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Little Lace Box Subscription Review – November 2014

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Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Box

Little Lace Box is a lifestyle subscription box for women. They’ve been around for only a few months so far – but I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their boxes so far. (Every month seems to be getting better and better too!)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 First Look

(This picture only shows some of the items in the giant box Little Lace Box sent out – all items are pictured below though).

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $39.99 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code mysubscriptionaddiction10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Info

Each box comes with a sheet detailing the items included. I really love reading this card, it’s personal and thoughtful and you get a good sense of all the time and work that went into putting the box together.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Letter

There was also a letter included letting subscribers know that if they ever want to skip a month – just email [email protected] by the last day of the current month to skip the next month’s box. And they revealed the theme for the December box: A Fresh New Start. The box is not motivational or fitness related, but “based on the belief that there are certain items that a person can receive that make them feel better about themselves; giving them a more positive outlook on life and inspiring them to be their best.”

Sounds amazing to me!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Slippers

Lemon Angora Fluff Slipper Socks – Retail Value $50

These are as soft and cozy as they look! They’re a loose knit, so if you’re always cold like me you may need to layer them over socks. (Also worth noting – they shed a lot. I’m hoping getting them through the laundry will solve that issue though).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Snowflake

Wooden Snowflake – Value $15

This is my bonus item for the box. (Each subscriber gets a bonus item this month – not sure how many variations there are).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Luxe

Pre de Provence Lavender Bath Salts – Value $13.50

Pre de Provence Luxe Lavender Body Butter – Value $20

I love lavender, so these are a win for me. (I may save them as a gift for my mom though since she loves lavender even more than I do). I also like that the salts have lavender flower buds blended in the mix!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Matches

Santa Matches – $3

These go perfectly with the next item:

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Candle

Hillhouse Naturals Amaryllis Holiday Candle – $28.70

This brand is new to me and now it’s one of my favorite new holiday scents! This is all wrapped up and perfect for gifting, but I think I will be keeping it for myself!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Santa

Dear Santa Pillow – Value $17

Subscribers will get one of a few variations of this pillow in their boxes. (See all the variations here). You can’t really tell from the picture – but there are jingle bells attached to the corners. I knew this was going to be a good box when it was jingling before I even opened it!

(Also future MSA box research – I think throw pillows are a really fun item to get in subscription boxes – what do you think?)

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Scarf

Shiraleah Keeton Infinity Scarf – Value $21

I was so happy when I pulled this item out of the box – I LOVE infinity scarves! And this one is oversized so you can actually wrap it around three times:

Little Lace Box Subscription Review - November 2014 Scarf Wrapped

Verdict: This was one of those boxes that actually made me say out loud, “Wait..there’s more?!” as I was unboxing it. I couldn’t believe how many items they included in this box for the $40 a month price. It’s a little insane that the value is about $170!

What did you think of the November Little Lace Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love this box! (Aside from the pillow.. we don’t really make a big deal out of Santa coming, though he does.. we just try not to brand everything Christmas with Santa, if that makes sense?) AND we’re not fans of throw pillows, here.

    They just seem to much and clutter everything u p:P

    • I don’t decorate for Christmas with items like the pillow, either. I’m more of a color palette and patterns type of home decorator. Am I weird? Maybe. Thank you for the sock-calf comment as it would probably apply to me too. Otherwise, I think I’m going to cave for this box on Monday if there’s a deal.

  2. I just got my 1st box! I loved the candle, it smells amazing like cinnamon and orange. I actually liked the pillow I got it said “Dear Santa define “good”” It’s really cute and a great gift for my mom. I also got the wooden snowflake which is really pretty, but would have loved to have gotten the reindeer hand towel. The lavender body butter smells very strongly of lavender, but it’s very moisturizing. The socks are really nice, but unfortunately don’t quite fit for those of us with thicker calves, they went about 1/2 way and I just folded the tops over. The scarf I got was the green plaid scarf, while pretty and soft, it’s huge and I rarely wear scarves. I’m super happy with my first box, I loved the letter they included and the descriptions, I like the personal touches. I also liked at the bottom of the letter they included the value of my November box with shipping included it was $183! Outstanding for my first box that I only paid $30 for!

