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Rosario Dawson Quarterly Box & Bare Bliss Box Shipping Updates

I received some shipping updates and wanted to share them:




The Rosario Dawson Quarterly box is now scheduled to ship in December and arrive by the 25th for US subscribers. Spoiler Alert – one of the items in the box will be from Under Armour. (I’m not sure how Quarterly is handling the Golden Ticket giveaway since one subscriber was supposed to win tickets to the Top Five premiere on December 3rd, so I’m going to reach out and try to get details).

(The Arianna Huffington Box is also now scheduled to arrive before December 25th to US subscribers). I’m not sure on the specifics of these Quarterly delays, but I’m guessing the curators may have run into some of the same issues I did this quarter.

Now moving on to Bare Bliss Box:

Bare Bliss Box


According to this email sent to subscribers, shipments were delayed this month due to FedEx losing a box with hundreds of products from SPOILER ALERT – Void Beauty. The boxes are being shipped out without the missing product, and subscribers will get an email with info on how to redeem a free product with free shipping directly from Void Beauty.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I found a blog with a picture attached of what was in Rosario Dawson’s Box #2. You have to click the button next to the word SPOILER – I think it’s in post #4 by ikecarus πŸ™‚

    Still waiting for mine…seems like some people liked it & some were unhappy.

    • I should have the review up later today too! πŸ™‚

      • I think part of the problem of it going over well/not going over well is the timing of the box. Opening the box and receiving a few silly things over the course of December is probably more fun than opening everything at once. Plus there are items that don’t make a lot of sense because the letter refer to a video that will be posted later.

        My sister loves the box overall and had fun with the fun items.

      • I think the curation is great and the curator did a great job and so far I have not heard of anyone returning the box. The value is well above the cost and even the silly things probably have some meaning to the curator which she said she would post about. Rosario, MizzFIt and MSA are the most consistent curators that I have seen out of Quarterly. I think the problem is with Quarterly. THey really need to get more on the ball about meeting shipping deadlines or they will lose more customers.

  2. Got mine today and all I can say is THANKS! it was a true surprise. There are items that are more than the box so that is covered. And while some of the items are a little “silly” I feel that all was such a fun surprise that I don’t care that I don’t even know what to do with some of the things. The bad: it was THROWN in the box haphazard and there is no listing (says it will be online) to know if you got everything (31 items)

  3. I dropped the MSA box (again) at the last minute for the Rosario Dawson box. My sister had to drop the RD box because it did not ship in November and then life got in the way. I decided to buy it for her for Christmas. It arrived today around the same time she did. She is very happy with the box especially with the main gift. The only thing is I did not see a Disney item which I thought was a spoiler from when RD did a voiceover in a Tinkerbell movie.

  4. Did anyone receive tracking for rosario box yet? I got billed a couple days ago.

    • Got tracking number for the Rosario box Friday but it said estimated delivery is December 26, after Christmas! What the heck! I live in California. Hopefully it won’t take that long.

      • I received a shipping notice email on the 19th with a tracking link that never loaded any actual information but was very surprised to find the box at the post office today (I
        am in Arizona).

  5. So, I was snooping about the interwebs to see if I could score a little more of a hint as to what the heck is going on with the shipping of the Rosario Dawson Quarterly box, and I searched for the box’s hashtag (#18902). I guess they did actually get a winner for the raffle – not sure how!! But there is a link to pictures of the man who won with Rosario at the premiere here:

    Still not sure about dates for shipping, though…*sigh*. I was really looking forward to this box, mostly because I wanted to gift out the contents. Now when I think about it, I just get a little sad.

    • Quarterly tweeted yesterday in response to a tweet question that the Rosario Dawson box will ship next week with expedited shipping. I also saw they tweeted that Arianna Huffington’s box shipped.

