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French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Box


UPDATE: A few readers have let us know that the beauty products in this box may be expired. FrenchBox just posted this on their Facebook page, so hopefully they will have more information for us soon:

FrenchBox Facebook


In the meantime, I would recommend not using any of the beauty products to be on the safe side.

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Unboxing

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Info

This month’s theme is Love is in The Air. The box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Postcard

Each box comes with an illustrated oversized postcard and a new recipe:

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Recipe

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Loreal

L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Nail Art in French Mariniere – Value $4.95

L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in 390 Nude Treasure – Value $8?

I don’t wear nail stickers often, but I like the nautical look of these ones, so I’ll probably save them for summer.

I could be wrong about this lipstick, but the packaging looks pretty old to me. I do like the color of the pink/nude lipstick. (The packaging was surprisingly tough to get through!)

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 File

Heart Shaped Bath Pearls – Retail Value $8

Paris Nail File – Retail Value $3

The retail values listed are from the card, and to be honest they seem inflated to me. (Neither of the products have any brand on them, so I can’t look them up or link to them).

I’m disappointed that the bath pearls don’t include an ingredient list – I check ingredients on all beauty and food products because of my allergies, so these are an automatic miss for me.

The nail file is cute though!

French Box Subscription Box Review – February 2015 Serum

Alexis Cosmetic Serum Excel Booster C+ – FULL SIZE! Value $25

This is another item without ingredients listed! (Sorry to be complaining about that so much!) Since this is a full-size item, I would expect to see the ingredients listed on the product, or on the box it comes in. This serum didn’t come in a box or any type of packaging, and that seems a little weird to me.

Verdict: I always feel a little bad writing a bad review, but this box is my least favorite French Box to date. Something about it just feels off – the contents of the box don’t seem to match the fabulousness of the packaging to me. I know I’m a little biased since I always need to read ingredients of everything due to my allergies/intolerances, so maybe I’m being too harsh on a few of the products.

I also like that French Boxes usually include a variety of items, and it was surprising to see this box was all beauty items. (I’ve really enjoyed all my other French Boxes, so I’m hoping this box is just an anomaly for me).

What do you think of the February 2015 French Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. where are they getting this stuff??! Its so old, not to mention last month’s puke green nail polish could have been bought at cvs.

  2. I just got mine the mail and opened it. (I had avoided looking at the review for this months box before hand.) This was my first french box, I was really excited after seeing the reviews for the past boxes, I just got a new job and finally was able to afford it. How disapointing! This box was terrible. I can’t decide if I should cancel the subscription now, or give it another monts try.
    Seriously though, what a let down! Lorel, bath beads and a nail file? What a joke!

  3. They just posted on Facebook a warning not to use the serum (either one) or the lipstick, and that they are working on a solution to make this right for their February subscribers.

    • Thanks for letting us know – going to post about it now.

  4. I cancelled my subscription last month but too late to avoid getting this box. As far as I’m concerned this might be the worst box I have received. Period.

  5. Boy oh Boy am I SO GLAD I cancelled this sub last month. They started out so strong too. I hope they get their act together or they will have NO subscribers left which is a shame.

  6. I bought a subscription as a gift for a friend who adores France and I am mortified. This was to be her first box. After seeing the contents, I’m not quite sure what to do or if I can cancel a gift subscription. I feel that I need to make a pre-emptive phone call to my friend now 🙁

    • Eek, I feel for you. I would feel embarrassed if I’d gifted this to someone and this was their first box. This whole thing is such a mess.

  7. I haven’t seen my box yet but it sounds beyond disappointing. I had felt that French Box had been improving and now this. I just returned from Paris and there are plenty of things that could have been purchased for their boxes especially on a wholesale basis. I just can’t imagine the thought process that went into this box. I signed up for an annual at the beginning so I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end.

  8. I am just stunned…..that this is the same company that put out the fabulous October box that I loved, Sothys, and lovely soaps and herbs….it just doesn’t seem possible.
    Even the less than stellar November box had some nice items, the high end face mask and the coffee.
    I’m so sorry for everyone that got this I can understand your disappointment. Have faith though, French Box did come through for the November box and sent out those pretty compact mirrors so I believe they will want to fix this.
    I just can’t shake the feeling that they maybe have run out of funding? any thoughts? I just don’t know how else to explain this.

