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Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review – #EVA01

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Box

Eva Scrivo is one of the newest Quarterly curators, and since she’s a makeup and hairstyling pro, I had to sign up for this box!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Items

The Subscription Box: Eva Scrivo Quarterly Box

The Cost: $100

The Products: Beauty items, tools and techniques from Eva!

Ships to: US and Worldwide (additional shipping costs for Canada and International orders).

Delivered via: USPS

Good to Know: Quarterly accepts returns if you aren’t happy with a box!

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing all the items included and why they were selected. Eva’s theme for the first box is “Backstage Beauty” in honor of New York Fashion Week.

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Pictures

Eva included full page images to show the inspiration behind her selections. One of the themes she’s highlighting are metallics:

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Headband

Eva Scrivo Leather Metallic Headband – Value $65?

I couldn’t find this exact headband on her site, so I’m estimating the value based on similar styles. This headband is gorgeous and the leather is great quality – my only issue is that it’s a little tight on my head. I received a size Small/Medium in the box, and I definitely would have been happier with a Medium/Large. (I’m guessing this will fit most subscribers though).

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Makeup

Armour Lip Gloss in “Stardust” – Value $21

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in Give Me Gold – Value $8.50

At first glance I didn’t think this lipgloss would be for me since it seems very sparkly in the tube. I gave it a try though since it is one of Eva’s favorite lip glosses, and I’m glad I did. The sparkle is actually a very fine shimmer, and one swipe gives me plenty of shine and shimmer. It is just slightly sticky – but nothing that bothers me.

And this shimmery gold polish is gorgeous – and the brand is new to me!

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Tutorial

Eva also included details on how to properly blow-dry hair (I need this advice) and step-by-step tutorials for creating a sexy pony tail look.

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Products

Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder  – Value $37

Obliphica Professional Seaberry Serum – Value $38

I normally don’t splurge on pricey hair styling products, so these are a treat for me! The V.I.P. Spray powder goes on clear so you don’t have to worry about any white residue in your hair. I think I need a few more tries to figure out the perfect application for my hair, but I can definitely see a boost in volume. And this serum is so lightweight! I tried it out on dry hair, but I’m thinking it will be even better on damp hair.

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Brush

C5C-R Teasing Brush by Creative Professional – Value $17.48

Eva included this brush to help with teasing hair and creating more volume. (She also mentions that back-brushing is less damaging to hair than back-teasing)

Eva Scrivo Quarterly Subscription Box Review - #EVA01 Recipe

And each Eva Scrivo box will also include one of her favorite recipes “to help heal your body, strengthen your immune system, and promote glowing skin and hair, all of which are by-products of proper nutrition.”

This month’s recipe is an Autumn Salad.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $187. It cost $100, so that’s a pretty good value. More importantly, I think this box is great at curation – and I love that Eva included tutorial’s and runway inspiration photos to accompany her items. What do you think of #EVA01?

FYI – her next box is shipping in November! The theme is Radiance.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (49)

  1. Super sad that Eva will no longer will be curating for Quarterly. This box I really loved since I felt it was actually curated and stick to the theme Eva’s chose for the boxes.

    • Same here. I was sad to read the email from Quarterly 🙁

  2. My second Eva Scrivo box arrived today via FedEx early morning. I think this box will be popular. I was able to try out the deep conditioner today! Love how my hair feels. This box feels luxurious.

  3. I’m working out of state so I have my s.o. do personal unboxing videos for me over Skype. I asked him to send me just the lip gloss because I was curious from the reviews and I’m glad I did! I almost always swap or gift lip glosses that I get from my sub boxes because I much prefer lip tints or lip crayons but this one is really special. Just a little sparkle and shine and perfect for a makeup minimalist like me.

    Not sure about the rest of the box… will have to see when I finally get back home, but in the meantime I cancelled this one. It seemed thoughtfully curated but I’m not as much into hair as I think one has to be for this box. Much more excited about MSA and Nina Garcia (if the latter will EVER ship.)

