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Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Box

The Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription is a quarterly fitness subscription box. If you are looking for a high-value and well-curated fitness box – this is my number one suggestion. Bianca has a great understanding of what types of products are both fun to receive and also motivate you and help you hit your fitness goals.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Items

The Subscription Box: Bianca Jade MizzFit for Quarterly

The Cost: $50 a box (ships every quarter)

The Products: Bianca Jade’s handpicked fitness products.

Ships to: US, (Canada extra $20 fee, International extra $30 fee).

Check out all of my Quarterly reviews!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items included and why they selected them. The theme for this month is: “2015 is your time to change things up, make a difference in your life and hopefully find new ways to sweat.”

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Fitbook

Fitbook – Value $22.95

This is a 12-week fitness and nutrition journal/planner. This was the spoiler item I was most excited about, and I can’t wait to start using it. Here is a little more on what’s included:

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Back

And a look inside at some of the pages:

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 inside

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Pages

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Chart

There’s something about putting pen to paper that makes things a little more real/important/etc., and I’m hopeful this will be a great tool for a more healthier 2015 for me!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Socks

MizzFit for Pointe Studio Grippy Sock Set – Value $20

I love these socks! (Bianca designed them for Pointe Studio Barre).

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Sock Info

The size sent in the box are S/M (5-7). (At least that’s what I received). I’m a size 9, so I would have preferred that they sent the M/L size (8-10), but I tried these on and they still fit pretty well. As long as they don’t shrink too much in the laundry they should be good!

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Mascara

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara – Value $24

ChristenMichel Glow Strawberry Crush Skin Polish & Brightener – Value $25.50

I like the original Eyeko mascara formula, so I was excited to try this one. It provides good lash separation, and pretty good length and volume as well. Unfortunately I found the formula to be a little irritating to my eyes, so I don’t think it is a winner for me. (After realizing it was irritating my eyes, I tried to remove it with my regular makeup remover wipes, and had zero success – this is definitely a 100% waterproof, smudgeproof mascara – just a heads up when it is time to remove it!)

I think this cleanser will be a great fit for me though. I tried it out on my hand, and the exfoliation is gentle, and I like the natural strawberry scent.

Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ06 Candy

Booya Fitness 1 Month Membership – Value $9.99

Lucy Active Coupon Code for 15% off

Snap Infusion SuperCandy Caramels – Value $1.50

Even though Booya Fitness offers a free one month trial, I’m including the value of this one-month membership in the review, since using the offer from Bianca you don’t have to enter your credit card information to get the free month – I think that is always valuable!

Bianca mentioned in her letter that the Lucy coupon works even on sale items – but I checked and it does not. (The coupon card itself says “15% off single purchase of regular-price lucy brand merchandise.”)

These candies don’t seem very healthy to me, but I’ve received gluten and dairy free jelly beans from the brand in another box before, and can confirm they are tasty!

Before I get to the verdict there’s one thing about this box I feel like I should mention. Bianca shared spoilers with us in this post, and then responded to some of the comments with this comment:



Based on that comment, I assumed that there would be at least one more significant item in the box, and based on one of Bianca’s twitter comments, it looks like that was the case – one product pulled out at the last minute. (She said she was devastated),

As a former Quarterly curator, I sympathize with this kind of issue. As a subscriber though, I would expect her to update this comment to let us know that things had changed. (Especially now that Quarterly no longer accepts returns). So I’m a little torn on this box, but I think for me it is a case of setting an expectation that wasn’t necessary – I was perfectly happy with the box spoilers assuming they were the complete box!

Verdict: The expectations issues aside, I think this is a well-curated box. With the exception of the mascara, I will use everything, and I’m SO excited about the FitBook – it’s perfect for a 2015-start box. I also really enjoy reading Bianca’s letters in each box – I always find them so inspiring.

What do you think of the #MIZ06 Box?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (71)

  1. What is everyone’s favorite weightless/ diet/ excersie box!

  2. To please the people who want a dance box is it possible to do a Limited Edition one or is that too much crazy work? I wouldn’t be interested in a dance box but I see from the comments here that many would be.

