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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Box

Little Lace Box is a lifestyle subscription box for women. They’ve been around for a little less than a year so far – but I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their boxes so far.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 First Look

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process postto learn more about how we review boxes).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $39.99 a month (Subscriptions are currently sold out, and they won’t be opening up any more slots for March – I’ll post when subscriptions are open again).

The Products: Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Check out all of my Little Lace Box reviews and the Little Lace box swap page!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Letter

Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of the month and hints at the next month’s box. For February, the theme is “Rainbow Connection.” In the letter they explained that due to issues with winter storms this month and the dockworkers’ strike in California, they weren’t able to get some of the items they originally envisioned with this theme, but they love what they were able to put together for the box.

The theme for the March box will be “Here Comes the Sun,” and it will include items for the “mind, body & soul…even if it’s a cloudy day when your box arrives, the lovelies inside will be just the thing to brighten your day!”

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Info

On the flipside of the letter each item included is detailed, complete with retail value.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Earrings

Whitley Designs Earrings – Value $55

(Subscribers will either receive a pair of Whitley Designs earrings or a Kitsch Dream Bracelet).

I love delicate gold jewelry, so these earrings are perfect for me. And I think I may try to swap for a few of the other earring variations and the Kitsch Dream Bracelet – I’m a big fan of all the LLB jewelry picks this month!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Tub

CeeCee & Bee Tub Truffles – Value $22

I could smell these tub “truffles” before I even opened the box!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Truffle

(Rose, Grapefruit Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary Mint)

These tub truffles are made with all natural ingredients and they recommend crumbling the truffles under running water when filling the tub. I love the fun packaging of these, and I also really like lavender, so these are a good fit for me.

(Subscribers will either receive these Tub Truffles or Beekman 1802 Iridescent Shimmer Bling Bath).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Fudge

Beekman 1802 Orange Zest Fudge Zest – Value $12

I have to avoid dairy in my diet, so I didn’t get to try this, but I had to open it – it smells heavenly. (Also I think I may need to buy my husband the coffee version of this fudge).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Cards

P. Press Papers Pink Arrow Stationery (Set of 8 flat cards and envelopes) – Value $13

I may be in the minority on this, but I’m always happy to get cards in subscription boxes – I love always having the perfect card for any situation, and it is a good reminder to send more paper mail. (I love the striped back on these cards too!)

Little Lace Box Subscription Review – February 2015 Dancing Goat

Dancing Goal Hula Bliss Hand & Body Lotion – 2 oz Value $4.50

This item was included as a bonus extra item. I really like the Dancing Goat brand, so I’m always happy to have more products from their line to sample. The scent isn’t what I would expect from the name “Hula Bliss,” and while I’m not crazy about it, I don’t mind it.

Verdict: My Little Lace Box this month has a value of about $106. (Depending on the variations you get in your box, the value may be a little less). I’m happy with the box and reading the letter I can see how much thought went into the product selection. I know Little Lace Box really wants to highlight small, up-and-coming designers, and I think they did a good job of including a variety of makers in this box that were new to me.

Reading the comments on the past spoiler post, I know this box isn’t for everyone, but it suits me well. The value isn’t as high as some of the previous boxes, but I think it is still good for a $40 box.

This box to me compared to the January box, reminds me of the November box compared to the December box. All boxes were really well-curated in my opinion, but from a quantity of items perspective, they don’t match up, and if you subscribed based on the previous month, I could see how the next month might not meet your expectations.

What do you think of Little Lace Box? Any guesses on what will be in the “Here Comes the Sun” March box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just went to their site and there was a pop-up message that current subscribers needed to create new accounts with their old email address. I did that, and I got charged for the March box and there’s a shipping link which I haven’t received a shipping email yet. But my points are gone? I can’t find them at all. Did they take away the point system? I’m on a month to month sub and I got emails for my subscription renewal charge and order completed.

    • I think they are working on moving points from the old site to the new site, so you should get them back again eventually.

    • I was wondering the same thing so I emailed LLB about that yesterday but haven’t received a response yet. I’ll post when I hear something.

  2. Glad I saw this, I had removed my payment information from the previous site. I decided to go with PSMH after being disappointed in the February box. My account now says that March was “authorized” and is “fulfilled” whereas February says “paid” and “fulfilled”. I’m not sure what this means as I haven’t been charged. I guess I’ll see if a box shows up? The new site is much sleeker than the old one, I hope they can get back on track, it just wasn’t for me.

  3. I just went to the website and I cannot find anywhere to make a new account. I only see the area that says shop, about us and sneak peek. Can someone please tell me where to go? I e mailed them the day before yesterday because I had not been charged, and they said billing will go through today, but still no charge. I just want the march box !

