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Oui Please December Box Spoilers!

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New Subscription Box: Oui Please Box

Thanks Wendy for letting us know about the December Box spoilers! The spoilers come in the form of a blog post from Film Fashion Fun. (FYI – this box will vary subscriber-to-subscriber, so not everyone will be getting every item pictured, and there can be other items included we don’t know about yet).

What do you think of the spoiler box? It’s kind of killing me that there aren’t more individual item pictures!ย If you can help me identify the products let me know in the comments and I’ll try to put together a list.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. LOVE this box!!! Best monthly box (I subscribe to 7)…very classy and upscale items!

  2. Did OuiPlease send out tracking information when the box shipped? I have yet to receive my Paris box and Customer Service has not responded to my multiple emails. This is my first time with a subscription purchase and the lack of customer service is quickly turning this into a major regret.

    • So I’m not the only one not getting a response to my emails. I have sent them two emails… and nothing. They promised me a package (besides the parcel). I have not seen it.

      I believe they used to respond quickly. Since the Christmas holiday OuiPlease has been posting on social media sites regularly. So why are they ignoring emails.
      I’ve been frustrsted for some days now.

      • For the parcel yes. For a separate package to be shipped out on the 17th, no. They promised this package because of a complaint I had addressed with them previously about something. I have not gotten a tracking number for FEDEX though they said they’d email me one.

  3. Got my box today, ditto on the lovely packaging and box, although don’t know what to do with all these beautiful boxes! I got, truffle salt, lovely delicate gold bracelet, Fuschia earrings, sothy’s sensitive skin lotion, Sothy’s raspberry enzyme treatment, Sothy’s tired leg gel, oui please scented stone, PopUp candle, 2015 calendar, business card case, and large bottle of atelier cologne in a leather box. I’m a little mixed about the box. The cologne is by far the big ticket item, $150 plus, but it’s not for me, and it’s too pricey to gift casually and perhaps difficult to swap. The truffle salt is yummy, scented the whole box, but it’s a less expensive item and it even scented the scented rock! Would have liked the clutch, olive oil, baking mixes and herbal tea. Thought I’d want the Les Petites items, but now that I see them they aren’t for me either. I will gift the candle and calendar, possibly the card case, and I like the jewelry so I guess I can’t complain…

  4. Their website has updated showing the OuiBoutique will open January 2015

  5. If I can figure out a way to post some pic’s I will later. I just received mine. Mine is much different; 1951 Leather Clutch (in bright green – not 100% about the color though I’m Irish though so maybe this will grow on me…); It’s very well made and large, comes with a gold clip on strap and has a red/white polka dot lining. A large bag of Marlette Cereal Bars (fig and apricots); Solthys After Sun Body Care Lotion, Blue Sothsys body lotion (saw this in another spoiler- this is in liquid form) Sage Tea (this is a stick kind, not in a paper); Popup candle in Forest Lump (didn’t smell it yet); Huile D’Olive Spray Olive Oil, this is just beautiful and would make a stunning gift. I’ve never seen olive oil in a spray like perfume bottle before lol!’ A scented stone (smells very clean and in a cute gift bag; 5 Octobre gold bracelet (easy to adjust to all sizing) in gold which I will wear for sure; Solthys Face Mask Exfoliant, Atelier Vanilla Purse Spray and a Pencil Eyeliner in a black/grey color very universal. Overall, the presentation was just stunning, everything comes in a really nice re-usable box. I’m happy with my selection.

    • I can’t wait to get my box !!! This variation sounds great, I’ve been obsessing over the spoilers all day and want to find them online! I have really high hopes for this box!

  6. I received my box yesterday and was super impressed by the packaging. There was plenty of “support” (I actually don’t know what to call it, but the paper equivalent of bubble wrap – like mesh paper). Anyways, the box was beautiful and I am happy to say that my box was much different than the spoilers released. I received dainty earrings, sea salt with truffles, a bracelet, tea, business card holder, a Christian Lacroix notebook, scented stone, a Pop Up candle, a full size perfume in a beautiful box (I think this would make a fantastic gift for the right person) and two Sothy’s face products.

    Although I am happy about what I received, I think I am experiencing FOMO due to the book included in the box. It is almost like a mini-magazine which shows all of the products potentially included in your box and possibly what other subscribers received. It’s an interesting strategy of showing what you could of received and not customizing booklets. I am really torn if I am going to continue subscribing – just because it is pretty expensive and I almost think of it as a really-high end Parisian Must Have box – things I like when I have them in my hand, but I probably would not have purchased them for myself.

    • I really want to see the pictures of the boxes you’ve received!

