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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Box

My October 2014 POPSUGAR Must Have box finally arrived today! (It was actually scheduled to arrive Monday, so I lucked out). I’m hoping by now most subscribers have received their box. A lot of readers have had their box appear without ever getting a tracking email. I did get a tracking email for this box, so I’m not exactly sure why some did and some didn’t. (Fingers crossed that all their website issues are resolved for November).

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Items

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code GWP10 to save $10 off your first box and get a free Kendra Scott Necklace (Value $50)

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Info

Each box comes with a card detailing each of the items included.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Chalkboard

Mine Chalkboard Soy Message Ceramic Candle – Value $24

I think this is my favorite item in the box. I got the scent marked Pomegranate, but it also seems to have some floral undertones. This is one of those items I love and want to keep, but I also think it would make a great gift. (Definitely an awesome teacher gift!) I suspect these candles will be popular swap items!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Socks

Happy Socks Value $12

I’m always good with getting a new pair of socks in subscription boxes. They may not be super exciting, but they are practical, and this print is fun too.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Frame

Isaac Jacobs Acrylic Magnet Photo Frame Value $36

This frame is held together by the magnets on the corners. Here it is opened:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Frame Open

I think the design of this frame is really slick, and since it’s just a plain acrylic frame it should go with almost any decor. I’m not a big picture frame person, so I may use this on my desk instead to keep a to-do list.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Eyeliner

Butter London Wink Eye Pencil Crayon in Earl Grey Value $18

Eyeliners are one of those subscription box items that just don’t excite me anymore since I’ve accumulated so many. I was happy to see that this isn’t a basic black eyeliner though. And I think the Earl Grey name is a little misleading – to me that sounds like a muted grey, but this is more like a sparkly graphite. It goes on super smooth, and has a good amount of shimmer. I don’t have anything like it in my collection, so it turned out to be a win for me!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Malt Balls

Dean & Deluca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs Value $5.50

Nailed Kit nail art Value $8

I fall into the category of people who love all things Pumpkin Spice, but as I suspected these Malt balls have pretty much every ingredient I’m allergic/intolerant to in them. My husband was more than happy to help with the review and try them and he gives them a thumps up!

The Nailed Kit nail art set is the one item that is very timely, and I really hope everyone gets this box before Halloween.

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon Soap

k. hall designs Shea Butter / Olive Oil Soap – Value $10

This soap is the most luxe item in the box to me – it reminds me of a lot of the Bylgari shampoo/conditioner/soap signature scents. It’s listed on the card as a Special Extra and “Sponsored by Progresso.”

I think this is the first time we’ve seen a product sponsored by another company, but this is much better than getting a can of soup in the box, so I’m 100% OK with POPSUGAR doing these kind of sponsored items in all future boxes!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box October 2014 Review & Coupon COupons

The box came with coupons for Deal & Deluca, Marchesa Voyage collection, and $40 off your first BJB Express box. (BJB Express is a subscription service similar to Stitch Fix, with more of a denim focus).

There is also a Progresso Wardrobe Makeover contest info card.

Verdict: I think this is the first POPSUGAR Must Have box where there is no high-value item. Instead the value is a little more evenly distributed across the items. I’m not sure how I feel about it. On one hand, I can appreciate that if you don’t like the high-value item, the box value might be pretty low for you, so spreading out value more evenly means it’s more likely you’ll get a good value box. On the other hand, there is someone special and exciting about getting an item that alone is worth more than the cost of the box.

I’ll actually use every single item (maybe gifting one or two), so the value is there for me this month. I do hope they get back to a high value item in the November box though! What did you think of the October POPSUGAR Must Have box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this box! Super cute.

  2. This is in regards to the BJB coupon. As an FYI, the $40 dollar voucher ends up being only a $20 dollar voucher, because they charge a ridiculous styling fee, which they won’t apply to your order if you keep anything (even though they do this for “normal” customers. Also, they sent me a stained shirt in my box/the curating isn’t very personal. I would hesitate signing up for this service, because the clothes aren’t special and the dishonest marketing.