  3. I just tried to sign up for monthly, and it says it “Sorry, we do not have enough “Monthly Little Lace Box Subscription” in stock to fulfill your order right now.” – ugghh

  4. god im so weak. After reading this review, I went back to read the reviews for the previous months of little lace box, then I ordered it! monthly though, not ready to jump in for a full year sub as I usually get disappointed after a few months. I really hope this company will keep up the good work though. I was very very disappointed at socialbliss. Totally wasted 6 months. Maybe I will just subscribe for 1 year if I like most items for the first 3 months =D

  5. I’m not religious, and can be sensitive to having religion pushed on me as I am an agnostic that grew up in the South! However, I love Christmas, and honestly find it silly that people get so offended over Christmas trees and gifts and goodwill and all that good stuff! It’s a holiday, take it as you want, but, it’s a day meant to celebrate, so, don’t take it so seriously! For some, it’s a religious observance, for others, it’s a day to give gifts and eat awesome food! I for one am proud to say “Merry Christmas”, not “Happy Holidays”, and I do not call myself a Christian, or anything else for that matter!

  6. I was so glad to see that so many folks love to celebrate and decorate and do family things at Christmas. I am an ardent Christian and think that we should celebrate Christmas even more than we do sometimes. So I really loved getting my Christmas gifts from LLB. They were incredibly wonderful gifts…just for me. Now I can go back and prepare gifts for others…wearing my new warm slipper socks.
    Can’t wait until next month, although this was a special month.
    Thanks, LLB.

  7. I’ve received three of their boxes, and this one is by far the best. As for the Christmas or. no Christmas discussion, they actually publish a theme for the box each month, and they let you skip the month if you don’t like the theme. The theme for November was Christmas (actually it was a line from the poem about Christmas, but you could see it was a Christmas theme). If you decided to get the box and then complained it was too much Christmas, that would be like moving to a home near an airport and complaining about the planes. Having said that, I do watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade every Thanksgiving with my little girls, but I turn it off at the end so we don’t have to see Santa. He’s just too offensive 🙂

  8. Sold! This box just seems to get better & better. I personally took no offense to the items in this month’s box – if someone wants to send me good tidings or bless me with good cheer, I’ll take it w/ gratitude and not automatically assume they’re out to convert. I’m a Buddhist in Seattle who loves Christmas songs any time of the year.
    As for throw pillows in subs, mine would decorate the back seat of my car. Since I’m all about traveling though, I would LOVE to see one of those hooded neck pillows 🙂

  9. Does anyone else think that this sounds a little too good to be true?!? I usually like to stay away from new sub box companies like this since there has been some scams lately but this looks really amazing!! I think I’ll get the December box. I wish the November wasn’t sold out!

    Anyone else wonder how they can afford to make such an amazing box at such a low cost?!

    I just wrote out a huge comment and something hopefully it didn’t post.

    • I was just thinking that. The boxes seem to be getting better. I do find myself wondering if the values will decrease once the subscribers increase.

      I just hope they stay consistent. That is one thing PopSugar has done is stayed consistent. I might not like some of the items in their box, yet I like enough items to continue to subscribe.

  10. I don’t have any space for throw pillows because I live in a city.

    • Ariele, I live in the city too, in a studio apartment actually, and this pillow looks perfect on my bed! Making my little home a little more cheerful and Christmas Spirited!

      • I actually have too many throw pillows that came matched with the bed, half are on the floor (or on my lounge chair) at all times, another half are stuffed into a box up in the shelving. That’s just personal opinion but I see no point in them and they only make more things to move to go to sleep.

  11. I signed up for the December box AND snagged the burgundy scarf from their website. I couldn’t resist. lol

  12. This looks like a great box in terms of value and curation but I have to say that I’m a little shocked at the presumption that all of the subscribers would celebrate Christmas. So many of the items are so “Christmas” when it seems like they could have done the same items with a more generic winter theme rather than a specific Christmas one. If not for that, I’d be tempted to subscribe, but I have to say that the presumption alone is a turnoff for me (there are religious-themed boxes if people opt to sub for something like that but if a box isn’t branding themselves as religious I would assume that their items would not have a religious tie-in).

    • It is a great box, but I also don’t celebrate Christmas, so I was wondering the same thing.

    • Totally agreed! I am not getting my first LLB box until December, but I would’ve been a bit unhappy to received so many Christmas-oriented items if I had made it in time for this box. I am not Christian and am puzzled by their assumption that their subscribers all are, considering this was in no way presented as a religious-oriented box. Hopefully the December box won’t be as Santa-centered!

