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FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon

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FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon BOx

The FabFitFun VIP Box is a quarterly subscription from Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion and fitness. FYI – if you are interested in the winter box – it is still available for purchase!

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon First Look

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Items

The Box: FabFitFun VIP Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON: Use coupon code WINTER10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $100) selected by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Info

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing all the items included.

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Eye Serum

Lather AHA Hand Creme with Evening Primrose – Value $18

Passport To Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Intense Anti-aging Eye Serum with Retinol – Value $88

Both of these items are not heavily scented – which is something I like in my skincare items. This hand creme absorbs quickly and is very moisturizing – AKA exactly what I look for in a hand creme. I also think this is a great item to include in a winter box.

The eye serum is a lightweight gel with almost no scent at all. So far I’ve only used it once, and had no issues. It does have retinol in it though, so something to keep in mind if you have very sensitive skin, or plan on being outside in direct sunlight.

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Coco

Daniel Stone COCO White Tea Ginger Root Coconut Body Candle – Value $30

(FYI – I’m not sure on the proper value for this candle. It is sold on etsy for $36, and on the Daniel Stone site for $42. The candles pictured on both sites also include a wooden wick, and candle cover, so I would say the value for this is about $30).

I really like that this candle is made with coconut wax, but the scent just isn’t for me. I think scents will vary box-to-box with this item, so I may try to swap for a different one.

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Necklace

Half United Fighting Hunger Necklace – Value $34

For every purchase of a necklace, Half United gives half the profits to feed children in need. This is the second time FabFitFun has included a jewelry piece with a cause behind it (the other one was the Giving Keys necklace), and I really like that they focus on this. I think I prefer the Giving Keys necklace over this one, but they are both really well made.

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive – Value $39

yourMinerals Eye Shadows in Swedish Winter and Lavender Dream – Value $42 total

These items were both early box spoilers, and I can’t wait to try both of them! I love the Juice Beauty brand, so I’m trying this mask out later tonight! You’re supposed to use it twice a week. Apply it to your face and neck, let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse off – easy enough for me! Plus I love that it is for sensitive skin!

The loose powder eye shadows are made with natural ingredients! Every subscriber will receive the Swedish Winter shade, which is a very shimmery white highlighter (a little goes a long way with this one), and the other shade will vary.

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Salted

Salted 3 Month Subscription – Value $30

Fashion Project Gift Card with Free Shipping – Value $30 (Expires 5/20/2015)

Salted is a cooking class video subscription service that costs $9.99. I’m not sure it is something I would use, but I’m going to give it a try. (FYI – you have to enter a coupon code to get the 3 free month subscription, so I’m guessing you will have to enter credit card info).

Fashion Project sells donated new and used clothing to support various charities. (Donators also get a tax receipt). (Check out their How it Works page to learn more the program). They have quite a few new-with-tag accessory items under $30, so I may end up using my card to get a new belt for free!

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Zumba

Zumba 60 Min Max DVD – Value $30

Zumba Gift Card with Free Shipping – Value $25 (Expires 6/30/15)

I am so excited about both of these items since sometimes I feel like the “Fit” part of this subscription can be a little underserved. I love fitness DVDs since I don’t like doing workouts from my laptop, and Amazon Prime seems to have cut a lot of their free digital fitness videos recently. I also have done the Zumba XBOX games before, so I know it’s a good workout! I may use this gift card to buy another DVD too. If you have any Zumba shop recommendations let me know!

(FYI – the gift card code does not come with a pin, so it doesn’t actually get entered in the gift card code section of checkout, but instead the coupon code section. If you are planning to swap for more gift cards, I’m guessing the fact that they are applied as coupons means they are NOT stackable. Also shipping is free, but there is a separate $2 handling fee).

FabFitFun VIP Winter 2014 Subscription Box Review & Coupon Snacks

Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake – Value $2.99

Special K Snack Bar in Salted Pretzel Chocolate – Value $.50

Justin’s Classic Almond Butter – Value $.60

I couldn’t try the milk shake or Special K bar because I have to avoid dairy and gluten, but I’m always happy to see Justin’s Almond Butter in subscription boxes. (Of course I prefer the chocolate variety, but I can’t complain!)

