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Nina Garcia #NG04 Quarterly Box Spoiler!

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Nina Garcia Wait List Open!

Thanks again to Jerilynn for alerting us to this new Quarterly box spoiler! Each Nina Garcia Quarterly box will include..

Nina Garcia Spoiler

NUDE Skincare ProGenius Treatment OilΒ (not sure if it will be the .5 oz or 1 oz version).

What do you think of the spoiler? I’m really excited to try this based on the Sephora reviews!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just ordered my box πŸ™‚
    In the swaps I saw someone had a Nest fragrance that said it was from Nina Garcia. I dont recall a Nest perfume from past boxes, am I wrong?

  2. Just snagged a Nina Subscription if anyone is interested it looks open now !

    • It’s actually been open for several days– I believe that it was the fourth or fifth time that they have opened the wait list for this box. I’m thinking that people are canceling because of the many delays…

  3. Does anyone know how to contact the company? My email to them keeps bouncing back to me and I am unable to find a phone number.
    This is SO frustrating.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Kathy,

      This happened to me so thought I’d pass along. Did you confirm the email address? It’s [email protected], as opposed to .com. I did that the first time I tried contacting them and my email bounced back and I realized the minor typo. Good luck!

    • Hi Kathy, I always try to contact subs through Facebook. And Quarterly is no exception – they seem to respond to public enquiries much faster than emails. I understand your frustration!

  4. Anyone know when the Nina Garcia box will ship?

    • I received this email from Quarterly on Friday:

      Hello Crystal
      Nina Garcia has been working hard to secure the latest winter essentials for her next box. We’re excited to reveal that one of the many items going in this box will be NUDE Skincare ProGenius Oil Treatment, a must-have for radiant skin throughout the year!

      This box will now ship in November and as always it will definitely be worth the wait!


  5. I canceled my box. It was a hard decision, but with so many boxes billing in November (maybe) it was what needed to be done. It felt indulgent to have 2 $100.00 boxes bill in November. I rather have the Arianna Huffington box. I’m sure I am in the minority when I write that πŸ™‚ Plus I am hoping that the second Eva Shrivo box ships in December.

    Watch the NG box be the most amazing box ever.

    • Not in minority. I would choose arianna huffington too. I have used the items from that one and MSA the most.

  6. Subscription is currently open

  7. If anyone is still interested in this my advice would be to keep checking– I was able to grab one while sporadically stalking at 2:30 am ET– and at least another is still available…

    • Hi Nancy. Thanks for the heads up. I just got one!

      • vanessa! its on

  8. I am floored they would use this item as a spoiler. I guess the box is sold out but if it wasn’t this would not make me run to order, especially after the last fiasco (IMO).

    To shed some light on why some people might be annoyed at shipping delays when they won’t be charged until shipping. When I put in an order for something it is because I am excited and want to receive ASAP.
    If it is stated it will ship in Oct I’m not expecting Oct 31 shipping.

    I’m still waiting to hear something about the Andrew Zimmern box which is suppose to ship in Oct.

    It would be good CS if a spokesman sent out updates on shipping and gave an honest reason why something might go out the end of the month instead of having us speculate.

  9. I’m not a huge fan of oils and serums, I prefer cleansers and masks, but I’m okay with it. I’m so nervous it’s going to be awful like the last Nina Garcia box. It was my first one, and my birthday present from my husband..what a waste. I traded 3 or 4 things and the rest is still in the box somewhere. I wish I had known you could return the whole thing!!

  10. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for contacting us. We are sorry for the confusion! There will not be a November Nina Garcia shipment, NGQ04 will be shipping out on Oct. 31st and her next packages, NGQ5, will be shipping out in January.

    Please get back to me with any questions!

    • That was the email answer I got about if there was going to be another box. If they start shipping on the 31…. To me at least… that is a Nov. box. No one is going to get it in Oct. I am a little ticked off by this. But at the same time. If I don’t like the box… I can send it back. so I cant get to upset.

  11. I love this spoiler. I wish I could buy this box, but like one person said if you ask to be added to their wait list, they never notify you when it becomes available. It’s kind of frustrating b/c why have the wait list option if Quarterly doesn’t honor it?!? Guess I’ll just start checking the box everyday and see if it opens up. It is a little unprofessional though that they offer something and then don’t follow through.

    • grab it. its available

  12. This NUDE oil was a decent product before they sold it to Sephora-Now just an OLD mass marketed has been which is why I canceled this one -Seems Nina is looking for fillers to me

  13. To those saying there’s no cause for complaint about the ever delayed Quarterly boxes, there certainly is. When people order something it’s generally with the intent to receive it when advertised. Lots of folks gift these boxes, for birthdays, holidays, etc, so when they are healed for up to 6 weeks, it becomes an epic fail. In general, the fact that a large proportion of their boxes are delayed, off and on (lots this last month and next apparently), it makes Quarterly look like they are disorganized and basically flying by the seats of their collective pants. It gives the impression of an unprofessional company. Yes delays will happen, but repeatedly and you need to dig deeper and figure out how to avoid delays in the future. They seem to learn absolutely nothing from box to box, within the same subs and across them in general. Another indicator of poor planning and organization. Sorry but this isn’t a start up with 2 people packing boxes in their garage. They need to stop doing business like they are. So when they charge is of no concern to me. It’s when they actually deliver that concerns me.