      OTOH, the non-Christmas items in the box look so amazing that they might have actually made up for the things I wouldn’t have had any use for. Love the slippers, candle and scarf. And I could have donated the Christmas stuff to the Women’s shelter I donate to (I’m no Grinch!!!). So, in balance – looks like a great box, but kind of uncomfortable with the company’s implied stance that this box is for Christians only.

      • The only thing that seemed Christmas to me is the Santa Pillow and candles. We don’t do Santa, but I’m fine with the matches and pillow. The rest are fabulous items to enjoy. They did provide a line from the Night Before Christmas which I had to google even though I know most of the lines from the poem.

        I think it is wonderful they gave a hint to customers and curated boxes for those that desire a different theme.

        • I meant matches, not the candle.

          • Shelly – I did not mean for my comment to post in reply to yours. I thought it was going to post a little further down in the bunch of replies about the Christmas items. Sorry about that.

    • I thought it was great to receive a ‘Christmas’ box. Many are mentioning religion, but everything seems to be of a more ‘Secular Christmas’ theme. Great box!

      • Secular Christmas isn’t really a “thing” for people who are…. Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu (I could go on but you get the idea….) Honestly, I’m not sure it’s a thing at all for anyone other than Christians who do not actively worship.

        • Or maybe Wiccans who are into the reclamation thing =)

        • Christmas isn’t about religion, it’s a pagan holiday celebrating the sun god. The main churches at the time took over the holiday in order to get more people into the church. Jesus was born in the summer, the exact date unknown.

          I love Xmas not because of religion but because it’s the one time of year when people try to be nicer, and seem happier. To me it means a change of season and a good excuse to eat too much, laugh too much and to shop way too much.

      • Agree ^. There is nothing distinctly Christian in this box, it seems like quite secular. Lots of Santa but no nativity scenes or anything. I’m not a Christian but I celebrate the holiday season and Santa and Reindeer are fun.

        Having said that, I admit I was also surprised to see LLB veer in the direction of a ‘Christmas’ box vs. a ‘winter’ or ‘holiday’ box. It wouldn’t have bothered me, but it does seem risky.

        • If this isn’t too intrusive a question, Becka, do you consider yourself any religion? Note – I’m not trying to be troll-y or anything, I’m genuinely curious. Maybe I’m totally off-base with my comments about secular Christmas not being a thing. I’ve only lived in very liberal Coastal places or in the Deep Deep South, so my views could be really skewed. But I’ve never known anyone to be into Santa / Christmas etc. who doesn’t at least nominally consider themselves some flavor of Christian. (I had a minor in Comparative Religions and am fascinated by how people do or do not worship. I hope that I haven’t been disrespectful in any way and am absolutely not trying to be argumentative – just to learn more about other people’s viewpoints.)

          • Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I’m not Christian at all. You can celebrate Christmas without being religious.

          • I consider myself to be “undeclared” religiously and I celebrate Christmas. Christmas is not religious for me or my kids, it’s a tradition thing and we celebrate it with more of a Thanksgiving meaning – appreciating and enjoying family and life’s gifts – rather than a Christian overtone. My mother in law on the other hand, she literally bakes a birthday cake for Jesus every year. We are polar opposites. LOL

          • Not too intrusive. I consider myself atheist. But I am a fan of spending time with loved ones and enjoying traditions like gift giving and and enjoying special gatherings, and finding ways to make the cold weather months fun, or at least tolerable. 😉 So I am generally a fan of Christmas.

          • I don’t consider myself Christian (agnostic) and celebrate Christmas with Santa’s and reindeer, and trees and presents, so secular Christmas is a thing, at least in my house!

          • We are atheists but love the fellowship, family and aura of love that the season brings. I can’t imagine taking down my tree or stockings because really none of that has any religious significance. I wish I had signed up early enough to receive this box, it’s fantastic.

          • Christmas trees, parties, family, friends, happy kids, lights, decorations, traditions, memories, time off work…Not everyone celebrates Christmas (and it’s presumptuous to think that they do), but plenty of non-Christians like those things that are traditionally associated with the holiday.