    • Is it through the PC? Register is on the top left corner.

      • You must only be able to do it on a PC because I don’t see being able to create an account anywhere on my iphone. I feel bad that it’s their new site and it isn’t working!

      • Sorry, top right.

        Emily – Someone on MUT posted a link that might work on phones. Google MakeUpTalk forum Little Lace Box if you are unfamiliar with the site. It’s pg 29, post 580.

      • Thanks! I will try that.

    • Thank you everyone for posting how to register, I had been using my phone and it would not work but now on my computer it says fulfilled, not sure what that means but it is better than before !

  4. I also just looked on their site– says that boxes will start shipping on Sat. (3/21), and it looks like they will only be offering 1, 3, and 6 month subs– no more yearlys? The subs are still listed as Sold Out.

    • Oops– they do still have the yearly sub listed– it was on another link… 😛

  5. I’m glad that I saw on here about “creating a new account”– I have a yearly sub and I am surprised that they didn’t send out an email to current subscribers letting them know that they need to do so– I’m wondering if everyone on the previous sub list will still be getting the March Box, even if they don’t create a “new” account…

  6. I am having problems with them. They told me on March 2nd that they would be sending out replacement items for my broken earrings and missing item from my box. I haven’t received anything at all, not even an email with tracking. Then I emailed them on Friday, which was over five days ago, and I still haven’t gotten any reply. My experience with their customer service hasn’t been good at all. If anyone wants my earrings and notecards and goat milk lotion, I’d be happy to swap. I’d love to have more of the rituals foaming gel from the Glossybox.

    • I just found out today that LLB dropped me from my monthly subscription. When I went to log into my account it said no account existed so I emailed them. The response I got explained that because I had used a coupon for two different months and that is not allowed they cancelled my subscription! I first subscribed in th Fall and loved my box but due to unexpected financial burdens I had to cancel after one month. When I went to re-subscribe in January my old account had been erased so I had to create a new account. The $10 coupon was still good so I tried it and was pleasantly surprised to see it worked and I received February’s box. Apparently that is “not allowed” and they cancelled my sub. I was in no way trying to be duplicitious……All I can say is WOW!

      • Just happened to notice your comment. I tried to log in now, – no luck says “no account existed” – just emailed them, because I have not been billed. – I have a feeling my account has been canceled to, without notice of cancelation. I’m hoping thats not the case, yet because I have not been billed yet, and can not access my account, i’m not feeling positive about getting my march box.

      • In regard to the “invalid login credentials” error message, this is the email I received from LLB this morning:

        Hi Ashley, this is a whole new site and it is being hosted on a new server platform, so we have to import your history and points. We need our subscribers to create a new user account here on our new site and then we can import their history. It is very helpful if you can use the same username and email address that you used on our previous website (you can use any password you wish). It just makes it easier for us to import your history. Sorry for the confusion.

      • I did what Ashely suggested earlier today and it worked. The dates of my previous orders are off so be aware that your account might not look perfect in the beginning.

      • Thank you, just recreated an account with the same email address, also sent them an email, I don’t want to be billed twice so I’ll wait back to hear from them before adding my billing info.

  7. Has anyone heard anything about their March box? The website still has the February sneak peek up…nothing is updated I’m a bit concerned.

    • I emailed them at the beginning of the week. March’s box is shipping on March 20th.

      • Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Hi I am looking for the gold hoops , I have the gold infinity studs ( beautiful but not my style) if anyone would Like to swap, thanks [email protected]

  9. I just checked my account to see if there has been a charge for March yet, but in my Subscription account Status it says, “on hold” and underneath my monthly sub order it has a “reactivate ” tab?? Anyone else see this?? Or know if they’re having system updates?? Panick mode…I love my LLB and it was so hard to get a subscription in the first place…

    • They updated their system and put everyone’s account on hold so no changes could be made and lost during the updates. They have asked that no one click the reactivate button and said that April boxes will be billed on 3/15.

      • Whew!!! What a relief, I must’ve missed the memo. Thanks so much!

      • They put through my charge on the 6th. I hope they don’t do it again on the 15th.

      • My account says completed now and I have a monthly subscription. I haven’t cancelled my subscription. Does anyone else have this issue? Has anyone been charged for the March box, which LLB indicated they would start charging on 3/15? Thanks

      • I just got charged 15 for March.

      • I just got two emails from them. One confirming my charge and the other thanking me for my order. My status also says “completed”. I hope that helps.