  9. I cancelled after the December box and by then that was like my fourth FB. The contents was anyways hit or miss and some of it I couldn’t even give away. I saw the January review and thought for a second to renew but this confirmed my decision to cancel. Thanks Liz.

  10. I am so disappointed to see this- I bought the January box as a gift for a friend, only to be told that they accidentally oversold it. Not only was my gift late, but now I find out that it is expired and old? How embarrassing!

  11. One thing that is interesting to me is the fact that a company or people within a company would be so naive as to think this could ‘pass’. Years ago, without the internet to quickly search out the information about these products and their expiration…maybe. Yes, people would have suspicions about the lipstick packaging and such. But there would not be the ability to quickly check it out online. So people may wonder and a few might call the various parent companies and find out. But there also would not have been the ability to readily and widely spread the information that they learned. In this era, there is absolutely no possibility that this information would not be learned and then disseminated all over the web in a matter of hours or a day at most. Everyone who has the ability to order a box online has access to Google. At the very least the questionable products will be entered into Google. And if nothing comes up, that’s a huge red flag. But beyond that, many people have what I call ‘super sleuth internet ability’. I’m not one of them but those folks can find out anything. If it’s out there, they can find it; even if it was subsequently taken down, they can still find it.

    So, really, who are they trying to kid and why?

    Also, how foolish to receive many, many emails of complaint and not make a beeline over to Facebook to see what’s being put out there for all to see–and address it quickly. Although I have found customer support at French Box to be quick and good in my experience, they absolutely do not seem to understand the give and take between a company and it’s customers on social media. And that is to their detriment.

    I have a year long subscription so I hope this was a one-time aberration and that there will be some way to rectify this with everyone.

    • It is also important to note that many states have laws regulating whether one can be sold goods past their expiration date. Not all states have these regulations, but some do. So, French Box has quite literally broken the law with those customers who live in states with these regulations.

  12. wow, smh. That l’oreal lipstick looks just like the stuff they carry at the dollar store when it gets bought out from old drugstores.

  13. Wow… reading this, I feel bad for those who had hopes for good things from this box and were let down so unfairly, and I also feel glad that we have here an outlet to share and express these things to others who understand and can help prevent future disappointments.
    It goes without saying, but I do want to acknowledge and thank Liz for creating this forum for us and for your honest reviews.
    On another note, I wonder if the whole sub box is now getting to that saturation point, where the start ups just can’t contend or keep up?? At some point, it feels like we can no longer trust the obscure, surprise type sub box companies for fear of being duped without recourse… no returns, just send us your money and we’ll send you whatever we want, regardless of how we advertise, describe or market it and regardless of whether we send you the same value or products as we send to those who we know will blog/affiliate with and for us.
    Feels like they’re on the verge of taking advantage of us and the fun sub box trend… and we as consumers have to just sadly shake our heads and tell them this is why we can’t have nice things. ;-p.
    /rant over… happy Lunar New Year everyone 🙂

    • Cheers to Liz for being so candid in her review as well, as always.

      I think the subscription box companies have such a narrow needle to thread to find curate a monthly collection that has both broad and exclusive appeal while being a good value. I subscribe to three different ones right now, but I’ve done up to six at a time since I started last summer. Many of us have shelves full of lotions and serums and nail polish and primers. It’s got to be near to impossible to get it right every time.

      But to get it as 1000% wrong as French Box has this month is really surprising. Not just a bad curation, but an unethical one with product that are potentially dangerous for us to use.

      I suspect that sending out a box like this may hint there’s already trouble ahead for French Box. (I had a feeling last month’s nail polish was also old stock since I couldn’t find it anywhere online, but I am not sure?) And it’s a shame because they really did start strong. FWIW, Ben was very pleasant me in my interactions with him during previous months, and he’s in for a rough few days of customer service for sure. I hope they are able to reward those subscribers who have been hanging in there and refund everyone else.

      It’s been interesting to see how French Box and Oui Please compare at two very different price points. Maybe the $24/mo simply isn’t sustainable. If someone could put out a french-inspired box at $50 or so, that might be a sweet spot for subscribers to be able to get both luxury and value. (Oui box?)

