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Bianca Jade #MIZ06 Quarterly Box Spoilers!

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We have #MIZ06 Bianca Jade Quarterly Box spoilers! (Thanks Anna(s) for the heads up on the Facebook spoilers, and Bianca also shared some extra spoilers for MSA readers!

The theme for the #MIZ06 box is Clean Slate –Β items that help subscribers “recharge from 2014 and set new goals for the new year in style.”

FYI – you can still sign up for this Quarterly box if you are interested – Bianca posted on Facebook today that there are 50 boxes left.

Here are the spoilers so far:

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.31.55 PM


fitbook by fitlosophyΒ 

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.32.12 PM

ChristenMichel Glow Strawberry Crush Skin Polish & Brightener

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.32.03 PM


1 Month Booya Fitness membership

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.02.53 PM


MizzFit for Pointe Studio Grippy Sock Set


Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just received my box and I’m very, very disappointed. Bianca came on this site (see below) and implied there would be more items in the box. I don’t consider a candy sample and a 15% off coupon to really add any “wow” factor to this disappointing array of products. She never should have come on here and made those statements. To add insult to injury, although Quarterly notified us they were changing their shipping policies, I didn’t cancel what looked to be a mediocre box based on Bianca’s statements. Now I wasted $50 and can’t return the box. Thanks, Bianca!

    • I haven’t received my box yet but I am very disappointed based on what other people have said is in their box. This is my first bianca jade box as well as my first quarterly box and I have to say its very upsetting that we were told that there would be more and to have faith. And even if a company pulled out at the last second you can always find something to add no matter what you have to do so that you don’t look totally unprofessional. Also, here is another idea don’t list everything in the box and then tell people they are merely spoilers when the only two items remaining have no value.

    • I 100% agree, Heidi!!! What a complete and utter let down after Bianca posting her comment, which I read before I ordered. I will NOT order this one again.

  2. I agree that the value isn’t there compared to her other boxes, but what I did get I loved. It’s one of the rare boxes where I’ll use everything. Really happy to see that barre socks are becoming more fun–and they are nice and thick so they should last awhile. And the fitbook is perfect for keeping me on track during the new year. I don’t think I’ll wear the sports mascara during a workout–but can definitely see using it in those humid summer months.

  3. Got my box today and glad to see others had the same disappointment I did. One, thought from her comments there would be more and two, you cant use the coupon for sale items. I only signed up because I thought there would be a little more value to the box. Swapping the fitbook and socks. I am super excited about the mascara though!

  4. This was my first box with Mizzfit and while I really like what is in there, I too was disappointed mainly because Bianca had said that there would be more. The spoilers were exactly what we received + candy and a coupon that isn’t high enough in value to be useful for me. I have been so looking forward to this box, wondering what else was in there, and it was a little anticlimatic. The value isn’t as high as usual as well. That being said, what Bianca did send has potential to be really helpful in starting out the new year. So kind of a win?

  5. USPS surprised me and delivered my box today! I can’t wait to start using the FitBook and the Booya. I was pleasantly surprised to receive 2 pairs of socks. I’m going to give my older son the Supercandy for his track meets. I am unsure if I can use the scrub because I am allergic to strawberry and can’t use the mascara, but they will be easy things to give away. I am accustom to not being able to use a lot of beauty items in sub boxes and expect it to happen.

    I’m happy with my box. There is that slight tinge of disappointment because of expecting a little more from Bianca Jade’s previous post, but I will enjoy most of the items I received. I think based on her tweets she had to ship. I can’t imagine it would be easy to find a 1000+ units on short notice to replace the company that dropped out last minute. Liz had posted that it can be difficult to find vendors that can meet the deadlines. Even with all of that, Bianca Jade still gave us a box that exceeded in value of what we paid for it. Plus I like the items πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to see the theme for the next box!

  6. I just received my box. As a few have said, I’m a bit disappointed, mostly because of what Bianca was saying in comments. The only additional items were the Lucy 15% coupon card and a single pack of Caramel Super Candy. The coupon card says it’s for regular priced items only, while Bianca’s letter says it’s for SALE items as well.

