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Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review – December 2014

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Note from Liz: I’m so excited to introduce Anna as the newest MSA reviewer! We will now have amazing reviews of kid subscription boxes! Welcome Anna!

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Box

Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription for children ages 3-10 that focuses on eco-consciousness, science, and creativity. My younger son absolutely loves doing crafts, so we will definitely be trying any kits we can find that promise to teach him something as well!

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Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Inside

The Subscription Box: Green Kid Crafts

The Cost: $19.95 a month

The Products: 3-4 activity kits centered around a theme each month.

Ships to: US and Canada (Canada is $8 shipping)

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Theme

This month’s theme is geography! That’s wonderful because it actually aligns with what he is learning in school right now.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Info

The reverse side of the info card has some additional information on the theme, suggestions for additional resources for parents, and a spoiler for the following month’s theme.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Recipe

One of the activities listed for this month is a recipe book, but there’s nothing to create; it’s just a fold-out paper with five recipes listed. The recipes are from different countries, so it definitely fits with the geography theme! I will probably make one or two of these with my son, but my husband and children aren’t especially adventurous eaters, so it’s hard to tell how this will go. Neat concept, though!

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Supplies Game

The next activity was a beanbag toss game! These are the supplies they provided (we didn’t have to provide anything). We did one of these recently in a Kiwi Crate, so my son is already an expert at sewing / lacing up the little bags.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Game

This is what the finished product looks like. My son prefers this beanbag game over the last one we made for two reasons: first, he has just learned the continents in school and was excited to show off his new knowledge. Of course that was fun for his father and I too! Second, this map is a little smaller and more manageable than the poster we got from Kiwi Crate. On the other hand, the map caused me to raise an eyebrow. It basically outlines the continents and oceans, but not countries, lesser bodies of water, etc. Green Kid Crafts states that it is appropriate for children ages 3-10. This map was perfect for my 6-year-old, and I think it would be a fun way for a younger child to learn and get a head start in geography, but I think a 9- or 10-year-old would find it boring or too childish. It was perfect for us, though! This took us about fifteen minutes to complete, and then my son challenged his father and brother with it for about ten minutes. Fun!

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Supplies Flags

The next activity was to craft some flags to hang up in my son’s room. The instructions provide some examples of flags from different countries, but also encourage kids to be creative if they wish. These are the supplies that were provided; we only had to grab the scissors!

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Flags

Here’s the finished product, hahaha! The countries represented by these flags are, in order, Spain, Alien Head, Finland, Star Planet, and Japan. A classic alliance! So clearly, my little one took a mixed approach in creating existing and original flags. He took this project on almost completely by himself, and completed it in about 30 minutes. He would have done it all himself, but the backing on the blue sticky foam was a little stuck, so I had to help him.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Stickers

After my son completed his projects, I awarded him this cute sticker they included.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Bonus Lorax

Green Kid Crafts included two awesome bonus items this month! The first was this Lorax poster that has a checklist for saving energy around the house! We went through all their suggestions together and my son loves it. He is a huge Dr. Seuss fan! This went straight up on his wall.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review - December 2014 Bonus

The other bonus item is a $40 gift card to Hello Fresh! I have always wanted to try a cooking subscription, but unfortunately Hello Fresh does not deliver to my area, so I might try to swap this or send it to a good friend of mine who lives in their service delivery area. It’s a really generous gift, though, and I do appreciate the thought.