  4. Hi all–I work with Eva on her Quarterly boxes. Nice to meet you! If you subscribed to and received Eva’s first package and found that the headband didn’t fit, feel free to exchange it for a size up or down (there are only two) by sending the headband to her salon along with your mailing address and size preference: Eva Scrivo Salon, 50 Bond St., New York, NY 10012. Keep in mind that these are handmade items, so you may not receive the exact same style as the one you exchanged.

    • What about the blowout codes that were missing? I definitely ordered before the cutoff date. I was excited to see the blowout – it was actually the deciding factor in why I didnt cancel.

      • Hello. If you subscribed during our free blowout promotion and kept your box, you should have received an email by now from Eva Scrivo Salons, advising on how to redeem. If you did not, please email [email protected] so that we can cross-check your name against the list of qualifiers that Quarterly provided for us. Please keep in mind that if you returned your box or cancelled your subscription before the box went out, it disqualified you from the blowout, so you would not have received an email regarding it.

        Thanks and we look forward to seeing some of you at our salons!

      • yes, they eventually came in. thanks

    • So glad you are offering the exhange… I received my box yesterday and the headband dances in my head 🙁 I will be shipping mine Monday. BTW absolutely love the Obliphica seaberry serum (perfect for the humidity of the tropic!)

  5. I had planned on sending this back, but couldn’t resist taking a look. I got a different headband, a slimmer braided band in a beautiful deep gray/silver color and it fit perfectly. It matches almost everything I own. I never realized my wardrobe was 50 shades of gray!

  6. After seeing the spoilers, I didn’t even bother opening the box. Returned it right away. This should have been a $50 box not $100.

    • How do you return? I’ve contacted them multiple times with no response except for that blow off on the blow out.

      • Jenna – I know when I was emailing them around the middle of October about billing dates it took a few days to receive a response. They did apologize for being so busy. I noticed that they respond to tweets and facebook postings? (not sure of the correct name) quickly.

  7. Hi Liz!

    Did you receive the blow out coupon? it seems none of us did. Any chance you might be able to reach out to quarterly and find out if they were even sent out?

    Thanks so much!

  8. I tried out the headband and the lip gloss which I layered over my lipstick giving it a shimmery look. My husband liked the look. I haven’t had a chance to try out her tips yet. I also tried out the serum and still need to figure out the right amount for my hair.

  9. If anyone missed this box and wants it. I’ll sale mine. Email me sunrosez at hotmail

    • If you don’t want your box you can always return it to quarterly for a full refund and the shipping back to them is also free.

      • Thanks Jenn! I’m thinking about it. Just thought I would see if anyone who missed out on it wanted to buy it first. Let me know if anyone is interested in it. It hasn’t arrived to me yet, but I will ship it out when it does. Otherwise I’ll return it…. unless i some how fall in love with it when i have it in Hand!……doubtful

  10. PS: Did you notice that there is another $5000 box up on Quarterly from an “Uncle Ronaldo”? It has almost nothing up about who he is but it promises home, lifestyle and beauty items. It also doesn’t have a next ship date. Do you suppose it’s some kind of tester subscription from Quarterly themselves? Or a joke?

  11. -sigh- Definitely feel sticker shock now that I’ve opened this box. High-end hair products and a headband may sound nice at first. But when I consider that I could have spent $100 at the salon to get a nice color or cut/blow-out…this just didn’t do it for me. Sending mine back. On the positive, now I don’t feel so bad about purchasing two of your next MSA boxes, Liz! ;o)

  12. This box looks like a lot of fun! I love the hair items. (The gloss and polish are less interesting.) The headband is very cute.

  13. I like this box very much. You can tell that Eva had put a lot of thought into it, as it’s well put together and true to its “backstage beauty” theme. I like how she shows and explains the current trends in hair and makeup, since I probably would never have really understood them otherwise. Her tutorial on blowdrying is very useful (I already tried it!) and I can’t wait to try that salad recipe!