  7. I just received my box and while I do like the contents which were all the spoilers I was expecting some thing more than the only additional item which is a 15% off coupon code for a purchase on

    My disappointment comes from the post here by Bianca to have more faith that there would be more than the spoilers in the box… Yes, there was more, more by way of a 15% off coupon code which isn’t that great of a coupon but it was implied by Bianca that there was more value to the box than the spoilers and a coupon code for which I still have to pay 85% of what I buy is not more value. I just think if you are going to ask people to have faith that there is more to the box than the spoilers then you should probably deliver something more than a 15% off coupon.

    • Agree, that is disappointing… plus Bianca said in some interviews value is going to be around $200. But I would say the value is rather over $100.

      • Hmm…that wasn’t quite what I am expecting based on her comments below. I’m still going to enjoy the box.

        • I agree I will still enjoy the box. My disappointment stemmed from the comments Bianca made that there was more and I was excited and anticipating what else would be included only to be let down with nothing. If she wouldn’t have posted there was more I wouldn’t have been expecting and anticipating more.

          • I feel bad for Bianca. I read on MUT and then checked on her Twitter that a brand pulled out at the last minute. It has to be hard to ship a box that isn’t the way you planned it.

            My box should arrive on Saturday. I can’t wait!

          • If a brand pulled out at the last minute, a substitute item should have been included. If it took more time to negotiate the deal, fine (I’d rather shipping be delayed and get a better box), but it’s unacceptable to tell people there will be more items in the box and then not deliver on that promise (and yet still charge consumers full price). If Quarterly still had the satisfaction guaranteed return policy, I’d return this box based on principle. I just don’t think it’s ethical to do this; it’s like bait and switch, but there’s just enough uncertainty (it being a surprise box and Bianca Jade never revealing what else was in the box – even though she implied there was a significant amount of value in extra surprise items) involved that Quarterly will get away with it. This and the Moxie Box debacle have really put a sour taste in my mouth concerning subscription boxes (and really businesses in general!).

          • I agree. I feel it was misleading to state that additional items would be included in the box, and that the box would have a value of around $200. That said, I’m SO excited to use the fitbook and feel like a Bianca did a great job curating a “Clean Slate” box. When I saw the spoilers (i.e., the entire box), the only product I wasn’t excited about was the face scrub due to having sensitive skin. After doing research on almost every ingredient in the wash, I was so pleased to discover that it contains some really great ingredients! I really appreciate that Bianca included a product like this in the box. And the socks are so comfy and cute. Overall, I’m pleased with the box, but not thrilled. For $50, I feel it needed one more item or an additional free month of Booya to really be a great box (I don’t count the Booya trial or 15% Lucy coupon as part of the box’s value, especially because you can sign up for a free 30-day trial directly with Booya).

  8. Was anyone billed today? It was supposed to bill on the 23rd which was perfect for me because I have 2 conferences to attend in the next 2 weeks = money going out. I’m a little nervous especially since 2 more curators I subscribed to are no longer involved πŸ™

    • Hi, I spoke with them today and they told me they are shipping early next week and that I would be charged then. I was hoping that it would be today as well!

      • Jess – Thank you for letting me know. It looks like a great box and I would hate to miss it!

        • Got charged today. I hope it arrives between the two conferences.

  9. I was at Target today and saw a book called Clean Slate: A Cookbook and Guide. Coincidence?

    • I should had added earlier:

      Happy Birthday Bianca!

  10. Now that Quarterly has changed their return policy, I am no longer willing to take a chance on their boxes.
    Due to the custom and exclusive nature of our Quarterly boxes, we are not able to accept returns. If you are unhappy with your box and are a subscriber, you may cancel your subscription at anytime. If you received a defective product or are missing a product in your box, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll gladly do everything we can do to resolve the situation.

    • Yes, that is so disappointing. . . Luckily Bianca usually post spoilers so if I know what’s in the box and I like it I will buy. Her boxes are great, I will still be buying. This box and MSA. The rest of Quarterly is going to be cancel… :-/

  11. I am so excited for this box. It’s my first official Mizzfit box. I ordered the last two boxes from last month in the Best of section of quarterly. Mine had the leopard print gloves and I wear them daily. My class time is the only time I get to spoil myself so I love getting dressed up in cute clothes and doing my makeup. Its part of the fun.This box is perfect for me! I can’t believe the value that’s in them as well.

