Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015

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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Box

Little Lace Box is a lifestyle subscription box for women. They’ve been around for a little less than a year so far – but I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their boxes so far.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 First Look

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process postto learn more about how we review boxes).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $39.99 a month (Subscriptions are currently sold out, and they won’t be opening up any more slots for March – I’ll post when subscriptions are open again).

The Products: Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Check out all of my Little Lace Box reviews and the Little Lace box swap page!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Letter

Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of the month and hints at the next month’s box. For February, the theme is “Rainbow Connection.” In the letter they explained that due to issues with winter storms this month and the dockworkers’ strike in California, they weren’t able to get some of the items they originally envisioned with this theme, but they love what they were able to put together for the box.

The theme for the March box will be “Here Comes the Sun,” and it will include items for the “mind, body & soul…even if it’s a cloudy day when your box arrives, the lovelies inside will be just the thing to brighten your day!”

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Info

On the flipside of the letter each item included is detailed, complete with retail value.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Earrings

Whitley Designs Earrings – Value $55

(Subscribers will either receive a pair of Whitley Designs earrings or a Kitsch Dream Bracelet).

I love delicate gold jewelry, so these earrings are perfect for me. And I think I may try to swap for a few of the other earring variations and the Kitsch Dream Bracelet – I’m a big fan of all the LLB jewelry picks this month!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Tub

CeeCee & Bee Tub Truffles – Value $22

I could smell these tub “truffles” before I even opened the box!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Truffle

(Rose, Grapefruit Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary Mint)

These tub truffles are made with all natural ingredients and they recommend crumbling the truffles under running water when filling the tub. I love the fun packaging of these, and I also really like lavender, so these are a good fit for me.

(Subscribers will either receive these Tub Truffles or Beekman 1802 Iridescent Shimmer Bling Bath).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Fudge

Beekman 1802 Orange Zest Fudge Zest – Value $12

I have to avoid dairy in my diet, so I didn’t get to try this, but I had to open it – it smells heavenly. (Also I think I may need to buy my husband the coffee version of this fudge).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Cards

P. Press Papers Pink Arrow Stationery (Set of 8 flat cards and envelopes) – Value $13

I may be in the minority on this, but I’m always happy to get cards in subscription boxes – I love always having the perfect card for any situation, and it is a good reminder to send more paper mail. (I love the striped back on these cards too!)

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Dancing Goat

Dancing Goal Hula Bliss Hand & Body Lotion – 2 oz Value $4.50

This item was included as a bonus extra item. I really like the Dancing Goat brand, so I’m always happy to have more products from their line to sample. The scent isn’t what I would expect from the name “Hula Bliss,” and while I’m not crazy about it, I don’t mind it.

Verdict: My Little Lace Box this month has a value of about $106. (Depending on the variations you get in your box, the value may be a little less). I’m happy with the box and reading the letter I can see how much thought went into the product selection. I know Little Lace Box really wants to highlight small, up-and-coming designers, and I think they did a good job of including a variety of makers in this box that were new to me.

Reading the comments on the past spoiler post, I know this box isn’t for everyone, but it suits me well. The value isn’t as high as some of the previous boxes, but I think it is still good for a $40 box.

This box to me compared to the January box, reminds me of the November box compared to the December box. All boxes were really well-curated in my opinion, but from a quantity of items perspective, they don’t match up, and if you subscribed based on the previous month, I could see how the next month might not meet your expectations.

What do you think of Little Lace Box? Any guesses on what will be in the “Here Comes the Sun” March box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Love this box so much I’m getting a 2nd one. That one has all the opposite varying items From my 1st one. I’m so excited!

  2. I love the variety in this box. I would use everything, especially the fudge sauce! So tempted.

  3. I got my box on Saturday. I rec silver tear drop earrings i love them. Wearing them now. Orange zest fudge- i immediately opened it and took a huge spoonful. AMAZING. The note cards are cute. The lotion feels good. I haven’t used the bath salts but they smell amazing. I am very satisfied with my box.