            I guess non-Christians could call it “The December 25th Winter Family Holiday With Lights and Presents” but that’s a mouth full. 🙂

          • I am like Becka. I just like to have an excuse to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. =)

          • I’m an atheist and so are my parents (brother and sister are not) and we always celebrated Christmas at my house. As a holiday thing not religious in any way, shape or form lol

          • Thank you all so much for your responses! Really interesting. I grew up Jewish and my family was very anti-Santa/Trees/Stockings because they thought it was trying to hard to assimilate, so I guess I have that same sort of feeling toward it, even though I’m now probably best defined as agnostic. So it would be weird to me to get a box of Santa stuff. Total disclosure: my Mom and I make a complete Turkey Dinner on Christmas and invite over all her other Jewish friends in South Florida, but it is in no way considered Christmas – just something to do for the bored Jews on Christmas that isn’t the hallowed tradition of Chinese food and a movie.

            OTOH, I had NO idea that they sent out the theme and that you could skip boxes (my first LLB is December, so I haven’t gone through that process yet) and OF COURSE if I had realized that I wouldn’t have felt the same way I described above. (If we could edit stuff, I would.) I really appreciate all the thoughtful discussion here and I hope that you are all thrilled with your November LLB and that you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. =D

          • Hey, I hope you don’t mind me intruding on this thread. While waiting for the Little Lace Box site to come online, I’ve been reading older reviews of boxes.

            I live in California, I’m an atheist and I LOVE Christmas. We usually go full out, with decorations, tree, meal, Santa, blah Blah blah. This box would have been perfect for me. And most of my atheist friends are the same. Granted, most of us are “cultural Christians”, that is to say we grew up in households that were at least nominally Christian. But even some of my culturally Hindu friends, or my Jewish friends married to cultural Christians or to Muslims, are big into the celebration of secular Christmas. Pretty much the only friends I have who don’t celebrate Christmas at all are Jews married to other Jews.

        • Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I thought it was actually a safe route to take, and I’m glad they did. It could be in part that practically everyone I know, Christian or not, celebrates Christmas, whether as a religious holiday or just as a family ‘get together’ with food and gifts, and socializing, etc. I also have to agree with another poster that mentioned that the theme hinted at it being a Christmas box, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise!

    • The customer service at LLB is AMAZING. I’m Muslim, and they curated a non-Christmas box for me for November. I don’t know anyone involved with this box personally. I’m just a random customer. November is actually my first box. I’m sure they’d work with anyone who’d contacted them prior to the box going out to make a box that worked for them.

      • That is really wonderful of them. I’m so glad I subscribed now. 🙂

      • Wow, that’s good customer service!

      • That is fantastic of them! Great customer service.

      • That is incredible, I’m super excited to sign up for this box knowing that they truly value their customer.

      • That’s very cool – great customer service! I hadn’t realized that they sent out the themes ahead of time. I really like that they seem to care about curating things that go together.

        And since you know we’re all dying to know – what did they send you instead?? =)

        • My box hasn’t arrived yet 😀

    • I have to disagree. First, I definitely did not look at this as an Xmas box. Most things in the box were winter themed, not holiday. The only holiday items in my box were the pillow and the matches which were the lowest priced items in the box. Our family is a mix of agnostic and Buddhist, but I know plenty of people who celebrate Xmas, and if I didn’t I do know that there are lots of places, like nursing homes and shelters, that wouldn’t mind a little holiday cheer.

    • I m glad you brought this up. With cats climbing Christmas trees playing with ortaments they later hide. Thedog thinking the tree is a good place to pee. Gifts I later regift. I m bahhumbrrg when it comes to Christmas. I also dont like santa anything. I like cute snow men elves the yummy foods and scents around the holidays. I do go to church around the holidays yet my decorating is minimal if that. I would have preferred this nox to be a winter themed box. Without anything santa or Christmas related.

    • Well, I sort of knew that I was risking opening a whole can of worms with my initial comment, but I stand by the notion that there are many people (maybe not who you know, or not where you live) but plenty of real live people who absolutely in no way whatsoever celebrate Christmas and do not wish to celebrate Christmas or have Christmas items and who might be disappointed to receive Christmas items from a sub box that brands itself as a lifestyle box “For Women Who Know They’re Worth It,” which in no way implies any religious tie-in. I think that it is presumptuous to assume that women translates to “people who celebrate Christmas.”