  3. I got my Popsugar box today. not happy.

  4. I’m so frustrated. My very first Popsugar box arrived but not the way it should have. I found it hidden out by my barn and it had been opened and gone through. Come to find it out had been delivered to a house we haven’t lived in for over a year and opened by our old landlord. Not only did he hold on to it for 2 days and hope the box but he opened the contents inside!!! I emailed Popsugar last week to see if they would replace it but haven’t had any response yet. Any suggestions on the best way to get hold of them?

    • Thats super creepy, and I might be wrong, but isn’t it illegal to open other people’s mail??

  5. I was super disappointment in this box, it was my first time getting this box. I had seen your reviews in the past so I was super excited. I got my box (I had to pick it up at fed ex) literally at 7:00pm the night before halloween. I had read about them being late on the delivery but this was insane. I don’t get to enjoy my nail decals I have to wait till next year because I would like to enjoy them for at least a week. I am with you I would of liked to see a high valued item in the box. Not to impressed with my first box.

  6. I just received my Oct box today w the necklace as well ( love it ). I thought for only paying $30 everything in the box was great. Even though there were no real high value items I always think of value as if the items are usable 🙂

  7. I love your blog! I hate to be a “negative Nancy” but I wanted to share my recent experience with your readers regarding Popsugar and their customer service.

    On October 6th I cancelled my subscription with POPSugar. October 17th I was billed for the subscription, and I promptly emailed customer support with confirmation of cancellation and requested a refund. October 23rd, I sent a follow up email regarding my request for a refund. October 23rd I received a notification that my box was being shipped, meanwhile nobody is responding to my requests for a refund! October 24th I finally received a response with only the shipping label to return the box I have since returned the box and have not received a refund. The customer service is terrible, and nobody will respond regarding refunding the $43.49 that was charged to my card. Im so disgusted with them!

    • The EXACT same thing happened to me. I even cancelled this box at the beginning of the month prior to shipment and they cancelled my entire account. Customer service has not been good and the tone is insulting. I hate that this is my favorite sub so I’m torn. I’m also not thrilled that they haven’t resolved the current issues and then they entice new ones to come in. It’s spitting on the loyal customers that they currently has/have.

  8. I’m really disappointed. I haven’t gotten my box yet (I finally got a message via Facebook) but was told it would be expedited and arrive October 31. I looked on blogs at the whole last year of must have boxes and thought this would be a great subscription to treat myself to! Then I see the October items. Thud! I agree with the TJ Maxx comment! It looks like the random assortment of stuff I receive at Xmas from coworkers who are re-gifting. I paid for a 3 mo sub, so I hope November is an improvement, if they’re still in business.

  9. So, I just checked the tracking information for my October box, and it was delivered today. To Miami. Problem is, I LIVE IN VIRGINIA. I had previously ordered a Baby Girl gift box for my friend in Miami (which took almost a month to get to her), and even though the shipping address for my monthly subscription is still listed as Virginia, they decided to send it to the shipping address for a completely different order. Obviously, I’ve written to customer service, but I clearly won’t be getting my box any time soon. And I’m really not interested in making my friend jump thru hoops to send it to me. LAME. Subscription. Is. Canceled. Looking forward to my Quarterly My Subscription Addiction box instead.

    • Im having the same problem however this is my first box, I just got my tracking information… It is supose to arrive Thursday… In Austin, also not where I live.

      • Kristin, that’s ridiculous! I know they had website issues, but you’d think after WEEKS, things wouldn’t still be this screwed up! Crossing my fingers that we both get a response soon from customer service.