  4. Has anyone had much luck with entering reviews for points? It says to search for the item, and then make your review to be credited. However, I just did a search and only one of the items was found. Does it take a few days for the box products to make it into the store?

    • I was only able to review 2 items this morning (fudge, truffles). Since this was not the box they had intended, I’m assuming the rest may not get populated. Will check again maybe next week…

  5. I’ve had my box for a few days now, and I have to say that I am very happy with it. The fudge is To Die For. I will be purchasing more of this very soon. (I got the orange zest fudge, which I wasn’t thrilled about, but it is truly awesome and the orange flavor is very subtle.) I also just tried one of the Tub Truffles and I loved it, it made my bath feel very luxurious. I am excited about the cute notecards — I love to send surprise cards and notes to friends. My only disappointment is that I received earrings (the gold ones featured in the spoiler) when I had specifically asked NOT to receive any earrings when I signed up because my ears aren’t pierced. (LLB even emailed me to say that they had noted it in my profile and I wouldn’t be receiving any earrings. It looks like they honored this request for others so… not sure what happened there.) Haven’t tried the lotion yet but I’m sure I will use it. This is not my favorite LLB, but I think it is a very solid box and I’m happy with it! If this is their version of a “bad” month, I think I am in this for the long haul. 🙂

  6. I just wish their monthly subscriptions weren’t “out of stock” – I am so anxious to try LBB!!

  7. This was my first LLB and I was pleased. I received the bracelet and it is beautiful. FYI when I signed up for the sub there was a note that said email LLB if you have any restrictions ie. you don’t wear earrings. I emailed them right away as I don’t have pierced ears. I was very happy to see that they took that into consideration. I received the Bling bath instead of the truffles, but am still excited to use them. I rarely take baths (not much extra time) and I am excited to be able to pamper myself. The fudge looks delicious, can’t wait to try it! Probably with some crushed vanilla bean ice cream tonight

  8. February was my second LLB and having been so pleased with January and the theme, I cannot help but be a little disappointed. I understand that there were problems for LLB with getting the original items intended for this box so this will not change my overall opinion that this box in general seems to be a great subscription box. However, I do not think I will be using any of these items. I would have preferred the bath truffles but got the Bath Bling bath salts instead. I got silver earrings that just look a little too plain (would have preferred gold) and I do not need any more note cards. I love fudge but am desperately trying to lose weight so I have decided to sell the entire box. Since that’s the case, I did not open the goat milk moisturizer. I am looking forward to the March box and I am sure LLB will work hard to make-up what some people feel was lacking in the February box.

  9. What’s the deal with the posts. Mine are here one minute, gone the next, and then reappear hours later only to be gone again the next minute. Are you having issues? Or do you filter posts for little lace box? I posted on another thread and it came right up. Strange.

    • Sorry – we’re trying to do some adjustments to the settings on auto-approvals on comments. We’re still working on it! (It’s overall to the site – not for LLB).

      • So it’s it just my posts that are disappearing? Because on my end that what it looks like

        • That shouldn’t be happening – we’re working on it. Sorry!

          • Ok thanks for letting me know 🙂

  10. I love LLB and am sad to see so many negative comments.

    LLB has been upfront about their challenges – and taking steps such as limiting subscriptions to make sure they can delivery on their promises. I find that refreshing!

    If they had not explained in their letter that they had vendor, strike and weather problems, I would have never known that this was not their original box concept for February.

    Some have found their customer service lacking – but I have had nothing but good experiences with them, one time one of the sisters emailed back and forth with me many times on a Sunday night because I was frustrated with a web issue. That’s above and beyond!!

  11. While I don’t think this is a bad box, it’s a miss for me. I like note cards, but not these note cards. (Is there a point to that arrow that I’m missing? I don’t get the appeal.) I got gold earrings. I do wear gold earrings, but I wear real gold if I’m going to wear something plain like this. Also, I can’t wear this kind of earring with the bend in the insertion part. I do wear costume earrings on a very limited basis but it wouldn’t be anything like this.