      • My Oui Please box apparently won’t be here til next week because there was an issue with the label. ๐Ÿ™ If anyone wants to email me pics of their boxes I’d love to post them! ๐Ÿ™‚ ([email protected]).

        • There was an issue with the label on mine as well! Was supposed to have been here Saturday, now just sitting there in Irving. Texas.

        • Liz, has your box moved since they gave it a new label? Mine had a new label created yesterday at 9:00 am, but shows no movement at all since then, (still showing Saturday delivery, but how could that be since I’m in Cali!). I’m a little worried it’s gotten “stuck”, or that they’ve created a new tracking number…

          • I just got an email from them about the label issue and that I can expect it next week…

    • Your box is the same as Laura’s box. Exactly the same. Aren’t all boxes supposed to be different?

      Anyway, if I got the same box as the both of you I’d be a happy subscriber!

  7. I live in Texas and received my box this morning! I’m probably one of the first. I was so impressed by its size and weight I couldn’t wait to tear into it. Beautifully wrapped and full of so many luxury items. I had a really nice variety. I received a Christian lacroix diary, earrings, bracelet, tea, scented stone, truffle salt, leather business card holder, two Sothys body products, candle, and full-size perfume in leather display box!! Love it all but am sensitive to perfum/candles.

    Would LOVE a 1951 clutch if anyone wants to swap. I have a gorgeous Alexandre J perfume, bracelet and and Popup diamond candle posted on the board!

    • Oh, wow, that was a great variations! I can’t wait to get mine but I am worry to be disappointed with my variation.

    • Wow what a sweet box Laura and what a convenient place to live ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have you been able to check out the boutique?

      • Demure the shopping site doesn’t appear to be live quite yet but I’m curious what my discount will be as an annual subscriber!!! The enclosed magazine seems to list out most of the possible items with prices, so that was cool to see!

  8. I just got an email from FEDEX. My OuiPlease box has been picked up and is on its way!

    • Me too! So excited. It weighs 7 pounds.

    • Me too! See you soon Ouiplease box ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mine says that it should be here (NJ) on Saturday!!

  9. I also used the coupon code for 20% off. The site accepted the code yet I was just charged $150 instead of $120. I even verified at the time I was making my purchase that I would receive credit and was assured I would. I’m more than a bit irritated this overcharge happened anyway. It’s great that they extended the offer but it’s only useful if they actually honor it when they charge.

  10. I used the coupon and it worked and upgraded from my month to month original subscription to the annual. I have been impressed with their customer care and I believe that they will make the boxes a variety of items. I thought what a way to treat myself and with the variety of items this box may actually save me money.

    • How do you do it? There is no upgrade button. Do I have to cancel first? Thanks.

      • Hi!

        Logged in then purchased the annual membership. Then viewed account and removed the month to month that I had originally signed up for. I also emailed them to make sure everything looked okay and received prompt response that everything looked good. The coupon also worked so final billing amount shows $520.00.

        • Thanks. I did that and the discount showed up too. Except that I have to pay taxes.

  11. I was going to subscribe. First I started with the yearly (and the coupon worked) but changed my mind. When I tried to sign up for the month-to-month, the coupon didn’t work. So I didn’t subscribe.

  12. after seeing 6 beauty products from the same brand, i’m glad to have held off.

  13. I’m actually really intrigued by this box but only if I prepaid for the year and got the 20% discount. I would be nervous about the skincare items. My skin is too fickle and I find many products end up being useless for me. I can’t tell from the pictures precisely what’s included either. The InStyle article appeared to have a clutch or two, then a few skin care items, some sort of fragrance bottle? I’m not sure.

  14. When I tried ouiBYRDIE it took off $0 for all 3 membership tiers. I prefer not to be refunded after the fact. It makes me uneasy that I don’t see the discount being applied at checkout.

    • Don’t know if capitalization matters, but the FB post lists it as OuiBYRDIE. I had already purchased, but they have not charged me yet and responded to my email that they would be sure to charge at the reduced rate. The website says they charge when shipping- like quarterly.

  15. After reading their comment below, I sent an email to OuiPlease requesting the 20% discount. I got a response just 10 minutes later saying they will be happy to honor the discount. It will be applied before the December payment occurs.

    I’m pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They are very responsive. I gave them a shout also but I was already charged so I guess they’ll be sending me a refund.

    • I had the same prompt experience. Hurray for an extra $30, especially at the holidays!

  16. Bonjour,

    We wanted to jump in here an let you all know that we value your interest in OuiPlease. We can assure you that your business is very important to us. As a few Frenchieโ€™s trying to launch a fabulous product, weโ€™ve been flooded with several questions, all the while aiming to build the best experience, enhancing it daily.