  6. I cancelled all my Quarterly subs this morning. If they can’t guarantee when they’ll arrive, I can’t wait around hoping they’ll show up on time to use as gifts. I also can’t keep wondering when the money will come out of my account. I almost wish they charged when you ordered. I assume that they’re having trouble getting all the items together, but they don’t offer any reasons at all when people are complaining. I’m really bummed that this is my first experience with them. I REALLY wanted to open a gift a day out of the Rosario box. And I loved the spoilers in Liz’s box, but this is kind of ridiculous. It isn’t the first time they’ve had trouble getting all the items together and you’d think that they’d learn from their mistakes and either order early OR be less specific about delivery times. I might order one if there are any left after they start shipping. I noticed that boxes that were once sold out are now available for purchase. You think they’d be more apologetic about screwing their customers, but they just keep repeating the same phrases over and over again.

  7. This is about Bare Bliss – I received an email to redeem a code for the Void product. It led me to the Bare Bliss site. It did not allow me to select a color. The email came in at 10:14 am Sat from Bare Bliss Box. I’m not really sure why I had to redeem the code on their website since they knew I did not receive it, but I did. It states I will receive the product in 5-7 business days.

    • We don’t get to pick the color? That’s a bummer! I received my box last week but still haven’t gotten an email regarding the redeem code for the missing product. I had high hopes for this box but this is disappointing.

    • Thanks for letting us know PA Anna. I still haven’t received any emails (except the tracking #, so I know they have my email address). It’s so weird how the communiques aren’t consistent across customers.
      I still haven’t contacted Shelli. I was waiting to see if I got an email telling me how to get my Void product. If I don’t hear anything over the weekend, I’ll contact her Monday.

      • I did not renew my 3 month sub. I wonder if that is playing into it. It will less costly for her to include the nail polish in the December boxes for those that will be receiving them. I do NOT know if this is what she is doing. I’m hypothesizing.

      • No, because I didn’t get the e-mail either, and I also didn’t renew. I contacted her yesterday (and posted on FB) but probably won’t hear back for a few days.

      • I didn’t resubscribe either and just got my email today at 12:09PM. I’m not sure why the emails are going out at different times. Also, it was in my spam folder, even though I’ve received emails from Bare Bliss and Shelli Price in my inbox in the past and have them in my contacts list. You may want to check your spam just in case.

      • Nope, not in my spam folder. I just didn’t get it. Not the first time and not the second time. I used to get all their e-mails without a problem but the last week or two, I haven’t gotten any of them. No tracking for my November box, no Void Beauty redemption, etc.

      • I never received a shipping number although my box did finally showed up.

  8. I got mine today. This is my last one (unsubscribed for financial reasons). When the nail polish coupon comes, I’ll feel like I got a pretty good deal. I also hope for the best for this box going into the future.

    I think in general, these vegan/natural boxes are not for me, though. I am not interested in indie/Etsy-type makeup. Nothing against anyone who is into it, or anyone who makes/sells it (there’s clearly a market, and it’s great if people can make some extra money doing something they love), it’s just that I prefer factory-sealed items in containers with labels that were not made on someone’s home printer.

    Maybe it is because I have a PhD in chemistry and work at a patent law firm, but I actually trust big companies with chemists and safety inspectors on staff more than I trust home-based enthusiasts. Ah, well, to each her own. (Also, these types of subs send out natural deodorant, which is something I positively hate and will never ever use.)

    • I understand what you are saying. I attended many food safety and value-add product classes. I also worked in a FDA regulated industry with regulators etc. I go back and forth on it.

    • I agree on the indie-type makeup. I have super sensitive skin and am very cautious about ingredients in makeup/body care. I love natural and organic makeup, but unless I can find detailed info on the ingredients and conclude that it is coming from a reliable source I’m not going to risk having a bad reaction. There are many awesome natural/vegan lines that I have complete confidence in, like Vapour Organic & Tatcha, and I’m sure there are great Etsy companies too, but as a consumer it can be difficult to sort the safe from the not-so-safe. Several years ago I had a horrible reaction to an “all-natural” and “non-toxic” mineral eyeshadow from etsy and I learned my lesson. Now I always do my homework before trying a new product πŸ™‚

  9. Did anyone else get the email from bare bliss that Liz got? I have a 3 month sub with them and received my Nov. box today, but I haven’t heard a peep from them about the missing Void Beauty nail polish….