    The bath truffles are really cute. I doubt I would use them but I think they would make a very cute hostess gift. Nice change from the usual wine or candle.

    Fudge sauce? I am totally down for that, don’t care what flavor.

    Tried a little dab of the moisturizer and my skin was incredibly soft. Score on that one!

    Last month was my first box and I totally loved it, particularly as an avid tea drinker. I suspect the coffee drinkers felt about that box the same as I feel about this box (not being a wearer of those earrings). However, I do think a simple gold earring like that hoop has a better chance at being a winner than what I would wear as an acceptable costume jewelry earring.

    I would love to know what the actual box would have been. And I can imagine the stress the disruptions caused them. Such is life for a small business.

    March is here and I will be anticipating what the three sisters have for us this month. Whatever it is, I hope it chases winter away!

  12. If anyone wants to get rid of this box please let me know! Thanks!

  13. I was disappointed by this box, but just because it does not fit me personally. I don’t think it’s a bad box at all and if it were a different box than LLB, I don’t think people would be at all as upset. I’d give them a pass regardless, though, because of the troubles they encountered. That makes so much sense, I was wondering where the theme was. I wish I could have seen the original plan! It’s just too bad that this box doesn’t fit me because it’s by far my most expensive box. I’m still going to stay subscribed, they’ve generally done an incredible job. I just really wish I’d started subscribing in January and gotten that pearl jewelry!

  14. Would anyone care to swap their gold earrings for my silver ones?

  15. I have never been disappointed in LLB and this is one sub that I can never quit. Call me crazy, but I think I get more excited reading their enclosure letter than seeing the items.

  16. After already defending this box I was hoping it wouldn’t disappoint and well…I’m giving you a pass LLB. I love the concept, the artisans, the makers…but seriously these earring are just meh…I’m a jewelry artisan and I can tell you the triangle earrings are about $.50 at best worth of silver. I was really hoping to get the gold earrings and the tub truffles but alas I was not so fortunate. I’ll save the bath salts for my gift stock pile as well as the earrings. I’ll also gift the lotion to my lab partner and the chocolate…well I just had to taste it so I guess it’s mine. oh and notecards…if I could only find the $8 arrow pencils I have laying around perhaps they would be cute for a teacher’s present with a SB gc at the end of the year. That was it right? It seems like something is missing. I really can’t blame them for the strikes and weather issues and they did a decent job of putting together what they could, honesty and communication go a long way in my book and I did feel I got my $40 worth, barely.

  17. For any of you who received the tub truffles and Orange fudge, I’d love to buy them from you! I got the regular fudge and bath salts and they are both great! I’d just like to try out the other options. You can email me at holly.gaddis at gmail dot com 🙂

  18. I was kind of surprised to see so much “goat” stuff based on what they said in their January letter– I thought that this box would be more “frog” oriented since that “Rainbow Connection” song was sung by Kermit the Frog! Anyway, I was hoping for the original fudge but I got the orange… the only thing I have to say about that is that less than 24 hours later the jar is empty..*hangs head in shame*… and it was emptied without the use of any fruit or ice cream or other edibles OR need to be warmed… That was truly a delicious Fudge sauce and i will probably order more from their shop– who knows, this time I may actually share 😛

    • warm the sauce – no way it makes it as far as the microwave…

  19. I wish I could have told them I’d have prefered a bracelet. Since I would have vs earrings. I just don’t wear them often because depending on the metal I get very irritated. 🙁 That being said, I got them and the posts were bent, the back wasn’t on one and I think I can pinch that but they’re so delicate I worry that I’m going to break them. 🙁 The rest of the box was okay I feel sad that they couldn’t put together what they wanted since every past box has been so amazing. I’m torn between keeping it for another month or closing it out. I want to keep it but I really planned on doing a splurge this month and then ignoring again and trying to go again in a few months. All in all it’s still a lovely box.