    • There are some recourse. You can contact your bank to reverse the charge, make formal complaints with the relevant authorities.
      The cosmetic industry is highly regulated:
      I’m not sure how the sub box business works? Do they get their products for discounted distributors? As for Alexis Cosmetic, the general manager confirmed me in writing that they were not aware of the sale.
      This blatant disregard for subscribers is unacceptable. I would understand if one product was out of date but we are talking about several products! we don’t even know where the bath pearls come from?! Clearly the total value was far from $24.

  14. JanMarie-so the products are expired. Can you post this to Facebook (I don’t have an account) so that people are aware that they are using expired products…not only does that not sound legal but unhealthy!

  15. I too received an automated BS response from Ben.

    I also received a written confirmation from Alexis Cosmetic (they were not aware of the sale) that the Serum Excel Radiance has been discontinued 3 years ago and NOT to use it. They have also advised to request a REFUND.


  16. I looked on and discovered my lipstick was made in October 2012 and the nail stickers in June 2012. Both gave a 2 year expiration date (a jar symbol with a 24 on it). I have no idea how to check the serum. Is it legal to sell expired products? I’m so disappointed.

  17. All I received was an apology from customer service. They are sorry that I am unhappy with my box. Took no responsibility whatsoever and did not address product questions.

  18. I had no problem cancelling on their website and got the “I’m sorry to see you leave” email back. I’d give them a call if you are having issues with their website
    Trying to cancel Try the World—- no luck so far

  19. This Feb box was my first French box and will be my last – I have the same issues and concerns as others noted here – no ingredients listed, the nail stickers are from Korea, the serum from China and the bath beads could be from anywhere as nothing is listed, and I my lipstick packaging looks very old too.
    I contacted them via email asking for a refund but no one has gotten back to me, and I tried calling but no answer.
    If I do not hear from them by Monday I am disputing the charge with my credit card company as I feel this was misleading marketing at the least!

    • Leslie-how do you dispute the charges? I contacted Frenchbox and received a reply. I asked for a refund along with my cancellation but my request for a refund was ignored. Do you have to send the box back in order to dispute? I don’t want to pay shipping charges. Just want to know if that is required.

      • Just call your credit card company and say you’d like to dispute a charge – they just need to know the company name/how it appears on your bill, the amount and the transaction date. Most credit card companies, will take it off your bill to a pending charge while the item is in dispute.
        Good luck! The more I think about this box and read all the other complaints the more annoyed I am that they sent this out to everyone – as someone else said, how did they think they’d ‘get away with this in the age of internet sleuthing’?

  20. This is my first box, and I stupidly purchased a year long subscription. It looks like they raided a dollar store for this month’s contents. I could not be more disappointed in its contents.

    • That’s horrible!
      This was my FIRST and LAST box. It hasn’t been delivered yet, but I already cancelled. I feel ripped off. What junk.

  21. It feels like Frenchbox gave a response to this via Whitney. I know they are aware of these comments because people have said they have emailed the link. I wish they would address this via their home page or Facebook..or email. We shall see!

  22. So disappointed in this box… I’m afraid to use the products without knowing the ingredients…. Also, that’s the hardest I’ve ever had to work to open a lipstick.

  23. Wow.. that’s pretty sad. L’Oreal is the most “French” beauty brand they could come up with? Emery boards with “Paris” written on them? I’m pretty sure that if I took $24 and went to Target, I could come up with a more convincingly French-themed box.

    • Ok I can’t resist. Next month… Expired french dressing with the label missing. A clip on french braid. A cassette tape with French lessons. Chopsticks with an Eiffel Tower design, and drum roll….

      A french fry press.

      • LOL – Haha ——- I remember the first box when they put gummies in the box, that was my first clue that the box was not as french as I thought it would be. Gummies started out in Germany, and more traditional to that country.

      • Is it tacky that I would love that box if only for the french fry press? Haha

      • This will date me as older than dirt, but I literally laughed out loud when I read this because it made me think of this classic scene from the movie “Better off Dead” (starring John Cusack):

      • LOL! I was thinking the EXACT same thing!

  24. After reading reviews, I was expecting to be very disappointed with my box. I’m not. I don’t love that it’s all beauty products, but I sort of understand that given they went with a sweetheart theme. And I’ll totally grant you the bath beads are not super exciting, but I can see someone thinking they are a cute Valentine-themed addition.

