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French Box Subscription Review – October 2014

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Box

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month. This is only the second box so far in the subscription, but so far I think it’s delightful!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 First Look

The packaging is probably the best I’ve ever seen from a subscription box. And it just makes everything feel special!

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises! FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Info

This month’s theme is “The Warmth of Provence.”

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Item Info

Inside the info card each item included is detailed. (There are also two items not pictured on this card that were included in the box).

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Notebook

The first bonus item is the little notebook!

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Recipe

The French Box also included three recipes for Provencal Dips.

 French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Candy

Couleur Calisson Sweets – Value $3

Provence Epice Herbes de Provence – Value $7

I’m surprised how much Herbes de Provence you get for $7! I think this is a great addition to the box and something I will use a lot cooking this fall/winter! (I couldn’t enjoy the mini calissons because they contain gluten – but they look delicious!)

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Mascara

Matis Powder Brush – Value $15.50

Sothy’s Volume Mascara – Value $21

I’m always happy to get makeup brushes in subscription boxes, and this one seems to be a good quality one too. (This mascara was the other bonus item not listed on the info card. I’m not sure if everyone will get the same bonus item or it may vary).

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Towels

OshiBori Green Tea Infused Towels – Value $5

These towels are actually cotton hand towels (I assumed they would be throw away paper towels). The green tea scent is wonderful too.

French Box Subscription Review – October 2014 Soap

Durance Marseille Soap – Value $7.90

Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin – Sample Value $3

I never like getting little perfume samples, but I do actually like this particular Atelier Cologne scent. And this fig-scented soap is made with 95% natural ingredients and is paraben-free!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $62 – I think that’s a great value for the cost, and without a doubt you can tell a lot of thought went into the curation of this box. I love all the packaging and extras like the postcard, notebook, and recipes too.

What do you think of French Box this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (54)

  1. Got my November box today.

    • Me too. What do you think? I am disappointed and very pleased at the same time! Love everything but somehow missing something….

      • I know! No Sothys make up this month! No bonus item. I got spoiled…

      • I received my box today too. I thought it was wonderful although I do miss receiving the bonus. I think the difference is that there was a foil. I think most people don’t like foils. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone and will wait for Liz to post her review.

  2. Just got a French Box email that November boxes are shipping out Monday, 11/17.

    • Thank you for passing this along. I was just about to ask.

  3. Update!

    I asked customer service if I could get October. On Monday, they offered me one of the remaining boxes and it arrived today (Thursday).

    So pleased with the box! My variation had the vanilla ylang soap and this really pretty jar of Sothys cream eye shadow in a coppery brown. Everything else was the same.

    • You lucked out! I got the coppery eye shadow too (think I will love it), but no makeup brush, and my soap was not a full-sized block (I received a package of 3 tiny, mini soaps- smaller than you would see in an airplane bathroom). I’d say the value of my box was around $30 in total. They subbed in a left-over Caudalie water cleanser (approx $4) for the brush, I assume. Very underwhelming considering the awesome reviews & posts I had seen online. I’m hoping next month’s box will be much better!

      • You are right, Amanda. I got the same as you. I didn’t get the brush and didn’t even think about it because I didn’t see it on the card. Out of sight, out of mind.

        I would have been disappointed in the substitution of the Caudalie (enh), but that coppery eyeshadow is AMAZING. I have dark brown eyes and the copper flecks bring out some color I didn’t realize I had.

        I do like the three little soaps in the sleeve, though, and I’ve put that in my guest room.

  4. Bad thing about living in an apartment is that I have to wait until Monday to get my box that was delivered on Saturday, my birthday.
    I love love Frenchbox, I can add myself to those cutting on boxes for the holidays but Frenchbox is not going to be one of them.

    I got different the countour concealer base for the eyes and the soap was triple milled marseille soap with verbena essential oil (what the package said) it smells divine, my whole box with the soap and perfume smelled awesome. Also, I need a bigger version of the candy, so so good.

  5. I just opened my box and MAN! it is wonderful. So unique and out of the regular norm it seems.

    I received the same as you but instead of mascara I received a brightening eye base (like a MAC paint pot).
    The powder brush is SO SOFT and I’ve been wanting a new one, so perfect!
    My soap is says Violet and Licorice. Smells amazing.
    So much stuff is included. The little extras are so fun!
    I love.