    There have been a few questions and concerns we want to address directly.

    Q: Can early sign ups use to new 20% of code?

    A: We will gladly honor any request for the 20% discount for purchases made before the code was released. The code was a last minute request from our media partners that we honored. And will gladly honor for you as well. Please email [email protected] for this request before Dec. 10th. We will get back you as promptly as possible.

    Q: Why wasnโ€™t an email sent to let everyone know that you can now fill out your sizing?

    A: Simply because we have soft launched this new feature and the email is set to go out soon. But please feel free to login and add your details.

    Q: Is this mostly a beauty box?

    A: No, as we have shared on our website every category is represented in each parcel: apparel, beauty, jewelry, accessories, home and epicure.

    For those of you looking forward to special foodie treats from France, you wonโ€™t be disappointed!

    Q: Are the media boxes representative of the boxes that will be shipped out?

    A: Each parcel is different, and yes the media boxes do include some of the products that will be featured. But again they are all different and fabulous featuring full sized french products from each category.

    Weโ€™re really excited to share our special French parcels with you!


  17. I just looked at facebook. Apparently, there is another view of items which seems to include a sweater. Also, a coupon for 20% off the first box. Wish I had that when I signed up! I think it was ouiBYRDIE. You have to go to the facebook page and posts to page and look for the one with Drouse public relations and Byrdie.

    • I typed this code in one the year sub and it took off $130 making each box $87! That’s a good deal but I still have not pulled the trigger…..

      • I just splurged for the year subscription using the coupon code $520 for the year, its not like me to be so impulsive. I am going to have to be good for the remainder of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sure hope this box lives up to the hype. I’m excited!

        • I did this too. Maybe I am crazy. Oh, I hope it turns out to be a good subscription! The discount was enough to make me take the plunge. Hoping this box will be somewhat unique compared to many of the other more popular/mainstream boxes.

  18. Not sure why this one is so heavily weighted with Sothy’s products. The review in Nylon magazine posted on OuiPlease’s FB page is pretty close to the InStyle spoiler- a leather clutch, olive oil, an eyeliner, the PopUp candle (which is one of the type that has a gem in it), a gold bracelet, etc. The boxes are all supposed to be different. Maybe they thought this magazine would rather have the skin care (?????). I did get the response today from them that the apparel will come from Les Petites, and there’s none of that in any of these boxes, so I think we will just have to wait and see!

    Sheryl, what was your question posed to them about canceling the monthly subscription? I’m pretty sure I saw on their website that you can cancel any time… Did I miss something?

    • When I asked about cancelling the monthly subscription this was the response I received. Maybe I read to much into things, but the line “All Parcel Sales are final” made me worried. Does that mean I can’t cancel at any time? Also I just clicked on the link again for the shipping and returns, and there is nothing there anymore. Its to much money to not be extremely clear.

      Merci! We are so thrilled you are interested in discovering OuiPlease.

      We actually have full sized products featured in each box, including the very best France has to offer in all categories: beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure. There is a retail value of at least $400 per box. There is no “filler” all of the products are tres chic!

      We really don’t consider ourselves in the subscription box category, which is filled with samples. We consider ourselves more of French discovery service. We take great care in creating carefully curated parcels, and they are also shipped with care. All parcel sales are final. You will not be disappointed.

      The Shipment & Return will be updated next week on the

  19. Seeing that spoiler, I am kind of pleased that I held off. I also wasn’t happy with the response I got about being able to cancel the monthly subscription so I think I made the right decision.

  20. Well now I’m on the fence about whether or not to cancel my subscription. I didn’t want a box of French beauty products that I can find in the US. I was really hoping to receive some French cookies (even some madeleines or macarons would have been welcome!), a French clothing item that fits universally – honestly I think an umbrella would be genius, a really fabulous makeup item (I was thinking a hard to find eyeliner or lipstick), an accessory or two and then a few fillers like the notebook and calendar. This looks much more heavy on skincare than I was anticipating. :/

  21. I signed up and am a little surprised as this was not at all what I was expecting. I had been sold on a variety of items. Perhaps it is based on personal preference as someone mentioned earlier. I have not received an email yet to fill out so am curious about what will be asked.

    • I cannot sign back into my account unless I change my password. Sent them an email last week and never got a response. But I was able to sign back in last night. The profile section is already live. There are only 4 items : shirt size, sweater size, sock size and shoe size. That’s it. I filled mine out. I also did not get an email to go fill in my profile, and supposedly it ships in a week.

      • Thanks for the information. I will go and fill mine out.

      • What were the size ranges for the shirts/sweater? I’m sort of thinking a French box wouldn’t include anything close to a plus size??

