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Nina Garcia Quarterly Wait List is Open Again!

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Nina Garcia Wait List Open!

Thank you Donna for the tip! The wait list has been removed for the November Nina Garcia Quarterly box! (Check out the spoiler for this box too!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz – Spoilers are on MUT.

    I think I am OK with not receiving the box.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Just put together the spoiler collage!

  2. I am so frustrated with this company! I find it really hard to plan for these. For some reason I did not get charged yet for the NINA box, hoping that I don’t get skipped. They have messed up many of my other subscriptions and then sent me an email telling me how sorry they are that they “skipped me”, gave me a $10 credit. That better not happen with this box. I have been waiting for MONTHS!

  3. I got charged!!!! I GOT CHARGED!!!! woohoo!!! That means next week they start going out!!!

  4. Hi. My name is Nancy and I’m an addict. I just signed up for the Nina Garcia box and saw that the MSA02 box was also open, so I grabbed it too. It must have been a single spot because Liz’s box is on Waitlist again. Sorry for everyone waiting but….yea me!

    • I cancelled Hitha (rationalizing that, for all I travel, I really don’t *need* it), but now it’s open again and I’m considering re-subscribing…augh!

  5. Hi Liz, I was cruising another post and noticed your comment that you have received your NG04. I know you can’t review yet but just wanted some hope that they were actually beginning to ship those darned boxes. The email I received from Quarterly said they were waiting for an “essential” piece to add to the collection which only increases my expectation for an exceptional box. Can you say if you are happy with the items?

    • Hi Marty,

      Sorry, I’m not sure what comment you are referring to – I haven’t received the box yet. If you can send me a link to the post with the comment I’ll check it out and make sure to remove any confusing messaging.


    • I read the comment too, but I think it’s from last year πŸ™

      • Can you let me know which post the comment is in? I want to make sure I fix it to prevent any confusion. Thanks !

      • Hallie, Thanks for confirming that I did actually see Liz’s post. I remember thinking it was mid November but that there was no year. At least I’m not going crazy! Though it got my hope up that Quarterly was finally getting around to sending NG04. Darn!

        Sorry for the confusion Liz. I will try to retrace my steps but I was digging pretty deep – one blog leads to another, and so on, and so on…

  6. I saw that the MSA Quarterly has boxes available. I’m trying to figure out if any of my boxes will bill this week.

  7. How much advance warning does Quarterly give before they charge you?

    • Zero. Sometimes a person is able to get an exact date and share it with everyone. Still that doesn’t work. The last exact billing date I received from Quarterly by contacting them for NG was Oct 20 and that did not happen.

      • Awesome. (Sarcasm intended.) Thanks!

        • I should add – They usually bill Mondays and Tuesdays. Also if you go the main page and select sort by shipping soon it should give you an idea where the box falls in billing. I try to do that at the end of the week to see if a box might be billing the following week.

          • Thanks, that was very helpful – looks like Hitha is first up!

  8. If Quarterly keeps delaying the Nina Garcia box, they are going to have to change their name to Semi-Annual!!

    • Lol! This was supposed to arrive in September and no-one has even received shipping notice yet, so bi-annual perhaps?
      I’ve decided to stick it out, unlike the other 60 who’ve apparently just cancelled. If the box is so amazing it’s worth waiting for, then great.
      If not, I’ll just return it.
      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we hear that there will be no NG box and Quarterly finally give up and call it quits.
      I ‘liked’ Nina G’s Facebook page in August and see by her feed that she’s super busy and either filming or out of the country.

  9. Ahh I’m so sad. I started to subscribe to MSA02 yesterday but didn’t have my wallet on me and put it off. Checked in today and it’s sold out *tears*

    I hope the quantity is increased next time, they always sell out before I can get to them!

    • Wow – I did not expect it to sell out until I posted the spoiler. We plan on increasing the number of boxes each quarter – we have to cut off the number each time though so we know how much quantity we need to secure.

    • Just checked in with Quarterly – the wait list is open – 60 spots left πŸ™‚

      • Yay got one!!

      • Thank you so much, Liz! Thanks to your timely reply, I’m all signed up. Congratulations on your success – I’m sure you’ll sell out every time!