FYI – these are the three items labeled Sponsored on the info card. I’m guessing that means these companies pay to get in the box, and that helps FabFitFun get a larger budget for the other items they acquire for this box.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $370! (That is counting all the gift card codes/coupons though). So if you don’t want to, or can’t use the codes, that brings the value down to $285 – still amazing for a $50 box! I’m most excited about the Juice Beauty peel and my Zumba DVD and gift card, but I think I’ll use just about every item.

What do you think of the FabFitFun VIP Winter Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I really hate when sub boxes pull stunts like this. They must think the subscribers are complete idiots. The goji eye serum is .05oz. That is the volume of an average foil packet, but they put it in a full size appearing bottle. Most foil packets are .03 – .1 oz. Who do they think they are fooling? That is complete BS. The retail of a full size may be $88. But that is hardly a full size anything!

      • A normal eye serum is 0.5 oz. This tube is .05oz. That is 10% the normal volume. Look on the labels.

        Julep does the same thing. Their tubes are half volume normal nail polishes. When someone pointed that out to me, I realized they were no bargain.

        • Something is weird yes, but I think they have too many zeros in the fl oz part. It says 15mls which is 1 tablespoon and half an ounce

      • I think you are confused. 1.5mL is not twice as much as 8.0mL. This eye serum is only 0.05oz / 1.5mL.

        For reference, I have a deluxe sample tube of eye cream from Sephora that is 1.0oz. That is twice the size of this goji berry eye serum, that is deceptfully presented as full size.

      • Ok. So their bottle has a HUGE misprint. It says 15mL/ .05oz. That is not a correct conversion. 15mL = .5oz and 1.5mL = .05oz.

        • Yes, it is full size. 15ml is a full size of eye cream. There is misprint in conversion to oz.

    • It was a typo. 15ml is 0.5 oz not 0.05 oz.

  2. The box I ordered on 12/27/14 showed up today 1/17/2015 and I love it! I like the bullet necklace and will have fun wearing it at work. The rest of the box is really nice too. So far this box stands out from the rest of the subscription boxes I get. I have not used the Zoomba or the Fashion Project discounts yet, but am looking forward to a little extra bonus from Fab Fit Fun. Hope their future boxes are as good as this one.

  3. Is anyone aware of any restrictions on what we can buy with the Zumba card?

    • Clothing only.

    • I was able to order from the accessories section– got 2 towels and a keychain.

      • Thanks!

    • I would not suggest buying any clothing products – maybe a DVD would be safe – I did the mistake of buying items and they sent an e-mail a couple of days later telling me they were out of stock and they stole the value of the gift card ie. won’t re-load it, refuse to substitute items that are in stock and will pretend to not understand English. The worst customer service yet! I ended up hanging up on her after I realized there was no point and that my FFF box just de-valued by $25 Zumba workouts may be good but the company sure is bad.

      • I ordered a tank top and an add-on tote from Zumba. I’ve never heard a word from them after that. I never received the items. I emailed and didn’t receive a reply or even one of those follow-up automated emails saying they’d contact me within so many hours. I’m not sure why they offer anything at all if they’re not willing to honor it. What a rip off. The Winter box was my first ever FabFitFun and I hope this doesn’t represent the type of companies FFF includes.
        With all fairness, I did use the Fashion Project card with no problems whatsoever. I would even purchase from FP again.

  4. I just called CS about a second box I ordered after Xmas. They answered right away and were very helpful. They said it would ship next week. Not thrilled with the delivery time, but at least I have an answer 🙂

    • That is so funny because I did the exact same thing last week and they said the same thing! “It will ship early next week.”

      No shipping yet. Not cool.

      • UPDATE: I called today for an update and was told that they were swapping out the drinks in boxes they had on hand since the ones they had were expiring soon and they wanted to make sure they included fresh (my word, not theirs since I can’t remember exactly what they said) versions of the drink. They said that my box was prepared and waiting for the new drink to arrive at which point it would be shipped. The plan is still for it to go out this week.

        So I appreciate their concern about not sending out a drink that is about to expire and will wait patiently…. 🙂

        • Thanks for the update! I got one for myself and my friend. While I got tracking, it is just labels and I was worried it was going to be another pop sugar issues (which I am dealing with again). So excited for this!