  6. I was also really impressed with this box. I got the cologne in santal carmin (sandalwood) which is not my favorite scent so it’s up for swap. I received the soap in the olive oil version, which both smelled heavenly and should be very good for dry, winter skin! I too got the Sothys mascara and am debating whether to swap or keep since I just bought a Bobbi Brown mascara on the basis of a review Liz did for one previously. I don’t know if it made it into every box, but I got a 15% off any time, unlimited use coupon for the company that makes the soap. I think I may check them out as the holidays are approaching!

  7. Got my box today (in Texas). Love my second box as much as their first! I received the olive oil soap and liquid concealer. Would love to try the mascara or lipstick, I love my lip gloss from last month. I also hope they continue sending Sothys products, they are wonderful and no other box has them. I love herbs de Provence on chicken, yum.

  8. My soap was fig, and I got a gray mineral powder eyeliner – I’ve never seen anything like it! And I can’t believe how big that package of herbs is! Love, love, love the packaging – it’s like opening a gift. 🙂

  9. This is my first French Box, and I absolutely love it. I love the variety. My soap smells like maybe a lemon verbena (delightful) and my Sothy’s product is the creamy eye shadow in a deep blue. I just got mine today, and already can’t wait for November!

  10. I got the concealer instead of the mascara, everything else the same. Love it.

  11. OMG I just got my box and loved everything in it!! This is the most excited I’ve been about a box so far!

  12. I am so in love with this box! I’m trying to cut back on subs with Christmas coming up but after getting this one I’ve decided it definitely won’t be my French box! 🙂 I got a deep clue creamy eye shadow, which I definitely won’t use, but I’m confident I’ll be able to trade it for something else…hopefully the mascara!

    • WTF autocorrect…that would be a deep BLUE creamy eye shadow

  13. I am over the moon with my French Box! I received a lipstick which I was hoping for, a bath pillow with candles, and slightly different soaps than what is shown here. Other than that, all the same. This might be my fav sub box!!

  14. My box arrived today! My variations are Sothys nail care which looks like cuticle oil and the soap has violet and licorice extracts. I enjoy all the special touches in curating and packaging the box. I love the sketch book cover and the post card. It’s nice that they include recipes. I will be trying out the towels after working out. Can’t wait to use the spices. My husband will be eating the Mini Calissons. The brush is wonderful. I enjoy this box and can’t wait to see the next box.

  15. I got a cotton scented (very clean smelling) soap and a beautiful rose-colored lipstick. Perfect! Love this box!

  16. I caved and ordered it! I really hope I get this one as my first box, it looks great (a little puzzled by the japanese towels….LOL). Does anyone know if you start now, will you get Oct or Nov?

    • So I caved and subscribed, using the coupon code. I was billed immediately, so I hope that means I will get the October box… Will report back if I do.

      • It’s possible you will get the October box, but I don’t think they will send it out. I signed up last month on September 17 and was charged right away, received the October box. When I contacted them on Facebook asking about my September box last month, they said that anybody who signs up after the 15th gets the next months box. Maybe they changed their policy from last month, idk, but they should post their policy somewhere.

      • I reached out to them on Facebook and got a super fast reply by email!
        > Bonjour! I just subscribed and I’m hoping and wishing I can still get the lovely Provence box….please…..s’il vous plait
        > We can send you a box on Monday yes.
        > It might be slightly different than the one you have seen online – but it will have most of the Provence items.
        > Let me know if you’d like us to send it to you.
        > Merci,

      • You’re right! My first official box will be November, which is understandable.

  17. This is by far my favorite subscription box. I have loved everything in both boxes so far! And there aren’t spoilers so it really is a gift I buy myself. 🙂

  18. This is great box once again! Even better than the first one, nothing to swap this time 🙂 I got a lip pen and even though I don’t need more lip stuff, l love it! I got a brown color with gold shimmer, it’s lovely! So funny with French Box, when they send me stuff l hate to get (nail polish in my first box, lipstick ) I end up loving them 🙂 I am using nail polish from them since I got it and I can see I will do the same with this lip pen 🙂

  19. I can’t wait for my box to arrive tomorrow!!! So many possibilities.

  20. BTW totally off topic but did anyone know PopSugar has a TV show??? It’s on at like 3 AM!!

    • I did, thats one thing I was like cool their boxes should be awesome. Theres Popsugar Moms, fitness etc. Search on Facebook popsugar and all of them would come up

    • I just seen that yesterday scanning the guide, I didn’t watch it but questioned if it was the same or not, I’m going set it to record then and check it out…

  21. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this. My soap is olive oil and my Sothys gift was a beautiful lip pen that is deep red but glossy enough to not look clown-like. Ill be happy if there’s Sothys in every box, I love this brand. That cologne too..ohhh I need it. This is the 4th cologne Ive tried by this brand and easily my fave.
    I dunno if I’m alone on this but I thought the candies were god awful though lol. And I don’t know if that’s paper on the bottom of them but I ate it anyway.. pretty sure it’s paper. : / These tasted like bad marzipan to me. blegh. But that is a small complaint considering I’m thrilled with the rest.