    I also loved the headband (mine happens to fit well) and I probably would have never tried these products, or even known about them otherwise. So far I have tried the Kerastase volume spray, Obliphica serum, and the lip gloss. I think that they’re all wonderful and I’m glad that to have this opportunity to indulge in high end beauty products that I usually don’t buy.

    Very happy and looking forward to Eva’s next box!

  14. I just got this message about the Quarterly Dave Asprey Box which was supposed to ship in October.

    “Dave has been scouring the biohacking realm to find the best hacks for #BIO01. We’re excited to reveal that one of the many items going in this box will be Rogue Fitness MobilityWOD Gemini and Supernova rollers for true athletes.

    Although his first box will now ship in November, it will definitely be worth the wait!”

    The Supernova Roller is valued at $39.95

    The Gemini Roller is valued at $34.95

    I’m not sure how I feel about the spoilers, and I definitely don’t like that all of my Quarterly boxes are now shipping in November. The BookRiot ones and MSA seem to be the only ones that have it together. I get that there are delays on the supplier side, but there should be a plan in place to include that in the delivery estimates and also more stringent policies with these suppliers. Just as much as you want to have their products in your box, they want to be in your box because of the advertising and visibility it gives them.

    • I was bummed about that email, too, Jenn, both about the delay and the spoilers. I follow Dave Asprey mainly for his brain-optimization techniques. I’m not a huge athlete. I hope this box doesn’t have a purely athletic focus.

      Also, Quarterly frustrates me in this type of payment. I wish they would offer set billing dates so I’d know in advance when the charge will hit my bank account. When I ordered this $100 (one-time-only purchase for me) box in September, my budget was in great shape. I wish they would have just charged me for it THEN. Now I have to keep mentally subtracting $100 from my bank balance every time I check it because this dang box hasn’t shipped yet.

      • You should cancel the one time only, sign up for it as a subscription, and then if you don’t like the box you can either send it back for free (quarterly’s satisfaction guarantee) or cancel before the next box. When you do the one time order, they charge you $8 shipping. When you subscribe, they don’t charge shipping. There’s no extra commitment in doing the subscription.

  15. For $100, I would’ve been disappointed on a personal level. I can’t wear the wrap-around headband style. My head must be longer than it is wide (lol!) because they always slide back and right off my head! Unless I’m missing out on a trick (ladies, help?). Underwhelmed with lip gloss and nail polish of any kind. Recipe card? Maybe (and I stress the maybe) that would work for me if everything else was of interest to me.

    I thought there would be more focus on the tutorial cards and tools (I do like that brush). Include the makeup and hair care, but tell us how it can be used to create something interesting. Take me beyond basic application. That would be fun for $100. That’s what I thought this box was about.

  16. Not a comment, just a question. Liz, when is your next box ?

    • We’re waiting to get details finalized on one item, then I should have a shipping week update and spoiler to share. 🙂

  17. It’s not that this isn’t a well curated box, but it’s not a good fit for me. I’m not a hair accessories kind of a girl (although I know that metallic were a big runway theme this year) and I don’t need help with volume – usually I need help taming my hair to be less pouffy. I was hoping she would include a fancy pants brush in the box, but not one with such a specific purpose. :/ I do want to try the serum (sounds like its very similar to Hair Dressers Oil by Bumble) but I can purchase that separately for much less than the $100+tax that I paid. I will be sending mine back because I simply won’t use the bulk of it’s contents, but I do think this is a well rounded box.

  18. Wasn’t this supposed to include a blow out at her salon? I remember seeing that on Twitter I think .

    • They sent out an email about the salon voucher too. It was what tempted me to sign up for her box in the first place…and then I later realized that she only has salons in NYC and I live in California. Doh!

    • That offer was only for a limited time when the box first went on sale.