    • You need to memorize your credit card and bank account numbers. I didn’t set out to do it, it just kind of happened for me from repeatedly typing in the numbers on websites. (Monthly bill-paying is a breeze now — don’t have to look at any checks or credit cards!)

      • You’re right… I should memorize them! It would’ve come in handy twice this week!

    • It’s available again. I just ordered my MSA02 box!! Yay!

  10. I am going to jump ship on this box. It keeps putting pushed back. Not knowing when it will ship is frustrating.
    Not to mention I feel like they are making more boxes available due to the popularity of it and that is causing a delay.

  11. I’m one of those that jumped ship after the 2nd delay (I don’t give 3rd chances IRL or virtual). Switched to Rosario Dawson cuz I really liked her last box & a little intrigued by the 30+ items in the next one.

  12. I’m justifying this as Christmas shopping. I figure between this, the MSA#2 and Rosario Dawson I’m far more likely to be happy with my money spent than if I had bought the PS NM box. The bonus is their return policy, it doesn’t even feel like a gamble.

  13. Uggh – I am leaning heavily towards cancelling this box. I feel like with all of the delays and issues it will be either really awesome or, what I am scared of, really bad. I don’t know if I want to take that chance……Plus, since the last one wound up in best of maybe I can just buy it there….can you guys please just make this decision for me! lol

  14. The fact that you can get a full refund is so cool! Its risk free so I am going to keep my subscription and see what comes. I know $100 is a lot but if I am unhappy I can return it so I know I won’t be out the $100. I have been afraid to pull the trigger on the Popsugar LE boxes because of this but with Quarterly, its worth the gamble.

  15. To those wondering when #NGQ04 will ship, I asked Quarterly last week for an update, and they said that they are attempting to secure one more item, and the box would ship in November. (No specific date.) Someone else on Twitter asked for an update a few days ago, and all Quarterly would say is that it would ship “soon.” So, who knows. I assume it will be at least another week, since they cannot get any more specific than “soon.”

    • Someone asked them on Facebook about the ship date.. they came back and said mid-November. But no exact date.

  16. Agreed on the excitement for MSA02! Liz – any updates on when your box is expected to ship this month?

    • We’re finalizing shipping times hopefully this week – I will do an update as soon as I have solid info. Sorry about the wait!

  17. I canceled my Nina box after seeing the spoiler. It totally spoiled it for me, lol.

  18. Isn’t this at least the 3rd or 4th time that the waitlist has opened for this box? Maybe people are cancelling because they are tired of waiting for it or they are getting High End Box burnout??

  19. Wish there was another spoiler for this box. I desperately need one to cheer me up after the PSMH NM dissapointment and frustration. I love the fact that you can cancel the box if it has not shipped.

  20. I’m so tempted to cancel this mythical Nina Garcia fall box.
    It’s now the first week in November for crying out loud! I was one of the saps who paid months ago.
    You’d think Quarterly would have the decency and marketing nouse to keep us updated. And now more subscribers are being added.
    Excuse me, I’m just away to check out the Design Sponge box. This particular rat might be jumping ship.

    • Tell me more of this Design Sponge Box.

    • Actually Quarterly doesn’t charge you until they ship so you haven’t actually paid for this yet. You can also return a box you don’t like even after you have opened it simply by emailing them. They will send a prepaid label and refund your money. I have done that with a few boxes I was unhappy with.

      • I understand that I haven’t actually paid yet, but I budgeted for this since September. $100 is a lot to me and that amount is on hold until Quarterly/Nina Garcia deign to begin shipping the fall box.

        And I agree that it’s entirely possible that the waitlist keeps opening up because many people are bailing. This may be Nina’s last box.

  21. Was not thrilled with the spoiler but I’m still going to take a chance on Nina as long as it ships this month!

  22. I am getting so frustrated with this. There is no reason for this kind of delay. This is my first box of he’s. I am considering cancelling and grabbing the new design sponge box. The theme pattern sounds fun!
    I am a bit worried I won’t like the nina box considering I wasn’t thrilled with the spoiler.
    Ugh..this is a lot of money to just have sitting there waiting to be billed

  23. Liz, you didn’t disappoint me with the last box! Already swapped for about 5 more jars of the coffee scrub and another chai latte candle! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the table for the next one!

