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KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014

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KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Box

KloverBox is a natural and organic beauty and lifestyle subscription box. I’m all about these types of subscription boxes, so I was pretty excited to get this one.

KloverBox sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Items

The Subcription Box: KloverBox

The Cost: $25 a month (less if you sign up for multiple months up front)

COUPON: Use coupon code MSA25 to save 25% off your first box!

The Products: Eco friendly beauty and lifestyle products.

Ships to: US

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KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included. (They include all sizes and values on this card – which I love!)

KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Soap

The Wonder Seed Hemp Hand Cream – FULL SIZE! Value $13

Small Keys Beauty Cocoa Mint Soap – FULLS SIZE! Value $5

This formula of this hand cream is on the thinner side – more like a lotion. I really like it though. It absorbs quickly and smells just like lavender. This cocoa mint soap smells wonderful too!

KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Candle

SoyWerks Appletosh Soy Candle – 3 oz Value $5

Kosmatology Hand Sanitizer in Lavender Eucalyptus – FULL SIZE! Value $4

Lavina 100% Pure & Organic Argan Oil – 3.7 ml Value $2.15

This candle smells exactly like apples. I’m not sure the scent is for me, so I may gift it.

This hand sanitizer is not exactly what I expected. I’m used to gel hand sanitizers and this one is a liquid – like pouring a few drops of water on your hand. I like the scent so I guess I need to get used to it!

And I always like samples of argan oil for my hair, cuticles, etc, so I will use this one up!

KloverBox Subscription Box Review & Coupon – November 2014 Lunch Box

Jolly Oak Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin Granola – Value $2.50

Love Reusable Bags Mini Lunch Sack – Value $14

I’m pretty much obsessed with all things plaid this time of year, so I love this lunch bag addition to the box!

(I couldn’t eat the granola because of the oats, but it looks delicious. If you’ve tried it and recommend it let us know!)

Verdict: This month’s box has a value of about $45! I think the value has been consistently good with KloverBoxes so far, and I like the variety of items they include. What do you think of the November KloverBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. ********

    I used the Green Green Beauty BodyFood today as a body butter and it cleared up my congestion in about a minute! What an unexpected benefit. I like that Kloverbox included the stir stick. It’s funny because that is what I pulled out of the box first and I was thinking to myself well I’m sure I will find a use for it, but why is it in the box?

    I also tried out the room spray last night and today. It’s a nice holiday scent. Everyone likes it. This item was well-packaged with bubble wrap and tape to prevent spills and breakage. I was impressed. I also like that Kloverbox included a top coat. I have lots of nail polishes, but never received a top coat from a sub before. Kudos to them. I haven’t tried out the lip serum yet. No food item this month 🙁 What can I say except I have children that like to see what food are in the boxes?

    I’m happy with my box and like how the tag has my name on it. This time it was wrapped in twine which my younger son claimed immediately for clay ornaments that he made. Very happy I chose to renew my 3 month sub without waiting for the third box 🙂

    • Thank you Anna for putting the word SPOILERS at the top. I saw that the other day and immediately stopped reading (just got my box today). I’m wearing the lip serum as I type and I like it. The room spray is a hit with me too! I’m excited to try the other two items later today. What a great sub box. If KB keeps this up, I don’t see myself ever cancelling. Great box. 🙂

      • Oh yeah, and I do love the little thank you tag with my name on it! The only sub I get that does this.

  2. This will be my first Kloverbox and I’m so excited! Did you guys get a tracking email? I havent, but my receipt said December would be my first box.

    • I didn’t receive one this month. The email will be from Kloverbox and the subject line will read Your order has been shipped!

      • Thanks! Maybe I’ll just get my box in the next couple of days!

        • It did come today and I love everything!

          • Yea! It came a little early this month which might be why tracking did not get out to us. I’m not complaining. It was a pleasant surprise to receive it today 🙂

  3. I received my Kloverbox today and am very happy with it. I’m glad that I took the chance on renewing my 3 month sub without seeing the 3rd box. Will wait for Liz to post her review before commenting 🙂

    • Anxiously awaiting mine!

      • I don’t know if the owner packs the boxes or outsources it. There is one item that was well-packaged in bubble wrap and tape. I had to use scissors to get to the item 🙂 No chance of leaks, spills, or breakage. Great job!

        • That’s great! The coffee scrub from MSA01 was like that for me. 🙂 I’ve been waiting patiently for Kloverbox, but it seems like fooooorever. In the meantime, I got my Walmart box, Mission Cute, and French Box and am waiting for posts about any of those to go up. I had cancelled French Box (not in time for this month), but I actually really liked a couple things in there. Uh oh, it seems I have a dilemma haha.

          • I was surprised to see it in the mail. I didn’t know it ship. I thought it was the French Box and was wondering why the outer box looked different. I think my French box is taken the long route. I cancelled too, but not in time – the French Box. Mission Cute reviews always makes the boxes look appealing. No wal mart yet for me.

  4. Has anyone redeem the ZAO code from the October box yet? I can’t find the spot to enter the code. I sent an email to Zao, but am hoping someone here has the answer. I’m logged into my account with the order.