      • Thanks for responses. I just got an email with access to my account and billed. It was confusing that my account status was completed. Never been so happy to be billed.

  10. I have the monthly subscription and I’d love to get an annual one, but they’re sold out! It’s a better value and I think it’d be more fun to pay a lump sum and enjoy it each month, rather than worrying/overthinking about the $40 coming out of my accout each month. Wish they’d put it back in stock!

    • I also have the monthly subscription but I emailed them last week and asked if they could convert me to a yearly subscription (even though, for the time being, they are closed to new subs) and they said they’d take care of it. You might be able to convert to yearly if you email them.

  11. I just got an email from LLB stating that my automatic payment to renew my subscription had failed. I know it’s not a problem with my debit card. They publicly announced that March boxes wouldn’t be charged until 3/15, so I’m wondering if this is for the “canceled” automatic renewal. I went to their website, but it is down for maintenance. Did anyone else get this email? Since they’re not accepting any new subs, I sure don’t want mine to lapse! Just wondering how concerned I should be. lol

    • I got it too. I’m not going to worry about it yet though.

    • Their website is back up and my account is now marked as on hold. I emailed them and they said they’re still working on the website and I will still be charged on the 15th.

      • I emailed them when I noticed my account was on hold today. This is what they emailed back:

        “Hi Lynn, we are testing our new subscription program, so no actual charges were performed. We won’t start charging for March until the 15th. If your account is on-hold, no need to worry, we placed all of them on-hold while we migrate to the new website and billing system. Thank you and have a great week.”

        I can’t believe how quickly they responded! They really have great customer service.

  12. I was only able to review the bath truffles and the fudge sauce–the other items aren’t available on their website. Has anyone reached out to them to find out if the jewelry, lotion + notecards will ever go up? I’m thinking the shipping complications and having to change the box content could be the explanation…

    • I did notice the notecards are up now.

    • Where is the review page on the website?

      • In their shop. You click on item and can review it

  13. I got the same gold earrings as Liz, but they’re not my style! I don’t need to trade for anything, but I’d be happy to sell them to someone who wants them!


    [email protected]

  14. Does anyone know when the subscription will be back in stock? I’m ready to plunker down for a one year subscription but went today and saw it’s sold out! – signed Frustrated in NYC

  15. I just noticed that their RV for the bracelet is $20 less than for the earrings. I have to say that the fudge sauce is so good I ate half the jar off the spoon straight from the jar. And there I was thinking I wouldn’t like goat milk sauce.
    Does anyone know/think if the different item variations is going to keep happening? I don’t mean like the Downton Abbey box where there were different colours of the teapot kind of thing but totally different items.
    Also when I wrote to their CS they counted the lotion (clearly marked “bonus” as one of the items.
    I know the items are generally very swapable (is that a word) but sometimes I just don’t want to swap.
    I think their boxes are nice but not for me. I have actually cancelled my yearly subscription and they are refunding the rest of my money

    • I’m a big fan of LLB, but they even acknowledged that this wasn’t the box they intended. It was still worth a lot more than I paid. I also have an annual sub so my boxes cost about $31.00 each. If you can’t find more than $31.00 in value in the February box, then you are better off asking them to refund your money, because you probably won’t be happy with what they do in the coming months, and life is too short to be miserable everyday 🙂

  16. I’m wondering if the LLB folks read these posts – if so – please respond! I have emailed you TWICE, posted on your FB page, and no response. I’ve never experienced neglectful customer service like this. I was charged for a monthly box in late January…and still NO BOX. Not even a tracking number. I’m feeling really ripped off and disappointed as I was looking forward to receiving the box. AT this point, I just want to cancel, but feel very miffed that I wasted nearly $40. Has anyone received response to customer service queries?? I’m getting radio silence. Thanks for any help! 🙂

    • That does sound very unusual to me. All emails I’ve sent them have been responded to within hours if not minutes. Have you tried checking the My Account section of their website? There’s a Tracking button under Recent Orders.

  17. Liz,

    I received the same earrings you did, have your tried to put them on yet? I attempted to put them on this morning but they are bent in the back to stay in the little clasp thing and I could not get them in my ear! Its a design flaw, mine are not broken. I am so disappointing, they were my favorite part of this box!

  18. Got home from an out of town trip today and was so happy to find my box waiting for me! I got the variations I wanted (Bath Truffles and Original Fudge) and the earrings I received are a very cute delicate heart shape in silver. The stationary is adorable and the lotion (though I agree with Liz the green tea/herb scent doesn’t match the “Hula Bliss” name) is quite a pleasant fragrance. If this is the worst they can do they have me for the long haul!

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