  12. I’m so excited about this box!! Every time I read a review for Bianca’s boxes I always have regret that I’m not subscribed to her box, but because I’m kind of a fitness nut myself I always kind of keep myself well stocked on new things that look like they’ll help me stay healthy. Then I come across these boxes and there is always something else new that I could totally benefit from. This box is no different BUT this time I’m actually subscribed. YAY!!

    Everything looks great! Love the socks – I’ve been wanting to try a Barre class for quite a long time, I had a similar FitBook type of journal during my senior year of college and I was in such great shape while using it, new beauty products are always a yes for me and it’s a big reason why I do subs in the first place because I want to try new things and see if they improve my skin, look, life, routines & habits. So excited to get this box!

  13. Everyone is unique and have different ideas of what they would want in a box. I think Bianca Jade is doing an amazing job curating her boxes. In my opinion it’s the right amount of fun that you would want in a fitness box. People are being really harsh based on spoilers. Unfortunately it is impossible for her to please everyone. That being said, I really like everything in the box so far. I think she is doing an amazing job! And I believe she actually puts a lot of thought into her boxes. I can’t wait to get my box. I hope it’s shipping soon. I have a lot of work to do to get myself in shape this year and she is making it more exciting for me! I really hope it helps me get my butt in gear and make this my year!

  14. I hope this box is better than the Popsugar box. Please! Missed that box. Will there be more spoilers for MIZ06?

  15. Thanks for the spoilers! I’m super excited to receive my first box from Bianca. After looking at previous reviews I decided to subscribe, I’m glad that I did! I just stared the New Year off on the fitness train, working out everyday and watching what I eat. This subscription box will help out a lot, actually I wish it was available more frequently. Can’t wait to see what items I will receive in addition to the spoilers! Great start to a New Year thanks Bianca! I have faith!

  16. It is bad that I just want the box for the personal session? πŸ™‚ J/K! This is my first Mizzfit box, but I have been admiring them for awhile. I’m trying to lose 10 lbs and tone up so I am excited about the Fitbook. I also would love to try the socks and the online workouts! (I am currently doing p90x3 and workout at home so this will be perfect for me). I live in South Florida so I will definitely get use out of a sweat proof mascara. However, the skin brightener is just ehh for me (sorry Bianca!). I have sensitive skin so I would be too nervous to try it. I’d love to see some more spoilers though!

  17. These spoilers are great! not so great for my no-buy, but i did already plan to purchase either this box or the popsugar/target box. #miz06 won me over (partly because i already shop at target for fitness goods, and expected to get repeats) all of the bianca jade boxes look really well curated.
    the fitbook, exfoliator, and grippy socks look awesome, everything else for me will be a bonus πŸ™‚

  18. I just signed up for Bianca’s box. I can’t wait to get the fitbook and everything else in the box. So excited for a fitness box. Motivation to get fit and healthy!!!

  19. I love Bianca’s boxes. Every item is well thought out and it’s consistently well valued. I was thinking about getting a fitbook because of her blog now I don’t have to.
    Workout Wonder from one of her previous boxes is one of my favorite things ever now.

  20. These spoilers made me want to buy the box – so I did! I can never have too many work out socks and the one makeup product that I *never* go without is mascara! I am excited to receive the full box and see what other fun things will be inside! Thanks, Liz! As always you are a great well of helpful information πŸ™‚

    • Aw thanks!

  21. I think it looks great! I am especially excited about Fitbook, but I like all spoilers! Mascara will be also good for summer (I even wear mascara when I am taking kids to swimming pool ). Socks are cute and useful, I will try fitness membership, it looks so interesting! And I will use polish too. Great box if you ask me.

  22. hey Liz, any reason you never did a review of MSA02? I saw spoilers on Makeup Talk, but I’d love to see your full review.

    • It will be up this week!

      • Oh, good! I really liked the box and I have used everything in it.

