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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015

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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015 Box

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan beauty subscription box. It’s a great box if you’re looking to try out new vegan and/or natural beauty products.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Petit Vour

The Cost: $15 a month (Canada – $23 a month, Worldwide $30 a month)

The Products: Vegan and cruelty-free makeup and beauty minis.

Ships to: US, Canada and Worldwide!

Delivered via: USPS

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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included, and tips for using them.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015 Blush

Modern Minerals Eye Shadow in En Pointe – FULL SIZE! Value $12.50

RawSkinCeuticals Rose Creme Cheek Color – FULL SIZE! Value $15

This eye shadow is an exclusive shade made for Petit Vour subscribers. It’s a rosy shimmer, and I think it could work as a blush as well.

This cream blush is highly pigemented and easy to blend – I really like the formula. It’s listed as a rose color, but I think it definitely has some lilac undertones. It’s also mica-free, which seems to be pretty rare for natural makeup.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Jan 2015 Pure

100 Percent Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream – FULL SIZE! Value $8

EVOLVh SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner – 2.5 oz Value $7.65

I’ve actually purchased this 100 Percent Pure hand cream before – I fell in love with a few of their products thanks to sampling them through Birchbox and then went on a little 100 Percent Pure shopping spree! I think the cream formula is great – moisturizing without being greasy. The only caution I have with this hand cream is that the scent is pretty strong (and this is coming from someone who loves the scent of lavender!)

I’ve tried EVOLVh shampoo and conditioner before and love this natural haircare brand, but the SmartStart spray is new to me. I just tried it out on damp hair, and I like that it is a light, water-based formula – hopefully that translates to my hair being smoother but not weighed down!

Verdict: This month’s Petit Vour has a value of about $43. I think Petit Vour does a good job at favoring quality over quantity, and I’m very happy with the product selection this month and the size of the products. Plus 3 out of 4 items being full-sized is always a good thing!

What do you think of the January Petit Vour box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Can anyone offer advice on how to get points for reviewing products from Petit Vour? Is it really as simple as just clicking the star? I reviewed yesterday and don’t see my reviews, as being banked. Is this a new feature? Just curious.

    • Petit Vour’s process is not as easy as Birchbox’s. Did you see the option to “Rate this” item, and then did you have the ability to select a rating? If so, then you have done it correctly. Just make sure you are signed into your account first.

      It takes a few days to actually see the PV points added to your account. I rated my January items a couple of days ago, and my points haven’t been added yet. You won’t actually be able to see the itemization of your points, either – you’ll only be able to see the increase in total points on your account.

      • You actually can view your points history on PV’s website. Funny I never found this before. Just log into your account, click your PV awards balance link at the top right corner, and click the Points History link. Voila!

  2. Did anyone else get a full size Mr Bean Coffee Bean Scrub today?
    In a box by itself, no paperwork
    Is this some bonus because I’m nice LOL

    • Did you recently upgrade your subscription to six months, or spend more than $75 with them? I did the former, and got a similar package. No note in mine, either, but they did email to tell me it was coming.

      I’m not really fond of the scrub, unfortunately. It makes a MESS!

      • I probably did subscribe for a year. Thanks to Liz I now subscribe to a dozen boxes ! And before the beginning of December I had no idea about any of this!

        • I’m riding that train with you!

  3. I guess I may be the only one that was okay with the blush? lol It works okay with my fair complexion and dark hair. I learned that less is more with it. I use a stippling brush and it seemed to help “thin” it out. But I will agree that it is a more “lilac” color than rose. 🙂 As always, I like trying new brands and products so this box was a win for me overall!

    • I like it, too! I agree on the less is more thing. I experimented a little bit yesterday and a teeny tiny dab blended into my skin left a nice, subtle pale pink shade. I tried to build by adding more and it immediately looked purplish and quite scary, but I was able to easily wipe away the excess and get back to the rosy tint. Some have mentioned that their samples look purple even in the container but mine does not. It looks like Liz’s sample pictured above – a very light pink with only the slightest hint of pale purple. I also tried the shadow and I like it as well. It’s not a shade I would normally purchase but I found it added a nice, subtle hint of rose sparkle to my eyelids. A little goes a long way so I will get a lot of use out of it.

      • You know, I’ve found the same thing! Just a dab of this blush doesn’t look bad at all on my fair skin, as long as I don’t overdo it. And I really like the creamy texture and ease of blending it with my fingers.

        The eyeshadow is one of my new favorites. I’ve worn it almost every day this week.

        It’s funny how I thought that only warm brown and peach colors looked good on my skin. I’m glad Petit Vour includes a variety so I can try colors I never would have purchased for myself!

  4. I just tried out the blush today, and it seems to have very cool pink/purplish tones which looks horrid on my warm skin. It is a nice color though so I’m trying it out as a cream eyeshadow and blending it with a silvery eyeshadow. Still not the most flattering colors for me but I guess I’ll see how well it holds up either way.