  10. This box was better than I thought it would be from the previews. At first, I didn’t care for most of the items, however I did come to like all of the items as I used them. The nail art was nicer than I expected (I like the temporary tattoo idea) and they came out nicely. The candle smells great and is strong, which I think can be hard to find. I haven’t used the soap yet but it seems nice. The malt balls were good. The socks are good quality and are higher, which is good for wearing boots for the fall. I would have rather tried Butter London nail polish then their eyeliner, but at least I don’t have this color. The frame you can’t go wrong with. All in all I was surprisingly pleased with my first Popsugar box, however I did have to cancel my subscription because it just didn’t seem worth $40.

  11. I am beyond upset. I canceled this sub on the 18th (I have the confirmation email to prove it) which was before they even attempted to process payment. I was charged on the 26th for the box and got the email to say saying it’s on its way and will be here at 5PM the NIGHT before Halloween. Literally the day before the end of October. This is absurd. Anyone have ideas on what I can do? The lack of communication and customer service is killing me. I already emailed but the last time I emailed they took a week to respond. (early in the month)

  12. I finally got my box today (on the 29th)! PSMH actually responded to my email about shipping promptly and politely. I, too, am annoyed that it showed up too late to use the nail decals (which I totally LOVE!) but was mollified by their polite language in the emails. As for the box itself, it’s decent. Not my favorite, but I love the socks, eyeliner, and soap! The candle will be a cute Christmas gift and my mom loves pumpkin spice so I know she’ll be crazy about the malt balls. The frame is a big meh; I don’t like chevron and think it’s kinda cheap, so I’ll probably give it as a hostess gift. So even though I’ll only keep the low-cost items in the box, it wasn’t a total wash. And I’ll definitely use the coupon for Deal & Deluca. I splurge a lot there, especially for specialty foods around the holiday season, so can’t complain about that.

    Liz, I am curious whether you are going to use the 40$ coupon at the Blue Jeans Bar. I checked out the site, and it seems a little spendy to me. I definitely prefer to try jeans on, and the 40$ won’t amount to much when you factor in the styling fee and what seems to be the higher cost of their stuff. How do you feel about it? Definitely not a coupon that I saw as added value to this box, but maybe some feel differently?

  13. Awesome review as always! I will be posting mine on Saturday. I was also bummed there was no bigger value item, and I got my box late last week – so pretty late too.

  14. I emailed them about my second sub with the GWP10 code. I got a response back within hours. I was shocked. I was told that the box will be sent expedited and I will receive it before Thursday. The code does not work anymore. Even I uncheck the waitlist box, the email told me that I will be getting the Oct box.

  15. Sigh. Finally got my box. It is fine. Nothing thrilling, but nothing outrageously bad either. Eyeliner? (even grey and from a higher end brand? BORING). Candle that I can write random stuff on?– Really only a genius idea if you had at least 8-10 and could use in lieu of place cards at thanksgiving or a dinner party. Socks-fine, but Yawn. Agree with others that nail art is for teenagers.
    I cancelled due to the website messiness and lateness of shipping, but was drawn like a moth to a flame by the discount and that GWP necklace (which I’m trying to trade for–didn’t get that box), and yet the site WILL NOT let me process my credit card. Says “internal error”. Just out of curiosity (and flirting with $ disaster), I tried the NM Box–same thing. Do they really not want my money?? Has anyone else gotten that “internal error” message???

    • Oh, and when I tried to re-up on my sub, they said I would be on the waitlist?! Surely there’s no wait list after all these issues….

      • The waitlist is normally for the pervious month’s box (October in this case) so if you don’t want another, you should probably try to get off the waitlist.
        I also had issues with ordering. I was able to make it work if I used Chrome, but not on IE.

    • That’s a great idea for those candles! I live alone so I’m a little stumped; am I supposed to write messages to myself? “Don’t eat the entire box of macarons.”

      Otherwise it only seems to be an item you gift (after writing your message on it). And I’m greedy; I want to keep all the things for me!