      • Yeah and I subscribed when they first made that offer.

  19. I have mixed feelings about this box. On one part I desperately need hair accesories and products because I shower at the gym and go straight to work so I’ve been on the hunt for this products. Im happy that there none dry-shampoo here. On the other part I was expecting something VaVaVaBOOM that is just not in this box. I guess I was expecting a better make-up item than a lip gloss. However, for some of us the tutorials are highly appreciated.

    • This. I also am bummed that the highest valued item (the headband) doesn’t fit :/

  20. I like the box. I think she stuck true to her theme of “Backstage Beauty”. She explained that the colors that she selected were popular during fashion week. The tip sheets will be helpful to me. I wonder if we will see a similar color scheme in the Nina Garcia box. I also liked that she included a recipe.

    Her next box is in December. Quarterly must had printed the curator letter prior to the box being moved from November to December. Looking forward to it.

  21. I was also a little disappointed in the box but maybe my expectations were too high. $100 is a lot for a box and the only thing that really excited me was the Kerastase volume powder.

    If it makes you feel any better I received the M/L headband and it’s slightly too big :/

  22. This box is amazing. I love everything in it. I am so sorry I didn’t order it. When I saw what was in this I went to order her next box. I would have used everything in the box. I love that lip gloss. I went to the website and ordered some. I think this box was great. Hope the next one is good .

    • I’d be willing to sale mine to you if you want it.

  23. I am very disappointed and will be returning this box. I expected more from Eva’s box. Hopefully, her next box will renew my faith – otherwise I will cancel.

    • I am disappointed too, theres nothing very indulgent or fun about this box. Whats the return process?

    • what were you expecting? just wondering because this is what I expected from her exactly

  24. I’m really glad I didn’t order this box. The items in here are nice, but not great. And I certainly wouldn’t pay $100 for these items. I like that she included styling tips and tutorials, which is something that’s missing from a lot of other boxes with beauty items, but I don’t see anything listed here that I have to have, let alone like.

  25. Glad I didn’t get this box. Not a huge fan of gold stuff and I don’t use animal products so I would’ve been disappointed in the headband. Although vegetarian or not, I would never personally pay more than about $10 for a cute headband which are a dime a dozen at retailers like Target and Sephora, so I would’ve been disappointed in a $50 headband regardless.
    I do agree though that the curation is great and the tutorials would’ve been very useful.

  26. Ugh, I hate tight headbands. I’d have been ticked off with the small-medium.

  27. Wow. Not at all what I was expecting. And I bought two of these 🙁 . There is nothing in this box that I haven’t recieved in other beauty boxes, nail polish, a hair band,hairspray, and a brush. Not worth the price tag if you ask me. Luckily I stacked codes so I didn’t pay full price. I was expected some luxury make up brushes or a really nice palette…. Not more nail polish and hairspray!! I think I’ll cancel both these boxes. Hears hoping Nina’s box is a hit because this box would have been a total loss for me if I paid full price. They only quarterly box that’s pleasing and worth the price is the MSA box! Liz your box has a standard the rest can’t compare too. Soo looking forward to MSA02 I think I’ll get another box making it 3 🙂

    • Oh and more lip gloss 🙁 ugh don’t get me wrong I love lip products they are my fave but I sub to birchbox,blush mystery,Wantable,boxy charm ,star box,lip factory and sample society to get those items. When I sign up for a high price tag like this box I expect soo so much more. Well trial and error the more I try the more I learn which boxes are worth it an which are not. This trial by error can be tough on my wallet though. Maybe I’ll send this box back?? We’ll see how I feel when they both arrive

  28. I feel like this box is very similar to the blush mystery boxes, which are less than half the price… I think I’ll stick with that!

  29. Just picked mine up and it’s a well put together box, I didn’t get my blow out coupon but emailed them. Not sure I’m keeping it though, wow the value on that headband is high. Might have to trade/sell.

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