Verdict: Green Kid Crafts promises to deliver 3-4 activities per month, and I feel like this month they really only delivered two. They also delivered “starters” for two other activities (the recipes and the Lorax poster). Having said that, the activities that were included were educational and loads of fun, one was very creative, one was very educational, and I definitely felt like we got our moneys’ worth. Nothing this month was STEM related, but that’s fine with me as long as some months are. If you are looking for a subscription that is very heavily (or strictly) STEM-related, this might not be the perfect fit for you and your child. The Lorax poster was a big hit, as I mentioned, but I didn’t find anything else about this box to be particularly “green.” We are an aco-conscious family, and my husband and I are concerned about our footprint on our planet, so I was excited to try an earth-friendly subscription for kids! With children, it is often harder to be kind to Mother Earth, but it is also a good opportunity to plant the seeds of responsibility. I appreciated that the materials were separated for organizational purposes, but they were separated into plastic baggies. It seemed pretty wasteful and unneccessary in terms of eco-friendliness. Also, I was a bit disappointed to see that the box was not to be used in any of the activities. The baggies and the box went straight into recycling. Recycling is great, of course, but I like to try and reuse things as much as possible before recycling. These are pretty small issues, but I had higher expectations from a company with “earth-friendly” within its logo! Overall, however, this was a very fun box, and I think my son had a blast with it and learned some things along the way. It was fun for me, too!

What do you think of Green Kid Crafts?

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review, I really appreciate that. I wish Kiwi Crate were a little more eco friendly or Green Kid Crafts a little more thoughtful/better quality. Is there a third option I’m missing?

    • Hi Kate! How old is your child? There are loads of kids’ craft kits out there, most of which are listed in the box directory. I haven’t tried them all, but I’m sure I will over the coming months. Let me know if you see one you’re especially interested in!

      • My kids are 3 and 6. Any recommendations on a STEM box (or even just craft box) that is actually eco-friendly and with intelligent, original designs like Kiwi Crate’s? Sounds like both of these companies need some competition! I think we’ll hold off on subscribing at all unless you know of something better?

  2. We also got this box. Although my daughter really enjoyed it because she loves to bake and cook, it felt like the recipe book was a bit of a cop out when calling it an activity. It felt more like a bonus item. We did appreciate that it at least came with a cookie cutter to make the Linder tarts. I also noticed that it suggested using stickers to put the flags on the twine, but it didn’t come with stickers or tape. We had tape from all that wrapping over the holidays, so no big deal. Still this box certainly didn’t have “everything” we needed. Another difference I noticed was you got a gift card/coupon. We got a magazine that appeared to be cultural themed. I wasn’t really interested in it, so it got tossed into the bin.

  3. Great review, I agree with you that it felt more like 2 + suggestive items to make your own. I like this box but I think it’s too expensive to buy all the time personally. That-being-said. We had purchased a 3 month sub this summer and each of the boxes were jam-packed with options for my boys. I sparsed out the activities and still have activities for them. So this seems like an odd box to get. Sort of a downer too since I just did the Groupon deal for another 3 months hoping I’d get 3 more wonderful months that would bring in some amazing activities. The ones we received had a Weather felt project where the child can observe the weather and then do a sort Weatherperson report of it. It came with a full sized pastels set that I was seriously impressed with. Hopefully this is just an unusual offering.

    • Thanks Veronica! I saw their theme for this month is the Rainforest, and the sneak peek looked really good. Here’s hoping…

  4. Wonderfully written review, Anna!! You gave all I needed and more to think about in making decisions about which boxes might be right for my family. Kudos, I’ll be glad to read your future reviews. 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks Melissa!

  5. Great review. I’m excited to start seeing some more kid-centric reviews. This box seems is so similar to a box I got from Kiwi Crate about a year ago. That box had a map game and a flag making craft (out of felt, which I prefered).

    • Thanks Abbey!

  6. Congratulations Anna! I love this review. This is the type of detail that I need to decide if a box will be of interest to my 6 year old. I discontinued this sub because he hated it. I do think he would like this particular box.

    • Thank you so much, PA Anna!

  7. Great review Anna,THIS is the detailed typebof review needed for these kinds of boxes. With five young kids of my own I appreciate the time the review took. We recently cancelled green kids,it always felt like it was missing “something”.

    • Thanks Heidi!

  8. Thanks Liz! It’s great to be here!

    • Welcome, Anna! I enjoyed reading your detailed review. Very helpful for me to understand if my three kids would enjoy this box. Thank you!

      • Thank you Chris!

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