        • UPDATE 2: They created a shipping label on Fri so hopefully will arrive soon. (I am less than an hr away from LA where they ship from.) Excited!

  5. I got my Zumba items very quickly (2 3-packs of socks for $5 out of pocket) and I’m very happy with them.

    I got the fashion project stuff quickly also, but I’m not so happy. I bought 2 purses and they look veeeery used. I can’t conceive of using them. Grr.

    Couldn’t even give the fugly bullet necklace away, even to teenagers, but I’m enjoying everything else…..

    • I had the same problem with my purse from fashion project. The description said it was gently loved almost new. Once it arrived it was very dirty inside. I was pretty disappointed 🙁

    • I think the fashion project website is super over priced. Its a good idea, but I would never buy used clothing for that much. I got a coach hat for $15 out if pocket that arrived very dirty, full of make up stains, even though it said it was in great condition. Also on the site they say everything is cleaned beforehand. These gift cards were cool additions but I would not buy from them again.

  6. I had used the Zumba Gift Card (within the last 2 weeks) for towels and received a confirmation email. A few days after they emailed and said that my item was sold out/unavailable and that they don’t do backorders. I let them know that when I ordered the item was STILL available AND that I used up a gift card. They sent me a code for $20 off (instead of the $25) and no mention of free shipping. I let them know thqt it wasn’t an equal trade-off– they said that they don’t do free shipping when you already use a code, but obviously the FFF card said that you WOULD get both– very frustrating to try and deal with them…

  7. Did anyone get a shipping notice for their box if they ordered after Christmas? I ordered one box with the $10.00 of coupon and another one half off. I hope they ship soon since I know I’ve already paid for them

    • I ordered Dec 27 and have only received a confirmation email. It says the order will be processed in 5-10 business days. That could be up until Jan 12. It says they will send an email with the shipping once it has been processed. Hope this helps.

    • I also ordered a special after Christmas & have not received any shipping notices.

    • I order another box on Dec. 27 and they billed me on Dec. 31 and I received tracking info on Jan 2.

    • I cancelled for spring and they said my order is in the 3rd wave of shipments and will finish processing tomorrow and I should receive tracking by Thursday the 8th. Hope that helps and that you get notified sooner!

  8. I went a little crazy in December with black friday deal and general holiday mania and this boxis easily one of my favorites. I don’t love everything in it, but for $50 I received an eye cream, face peel, zumba dvd, workout capris (clearance, free shipping, covered by gc), coach silk scarf, a candle, and some healthy snacks. This was an absolute win for me and even, if I gift or swap the hand cream, necklace, and eye shadow this box was an excellent value. For my first FFF, I am more than thrilled.

  9. I don’t know if anyone has asked this yet, but has anyone received the items they ordered from Zumba? I ordered on December 19th and haven’t gotten a shipping notice yet even though their website says they ship within a couple days of ordering.

    • Received mine about a week ago I believe. Ordered Dec 17; got a shipping notice Dec 18. I would definitely contact them. Good luck!

    • I ordered around the 20 of Dec from zumba and just received my item 2 days ago

    • I am having the same trouble! I got a confirmation email but it still hasn’t arrived. I have contacted customer service twice now without any response back…super annoyed with them.

  10. Hate the necklace, but I knew I would. LOVE the hand cream! Love the eye cream. I even like the candle, and I’m not a candle person. I’ll gift the eyeshadow because I don’t care for powders, but the colors are pretty. This is a win box for me.

    I was happy to use the zumba GC to get two 3-packs of ankle socks. I also enjoyed shopping at the FashionProject– BUT I don’t like their ridiculously overinflated “values”. We’re all happy to get a good deal, especially with part of our money going to charity, they don’t need to exaggerate. I find that their prices for used are only slightly cheaper than the price would be for the same item new…
    (example: USED J Crew gloves selling for $39 with the claim that they are ‘worth’ $250! NEW J Crew gloves sell for $32-$68…)
    I bought something anyway but false inflation of value is a pet peeve…

    Has anyone tried the Salted thing?

    Overall, good box.

    • I signed up for Salted I browsed around the site for a bit. It is pretty basic. Mostly for people that have never cooked EVER! I was not really impressed. I am pretty good in the kitchen though so I maybe someone who needs cooking lessons would enjoy it??

