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Reader Review – Oui Please December Box Pictures!

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FYI – my Oui Please box has been delayed due to a label issue, so I won’t have a review until it arrives sometime next week. But – in super awesome news, MSA reader Emily has taken super detailed and helpful photos of her box to share with us! Thank you Emily!!

Oui Please Box 013

Oui Please Box 021

Oui Please Box 028

Oui Please Box 032

Oui Please Box 045

Oui Please Box 047

Oui Please Box 048

Oui Please Box 049

Oui Please Box 050 Oui Please Box 051

Oui Please Box 052

Oui Please Box 034

Oui Please Box 037

Oui Please Box 056

Oui Please Box 058

Oui Please Box 059

Oui Please Box 063

Oui Please Box 064

Oui Please Box 068

Oui Please Box 069

Oui Please Box 072

Oui Please Box 073

Oui Please Box 074

Oui Please Box 076

What do you think of the box? (FYI – Oui Please boxes will vary customer to customer, so your box may be different than this one).


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’d like to swap but I cant. I’m still just on the waiting list for swapping. Nothing has changed for a while.

  2. I have to say I am decently happy with this box, especially since I got the 20% off. My box was on the lower end of the spectrum value wise (389), so I reached out to see if they will meet their advertised value. I especially liked the Octobre 5 bracelet, just happens to be exactly my style.

    • Amanda, that’s a great idea. Will you let us know how they respond? πŸ™‚

  3. Received my box today and am extremely pleased. I had put in my sizes and after reading the comments early on was worried but did not receive an clothing which based on sizing could be a good thing. Received the Western Leather which is quite stunning and the truffle salt which I had hoped I would get. It does permeate the entire box though. I feel very spoiled and am glad that I signed up for the annual subscription. Can hardly wait to see what the next box brings.

  4. I got mine today. I have mixed feelings. My total value was $403. Most of the items in the box felt luxe to me, except for the Girls Don’t Cry sweatshirt, which is SO not my style, I would never wear it. (To be fair, it is soft and well-made and I’m sure some folks could pull it off, it doesn’t look cheap or anything.) And the listed value is $115, which is over 1/4 the total value of my box. I would have chosen pretty much ANYTHING else in their catalogue over that sweatshirt, so I feel a bit unlucky in the randomness of it all.

    Having said that, everything else is nice and useful. I did get 3 Southys products, which seems excessive, but my experience with Southys products so far as been excellent and 2 suncare items were included which is great because I’ll be in Mexico on the beach for the first 10 days of January. (YAY!!!) My only other complaint is that I received the Tassia Canellis earrings which are actually BEAUTIFUL, but I wrote in my comments that I do not have pierced ears so please include something else if possible. I will happily gift them, but I agree with what another user stated: this box seems more “random” than “customized”.

    • They told me they will not honor “no earrings”. It’s partly why I did not ordered the box. I think a higher price box that has different variations should be able to accommodate preferences. Same with people who don’t like or are unable to tolerate scents such as candles or perfumes. It must be unpleasant for them to open the box and also disappointing.

      It’s been interesting reading all the variations.

      • Ah, good to know. Well, I’m not all that bothered by the earrings. They will make a lovely gift for almost any woman I know. I’m more annoyed by the sweatshirt.

        • LOL. I seen pictures of the sweatshirt. I would be too. Beautiful earrings are a great gift.

  5. I am so happy with my box, I think that the fact that I subscribed for a year has a lot to do with it since I’m just paying $86 per box. This is what my box looks like:

    atelier cologne $25
    sothys peach and apricot vitamin treatment $39
    sothys peach and apricot mask scrub $31
    Morning cleansing $33
    myriam K anti frizz serum $50
    tassia canellis earrings in mint color $45
    1951 clutch (I got a beige with gold leopard print variation) $90
    leather wallet $40
    popup candle $35
    Spelt cake mix $10
    Tea Sprigs $5

    11 products for a grand total of $403, I’m keeping everything and I just swapped for the christian lacorix calendar and another atelier cologne since I loved the smell, the only thing I might swap is the clutch because I’m not a clutch person. For me this box is a win! I can’t wait for the next one.