    • Veronica – I think there is still time left to tell them that you want to skip next month if you want. This will allow you to stay on the list of subscribers. You can always skip and then decide what to do in April once you see the March reviews.

  20. My sister and I both received our boxes on Friday and opened them together over the phone. She’s out in the country so using FaceTime etc. doesn’t work as well.

    I think LLB did a great job putting a box together despite all the issues they encountered. The strike impacted other boxes such as Hampton Lane’s Jan box which arrived in Feb and Kiwi Crate’s Feb box which will arrive in March. Weather conditions have impacted boxes before causing them to send them late. Yet LLB pulled together a box full of items created by people who are passionate about their trade.

    My sister and I received the same items except she received silver and I received gold hoops. We both received the bath salts and orange zest fudge. I encourage whomever to try the orange zest fudge if you are unsure and are not going to swap it. My family couldn’t taste the orange in it. Orange zest usually doesn’t have as strong as a taste as orange.

    The bath salts smell wonderful! I haven’t tried them yet, but am willing to look shimmery. The fudge sauce taste delicious. I’ll have to try it on bananas as others have posted. We used it on Ben & Jerry’s icecream 🙂

    My husband and I are having fun writing silly love notes to each other with the stationary. I wrote him one telling him he’s my hero for lighting a candle. One match broke, another went out, and the third one lit it.

    I love Dancin’ Goat products. This will be the first time trying the lotion.

    I’m looking forward to March’s theme and am trying to figure out what items will fit it. Something tells me it won’t be Purlisse. People newer to sub boxes may not know this, but a lot of subs had Purlisse sunscreen last summer. I loved it because I work outside most of the year, but I think they overexposed their brand in being too many subs causing it to be a product that wasn’t as welcomed as the months went on.

    • One more box delayed PA Anna. Oui please is delayed because of weather. I found out today.

      • How did you find this out? I’m looking on their website, Facebook and Twitter and don’t see anything posted. I also didn’t get an email.

        • Wow. It’s a rough month for subscription boxes. I hope the Oui, Please boxes aren’t delayed for long.

        • emailed them about the box. Got an email in response.

          • I emailed them about my box and didn’t get any answer, in any case I can’t wait to sell this box to anyone who wants to buy it plus shipping cost, please let me know if anyone is interested.

    • Anna, I really enjoyed reading this, and it almost brought a tear to my eye to see a family bonding over a sub box in this way. Please write more reviews like this! 🙂

  21. This box was not as spectacular as some of the boxes they’ve had, but I still liked it. The earrings I got are a very simple, understated classic design that I’ll get a lot of use out of, and the hot fudge is delicious. Even the “off” months for LLB have been good for me. I’m actually a little relieved when they send out a box that seems to match the value I’d expect for a $40 price point. As much as I enjoy a crazy box-opening bonanza like November every once in a while, I also want them to be able to make money and stay in business for a while.

  22. This was my first box from LLB. I tried to take my time and savor each item like a gift from a thoughtful friend who has somewhat different tastes then me. With that mindset I did get a lot of genuine pleasure from the box.

    I got the silver heart earrings, and while I would not pay $55 for them I appreciate that they were handmade in the U.S. The bath truffles smell wonderful and I love a nice bubble bath. The chocolate fudge looks yummy. Not excited about the pink cards. Last but not least the bonus lotion will come in handy for taking along on my spring vacation.

    Based on the letter in the box, it sounds like they had a lot of challenges getting the items they wanted. It is tough to run a small business and I am grateful for the thought and care that went into the box.

  23. I loved this box as much as the last. I’m thrilled I signed up for a year. I think they did an amazing job especially since they had to rethink the box.

  24. Well, I have a solution for everyone who didnt like the box. Drop your sub! hehe that way those of us who want to try it could get one!!!