  11. I ordered mine on the 18th, and they charged my credit card immediately, but I’ve heard nothing from them. When I log on to the website under my account, it says nothing. Is turn around time normally like this? I know with the holidays things might be delayed, but I thought I would see something at this point, especially since my card has already been charged.

  12. Love the FFF Winter box, EXCEPT the zumba gift card wont work… If i enter it in the GC box the message is must be all numbers and pin is required. If i enter it in the Savings Code the message is invalid code. I’ve left a message on Facebook and hopefully FFF responds.

    • Still no response from FFF on FB and the card still wont work.

    • I couldn’t get my zumba card to work until I tried entering the O and I as 1’s and zero’s instead. That may be the problem for some having troubles with it.

      The ‘l’ is the letter L in lowercase version. The ‘0’ looking thing is actually the number zero. I had been entering it as a letter at first and it wasn’t working.

      Hope this helps.

  13. I absolutely loved this box everything about it. I got the necklace in gold which i think is really cool Zumba card works fine for me and I received free shipping. The only thing I will not use is the salted coupon. I hoping for the cream colored eyeshadow but received the lavender one which is still good. I feel this is the best FFF box

    • I just received the coach hat I had ordered from fashion projectproject with my gift code and was disdisappointed to find the inside was pretty dirtydirty with what looks like make up stains. Even though I only paid 14 out of pocket with the gift card, that is kinda spendy forfor something dirty. I feel their prices can be too high as well.

      • I only paid about $2 out of pocket. Nonetheless, I had high hopes that FabFitFun was introducing us to a wonderful place, turns out it was the contrary. I bought some Michael Kora shoes. It said new with tags. I was excited. I shouldn’t have been. There were foot imprints already. Then, what did I do? I wore them for about an hour. This are shoes I wanted to wear the hell out of during spring and summer because they were so gorgeous. They ripped! Like nothing! Either it was in way worse quality than they said, or these are total fake because none of my designer stuff has ever fallen apart so easily. It’s disgusting. I get donating and I like that portion. I rather donate directly than deal with this company again. I recommend people that haven’t used the card to not even bother.

        • I had high hopes for this new to me company as well. I was not happy with my coach purse. Even though it was basically free it was a lot more “used” than I was thinking it would be.

  14. Has anyone received their box with a broken candle and received a response from customer service? I e-mailed on Friday the 19th and have not received a response yet. I used the rue la la deal which is also supposed to include a free water bottle, but that was not included with this box…

    • I emailed their CS on the 19th also about a broken candle and also sent a direct message through their FB page. I received a message back on their FB page within a day, so I would try contacting them there. I still haven’t gotten my replacement candle yet though. They said they’re out of stock right now and will ship it out once they receive more. Whenever that is…

  15. LOVED this box! Favorite part was I think the gift card to Fashion Project, scored a gorgeous Coach item for $2 out of pocket. Arrived in perfect condition today. Candle is amazing and I’m SO glad they gave us a candle finaly, Juice Beauty peel is wonderful, necklace is lovely, eye cream is great, Zumba DVD is fun, heck I even loved the sponsored stuff this time. I’m so tempted to buy a few more boxes.

  16. WARNING: The Zumba gift card didn’t properly apply for me & it charged me $6.50 shipping & didn’t take off the $25. I figured the company would easily make things right & refund my credit card the overcharge of $31.50, but NOPE! I’ll NEVER order from them again if they don’t correct the overcharge. Looks like I’ll be battling them through my credit card company since they overcharged me. I didn’t ask them to cancel, modify or intercept the order, simply correct the overcharge. SUPER DISAPPOINTED. Ridiculous customer service.

    They sent me this crappy response:

    Thank you for contacting Zumba®. Once your purchase has been submitted, your order immediately begins the first stages of processing; therefore, we are unable to cancel, modify, or intercept orders once they are placed.
    Once you receive your order, if you are no longer interested in the items, you may obtain a free prepaid FedEx return shipping label on our website. Refer to the Return Policy, for further information. Once your return is received, you will be refunded the purchase price of your merchandise.
    Please let us know if you have any other questions, or concerns.
    Happy Holidays!
    Customer Care
    Zumba®, LLC

  17. i agree that this is a good box. im glad i snagged it at 39.99 !!!