    • Hi Ana,
      I’d be interested in swapping with you for the clutch. Let me know what you’re lookin to swap it for. Thanks!

      • How can I find the items you have for swap, I don’t know what I want but I would love to take a look!

        • Hi Anna,

          If you email me I can send you the link. I don’t think it will post on here I tried.
          Samariaford at hotmail.


  6. Did anyone else who got the truffle salt have the scent permeate their entire box? I have aired it out for 24 hours to no avail for the non-packaged items such as the scented stone, the business card case and the jewelry bags. I don’t know if it is just an issue with my salt, ie was the seal broken, or with everyone who got it. I have written to customer service about it… I do love the salt, it was the item I wantedthe most! Be careful what you wish for…

    • Yes! Mine was very strongly truffle scented but no broken seal and I’m just letting everything breathe! Have already had to reach out to them about my box value and a incorrectly sized sweater, I’d hate to add one more thing and it’ll air out πŸ™‚

    • Customer service is wonderful! They got right back to me and were very accommodating. They said they want to be sure everyone has a great experience. It is great to be valued- this will keep me subscribing!

  7. After so much excitement waiting for my box it finally arrived and i was disappointed…. i did not receive any jewelry pieces, notebook, skincare or clutch. i did receive a long sleeve fleece top size S when i had filled in my preferences on their website as L / XL for clothing.
    the items feel very random, granted they are all french but random non the less. I feel for a box of flour, small candle and other small items the value is not here for me. my assortment did not feel luxurious at all. i will be looking to swap most of them.

    • I wrote to the company, and I said that this is a box that people will either love or hate. At this price point, I’m in the latter category.

  8. Does any one have the information for the candle… I found a diamond in mine and someone mentioned that if you take a picture and post it that they will send you a necklace. I through out the packaging before I read someone’s comment on here! Thanks!

    • Wow congrats!!!

    • My package says:

      “Don’t forget to share the popup experience on our social networks. A picture posted with the diamond will win you a free candle and necklace.
      Instagram popupparis
      Facebook popupparis
      Twitter popupparis “

  9. Mine was valued at $426. My biggest issue with this box is that I have seen values of $360’s to $520’s. That is way to big of a difference. I only bought the first month, even though the year was a good deal. I just didn’t want to gamble on this. And my favorite place to go is a casino, but everyone has the same odds there and everyone loves money! I did not like most of my box and have already cancelled.

    • I believe my box was under $400.00, However if I received a clutch in a color that I would use, no sun care items and something in each category I’d be much happier no matter what the retail value I ended up with, honestly. I emailed them but I’m not sure they exchange items. If they do, then I will continue with them. Over $150.00 of my box value includes the 2 items that I’m most unhappy with. I don’t see the value for me to continue with this sub if this is to be what is expected. (I gauge this on products I will use and/or can gift out as a value to me, not the overall retail value).

      • UPDATE to my posting; Oui already responded to my email inquiry and I’m very pleased with the outcome, they have great customer service.

        • What did they tell you? The value of my box was well over $400, but I don’t see the item in every category- for example, I got the leather perfume as my big ticket item, but no apparel, and I think I was really looking forward to a french scarf or throw. Not sure what they were thinking, because only the les Petites items were apparel, unless they are counting the clutches, which I also didn’t get…

    • I do love what all I received but it is annoying to see I received one of the lower valued boxes, less items in the box than most, and I did not have something from each category as expected. I will update you all when I hear back from customer service.

    • the value of my box was $384 – i am very underwhelmed πŸ™

      • They emailed me back apologizing and asked if there was any piece of jewelry that I preferred them to send me, depending on stock.

  10. I’m really glad I waited on this box. They are calling their boxes customized, but what they really are is random. For this amount of money I want them to be either everyone gets the same thing, with size variations, or truly customized. Maybe they’re giving everyone different things to get subscribers to get the other items from their online shop?

    Perhaps they’ll get better in time. Let me choose not to receive sized items since I will never get into french sizes, silver jewelry instead of gold, and either not include multiple products from one brand or make better choices, and I would consider subscribing, but still probaldly wouldn’t. I think I just dislike their random too much.