    In response to the vitriol in many of the comments here, some observations:
    1)I smelled the lipstick and it smells both new and better than many American brands (I was not at all surprised to note in the ingredients that it contains a few plant oils).
    2)Also, people kept talking about “dirty” but all I see is that the packing shreds leave dust on the contents. The lipstick package was slightly dented at the top, but shifting in shipping might be sufficient for that.
    3)The lipstick (and nail art are) in packaging that is COMPLETELY IN FRENCH. American companies change packaging much more regularly than many other countries – we are a market based almost entirely on novelty, perhaps best displayed by Bath&Body Works’ change of packaging (and sometimes even the names of scents) every 6-12 months. Also, what looks good here isn’t always what translates to another country, so I don’t think the packaging is the end all be all of quality – again, the lipstick smelled great and has a nice texture (and I think they chose neutral tones so it would be more likely to be a match for people – unlike the crazy fuchsia from Glossybox or the bright reds from Birchbox, which were fun experiments, but less likely to be used widely) .
    4)On the Alexis Cosmetic website, there are no images of boxes, so I find it odd that people are leveling accusations of fraud, including box removal. It might also be noted that not all cosmetics have expiration dates and also, not all countries require them.
    5)Everything is made in China or India. Even when I’ve visited other countries – even Thailand and Vietnam, which also do a great deal of manufacturing – nearly everything is manufactured in China or India. They have significantly more people and thus more people for the jobs, and burgeoning economies still somewhat dependent on manufacturing. The products were tested/developed in France and merely manufactured in China, which is true even of many luxury brands.
    6)I’m curious what time people called Alexis Cosmetic? I also emailed them, asking for an ingredient list, but am aware that it is after 8pm there, so I’m not concerned if I don’t hear back until tomorrow or the next day.
    7)Everything in this box is full size. And nothing is grotesquely overvalued – and that value is about twice full price on the box.
    Finally, while they may not be commenting on Facebook all the time, their customer service responds quickly and courteously, and truly seems to be trying to respond to customer concerns. And I don’t have some magical other experience of the company. I’ve subscribed since November, got the Lido keychain/cell phone fob(??), and had a card lapse so ended up buying the Jan box without the Doux Me product and separate from my subscription. But of their own accord they sent everyone a second compact mirror (which meant I got two), sent the Doux Me products separately at their own expense, and went out of their way to try to put out more of a very popular box in response to customer requests. I am also a OuiPlease subscriber, but feel it completely unrealistic to compare the two. (One is 700% the cost of the other!) No box is for everyone and every box has an off month or two. I’m sticking with French Box.

    • The back of my serum bottle has a little symbol of a finger pointing at a book. That’s the universal image for “read the directions.” So yes, there is definitely supposed to be more packaging. (And my serum is all congealed and won’t even come out of the bottle. It’s old.)

    • Well said. I’m not quitting them yet. Even Popsugar has had boxes that were unpopular. Can’t please everyone all the time. Btw, my lipstick smelled fabulous too 🙂

    • My lipstick came unpackaged and in a horrible fuchsia color. It’s very obvious the serum came in a box because of lack of ingredients. I won’t use a face serum without the ingredients list. Personally, I’m not at all happy paying $24 for a box whose value is less. It’s clear that the majority of people feel the same so they need to fix it. I emailed them yesterday and I’ll be shocked if I hear back soon if at all. I don’t expect much from any company who send out a box like this.

    • I would do a bit more research on some of your statements. The Alexis does have a box which someone already posted a link to, some got bright fuschia lipstick variations ( I do agree that international companies change packaging for different markets, Twinings tea does this) and both expiration dates and ingredient listings for active ingredients like vitamin c is both highly regulated and mandated for consumer cosmetics distributed in the us. Your cosmetics boxes will always have a drawing of a jar with a number which is the amount of months you can use it before the ingredients are deemed ineffective. I worked in the industry for years.

    • It’s great that you enjoy your box and are gonna keep with it, but like others have pointed out, your essay of a list proving everyone is wrong is flawed. This is not a shipping error like Popsugar or a matter of simply not liking the curation. It’s about products that many people here have proven to be expired, and most people take expiration dates seriously. A quarter of a hundred bucks isn’t pocket change for a lot of people, and it is completely understandable for customers to want current products, not what a company can come up with through out dated back stock. There are too many other successful and trustworthy subscriptions out there to let this low standard fly. But you keep subbing if you enjoy it so much, good for you.