  18. Does anyone else have a non-existent FedEx tracking number?

    • Mine doesn’t exist either, have emailed and sent message on FB, still waiting for response and winter box

      • No box here either. Paid for on 12/1/14 and it says that it was shipped on 12/10/14 but fedex says item not found. now it’s 12/29 and still no box! emailed FFF and still awaiting response. Super pissed as this is an awesome box.

        • I emailed them on Wednesday but haven’t heard anything yet. Am thinking of contacting them via Facebook. This is my first box and so far not terribly impressed!

          • I feel your pain. This would be my third box ( if it ever arrives) and so far the one I was most excited about. Called fedex and they said it was never shipped. FFF did create a label ( hence the tracking number) but nothing was ever shipped! That’s why it says item not found. Emailed fff twice with no response. Even tried calling but you have to leave a message and they never call you back. Ugh!!! I was charged for this box almost a month ago and still no delivery. Fff better make this right!

  19. How is their customer service? I tried to subscribe on Wednesday and was having some issues with the website. Sent an email Wednesday to see if the subscription went through or not and haven’t heard back yet.

    • CS through facebook has been faster for me 🙂

    • I sent them an email on Nov. 15 and heard back December 17. At least when they FINALLY got back to me they did resolve my problem.

  20. This is my fave fff box so far -I’ve gotten the last 3-and this is the first one where I will use all of the items!

  21. When I try to use the Zumba gift card it takes off the $25 but still charges me $8.50 for shipping. Can someone help me with this?

    • the zumba code is not valid, it wont take in the gift card nor the savings code box??? where am i suppose to use this code ?????? UhGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m having the same trouble with my Zumba gift card. I enter it into the Savings Code section and doesn’t work. Am I suppose to put in the “-“, use all caps, etc? What are the tricks? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  22. So, mine shipped out on the 11th. It showed it would arrive the 18th, but I received my Walmart box today and was so excited that I checked on my FabFitFun box. It is now showing it won’t be here until the 20th. Sucky thing is that it is showing it is in Houston, Texas, literally a 6 hour drive. I understand a day and then another day to actually be locally delivered, but 3?

    • Mine was showing that it would be delivered on the 20th, but it arrived today! USPS is on it in my neighborhood. Hope you get an earlier than expected surprise, too.

    • The estimated delivery date on my box is today Dec. 18. But my box is still stuck in Bolegee AL since Sunday and it’s only 3 hrs and some minutes to Pensacola. I guess I have to wait for a while

    • My estimated delivery date was December 19 (even though it shipped on Dec. 9), and I didn’t actually get it until today (Dec. 24). FedEx SmartPost is one of the most inconsistent shipping methods.

  23. I received my box today, and I love it! I will use everything in this box, and I even like the necklace, though I wish I had received the silver one instead. I got the White Tea Ginger Root candle, and I LOVE the scent. The peel is fantastic, the hand cream is wonderful, and I can’t wait to try the eye cream. I received the white & brown eye shadows, which is perfect. I really like FFF, but I did cancel so I can use a discount coupon for the next box! Now if my POPSUGAR Must Have box will ever ship….

  24. The WINTER10 code was invalid, but they gave two codes, NEW5 for $5 off, and another seemingly one-use code for joining the mailing list. I ordered, and after received this message:

    Member Special: Winter ’14 VIP Boxes

    Exclusively for FabFitFun VIP members, for a limited time, order additional winter boxes for just $39.99! Yes, that’s $300+ in incredible finds for just $39.99.

    What’s cool is that when I opened Liz’s review, I was just about the order the apple peel on Birchbox for $39 to receive their holiday two-deluxe-sample box. But now, buying the FFF Winter Box, I get not only the peel, but the entire rest of the box for almost the same price. Yay me for getting a good deal today!

  25. Got my box and love it! Wish I had ordered more, lol. My necklace is the bronze color and that was the one I was hoping for. I got the red currant candle and it smells divine. Already used the fashion project code and can’t wait to try the Zumba DVD and beauty products. I don’t like the eyeshadow but everything else was a win.

