which was a bummer as it’s my birthday month and I really wanted to splurge on it all. Oh well, March sounds promising.

    I’ll only ever buy the boxes if they’re on sale or if they have a really good promo, otherwise it gets too expensive. I love gifting some of the items for presents or just to brighten the day for a few people I love.

  14. I predict a zester and a juicer.

  15. Popsugar is too hit and miss, otherwise I’d subscribe. I hated last October’s box, November’s box was pretty good, loved December’s, didn’t like January’s, loved February’s. It’s like every other month almost I like. I subscribed last summer and got 1 out of 4 boxes I loved, rest I didn’t really like. I need to see full spoilers or one really awesome spoiler.

  16. Love citrus, love traveling and love the idea of renewal. I’m guessing some kind of citrus hand wipes or maybe OleHendriksen Pure Truth Oil (it smells like oranges.)

  17. Sounds better than the Feb box to me love citrus

  18. I love nearly all things citrus, and the ideas of fresh and renewal are quite intriguing. However, I was so disappointed the one time I ordered a popsugar box, and the last couple box reviews haven’t impressed me much. I must be weird.

    • I feel that way too. For me, I like citrus and I wanted another travel box it was either this one or quartly’s Hitha box. That is $50 and the spoiler was dry shampoo. ( bla – boring ). So I’m hoping this popsugar box will be more interesting, a bit of a chance. If I don’t like it or get my box 3 weeks later then everyone else I’ll cancel again.

  19. Hubby made me cut WAY back on my boxes. I only get popsugar ( which I would cry with out ) ipsy, birch box, one lip monthly. Ideally i would have love to pick cate and Chloe All with bijoux box. I will still have to throw in the occasional golden tote bag.
    We were literally going broke with box how does everyone do it? Do you need to weed out some boxes or will the lottery? LOL

    • I’ve had to cut back in many ways. All I want for Bday-Christmas-Valentines Day is boxes. Those months I spurlge. Then cancel boxes again. I dont go for mani’s or pedi’s anymore because of the boxes. 90% of the gift giving I do throughout the year: Comes from the items I got in my boxes. Big savings right there. If I travel instead of giving regular cash tips I give box items that have more value to people. Savings. I’ve also been switching my beauty boxes to household, clothing or variety boxes. Boxes I know I will use the items in. If I will use the item and would normally purchase a similar item, I can rationalize it more so.

      • ‘If I travel instead of giving regular cash tips I give box items that have more value to people.’

        How does that work exactly? I can’t picture tipping a cab driver in mascara.

        I limit myself to three boxes. Right now it’s PS, LLB and NGQ. When another box tugs at my heartstrings, I tell myself I’ll go for it on the condition that I first go through and organize my boxes of samples. Once I remind myself just how much stuff I have already, the temptation fades fast.

        • What I’m referring to is, lets say I stay an inn, I give little goody bags to the front desk and the people who maintain the rooms. Most the time it is not expected and appreciated more then a $5 tip. Or sometimes people that have the tip jar at coffee shops. Really depends. Obviously when it comes to cab drivers, and people that assist with luggage at an airport it would not go over so well. Yet giving someone an item that they might use that is valued at $20 when a tip might be $3 is appreciated. Once again it depends on the situation.

        • Great idea of at in home box shopping. I need to that more often. What I should do is cancel all the monthly boxes at one time and stick to quarterly and 1 time purchase boxes. – Very tough to do

    • I set a monthly budget for myself – I see it as an entertainment budget…for boxes. If I want more than what I allow myself, I’ll volunteer to work a holiday or on-call rotation at my work to earn the extra cash.

    • I subscribe to 17 boxes (18 before losing MSA πŸ™ ), 3 of them are not monthly: Elizabeth and Clarke, FFF and ouiplease. 2 out of the 14 monthly ones are pet boxes, and 1 is love with food. I actually save money and all the monthly recurring charges go through one cc. Ouiplease and barkbox I pay annual because of the savings. PS I got the Black Friday deal. I hardly shop for clothes cos I get the shirts from E&C. Barebliss and petbox I pay quarterly. The stuff that I do not use, I use them as gifts for the pet sitter, friends etc, which is savings because I am not buying these gifts. I also do not need to shop anymore because I get soap, shower gel, new jewelry, hand cream etc. As Lauren said, this is also my entertainment. And I figure besides the quarterly and annual payments, $200+ a month is not bad. I used to spend close to $100 on manis and pedis a month. Now I only get a pedi each month. πŸ™‚

      • I never thought as it as “entertainment” describes it perfectly. I don’t go to the movies, or concerts, I have more fun with subboxes and that is my entertainment plus now when ever I go to a retail store that has beauty products thanks to the sub box I dont purchase anything I just have fun looking at items, annoys the sales people there, that’s okay. I lost count on how many boxes I get, when 1 annoys me I cancel and sub to something else till that either annoys me or bores me.

    • Haha β€” I also had to cut back on my boxes. My friends pretty much had to have an intervention, particularly when I was giving away many of the things in my boxes. “YOU DO NOT NEED ALL THIS STUFF!” was pretty much the unanimous proclamation. I think at one point I was getting 20 of them. I’m not even kidding.

      I too had to cut mine down to Ipsy, Birchbox and Skoshbox (Japanese/Asian snacks) – all in the $10 to $12 range.

      I (sadly) gave up Fancy, PopSugar, GlossyBox, Wantable (the accessories AND makeup boxes), Beauty Army, Blush Mystery Box, FabFitFun, Yuzen, Phone Case of the Month, Loot Crate, the much-missed Little Black Bag and a couple of Quarterly boxes. WOOOOOO!!!! It was a tiny addiction, to put it mildly. πŸ™‚ Looking back, it all seems slightly manic to me. I’m blaming it on a teeny midlife crisis or something.