    • While I’m glad you found value in your box it’s easy to see most of us didn’t. I was actually going to share the link that shows the serum should indeed come from a box. When advertising a product on their own website, most companies don’t often show the complete packaging but when viewing the item for sale on a third party site the image clearly shows the serum originated in a box. Also, my lipstick was not dirty from the black shredded bits of paper but was in fact attached to packaging that was extremely yellowed. I don’t have a problem with an older style of packaging. I was a manager for a popular US drugstore for 12 years and I certainly know that yellowed packaging means a product has been in there for quite some time. I loved Frenchbox up until now but when you work hard for your money it’s so upsetting to receive products like this. Hopefully they can turn it around in the future and make amends but I can’t afford to ride this out.

    • Re: “Whitney” – hi French Box rep!

      • +1000% this comment. LOL

      • ; D

      • My thoughts exactly!

      • HA! Right? Was going to say the same thing.

    • There was supposed to be a box…and someone has already posted a link to it. They did not send “everyone” a replacement mirror of their own accord….I did not receive one in my box or sent to me additionally…I received a magnet and a cell phone charm…no mirror…no journal and they did not make that right even after I sent them a courteous message.

      • I cancelled for good after the LIDO box and I’m so glad I did after reading the past several reviews. This one takes the photo of the cake (since they didn’t actually send treats out as hinted at in spoilers).

        In my case, when I wrote to complain, they were very ‘generous’ when writing back and offering to make it up to me . . . IF I SENT THEM MORE MONEY.

        “Again, the level of details you provided is very valuable to us. You said that the October box reviews decided you to sign up. We’d like to send it to you for just S&H ($10) as a token of appreciation for your time. It will have soap and herbs.. (see attached product list). Let me know if you’d like to do that. (Also, please don’t mention it …)”

        I did mention it, actually. Quite loudly and on several blogs and Facebook comments at the time.

        “Oui, Please”, FrenchBox – ask me to pay more of my money to you to make things right.

    • Thank you, “Whitney,” for so staunchly defending your employer.

      • My goal was to make some observations in order to temper the conversation, especially because I have always heard back so quickly and conscientiously from their customer service (usually Ben) and so have had the sense they are really trying to do the right thing. I realize different people may have different experiences of a company and thought the point of a forum was to hear all sides of the story. I wasn’t trying to prove anyone wrong, merely sharing that I’d had a different experience with them. I find it interesting how quickly I was libeled (I’m a teacher and a Masters student, with no connection to French Box except as a subscriber) and this entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth about MSA in general. The jury is still out on French Box, but they did politely respond to my email inquiries within hours, whereas all that occurred here is that my character was attacked simply for disagreeing.

        Incidentally, I too was concerned about the possibility products were expired, so I contacted the company directly and forwarded their response to French Box. Here is the correspondence with both, in chronological order:

        To [email protected] Today at 10:05 AM
        Because of some allergies, I would very much like to know what the ingredients are in this product. Are you able to send me an ingredient list?

        Thank you,

        Whitney Williams
        Reply, Reply All or Forward | More
        Benjamin AIACH
        To me Today at 1:33 PM

        Dear Madame,

        We stopped this products few years ago, please do not use it.

        We do not know who sell to you.

        Best regards.

        Show message history
        Reply, Reply All or Forward | More
        To Ben at FrenchBox Today at 2:24 PM
        I’m just wondering what you have to say about this?

        Sent from my iPhone

        Begin forwarded message:

        Show message history
        Reply, Reply All or Forward | More
        Ben at FrenchBox
        To me Today at 2:45 PM
        Hi Whitney,

        We are discussing with Alexis Cosmetic about this right now.
        I will keep you informed about this.

        Thank you,

        Ben at FrenchBox
        [email protected]

      • But it seemed like you were talking down to people. This was going to be my response to your first post and then I saw this one and decided to add on at the end.
        I am not going to respond to each of your numbered items. I thought though a few should be addressed.
        1) L’Oreal. Most of us do not want something that we can go to any store and buy from a box like this. What happened between their Jan. box and this one? People had issues with their lipstick. That is great you didn’t. BTW, people did get fuchsia.
        2) Dirty? Ok, it almost seems like you are talking down to people (I don’t think you mean to). Most of these women are box junkies and I believe that they know the difference between packing dust and old dirty products. Anyone that has had SS even for a few months knows the difference! lol That stuff was EVERY WHERE!!!
        3) wait… this is where I needed to say the thing about fuchsia. 😉 trying to be funny 🙂
        4) Look harder and you will find the box picture.
        7) They are not taking care of everyone. There are people that are having issues. People are missing items. They are sending out items that are expired. You are missing the point.
        I am happy that you like you box and you feel so great about it. But do not dismiss the real problems or concerns that our fellow junkie girls are having. I would be upset and worried too if I had gotten this box.
        I am lucky that I didn’t buy a year sub and stopped after a few months. I hope they can recover from this.