  26. Ok so I tried to input the code for the fashion project items and it still charges me shipping which is supposed to be included … how did you guys get around that ? I have emailed both companies and no response yet … Help

    • I paid shipping. Was it supposed to be free?

    • I paid shipping too. I couldn’t get any coupon codes to work with the gift code. The zumba card had free shipping though.

    • The Fashion Project gift card is good for $30 total, not $30 PLUS free shipping. So if you’re ordering something less than $30, it will cover shipping charges up to a grand total of $30, anything beyond that you have to pay. Hope that made sense and didn’t add more confusion.

      • I guess its not included … but if we all look at our information cards it clearly says ” $30 gift card with free shipping “…. << Kinda irritating

    • I paid for shipping too.

  27. I just got my box this morning and I love it! I immediately used my zumba card for headbands and socks for free. Then I got a leather Dooney and Bourke crossbody bag for $42 out of my pocket. I will definitely keep shopping on fashion project! The rest of the box is great but I have to say for the first time ever, I like the gift cards the most!

  28. Has anyone tried to use the Zumba card on something other than clothing? I tried to order one of the “rizer” packages (DVDs + rizer) and although it took the gift card info okay, and showed it was there, it never subtracted anything from the total, all the way to the very last screen when I would have clicked to complete the order. I’m wondering if it has to be clothing?

    • Yes, the gift card is for clothing only

  29. I finally got my FFF box yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited by ALL the items. I absolutely love candles so to see such a great candle, and a great size one with an Awesome scent of Red Current, oh, and the most clean burning candle I’ve ever owned!! Love the necklace, I like that it’s long & silver, I support our right to bear arms so it’s right up my alley! Also love the face peel, it makes your skin so pretty and I like the hand lotion mainly due to the ingredients. Also The Gift Cards, yes the gift cards, well, I’ve already used them, he he! I got a nice long sleeve blouse from fashion project, had to pay an extra 11.99 but worth it and I got some black Lycra workout leggings that were on sale, had to pay 9.99 extra but once again worth it! OHHHH, I almost forgot the eye cream which is Ah-mazing! What a deal!! My ONLY worry with the box is the Zumba DVD, I def. want to use it but it says it’s the “intense” workout(1hr long) and I don’t know if I can hang more than 10 mins.

    • Try it. I love Zumba!

    • Just do as much as you can, you don’t have to do everything they do, there is no “wrong” in Zumba as long as you are moving and having fun!

  30. Other than the necklace (which is just odd to me, regardless of it supporting a charity), I love everything they included. I got a gardenia blend candle and it smells fantastic (and it’s a legit full size version, too, not one of the acclaimed/oft included “travel” candles; I can’t say I’ve ever traveled with a candle, at least not on purpose, lol). I got great deals with both of the cards/codes, the Zumba video is fun, the cooking classes are a fun way to spend a few hours during the cold, blah winter months, and the hand cream is mildly scented and very rich. I love Juice Beauty and can’t wait to try the peel. And the eye cream is a new brand for me, which is a major reason I do sub boxes-to discover new brands. I used the shadows today and they are very nice, not sparkly/dry looking like some mineral shadows, plus they apply easily and don’t require multiple layers for full effect.

  31. Just ordered a matching tan and cream Calvin Klein scarf and glove set in like-new/excellent condition from fashion project for $5.99! And $4.99 went to a Texas food bank! $200 value! Couldn’t be happier! And my candle is the sea scented one! Wooooo! Best first box ever!

  32. My favorite part of this box was the gift cards 🙂 I got some headbands and socks for free and a cute coach purse for $5 ( I am interested to see the condition it arrives in. I am a little nervous about it being used, oh well for $5 it is a risk I am willing to take). I am also looking forward to checking out the Salted offer. I really loved the candle. I am excited to try out the juice beauty. I am happy with the DVD too. I will be gifting the eye shadows and the hand cream. The eye cream I am debating on gifting to my Mom. It looks like a lovely product. The necklace was fine, but not my fav. I like sparkles on my jewelry 😉 I always think I am going to cancel my subscription, but once I had the box in my hands I really do enjoy most of the items. I do think I will start playing the unsubscribe re-subscribe game though…it would have been nice to get this for $40 instead of $50. This box never seems to sell out before the spoilers.