  5. I’m curious about the blush color. I’ll have a chance in the next few days to check it out.

    • I really like both the shade and the creme formula. I have a lighter medium skin tone and it worked well with my coloring. It also blended pretty easily giving a very natural look. The shadow is also a great color, I’d call it a rosy bronze if there is such a thing and definitely didn’t feel like I looked like a corpse wearing it like some have mentioned. It’s not too shimmery and can work for day (and I work in a very conservative law office/court). The colors they send almost always work well for me since I don’t usually have issues with skin tone/product shades but I guess colors in the pink family can be tricky for those with fair skin.

  6. What about this box vs Goodebox?

    • Are you asking for a comparison? If so, I think that Goodebox generally leans more towards skincare products, while Petit Vour has more makeup products. Check out Liz’s past reviews for examples of what’s included in the boxes.

      Goodebox is slightly more expensive than Petit Vour ($19/month, as compared to $15/month), but the value is usually quite good. Especially recently…I think Goodebox has stepped up their curation.

      I subscribe to both, and like them so much that I recently moved to six-month subscriptions on both of them. That gave me a $2/month discount with Goodebox, bringing it closer in line with Petit Vour’s pricing (which remained the same).

  7. I have been subscribing to Petit Vour for at least 4 or 5 months. They are one of my favorites. I will use all the products this month but I agree with all the other comments, the blush is a super funky color. I am olive toned, light/medium and I can wear it over tinted moisturizer but it is still such an odd color in the pot. I love cream blush and use it everyday and will use this but the color isn’t my favorite. I don’t mind getting a blush again this month, I use last month’s also and that wasn’t my favorite either since I am not a huge coral fan but it blends nicely. Anyways, the hand cream was really nice and I will use the conditioner. I am not a fan of the eye shadow color, I don’t like pinked toned shadow because I think it makes me look more tired but I have it on today to try to see how it works. It did blend nicely. Overall I am happy.

  8. This was my first month and I’m very pleased. I’ve wanted a beauty box sub for a while and I’m so glad I went for this one. Like someone else said, I’ve subscribed to the Vegan Cuts Snack Box for a while but felt unimpressed by their Beauty Box.
    I have an allergy to dimethicone which is in 99% of hand creams so the hand cream alone is worth the price of entry. I’m totally thrilled with it!
    The blush. Oh, the blush. I was rather shocked by the blue in this pink – does anyone else remember CoverGirl’s ‘Ice Blue Pink’ lipstick at the drugstore? Why did we buy that? – but it doesn’t look horrible on me, and I’m very pale.
    This was a win for me and I hope to be the start of a beautiful friendship. 🙂

  9. Mmm. this box, is a mixed bag.That, blush…is frightening. It dried in seconds to a deep lavender/calamine lotion color. When I washed it off, it left a white zinc color finish, which then needed another good scrub to get rid of it. I have never thrown away a product before from a box. That was waste of money, and a waste of time from the lovely person who made it for Petit Vour. The color and consistency was so off–I am wondering if it was a bad batch. I have used the moisturizer, and conditioner before. So, I know those are great products for me. The eye shadow reads a little too “bruisey” (red/lavender) on my eyes–will pass onto a friend with darker skin, as it will probably look prettier on a darker complexion(I hope). Otherwise, still happy with this sub.

  10. Two months in a row of non-universal blush colors? Really? One more month on a gift sub from PV and then I’m done, at least for a while. I know I’m in the minority, but I have never received more than two items in any PV box that worked out for me. With a couple of boxes, I’ve liked nothing. The only thing I’m excited about this box is the hand cream.

    I also had a pretty epic customer service thing with them spanning weeks in November and December. They made it right in the end and were very gracious about their errors, but the whole thing left me feeling pretty unexcited about this sub. PV for me is Glossybox for everyone else (and actually, I’ve never had a problem with Glossybox!).

    • I’m with ya Emily. My blush was straight up purple. It didn’t even look at all pink. I already traded last month’s blush and hopefully can trade this one. For me another thing is having received 2 pink nail polishes that were practically identical in a 6 month time span. They really need to start customizing boxes based on skin tone and certain preferences.

      • I finally tried the blush after I left a comment here and realized what a strange blush color it is. It has that plastic barbie doll effect. Hmmm, not sure if I am a big fan of it. I notice that it does sinks in on the face and looks more natural after a while. Not sure if I would keep it. But I wish they didn’t do blushes two boxes in a roll. ~

      • Mine was… lilac. I checked the website and it’s supposed to be more of a rose color. I wonder if we just got a bad color batch.

        It’s been driving me nuts because when I wore it it reminded me of someone and I couldn’t put my finger on it. This morning I remembered (and if you ever watched Twin Peaks…) Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic!

        • Oh yes, I can see Laura Palmer in my mind! Awesome, because who doesn’t want to look like a corpse?