  3. Hi everyone and LIZ! I have some news for all of you if you’re enjoying the Booya Fitness subscription. I spoke to the founder today about extending the 1-month membership for all of you. She said that she can offer all of you an additional 30 days for $1. I tried to get it for free but there’s some reason behind the $1 which I don’t fully get. Anyway, all you have to do is e-mail her at [email protected]. Please make sure to use “Mizzfit Promo Extension” in the subject line of your email. This is not a bad deal and I will only be informing people about it on here because it’s a little too complicated to explain over social media. Pass on the message to other subscribers who might miss it. THANK YOU!
    xoxo, Bianca Jade

    we’ll provide the steps to redeem

    • Thank you Bianca, this is perfect! In my mind this totally makes up for the bit of disappointment I felt when I first received my box. Any chance we could get a deal on ordering more of your socks? I am borderline obsessed with them.

      • Hi Ariana! Glad the Booya Fitness deal sounds good to you! As far as the socks, they retail for $20 but I am happy to sell them to my Quarterly subscribers for $18. Just email me at [email protected]. I wish I could discount them more but I have a deal with Pointe Studio that $18 is the lowest I can go. Really excited you’re obsessed with them 🙂

        xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • Hi Bianca. This is great! I haven’t tried Booya yet as I’m waiting until I move. I didn’t notice a date on there where it would expire (unless it’s really, really, really small). I must also say that Booya is one of my favorite words so I was very pleased there has been a reason to say it lmao.

    • Hi Bianca,

      I finally received my box today and I am happy with the products. I remember seeing in the comments several days ago that you would exchange the socks for the large size. How do I exchange the socks?


  4. Honestly, I really expected to not order another one of these boxes. After reading the positive feedback from Bianca Jade on the spoiler post I thought it would be great to see what else would come in this box. Sadly, nothing else and the socks are too small 🙁 . HOWEVER 1) I *do* like the items in the box 2) In the face of all the frustrations from subscribers Bianca Jade has been such a gracious and positive woman. May we all be so blessed under such pressure and strong criticism!! For this reason alone I have signed up for the next box because I believe in her good faith efforts and I respect anyone who can be so forthcoming in a forum such as this. Well done, doll 🙂 Cheers to the Spring box – which is going to be a birthday present to myself, YAY for April!

    • Hi Catherine,

      What you wrote is really kind. Thank you! I had some great calls today about #MIZ07 so I’m in a wonderful mood about it. I have something planned that I think everyone will really love. Thanks for your support.


      • I already can’t wait for Mizzfit nr 7! I was a bit disappointed about missing item (I was so excited about “mystery” item in box) but still I love everything we got. Fitbook is genius! Didn’t try Booya yet, but will soon do . Thank you Bianca for curating your awesome boxes and motivates us!

  5. How do we exchange socks for a bigger size? I’m a big ol’ size 10, so I doubt the 5-7 size will fit me. I tried the Booya site last night and am super excited that we have access for a month! Maybe to add value to this box they could sweet talk them into extending our 1 month to 2 or 3 months? 🙂

    • I have asked Booya Fitness if they will grant everyone a 2nd free month. Fingers crossed. It’s up to the founder of the company but I told her how much you all loved it and I hope she says yes 🙂

  6. I ordered this box based on Bianca’s assurances that the spoilers were not the full box. I ended up canceling at the last minute when a shrewd makeuptalk poster pointed out that Bianca had stopped promoting the box on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Had I purchased this box I would have been disappointed. It’s not that it’s a bad value, but since I can’t use several of the items it wouldn’t be a good value for me. I knew this, but I thought since there was suppose to be more maybe the surprise item would swing the value in my favor. (Don’t we all hope this from time to time?) Honestly Bianca should have posted that a company fell through and let people make their own decisions, that was the only right thing to do after advertising more than she could deliver on.

    • The issue I think most subscribers had is with the extra assurances she made that there would be more items included. Over-promising then under-delivering rarely leaves a good impression. I think some feel they were misled, not because a supplier cancelled but because there was no communication about it once it happened, versus the preemptive/defensive post here about the box contents. I think everyone understands that things happen that curators for Quarterly can’t control (the company has a a well established history of this kind of mismanagement/disorganization and lack of proactive subscriber communication). It’s certainly nothing that can fairly be held against the curator. It was the “lack of faith in me” promise followed by no further comment that ruffled a lot of feathers. We all want to feel we’re making a fully informed decision when it comes to spending our hard earned cash but more than that no one likes to feel like they were deceived, accidentally or otherwise. It’s best not to inflate expectations, especially in a defensive posture as happened here. It rather felt like subscribers got chastised for forming an opinion based on spoilers but then it turned out that the spoilers were the complete box as originally assumed, without a similar, proactive announcement. Just my take on things based on all the comments I’ve read here and discussion on MUT.