    • I have done that game for the last 3 boxes, so far have not sold out so I will continue until they do 🙂

      • How do you unsubscribe? Do you have to send an email?

    • I bought something from Fashion Project when I learned we were getting a gift card from them. The wallet was in perfect condition. With the gift card I bought a Kate Spade clutch, something I could never justify paying full price for. I don’t think you have to worry, I love my new wallet!

      • YAY thanks so much!

  33. Does any one know if those gift card/ coupon shops offer shipping to Canada?

    • They don’t. I’ve been in contact with FFF and they are looking into the best way to compensate their Canadian customers for this. They said they will be making an announcement soon regarding that, but that our boxes should still ship like normal. It’ll be interesting to see what happens!

  34. I went ahead and bought this box yesterday after I saw a review elsewhere. I continously kick myself for not getting the fall box and after I saw the Zumba stuff in this I took the jump. I’m not thrilled with the bullet necklace (I agree I wouldve rather seen a scarf or something more winter-esque) or the Salted subscription, but everything else will definitely get used and I would consider a treat. I’m hoping the Coach scarf I’m eyeing on Project Fashion is still there by the time I get the gift card! Seems like Coach is the popular pick among us subscription box fans! 🙂

  35. I can’t wait to get my first FFF box! This looks great!
    Also, I’ve seen spoilers for Liz’s box…I can’t wait for that one too! Merry Christmas to me!
    Just a question…how often do these two boxes ship?

    • Hi, it does look great and tremendous value. I believer 4 times a year for each box.

  36. My box is due to arrive any day now. I can’t wait to use the gift certificates. I think a coach wristlet sounds great. I will probably use everything and if there is something I don’t like, I’ll gift for Christmas. I love hand creams, prefer the tube kind. I just turned 30 and have been using eye creams for a few years and spf my entire life. I’m told I don’t look a day over 21. I also use other face creams so I’m sorry but it’s my opinion it’s best to start young. The eye are forehead ages first. I don’t have one line. I love skin care. I’m sure that I’ll use the candle, if not I will gift it. The snacks will surely be eaten. I don’t mind the necklace if the chain was different and shorter so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I would have loved to of seen a scarf or throw in the box, it seems like something is missing here and I’m not sure what and even if there was a cute clutch or something. Nonetheless the value is terrific and the gift cards are great. WINTER10 gets the box for $39.99 and using the gift certificates the box is more then free. I’m undecided if I’ll use the dvd since I have a ton of them and I prefer to walk daily or gift it to my friend who is a workout freak. 🙂 I will use the gift certificate to probably purchase some workout pants or something similar and the other gift certificate to get a new coach wristlet.

    The retail all others posted is $383.50

  37. I’m getting 2 of these boxes because I want the gift cards, even if they don’t stack. I love GC in sub boxes. Ready the review, I realized I’m getting 2 of everything…so excited!

  38. Just used my codes to get a tank top from zumba and a sweater from fashion project both for free:) I could care less about the bullet necklace, but the rest of the items look nice and I am glad I got the brown eyeshadow. It is very pretty.

    • How did you enter the gift card code?
      It says to only enter numbers and asks for a pin. Have been trying different combos!

      • Try it as an offer/coupon code instead.

        • That worked-thx!

  39. Overall, I was pleased with the box, but a few things rubbed me the wrong way. I was disappointed to see the candle had a regular wick, as opposed to the wooden wick featured on their website. Also, I knew from the spoiler I probably wouldn’t wear the Half United necklace, but I was hoping once I saw it It would read less like a bullet casing, but no. There’s no mistaking what that is, so that’s of no use to me and I’d feel strange gifting it. But I really like all the skincare and I already used the Fashion Project card to get a Coach wristlet for nearly free, so it’s hard to complain about that.

  40. I received my box today and my candle is broken (have contacted FFF). I’m a Zumba instructor so I’m excited for the gift card. You can’t go wrong with any dvds. For clothing, unfortunately the sizing is very inconsistent. They have a strict return policy and don’t do exchanges. The “Perfect Leggings” are really nice and do fit true to the size chart. They have capri or long versions.