  24. Does anyone know how to buy multiple quarterly boxes? I really want to get a Bianca Jade box for my sister for Christmas (she’s already subscribed to the MSA box). I’m not sure how to do it!

    • I think you may need to create a separate account to buy another subscription of the same box.

      • Thanks! I’m up to 3 at quarterly since I just joined the Design Sponge subscription. $100 is still a big number for me, but I really love the website.

        • I’m up to five now – MSA, Book Riot, Hitha, Rosario, and now Arianna. (Arianna sent out an email discussing her ideas for her upcoming box and it totally sold me. Plus, at the very least, a new Philosophy moisturiser.) So what’s that, $300, all in November? Ack!

          • Please share Arianna’s email! November I have Hiltha on the Go, MSA, Bianca Jade, Arianna Huffington, and Chef Ludo. Hiltha on the Go I may return because I am buying it hoping to find a gift for my husband. I’m hoping Chef Ludo’s box is the ingredients to make a Christmas log.

          • Please do share her email. I subscribe to her box and love it

          • Here’s her email:

            “I want to share with you a special project I’m working on with Quarterly, a new subscription service that allows me to curate packages of some of my favorite things. My hope is that this service will enable all of you to share in my journey and discover new products along the way. Each of my boxes will include a social-good component, the proceeds of which will be donated to Ignite Good, a group that trains millennial leaders who work in social impact.

            My next quarterly box is themed Health and Wellness, focusing on a fit mind and body. It will include a product from skin care company Philosophy’s “hope and grace” line which benefits mental health organizations.

            Each mailing will have a different theme focused on well-being and helping you Thrive. For more information about Quarterly click here.”

            I’d managed to resist her first box — mostly because of the cost — but this really spoke to me.

          • If you can get her first box. It included her book thrive with personal notes and it was all about sleep. Those of us who have actually used the items have really enjoyed them. I love the meditation app that there was gift card to and have since signed up for a full year. I am on day 40 and the meditation is helping a lot.

          • Thank you for sharing the email. I enjoyed her first box and can’t wait for the second.

          • I wasn’t terribly impressed by her first box initially – and said so on here – but people really seem to be getting a lot out of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way to get it – it’s not available on “Best of Quarterly.” Oh well; it’s not like I have the money at this point!

          • Laurie – I understand what you are saying. I’m posting this for others that might be curious. I found in the past if I emailed Quaterly directly that I am able to buy a box that is not on the Best of list. I did that for the Jessica Comingore box.

          • Oooohhh…interesting….

  25. Does anyone have any idea when this box will actually ship? This will be my first Nina box, and while I’m excited, I’m also a little nervous about all the delays.

  26. Sorry but on a diff topic, any spoilers for MSA02?

    • Thanks Liz, I just ordered. I was actually checking out the website to see if it was open like two hours ago and it wasn’t πŸ™ I have finally grabbed it. Thanks!
      And I’m looking forward to your box. Please spoilers πŸ™‚

    • I should be able to announce the official spoiler very soon (I’m sorry about the wait this time!) but I can tell you it is a cozy item. πŸ™‚

      • A lot of things come to mind with cozy things – and all Good! I can’t wait to get them. Thanks!

        • Good to hear! I hope I don’t disappoint! πŸ™‚

          • I was hoping very soon will be tonight πŸ™‚ Here’s to reading a spoiler tomorrow πŸ™‚

      • Gah, I’m so excited!!!!!

  27. Is this box EVER going to ship??? I am getting irritated by the delays.

    • I’ve only been signed up for like 6 weeks and I’m beyond irritated. I can’t imagine how it is for people who’ve been waiting since mid summer. It’s also weird that Nina isn’t really promoting it. I saw a comment somewhere else about the quality of the box’s curating having gone down (90 meh items instead of 5 luxe items), which makes me wonder how involved in this she actually still is. This would be my first box of hers, and I keep debating canceling…

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