  11. Comment

  12. For $120, after the discount, I expected to be wowed. I wasn’t. I got the giant leather perfume bottle, truffle salt, bracelet, earrings, CL planner, candle (didn’t care for the smell), 2 Sothys skin care items, the tea sprigs and the business card holder. I feel like I was cheated. I wasn’t overwhelmed by anything. I’ve already cancelled. Hope this months French box is a good one!

  13. Also got my box today! I wasn’t impressed when I first saw the contents in my box, but I liked this box after a closed look. I received a total of $397 products:
    1. Atelier Cologne -$25;
    2. Sothys makeup remover-$28;
    3. Sothys sun care soothing after sun body care -$45;
    4. Sothys gommage exfoliant -$34;
    5. Studio 78 eyeliner – $22;
    6. 5 Octobre Edgard gold bracelet- $56;
    7. 1951 large clutch in black – $90;
    8. Scented stone -$7;
    9. Popup candle-$35
    10. Olive oil spray – $40;
    11. Financiers almond mix -$10
    12. Tea Sprigs -$5

    I really wanted the earring and 2015 diary, but they’re not included. : ( I didn’t get the annual membership with the discount so I am not sure if I would continue this subscription for $150 per parcel.

    • I so wish to have received a black clutch or almost any other color than what I got, I got a bright green one which im not sure ill ever use actually, other than that your box is pretty much like mine. Not sure on continuing this one.

    • I’m interested in the clutch and candle Nd have the western leather perfume and diary for trade along with other items.

      • What color clutch are you looking for? I also need to figure out how to sign up for the swap site.

        • I’m open on color really.

  14. I was very pleased with what I did receive, but did email them because I did not receive something from every category. What I did receive: les petites paris grey wings sweater ($135), pop up candle ($35), le benefique tea sprigs ($5), chateau d’estoublon olive oil spray ($40), marlette financiers ($10), myriam k anti-frizz serum ($50), sothy’s oxy-mineral treatment ($39), atelier cologne ($25), studio 78 eyeliner ($22)..$361value. I do love what I received but my box seemed lacking compared to what I see others received. Did anyone else receive similar?

    • My box was identical to yours except that I received one additional Sothys item (the leg one) and instead of the olive oil I received the card holder. The total value of mine is $381.

    • Should be 11 items– and my parcel was totally different than yours– the only item in common is the candle…

  15. I’ve been stalking the back door all day and my box has finally arrived. As previously noted, it was beautifully packaged, even the outside shipping box was well done. This will be a package difficult to damage in transport!

    My box was basically the same as the one pictured about with a small amount of variation. I did not give them my size since I didn’t see that option when I signed up, but am now glad I did not.

    1. tassia cannellis earrings in green – $45
    2. charlottesometime leather wallet in tan (small card case) – $40
    3. Western Leather Perfume – very luxe! and having lived in Paris a short time…very French! I love it and will use it. – $150
    4. Maison De La Truffe Grey Salt – Truffle – $25
    5. Julie Sion Licorne Bracelet in Opal – approx $35
    6. Christian LaCroix Diary – Beautiful! – $30
    7. Popup Candle in Desert Stone – 1 in 50 has diamond inside – $35
    8. Sothys Soothing Lotion – $30
    9. Sothys Gel for Legs – $20
    10. Le Benefique Tea Springs – $5
    11. Mineroche Sented Stone etched with Oui Please (white) – $7

    Copied from Demure….Other things included:
    15% off kudecoeur card
    Mont Blanc Chestnut Meringue recipe card
    Et Voila Magazine

    I am quite pleased with my box ($422 value) and am looking forward to February. Having had the pleasure of living in Paris for several months and vacationing in France, I am a self described Francophile and feel this is a good representation of the delights of the country.

  16. I was happy with my first box. But how are they making sure each person is not getting the same thing next shipment if the boxes are all different and random? I don’t want to keep getting the same things.

    I guess I’ll email and ask.