  41. I bought a 2015 Suburban earlier this year, and was charged $995 delivery even though the factory was 5 miles away from my house. I negotiated picking up at the factory in person but of course it was a no. It was a special order and the vehicle sat on the lot for a week before they can arrange a truck to deliver it to the dealership, which is 3 miles away. So don’t feel too bad about Fedex smart post. My packages always sit in the smartpost transfer for days. Besides Ouiplease, I am always the last ones to get these sub boxes.

  42. I cancelled my FFF subscription because there wasn’t enough fitness focus. Now I’m thinking it would be really great if someone would create a subscription box that included a new fitness DVD and fitness tool each month for under $20. I’m realizing that I’m just not as interested in the snacks, makeup, and other products that boxes like FFF and Yogi surprise have to offer.

    • I would sign up for that box! I think the best truly fitness themed box right now is the Mizz Fit Quarterly box from Bianca Jade. It’s a higher price point than what you mentioned ($50 a quarter), but she always seems to include new fitness items and tools I didn’t even know existed! (Of course she does also include some health and beauty items, so it’s not an only-fitness box).

  43. This box is really boring. I’m glad I cancelled.

  44. The necklace in the box from the day the spoiler was released, did not want to make me go out and purchase this box. I canceled my subscription based on that spoiler. I would have liked the necklace if it was a different design. I like the giving key necklace they had last year. I like the candle, the hand cream, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive, I know I would not use the eye shadow and the other items. Even though this box has some great items in it, and the value is wonderful I find it boring. I wish they would have had a winter theme, and put something unique, fun and winterish in the box. Might resubscribe to the Spring box if the spoilers are better.

  45. Seriously I’m like DYING! Everyone is getting their package but me 🙁 Mine was supposed to arrive today but it says it could take another 2 days (though its in my city at the facility like a mile from my house). I want to use my fashion project code before everything is taken :'( Why would it take a full week to ship to san diego from Los angeles! I could walk there faster. Hating FedEx right now!

    • That is such a bummer! I am in San Diego (East County) and I got my box on Saturday. Sorry to hear about the delay! I have been having a lot of issues with tracking and packages being scanned this holiday season. Seems they are trying to continue to cut corners and reliability and accuracy are taking a hit because of it. Here’s hoping you get your box soon! 🙂

      • SOOOOO jealous of you right now :'( like there is NO reason it should take this long to get from LA to here ya know?


    • Mine hasn’t arrived either. It really needs to get here because I’ve been eyeballing purses project fashion for days.

  46. I used the Zumba card to purchase towels for $19 and was charged $0 for shipping or handling, so I think the card does apply to handling if you’ve got money left!

    • Good to know – thanks!

    • How did you get the Zumba card to work?

  47. I duno this wasn’t my favorite FFF box, but I did like most of the items. I didn’t like the candle at all though it smelled orange-y to me for some reason. I also don’t like the primrose lotion but it’s too heavy to bother swapping. I do really like the bullet necklace, even though I don’t like guns. I really liked the eyeshadow too which I didn’t think I would. They messed up and sent me 2 brown ones instead of a white and brown one, but that’s ok with me! I’m not thrilled with getting eye cream, I don’t have lines yet and don’t use them, I have a whole box of eye creams and stuff to use, this will just be added to the box. I also really like the Zumba dvd, I’ll use it more than the gift subscription to the online videos they sent out last time.

    • The whole point of eye cream is to use it before the wrinkles actually do appear. The eye area has some of the thinnest skin and is more prone to drying out and showing lines and wrinkles than other areas of your face. The sooner that you begin to incorporate this into your daily routine the longer you will keep those wrinkles and lines at bay. Waiting to get wrinkles and THEN deciding to use wrinkle cream will not magically make them disappear…

  48. i love the box the skin produts are great . i will be getting the next box all stuff i never hear of and things i want to try i used the coupon from your website thank you so much my box was 39.95 well worth it can not wait for the next one xoxo dorothy

  49. Took a chance and bought it for a gift and it’s perfect for the recipient!

  50. The fashion project gift card doesn’t actually come with free shipping. You can use the value of the gift card towards free shipping ( purchase something for $24 and the rest will be used on shipping). I tried using a coupon code with the gift card to get the free shipping and got a message “this gift code cannot be combined with any other offer”. I didn’t really mind the false advertising because for $5.00 I got an adorable coach wallet AND they donated $5.00 to charity for me 🙂

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