  16. Well, I still haven’t received my October PSMH – looks like it’s taking 10 DAYS to come to Illinois from New York. Charged my credit card on October 17, sent on Oct 22 and the supposed delivery date will be Oct 30th. Why didn’t Ms. Sugar send out the remaining boxes in a more efficient way? At least satisfy those of us still waiting, waiting, waiting for what seems like a pretty pathetic box and let us at least use the stickers for Halloween 2014. I tried to keep my eyes off the spoilers but figured what the h*ll and took a look. Def not worth the wait…. (and I didn’t get the apology email so what was that all about?) But call me a sucka ’cause I’ll probably give PSMH one more month (and that’s all) to step up to a higher standard. Let’s see what happens.

    • Yes, that they didn’t expedite shipping for everyone when they realized they weren’t getting the boxes out is just beyond me. I received communication on Sunday say my box would be sent out early this week and be expedited so I would get it on the 30th but I still haven’t received tracking. (So they seem to be expediting the boxes they are really late at getting out?)

      • I emailed customer service and they said that I can return the box at no charge, which I plan to do when I receive it. Just throwing out options in case someone doesn’t want the box. 🙂

        • That’s good to know. Should I just email them for a shipping label?

  17. Comment

    • Whoops, my bad… didn’t put in my email address.

      Just wanted to say that I got my box 2 days early (yesterday) and after getting my hands on the the real thing it was a epic fail for me. I am happy for those who really enjoyed the items but I personally don’t need more soap, another candle or malted milk balls that taste waxy.
      I took a look a the websites thinking that maybe there would be something good but 25% off the limited selection of Marchesa Voyage clothes is still out of my price range. This box felt like they looked in the warehouse and picked out things to throw together in order to get the October box out the door. I’ll hang around for another month, just to see if PSMH can redeem itself, but if not I’ll move on. Rant done!

  18. I still haven’t received my box. I finally received a response from CS yesterday saying my box would ship early this week and be expedited so I would receive it on Thursday. I’ve loved PSMH since I subscribed over a year ago. Every box has been a hit with me and although I can forgive them for a major shipping delay and all of the billing issues and the lack of a reasonable response time to CS questions, I feel their actions (other than expediting shipping) have been awful. Other than extending the redemption date for a coupon there has been no gesture of apology other than “meh, we’re late, we blame software, sorry”.

    I’m also irrationally upset about the nail decals. I ordinarily never wear decals but Halloween is the one time of the year I love to do things that are a little quirky, fun, and perhaps a little less professional. I was looking forward to wearing them in the week or so leading up to Halloween. But they come in on Thursday. I’m not painting my nails twice in one night so I can use the decals for two hours. (Decals would not work with my costume and I wouldn’t have time to repaint before going out Friday.) I know it’s silly of me but I was actually looking forward to them.

    Anyway, I’m still sticking with PSMH but I feel this is a drag and it made me sad so I wanted to vent a little.

  19. I emailed popsugar about returning the box and they are going to send me a label. My question to them though, do I have to incur the cost of shipping it back? Has anyone done that before? I bought mine with a rue la la coupon. Thanks!

    • If they are sending you a label, then I would imagine they are paying for shipping…

  20. Disappointed in this box and their customer service. After receiving no email update I emailed them and have yet to receive a reply. After seeing their Facebook post I left a comment saying I did not receive it not have a tracking number yet, she messaged me saying.

    “But I also wanted to reach out to let you know that although at this time I do not have a status on your order, I wanted to let you know I have escalated your case with our customer support team. Please be assured that we are all-hands-on-deck working around the clock to resolve your issues. ”

    Uhh thanks? I was charged on the 7th and they have no status on my order? 10% what a joke. At this rate forget the October box just send me November box maybe it will be less disappointing.

    • My card was charged and I waited awhile for a tracking number, but my box was delivered without me ever getting notification that it was shipped. Hopefully yours will be there soon!

  21. I LOVED this months box! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I love every item in the box; I even put a few to use almost immediately, including the candle, frame, and socks.