  7. I’m shocked by some of the comments made. I thought the box was great. The products have motivated me. The box was worth more than the $50 paid. I already started writing in my fitbook and started my month of Booya Fitness. The kickboxing workout was great! I also enjoyed reading Bianca’s letter and was inspired by her words that “People who go through the motions and exercise without vigor don’t see results.” Sometimes we need to be reminded of simple things that block motivation to be fit/healthy. I look forward to many more boxes from Bianca Jade.

  8. While this is not my favorite box, all of the other boxes have been so amazing that I’m keeping my subscription. Things happen that are out of our control and sometimes you just have roll with it. It’s not Bianca’s fault suppliers backed out last minute. I’m confident that future boxes will continue to be amazing and inspiring like all the others. Bianca is the best!

  9. Wow. I’m really surprised at the amount of negative feedback for this box. Even without an additional item I still feel like this is a thoughtfully curated box with a really good value (twice the amount of the cost), which is why I like Bianca’s boxes to begin with. It is ALWAYS a good mix of fitness, health and style. I feel like this time is no exception.

    My box will be arriving today and I’m really looking forward to all of the contents, especially the mascara, I was also really excited about the FitBook too but I couldn’t help myself when I saw it at Target last week so now I’ll have 6 months of FitBook goodness in my life.

    Looking forward to the next MizzFit box!

  10. Amazing that subscribers out of the country have received their box, and I still haven’t received mine. My tracking number has said “label created” for over a week. I have made two emails (they don’t give a Ph #) to customer service, both unanswered!

    I am really disappointed in my first box.

    • Hi Greta,

      There is a customer service email that’s pretty easy to find from what I know. Otherwise please email me at [email protected] and I will connect you with someone who can help you. Thank you, Bianca Jade

      • Thank you, Jade. I have forwarded my emails to that address. I am looking forward to your next box.

        You sure are taking the punches on here. I have always said that anyone can look good when things are going easy. It’s under stress, trials, and tribulation, that what a person is made of really shows. It is an opportunity to let the world know what you are made of you. You are shining, girl!

      • Hi Greta, I will have you taken care of by the afternoon PST tomorrow which is when Quarterly will get my email/message about your box. If your box has been lost, I will personally mail you the one that comes to me and you can ask Quarterly for a full refund. And thank you for the kind comment. I don’t mind admitting I messed up…but I just appreciate the chance to make it up to everyone. Because I know I can do it 🙂


  11. This box is disappointing! With exchange and shipping it cost me 100$. I expected more. And i feel let down. As a student my money is precious. As i am sure it is for many people as well! I went by what Bianca said and splurged and got this box. Big mistake.

  12. How about a special edition dance themed box? Do you think you would be able to do that? Would there be enough people interested if Bianca Jade could?

    • A dance-themed box sounds really fun, especially as an extra box (the way the clean slate box was). Let me talk to Quarterly about that and see what they say. I have a call with them tomorrow! xoxo, Bianca Jade

  13. I too was disappointed there wasn’t anything additional to the box especially since with the exchange rate and shipping this box cost me 100$. I still love and will use every item in the box and will continue supporting Bianca because she is honest and I still believe in her. Quarterly would be stupid to get rid of her as in my opinion she is their best curator. (Excluding you Liz!)

  14. Ok so I was pretty disappointed that the spoilers were the box with no other item added. BUT, even though I swapped the fitbook and socks, I am in love with the mascara and strawberry scrub!! The mascara didnt budge an inch through 2 intense crossfit workouts!!! I was shocked! I have used the scrub everyday and it feels like such a treat because it smells awesome! And I was able to swap for some great stuff! I am a total tomboy but I actually had a ton of fun wearing the mascara to workout. I’m hooked.

  15. Hey, I just checked and I got waitlisted for this box. Hope a spot opens up soon =)

  16. Oh no! Bianca’s box is waitlisted. Was it waitlisted before it shipped? Usually it’s bad news if it is waitlisted afterwards. I love her boxes. I want a MIZ07!!! I was checking to see if a different box might ship soon and saw that.

    I think Bianca still gave us an excellent value for the box. I’m not able to use the beauty items, but am enjoying everything else. It can’t be easy to have a brand pull out at the last minute and must be difficult to find a company willing to give 1000+ units on a short notice. I wrote a 1000+ because someone blogged they needed a 1000 people to sign up so she could be a curator.