        These women I don’t always agree with but they are good women. I believe you got labeled because you seem to be dismissing them and talking to them as if they were children. Like I said before… I honestly don’t think you meant it but it is how it sounded. This should not leave a bad taste in your mouth… MSA is wonderful and so are the box junkie girls and guys!
        Thank you for getting in touch with Alexis. Now everyone knows not to use it and that their concerns were valid. The lipsticks and nail art seemed to be expired as well. This is a worry… a very real worry and they have every right to be angry about it. I really do hope that they can bounce back from this.

      • Big hugs for this reply! I posted my own review to their Facebook and I show pictures of a dirty box of lipstick. Their was also a dank smell in my box. I did not open the lipstick itself.

      • Whitney, thank you for taking the initiative to email directly to the cosmetics company. That definitively sets the record straight for that product. It seems a little odd to me that Ben states they are addressing this with the cosmetics company. It’s not that I don’t believe him, but it appears that French Box did not get this product from Alexis Cosmetic.

        So, where did they get it? And why don’t they get their products directly from the companies?

        My box is in USPS limbo for some reason. Part of me is hoping it will be lost and I can just get a credit adding a box to my year’s subscription. We shall see.

      • The Lanvin lotion is $7.99 on Amazon. Hardly the $24 value they boast. It’s an older, discontinued fragrance only found on EBay and Amazon.

    • I followed a suggestion from another post here and checked on My lipstick was made in October 2012 and the nail art in June 2012. Both expired after 24 months according to the back of the packaging.

  25. I just got my box. I hadn’t read the review yet since I didn’t want to spoil the surprise so I was naively excited. I didn’t get the C serum, I got something called Intense Radiance Face Serum. Can’t tell what it’s supposed to be since there’s no box but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it on my hand–it won’t even come out because it’s completely congealed in the bottle! I’m so mad I could spit. If they won’t refund my money I’m disputing the charge with my credit card company. This is beyond excusable.

    • You have to prime that style bottle. Pump quite a few times to get the air out. It should work. I received the radiance serum too. No e seems fine. I would t use a C serum though. That would perish.

      • Oh I primed it. What tipped me off that this was a product problem and not a pump problem was that the product wasn’t moving in the bottle when I tipped it upside down and on its side.

  26. Saw this online today – and although it won’t help with the serum since they trashed the boxes before sending it out, you can check the lipstick and other items – – Just enter the brand and batch code.

  27. Unfortunately, I just signed up for two, yes two, annual subs at FB. Feb was my first official box, after being bumped at Jan. Customer service was great, so I took ️️te plunge.
    Needless to say, I was horror-stricken by this box and my commitment so I wrote FB to complain and cancel. I received this:

    Hello Greta,

    I processed a full refund for the January 13th subscription.
    You may receive a second February box this week because of the duplicate subscription, you can keep the box.

    We’re getting similar complaints from other subscribers and we are trying to sort through them in order to to do a joint response.
    We will respond either today or Monday.

    I am sorry you were disappointed by our latest box.
    It has happened once before, where our selection did not get a good response and we’ll be working to find a solution.

    Thank you,

    Ben at FrenchBox
    [email protected]

  28. I just tried the serum.. I got the white one ‘Serum Excel Radiance’… IT SMELLS SO BAD. lol When you first get it out of the tube it smells like baby powder so it seems like it may be okay.. but then you rub it in and it smells sour. Ew. Once it dries it goes back to smelling like baby powder.. but still. That was gross. My skin does FEEL great so I can tell the company is prob a very good one and if we had received a current product, I would have been very happy with it.

  29. I don’t have this box, but after seeing this, I am really glad that I don’t! Everything in it looks old and/or very tacky. The hearts don’t have any label whatsoever and because of that they look like something that would be purchased out of the kids section at Dollar General. I wouldn’t want any of it. Yuck….