  22. I really loved this months box. Yes, shipping was a nightmare, but I was pleasantly surprised when my box arrived Friday. Shipping notice said it would arrive on the 30th. I hope they work out the kinks so Nov. runs smooth. I would also like to see a little bonus to let us know they still care about their existing customers and they are sorry for the lack of communication this month.
    I LOVE the candle.
    The socks are a win in my book.
    The frame was nice.
    The soap is lovely.
    The chocolates were probably my least favorite item.
    I love nail the tattoos. I teach kindergarten though, so I am basically a six year old at heart. I know my students will love seeing them on my nails for Halloween.
    The eyeliner is so great. It is a fun new color to try and I love the formula so I will most likely buy it in black with my 20% off at Ulta right now.

  23. I’m so ready to get this box. I’m part of the 10% who hasn’t received it yet. I e-mailed them at 9:55 am yesterday morning and received a reply with a tracking number at 4:08 pm yesterday afternoon (My box is estimated to arrive 10/29, hopefully sooner). I was very thankful for the fast reply. The last time I had e-mailed about the box, it took them like 4 days to answer me with some b/s generic answer. I love this box so I won’t be canceling and I understand that sometimes things happen to cause delays. Did they handle this problem well? No; but I’m not going to hold one month of bad service against them. Now if this continues to be a problem then I will have to cancel.

  24. I did not like mine. If anyone wants to trade me for the upcoming November box or buy mine, I am more than happy to oblige.

  25. My box arrived yesterday. I tore into the malt balls my oldest daughter and I thought that they were yummy, tried out the socks last night (not my favorite in quality, the bottoms were frayed after a single night of wearing them around the house), wrote a sweet message on the candle and left it by my husband’s bathroom sink and put the frame on my desk. The eyeliner and soap went into my box of beauty products that are next in line, I used the nail decals (I described them to my husband as nail temporary tattoos because that’s what they basically are) last night and received compliments on them today. They are cute and festive – that’s coming from a successful and affluent mother of two – if you’re in finance and in front of clients then I can understand saying that you cannot/will not use them but then maybe try them out on your toes instead. Just because the nail decals are things that younger women would use doesn’t mean they aren’t age appropriate for older women as well.

    This box wasn’t the worst but it was far from my favorite. Nothing really jumps out at me. This is a fine box but the handling of their customers brings the enjoyment down a few notches for me. The email that came from Lisa Sugar yesterday felt very condescending as well. I wish she would take a lesson or two from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus in terms of customer service because its the area of their subscription business that is seriously lacking.

  26. This was a wonderful box and I love everything that came in it! I think they do a lovely job at curating the items in the box. I really look forward to my Popsugar box everything month and am always pleasantly pleased.

    It seems a lot of people are so negative about this box. If it is such a terrible box cancel your subscription and go on your merry way. There is no need to ruin everyone else’s experience with such negativity.

    As far as the shipping delay I don’t think it’s that big of a deal really. Popsugar for the most part does a a great job at getting boxes to people in a timely manner. One month of a shipping delay is not a big deal.

    • This Continues To Be My Favorite box. Those pumpkin balls are addicting! I have gotten so many compliments on last month’s scarf. I’m still trying to decide on the holiday NM box though just because of the cost

      • They are so addicting and I do love the scarf from last month! It goes with everything! I want the NM box so bad and have to resist and stick to my budget. Sad face. I am hoping one of my loved ones will buy me one as a Christmas gift. Wishful thinking. Sigh.

  27. This box is a complete bust for me! I don’t like a single item! A complete bust! I hope November is better since I bought that Rue La La deal!

  28. The items inside the box are irrelevant at this point – – no way I believe that only 1/10 of their customer are experiencing delays, based on what I’ve seen on review board. I’m one of the (many) who will be getting it late, and whatever.