    I haven’t seen all her boxes, but the last 3 or 4 look great. This isn’t the norm. I think it is good to support women-own businesses (MizzFit) and be understanding when things don’t go right. Despite everything, she still hit a value of around $100.00 which is more than what I see in some of the other Quarterly boxes.

    • Hi PA Anna, too kind to me as always! The box is not waitlisted! It’s a GO. I already started working on #MIZ07. I’m working EXTRA HARD on this one to deliver what I usually do + more to make up for last box. Excited for it all to come together! xoxo, Bianca

      • I’m relieved and happy 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next one!

      • Wow, that’s really great (sarcasm). I get to spend another $50 so you “might” be able to make it up to me. You really should have told your subscribers BEFORE shipment that what you wrote on here under your spoilers wasn’t going to come to pass and that the value you promised just wasn’t going to be there. Instead, total SILENCE. And here you are again, hyping your next box!

        Your statements promising more induced people to purchase – at a time when Quarterly changed their return policy – so it really affected your subscribers in a negative way. Unlike others, I wasn’t wowed by your spoilers, but was willing to give it a shot based upon (1) your statements that the box would contain more and (2) the strength of your prior boxes.

      • Heidi,

        I just read your last angry message. I hear you and think the best thing for you to do is unsubscribe. Personally I don’t appreciate your negative energy and I’d much rather design a box for everyone on here that is enthusiastic about fitness & health. I’m sorry to see you go but I’m sure there’s a better box for you out there that will meet your needs. As a curator, the only way I can give more and make my subscribers happy is by being a part of network with positive and open communication. I don’t mind honest feedback (that isn’t always complimentary) but I believe attacking or kicking someone while they’re down is wrong. My fit-philosophy is based on supporting each other as women and raising each other up. Right now, I’m trying to make the last box up to everyone and I’m very thankful to all the women on here who continue to believe in me and will give me another chance to do that. It inspires me to do better and deliver more. And right now I am really pumped up and excited about it. That’s the secret to all of our success: POSITIVITY & STRONG SUPPORT NETWORK. I wish you well and thank you for giving my box a try even though it didn’t work out for you. –Bianca Jade

      • Bianca, thank you for your very thoughtful reply to my post further down. I really appreciate you taking the time to give such an in-depth explanation of how the shipping of the box came to pass and I sympathize with your predicament. I also really appreciate your efforts trying to increase the value of the box for us by getting the Booya subscription extended for an additional month. As to your comments above, I completely understand your point of view and I hope you’ll accept my sincere apology for the offense. You have been very gracious to even your most ardent critics. You are right that your prior boxes were AMAZING and I hope you continue to experience even greater success in the future!

      • Hi Heidi, Thank you. I think the important thing here is that we’ve all heard each other out. And I do want you to know, all of this has made me work 3X as hard already on the upcoming Q-box. Soooo, as much as I lament what happened and the actions I didn’t take, I am happy that all of this is lighting a very hot fire under my tush to put together something extra special for everyone. xoxo, Bianca Jade

  17. This seems like a great box. I don’t see any reason to complain.

  18. Wow, another Quarterly box not worth the price. Unless Liz decides to come back I am officially done.

  19. I am disappointed because the curator was so adamant that we have faith and then didn’t come through. The box itself wasn’t “bad” there was just so much buildup and then after the boxes sold out Bianca was suddenly quiet instead of posting excitement like previously. It was suspicious so I was expecting a let-down. I wish I had been able to get one of her earlier boxes instead-those were great and the value was awesome! I’m very hesitant to try again. Also, how do we exchange for the M/L socks?

  20. I really like this box, despite thinking the spoilers weren’t all of the items. I will certainly use every item. Luckily the socks fit me great and Barre classes are my favorite so they will get used immediately. This is the only quarterly box I’m still receiving, and I’m excited to keep subscribing. Thanks for your honest replies and explanation bianca.

  21. This actually looks like a pretty awesome box to me. I’ve never bit on a Quarterly box yet, because they seem so variable in quality (almost went for the MSA one, but just ended up swapping for what I wanted), but Bianca’s all look pretty great. Might not be able to resist any longer… especially since I do my best to avoid spoilers, so I usually don’t have to worry too much about being disappointed on that front.