  17. My box was delivered earlier today and I agree that the presentation was very well done. The items are interesting and the box definitely has a great value (my box is valued at ~$400). Overall, I think it is one of my favorite boxes for quality, price and uniqueness …. with that said I would have preferred the CL calendar.

    My items included: 1951 Maison Francaise Leather Clutch (Olive Green), Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee cologne, Marlette Cake mix, PopUp Paris candle, Le Benefique Tea sprigs, Myriam K Anti-frizz Serum, Sothys Oxy Vitamin Treatment, Sothys Gommage Exfoliant, Sothys Patchouli Shower Gel, Tassia Canellis blue gold plated earrings, Business Card Holder

  18. I had been waiting, or obsessively peeking out the window, all day for my box and it’s here. Every item I got was perfect. This box could be a gamble, especially since everyone’s is so varied. I got the small sweatshirt with wings and I love it. I think people are forgetting American sizing is generous, a medium in France is not an 8-10 US, that would be at least a large. I do wear a small in sweatshirts . The one I got was fitted, but in a flattering way. It is definitely the most luxurious sweatshirt I own! It’s a polished causal look and I can’t wait to wear it out. I also got the wallet and the diamond candle. Fingers crossed for a diamond, which if you do find and post a picture they’ll send you a necklace and a free candle, thanks candle info booklet, yay! I also got a sothys pear and grape, the eyeliner infused with lavender, thr atelier cologne, the frizz hair serum ( perfect this time of year) , the cake mix and the herb sprigs. I am keeping everything but the mix and sprigs only because my moms friend is a Francophile and will absolutely adore them. What fun is getting all the stuff without sharing?This box was an experience, I wouldn’t compare it to any other box. It was much more luxurious straight down to the packaging. I felt as if I had taken an afternoon trip to Paris. I had signed up for the monthly, which I was going to cancel if I wasn’t happy. Now ,I’m already anxiously awaiting the February box. Even if I get items that aren’t for me I guarantee they will would make fabulous gifts! Great job OuiPlease.

    • I am a size 8 medium, the sweatshirt they sent me is a medium and very loose.

  19. I was looking at this post just for envy purposes. πŸ™‚ This box looks really cool, but reading some of the comments, I’d be annoyed to spend that kind of money and get things like a sweatshirt. Just because it says “maybe” in *French* doesn’t make it a very French product! As for all the variations, did they have an extensive profile survey when they signed up? I mean, I’d be unhappy if I received gold jewelry, since I only like silver, for instance. And do you think not giving a size keeps you from getting clothing? Seems if they refrain from tacky things like sweatshirts, there might be awesome items sometime!

    Then again, as I ranted about Birchbox on another post, sometimes companies don’t care about following the profiles…

  20. My box arrived this morning and I had noted my sizes for sweaters and shirts as XL and was instead sent a very small sized sweater. Reached out to them, a little upset as the highest value item is something that is completely worthless to me.

    • I didn’t get my correct size either. But I asked for an XL and got a L. That’s not so bad.
      I hope they respond quickly to you and fix it.

      • I didn’t get a correct size either and I love the sweatshirt. I got the wings but I already washed it–should have checked before washing!

        • OuiPlease has the best customer service! I told them about the wrong sizing and they offered to send a replacement! They responded to my email like within 10 minutes!

          • Yes, I was impressed to hear back from them, I didn’t expect to hear back quickly and on a Saturday! I shared my concern that even with the sweater, my retail value of the box falls well under $400. I’m awaiting their response and they had offered me to select something out of the Et Voila catalog but there are only a few items that are in the same price category as the sweater so we’ll see.

  21. Mine just arrived.
    I’m happy with my box. I’m not envious of other boxes since I may get those things eventually in another shipment. I just want to enjoy what I was given. And I really like what I got! πŸ™‚

    My box contained:
    1.) The Grey Wings Sweater- Les Petites $135
    2.) Vanille Insensee cologne absolue- Atelier Cologne $25
    3.) Cereal Bars with Figs and Apricots (USDA Organic)- Marlette $10
    4.) Mountwalk sceneted Popup Candle- PopUp Paris $35
    5.) Tea sprigs- Le Benefique $5
    6.) Oxy Vitamin Treatment- Sothy’s $39
    7.) Gommage Exfoliant- Sothy’s $34
    8.) Patchouli Shower Gel- Sothy’s $27
    9.) Leather Bracelet- Dame D $45
    10.) Magenta gold plated earrings- tassia canellis $45
    11.) Anti-frizz Serum- Myriam K $50
    12.) 2015 Diary- Christian Lacroix $30

    Basically $470!