      I think it is fine that some people choose to celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, I suppose. Likewise I think that it is fine for people to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday too, and thus that it is fine for people who have different religious beliefs to NOT celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday.

      In any event, I would have been bummed to receive Christmas items is a sub box that’s all, and if I was looking for items to donate to those in need at the holidays (which I always do), I would aim for items like coats, gloves, wrapped toys, etc. not cast offs from my sub box (In 20+ years I’ve never adopted a family for the holidays and found a “kitchy decorative pillow” or box of matches on their wish list).

      I think it’s cool that they curated a non-Christmas box by request. How did you know to request that (i.e. how did you know ahead of time what was going to be in the box?)

      • I think it is worth repeating that they tell you in advance what the theme is and give you the opportunity to skip if you don’t like it. Seems like an ok thing to me.

        • I don’t disagree with you. I’m not a subscriber so I didn’t know about the theme alert/opt out arrangement and it hadn’t been mentioned here when I posted my comments. I actually like the idea even better that they will tweak the box a bit as needed, which it sounds like they were willing to do. That feels really special and sensitive to the idea that even people who do not celebrate Christmas might still want to receive a great box and not miss a month.

      • I didn’t request it. They offered. I was ready to be bummed and make due with a Christmas box, but looking at what actually came in the box, I still would’ve gotten much more than my money’s worth and just passed the pillow and matches on to a friend.

        • Totally just curious here….how did they know to offer?

          Again, I think it’s really great that they did, I’m just wondering how they were aware to be sensitive.

  13. I’d love to get a pillow in an MSA box. It would be something different from what a lot of boxes send, and I always hope for more home items.

    This pillow would have been a miss for me though, since I don’t celebrate Christmas. The rest of the box does look great however.

  14. Yes, yes, yes! for throw pillows! that squirrel pillow you got awhile back was sooo cute!
    I’m so sad that when I signed up after your last review they had JUST sold out of November! And I know there is no way to top this box, oh well I just hope December isn’t all bath/body and makeup as it said there won’t be anything for home included. I really don’t need more of that stuff as my many other subs cover it.

    • I am sure December will not be full of body/make up. It would be too shallow for them. They are so creative about curation! I think there will be jewelry (they have beautiful round necklace. Something about karma – what goes around comes around, I would love this one ) I also saw wonderful leather notesbook. And still some make up and body would not be so bad, especially they have stuff we don’t get in other boxes 🙂

  15. I wanted to order but it was already sold out. Didn’t like the Xmas pillow prefer items that I can use all year. Scarf is gorgeous I think I may skip December but order in january.

  16. I am so bummed I missed out on this! I want this box! Liz, ppplllllleeeaaaassseeee let me into the swap site so I can hopefully snag some of these items. Pretty please with sugar on top? 😉 Does Santa have any pull over there? I’m going to see him next week!

    • You should be getting an email from us soon! Make sure to add [email protected] to your contact list so you don’t miss it! 🙂

      • Yay! Excited! Eek!

  17. Would LOVE to receive a throw pillow in a sub box (but nothing super seasonal or with cutesy sayings like this one–would prefer something more classy)

  18. This is seriously the best box I’ve EVER received from a subscription service (or a single one off box purchase). I opened the big box, pulled out the pillow, the scarf, the candle and was WOWed when I saw an entire Little Lace Box still in the big box, full of more stuff! The curation of this box is amazing and I can tell that they put lots of thought into this. I got the same pillow as Liz and it marks my personality perfectly. It will be out every year for Christmas from here on out (though I may remove the bells – they freak out my cats). The candle smells amazing – I can’t wait to burn it. The scarf I received is a darker plaid color and since I live in Phoenix, I’m more likely going to use it as a mini blanket/wrap and to hang over my headboard in my bedroom when it’s not in use – it’s SUPER soft. I’m not one for baths, but the salts are perfect for a relaxing foot soak when I need it. I got the same bonus item as Liz and it smells like fresh cut wood and I LOVE that smell. I may keep it in the box and take it out every now and then until my tree is up just to smell that wonderful fresh cut tree smell! The matches are super cute and the socks are super soft and lovely. All in all it really is the BEST BOX ever! I can’t wait to see what December brings – sounds like “New Years” resolution items – possibly. Things to freshen up yourself in the new year to have a brighter outlook on yourself and life – maybe inspirational items (??)