  25. My package arrived today but I’m away visiting family until Monday! If I didn’t love them so much I’d be grabbing an earlier train home! Really hoping to get the bath truffles instead of salts and regular fudge instead of orange but I’m sure I will love this box regardless. I would like to convert my monthly membership to a full year before the next box. Has anyone heard of that being possible for current monthly subscribers even though new subscriptions are closed?

  26. I guess I’m naive but I thought that everyone got the tub truffles based on the spoilers. I would rather have had those and the Bling bath is heavy to ship.
    as some other comments note if you got the silver infinity earrings they appear flimsy and I too can’t get them to close. LOL I’m pathetic. Also why on the letter did it say “stud” earrings? It doesn’t mention any variations.
    I know I sound crazy but this box is so so for me and I regret subscribing for a year upfront. I traded all of the Jan box (I thought that was a great box but just nothing for me) It looks like I will trade all this too

    • I had the problem with my infinity earrings where the back would not stay on the posts of one of the earrings. I emailed them and they responded within 3hours and said someone would be contacting me next week about swapping them out. I don’t know if mine were the only ones defective or they just got a bad batch. I loved the box though and even though I am older than their target demographic, I love their curation and value. I currently subscribe to 12 boxes and Wil be cutting down to 9 but will be keeping this one.

    • I received the Infinity Earrings as well. Mine were both bent and the back wouldn’t stay on. I squeezed the back but I’m afraid to try to straighten the back of the earring. I do wish they’d have offered me a bracelet. I never saw where that came up. Earrings irritate my ears unless they’re just the right metals.

    • They want to send you a stud (guy) for valentines but instead sent you two! It is in the beginning of the letter.

  27. I lucked out on getting the Kitsch Dream bracelet! Literally the best jewelry item I’ve ever received in a sub box.

  28. This wasn’t my favorite LLB box, but I didn’t hate it by any means. I got bath salts with ‘cosmic glitter’ that I won’t use, but I wouldn’t have used the tub truffles either. I got the orange zest fudge, and for me chocolate and orange do not go together. But I got a pair of beautiful silver teardrop kind of shaped earrings. I love them, I put them on yesterday as soon as I got them and I’m wearing them today. They’re not normally my style, they’re delicate and I like big, chunky pieces, but they’re very pretty and so light I forget I’m wearing them. The notecards aren’t for me either, I don’t send cards to anyone, but someone else will love them. I liked the Dancing Goat lotion though, I thought it smelled good and didn’t notice it smelling any different on my hands. I can’t wait to see what March brings!

  29. Saddens me there are so many subscribers, I’ve been trying to get a LLB for months. Last week I even tried to purchase for an entire year, but couldn’t {at checkout it said they didn’t have enough boxes to fulfill my order}. I would be tickled pink w/ any and/or all of these boxes to date…if not to use for myself, these items are great to share!!!

    • *saddens me there are so many “unhappy” subscribers…

      • Me too. I like the earlier post about going into these boxes with the mindset of a thoughtful friend sending you a box. We should just remember that if we don’t love everything in the box we receive, then we gift it or we can swap it. 🙂

        • I totally agree. I’ve not received anything from any box that I’ve not been able to either gift or swap. Thoughtful and honest curation means so much more to me than actual value. I’m in this to try new things and learn about brands I never would have known of otherwise.

  30. I just got my box and I think it is quite good, especially considering the difficulties they had. I got the silver hoops, which are very nice and lightweight, the Bling Bath Salts which I was hoping for, the Orange Fudge sauce and of course, the cute arrow cards and Dancin Goat lotion. I will use the cards for a gift and all of the other items I will be using myself. I’m so thrilled I subscribed to this box! Very well done Little Lace Box!

  31. This was my second LLB. I subbed based on November & December and so far neither January nor February have fully lived up to my hopes. Both have included wonderful finds and delightful surprises (goat milk orange zest fudge!), but also giant misses. I think one of the hardest things for me to swallow is when the biggest “valued” item is not worth that value to me and/or not something I can use (in this case very flimsy earrings, when I don’t even have pierced ears). It’s also a little frustrating when there are variations and you know there was a variation that would have been perfect, you just didn’t get that version (who actually got the bracelet?). Maybe I’m just a 5 year old and want everything to be “fair.” For better or worse, I want everyone to get the same things.