  22. Typo on my last comment posted btw. I meant to say “I have a call with a company on Wednesday”. Not sure what happened to that sentence while I was typing on it, lol!

    Bianca Jade

  23. Love this box! The only bad thing is having to wait 3 months for the next one 🙁

  24. Kudos to Bianca for being quick and honest in answering the comments. While this fat old lady wouldn’t be into a dance box I will definitely watch out for her boxes

  25. Quarterly Co, if you are reading this, I would rather have a box delayed and wait, than to be shipped a box that is not the curator’s complete vision. If it were MY name and reputation going out on that box, I would want it to my exact specifications.

    You’ve got a good concept going here, but your business practices are disappointing both your customers AND curators. Trust in their judgement. Fans of the curators will stay loyal to the curators when they deliver what’s promised and true to their brand.

  26. Bianca Jade here again. One more thing. If all of you who continue to subscribe unanimously want a DANCE-THEMED BOX, I will give you that for the next mailing. I know there’s been a lot of interest in that, and I’m ready to deliver on it. Just want to make sure people are into it. Thinking of doing accessories, music, dance class type combo. If you have any ideas you want to shoot past me, feel free to email them to [email protected]. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. Like I said, I am sorry and my goal is to make the next box my redeeming one. Just make sure Quarterly keeps me on board! xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • Yay!! I can’t wait!! SOOOO excited for this!

    • I would looove a dance themed box, especially if it appealed to multiple forms and conditioning methods / accessories for dancers. There are so many possibilities!! I totally trust your judgment for themes!!! Thank you for all you do to help keep me motivated to not only move, but to try new things.

      • Hi Tracey,

        So unfortunately I received a ton of emails from people saying they don’t want a dance-themed box. So I’m going to listen to the majority of folks and create something that’s focused on fitness but provides more of a variety to suit everyone. However, I have a call tomorrow with a company that provides really cool cutting edge fitness classes for home-fitness on Wednesday, and it looks like they offer dance classes. I’m researching it all tonight because I want to make my dance-lovers happy as well while providing workouts for the others. Also, I talked to Quarterly and they understand my goals for this upcoming box. I think April is going to be AWESOME and my goal is to make all of you happy. Thank you for sticking with me. Keep emailing me too as I read and consider all your thoughts and suggestions!

        Bianca Jade

      • I would *love* a dance-themed box! I’d be happy with at home dance fitness classes, too. Being a SAHM, I don’t get a chance to go out to classes, but I’m thrilled for more things to do from my home! 😀

      • Hi Bianca,
        So I guess I understand if you have to make a more general box to “make up” for this one. My request would be then to save the dance theme for a later box like #8. There are a bunch of us who have been asking for a dance box for a few boxes now and I understand if it can’t be the next box but maybe after that. I just don’t want to see the theme diluted into other boxes.

      • I’ll figure out how to try and make everyone happy 🙂 My concern is that after I posted about doing a Dance themed box, I received nearly 25 emails in my inbox from people saying they did not want that. I have to listen to EVERYBODY and take everyone’s needs into consideration and make the best decisions from there. Mostly because ALL OF YOU are important to me. Don’t worry, I will figure this out.

        Bianca Jade

    • A dance themed box would be awesome. I was on a dance team in school (many years ago) and have always wanted to get back into it. So, DVDs/online courses etc would be awesome. I don’t drive and where I currently live doesn’t have public transit (and taxis won’t come out to where I live as they say it’s too far, or they’ll come pick me up but then I’m stranded for a way back).. sucks I know. So I’d be looking for something to do at home at the moment. =)

    • I would be onboard for a dance themed box too (said as a non-dance person). As far as I’m concerned dance is a trend in fitness right now anyway with Barre and Zumba classes, both are things that I would be interested in working into my regular workout routine. Not that I’m personally interested but one of my friends has done pole dancing and belly dancing themed workout classes too – which she raves about, btw. Seems like there are a lot of possibilities to make a really interesting dance themed box and get outside of my workout comfort zone. My first thought when I hear dance is always ballet, but that’s probably because I’m a mom with two little girls in ballet classes. 🙂

  27. I’m still excited for this box. The value is still there for me, and I will use all of the items. I don’t agree with the whole “she should have told us” argument, as it is a surprise box. I do agree that they expectations based on the spoilers meant that Quarterly should have or should still make it up to us. Especially since they announced the change in return policy so close to the launch of this and I’m sure several other boxes.