  19. I love throw pillows and scarves in subscription boxes. Pretty much anything that is soft and fuzzy, I’m in!

  20. I personally wouldn’t want to receive a pillow in a sub box, everyone’s decor is just different. A coupon for a pillow however would be awesome. This box is fantastic minus the pillow for me, everything else is so lovely. I really want those slippers and I want to smell that candle. They did a great job with the curation for this box.

    • Agreed. It’s hard to find a pillow that matches everyone’s decor, and some people like big pillows, some like smaller ones. It will be too hard to please everyone.

  21. Wow this box is amazing! I am so jealous of all of you that received really great things. Such a great box for the season. I really wish they could start shipping to Canada. I would gladly purchase this box in a heartbeat!!!

    • Ditto for Australia 😉

  22. Lovely box! I’m not really a fan of throw pillows in a sub box…it’s a unique/fun item but too hard to match decor and style. Just finished redecorating and had a tough time even finding pillows in the colors I needed!

    • Agree, would not be excited to find a pillow in a sub box. Especially the above frumptastic pillow. I look at that and ask if my MIL was involved in the curation. Never good.

      • I loved the box but not the pillow. I had to laugh at your MIL comment because I thought it looked like my grandma. Maybe I will gift it to her…

  23. The November Little Lace Box ROCKED!!!! This was my first LLB and I am sold. I got a handprinted tea towel as my bonus item instead of the ornament. It had Rudolph’s antlers and red nose. Very cute. The infinity scarf is soft, warm, and cozy; and my daughter already stole the pillow for her room’s Christmas decor. Love every item and don’t think I will be parting with anything (except the pillow :)). Totally sold on this box.

  24. I had subscribed for October but then unsubscribed immediately after getting my box since the items didn’t work for me (earrings aren’t useful because of metal allergies, the mask said to not use it if you have sensitive skin, and the clutch just wasn’t a style that worked for me) but I would have loved this box…

  25. I loved this box! I can not part with any of it! I am so excited for Christmas now:) I want to get all my decor out! I wish it wasn’t sold out I would love to give this box for a gift! What a great company. They have great customer service too!

  26. Sold! Plus one for my mom. I’m also a fan of throw pillows and second the suggestion of a beachy one for spring or summer.

  27. Not that it makes a “huge” difference in value, but TJ Maxx regularly carry Lemon slipper sock ( I have some almost identical to these but mine have a rosette on the band) for $19.99. I have some from two seasons ago, and I was there yesterday and they had them again.

  28. This box started out amazing and had only gotten better. Incredible!

    Also, I am a fan of the throw pillow idea for MSA. 🙂 hmmm. Maybe something beach-related could be awesome for summer!

  29. I personally hate throw pillows…but love throw blankets!!!

  30. Okay, I am going to have to sign up for this box. Every month I see the reviews and absolutely love them. I just cancelled PSMH the other day, so I’m going for it!

    • Oh, and for MSA research- I do like throw pillows, but I can be very picky. I can be picky about a lot though, and I do a lot of swaps. So, I say yes to throw pillows. 🙂

  31. Omg! I love every single thing in that box! Like others are saying; goodbye PS! I’m gonna sign up and hope it os as good in Dec. i held off because the first two months were just so-so for me. Fingers crossed!!!

  32. Not ALL the boxes get a bonus; I did not. I think the value here is amazing, but oh, I wished for just slightly different things. I am allergic to angora, so those go for gifts. Ditto on the lavender items. They looked so lovely but no can do with that. The pillow is very cute, and will make another great gift, and the candle I am keeping for myself.

    Now here’s where I’m showing my ignorance. I’m a big scarf wearer, have loads hanging on a rack on my door, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to wear that infinity scarf! Liz? You said you wrapped it around 3 times? I can’t breath or see if I do that! It’s so big, I’m not sure what the heck to do with it. Because it’s an infinity style, I can’t just use it for a wrap either. I think LLB is a great company, but this month, (my first) was not a hit for me at all.

    • If you have allergies, or things you can’t wear, try letting them know next month. I’ve seen comments from a subscriber who couldn’t wear earrings, and another from a subscriber who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and LLB did substitutions for both of them. Their customer service is amazing.

