OuiPlease 20% Coupon Code + Refund for Current Subscribers

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New Subscription Box: Oui Please Box

FYI – OuiPlease commented on the latest OuiPlease spoiler post with some awesome info, and I wanted to make sure to call it out in a separate post so no one misses it. They’ve released a 20% off coupon code, and they will refund that discount back to anyone who has already signed up for a subscription. Coupon code: OuiBYRDIE

Q: Can early sign ups use to new 20% of code?

A: We will gladly honor any request for the 20% discount for purchases made before the code was released. The code was a last minute request from our media partners that we honored. And will gladly honor for you as well. Please email [email protected] for this request before Dec. 10th. We will get back you as promptly as possible.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was charge the $150 even though I had emailed about the code. They assured me prior that my charge would reflect the 20% off code. I already emailed customer service. Hoping they will fix this ASAP.

    • Kathleen – I had the same issue. I had emailed them a few days ago and they said it would be taken care of before I was charged. I just emailed them again this morning. Hopefully, they can resolve this issue – especially because they offered it here.

      • Me too, however they emailed me right after the confirmation was sent that they were processing a refund in lieu of a credit for some reason though.

    • I had the same thing happen, I did get a response that it would be credited, but I haven’t seen the credit yet

  2. I bought the box today with the annual subscription and the 20% code. I would be excited to get a sweater or even socks! I did go to my account, use the edit button and was able to put my sizes in but now I’m worried they run small. If I end up getting a clutch, I will definitely trade with someone who wants it. Hopefully this is an awesome box. I think everyone getting the annual deal is making a wise decision. At least I hope so!

    • Am I missing something about a sweater or socks? Is that one of the spoilers?

  3. I was happy I see they would honor the code to those of us who signed up earlier. I’m still only doing the one month and at 120 I’m very excited. I bought the PS holiday box for 100 so for 20 bucks more a box with 11 French items is amazing. If it wasn’t the holidays I’d probably do the annual sub but it’s not in the budget right now. But if this box is amazing in sure I’ll sign up for the year. Maybe they’ll give another promo code to further entice my desire 🙂 I’m hoping the variations aren’t big, I don’t mind color varriations or different designs if the items and products are the same. But I’d hate for one box to have a beautiful purse and then the other one a candle. I’d feel jipped and wish I had recieved the box with the purse… The first box is so exciting I can’t wait!!

  4. Oh, I wish I could take advantage of this! This box looks awesome, but there’s no way I’d be able to justify that spending on myself until after the holidays, and the code will be expired 🙁

    • I am with you. They should offer it again in Feb. for Valentines Day. My husband told me I could get it. But with going out of town for Christmas, I need to make sure that I have that extra money JUST IN CASE! But I really would love to sign up for a year. So, I hope they have the coupon again!

  5. I am really worried about variations of boxes. Look what happened with Frenchbox! I am pretty sure at least few times I will feel disappointed / cheated comparing my boxes to other people boxes…

  6. I took the plunge!

    I really love getting a box of surprises in the mail. I’ve done the year subscription to popsugar before which is close to this box’s year price with the discount. I’ve given up on popsugar after the nieman marcus box. The shipping since the start of fall has been terrible, and I hate that all the bloggers get their boxes almost a month before mine! Takes away the surprise and excitement of the box.

    When you look back, almost every sub box, the first year of boxes is their best, then it goes down hill- now popsugar will have a great box followed by several months of bad boxes. I’m pretty sure January will be bad since December was pretty good.

    I am a little nervous about the each box being unique- this could go very well or be a disaster. If they are individualized based on our preference choice really good! My size sweater good! If they expand the survey to include more selections- favorite colors, silver tone jewelry, no nuts in food products. Even better! However I will be pretty sad if I get an orange sweater gold necklace and a bag of nuts while someone else gets a blue sweater, silver tone necklace and a box of chocolate covered caramels.