    I’ve had other sub boxes send out an additional late item or substitute before. I don’t think this is Bianca’s fault at all. She does an amazing job. It does make me question Quarterly management. First the super delayed Nina box, which ended in me canceling that box completely… And now possibly not allowing one delay to allow a box to meet expectations? Weird. Questionable.

    But again, I’m happy with this box, and wouldn’t have returned it even if we still could.

  28. Hi everyone,

    I think Liz’s review of my box is accurate. I think all the responses here are accurate too. If only you knew how much stress this box caused me with brands being on the fence, making us think they were in and then deciding not to be. I wanted more time on this box because I hate delivering something that feels unfinished. I had no choice. Quarterly told me NO. They knew I wasn’t satisfied with it but gave me no other choice. I expected all of this feedback and I’m heartbroken over it. I even told Quarterly that I expected to lose subscribers because of it. I just sighed writing that. I will always be honest with you guys, and it’s my fault that I didn’t warn you about what happened. I expect to make it up to all the subscribers that stay on board with my next box. I’m exchanging all socks for larger sizes for people who the 5-7 size doesn’t fit. This is something I’m not supposed to do, but I don’t care, I’m doing it. I have responded to all the comments people have shared on social media too…with honesty. I was taught that when you let people down, the best way to address it is own up to it. So that’s what I’m doing. I apologize that this box was not the box that past boxes were and the next one will make up for it. That’s if Quarterly keeps me on. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for all your support and feedback. I appreciate EVERYTHING you had to say, even the negative. xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • Bianca, you have been great with responding to questions/concerns, and I love how interactive you are with your subscribers. Hang in there!!!

    • I really appreciate your honest response. I’ve been on the fence about subscribing to your box, and I’m signing up right now. Snags and hiccups like this happen with individual boxes (though we all wish they didn’t), but a caring, hard-working curator behind the box is what makes a subscription succeed over time. I look forward to receiving your next box. Hang in there & keep up the good work!

    • This comment right here is why I will continue to support you. Once I factor in shipping to Canada and the exchange rate (SO bad right now!) it’s not the best value for me. I’m super excited about a lot of these items though and I can’t wait to see what your next box brings. From what I have seen from you I have no doubt that you will make up for it. You’re full of integrity and you seriously inspire me so much! From the small bit that I have gotten to know you through your website and Instagram I know how much this must be killing you, especially since you were aware and weren’t able to do anything to change it. I love how transparent you are with all of this. Looking forward to the next box :). I’m also going to be stealing your comment here to put on my blog post when I do my review if you’re okay with that.

    • Well done Bianca! I’m not even a subscriber to yor box, but your honesty and transparency regarding this box is really refreshing! Thank you!

  29. I for one love Bianca and think this box is great. I didn’t know about the spoilers or promise of extra items so had no other expectations. The value is there and the items are interesting and helpful. I think people need to give bianca a break! We know from Liz how stressful it is to be dealing with the curation and vendors. Also, bianca’s last box went out in NOV, so technically , she didnt have the 3 months to get this next box out. Also, i remember everyone on here bitching away when all the quarterly boxes were being dealyed and delayed in the fall (Ninas august box went out in dec). But bianca’s went out on time. She is a great curator, with a great box, and im happy with this one and look forward for next one. Bianca is very receptive and if you have suggestions, I’m sure she’d love to hear it. But saying shes shady for not producing this “other item” is not fair when she obiously was upset when the vendor backed out. And including another item is not realistic when you think of how many boxes she sends. In any case, I’m happy, and look forward to future boxes (when quarterly changed their return policy I cancelled 4 boxes and only kept Bianca’s cause she is the only one I have fait in)
    On another note, Bianca if your reading, any hints on when we might get our dance theme box?

  30. I was disappointed at first. I was expecting more ( the value of this box should be $200, not a bit over $100) But then I read what happened and that Bianca was devastated and will try to make it up for us in the next box . That is ok, it can happen and she could not stop the box from shipping. I love and will use all the items in this box so I am happy!