  22. I like this box better than last month. I got a jasmine soap which smells wonderful. I also got the 2 sided purple eye pencil. Everything is really nice and I’m glad I kept this one. The packaging is like opening a present.

  23. I so love, love, love this box! And mmmm! That cologne is delicious smelling! I put it on 2 hours ago and I’m still sitting here saying to myself, “Damn girl, you smell good!” Lol, seriously though, I don’t think I have ever taken such an instant liking to a cologne (perfume)! I’m so tempted to buy the sampler set now on the atelier website… I definitely will though come my next paycheck! Man, I need to go back to France! This is making me home sick! 🙁

  24. I just got mine….I got a sothys eye duo pencil in iris. Dark purple fat pencil, one end is metallic purple and one end matte purple, can be shadow or liner… My soap is lemon and ginger……my notebook was in the box….I think this is a nice box.

  25. I received box today and did not receive the Lacroix notebook which was what I was really looking forward to as one of my favorite designers. I also wish I would have received Liz’s box. I received the eyeliner in last box and then the really dark eye shadow in this box and I can not wear eye makeup. The rose soap is my least favorite scent. I am not sure how the swapping site works but perhaps I will need to learn. Love this box overall but the eye products are a disappointment.

    • Just a quick update. Super impressed with French Box customer care. Had a reply email in about half and hour from my original email and they are going to send me the notebook.

  26. Haven’t receive mine yet and can’t wait. For those that don’t know, the French designer Christian Lacroix was the one who design the picture this month. Its on their Facebook page.

    • I guess notebook lol. Even better 🙂

  27. My variation: Rose soap (allergic to roses so pouting on that) and a blackish cream eye shadow (which I will never wear and can’t think of a person I know who would). Wish I got your box!

    Yes, the candy was delicious. (Notice I used the past tense!) I was happy to try this candy as I will be in Tuscany in about two weeks so now I know to buy some.

    • Cindy – Put them up for swap. I really hope I get the eyeshadow but if not, I’ll be looking to swap for it!

  28. I received mine today (I’m in Cali) with the soap and eyeshadow variation. I absolutely love this box! And the little candies were yummy!

  29. Glossybox has a throw back sale.

    Mystery Throwback Sale
    Missed out on a past box? Here’s your second chance.
    For a limited time at a discounted price, you can purchase a mystery past box.
    You won’t know which one you’ll get, but we can promise you it’ll be great.

  30. See, this box is exactly what I thought the French Box would be like! I am considering subscribing to this one now.

  31. I just got my box, went out and checked the mail and it was there. I just got an email yesterday or the day before that it shipped, that was so fast! The soap I got is olive oil soap? Smells pretty decent. I also got the Sothys eye duo, it’s an eyelid primer on one side and the other side is a mineral eye shadow, which is pretty cool. I really love this box, I like the variety of it and I’ll definitely use everything. I’ll keep it a lil longer and see what happens. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the cologne, it smells warm and delicious. I might have to order the whole sample set, so far I’ve loved every Atelier cologne I’ve come across.

  32. Yay! This made my day. Mine comes today and now I am so excited!

  33. Anyone interested in Atelier Cologne should check out their website as you can order a sample set of *every* fragrance for $25 and free shipping. I thought it was a fantastic way to sample their fragrances.

    • What a genius idea, thank you!

  34. How Cute! This is a great gift idea too!

  35. When did they charge for the boxes? I subscribed last month and I still haven’t been charged yet?

  36. That box looks amazing! It has so many items in it, I hope the box I get is near as good as yours. I’m obsess with Atelier Cologne since getting it in a Birchbox, I can’t wait to try out this scent.

  37. I hope I get the same box with the mascara. I saw a variation that had an eyeshadow. I love the fact that they send the nice box inside a shipping box.

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