    Other things included:
    15% off kudecoeur card
    Mont Blanc Chestnut Meringue recipe card
    Et Voila Magezine

    • I got the same box except I got the necklace instead of the bracelet. Loving everything in it. I especially love the sweater. The wings are so pretty!

      • I like my sweater too. I like my whole box πŸ™‚

        • I gifted a box to my sister and she got the clutch and the business wallet but pretty much everything else was the same. We are both wearing the earrings now, lol-we hadn’t done that since we were children! And she is so happy that she finally got a clutch with a shoulder strap!

  22. I was so excited to receive my box this morning! The packaging is very well done and absolutely beautiful, a wonderful first impression. I received the exact same items as shown in this post, the only difference is my earrings are a persimmon color, which are beautiful. I love the jewelry items, the truffle salt, the candle, and I’m excited to try the tea. I’m not a huge fragrance person, so I will be swapping the Western Leather perfume, but I am tempted to keep it just to display, it is beautiful. Otherwise, I am going to enjoy everything else. I subscribed for the year and I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring.

  23. Ok – let’s watch and see how many of the boxes to come are as good as this first one. I’m not trying to be cynical, and maybe this box will always be this good, but I remember the beginnings of Popsugar, Nina Garcia and Social Bliss and what they are now. That said – can’t wait for my OuiPlease to get here!!!

  24. I have “Grass is greener” envy too – The presentation and packaging was excellent – I definitely felt special when I opened the box…I received the Atelier rollerball ($25), 3 Sothy’s products ($103) – Sweet!, Anti-Frizz serum ($50) – I need with my crazy curly hair, the Betim Gold bracelet ($140) – not my style, but I plan on giving it as a Christmas present, Leather necklace ($45), earrings ($45), leather wallet ($40), Lacroix Diary ($30), PopUP Candle ($35) – *fingers crossed* on diamond, Cereal Bar mix ($10), and Tea Sprigs, ($5) Total $528.00, so great value! and a couple of Christmas presents – but I’m not IN LOVE with any 1 item. I did go back and provide my sizes, so hopefully the future boxes may be a bit more personalized.

  25. I got the atelier cologne, 2 sothys sun product, one shower gel, one girls don’t cry sweat shirt, the canellis earrings, the CL diary, the mineroche scented stone, the popup candle, the hediard teaspoon and the tea springs, and the cereal bars mix. So my box value is not even $400. I would be disappointed if I pay $150 plus tax. But since I do the annual, it is $95. (Inc tax). Then I thought I got a lot more stuff than a PS LE box.
    Yes, I regretted giving them my clothes size, and for those worrying about their sizing, I am a size 8 medium and that sweatshirt is plenty big. That shirt is not something I would buy, although I bought a shirt that says ‘alpha bitch’ (got 4 dogs), but I would just wear it running errands, definitely not going out with my friends. In general, I am not thrilled. If I had just paid the monthly, I would cancel for sure.

    • I got the same box, but I goofed and didn’t provide my clothing sizes (totally missed that when I ordered), so it doesn’t fit at all… Too bad it has such a high value. So disappointed with this box. I wish I hadn’t signed up for the annual subscription.

      • The sweatshirt is over 30% in value. I think if they know my age, they would not have sent it to me. The more I look at the items the more I am not happy with it. I emailed them and suggested that they at least update the profile section with our age. I also said sending 2 sun products this time of the year seemed that they miss something in their thought process. I do not mind 3 sothys product, but not 2 sun products.
        At least we know, when they say not two alike is not true.

  26. Thanks for these helpful comments. I’m working out an issue with Ouiplease right now, and the customer service has been accommodating. Looking forward to my box!