      I’m a freelance writer, so if I happen to have a good month, I’ll splurge on a three-month subscription to PopSugar and occasionally order Q Box (“Monthly Cute and Fun from Japan and South Korea”). Those are sort of my rewards for writing my fingers to the bone. I like the $100-range, three-month subscription option for PopSugar, along with the fact that you don’t have to commit to Q Box β€” I can order each month in advance if my budget permits. Those kind of options at least make those boxes occasionally attainable as a way to treat myself. Once in a while I’ll go for Golden Tote, too. But YES, it definitely has to be something that’s budgeted or it can get out of control. The boxes are fun. The credit card statements are not. :-\

      I just ordered a three-month subscription to PopSugar again, starting with this March box, so it better be good! The only thing that irks me is that returning customers can’t seem to use the coupon code. You’d think they’d want us back!

      Citrus is my favorite scent, so yay! Candle, please!

    • I am so glad you asked, Cyndi, I have often wondered the same. I’m enjoying everyone’s responses.

      When I first discovered sub boxes I went a little manic, too. I think the most I’ve ever gotten in a month was eleven or twelve boxes, but the guilt was so overwhelming — that alone helped me cut back. Also the frequent disappointment. I can’t tell you how many times I opened a box and had total buyer’s remorse, and that’s helped me eliminate a lot of boxes. Now I only subscribe to Birchbox and Loot Crate (which I’m planning to cancel this month), and I will allow myself one or two extra boxes per month IF I can get a deal AND if I can fund the purchase with eBay sales; right now I’m getting Glossybox because there was a Rue La La deal a while ago, and Petit Vour because I got a gift sub for Christmas. I also ask my husband for subs and not much else for birthdays/Christmas.

      Now I’m a point where I can enjoy these little surprises but not freak out and spend a bunch of money I don’t have, but the first couple of months I was scaring myself a little. I’m a librarian — I’m not exactly raking it in, and I don’t have tons of money to throw around on non-essentials. So, I’m glad to have found a balance. I don’t think of it as entertainment, but I do think sub boxes keep me out of the malls and Ulta/Sephora, which is good! I do love receiving the boxes, love the element of surprise, and I enjoy that I always have nice things to gift or keep that I would never have gotten myself at full price. At this point it’s something that brings me pleasure and isn’t causing me the intense shame/guilt it was in my early subscription days. Phew!

      I’ve often thought that there should be a “My Subscription Addiction Addiction” support group forum somewhere on this site!

      • We should ask Liz if there would be a way to put a chat board on here,….and from Oct.2014 to now I spent over way over my limits…. Its likebeing a kid wanting the next big thing. I was getting want able 3x per month….now popsugar, upgraded fab it fun to select to save 20.00 per box, not sure bout the rest…

        • What does that mean “upgraded to select” please? Thanks!

          • Select is the annual subscription. You only save $5 per box, or $20 per year, though.

  20. I canceled popsugar in Jan, did not get the Feb box. Which I liked the bubble bath and the cutting board from, no regrets about canceling. Popsugar is irritating at times and I only like 1/2 the items in the box if that most the time, some other items I wont swap because they are to heavy. I signed up again after seeing this box after seeing spoiler hints, I like the idea of rose, citrus and traveling. My first thought … Maybe it is a nice tote bag, refreshing citrus wipes, items i will actually use. The coupon worked, normally I would wait for a $10 coupon yet did not want to take the chance of this box selling out.

    • Same here, I cancelled in Jan and was totally fine not getting Feb’s box. I’ve found, too, that I generally only like half of what they ship and it can be tough to trade the other stuff for various reasons (like that Pom pom beanie that looks awful on me!)

      Anyway, I agreee that the theme looks really appealing to me, so I’m seriously tempted. If there was a $10 coupon I would sub for sure.

  21. LOVE citrus and hate rose scented things so March is already looking better for me! This spoiler says “face mask, cleanser, and a watch” to me. Also traveling could be passport holder, or some sort of small accessory. Would love sunglasses but I think here in San Diego is the only place that theme would fit March :p other ideas anyone?

  22. Really confused about my popsugar status. Re-subbed a few days ago and they’ve charged my card (immediately) and sent me the confirmation email the next day. Online, however it says “cancelled” and shows no pending shipments. I’d contact customer service, but I’m not sure I’d get a response.

    • With Popsugar, you get a new account number every time you sign up. The account you are seeing is the cancelled one. Below that there may be another one listed that is active. I have multiple email addresses and accounts so I have trouble finding my active ones. Good luck!

  23. Well I thought I was getting March Box but now all of a sudden I’m getting February box, I’m a little peeved about it since when I signed up it said my box would be Marches box. The wait list box automatically is checked and I forgot to uncheck it when I checked about out but because Feb was sold out I didn’t worry. Now I’m upset and I told them that they should change their system so that the waitlist box is only checked if you actually want it to be checked. That way you don’t end up with unsuspecting customers who get a box they didn’t want. So now they’ve changed it and you will only be wait listed if you chose to be. The February is a nice enough box but I already got it from a friend so I was happy I was getting next months box. Sucks because they won’t let me return the box, so I guess now I’ll have to stay subbed and pay another 40 for marches box πŸ™ I hope it’s a good one, I’m tempted to cancel now and sub later if it’s a good one.

    • Wait so they still possibly have the February box?? When did you subscribe?

      • I signed up in January. So any feb boxes they had left went to those who signed up earlier. Since they had some left over.

      • Jennifer,
        I posted under Liz’s 2nd day contest giveaway, the February PS box. I ordered on 2/5 and will receive it tomorrow. I don’t think it was as “sold out” as they they led us to believe. I even got to use the $5 off coupon. HTH. πŸ™‚

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