  5. Just received this box and I love it. I signed up for 6 months shortly after your review Liz. So happy I got the November box and also happy you did the review because I just realized that the argan oil was still in the box I thought I had emptied out. Love your reviews! Love Klover box!

  6. Kloverbox is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sub boxes. I have only subscribed the last two months (October & November), but I have been very impressed with both boxes. Great variety of products!

    I find this is now the box I look forward to coming the most. I loved the plaid lunch sack that Liz got in her box. I got a polka dotted one myself. It seems a little less ‘fall-like’, but still amazing quality. Looking forward to extending my sub with their Black Friday deal.

    • I saw that and wondered if we could use it.

      • Yes, I asked on their FB page and they said they would extend current subscriptions not double up on boxes if current subscribers used the code. They even commented to someone else that they could even use it more than once.

        I have had great luck with getting responses from customer service as well, so I’m sure if there was a glitch/problem they would try and get it resolved right away.

        • Wonderful! I’m going to buy another 3 month sub on Friday!

  7. My box arrived yesterday while my sister was visiting. I’m glad she had a chance to see it instead of hearing about it on the phone. This box made me hungry with the lovely scents. She joked that I better not eat my products.

    I love the ribbon that they put around the box. I think my cat took off with it, but I do recall it had my name on it. It was a nice touch that made me smile. I also liked that she signed the card just as one would in a business letter. I love the personal touches and details. I liked the theme of healthy, glowing skin which includes a healthy diet.

    The Appletosh scented candle has a lovely scent. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow and Thanksgiving. I tried out the cocoa-mint soap this morning which smells as yummy as it sounds. I don’t think it is possible to come up with a better combination for me!

    I’m always happy to see Lavina Argan Oil. I use it on my hair only and never tried it on my scalp. The hand sanitizer I received is the Spearmint Rosemary which smells wonderful. I’m very happy to see this in the box and will be putting this in my purse. Love the smell!!!

    I gave the hand cream to my sister because it is gluten-free!!! Using gluten-free products has helped her a lot with her gluten sensitivity and increased her health. A lot of times we have to guess if something is gluten-free because gluten is used a lot in beauty products. It is nice that she has a hand cream to use that will not cause her problems. I didn’t have a chance to smell it. I should have. This box did make me happy with all the great smells.

    The reusable mini lunch sack will be useful in my family. We are on the go a lot and usually pack snacks. I love the pattern. Lastly is the granola. I have a teen boy who is heavily into sports. He already claimed it for himself. We love it when there is food in the box.

    Another thing I like about this box is that there are discount codes for the products. As of now, I see myself renewing my 3 month subscription after receiving the December box. I am pleasantly pleased with the first two months and feel this is a wonderful example of an excellently executed new sub. Looking forward to December!!!

  8. Finally got my box today! My mom was over so we opened it together and she got to witness my sub addiction firsthand. 🙂 The personalized note was such a nice touch! She liked the candle, lunch bag and wondered if the oil would work for her hair. Her scalp can be slightly oily but the card says it’s good for all hair types. I love everything (again). I will resub when my current sub runs out. This is just too cute of a box and the price point makes it easy to keep up.
    Since I’m not overly knowledgeable on ingredients or natural definitions of various meanings (but am trying to be better), I have a question: the Jollyoak snack states “zero artificial anything” but lists sodium metabisulfite as an ingredient in the coconut. Google says it’s a preservative . . .or a disinfectant or an antioxidant. What? Does anyone have any more insight?

    • It’s used to prevent mold from growing. Sneaky Burrito might have more insight since she is familiar with these ingredients from her line of work.

    • It’s completely harmless. It is processed by the liver and excreted in the urine with no side effects. It’s a simple inorganic* compound and is often used to sanitize equipment in home wine and beer making as well as in some water purification systems. You sometimes find it in pills and also in EpiPens.

      *I’m using “inorganic” in the chemical sense of something that does not contain carbon. “Organic” in chemistry means (basically) carbon-containing and is different in meaning from the “organic” we’re used to in food. So “inorganic” does NOT mean anything negative. (Minerals, such as the iron oxides that show up in some mineral makeup, are inorganic, as well.)

  9. I love this box! I signed up immediately after seeing Liz’s review last month just to try the eyeshadow that was included. Unfortunately my eyeshadow arrived in pieces. I reached out to their customer service and the OWNER personally e-mailed me back apologizing profusely because she did not have any eyeshadows left, gave me a discount code for the eyeshadows (the bamboo container is refillable BTW!!!) AND gave me a discount code for $10 off this months box! I hope I receive it soon because I need a new lunch bag! Great customer service and I love that the boxes all come with a personalized thank you on the inside. My ribbon said “Thank you Amanda.”

  10. The plaid lunch box is very cute – love the color and design. This box looks like it is well worth the price.

  11. Ahh! I want this box too! LOL I wonder if I can get the November version of this box still…

    • Crystal – The FAQ states that you have until the 18th to sign up to receive that box. I signed up after reading Liz’s review last month and received October’s box.

      Liz – Is it possible to add that the sub does not autorenew? I need to remember to renew it in Jan!

      Can’t wait to receive my box!!!

  12. Loving the colors of the plaid lunch bag!!!

  13. I signed up for this box last week as soon as I saw it for 6 months. Used the code and I’m looking forward to receiving it. It’s looks great.

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