  27. I signed up for the year subscription. There was an issue with my order, however customer service was great. They said the next date they will be sending out boxes is the 17 th.

    I am a little more nervous about the box variations now that boxes are coming out. I think I was expecting the variations to be the clutch in different colors or the perfume to be in a different scent. Or a box of scone mix vs cookie mix

    How do other folks feel about a sweatshirt with big words across it? I don’t think that was in my mental picture of French luxury. It’s too bad because I went to the brands website and they do have some really neat items.

    Overall I am still thinking I will be happy with my subscription, but I may be on the swap board more than I would have liked! Hopefully as a new sub they will be responsive to customer feedback and adjust the box variation issue in a way that will work best for all

  28. I’m glad I only signed up for the single box. Outside of the olive oil, there’s nothing I will use. I got one of the twisted bangles–in gold, which I never wear–and it’s damaged beyond belief. The Sothys items couldn’t have been more “not for me,” and I’ll never use the leather clutch. These are certainly some of the more expensive items from sub boxes that I’ll have at my garage sale. If they’re going to be this different from box to box, and I’ll never figure out why x number of y products can’t be obtained for ALL of the boxes, then there will be a lot of unhappy people.

    • Hi Laura K. I’d be interested in swapping with you for the items you don’t like/won’t use! Let me know πŸ™‚

    • I would much rather get the leather clutch and the bangle vs the sweat shirt. The worse thing is it is big short sleeve, so you cannot even wear a jacket over it. πŸ™ grass is greener syndrome.

      • I didn’t enter my size because I just knew I’d get clothing I wouldn’t like. I ended a t shirt box because some of the designs were seriously creepy.

  29. Like Liz I will not get mine until next week because of the label. Can hardly wait to see what mine brings. I agree with others comments about the variety as someone else may have received items you wish you had received. If they are going to continue with the variety I hope before the next box we can add more info for better customization.

  30. If anyone is interested in trading their Western Leather perfume please let me know!! I assure you I have pretty much anything you could want as I subscribe to many boxes!! Thanks!

    • There is one listed on the swap site and I might be listing mine as well.

      • How do I sign up for the swap site? Thank You!

        • I would like to know this as well.

    • Yes I have mine listed! πŸ™‚

    • I got the Western Leather perfume, and would love to trade it. I am interested in the throw from the Popsugar holiday box or the clutch from OuiPlease depending upon the color…

      • I got the throw from the holiday popsugar box email me if your interested in trading…
        [email protected]

        • Amanda, are you still interested in trading the throw for the perfume? I emailed you but can’t tell if you received it. Email me back if you are still interested.

          • Hi Sara, yes I’m still interested. I didn’t receive your email though….what’s your email address and I’ll email you! Thanks!!

        • Amanda, email me at sburgrval at aol dot com and we can work it out. I will try you again as well. Thanks!

        • Hi, Amanda, I’m worried I’m having an email problem so I am trying this route! Could you get in contact with me about our swap? Thanks,

    • I have the western leather up for swap! Looking for the clutch or other oui please items. Open though!

  31. All i can say is Wow! I definitely need to try to save up money for this box! I don’t usually spend that much on one box but this one definitely seems worth it! Right now i get ipsy, birchbox, popsugar, and MSA. I might have to skip the next one due to financial reasons but will definitely keep this one in mind for the future.

  32. Well, I guess my expectations were too high. Everything is nice and was presented very well, though. I received an anti-frizz serum (which does me no good and accounts for $50 of the value), three Sothys products ($97 of the value), the little notebook ($30), the tea ($5), baking mix ($10), a short-sleeved sweater that says “Girls Don’t Cry” on it ($115), a Popup candle ($35), the little earrings pictured above ($45), a smallish necklace with a fabric? pendant ($45), and a little roll-on perfume ($25). According to them, it’s worth $457. I really don’t like it when there are different configurations because I always like other people’s configurations better than mine (maybe it’s “the grass is greener” syndrome, lol!). I would have rather had some of the other jewelry items, the leather perfume, and a clutch. There really wasn’t any personalizing other than them asking your sizes (I think I may have messed up by giving them my sizes!), so maybe they should ask which styles and types of items subscribers prefer? But if there isn’t any variation in items for different subscribers, you don’t feel like you were somehow left out. That’s what irritated me about Ipsy (they sent out the same items to everyone for more than a year when they started up, but then they started having all those different configurations with wildly varying values between configurations) and ultimately persuaded me to cancel.