        • I believe it was S,m, l,xl. 4 sizes only.

      • Thanks for the info. I just updated my account. Funny, we never got the emails to update the account.

  22. I saw that black box and squealed silently, but its only a spoiler post lol… Which is still good btw. I wonder if they let the bloggers submit a profile too and that’s why there’s so much beauty products. Even still, as others mentioned, there is supposed to be at least 1 item per category.

    This box seems like it would make a great gift, not sure I’d subscribe to it though, only b/c its way too expensive for me.

  23. I think this looks great. I’m glad that they offer not only beauty products but apparel, epicure, household items, perfume and things like that.
    The lady from Nylon has a OuiPlease box too and she described it differently than Tanya Foster’s box. She said her’s came with beauty items, a diamond cancel, jewelry and also apparel and a gold bracelet. Some of those I can see in the picture of this one too. But since every box is different it can make it hard to decide whether to buy. I can understand.

  24. I have to re-think this one, while it looks very luxe and nice, i was hoping for more of a French version of a popsugar type box. I saw some written spoliers and none of those items are in this sample box, darn, i was really looking forward to this but i know i won’t be thrilled with a box like this.

    • That one looks more diverse, but it’s just so expensive.

    • I thought that I had seen somewhere that there was a fancy Olive Oil included…seems like the box will be a surprise, anyway…

    • That’s the best box yet!

    • I wish I could make out all these items.

    • Thank you so much for posting the link to this InStyle article. If my box is like the picture in the InStyle post, I will be extremely happy because it seems to be more diverse than the Film Fashion Fun post. Like many people have said previously, I subscribe to plenty of beauty boxes and I was hoping for this box to have other luxurious products such as home goods, jewelry, etc. I am going to give this first box a try and will make a decision once I receive it. Thanks for posting the link to the spoilers Liz and Diana!!!

  25. There’s a 2015 calendar, the Quelle Belle Moustache folder but not sure what it is, a lot of Sothy’s products which I can buy here and get just what I want. Atelier vanille insensee roller ball. I love that it’s mostly beauty but would like to see some variety.

  26. Yep, agree with all comments above. It seems all skincare. What had been enticing about this box was the promise of 1 item from each category.

    Still waiting for my Nina Garcia box….

  27. I really like sothy’s products but I hope this is not what is in this box. I subscribed for food, home goods and accesories and this seems weighted heavy on beauty items. Also, they have already listed some of the brands in box 1 and I do not see those items displayed

    • That is the reason why I wanted to subscribe. The variety. When I saw this spoiler, I was hoping it was completely incorrect and was for a beauty box. This is reminding me a little of the french box, when I antipated one thing and recieved something very different.

    • I agree. So heavily weighted to beauty products = meh for me.

  28. Liz and Wendy: Thank you, I’ve been wanting a spoiler on this box for a while. Even though every box is different, I was hoping at least 1 spoiler would not be a beauty product. Seems like the entire box might be full of beauty products in different variations. Knowing me, I’d get something not suitable for my skin type. I’m glad I did not subscribe.

  29. No-no no! The reason I subscribed was because I’m interested in boxes that aren’t beauty items, I have so many right now. I was hoping for a hat or gloves or a wrap, plus Gourmet items and stationary etc. I don’t need any more skin care!!! I’m fine with one face item and one hair item, but if I get a box full of it then that definitely does not fit their description of a balanced box from multiple departments!!!

  30. Still feeling SO burned by the Nieman Marcus box which was $100 MORE than Oui Please– this one looks like it actually has items that I can use to “spoil” myself– I’m looking forward to it. Not so sure about the subscriber variations– seems to me this is where boxes can get themselves in trouble with one person thinking that their box is not as “good” as what another received…

  31. I am so glad you posted this link. I was seriously considering subscribing but now I think I will hold off. I thought it would be less beauty-heavy. I guess I will just watch and see if it becomes more balanced.

  32. Honestly, if my box looks like that, I will be cancelling right away. I do not need a skincare box. I do not mind getting a couple of those skincare items, but not a boxful. But this seems like a sampler box to me. It did not fit the ‘at least one item in the 6 categories’ that they stated. I also do not need a 2015 diary. I bought mine back in July (I plan, plan, plan). I guess I will patiently await mine, along with my popsugar holiday LE, and my 8 Dec boxes, and …..

  33. Hmm. For $150, I think I can skip this one.

    • I think it was only $150 if you had a recurring subscription!

  34. Wow when I saw that price I said “Holy crap!” Nothing there looks good enough for that, in my opinion. Dropping big money on the Neiman Marcus Popsugar box is different, it has household items & such in it.

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