      • Thanks Jennifer! I would never think to ask them to change the box. Although I do wonder if everyone was supposed to get a bonus or just a few lucky folk

    • Beckyloo, are you sure you didn’t get the bonus item? It looks like there were two possible bonuses everyone received one of the two; the Timber Wood Snowflake ornament or the reindeer dish towels. Are you sure you didn’t receive one of these two products? This company seems very diligent, I find it odd they missed adding a bonus item to your box.

      • You know, last night I went back to look at the box and went through it again, just to make sure, but nope. I figured maybe the bonus was just for people who have been subscribing for a while, not newbies like me. The pillow was on top of it all, and then the notes/letter, and then the other items. I think the box is wonderful, it just wasn’t perfect for me. However, I’m thrilled to have things for presents already without having to do any shopping!

  33. I love throw pillows! But this one wasn’t for me:/

  34. Hi Liz, or anyone else. If I sign up for this box tonight, will I get this box or the next?

    • This box is sold out. They’re taking orders for the December box

  35. OMG, wow! I want this box! Popsugar…out the window and this box will be replacing it! This is the perfect box! I want it!

    • Me too! Just cancelled PSMH still haven’t heard anything for November. Looking forward to future boxes from them

  36. Oh man, I found something to replace PopSugar! No way am I giving them more money after the last couple months. Hopefully the customer service with this box is much better too.

  37. Forgot to mention- I LOVE throw pillows! And I got the white mukluks. They are 20% angora- in my experience, angora always sheds a little.

  38. I actually said ‘Wow’, out loud, when opening it. It was a very close to ‘perfect’, box!

  39. I am wrapped in my scarf (I got the plaid reversible variation, which is big enough to use as a wrap or a throw), wearing my snuggly slippers, burning my candle, and feeling the love for Little Lace Box, for the third month in a row. After getting all this for $40, I feel like I should send them some more money.

    • I am SO jealous! While looking at this I was just thinking how much I would absolutely love to have these items right now! It is freezing here! Those slippers and scarf look so cozy.

      • It is freezing where I live too, and coming home to find this on my doorstep made the beginning of winter a lot easier to handle. You should sign up for December’s box, if you haven’t already. It’s a really sweet company, nice people, killer customer service, and all the boxes I’ve gotten have been great so far. Once you try them, you will never go back!

  40. This box just made me say-Wow. Every item was a win for me. The candle had an amazing scent- it perfumed my whole box. I Put a few item away to use for Christmas gifts- we will see if I convince myself to give them away!

  41. Simply awesome, I just found a box I love more than PSMH!

  42. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive a throw pillow in an upcoming MSA box. I think they are so cute. I really enjoy switching out pillows as a fun and fast way to update a room in my house. This box looks amazing. I may need to add this to my MUST HAVE list. The curation looks fabulous.

  43. This box looks amazing! They were kind enough to offer me the November box, even though it said sold out on their website, and so glad I’m getting this one, it looks awesome! I’m hopefully getting mine tomorrow. I love the scarfs and the slipper socks. I can’t believe they put all these items into one box, way better than Popsugar.

    • Absolutely! Popsugar could definitely learn a few things from Little Lace Box, right now!

  44. This is the second best box ever. Yours was the first.

  45. This was my first box Little Lace Box. It was truly amazing! Even tho I won’t use all the items, I thought it was a wonderful box. The items I won’t use will make great Christmas gifts for my girlfriends. I will continue this subscription box.

  46. Wow! I LOVE this box! Amazing stuff. I wish I had gotten this one but I wasn’t in love with the last one. Maybe I will get the next one.

    • Ok I just signed up and sent them a message begging for this months box if there is anyway to still get it. Fingers crossed. 🙂 I REALLY need that scarf and those slippers right now! It is FREEZING.

  47. I think throw pillows are a great box idea but with so many people with kids and pets i think they have to be the kind that can be taken off and washed.

  48. I have been trying to not add a new box because I’ve actually been paring back but OMG this box looks amazing! I want every single item they included! IMO, this is really giving PopSugar a run for their money.

  49. I thought it was one of the most (if not the most) amazing subscription boxes I have ever opened. And that’s saying something!!

    • Considering how many subscription boxes I”m sure you open on a daily basis – I would say so! 🙂

  50. They really outdone themselves this month. I love love LLB. MY bonus item was a reindeer dish towel which is so cute.

    • I agree – it was a incredibly wonderful box to open. Your bonus item sounds great too!

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