    • I got a long sleeve sweatshirt that says Peut-etre that is $135 of my $429…I thought the same thing about putting my sizes in was probably a mistake

    • I would have loved a clothing item or an extra piece of jewelry versus multiple items from Sothys and a mini perfume. Or especially instead of the baking mix and olive oil. I think the values varied too much this time around. Here’s hoping they can either move to a standardized box or at least standardize the category specific items. That way there aren’t so many different products possible for each category. It’s just too big of a gamble for them to hope subscriber A likes item A in the jewelry category as much as subscriber B likes item B in the same. I think the mild disappointment some subscribers felt is due to the perceived differences in value. I certainly don’t think my bottle of Olive oil and travel perfume spray are equivalent to the large cologne bottle alone. Nor did I need after-sun lotion now.

  33. Can someone tell me what brand the perfume is? Thanks!

    • Atelier Cologne

      • The big white bottle is Atelier Cologne? Thanks!

        • No. It is ALexander J western leather in the white box. The small roll on is Atelier.

          • Yes, sorry for the confusion. I wish I had gotten a nice bottle like the western cologne versus the small roll on from a brand I already own.

  34. Mine had a small vanilla roll-on perfume, a maybe handmade necklace, turquoise clutch with chain, cookie mix, 3 Sothys products, the candle, bracelet with turquoise and the earrings. Beautifully packaged and great variety. Everything quality and smelled good. Was looking forward to the little journal. That perfume bottle looks interesting too. If they stay in this route, great sub!!

  35. I love my box and it was almost identical to this one. My earrings were turquoise and my bracelet has more of a rust colored stone. I believe the herbs are steeped like tea. They suggested you can stick them in vodka and make infused vodka which is a cool idea!! The truffle salt looks amazing. I wish I could request no candles or perfume because I’m so sensitive to perfumes! the value of my box is over $400 based on their calculations, plus the physical box itself is so luxurious! I’m very pleased! Plus I read a spoiler on FB that their next box will be Valentine’s Day themed!!!

    • I too got a box like Emily’s. I got everything she did, but my earrings were coral and my bracelet has two tan stones and is very delicate. The perfume is amazing in its packaging but I am not sure if it is for me and it might be up for trade probably along with the two Sothy’s products. All in all I loved this box! I felt so special opening it. I am glad that I bought the yearly subscription and used the 20% discount. I wonder if the yearly subscribers all got similar boxes. The packaging is great and the little magazine is neat too. The only thing I hope I don’t get is some of the clothes. I think I am too old to wear some of these things.

      On another note, has anybody heard when French box will ship. I still love it too.

      • French Box ships on the 15th πŸ˜€

  36. Mine arrived today and I really like it. The contents were very well packaged and presented, the best I’ve seen yet in 2 years of sub box mania. The subscriber above received items I would have preferred though. I got one of the turquoise leather pouches (I can’t see how this would function as a cross body bag since it’s very unstructured, but still is very nice quality) and the solid silver bangle bracelet as shown in the brochure. I also received a glass bottle of olive oil. I got the same French herbs (cooking? Medicinal? I’ll have to research but they smell nice and look pretty regardless). All of my beauty products were Sothys brand: an after sun lotion (an odd time of year to send such a product at least in this hemisphere), a face mask, and cream makeup remover. I also got an eyeliner by Studio 78. It looks to be good quality but I’m drowning in eyeliner. I also received an Atelier cologne travel spray. Rounding out the box was the candle (a .15 ct diamond is hidden in 1/50 candles; the box it came in was super cute and it smells lovely), organic baking flour and a small bar of soap branded with their logo.