  23. I have mixed feelings about this box. This is my first box from Bianca. I am excited to get the box but so far nothing really WOWs me like in all the boxes I missed out on. On the other hand, the items will come in handy.
    I always like getting socks, I was looking at the fitbook or another book like it. I don’t really wear eye makeup, but I’ll give this a try (I have a hard time putting eye make up on because I’m blind in one eye so can’t see what I’m doing most of the time). I always did like Mascara though. I watched a couple of the sample videos on Booyah and they looked interesting/enjoyable and different. So I can try the membership.

    My question is, is there a expiration date on the free month? As Bianca knows, I’ll be moving soon, so won’t be able to use it for a couple months at least. I can’t wait to see what else is included in the box (as according to her reply, there will be more!)

    • I just signed up – I think it’s really cool that you chime in here with comments!

    • Hi Valerie,
      Since you’re moving soon, I can ask the owner of Booya to give you a special code for later use if needed. I will check with her though and find out about the expiration date. Don’t worry, I will make sure you get the month! Bianca

      • Hi Bianca,

        Thanks so much for checking with them about an expiration date or for a special code I can use!

  24. Hi ladies. Wow! I’m surprised by your lack of faith in me. These are merely SPOILERS, of course it’s not the whole box. I have a great track record and my subscribers know that. I also think most of you will be WOW’d by the Booya Fitness program you’re getting. Perhaps I’ll have to leak more spoilers just to prove how awesome #MIZ06 is gonna be πŸ™‚ Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me and all the newbies on board πŸ™‚

    Bianca Jade

    • I have faith in you, Bianca! But if you are offering up more spoilers I’m not going to say no, haha.

      • More to come shortly, I promise! xoxo, Bianca Jade

    • I think the spoilers are AMAZING! I just ordered your subscription. Cant wait to get the box

      • I’m already excited, but whom am I to say no to more spoilers πŸ™‚

    • I had been wanting to try this box for a few months and these spoilers cinched it. Just ordered my subscription, so excited!

    • Oh snap! Bianca told you guys lol. Seriously I am super excited about this box. This is first box I subscribed to and it was because I really felt like it would keep me on track for my fitness goals. I really want to try that mascara so bad!!!

    • “Wow,” yourself. Although Quarterly changed their return policy right before your box shipped, I decided to have “faith in you” and I went ahead and let it ship based on your statement here that you might have to give more “spoilers,” implying there would be more items in the box. A candy sample and a 15% off coupon aren’t really enough to “wow” me further. So disappointed, and you shouldn’t have come on here and misled people. Shame on you for promoting your product on this site that way.

  25. I’m excited about the FitBook. I was looking online at something similar the other day. I can’t use the mascara because of my eye disease. I can see how it can be popular if you are working all day, working out before going home, and then having to take your kids to practice etc. It’s one less thing to worry about. Also where I live there is an emphasis to look good while working out so I don’t think there will be a problem giving away the mascara.

    • I was just looking at the Erin Condren fitness planner the other day, so this is perfect timing. And I’m really psyched that we’re getting both pairs of socks! I’m really glad I bit the bullet and signed up for this one – I just wish I had done it sooner. I think it’s clear that Bianca puts a lot of thought into her boxes, which isn’t always the case. (Present company excluded of course, Liz! πŸ™‚

      • That was the one I was look at, but now I will the Fitbook.

  26. I have to disagree with the negative comments. I think this is perfectly in fitting with the MIZFIT boxes, as I have gotten each of them so far and have loved them all.

    Mascara? And it’s sweat proof? Yes please. If it’s something she is recommending, then I am trying it. I often workout AFTER work, instead of before, or sometimes even both… having something that I know won’t run into my eyes is a win.

    The streaming workouts? I think it’s awesome. Yes, you can get a month free already, so guess what… now you can get two months free. Being that I don’t live in LA or NYC, I appreciate being able to take classes from top trainers in my living room. And each workout is fresh and new. I have tons of dvds because the nearest gym with classes is over an hour away, and I think they are great. More variety in your workouts is always better.

    The socks? Adorbs. She designed them personally with the studio, and as someone who likes barre, yoga and pilates, I will definitely use these.

    Skin polisher & brightener? Yes please. Looks like a great brand, will probably smell fresh and delicious… again, a win. I loved the Lanshin lip balm she included in another box (smelled like blood orange), which I now use regularly, so I’m hoping this will be another great find to add into my routine.