  30. I subscribed to this box last month and the Feb box is my first one.
    I cannot begin to explain how disgusting this box is.

    I tried for over an hour to cancel my monthly subscription! ( i wont sign on for a long term subscription until a sub box proves to be worth it)
    Needless to say the site would not work from my phone, so i had to use my PC, but i finally canceled my subscription with them.

    I went through and looked at FBs Instagram and Facebook page – and some of their posts have disappeared! Maybe its from all the angry posts..?

    Im going to continue follow the reviews on this box – but it will take something spectacular for me to re-sub.

  31. Guess I should’ve read here first. Got my box in and was slightly underwhelmed. I’ve been dropping a lot of my subs that feature just cosmetics since my bathroom is near overflowing. My lipstick was in a gold tube, no packaging, clearly new, and quite nice. I slathered that serum on last night after washing my face and it felt nice. No burning and my face still looks fine today (I normally have somewhat sensitive skin and rosacea), so I think I’ll keep using it. Was a bit perplexed at the bath pearls too, but I’ll try them. So maybe I got a slightly better box? I don’t know. For now, I’m still sticking with them. Let’s hope they take the honest feedback and try to make some positive changes. Like Escape Monthly did. I’ve been enjoying their boxes since that Puerto Rico disaster. Lately they’ve been quite good.

  32. Any idea how you found out that the Alexis Cosmetic product was out of date?
    I tried to call them in France. One number is out of service and the other number went straight to a fax machine. I emailed them so will see what they say about their product!

  33. I am reading these reviews, as I was scoping out this box to see if I would take the plunge. I really feel for all of you. I hope you all decide to call your bank and the BBB. Don’t throw out the products, keep them and send them back. Don’t let a company defraud you out of your hard earned money. Just my two cents. I had a run in with a company last year that did this. Yes, it sucks making a phone call or two… But if you complain–you actually are helping others in this case. You should not be receiving expired product.

  34. This box was awful for me. I agree the lipstick is very outdated! So disappointed.

  35. I think French Box is in serious trouble, and honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if they shut down in the very near future. February is a great month for subscription boxes to shine with Valentine’s Day, and many other boxes took advantages of that. Even BB5 stepped up their game. The fact that FB sent out this expired cheap crap this month hints that something else could be going on – they can’t keep up.

    Sure they had a cute novelty idea in the beginning at an affordable price. But now they are running out of ideas and realize that they can’t make money with what was sent out in the past.

    And also, L’Oreal, really? Not even a hard-to-get-in-the-US L’Oreal but your bargain basement bin L’Oreal!

  36. Gross! My lipstick was Loreal in Fuschia, clearly in an old tattered package. Tacky Gold nail stickers from Loreal. Bath beads (hello 90s) with no information or brand name. A nail file. Serum that has no box and found to be discontinued and made in China, not France. Again, gross! Were they laughing when they packaged this? Did they run to the dollar store thinking we would never know the difference? My whole box went into the trash. I have never seen such a waste of money.

    • In everyone’s excitement over the contents of the boxes, has anyone here noticed the lack if a FB presence? Sure they make a rare post with a teaser etc… But do they actually respond to people?

      Also, if you look at past history, they made regular posts although they never responded to comments. (Unless I am missing some responses.) But now they have only 3 posts for all of 2015.

      Something is going on here, whether it be a lack of interest or something more.

      • I have a feeling that they will be shutting down soon – hence the lack of FB presence. I feel bad for everyone who purchased an annual subscription! :/

  37. My box was scheduled to arrive yesterday, but somehow delayed to today. I was holding off from this review because I wanted to be surprised, but seeing the volume of comments in such short time, so I clicked… what a mess! Sending discontinued cosmetics and without packages (without ingredients) is unacceptable. Also this box supposed to have variety of items from France and this month is all beauty items. This box definitely feels way off from their previous boxes in both quality and curation.

    Liz, can you please do us subscribers a favor of reaching out to customer service with the link this page with all of our comments and see what they say? I will also send them email after receiving my box. Thank you for all you do and appreciate your honest reviews.

    • I actually emailed them a link to this page and said they might want to check out the comments.

      • I am sure that is when “Whitney” popped in.