  31. I think it’s kind of unfortunate that this happened (and that some of the attention on it is partially my fault)…based on Bianca’s instagram comments about the box being worth $200 and comments here, I was definitely thinking there would be one more item or that the Lucy item wouldn’t just be a coupon. But if I hadn’t had any expectations about the box and this just arrived on my doorstep, I would have been super happy with the box. Bianca is one of the best curators quarterly has (perhaps THE best now that you aren’t there going for the tie, Liz), and I think that most people who don’t have a close eye on the spoilers like we do would be happy with the box. I was the one who asked Bianca on twitter if something was missing, and I feel bad for having the conversation on a public forum because I wouldn’t want people who wouldn’t have felt cheated otherwise to now feel upset. Everything Bianca has said to me leads me to believe that 1) she tried her best to fight for us on this matter 2) she cares about the subscribers’ opinions very much and 3) she will make it up to us next round.

  32. Its probably not that easy to just add a product at the last minute. This looks like a pretty good box, but I could just have low expectations when it comes to subscription boxes. Good curation, breaking even or more than I paid on value and quality products equals a win for me.

    I know I may be one of few though…

  33. Thank you for the review, and agreeing with most of us about being disappointed. I also highly agree she should’ve posted an update about the company that pulled out. Not everybody follows on twitter and/or they aren’t on twitter enough to see all comments. I’m in this field, although I have twitter, I use it probably once a week. I feel she should’ve posted an update or e-mailed all the subscribers about the issues she had. I read on MUT that she tried to delay the box since the company pulled out and wasn’t allowed to do so.

    I will use everything – and have been minus the fitbook as I was waiting for a new month. The strawberry smells wonderful and I like the mascara tube, now it’s been a long time since I’ve used makeup so the tube is unique too me. All in all, I’m pleased with the box, minus the disappointment because of issues outside of Bianca’s control.

  34. It would have been nice if Bianca had let everyone know that her earlier comments about the spoilers were not correct but from the twitter exchange it sounds like she tried to get Quarterly to delay the box so she could add an item but they said no (probably not wanting people to unsubscribe because they were upset about delays).

    She’s my last remaining quarterly sub – like Liz, she seems to really work to put together a box that’s a good value for her subscribers as well as having good products that fit a theme. She managed to deliver a box with twice the value we paid for it even without the last missing big item.

  35. I don’t feel ripped off with this box. Looking at the other curators on the Quarterly site, I feel like this box suited me well and had great value. Plus, I get to try things I’d never find on my own. I’ll use everything in the box with the exception of the Fitbook, which I might use. I have a set routine with workouts and eating and don’t need more motivation. Bianca has my personality which is why I chose her. I almost bought the socks before I received the box. I’m glad I didn’t because now I have them! The total value is still higher than the box price, so I still came out on top. Who knows, maybe she’ll make up for it in the next box!

  36. so so glad I did not get this. I would have been really disappointed. If someone pulled out then I agree–she should have told everyone AND added something

    • Yes, she should have told everyone, but she chose not to, which I consider to be poor ethics. She knew she hyped the box and that her representations were not going to come to fruition. Why not be honest with her subscribers?

      • Heidi,

        Actually I never chose not to do anything. I run several businesses on top of curating this Quarterly box, and I’m a TV host. I just happen to be busy. The brand that pulled out of the box literally pulled out 2 days before the box shipped. I found out at the last minute. Unfortunately I do not pack these boxes myself. They ship out from a warehouse in California. Much of what happens after I design the box happens without my knowledge because it’s the work that Quarterly does. So sometimes I am in the dark. I always check-in and approve everything once it’s ready but I never intended to hide anything from anyone. I have learned my lesson from this box, though, and I plan on making the next one extra amazing. However, to be attacked so harshly as if I wanted to harm my subscribers or rip them off or mislead them in any way is not cool because that is not who I am. I care so much…which is the reason why I read all your comments. Believe me, it can be hurtful at times especially when some of you write mean things here and then then me personal emails that say something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I realize this is your sounding board but please know I use it to design the best box I can for all of you, as well as to get to know you. Someone who has bad intentions would never do that. I just hope you realize that all my boxes up until now were GREAT…this one wasn’t as good…I own up to it…I will fix it. I hope that satisfies most of you. I am working hard on it. Thank you for reading and understanding my side of things 🙂

        Bianca Jade

  37. I feel a little ripped off with this one. It DEFINITELY should have had another significant item in the box. I never consider a coupon a significant item.

  38. I’m glad you made mention of her comment. I wasn’t a subscriber and almost jumped based on her confident response to the spoiler skepticism. I’m really happy I didn’t. It would have been super annoying to be unable to return with Quarterly’s new policy. Very fair review!

    • We paid for a full curation. If a vendor pulled out, she should have help the box and added an item.

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