    The fitbook? I’ve used them before, repeatedly. They are brilliant and a perfect fit for this box. They last three months, which is perfect for goal setting.

    I can’t wait to see what is in the rest of the box, but I am happy with all of these spoilers! She has included a great variety of items in each box, with such thoughtful curation.

    In the future I would love to see a clothing or shoe brand come to their senses and realize she has a captive audience in this subscription… even for a coupon… half off a new pair of kicks or legging would be amazing, especially for a high-end brand (I’m looking at you Lorna Jane and Lululemon!), but also for easier to locate brands like Nike and New Balance. I think also a sweat-proof (and good for you) sunscreen for summer would be perfect for the next box. No slip headbands (I can never find the right one)? Maybe another dvd set like Kettlebell Kickboxing or Pound Fit? I don’t know, all I know is, this is my favorite subscription πŸ™‚ It’s the only one aside from Golden Tote that has kept me interested enough to continue box after box.

  27. Not really impressed with this box. But since Quarterly lets you return boxes, no questions asked, I may let it ship so I can see the full box in person. I am hoping there is going to be something more in there as well.

  28. If you go to the Booya web site it looks like they offer a month free anyway (reg. $9.99) so that doesn’t really add much value to this box.

    • Correction: to get the month of Booya for free on their website you have to give them your credit card and you will be charged for subsequent months if you don’t cancel in advance. With my Booya exclusive 1-month membership card you bypass that and don’t have to enter your credit card info. So after you finish the month, there’s no risk of being charged for anything! This was an important thing for me as I’ve been tricked before into programs that charged me without my even knowing!

  29. This box is awesome!! Some of you ladies do not realize that sweatproof mascara is so hard to find. Why not look cute while working out

    • My personal motto is that if I look good after a workout, I’ve done something wrong.

      The mascara may be great for summer, but at the gym it’s not going to do much to distract from the streaming sweat, tousled hair, and red face that follows a really productive session.

    • Agreed, I love mascara, and I love it for me… no girly shaming here πŸ˜‰

  30. Why include a mascara in a fitness sub? That seems to emphasize the insecurity women already feel while working out. I dunno, it just doesn’t go well with the other things to me.

    • This isn’t just a fitness sub though, it’s a fitness fashion sub. Bianca’s whole schtick is that if you look cute when you go to the gym, you are more motivated to go. I genuinely think she believes in making women feel more beautiful and confident, not emphasizing insecurities. I’m heading to the gym either way, but all of Bianca’s goodies do enhance the experience for me πŸ™‚

      • I agree with Laura, this is perfectly in line with Bianca’s Style Up to Shape Up motto. It’s a positive cycle. Workout, feel good, buy products to help you look good, which motivate you to continue to workout, etc etc.
        The mascara is perfect for those that workout right after work and although we probably should wash our makeup off before working out, many of us don’t have time for that.
        I don’t always use everything in her boxes, but because they’re almost always a full size/full retail product, they make perfect gifts.

  31. While I have enough mascara to sink a ship, I can never have too many socks, and the rest looks good to me too. I’m intrigued by the fitbook.

  32. This would be my first Bianca box and I’m not impressed. Nothing wows me and I’m disappointed with the socks and mascara.

  33. I don’t know how I feel about this….

    This is my first Quarterly box and the most expensive box I’m currently signed up for. The fitbook looks interesting but I don’t really need more socks or makeup products. That’s what I have ipsy for.

    I hope a little more comes in this box. Otherwise, I may have to cancel it. Can I cancel a Quarterly box??

    • Yes, you can cancel a quarterly box. I know because I just did. I love the socks actually, but the fitbook and the streaming service are items I know I won’t use. Mascara and the exfoliant are in so many boxes— I just don’t see things that will actually help me get off my behind and work out.

    • Although I haven’t done it before all quarterly boxes are returnable.

      This will be my first Mizzfit box and I’m not impressed thus far. I hope there’s more items in this box, hoping for full spoiler post. I may have to return my first quarterly box, the last few boxes had a pretty amazing value, wish I’d gotten those.

      Seems most quarterly boxes fall short in comparison to yours Liz! You’ve set a pretty high bar.

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