    When will sub boxes get rid of the gold jewelry- almost every piece I have gotten from a sub box looks cheap and junky after you wear it awhile! The lulu frost bracelet was the worst, and I loved the design on that one, within a month the “gold” had started to wear off.

    So I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I think I made the right choice to switch sub boxes to ouiplease!

  7. Liz, did they post this 20% discount code anywhere? Coz I can’t find it 🙁

    • Oops! I totally forgot to include the most important part of the post! Sorry! The code is: OuiBYRDIE

      • Also code ouiannual for 20% off an annual sub! The other codes seem to have expired.

  8. OMG Chase fraud alert totally outed my annual subscription purchase to my husband when I upgraded!!! Haha I finally splurge on a verge expensive annual subscription… BUT I think that this box will be worth it and I’m super excited to have gotten in on the promotion. The customer service was super prompt and friendly and makes me feel like they really care.

    • That is hilarious!

  9. Just an FYI to anyone getting this box I asked if the clothing sizes were in US or European sizes and received this response:

    Les Petites (Apparel category) is made in France with European sizes dimension.

  10. Well, I just took the plunge and signed up for the annual membership. I feel like I have lost my mind. I just cancelled a whole bunch of subs over the past two months in the interest of decluttering and being less wasteful. Maybe putting that $$ toward a higher end box will satisfy my subscription craving and I’ll end up with less junk? Oh, I hope this box knocks my socks off!

  11. I changed from the monthly to annual. I also was very impressed with their customer care. The other plus for the annual is that they offer special pricing on items to purchase which I thought was an added advantage.

  12. Well I finally pulled the trigger on the month to month, despite the fact the discount STILL doesn’t show up at purchase. I guess I wait and see what they charge me next week and then deal with it then if need be. I’m not sure why they can’t display it to prevent what I’m sure are countless inquiries about whether it was or will be applied.

    • It should have shown up at check out. Mine did.

  13. Could someone please tell me the code? I can’t find it. Thank you!!

  14. OuiPlease certainly got my goodwill and future purchases by giving the 20% off to those of us who had already purchased a subscription. What a contrast to PopSugar. I wrote them asking that they cancel my Christmas box since it hadn’t already been sent. They totally ignored me and a few days later sent the box–after I had already ordered directly through Neiman Marcus! That’s all I needed–two expensive boxes with marginally acceptable items.

    • I too succumbed to the year subscription with the coupon. I was very pleased with customer service and the way they handled this matter. I hope they got some additional business because of the fair way they responded.

    • Neimans will gladly take your box back, no questions asked.

  15. Liz, how long will this coupon be good for?

    • They ship dec 10, so I would assume they will charge your cc either dec 8 or 9. So to get the 20% probably before Dec 8 to be safe.

      • Good till the 10th

  16. Ended up ordering a year with the discount code – it really is too good of a deal to resist even though it’s a large up-front cost. Very excited!!

    • Liz, please ban me from your site. I ended up canceling my monthly and doing the annual. I figure that for $400 + extra upfront, I will have 5 extra boxes. I probably will have to pay it off in a couple of months since this is holiday time and a big bill does not help. I also have to pay taxes too since I live in Texas. But with the coupon, it is hard not do the annual. Just hope that I will not be getting 6 boxes of skincare. Sigh…..

      • Agreed 100%. This site is definitely feeding my subscription addiction! Also, I’m in a similar boat with skincare. They did post it would be a mix of products and with the coupon + annual pricing bringing it down to $87/box I don’t mind a few skincare products sneaking their way in.

        • Amanda, I mean I bought the popsugar NM box. This is about double the price but for 6 boxes with the 20%. If it is really diversified items, I do not think any box can be worse than that NM box. I like the items ok but the $50 discount later just rubbed me the wrong way. Mine came out to $95 per box, which is about the price of a LE box. The fall box technically has 5 items, and this one will have an average of 11. So I think we did ok. Cheers!

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