    • Stephanie, I think this may very well not be the box where you can get the same thing. LLB is pretty explicit in that they want to be designer-driven. They promised they’d have at least one item from an upandcoming (sp?) designer every month. But such items may very well be limited in production. The earrings we got are really expensive – maybe overpriced – but they are handmade. You can’t expect the women who make them to turn out enough of one design to give to everyone who subscribes. For one, that wouldn’t be fun for them. Fortunately, jewelry is small enough that it’s cheap to mail and should make for easy swapping.

      • On the letter they enclose it literally says you got the bracelet if you didn’t want earrings so there must be a way to tell LLB that you don’t wear earrings

        • I emailed LLB and they said they would let me exchange the earrings I received for a bracelet.

          • Hi Amy, can you please share their email address? I sent one through their website and still haven’t heard back. My hula bliss’s cap wasn’t on and it ruined some items in the box and mine was missing jewelry completely 🙁

          • Never mind 🙂 found it

  32. Some people complained about the truffles because they have jetted tubs and cannot use them. I am in that same situation, so I took them out of the box, put them on a pretty little plate and left them out to make the bathroom smell heavenly. We got the regular fudge sauce and have not tried it yet, but I just bought bananas, so banana splitt here I come. Teenage daughter got the silver bar earrings, so she’s happy. I will use the cards for lunchbox notes. The lotion seems like a little goes a long way. Seems like a win to me!

    • You can use these in a jetted bath just fine.

      Amazon sells an inexpensive jet cleaner. You just fill the tub with hot water and cleaner, let it run for 5 minutes, and rinse out. Anyone with a jetted tub should be doing that anyway since the jets are a bacteria breeding ground.

      The only time Ive had an issue was using a seaweed soak. It was a bag of leaves and mud. Not a good idea. But I buy bath bombs all the time and have never had an issue.

      • Do you have a link to it? I’ve been looking for an inexpensive one for a while now, but haven’t been able to find one!

  33. This was my first LLB and I’m a bit underwhelmed. Last months looked amazing. This is okay. I got little silver heart studs for my earrings and I have a very tough time believing that anyone would pay $50 for these.

  34. So disappointed. I’m newish to the subscription box trend, and this is my first LLB. Sadly, it didn’t even come close to my expectations based upon the reviews of past boxes. I planned on subscribing for a year and changed my mind at the last minute – feels like I dodged a bullet.

    My box contained:
    Bling Bath instead of truffles – my daughter just used some in a bath and said she felt she needed a shower afterward.

    Plain fudge instead of the orange fudge – Its yummy & I prefer it.

    The same cards everyone else seems to have received – they’re fine but the pink arrow makes them rather Valentine-ish to be received so late in the month.

    Tiny silver triangle studs (they are no where near worth the estimated value) – If they are going to send out silver earrings, they should be at least hypoallergenic because so many people react to silver earrings.

    I didn’t even receive the “bonus” item of lotion – topped off my disappointment in the box

    The past boxes seemed to have had a lot of consideration given to their curation…this one doesn’t have it. I hope that there is considerable improvement in the curation next month. Based upon my limited personal experience with LBB, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  35. This will be my first month receiving LLB but I’m really excited. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive and I really hope I get the bath truffles! I might be swapping my earrings depending on which ones I get. Since there was some variety I don’t imagine I’ll have any trouble getting a pair I like. 🙂

  36. To compare is to despair.

    I feel bad for the people that receive this box and can’t enjoy it as a stand alone box of indulgences because they have to compare it to something else. I received the same box as Liz. The hoops ads delicate and beautiful. The fudge was amazing on raspberry and cream gelato last night. The tub truffles would make a great gift or guarantees 4 bubble baths. I used the notecards to write my husband a cute little funny poem last night (as suggested in their letter) and he loved it. The lotion was a new brand discovery for me.