    • Ok, I’m looking back through comments and see other people did receive an email….I should email Shelli…

      • I received the email, no box, and no response to two emails. Did you receive a tracking number or did it show up?

      • I did receive a tracking number on Nov. 30 and my box arrived today. (I love the eye shadow color I got, by the way!) The card with it has the Void product listed, but there’s no mention of it missing or how to resolve that…I really want this sub to work cause it’s a nice price with the 3 month sub :/. I will reach out to Shelli….if not for MSA, I would have no idea what was going on….

      • I feel the same way about wanting the sub to succeed. I’m going to send another email on Friday if I do not receive a box. It may show up in a few days. I don’t think I ever got a tracking number with this sub.

      • I normally get tracking for this one but I haven’t yet. I did get the e-mail. I e-mailed Shelli about something else (unrelated) and it took her a few days to get back to me (but she did respond, and did so in a way that indicated she actually read my message and looked into my issue).

      • I received my November Bare Bliss yesterday, and I really like the products included this month. I received the Moth color mineral eyeshadow, and Sun Kissed mineral bronzer, both great colors and sizes. The Weleda pomegranate lotion is also nice, and even though I’m not usually excited about lotions, it has a wonderful, natural, long-lasting fragrance. I was honestly least excited about getting another nail polish, but I’m happy that I’ll now get to choose my color once I receive the email. I hope they will be back on schedule with shipping around the 15th for December! I also very much want this box to succeed.

      • Oh no, not another Weleda pomegranate lotion. I think that stuff smells like wallpaper glue and I have like one and a half full-sized ones to work through already.

      • I know…I was kind of disappointed with the weleda scent because I too am on my second bottle. But that scent has actually grown on me, and it’s a nice small size for your purse. That scent will always be associated with Yuzen Box for me πŸ™‚

    • I had to contact BareBliss in November for my missing October box since somehow they never shipped out my box. I never received any email regarding the November box either and only learned about the reason for delay here. There seems to be a major delay in the shipping of their boxes so far. And for me in Western Canada, shipping from their warehouse to my place takes 2 weeks. So the boxes never arrive in the same month as it’s supposed to be. They really need to improve on their communications and shipping. For example, giving an update on their social media pages would have been nice.

  10. I subscribed for 3 months of Bare Bliss Box, and thought the content of the first 2 boxes was just so-so for the price. I planned to wait and see what was in November’s before deciding whether to renew, but since my sub was going to automatically renew Dec. 2 I went ahead and cancelled. It sounds like it wasn’t their fault, but I wish they would have emailed subscribers sooner to let us know what was happening. I understand mail delays and unforeseen circumstances but it seems like this happens way too often with sub boxes.

  11. It looks like enough people have cancelled their Rosario Dawson boxes after the latest delay that they’re available again, if anyone still wanted to grab a last-minute one

  12. I canceled Bare Bliss Box for financial reasons but I had bought a 3-month sub so I will be getting this one, eventually. I am hopeful that we will get to choose our Void Beauty colors (I’m really liking Envy at the moment) when we get this voucher. That would make it worth the wait for me, not getting any more pinks or nudes…

  13. I cancelled all my subs. I had a lot of them too. I cannot put up with the delays

  14. I subscribed to the Rosario box after learning that there would be 31 items in it like an advent calendar and was really excited to open it during December (and hopefully get some gifts from the box too!). I’ve been waiting patiently this whole month trying to figure out when the box would ship and was really disappointed when I read the email saying it wouldn’t ship until December.

    I live in Canada and it seems that it won’t be arriving until after Christmas. I emailed Quarterly as soon as I read the email inquiring about shipping estimates to Canada and am waiting for a response. This kind of changes the whole point of me subscribing to this box and paying an extra 20$ for shipping when it won’t be here in time. I’ll also be out of town from the 23rd on so if it doesn’t arrive by the 22nd…

    I still want the box because I think the items in it will be great and will have a great value but am very disappointed arrival times.