    If I decide to do another box, I would like to see more variety in beauty product brands, more cosmetics in general versus skincare, and perhaps more lifestyle and fashion items versus cooking/food. I’m hoping the personalization improves in time. They need to work on balancing the apparent value among subscribers, which is always a tough thing for subs to do when they personalize like this. The subscriber above received 2 jewelry pieces (earrings, bracelet), 3 lifestyle items (candle, journal, herbs), 2 skincare items (unless the salt looking jar is actually a scrub), no apparent food/cooking items (unless the leather bottle isn’t perfume and the grainy product is not a face scrub), and no cosmetics.

    I prefer fewer food items (received 2). I prefer cosmetics to skincare (I received 4 of the latter and 1 of the former). All told it was a very luxe box with everything being full size. It also included brands that were new to me. I’d love to see lesser known/US available French cosmetics and skincare, that I can’t purchase at Sephora (Sothys and Atelier are both widely available in the US). I like discovering new brands, especially from other countries.

    In terms of value I’m on the fence. For the discounted price of $120, my box was absolutely worth it. For $150 I’m not as sure. I took lots of pics but don’t know how to share them. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I think it’s great for subscribers and potential subscribers to see the variations out there.

  37. I love that bracelet! Can anyone tell me the brand?

    • The bracelet is Julie Sion of Paris, I have one posted in another color! It’s awesome but I don’t wear bracelets.

  38. Oooh I can not wait until mine arrives. For 120 really can’t beat that. After 7 months of subbing to every box I could I’ve narrowed it town to the ones I need to have! I’m only gonna keep MSA, FFF, boxycharm,birchbox(the points are great) ipsy, popsugar(only if I like the spoilers, and blush mystery only if I like the spoilers and OuiPlease and possibly sunset 45. the rest I don’t really need. And for my kids I like Bluum and I’m thinking of trying googaroo.

    Time to invest my money in boxes that give a great quality and huge return!!

    • Oops should say down not “town”

  39. I had hoped for today, but just checked the tracking and it’s due to arrive tomorrow. One state away! I had a reason to interact with Oui Please Customer Service and the service was outstanding and the interaction so pleasant. I had the good fortune to live in Paris for a few months several years ago. This box looks as wonderful as my memories!

  40. I received my box today also. The packaging is spectacular. I opened the box and saw the white rectangular box inside and feared it was yet another clutch. I was happy to see it was not, but then I thought it was risky to give such a big perfume to us. However, this perfume is rich and luxurious. I think I love it. Most of the other things were not as exciting as I wished they could be. For example, I received brown tassia cannelis earrings. They are lovely, but I think I prefer every other color than what I received. Also, it had way too much Sothys skin care…three items. I must have received a 3rd Sothys item instead of the Fleur de Lavande.

    I wish it had a more unique home item instead of the candle, but I bet a few people will be thrilled at the chance to see a diamond in the candle.

    Overall I am happy with my box, but it did not WOW me. I expected to be wowed. I expected it to be more unique, even though the items were lovely. Total value of my box was $474 using their price guide.

  41. Oh I’m so excited!! Mine will arrive tomorrow. This box looks really fabulous, especially considering that I only paid $120 for it after the 20% off discount. Are they still running that promotion? It might be worth getting the annual since it brings the cost of the sub down to under $100/box.

  42. I just received my box and i think it’s the most high end, best curated box. I have officially decided to stop all other subscriptions (outside of MSA- your box is amazing and looking forward to the next one!!) and just stay with this one. Its such a luxury and considering that I paid $34 more than a PSMH special box (with the discount code- THANK YOU!!!!) and got what I felt were well thought out, luxury items that were well thought out. This was an absolute win for me even though one piece of jewelry wasnt my taste- but quality was incredible. I urge anyone who can to sub to this box. Its seriously made me feel like what Ive been getting elsewhere all this time has sort of been a waste and pails in comparison to this box. Well Done Oui Please!!!!!!!!!

  43. Awesome, thanks, Emily!

  44. Emily’s box is really really lovely. I think they did a great job. I can’t tell if that is a business card holder or passport holder.

  45. I love the earrings and everything else except for the perfume although it is gorgeous. I have allergies. I can’t wait to get the box. Yay!!!

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