    I routinely spend more than $40 on stuff at Target and don’t walk away with goodies like this. I look at subscription boxes as a way to get out of my comfort zone and discover new brands and treasures particularly because I don’t have any skin or diet restrictions, like the majority of the population.

  37. I am with you…I LOVE getting cards in sub boxes! They were my favorite item of the box. This is really a great sub box! Not everything is a fit for me but the thought that goes into these boxes is evident in each months selection. I can’t wait til March!

  38. I loved this box as much as all the others. Honestly, I don’t think I can be unhappy with LLB. It’s like they went into my head to find the perfect things for me….

  39. I felt that the box was ‘decent’. Nothing really ‘wowed’ me, but nothing really disappointed either. I would have loved getting the truffles over the bath bling though! The good thing about this box is though, what you don’t like, is always giftable. I’ve gotten things from Popsugar, that I couldn’t even give away, much less swap, or give as a gift.

  40. This was my first LB box and I loved it. I am down to beauty 2 subs, this and Rosario, and now Driftaway coffee (half cost of Starbucks sub btw) & blue apron. Thanks for all you do Liz!

    • Wasn’t the Rosario box cancelled?

      • Gosh I hope not. MSA decided not to curate anymore and Renata Joy didn’t workout but I hope Rosario is still curating. Loved her last box.

        • I stand corrected. hmm… I thought I was through with Quarterly but I loved Rosario’s box. Who knows when it will ship though 🙁

  41. I got triangle stud earrings which I don’t really like and the bath bling. I haven’t tried the bath bling yet but the truffles look more fun. Overall I am a bit disappointed because I subscribed based on last month’s box. Also I don’t get the theme from this one. It seems to me the theme is goat’s milk and triangles. I dunno.

    • I interpret the them as being a shout out to the “lovers and dreamers” who’ve recently started their own companies making and selling somewhat old-fashioned, honest goods. All the products in the box come from companies started in the last few years by people who have a dream of making it. Most are still struggling, and some are still keeping other jobs, but they are pursuing their dream.

      The items are expensive but they are made with quality ingredients, in America, by people with a passion.

      I wouldn’t buy this stuff myself – exactly because it is expensive – but I do respect both the dreams and the concept of paying a fair price for work done by artisans and darmers, so from that perspective I really enjoyed this box. Plus the fudge is to die for.

  42. This was my first LLB box and I got the variation with the bath salts, silver hoops and regular fudge sauce. I didn’t care too much when I saw the spoilers, but didn’t realize at first that there were some variances to the boxes.

    After getting it, overall I don’t think its that bad. The earrings were a large percentage of the value and I can’t wear silver earrings nor really like hoops so those are a wash IMO. I would have liked the gold bracelet though. I did sign up for the swap site, though how does that work? If you swap with someone do you just pay the shipping on what you are sending out yourself and hopefully both swappers receive their items?

    The box was packaged very nicely and it was heavy. I haven’t opened the sauce yet, the salts smell nice, the cards are decent. Seeing now that the lotion was a bonus the size is fine, I’m not really crazy about the scent but I did like the lotion itself and how it absorbed. I think it will be good on feet.

    I am a little curious though since the box didn’t come together as they originally envisioned what it was that was planned. I do look forward to seeing next months box (maybe something with SPF in it for the sun??) and I know it takes a few boxes to see overall if its a sub for you or not.

    • Yes – you are responsible for the shipping costs of the items in your possession – so it is good to keep that in mind if you are swapping heavy or bulky items and factor that into the fairness of the swap 🙂

  43. Is anybody else having trouble with the hoop earrings? I could not get them through my ear with the little hook on the end. They seem kind of flimsy too…I bent the shape of it just trying to unhook it. Wish I would have gotten the studs, I don’t see these being worth $50. 🙁

    • I had the same issue. I bent them trying to get them open. But once I got them in my ears, they stayed put well. I think they are a little flimsy.