    Here’s my irritation – – WHY ARE THEY AGGRESSIVELY RECRUITING WITH PROMO CODES & A POPULAR UPSCALE JEWELRY BRAND if they can’t handle their current customer base as it stands???

    Yes, the box is undervalued this month. No, nail stickers and Halloween socks in November are not encouraging me to stay on their ship and more in line with a teen demographic, which I’m fairly sure is not the base demographic subscribing to this brand.

    I can deal with a month of lackluster items, but I’m above all irritated that new customers are getting $50 incentives while they can’t handle their current volume. CUSTOMER RETENTION 101. I SUGGEST YOU FIX IT, POP SUGAR. Quit it with the recruitment until you get your ass back in gear and make amends with the customers who are cancelling their credit cards because you’ve broken that trust so badly and if I were on your exec team I’d take that Kendra Scott inventory and use it to repair your relationships. Just saying.

    • Wow! I completely agree with this comment! You hit the nail on the head, in my opinion! I was also very confused, surprised, and kind of appalled with what seems like desperate recruiting, when they can’t even keep up with their current subscribers. They have taken a huge nose dive.

      • It kind of feels like PSMH is trying to recruit new customers to make up for the ones they know they are losing because of this fiasco. If they had paid a little more attention to their current customers and tried this hard to keep them happy, then they wouldn’t need to aggressively recruit new customers. I feel like new customers are getting all the great stuff while current customers like myself are being shoved to the side.

    • WORD.

    • I also think subscription boxes need to start having promos for current customers! They need to work on retention! If there is a promo going on, I feel like current customers should be able to get the item too!

    • I agree that I would like to see them gift the necklaces or something else to the current customers, rather than trying to get new customers. Get the current situation worked out and then take on new customers.

  29. Received a long email yesterday apologizing for the delay and that 90% of all subscribers had received their box or shipping confirmation. They requested the few un-lucky 10% to contact them if they had neither and promised a speedy reply. Well, I did receive acknowledgement they received my email, but no SPEEDY reply. Very disappointed to say the least.

  30. I received my box yesterday and I liked it and will use or gift everything except the nail stickers. Sometimes expectations of subscribers seem to be set really, really high, which can be unreasonable. There’s no possible way every box is going to please and be to the taste of every person.

    A lot of people are upset about the boxes being late and other issues, I have a different perspective because I own a small retail web business and know that problems happen and I’m sure PopSugar is doing everything they can to fix the problems. They definitely could have done a better job communicating to with customers though. I know through my own business communications really can smooth things over.

    • Agreed one hundred percent – I did not end my subscription with PopSugar over the box’s value or the late shipping. I ended it because they didn’t value me enough to let me know there were issues. In the middle of the month, they were STILL telling customers there was no delay.

      A quick email to all subscribers at that point would have soothed a lot of upset customers, I think.

  31. Meh. This box was so random- nothing that I hated, but nothing that I was super jazzed to get either. Cancelled my subscription, after the last month’s dud box (didn’t like the scarf at all) I figured it was time.

  32. I did receive tracking information for my box…except it’s not scheduled for delivery until 10/30. I know they had issues this month, but this is shockingly bad. And nail stickers?? Really??? I’m not a teenager. Haven’t been for a while. Canceled my subscription after seeing this month’s reveal and being utterly disappointed by the last Special Edition box. There are too many other boxes to try to waste any more money on Popsugar.

  33. Today I received an email saying my box will be on its way. I followed the tracking and it said the box was delivered to me last Thursday. Well. I did not get a box. I emailed popsugar and have not heard back yet obviously. I really hope my mail person didn’t deliver this to a neighbor who kept it ! And not sure how I can prove I didn’t get it. Anyone have anything like this happen w popsugar before ? Or any other box. My usps mail super sucks. I get mail and packages for neighbors regularly and sometimes have mail shoved in my door that my neighbors get for me. I’ve called usps to complain before but as us can imagine nothing ever really happens. They just claim it’s. New person and that the person will get better. Sooooo annoying.