      • …and so obviously just used the person above who sent them the link for their “nom de plume”! Oh, French Box… smh

      • Actually, both posts are mine. As a followup, here is my email correspondence with them, copied and pasted below (my original message is at the bottom):

        Ben at FrenchBox
        To me Today at 1:18 PM
        Hello Whitney,

        Thank you for your words of encouragement.

        We are looking at the feedback very carefully. We are trying to sort through them in order to to find a solution and publish a response.


        Ben at FrenchBox
        [email protected]

        On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 9:07 PM EST, Whitney Williams wrote:
        Great – thanks!

        Because I’d really like to see you guys succeed, I think you might want to take a look at this (especially the comments):

  38. As a French subscriber, I am ashamed and annoyed! The pearls and the nail file are probably worth less than a buck combined. I can’t even imagine that it is legal nowadays to sell full size products without a box showing a date and ingredients?? Needless to say that I cancelled my subscription and send them a message telling them how disappointing a lot of us were!

  39. I don’t subscribe to this box, but I saw there were a bajillion comments and decided to see what was going on. You know what this box instantly reminded me of? The Walmart quarterly box! Which would be totally fine if that were the case because that box is only $5, not $25.

    • At least the Walmart box had current products. I’m so glad I cancelled this one after December. I wonder what happened – the first couple of FrenchBoxes were really terrific – a great variety of items, and really evocative of France. This is just evocative of a dollar store. And not even a French dollar store.

  40. BATH PEARLS…???? Seeing those launched me back into the early 90’s. I seriously have not seen bath pearls in years. This box is horrible and if I did subscribe to this box I would cancel in a heartbeat.

    • My grandmother kept bath pearls. Those pearls really took me back to nights spent at her house. I would sneak them in the tub and get in trouble every time lol

  41. I don’t know what to think, what happened this month. .? I like all previous boxes (especially awesome January box) and this one is just like somebody else put together. 🙁 I really hope this is first and last bad box and next month they will be back to “normal “. I bought every box since they launched month to month, this is the first month with annual sub. I hope I will not be disappointed that I prepaid for 12 boxes!

  42. I still have not gotten my glossybox yet, still in transit over 3 weeks after everyone else has gotten there, even though the delayed shipping bothers me and sometimes the variations, I’ve never gotten old products from them. If anything this French Box review has made have a new appreciation for Glossybox, despite the shipping delays.

  43. I was on the fence about this box, thank you for your honest review. I hope the box improves in the future. I’ve been a long time follower and love and appreciate your website. I would love to see a review of the Hip Humanitarian box. Thank you

  44. How ironic with that lipstick!! I just watched a Youtuber do a “throwback” make up video.. and those lipsticks were in it!! She said it was make up she found in storage from years ago. I can’t really tell by your picture, but if it’s silver packaging with gold accents…… then that’s the old lipstick she was talking about!!!! :O Gross!!

    • HollieEatsLipstick is the Youtuber if anyone wants to look it up for themselves.

  45. I too signed up after seeing past boxes. I have not received my box yet but am very dissappointed. I will be canceling. I am glad I used the coupon code for first box but still feel I overpaid.

  46. Very very disappointed! First box and everything went into the trash. Hot pink old lipstick..tacky gold nail stickers..non labeled bath beads..a mystery serum without a box…and made in China? Just yucky. I wish I could get my money back. I feel ripped off.

  47. This box is disgusting! Nothing in this box resembles anything French, more like ANY local dollar store. I would be ashamed to send out makeup not in it’s entire packaging that is obviously outdated and spoiled. YUCK!!!

  48. I can’t believe how bad this box is. Cheap awful products aside, it’s only 5 items this month, not even a lifestyle item included, and most definitely not French. I don’t know how they could’ve shipped this out to us in good concious.

  49. I cut my losses on FrenchBox after the terrible December box they released. I was disappointed that I cancelled when I saw the January box which was pretty great. This February box is a hot mess.

  50. Wow – so disappointed!! I just cancelled – I feel beyond cheated to have spend that kind of $ for basically a $1 nail file. I echo pretty much what everyone else has said – cheap crap. Do they think we are that stupid that we won’t notice old packaging? And Liz, you are absolutely right to question ingredients and not complaining too much at all. This is truly one of the most atrocious boxes I have gotten and they should truly be ashamed of themselves.

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