    • Yes mine are incredible flimsy. Mine arrived with one post bent almost in to a curl. There is no way they are $50 earrings. My ear swelled up and got hot and itchy within minutes of putting one in.

  44. I’m keeping an eye on this sub. I’ve read all the reviews on past boxes and each box has had one miss for me… Im not a big jewelry person but have really liked the look of all the pieces they’ve included. I might wear more jewelry if I had pieces like those. Ha! 🙂

  45. I got the silver earrings, but I can’t get them to clasp in my ears. & now that I’ve unclasped them I can’t get them to clasp at all. So I’m really miffed about it because they’re the most expensive item. Also, the letter says they’re supposed to be 2 sets of studs, which I’d prefer.
    I got the bath salts which is fine, I’ll use them, but I would have preferred the cute bath truffles.

    • I think it meant just two studs (to make one set). I received studs and I only received one pair. They were cute open triangles, but they were pretty flimsy and reminded me of a $4 pair you could buy from Claire’s rather than a $50 pair.

      • Got the same earrings and agree on the quality/price points. They’re by far the smallest earrings I own (aside from 2 pairs of studs I wear while in military uniform, I never wear small earrings because they’re hidden by my long hair). I can’t fathom paying $56 for them under any circumstances. I think there wouldn’t have been as much displeasure this month had they not sent product variations (aside from the earrings vs bracelets, which was a very nice, personalized touch that sadly they don’t intend to continue doing). I think it’s something they should consider when choosing designers and pairing up items with themes. If a designer can’t produce sufficient quantities of a single item they may not be the best fit for the sub. Bottom line for me is that when a sub sends variations they’re inviting discontent and it’s a problem that can be avoided altogether. Product variation without a specific purpose (e.g., sending bracelets for those who don’t have pierced ears) doesn’t add value for subscribers, though I understand it might be helpful for a designer to get more product exposure. I would have much preferred larger earrings and bath truffles but I will use what I received instead all the same.

  46. Thanks for the review, Liz! I thought the box was great. I got silver infinity earrings and I absolutely love them. I’m so glad I signed up for this box!

  47. It has been commented before that if this is there version of a “bad” box, then my goodness, what a great sign!

    I awknowledge that it feels slightly disjointed in comparison to the previous boxes, but I am so impressed that they still managed to pull off something of this quality. I am also so impressed that they are open about their growing pains and closing new subscriptions for now. It is obvious they care very deeply about doing their best and I love that.

    • Also, I think this is an example of how one person’s blah box may be another’s awesome: My favorite box to date was the December one and my least favorite was November! =)

  48. I thought the same thing about Nov to Dec and Jan to Feb. However, I LOVED the earrings so much that those alone made the price of the box worth it to me! I want every style!

  49. I got the same box variation as you, Liz, and I really like it. I don’t always wear gold, but I still want to keep these earrings for the times I do. I’m trying to swap for some silver versions because I think they are all really beautiful. I also discovered I really like the Beekman 1802 brand and am thinking of ordering other variations of their fudge sauce and the bling bath that I didn’t get. Anything bath-related is always a win for me, and these tub truffles are no exception. I can’t wait to try them out!

    I’m sorry they didn’t get to give us the box they originally planned, it probably would have been great, but I still love this box. I love and will use everything in it, and every variation I didn’t get I’m trying to swap for! I’m glad that they were able to recover from losing some items they wanted and still were able to give us a great box, I think that’s a great sign their company is strong and can continue to give us some great items.

  50. Those cards are gorgeous! And the bath truffles are lovely! And, to me, the earrings are GORGEOUS! Definitely switching Popsugar over to this next month

    • LLB will not be opening up to new subscribers until April. Sign-up for their e-mail list. That was part of their letter this month to subscribers. They felt they grew too quickly, and along with other problems (weather, dock strike, etc.) they couldn’t put together the box they really wanted to…

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