        • If that is a bad batch then wow the that’s a really bad batch. The color is sooooooo off!! =/

        • Petit Vour seems to think its the color its suppose to be or at least that’s the way the acted on their fb page when I asked. If I had ordered this blush from the company and got this color I would send it back because it is not rose.

  11. I was expecting to see the Lily Lolo Mascara from PV’s spoilers… a little disappointed but it was still a decent box for me. Maybe next month we’ll see the mascara?

    • Oh my goodness I had the same reaction! I was rather disappointed when I didn’t find the Lily Lolo Mascara in my box… =’/

  12. Oh my goodness I was so happy to see your review for this month’s Petit Vour because I just got my box right now!!

    This is my 2nd box but in all honestly I really like Petit Vour over Vegan Cuts (I also just received their 2nd box too). The products in Petit Vour feels more luxurious and fancy. For Vegan Cuts I cannot say the same. Their products are always small or mostly in sampler size and looks very cheap.

    -100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream: FULL SIZE
    I seriously needed something like this for the cold season. It smells so good. I will definitely put this in good use!

    -EVOLVh Leave-In Conditioner: SAMPLER (but a good sampler size)
    I never had something like this so I will definitely use this. Can’t wait to make my hair all soft.

    -Modern Minerals En Pointe Eye Shadow: FULL SIZE
    I am in love with this color and you can never get too much eye shadows. <3

    -RawSkinCeuticals: FULL SIZE
    I love how this is full size but here is the thing, they also gave out a Full Size Mineral Blush last month. But this is a cream blush so I guess that is the difference. Other than that I mean why not? It's definitely a different color from last month's blush.

    So yes! I am excited for Petit Vour's Feb. Beauty Box. I hope there is a V-day theme to it!!

  13. This will be my last box for a few months. I will fill out my survey when I sign back up. I can’t wait to try out the hand cream and conditioner!!!

  14. This is my 3rd box from Petit Vour and my favorite so far. I’m not sure all four items will work for me but at least they are products that I am interested in trying. The blush shade is unusual but actually works with my skin tone. The only thing I noticed is it made my skin dry, which is a bit odd for a cream blush. I also tried the conditioning spray and found it works well but has a pretty strong scent, which some might find undesirable. I’m excited to test out the lotion and eyeshadow and see how they fare. I love discovering new products 🙂

  15. I haven’t had a single month let me down yet and that’s a rare thing for me. In fact each box gets better. I’d much rather receive fewer items in favor of getting better quality products in larger sizes. They’ve done an amazing job at including full size items. For $15 I’m always impressed.

  16. I love petit vour ,it has quickly become my favorite subscription! Orlee, yes … I actually really like the blush. The color is different then anything else I own. Im actually wearing it right now!

    • Oh, good! I was intrigued by the color but bummed it didn’t work on me. I’m so glad it was a great match for others!

  17. Their customer service is WONDERFUL. I had to get in touch with them for a billing issue and they were friendly and really responsive. I trust them.

    The cheek color looked positively funereal on me. I have very fair skin with very dark features and it just wasn’t a healthy look on that complexion. It was so light that it highlighted every pore. Is anyone else able to rock this particular shade?

    I like the hand cream, though — the lavender fades into a simple, clean scent.

    • I agree with Orlee about the blush. It was a horrendous color on me. I felt like a porcelain doll, in a bad way.

      This was my first PV box and I have to say I wasn’t as excited about it as I thought I’d be. I am willing to try again though, as I love the idea of this box.

    • I didn’t like the blush either. I am pretty pale with dark features as well and it was just horrible. So disappointed they would chose such a shade.

    • I agree with Orlee on the blush. I’m blonde and fair-skinned, and this color just doesn’t work for me. Last month’s blush was a better match, but I agree with others that PV shouldn’t have included blushes two months in a row.

      I expected to dislike the eyeshadow for that same reason, but it actually works quite well with my skin tone. It’s lighter than it appears in the jar, and blends very well.

      I like the EvolvH conditioning spray, and think the fragrance is actually better than their shampoo. I know the shampoo’s fragrance is all-natural, but it’s a bit too floral for me. (Regardless, the shampoo is so good on my hair, I’m sure I’ll repurchase!)

      I’ve gotten a lot of hand creams lately, but this one by 100% Pure is nice. It sinks in quickly, and the fragrance dissipates quickly.

      I actually converted to a six-month subscription with PV earlier this month. While I may not like every product they include, I love the deluxe and full sizes they include, and I’ve found several great new products through this box. PV and Goodebox are my two favorites!

  18. I agree this company is consistently providing quality over quantity. Because of that I’m considering purchasing a second box.

  19. So glad I subscribed this month – this box looks great! One of the few boxes where I’m excited about everything and will use each product!

  20. I love everything about Petit Vour. Every month is consistent and their customer service is fantastic. I can’t wait for my box to arrive!

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