  34. This is my 5th or 6th box. I actually liked this box. There was a time I tried about 6 different boxes at a time and I felt like I was getting the same products. PS presents more neatly and gives a variety of items. I will let them slide with this months website and mailing glitch. Their past boxes have always arrived on time. New website, new headaches.

  35. I like the box. I’m excited about the eyeliner because I’ve never tried Butter London before. I wasn’t excited about grey but when I swatched it on my hand, it almost looked more like a sparkly dark blue to me, very pretty. The frame would make a great housewarming gift. I think the candle is nice and the smell is interesting. Personally, I am okay with not having a big ticket item because often times, I am not wild about that item anyway. I put last month’s scarf in my gift pile but I feel awkward giving away something with a high ticket value in case the recipient looks up the brand and knows something is up. Maybe this is just me.

  36. Just an average box. My malt balls came melted (I live in AZ). Not excited about any of it. I think I am going to cancel and put my $40 to Golden Tote.

  37. After three months of PS and having just gotten a disappointing first box from another similarly priced company I have to say that the thing I like about PS is that even when there’s something in a box that I’m personally not excited about it still is a nice item from a good company that someone on my gift list is going to like (my family will do well at Christmas).

  38. I actually liked this month’s box. I ended up with 2 boxes, which was fine. Both candles will be gifted at Christmas, extra items swapped, and everything else I have a use for.

  39. Finally received my box last night and I’m actually really pleased with everything. While there isn’t one super-high value item, the quality is there — Butter, Dean & Deluca and K Hall are all nice, high-end brands. The nail art kit isn’t really ‘stickers’ per se, they’re more like water decals. I’m not a nail art person, but it’s so popular I can understand why they included them. Hopefully PS works out all the site glitches and Nov goes more smoothly.

  40. Just…blah…And after all of the hassles with PopSugar this month I’m just happy that I received this because my CC was already charged. The ONLY shipping info that I received came the day after the actual delivery. My box subscriptions are something that I do for ME– to relax and get a break from life’s little stresses– in the meantime this has only contributed more aggravation. This box seems more apt for a teenager.The Fall LE was so bad and such a waste– still leaves a bad taste. I will probably give this another month or so– I really want to keep this but PS is making this tough…or easy, depending on how you look at it…

  41. I’d like my box to actually be able to review!!!

  42. This box just makes me glad I don’t subscribe to pop sugar anymore. The only things that look interesting to me were the malt balls and socks, and not worth paying $40 to get them. I subscribed for 3 months and only had one great box during that time. It’s definitely not worth my money, I saved my voucher for the November box, but now I’m worrying if I’ll be able to get it or not.

  43. I did not like the box. The curation seemed off to me. Nail Stickers? Even though seasonal they are to young for my liking. Nail wraps are okay, yet nail stickers … made me wonder why they put those in the box. I also did not like the socks. The frame was to heavy for me to like. It did not seem like the box had any type of synergy to me. Some of the items I was fortunate to have already swapped. Some of the items I will be giving as gifts. I really hope their next box is better value and curation wise

    • I agree about the synergy. I feel like every item here could have been found while waiting in line at the TJ Maxx… it’s all so random and there isn’t a great value (especially considering the overpricing of the plastic frame). Yuck.

    • I also agree. It’s only my second box but I was hoping it would feel a little more luxurious. Nothing exciting for me. The nail stickers seem more for teens. The socks also and they look just like the socks I picked up at Deals dollar store for a dollar a pair a few months ago. The candle and soap are nice but again don’t excite me….I buy cheap versions all the time that are just as nice. The picture frame is boring. I was hoping it would be a pretty glitzy shiny one. Malt balls aren’t very good and I love all things pumpkin spice and chocolate. Eyeliner…meh….already have enough for awhile and not my color. I guess I want a box that makes me feel a little pampered and glamorous. Items that I don’t normally already buy. Hopefully next month will be better.

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