    • Hi Toby,

      I live in Canada as well (Manitoba) and I was really looking forward to Rosario’s box but I cancelled last week. With the holiday shipping I very much doubt this will arrive to us before New Year’s Eve. The shipping charge for Quarterly boxes is very high and ultimately, I cannot justify buying this box when it was originally supposed to be here before December. The only Quarterly box I will be keeping is MSA, and even that I know will not arrive before Christmas.

      I agree with you, Rosario’s box sounds fantastic, but I was hoping to get it for Christmas so that I could use some of the contents for Christmas presents.

      • I reached out to quarterly and received this email from them:

        Thanks for getting in touch! Rosario’s box will be going out very soon. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get it in time for Christmas, since international shipping can take a bit longer. What I can say is that the chances are quite good that you’ll get the box significantly before then.

        Hopefully he is right and I will get it before I leave town!

  15. I just don’t get how this is going to be an advent calendar themed box for Rosario if we don’t get it until Christmas. I literally only subscribed for this reason. 31 items for $50 is a great deal and I was looking forward to actually doing 1 item a day.

  16. Quarterly boxes never ship when promised so I think I’m pretty much over subscribing to any more of their boxes (sorry Liz). HGQ03 was promoted as shipping in early Nov. so you could use it over the upcoming holidays but mine’s not arriving until Dec. 1st, after Thanksgiving travel…

  17. This sold me, but now it is sold out πŸ™

  18. Either FedEx is doing a crappy job this month or they’re getting blamed for many a sub box screw up.

    • I’d like to add that all of my non-subscription box related FedEx deliveries this month have been on time. So…

  19. I hope that when quarterly says “by the 25th” they don’t intend for their boxes to show up on the 23rd or 24th. That won’t be super helpful for those of us who are going out of town that week.

  20. Thanks so much for the update, Liz.

  21. I feel bad for those that ordered the Rosario box looking forward to opening a gift each day. I realized AH had to be shipping later in December once I read the contest rules. I enjoy Quarterly subs and hope they are able to have a better year in 2015 with timely shipments.

    I cancelled my Bare Bliss sub a few weeks ago. I do not know what to think about it. It must be hard to start a new sub etc. It doesn’t make sense to me. It was to ship on the 15th according to their webpage. Then Facebook – The Void Spoiler was posted on the 17th stating it will be in our box that week. 11/25 it stated that the delay was due to servers and boxes will ship that week. Now the email about the missing product on 11/28 with no ship date for the box.

    Void states they ship daily Mon-Fri. I wonder why they couldn’t reship the product. It is going to cost someone a lot of money to ship out the nail polishes separately.

    I loved the first box and used their code to buy more nail polish. I ordered more SW Basic products from Target and the lip balm from the box is my favorite. Didn’t care much for the second box. I really want to like this sub I’m going to hope that my November box shows up and wait a few months to see what happens before signing up again.

  22. Good question on the ticket winners – this is a definite case where a box delay is a problem!

  23. Several days later and I’m still really annoyed about the Rosario box. This is completely ridiculous. How many of the boxes have been delayed a month or more? At least 4 that I know of. Right now I have a VERY poor impression of Quarterly as a business and would advise friends and family not to use their service.

  24. I was just on Quarterly’s site, and there are some open subscriptions for MSA02.

    I’m also wondering if Art Toys and Collectibles is behind schedule because I was told they would charge and start shipping last week, but I’m aware of neither happening yet.

    • I got an email from them last week stating that the Toys and Collectables box would be shipping the first week in December.

      • I think undefined shipping dates will be what bothers me most about Quarterly. I didn’t get an update email, and got the response that it would ship last week the week before.

  25. I’m going on vacation the 22th, so I’m hoping I’ll get the Rosario box before I leave.

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