    • Delayed, not healed

    • I totally agree with you! I buy boxes only for myself but from a business standpoint I feel uncomfortable with a business that cannot hold themselves to their own word. Quarterly sets their own timeline for every single box that they curate and send out and yet they are late in shipping almost every single one. So why aren’t they elongating their own timelines? Why aren’t they firm with their curators or distributors on timelines? Why aren’t they giving their customers an exaggerated ETA for shipping to prevent these frustrations? They set the timeline for every box and yet it seems that they haven’t figured out yet that customers want to receive their boxes when they were originally promised.

      I’m lucky in so much that these boxes don’t mess with any kind of set budget and that I don’t depend on them for gifts, but if that were the case I would not purchase from Quarterly. They are very unreliable in terms of committing to their word when it comes to billing and shipping dates.

  14. I’m looking forward to trying this. I read a few reviews and hope it will help the rosacea.

  15. So glad I “separated” this box months ago. I’m still trying to understand the outrage about shipping. Quarterly does not charge until box is shipping and if you sign up (separate) you can cancel anytime without being charged. Dont get me wrong I do understand shipping outrages I stop Golden Tote because I was paying at the time of orfer (first monday of the month) and receiving my order last week of the month and I was paying shipping as well. However, since quarterly has not charged my CC for the
    Box, and with this spoiler Im more than happy. Hope it will ship soon.

  16. I’ve actually been getting a bit frustrated with the delays with the Nina Garcia box. It’s supposed to come out every quarter – so that’s 4 boxes a year, every 3 months. The first box (#NG01) came out in December 2013. #NG02 came in March 2014. #NG03 came in July 2014 (should have come in June) and now #NG04 was supposed to be in September, then they pushed it to October.

    Now it’s the end of October, which means we probably won’t get them delivered till November. #NG05 should be coming in December. But I doubt they will do that. So we were shorted one box this year.

    Is this normal with Quarterly? I thought the whole point of Quarterly was a box every quarter, 4 times a year. Maybe Liz has some insight into how they work that I am missing? πŸ™‚

    • I can’t speak to Nina’s box specifically, but I’m working with Quarterly to get a more planned out schedule for 2015. (I’ve already been planning themes for the next 4 boxes!) This year we haven’t had the benefit of a long period of time to get items for a box, with enough buffer if things arrive a little late.

      Legit reasons they might push a shipment back include:
      delay in shipment from a vendor meaning the product for the box doesn’t get to the warehouse in time,
      any inventory issues (with MSA01 the scarves arrived short of a few units and that added a couple days to the timeline),
      and sometimes a company may want to get their item in the box, but the can’t get it to you by the deadline, so you have the choice of extending out the shipment date to get that extra item.

      Since Quarterly doesn’t charge until the are ready to ship, I think that’s why curators/Quarterly may feel more comfortable pushing back a shipment date, knowing it will result in a better box.

      I hope that helps shed some light on it πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the insight Liz!

    • Shorted a box? You act like you paid for 4 boxes but only got 3. They never charge until they ship. You are not out any money just the shipping timelines have shifted.

    • Nina’s box has been pushed back to Nov. and there will not be another box this year. I sent them an email days ago. There is only 3 boxes coming out this year.

  17. I was able to subscribe to Nina’s box last week when Liz posted that Quarterly had opened the wait list. Can’t wait to receive this box!

  18. My face disagrees with face oils but I’m still looking forward to her box since she tends to go for a variety of great things!

  19. Looks like the wait list has been removed for this box. I subscribed and will get the box that ships in November. Thought I would try this one based on this spoiler.

    • The Wait List has been/is still showing– how do you know that you got the Sold Out box? Did they notify you by email?

      • I just checked and it is now wait listed again. I must have got in just under the wire. I checked a few days ago and it was wait listed. I checked again while reading this post earlier and it was available. I logged in to subscribe and got a confirmation email for Novembers box. I guess you just need to keep checking the Quarterly site. I think that people cancelled when it was not shipped today and I got an open spot.

        • I also want to mention that Best Of Quarterly has added more boxes to their page.

        • yep. it was open earlier for purchase. I have had my box ordered for a while and didn’t need it , but I saw what you did earlier:)

        • You were lucky to get this– I guess my whole problem with this “Wait List” issue is, why do they have you sign up for it but then not notify by email when boxes do become available? This is several times that this has happened to me, and if I try to re-sign myself again they tell me that I am already on it.

  20. Weren’t these boxes supposed to ship on the 24th? Today.
    I feel as though we’ve waited forever for this box, hope it’s amazing as we’re well into fall fashion by now.

  21. This looks awesome. I am SO excited for this box. I’m hoping it ships on the 31st or sooner like they said. Enough with the shipping delays for all the fall boxes! I think it’s driving everyone a little crazy

  22. Even though I would love to try it, this will be a fantastic gift for my mom for Christmas! Plus, the high value justifies the cost of the box. πŸ˜‰

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